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The wireless operators world has never been more exciting or challenging than it is today, with unlimited opportunities made possible by new wireless services and technologies. Motorola understands this world because we have been a part of the GSM evolution for over fifteen years. We know that optimizing your current network coverage, capacity, and performance while managing costs keeps your business going today. And preparing the foundation for a smooth migration to the next generation of services prepares you for future growth. As a world leader of GSM networks, we are committed to helping you deliver cost effective network solutions that set you apart from your competitors, while maximizing profits and providing the highest quality of service, reliability, and coverage to your subscribers.


As the first wireless standard with true global roaming capability, GSM offers the stability of a mature technology, a budget conscious infrastructure entry cost, and revenue generating applications delivered through the latest and most exciting handset designs. Start-up operators can enter the market today with solutions that grow and evolve with their subscribers. And when the time is right, established operators can take advantage of a smooth migration roadmap to GPRS, EDGE and UMTS, providing access to 2G and 3G markets for messaging and data services. Motorolas GSM portfolio delivers services that optimize your network investment for improved performance, coverage and capacity.


Exceeding end-user expectations, staying one step ahead of your competitors, managing costs, increasing revenue, and planning for the future is a tall order. And Motorolas GSM solutions can help you do it all. Heres how:

Reduced Cost of Ownership. With Motorolas scalable network, you can deploy the right levels of coverage and capacity when your market is ready to deliver the revenue. Increased Revenue Generation. Motorolas effective coverage and capacity solutions, unique network optimization and
services provide certainty of access, fewer dropped calls, and easy access to voice and data services to help drive average revenue per user.

Quality of Service. Nothing accelerates subscriber churn quicker than poor or inconsistent connections. Our Quality of Service
commitment ensures that your subscribers will experience consistent, high quality connectionsevery time they make a call.

Service Evolution. Though voice services represent 94% of all airtime usage, the demand for data services is quickly on the
rise. Operators must have the capacity to serve the voice market today, plus the ability to migrate quickly and economically to GPRS, EDGE and UMTS, to build upon existing data solutions when the time is right. Motorolas effective solutions target your key business needs. From industry leadership, network deployment and support services to applications and handsets, Motorola is with you every step of the way to help you achieve your business success.

"Motorolas performance completely exceeded expectations during our recent launch of the 2002 Khareff Season in Salalah. The network handled around 85,000 calls in the first three hours alone, with only seventy calls blocked due to congestion. Thats an amazing figure, keeping in mind that most of these calls were made in an area of one square kilometer." Mohammed bin Ali Al-Wohaibi, Executive President, Omantel

Belgium Within twelve weeks, a Motorola customers 3,000 cell sites were deployed and operational, providing coverage equal to 50% of the Belgium population. Bulgaria Within seven weeks, this Motorola network was operational, and within twelve weeks, it was commercially launched to meet the first phase of the customers license requirements. This full turnkey project, which included RF planning, site acquisition, and network implementation is a true testament to Motorolas highly effective network deployment service.
Choosing your network supplier is the most critical decision you will make and one that will have the greatest impact on your success as a network operator. Decades of experience enables us to deploy a high quality GSM environment, a portfolio of software and services that give you a competitive edge, and infrastructure longevity that ensures a cost-effective, future-proof investment.

Motorola GSM Network Launch Experience

Since the mid 1980s, Motorola has developed, manufactured, and supported commercial wireless networks that have helped operators achieve their business and financial goals by providing implementation, migration, and optimization strategies that uniquely fit the needs of operators in both developed and emerging markets. With a long history of commercial GSM Radio Access Network (RAN) experience, Motorola has become a recognized technology leader. In 1991, we launched the worlds first working GSM cellular network in Germany. Today, over 22 GSM customers operate more than 120 major Motorola networks throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Africa.

Combining Software and Services Capabilities for Increased Performance

Motorola has uniquely combined software and service capabilities (i.e., Motorola Interoperability Services (IOS) with Synthesized Frequency Hopping) to provide measurable advantages that improve capacity, enhance service quality, reduce churn, and increase network call volumes.


