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Confirmation Page
Confirmation #: 2511937
This is your confirmation number. Please write it down or print this screen. Your claim must be reviewed before it is considered complete. We usually review claims no later than the next business day. If you are 18 years of age or older, an appointment to report to your local Georgia Department of Labor Career Center to execute an Applicant Status Affidavit may be sent (within the next 3 business days) to the email address you provided when you filed your claim for unemployment insurance benefits. You must report in person, in accordance with the notice, to your local Georgia Department of Labor Career Center and have a government issued photo ID to execute this affidavit. The affidavit must be signed and notarized at the Career Center. If you are not a United States citizen, you must present your original Employment Authorization Documents when completing the affidavit. Failure to complete and execute this affidavit, or to present approved ID (and approved Employment Authorization Documents, if you are not a United States citizen), will cause a delay or denial of benefits. In about ten days, you will receive a printed form, Unemployment Insurance Benefit Determination, showing your reported wages and the potential amount of your claim. You should examine this form carefully to be sure all your employers and wages earned in the base period are reported correctly. If your information is incorrect or incomplete, you should ask for a "reconsideration". This must be done in writing to your career center within 15 days of the date of the

determination. Failure to do so will potentially affect the monetary amount you will receive each week and length of time. Receipt of the Unemployment Insurance Benefit Determination does not mean you will receive benefits. Benefits will not be paid until your eligibility is decided. If we need further information to determine your eligibility, we will contact you. For further information on this topic, go to Unemployment Insurance: Your Rights and Responsibilities pamphlet. If you are unable to print this and want a copy mailed to you, send an email request to . You must bring the following documents to the Career Center. Failure to do so may result in a delay or denial of benefits.

Non-Citizens: Employment Authorization Document (if you are not a United States Citizen). Prior Military Personnel: DD214 Member 4 (if you separated from the military in the last 18 months), or a copy of valid military orders. Prior Federal Employees: Standard Form 50, Standard Form 8, W-2 form orpay stubs (if you worked for the federal government at any time during the last 18 months). Union Members: Union card (if you are a member of a union that assists you in finding employment). All Claimants: Government issued photo ID and Employer separation notice, if you were given one.

Income Tax Deductions

Federal (10%) and/or Georgia (6%) income taxes can be deducted from your unemployment benefits. (Go to Unemployment Insurance: Your Rights and Responsibilities pamphlet. for more information.). If you want any type of income taxes deducted from your unemployment benefits, your signature is necessary. Click here to display a request form. (Adobe Acrobat required). Mail the document to the address shown on the form. If you cannot print the form, send a signed, written request indicating the types of taxes you want deducted to:

Georgia Department of Labor Claims Administration 148 International Blvd. NE Suite 972 Atlanta, GA 30303-1751 Always include your social security number on any correspondence. UNTIL WE RECEIVE A WRITTEN REQUEST FOR DEDUCTION, NO INCOME TAX DEDUCTIONS WILL BE MADE

Most applicants are required to register for work with a state employment office. Failure to do so may cause your benefits to be delayed or denied. Contact your nearest office as soon as possible to register. Normally, registration is a simple process, and takes only a short time. In addition to registration, the employment office may also be able to provide valuable information about local jobs, training opportunities, and similar assistance. You can find the home pages for each state's workforce development agency at: State's workforce development agencies.

Links For Additional Information and Services Available To You

For additional Information about unemployment benefits click on Unemployment Insurance: Your Rights and Responsibilities. For information and instructions on electronic certification click on Unemployment Insurance: Your Rights and Responsibilities. Education and training opportunities are available for unemployed workers. The Notice for Individuals Collecting UI Benefits and Applying for Pell Grants provides more information. To return to our home page click on Georgia Department of Labor.

See information about Equal Employment Opportunity on the web at EEO Pamphlet. You must keep a record of your work search. To print a work search form, click here Work Search Record. If you cannot print the form, write down the following information for each work contact:

Name of the employer Employer address Employer telephone number The date you contacted the employer The name of the person you talked to The type of work you were seeking Whether this was a new contact or follow-up The method of contact: in-person, telephone. letter, or other means The result of the contact.