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Directions: Give the synonyms for the following words
1. Depreciation: deflation, depression, devaluation, fall, slump
2. Deprecate : feel and express disapproval,
3. Incentive : thing one encourages one to do (stimulus)
4. Echelon : level of authority or responsibility
5. Innovation : make changes or introduce new things
6. Intermittent : externally stopping and then starting
7. Detrimental: harmful
8. Conciliation : make less angry or more friendly
9. Orthodox: conventional or traditional, superstitious
10. Fallible : liable to error
11. Volatile : ever changing
12. Manifest: clear and obvious
13. Connotation : suggest or implied meaning of expression
14. Reciprocal: reverse or opposite
15. Agrarian : related to agriculture
16. Vacillate : undecided or dilemma
17. Expedient : fitting proper, desirable
18. Simulate : produce artificially resembling an existing one.
19. Access : to approach
20. Compensation: salary
21. Truncate : shorten by cutting
22. Adherence : stick
23. Heterogeneous: non similar things
24. Surplus : excessive
25. Assess : determine the amount or value
26. Cognizance : knowledge
27. Retrospective : review
28. Naive : innocent, rustic
29. Equivocate : tallying on both sides, lie, mislead
30. Postulate : frame a theory
31. Latent : dormant, secret
32. Fluctuation : wavering,
33. Eliminate : to reduce
34. Affinity : strong liking
35. Expedite : hasten
36. Console : to show sympathy
37. Adversary : opposition
38. Affable : lovable or approachable
39. Decomposition : rotten
40. Agregious : apart from the crowd, especially bad
41. Conglomeration: group, collection
42. Aberration: deviation
43. Augury : prediction
44. Creditability : ability to common belief, quality of being credible
45. Coincident: incidentally
46. Constituent : accompanying
47. Differential : having or showing or making use of
48. Litigation : engaging in a law suit
49. Moratorium: legally or officially determined period of delay before fulfillment of the agreement of
paying of debts.
50. Negotiate : discuss or bargain
51. Preparation : act of preparing
52. Preponderant : superiority of power or quality
53. Relevance : quality of being relevant
54. Apparatus : appliances
55. Ignorance : blindness, in experience
56. Obsession: complex enthusiasm
57. precipitate : speed, active

3ERlE3 3EC7l0h

Directions: In the following questions complete the series
NOTE: This section is quite tough and consists of 26 questions to be done in 10 minutes.
Please keep track of time.
1. A C B D E F G I - I H K J L
Ans. H
2. A I Z B E Y C I X D I - G E N J W
Ans. W
3. A D G J M P - R W T S
Ans. S
4. A B C E F G I J K - M L O N P
Ans. M
5. A B F G K L P Q - T S V U W
Ans. U
6. J W X U V S T - Q P S E T
Ans. Q
7. A R H X Y T D T W S T - N P T K R
Ans. P
8. F M B I P Z V I E V - I R Y O U
9. N Z I Y C X KW F - J F V M Y
Ans. V
10. A A S A S P A S P K A - R Q T S U
Ans. S
11. A E C P S - T R U E
Ans. U
12. B B P R D D L N F F I K - H Q J I K
Ans. H
13 A Z E X I V M T - R Q N S O
Ans. Q
14. A B D G K P - L I W U X
Ans. U
15. B C D A E G H I F J L M N L K N M O
Ans. K
16. X W E F G V U H I J K - P N S R T
Ans. T
17. O D J T O P Q N O E R T - Q O U V W
Ans. O
18. P R N U U P E J R B B - H V U N E
Ans. E
19.L U L M G M N F N P S - O N Q P S
Ans. P