No one in the industry offers as many network solutions as Motorola. Whether you have a start-up network are expanding an existing network... or migrating to 3G... Motorola provides you with the exact network architecture you need for your business model todayand lays the foundation for what youll need tomorrow.

the Foundation. Greenfield and startup operators around the world are leveraging Motorolas extensive GSM experience in system engineering, network deployment, planning and optimization, and robust GSM/GPRS features. While integrating their current investment in Motorola 2G networks, operators are setting the stage for the future with a solid 3G migration plan. Strategies from other Wireless Technologies. Operators migrate to new technologies (such as TDMA to GSM) to maintain market status, increase market share, or acquire incremental revenue. However, transition requirements can be costly and disruptive if not carefully planned. Motorola provides a comprehensive business analysis to assess the financial and network impact of transitioning your current network to a GSM/GPRS network. Expansion and IOT. We recognize that your network might be



comprised of elements from a variety of infrastructure suppliers, creating the need for interoperability. Our unique understanding of Interoperability Testing (IOT) draws from our experience as the first to achieve infrastructure IOT with key GSM vendors in 1997 and key GPRS vendors in 2000.

Motorolas combined software and services capabilities have enabled many of our GSM customers to experience up to:
30% improvement in capacity without additional CapEx 33% improvement in mean time drops 22% increase in call volume (often within two months of deployment)
From matching your business needs with the right technology and designing a network that aligns with those needs to ensuring that installation and upgrades are effected smoothly to offering services that maximize your investment over the life of the network, Motorola is with you every step of the way. We stand behind our commitment to bringing you a wireless solution that provides a strong investment base for your GSM network launch. Motorolas complete GSM solutions include scalable and upgradable platforms for Circuit Switch and RAN provision with quantifiable in-field reliability, as well as Lifecycle Services, Messaging Solutions, and Handsets.

Circuit Core
The Mobility Switching Center (MSC)/Visitor Location Register (VLR), Home Location Register/Authentication Center and Wireless Intelligent Networking equipment comprise the major components of Motorolas circuit domain. The MSC supports 2G while the MSCu (MSC-UMTS) is capable of supporting simultaneous 2G and 3G operations. The MSC provides high investment returns by utilizing an IP packet switching platform that facilitates increased capacity, efficient management, and easy evolution to 3G. The MSC features: Large capacity (up to one million subscribers) and Busy Hour Call Attempts that can reach 2400k Open system architecture for quick creation and promotion of new services Access to 3G services as well as Virtual Private Network and circuit-type multimedia services Smooth migration from 2G to 3G via software upgrades and 3G interface cards Seamless roaming and handover between GSM and UMTS systems Flexible networking with MSC/VLR, Gateway MSC, or Visited MSC/Gateway MSC

Motorolas RAN solutions offer a wide range of software and hardware products that enable everything from wide area coverage to urban fill-in. Our solutions also provide the enablers for effective data service introduction and expansion. These solutions include the following hardware and software features: Horizon II Base Transceiver Station (BTS) that provides scalable radio capacity of up to 12 carriers in a single cabinet Horizon II macro, Horizon II mini and Horizon II macro (outdoor) BTSs that flexibly address your deployment needs GPRS-capable RAN platforms that require no hardware upgrade to Horizon BTS Stackable BTS and site sharing features combine GSM/UMTS network deployments upon migration to UMTS Adaptive Multi-Rate (AMR) capability further expands the capacity of existing Motorola cell sites EDGE offering significantly improves the data throughput at 3G-like speeds Extended Range Cell feature expands the coverage area between Motorola cell sites Large Base Site Controller (BSC) adds greater capacity for large network requirements within urban or high voice/data traffic areas



GGSN HLR MSC 2G Circuit Core Network Management Intercepts SGSN 2.5G Packet Core

Billing Platforms Messaging Platforms Features

BSC - Base Site Controller Con BTS - Base Transceiver Station ver GGSN - Gateway GPRS Support Node Supp HLR - Home Location Register MSC - Mobile Switching Center PDN - Packet Data Network PSTN - Public Switched Telephone Network RAN - Radio Access Network SGSN - Serving GPRS Support Node



Motorola Lifecycle Services


Antennas Handsets

When it comes to selecting a GSM network, subscribers have the final word. They are not interested in technological challenges. They are concerned with being able to make a call from wherever they happen to be. That is why successful network operators need a comprehensive and cost-effective network, backed by architecture components that ensure stability, reliability, coverage, and capacity.


