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Looking at educational practice there are so many things that you can look to help improve the school

districts in the United States. Educational practice deals with students, teachers, parents, and administrations of each school district. There are so many different opitions that you can from, it cansometimes become difficult just to choose two to three. Although this was not an easy task to do, I have chosen three educational practices in which I believe are the most important. With each practice I have not only personally experiences, but I also have possible situations on how to improve them.The three aspects of educaition practice to improve public education in the United States we should, do a better job of informing students about the resources that are avaible. Both the students and teachers should be aware of the different learning styles and adapt to those styles. Also encourage support through parental involvment, improved counseling, mentoring programs. If the public school districts inform, improve, and inhance these three practices, then we should see an improvement everywhere. In Arugument In America Jonathan Kozol wrote to story about comparing two schools. New Trier was a high school that was located in the suburb of Chicago where each child are provided with $34,000 by the district of taxable property. This school has everything that a parent could ever want for their child(ren), the resouces that are offered are well taken advanage of from each child. To the classroom only holding 24 student per class, and if some other students are slower at learning than the classroom are sized down to 15 students per class. From the foreign languages, to the different type of literatures that most students are not reading until they go off to college is amazing. These very resources that are offered to the students is one of the reason why most students become successful in high school to go off to universities. Although every student do not have the access to have $34,000 there for them, the school districits still can come up with ways to help each child to use the resources that are offered but overlooked. Such as making it more mandatory for students to go to tutoring, and not only mandatory for athletes. If a parent, teacher, or couslor see that a student is more advance or not learning as quickly, there are teachers that we teach in the speed that is needed for the child to continue doing will without feeling out of place. Many of the resources are right there in the faces of the students but if the students are not being aware of it then it makes it hard for them to improve and become successful. When I was in high school I was not only an athlete but I was a dancer too, and my coaches and instructor aways may it aware of the resouces that was offered to me as a student. From doing homework with the team to even finding out that my fashion and design teacher was great at english so she tutored me during the days I was free. I went to my counslor and being learning about A+ program that gave me free money to go to community

college. All I had to do was keep a certain grage point average, do 50 hours of community service, and meet with her ever quater to check on my grades. I never knew about the A+ program until I transferred to another high school, even though my other high school did have it I was not aware of it. Richard Rodriguez worte a personal story about his experience in Arugment In America about his education and adopting from his lanuage to English just to do better in school and his new surroundings. In the story Rodriguez spoke about how he had to adapt to the language and the teaching in order to survive in school. In the story Aria: A Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood, Rodriguez said "I continued to mumble. I resisted the teacher's demands... Slient, waiting for the bell to sound, I remained dazed, diffident, afraid" (461). I chose this because I bellieve that this is how some if not most students feel when it comes to adopting to new learning styles, languages, and transforming from one environment to another. This is exactly how I felt when I transfer to a charter school to a performing art high school. The teaching was very different and it took me a minute to adapt to the the way others learned and the way the teachers taught. In charter schools the teachers seem to take out more time to make sure that every student understand the material and no one is left behind. As for the performing arts public school the classrooms are over crowded, and if half of the class understand it then that was good enough for the teachers. Not stating that all instructors are like this but you do have those how come to give a lesson instead of teaching the material. Transitioning from the different high school I felt like Rodriguez in the classroom, and I am sure that many other students feel the same way. One way that I have though about helping this are teachers being more aware of the students. Throughout the year every so often, students are given a test to see what type of learning they fits them better. Although these harmless test are given each year these can also be a guide for the instructors. This can give them a general idea on how to apporach the classroom when it comes to teaching a lesson. Then there is the question being raised that asked "what if my child(ren) is the only one that learn totally different than the rest of the class?" That is where the teacher have to pay very close attention to each student in the classroom. Who always know the answers, who never raise their hands, or who sits in the back and try to hind from answering question. Now this is not 100% of the teachers responsibility, after someone child have been in school a couple for years the parent(s) should have a general idea of their child(ren) learning style and infor each teacher of it. This can improve a student confidence in the classroom, become more success in school, and even enhance their personality in whatever else they do.