1. 420% OF 7.79 = ?
Ans. 32.718
2. 3427 / 16.53 = ?
Ans. 202
3. 10995 /95 = ?
4. 43+557-247 =?
Ans. 353
5. 3107*3.082= ?
Ans. 9591
6. 48.7 + 24.9 - 8.7 = ?
Ans. 64.90
7.525.0/47.8 = ?
Ans. 11
8. (135-30-14)*7 - 6 +2 = ?
Ans. 3
9. 3/8 * 5.04=?
Ans. 1.89
10. 697 /219 = ?
Ans. 3.18
11.8/64 +64/16 =?
Ans. 4.14
12. 298 * 312 / 208 = ?
Ans. 453.54
13. 0.33 *1496 /13 = ?
Ans. 37.98
14.0.26 + 1/8 = ?
Ans. 0.385
15. 66.17+1/3= ?
Ans. 67.03
16. 2.84+1/4= ?
Ans. 3.09
17. 33% OF 450 = ?
Ans. 148.5
18. 907.54 / 0,3073= ?
19.There are two categories of persons in ratio A:B = 2:3. A type earns 2.5 dollars/hr and B type 1
dollar/hr total money earned by both is 24dollars. Then what is the total number of persons
Ans. 15
20. Total balls are z, the number of red balls is n and the remaining are blak balls,then the % of black
balls equal to ?
Ans. (z - n) / z*100
21. If A = C, B = 2D what should be done to make the ratio same. i.e.a/b = c/d
Ans. Multiply A by 2
22. If P=Total number of components, Q = number of defective components .What is the % of non
defective components?
Ans. (p-q) / p*100
23. If the cost of an article is x , first discount given is y% of cost, second discount given is z% of cost
.The selling price of x is
Ans. x (1-y / 100) (1- z / 100)
24.Which of the following are prime numbers
(a) 119
(b) 115
(c) 127
(d) none
Ans. (c)
25. A / B = C; C > D then
(a) A is always greater than D
(b) C is always greater than D
(c) B is always less than D
(d) None of these
Ans. (a)
26. If B>C and A
Ans. ( A + B )C
27. If for H hours of work the salary is S and the employee gets x hours of medical leave, then what is
the salary/hr ?
Ans. s/H-x
28. ( 1/6 of 596) / (0.695) = ?
Ans. 142
29. 35-30 + 4/7 - 5 + 1 = ?
Ans. 3
30. 10995 + 95 = ?
Ans. 11090
31. If on a salary of Rs."S" per month,one has to pay one tax of x Rs. and a second type of tax of y Rs
then % of salary taken home is?
Ans. s-(x+y)/s * 100
32. B>A then which expression will be highest value
(a) A-B
(b) AB
(c) A+B
(d) Can't Say
Ans. (b)
33. K, L are men who take home a salary of x, y respectively.The total amount taken home is
Ans. Kx + Ly
34. If out of X bulbs y bulbs are broken;The % of non broken bulbs
Ans. (x-y) / x*100
35. If on a salary s per month, a tax of x% of the salary and another of r% of the salary is deducted
is the income.
Ans. s*(1-(x+r)/100
36. 0.512 * 18902358 =?
Ans. 9678007.296
37. If the % of defective balls is 10% balls,and the number of defective balls is 5.The number of balls

38. 6.29% of 2.8 =?
Ans. 0.18
39. 0.398 * 456= ?
Ans. 181.49
40. 0 < x < 1 which is greater
(a) 1/x2
(b) 1/x
(c) x
(d) x2
Ans. (a)
41. If c = a/b; a-1 = c, what is the relation between a and b?
Ans. b = a/a-1
42. What is the sum of 7 consecutive odd numbers with 27 as the fourth number

L0wChAR7 3EC7l0h

Directions: There are 7 flow charts and each has 5-6 blank rectangles/diamonds with
sub question number in the rectangle/diamond. You have to fill the blank from the
5 options given against respective question number
NOTE: These types of questions are not at all tough. You have to understand the logic and
then it is very easy to fill the blanks. Some information is provided for getting to the
answers. There will be blanks which have to be filled.

Examples of flow charts asked to be filled :
(1) There are 3 boxes of 3 balls each. you have to select the heaviest among all.
(2) There are red and black balls in a box. You select some balls from the blocks. If the ball chosen is
red then you get one point. If the chosen ball is ball black and previous ball is red then you get two
points. For winning u have to get seven points. No point for selecting consecutive balls of the same
(3)Classify objects in class A, class B and scrap. for classing you have to do different tests such as
weight test, material test etc.
(4)There is production process in which action depends on temperature and pressure and we have
some temperature and pressure controls. Draw a flowchart to complete the process.
(5)Find max. and min. of the 12 nos. in an array. Arrange the array in ascending order and find the
maximum and
minimum value in the array
(6)Different age group are given and also different salary slabs are given. Depending on the salary
group as well as his group you have to classify the group of people in particular class

