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Lebanon Road

Church of Christ
2307 Lebanon Road; Nashville, TN, 37214 * (615) 883-6918

Volume 59, No.44

October 30, 2011 Elders

Joe Adams 773-2331 Johny Baker 758-7654 Ralph Brewer 871-4849 Wayne Davidson 758-2705 Earl Flynn 889-1659 Steve Ledbetter 889-8614 Jim Schroeder 754-8990 Cliff Wilson 889-6477

What are You Occupying?

All over our nation, groups are camping out in front of financial institutions and governmental buildings, occupying the space in protest of things they see as harmful to our nation. Whether or not you agree with the stance that is commonly known as Occupy Wall Street, you and I should be grateful that we live in a nation where such protests are allowed, so long as the participants remain peaceful. As I have read about and listened to several reports from these protests (including the one in our own city, known online as #occupynashville), I have had mixed thoughts. I agree that several things in our nation need to change. There are several thingspolitically and economicallythat give me concern about the future of our nation. I have a different plan for turning things around, though. While I respect those who are standing up for their beliefs, I dont think the answer is on Wall Street or even in governmental leadership. Its not even at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The answer for any problems we might

Adam Faughn
have is to start occupying our hearts with the morals and ethics outlined in the Word of God. We must deeply consider the words of Solomon, when he wrote, Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people (Proverbs 14:34, ESV). Further, we must think about the impact of not heeding that inspired maxim. I do believe in voting. I do believe in peaceful protesting. I even believe in running for office (or supporting those who do). But far too many Christians have separated politics from their Christian life. We need to be far more concerned with moral issues (e.g., abortion, homosexual marriages, euthanasia, etc.), and far less concerned about issues that, for the most part, only effect our wallet. Christians, its time we wake up to the fact that righteousness is what matters, not economics! So, instead of occupying Wall Street or Legislative Plaza, we need to be occupying the church buildings of our nation, and seeing how God would have us to live, both individually and as a nation. Invite someone to help you occupy Lebanon Road this week!

Or Current Resident

Worship With Us Sunday: Worship 9 AM & 6 PM * Bible Classes 10:20 AM Wednesday: Bible Classes 7 PM

Veterans Day Slide Show

On Sunday evening, November 13th, the elders have set aside a time for us to acknowledge our veterans here at Lebanon Road both living and deceased. At this time we are requesting that you contact the office at 883-6918 or email to with the following information:

Pulpit Minister
Adam Faughn 973-4483

In which branch of the services did you serve? When did you serve? Please furnish us with a photo. We will return it as quickly as possible.

Outreach Minister
Harry Middleton 292-3164

Sunday Sermon Preview

AM: JD Buckner PM: Young Mens Service

Youth Minister
JD Buckner (731) 336-4768

Sick List
Nelson Cluck has been diagnosed with cancer and will begin treatments soon. Willie Lance is at Centennial in room 4100.

Worship Leaders
Sunday Morning (Contact: Bill 847-1113) Opening Prayer: Gary Schow Read Scripture: Mark Pugh Closing Prayer: Philip Denny Sermon: JD Buckner Song Leader: Emory Buckner Serving Lords Supper: (Contact: David 754-7085) Mike Windsor 1 Joel Greene 2 Bob Butler 3 Ted Fox 4 Richard Roberson 5 Cary Clay 6 Fred Kennel 7 B J Turner 8 Sunday Evening (Contact: Tony 885-6391) Opening Prayer Young Mens Service Closing Prayer: YMS Read Scripture: YMS Sermon: YMS Song Leader: YMS Serving Lords Supper (Room) Michael Rader 1 Bill Ross 2 Wednesday, November 2nd (Contact: Keith 889-7366) Read Scripture: Tony Grigsby Opening Prayer: Tim Hill Speaker: Adam Faughn Song Leader: Richard Roberson Announcements: Harry Middleton - Earl Flynn Nursery Attendant: Audree Keele & Erin Young


There once was an important football game between two teams. One team was much larger than the other. The larger team was dominating the game and beating the smaller team. The coach for the smaller team saw that his team was not able to contain or block the larger team. So, his only hope was to call the plays that went to Calhoun, the fastest back in the area, who could easily outrun the larger players once he broke free. The coach talked with his quarterback about giving the ball to Calhoun and letting him run with it. The first play the coach was excited, but Calhoun did not get the ball. The second play was again signaled for Calhoun, but once again Calhoun did not get the ball. Now the game was in the final seconds with the smaller teams only hope being for Calhoun to break free and score the winning touchdown. The third play again Calhoun did not get the ball. The coach was very upset so he sent the play again for the fourth and final play. The ball was snapped and the quarterback was sacked, ending the game. The coach was furious as he confronted the quarterback: I told you four times to give the ball to Calhoun and now weve lost the game. The quarterback stood tall and told the coach, Four times I called the play to give the ball to Calhoun. The problem was that Calhoun did not want the ball. (Anonymous)

JDs Jargon
Hello everyone, It is always good to appreciate beautiful weather and this week has given us some incredible days. I enjoy so much the cool mornings that turn into the pleasant, sun-filled, afternoons. We should certainly thank God for lovely temperatures. I am excited about all the activities for our youth that this season brings. We are privileged to have a costume party/lock-in this weekend which is always a really great time. The young men will be helping with service tonight followed by Trunk or Treat for the children. Our Fall Retreat, November 4-6, is going to be a very special event. We also have the Harvest Banquet and Second Harvest work day to look forward to and it is all before Thanksgiving! I said our Fall Retreat will be a special event and I hope you will agree. This year we will be studying through the book of James and our speakers will be fathers of our students. I know this weekend will be a great time of Christian fellowship. As an added bonus, Joshua Manning and some of the folks from the Clearview congregation will be joining us! I hope you have a great day. Please pray for those you love and those you dont! Thank you very much! --JD :)

Thank You

Thanks so much for the prayers and cards during my recent surgery. Also, please continue to pray for my brother. Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated. Frankie Fox To all members of Lebanon Road, Tuesday morning Ladies Bible Class, 3rd & 4th grade class and everyone who sent well wishes to me. Thanks so much for your prayers and cards that were sent during my surgery last month. I was blessed with a successful knee replacement surgery and continue to have success in my outpatient therapy. Thanks again, Tammy Grigsby

Trunk or Treat

Ladies Bible Class

Tuesday, November 1st 10:00 AM Leah Faughn will be teaching and a luncheon will follow in the fellowship hall.

Mark Your Calendar...

Tonight: Trunk or Treat November 4-6: Youth Retreat November 11-13: Family Retreat November 18: Harvest Banquet December 2: Ladies Ornament Exchange December 9: Adult Holiday Party December 16: Youth Progressive Dinner

New Class
Beginning November 20, we will be having a special four-week Sunday morning Bible class series for the high school and adult classes meeting downstairs. The goal of this series is to help promote interaction and discussion among the various age groups of the congregation. Two special topics, postmodernism (the absence of absolute truth) and homosexuality, have been selected for this series. Sign-up sheets will be distributed in the regular Sunday morning classes and posted in the foyer.

Snacks Needed
Youth Fall Retreat November 4-6 Desserts are needed If you can help, please drop them off at the office by noon on Friday, November 4th.

The Record
Wednesday Night 10/19: Sunday Morning Worship Sunday Evening Worship: Sunday Bible Study: Contribution:
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216 315+14 Retreat 229 217+14 Retreat $10,139.50

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