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Breakfast I try to have breakfast as early as possible. Breakfast is an important meal bec ause it gets our metabolism started.

I try to limit my breakfast to less than 300 calories . My favorite breakfast foods are: 1 2 3 ries) 2 A 1 tub of low fat yogurt (100 150 calories depending on size) slices of wholemeal bread with 1 slice of cheese (240 calories) half boiled eggs, only 1 yolk eaten. 1 slice of wholemeal bread. (190 calo half boiled eggs, both yolk eaten (140 calories) cup of green tea, or a cup of plain water, or Chinese tea or 2 servings of fresh fruit (less than 200 calories)

Caffeine is not recommended if you re trying to control eating, so I try to stay a way from coffee and tea. Processed fruit juices are a bad choice because of the high sugar content. You may want to try low fat milk (but I don t like milk) Morning/Afternoon Snack I have a snack around 11am, which is roughly 3 hours after my breakfast. My afte rnoon snack is roughly 3 hours after lunch. I try to keep snacks below 200 calories. My favorite snacks are: 2 slices of wholemeal bread with light spread of low sugar peanut butter (24 0 calories) 1 or 2 servings of fresh fruit (less than 200 calories). I like apples, pear s, plums, watermelon, papaya, and guava. I try to rotate a different fruit each week. 2 bananas (180 calories) 2 cups of lettuce with low fat salad dressing (140 calories) Small serving of unsalted, baked cashew or almond nuts (200 calories). The s erving size is about the size of a golf ball. 1 tub of low fat yogurt (100 150 calories depending on size) Any junk food or high sugar foods have to be avoided at all cost. Lunch My lunch menu is rather limited, because there aren t many choices near my work pl ace. Sometimes I bring leftovers from dinner, or prepare a simple meal in the mo rning. I try to limit my lunch to less than 500 calories. The fastest way to go over 500 calories is taking too much rice, so I try to lim it to 1 cup of rice. I try to avoid fried and oily food, or at least limit the damage by reducing the portions. 1 cup of rice (210 calories) Chicken, skin not eaten (280 calories) 1 serving of fried vegetables (60 calories)

2 or 3 hard boiled eggs with wholemeal bread and lettuce (280 calories) 1 fried egg (180 calories) I don t take any sugared drinks, so I stick with iced water or cold Chinese tea. Dinner Dinner is always a wonderful affair, because Poey Chin is such a great cook. I u sually exercise after work, and only have dinner around 8pm. Again, I try to limit my consumption of rice, sometimes having just half a cup o f rice if I ve had rice for lunch. In a way it s easier to control the food we have at dinner, because I can tell Poe y Chin what I prefer not to eat. Home cooked food is also healthier because we don t use excessive oil or salt. I try to limit my dinner to less than 500 calories, and I don t really know how to count calories for home cooked Chinese food. I just estimate and keep the porti ons small. My favourite dinner foods are: Braised/stewed/curry lean meat A bowl of soup Lots of vegetables Steamed egg or tofu Baked beans