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Managing Business Processes and Change

Lynne Phillips-Rees Team Leader Community Safety Inspectors for the City of Marion Peter Mutton Community Safety Inspector

Purpose of this session

To discuss the journey of the Community Safety Inspectors toward self empowerment and designing their own future.

Where we started

Initially not all team members were engaged There were conflicts from different ways of working, thinking and communicating Individuals strengths and needs had not been identified Trust within the team had suffered setbacks The process to bring the team together was supported at the highest levels within the organisation

First Steps Critical to build trust and strong relationships within the team Used an open discussion format as a first step to develop a strong basis for trust Took 2 days to start communicating openly Made it possible to talk through differences in a safe environment Discussed individual differences and needs

How did we start? Completed DNA testing to identify preferred styles of work and needs in relationships Most team members found relationships to be very important Discussed how everyone is wired differently Not everyone understood the impact of the differences Treat others as they want to be treated

The early learnings Discussed that with different wiring we could still share the same values Team brainstormed and built a code of conduct All agreed to work within its framework All agreed to move forward together

From the team Where the team has come from The challenges What changes have already occurred? What do the team see for the future what has the dreaming identified? The plan for the future

Team visioning

Team has identified current role and priorities Visioning of their future role How to align team vision with organisational vision?

Where are we now?

Team presented to Elected Member group Working towards a shared vision of the future role Seeking clarity on organisational expectations e.g. expiate or educate? Team is engaged and contributing at a high level assisted with developing this presentation

What will the future look like? Team has identified they want more education in the role Want time to investigate and work with residents so complaints do not recur Physical needs and wants have been identified some have been achieved Is some work transferable?

Is the new paradigm sustainable? Still in the early stages There are still challenges We discuss the work already completed and maintain focus Celebrate successes Now recruiting as one position is vacant Focus is to recruit best fit for team profile

What does the future hold? Process of alignment has started Some tangible achievements already Additional training still occurring including business thinking financial training Ongoing need for reality checks and to keep the positive energy flowing