1. Add 79H and 86H and tell the contents of flags
2. Scr is used for _____ ( ac, dc , both )
3. Push pull amplifier is used to remove which harmonics ( even , odd , both )
4. PAM is demodulated using ___ ( low pass filter , high pass filter )
5. 16k memory is needed. How many chips with 12 address buses and 4 data buses are needed.
6. AM wave is detected using _________ detector
7. Which flip flop is used for shift registers
8. Program counter does what __ (stores a memory address, address of the present instruction)
9. In a bistable multivibrator communication capacitor is used for ______ ( speed up response , ac
10. Totem pole is what?
11. Time constant for an integrator and differentiator should be ( small , high etc.)
12.TV waves are __ ( sky waves , space waves etc.)
13.Which configuration has highest i/p imp. ( ce , cb , cc )
14. Parabolic antenna with 2degree angle. What is its directivity.
15. Given 10 mhz pe modulation and we got a 100 mhz band. How many channels can be there.
16. If o/p power is doubled by how much does the sound increase ( 1db,2db,3db )

1. Find the odd one out
Eg: a) entice,lure,allure,alarm.
select the odd one out.
b) evince,press,exort,spur.
2.synonyms(majority of the questions)
Eg: Vivacious.
eg: If symphony : compose then
a) playwrite : play
b) child : mother
4.Four sentences will be given.For example, a)....
You have to arrange them in such a way that they form a meaningful paragraph.
5.Question related to alphabets.
E G W O +
1 2 3 0
the above is just an example and not a question appeared in the test.
7.Questions from 'C' language(only 2 to 3 of them)
int x = 10,y=15,z = 5;
int i;
i = x<y
There will be no problem with the written test if you have prepared for GRE and also good vocabs.
The above are the questions that I was able to get from my classmates.I hope this will be of some use
to all of you. here will be no questions from 11th and 12th standard subjects as it was in the previous
egarding the interview,there will be a compulsory HR and Technical interview(in any order) for all the
short listed candidates.Be strong in your 'C' programming skills.Also,make sure that you take with you
your project reports(if you have done any).This might be useful to impress the interviewers.Then be
strong in Operating Systems,if you had that in your academics.Do not ever say that,"I will be able to
write down the logic,but not the program".Two of my friends told this and they were not selected.
Be Be careful while filling in the resume given by them.The columns in the resume are,for example
1.Where do you think you have to improve yourself?
2.Why have you chosen WIPRO?
3.Your strengths and weaknesses.
HR questions will be from your resume
The aptitude test consisted of 45 questions to be answered in 45 mins..
Most of the questions were English (difficult to understand the questions itself!!!)
All questions were mixed up.(here the questions are not in order)
Some of which I can remember are as follows:
1.antonym of PARSIMONIOUS:
ans.b arrange sentences to form a logical paragraph
3.If MARCH is coded as HCRAM ,then ELBAC is coded as
ans : b
4. Two clocks A & B..B falls by half a minute every hour while A is correct. Both of them show the
correct reading at 8:00AM .If the time shown by clock B is 1:57 P.M., what is the time shown by clock
5.For deadlock to occur what are the conditions which are necessary? exclusion
b. hold & wait without .emption
c.circular ..
d.all of the above
6.analogy .TADPOLE:FROG
7.chose the critical word: PERSISTENT,FREQUENTLY,CONSTANT,(some more words were given, I
dont rememberJ).
8.Fill in the blanks with appropriate word/words:
She was not chosen to be the secretary as she was not _________
c.versatile sentences so that the third statement can be concluded from the first two.
10.Fill in the blanks with appropriate word/words:
11.which of the following is not a "dynamic data structure
b.binary ..
d.none of the above
12. Question from congestion control topic:
Ans: source quench.
13. Interchanging + and / also 2 and 3 , which of the following expressions are true?
14. Interchanging + & / also 10 & 5, which of the following expressions are true?
15.about doubly likn list : to delete a node to the right of p , which of the following is true?
d.none of the above
16. A long puzzle about 4 people Lewis, Frank ,.going to meet 4 people :insurance agent, consultant,
money lender, share broker in a building with 4 floors(G+3floors).
Lewis meets share broker who is above money lender, money lender is not on 1st floor.
Frank meets insurance agent who is below consultant..