Motorolas Lifecycle Services combine comprehensive consulting services and leading-edge technical expertise for every stage of your network's growth, providing a total solution for the design, deployment, operations, performance, and evolution of your GSM network.

Motorolas complete offering of Lifecycle Services includes:

Design and Planning Services. Motorolas Design and Planning Services help you design and implement a high-performance, data-ready, scalable network that will take you into new markets and deliver superior performance. Deployment Services. Installation and Commissioning Services, Program Management, Site Identification, Acquisition and Permitting Services, Site Surveys, and Turnkey Services tackle everything from the initial site survey to the commercial launch and beyond, ensuring smooth implementation and delivery.

Operations Services. Managed Network Operations, IT Professional Services, Technical Information Products/Services, and a
comprehensive Network Support Program, ensure comprehensive operational, troubleshooting, and maintenance support that keeps your network running smoothly and ensures high network availability.

Performance Services. GSM Network Optimization Services provide multi-vendor

optimization of 2G and 2.5G networks based on unique modeling and data analysis tools, which utilize real measurement report data from network users in the optimization process.

Evolution Services. With Motorola knowledge, tools, and resources, you can conduct
comprehensive planning scenarios, accurately model service mixes, and quickly create network simulations for GPRS or UMTS enhanced networks, while gracefully evolving your service offerings.

With 140 million GSM subscribers as of October 2002, China Mobile is Chinas largest wireless operator. Motorola has installed GSM networks in eighteen provinces to date, making Motorola the major GSM leader in the country. In addition, China Mobile continues to replace other GSM industry vendors with Motorola networks.


Committed to innovation in wireless technology, Motorolas robust integrated messaging solutions support the GSM market, facilitating migration from SMS to EMS to MMS and providing scalable operator solutions that reduce costs, provide competitive advantage, and generate profitable new revenues.

Motorola Messaging Components:

Message Register (MR) SMSC cost effectively supports a broad array of functions on a single, flexible, feature-rich, and high-availability

platform that promotes a wide range of compelling messaging services.

SMS Gateway (SMSG) inter-carrier, inter-technology messaging capabilities increase traffic and enhance revenues by expanding

the reach of your messaging customers.

Multimedia Messaging Service Center (MMSC) is a highly scalable, standards-based architecture that offers SMS, EMS and MMS

messaging capability, simplifying migration from one to another.

Rounding out Motorolas end to end integrated network solution is our full line of wireless handsets. Our new generation of devices provides an exciting new experience for your users and delivers the full range of communications and entertainment features through high-speed voice and data functionality. Motorola was first to market with handsets that uniquely deliver the total communication experience enabled by personalized multi-media applications. And Motorolas feature servers and platforms that support these types of applications easily integrate into existing GSM/GPRS networks.


Motorolas GSM solutions are designed to provide you with the right technology at the right time. You reap the benefits of a core network that is open, scalable, reliable, distributed, ensures high availability, and delivers carrier-grade service from a network of servers, routers, and gateways. And while Motorolas advanced messaging functionality helps you increase revenue, build subscriber loyalty, and reduce churn, our Lifecycle Services keep your network operations running at peak efficiency. Your users are assured anywhere/anytime mobility and messaging services delivered through the latest design in handsets, integrated services, and applications. We realize that your network never stops evolving. A network evolution plan must ensure smooth migration to the next generation of wireless technology on your timetable. Trust the leader in wireless solutions. Motorolas scalable, flexible, and cost effective GSM network infrastructure, services and handsets, will start you down the path to maximum profitability with solutions that will reduce costs, increase subscriber loyalty, and increase ARPU.


MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners. Motorola, Inc. 2003.