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Volurme 2, lssue 5

July 201A

lnride this isrue:

Me*sage frorn

$ection Chlef

Release of John "Jack" llllurtha



Relea*e of Senator Edwerd "Ted" Xennedy files

Thoughts frorn

Directsr Hoqver

lYlesssge front Section Chief Dsvid lYl. Hordy

Eecord/Information Dissemination Seetion (RIDS)

I want to continue discuss-

ing how the FBI's FOIA

prograrn fits within the gov-

ernment's Open Govern-

ment Program, in particular our infNuence as ts the sub-

stance of what can or can-

not be released under


If you thumb through the

'Yellow Book', you wiil see that Ftsl cases comprise a

significant portion

of the

footnotes in the book. This

is logical given we are the

largest federal law enforce-

ment agency. ln a more

basic aspect, it means that

the quatity and consistency

of your work can impact

the entire law enforcement


Beyond setting prece-

dence in court cases,


FOIA has been in the

forefront in adapting ex-

emptions to new circurn-

stances" An example is

the current use of the b2f b7e Glomar response for

requests for watch list

records. Vl/atch tist re-

quests were unknown before 9111 and reguired fe&ral agencies to adopt

a new approach to spond to this type of re-

quest. OGC's FOIA Liti-

gation Unit, working with


RIDS, was at the core of

devetoping the new ap-


The developrnent of the

Glomar response high-

fights another new aspect


FOIA processing. We

are becoming rnuch more

connected with other agen-

cies in our use of exemp

tisns- This is particularly evident in the intelligence


coffimunity and

tion of the



FBI's post-9/1 1

role aS a member of this

community. We are in the

infant stages of developing a Sharepoint coordinatisn

methodology that will be

used for both declassifica- tion and FOIA requests

that cut across the intelli-

gence cornmunity. This,

in turn, will require us to

have more LASs with SCI

clearances and, euentually, larger $CfF spaces.

Congressmon John "JoGk" Potrick Murlhs Releose

RIDS recently released the Democratic Party for many

files of Representalive John


Murtha. Pennsylvania's long-

et-serving congressman-died

years and chaired the De-

threat was real and whether or

not a crime had been commit-

fense Approprialions submm- ted.

miltee of the House Appro-



on Februa-ry e, z-oro. He was priations commtttee.

ik:"":Lt -"r*r,m,* l;;";*,ru:Fiip

y:111y-":i1,":_a subjectof

St"ffi'JJ: Hffiff3

nam Wars. serving in rhe Ma- tirreats made against Murtha ii-T-d:tfl?llBl operalion

rine Corps in bo-th confiicts and pubtic corruption iniesli

1':l::TjF late 1970s into the


tion originally targeted individu-

als trafficking in stolen prop-

erty, but tater turned into a

public corrup{ion investigation.

http:/ffoia'fbi'9ov/hottopics htm

He u€s awarded a Bronze gations in wnicn illurttra ria's i?ly-]Y-?;. ^-T-1"-

star, two Purple Heans and

rhe investigated.

vielnarn cross of Gallantry'

Like many p.ominent public

Murtha served as a

live in Congress


of tie

unt,r nis a".t[.

ing memb€r



Mr. Murtha received a

eacii of

fi'oqr 1973 nurnberof violentthreats.

*ast a rank- The FBI


these to determine if the

n e


Yolrrmr 2, hrrrc 5


e Can watching the movie lhe lnformant count towards credits on the l-4S Continuum or should I still read the book?

Yes, you still should read the book The ln-

formant. fhe book

goes into greater de- tajls that the movie does not capture. Reading the book will be beneficial to learn- ing how the FBI con- ducts investigations,


& A/Herr ContoctsfReminder

You can still receive the 2.5 credit hours for watch- ing the movie in addition to the credit hours from read-

ing the book.

Submitted by:

The Fax Nurnber (540) 868-

4996, which

rnany FOI/PA

appears on


dence has been transferred to Name Check and rnoved to a new location. Fax Num-

ber (540) 868-4997, is still

available and located in the


OIP E-mail addresses lnitial Requests:

DO=LO I P. hit ia I. Req ues. t$ (A u,s-doj.ggv


OIP. DOJ.A$ministrative.App gal*Ousdsi.soY

Pogr 3

Conlinued frorn poge 2: Ifiougftfs frorm Direcfor ffooyer

ln his trademark sarcastic

style, Mr Hoover had gleefuily

latched on to the accusations

ln another, he chose the follow- ing: "Professional football has

blundered through this crisis. by

af corruption in the NFL with

all the strength his pen

strokes could rnuster. ln

the skin of its


persist, however, that two other

a National League forward pass-

paragraph mocking the "work

out regirnens" of professional players he highlighted:

" . what yvith all-night drinking bouts, tours of the night club circuit and a rendezvous or

two with chicks as extra-

curricular exercises far getting

in shape, "

ers are dominated by the

lt is no secret that, in

the private boxes of some team

owners, bookmakers are weekly


Mr. Hoover may not have been

a football fan, but he certainly

seemed to detight in lhe scan-

dal that plagued the NFL that

year. Ifiis can't be true! The

"dear Soys" would fievet let

their "dear public" down like

this!!!, he writes to conclude


merno. Though one

would not think that the deal ings of the relatively new Na- tional Football League would

demand the Directo/s notice

(especially as he maintained

the Mob did not exist), this

memo would certainly seem

to rllustrate that nothing was

ever too small to be missed

by Mr. Hoover's


or his

On lhe LightGr Side - Two FSI JOKES

Bulls Eye-One



of the best

the FBI was

passing through a small town. Everywhere he saw evidence of the most amazing shooting.

On trees, on walls, and on

fences there were numerous bull's-eyes witlr a bullet hole

in dead enter

The Ftsf rnan

asked one of the toirvnsmen if

he could rneet the perssn

re$ponsible for this wonderful

marksmanship, The man

turned out to be the village

idiot. "This is the best rnarks-

rylanship I have even seen," said the FBI man. "How irr

:he world do you do it?"

"Nothing to it," said the idiot.


shoot first and draw the

r:ircles afterward."

The LAPD, FBI and CIA-The

l-os Angeles Police kpafi-

rnent (l3PD), The FEl, and

the CIA are all trying to ppve that they are the best dt ."ap- grrehending criminals. The

President decides to give ttrern

a test. He releases a rabbit into a forest and eaeh of them has to catch it.

The CIA goes in

They place


informants throughout

They question all

the forest

plant and mineral witnesses.

After thre months of extensive

investigations they conclude

thet rabblts do not exist.

The FBI goes in

After two

weeks with no leads they burn

the forest, killing every-

thing in it, including the

rabbit, and they rnake no

apologies. The rabbit had

it coming.

The LAPD goes in. They

corne out two hours later with a badly beaten bear. The bear is yelling: "Okay! Okayl l'm a rabbit! I'm a