Some more conditions were given.which floor is the share broker ?
a.G floor
b.1st floor
c.2nd floor
d.3rd floor
ans: 3rd floor (check out the answer)
17. An island where the people speak 1 sentence truth & other is false..3 people on island: GOL , TOL
,BOL.. One of them was carrying a snake on his shoulder.
2 sentences by each were given..who is the snake charmer?
Ans:BOL (check it out)
18.compiler is used to convert _____ to _____
a.low level language , high level language
b.high level language ,low level language
c.both a & b
d.dependent on the compiler.
19.the best case & worst case merge sort algorithm (I dont remember the q properly)
a.O(n),O(logn)..(some ans os this sort were givenJ)
20.void main()
char *p=sHello;
what is the o/p?
21. Tcp/ip is
b)connection oriented
c)both a & b
ans b
22.Process has memory divided into how many parts?
d.memory is undivided more question on correcting the error in the given sentence
24.given 4 words, to find out the odd one out..
..: discord: ..: ..
25.small passage was given..the inference from the passage is ?
paper :01
Campus Recruitment at NIT Durgapur : AUG -2003
Mind Here in our Institute within 30 minutes 45 questions were to be answered.
There was no negative marking.
Question Pattern:
[1] Jumble sentences are given ,order the sentences to make a meaningful paragraph
[2] Sentences are given , order the sentences to make conclusion that follows from the options
given(Say 5 sentences are given out of which 2 are causes and rest is result , like fallacy in logic) .
[3] Analogies.
[4] Opposite meaning.
[5] Point out the error in a given sentence.
[6] C ( Follow `Test your C skills `).
[7] Data Structure.
[8] Operating System.
[9] Network.
[10]Puzzles(1-2),Critical reasoning(1-2).
e can not remember all the questions exactly as time was very short .Here are some of
the questions ( Not in order).
1. A topic on Gandhijis Salt Satyagrah Movement
Four sentences were given and you have to arrange them to make a paragraph.
Ans. CABD (Check it out).
2. What cant be changed by the user program (Four choices were there).
Ans. Memory Map (Check it out).
3. In which layer ROUTING is performed ?
Ans. Network Layer
4. What is the output of the following code snippet
Ans. mile
5. What is the output
Sum=? &count;( It was actually given temp=? &count; which is probably wrong)
Printf("sum=%d count= %d temp=%d ",sum,count,*temp);
Ans. C (most expected answer ,check it)
6.Which one has no L-Value
[i] a[i]
[ii] i
[iii] 2
[iv] *(a+i)
Ans . [iii]
6. In threaded binary for which traversal orders unused left and right links are used?
7. Which is false for binary tree?
[i] Any node should have two children.
[iii] At fourth level the number of node should be less than 16.
8. Which is true for binary search ?
[i] Traversal scheme
[iii]Greedy algorithm
[iv] Divide and conquer algorithm
Ans. [iv]
9. What is the protocol used for getting the physical address by supplying IP address of a node ?
[i] ARP
[ii] RARP
[iii] BOOTP
[iv] DHCP
Ans. [i]
10. If DELHI is coded as CCIDD then how BOMBAY will be coded?
11. Opposite meaning of SPUR.
12. Opposite of HARBINGER .
Ans. Follower
13. Opposite meaning of PROTRUSION.
14. Opposite meaning of RESTIVENESS.
15.Find the odd one in a given analogy
Ans. Mundane.
16 . Find the analogy : SURPRISE : EXCLAMATION
Ans. Dismay:groan.
17) Find the analogy : Plateau : Taxonomy.
18)Question from congestion control topic:
Ans: source quench.
19) Question from kernel mode:
Ans:Disable Interrupts.
20) which one is a page replacement algorithim.
[iii]Least recently used.
[iv]All of above.
21)Using two numbers And interchanging + and * there was a question.
Ans:(iii)(some expression=22).
22)For each hour an watch is going slow by 30 seconds.Now time is
8a.m.What will be the actual time at 8p.m.
23)Question regarding while loop.
24)Alphabetical order L,M,.(cant remember)
25)One puzzle:(I cant exactly remember this question giving brief idea of this question)there were
four guys A,B,C,D. the older and younger relation is given . U have to find the age of the A.
Ans: 7 years(check it out).
26)Fallacy question: six sentences are given.
Ans: [i].
28)Nine people six floor. Conditions are given.(This was a very long paragraph).Peoples named like
29)A question regarding node.
30) problem regarding age of father and son(very easy problem u can solve it).
31)Point out error in the follwing sentence:I got the book in the office and slipped it out.
[i]I got the book.
[ii] in the.
[iii]office and .
[iv] slipped it out.
32)Point out error:(about a flowers garden)
ans:(I cant remember the options).answer will be "among on another.</y

If x and y are the two digits f the number 653xy such that this number is divisible by 80,
then x+y is equal to:
(i) 2
(ii) 3
(iii) 4
(iv) 6
Since 653xy is divisible by 2 as well as by 5, so y = 0
Now 653x0 is divisible by 8 so 3x0 is also divisible by 8.
By hit and trial x=6 and x+y = 6
(I am thankful to the contributors below on pointing out mistake in the answer.)
Quantitative Aptitude Test Question 2
The smallest number which when diminished by 3 is divisible by 21,28,36 and 45 is...
(i) 869
(ii) 859
(iii) 4320
(iv) 427
The required number = l.c.m. of (21,28,36 ,45)+3=1263
Quantitative Aptitude Test Question 3
If 1.5x=0.04y then the value of (y-x)/(y+x) is
(i) 730/77
(ii) 73/77
(iii) 7.3/77
(iv) None
Solution: x/y = 0.04/1.5 = 2/75
So (y-x)/(y+x) = (1 - x/y)/(1 + x/y) = (1 - 2/75)/ (1 + 2/75) = 73/77
Quantitative Aptitude Testing Question 4
The average age of a class is 15.8 years. The average age of boys in the class is 16.4 years
while that of girls is 15.4 years. What is the ratio of boys to girls in the class?
(i) 1:2
(ii) 3:4
(iii) 3:5
(iv) None of these
Let the ratio be k:1.
Then k*16.4+1*15.4 + (k+1)*15.8 (16.4-15.8)k = 15.8 - 15.4 k=0.4/0.6 = 2/3 so
required ratio = 2:3
Mr. Ankit from India has corrected the answer as:
Then k*16.4+1*15.4 = (k+1)*15.8 (16.4-15.8)k = 15.8 - 15.4 k=0.4/0.6 = 2/3 so
required ratio = 2:3
You may respond to him at the post below with his name.
Quantitative Aptitude Testing Question 5
If one-seventh of a number exceeds its eleventh part by 100 then the number is.
(i) 770
(ii) 1100
(iii) 1825
(iv) 1925
Let the number be x. Then X/7 - x/11 =100 11x-7x = 7700 x=1925.
Quantitative Aptitude Test Question 6
The ratio of Rita's age to her mother's age is 3:8. The difference of their ages is 35 years.
The ratio of their ages after 4 years will be:
(i) 7:12
(ii) 5:12
(iii) 38:43
(iv) 42:47
Let their ages be 3x and 8x
8x - 3x =35
x =7
Their present ages are 21 and 56 years.
Ratio of their ages after 4 years are 25:60 = 5:12
Quantitative Aptitude Test Question 7
Gold is 19 times as heavy as water and copper is 9 times as heavy as water. In what ratio
should these be mixed to get an alloy 15 times as heavy as water?
(i) 1:1
(ii) 2:3
(iii) 1:2
(iv) 3:2
Let 1gm of gold be mixed with x gm of copper to give (1+x)gm of the alloy.
1G=19W, 1C = 9W and alloy = 15W 1gm gold + xgm Copper = (1+x)gm alloy 19W+9Wx =
(1+x)*15W x = 4W/6W = 2/3
So ratio of gold and copper is 1:2/3 or 3:2
Quantitative Aptitude Test Question 8
A tap can fill the tank in 15 minutes and another can empty it in 8 minutes. If the tank is
already half full and both the taps are opened together, the tank will be:
(i) filled in 12 min
(ii) emptied in 12 min
(iii) filled in 8 min
(iv) emptied in 8 min
Rate of waste pipe being more the tank will be emptied when both taps are opened.
Net emptying workdone in 1min =(1/8 -1/16)= 1/16
So full tank will be emptied in 16 min
Half tank will be emptied in 8 minutes.
Quantitative Aptitude Test Question 9
A man can row 5 kmph in still water. If the river is running at 1kmph, it takes him 75
minutes to row to a place and back. How far is the place?
(i) 3km
(ii) 2.5 km
(iii) 4 km
(iv) 5 km
Speed downstream = (5+1)km/hr = 6 km/hr Speed upstream = (5-1)km/hr = 4 km/hr Let
the required distance be x km x/6 + x/4 = 75/60 2x+3x = 15 x = 3km
Quantitative Aptitude Test Question 10
729 ml of a mixture contains milk and water in ratio 7:2. How much of the
water is to be added to get a new mixture containing half milk and half water?
(i) 79 ml
(ii) 81 ml
(iii) 72 ml
(iv) 91 ml
Milk = (729 * (7/9))=567ml
Water = (729-567)= 162ml
Let water to be added be x ml 567/(162+x) = 7/3 1701 = 1134 + 7x x = 81ml
Discussion on Answer to Question No.10 has taken a long time. Different visitors gave
different answers. However, majority of the visitors have contributed that the answer should
be 405 ml of water as:
The quantity of milk in the mixture is
7/(7+2) X 729
= 7/9 X 729
= 567mL
The quantity of water then shall be
729 - 567 = 162mL
If the final mixture would contain half milk and half water, there must be equal quantity of
So in order to make up for water, we'll need to add
567mL - 162mL= 405mL of water

The L.C.M. (Lowest (or Least) Common Multiple) of two numbers is 45 times to their H.C.F
(Highest Common Factor). If one of the numbers is 125 and sum of L.C.M. and H.C.F. is
1150, the other number is:
a) 215
b) 220
c) 225
d) 235
Solution: Let L.C.M. be l and H.C.F. be h. Then l = 45h
l + h =1150
This gives h =25 and l = 1125
Thus the second number = (25 * 1125)/125 = 225
athematical Aptitude Test Question 2
Six bells commence tolling together and toll at intervals 2,4,6,8,10 and 12 seconds
respectively. In 30 minutes how many times they toll together.
a) 4
b) 10
c) 15
d) 16
Solution: L.C.M. of 2,4,6,8,10,12 = 120
So they toll together after every 120 seconds i.e. 2 minutes. So in 30 minutes they toll
together 30/2 + 1 = 16 times
ath Aptitude Test Question 3
The value of (0.625 * 0.0729 * 28.9)/(0.0017 * 0.025 * 8.1) is
a) 0.3825
b) 3.825
c) 38.25
d) 382.5
Solution: The sum of decimal places in numerator and denominator being the same, decimal
point can be removed
(625*729*289) / (17*25*81) = 3825
Algebra Aptitude Test Question 4
Trigonometry is the science of measuring triangles. To do well in any mathaptitude test you
must have good knowledge of trigonometric ratios and basic identities should be on tips.
You may face a lot of questions about heights and distances like:
Find x if sin(x+36^) = cos x
sin(x+36^) = cos x
cos(90^ - (x+36^)) = cos x
90^ - (x+36^) = x
2x = 54^
x= 27^
ath Aptitude Test Question 5
Linear equations are part of all math aptitude tests. They can be age related problems,
upstream, downstream problems etc
I am three times as old as my son. Five years later I shall be two and a half times as old as
my son. What is my age?
Let my age be x years and age of my son be y years.
(i) x = 3y
Five years later
(ii) x+5 = 5/2(y+5)
From (i) and (ii)
y=15 and x=45
ath Aptitude Test Question 6
In almost all the tests questions from Volume and surface area can be expected like:
The number of coins 1.5 cm in diameter and 0.2cm thick to be melted to form a right
circular cylinder of height 10 cm and diameter 4.5 cm is:
a) 380
b) 450
c) 472
d) 540
Solution: Volume of 1 coin = 22/7 *(1.5)/2*(1.5)/2 * 0.2 = 99/280 cm3
Volume of large cylinder = 22/7 *(4.5)/2*(4.5)/2 * 10 = (99*45)/28cm3
Number of coins = (99*45)/28 * 280/99 = 450
ath Aptitude Test Question 7
The size of a wooden block is 5 * 10 * 20 cm3. How many whole such blocks you will take
to construct a solid wooden cube of minimum size?
a) 6
b) 8
c) 12
d) 16
Solution: Size of each cube = 5 cm
So number of blocks = (5 * 10 * 20)/(5*5*5) = 8
umerical Aptitude Test Question 8
Find the odd man out - 1050, 510, 242, 106, 46, 16, 3
a) 510
b) 242
c) 106
d) 46
2nd term = (Ist term - 30) / 2 = (1050-30)/2 = 510
3rd term = (2nd term - 26) / 2 = (510-26)/2 = 242
4th term = (3rd term - 22) / 2 = (242-22)/2 = 110
So 106 is the answer.
ApLlLude LesL 1 wlLh Answers
1Cne of Lhe followlng ls my secreL wordAlM uuL MCu CA1 1lLWlLh Lhe llsL ln fronL of you lf l were Lo
Lell you any one of my secreL word Lhen you would be able Lo Lell me Lhe number of vowels ln my
secreL wordWhlch ls my secreL word?
2ln Lhe followlng flgureA 8 C
L l C
Lach of Lhe dlglLs 1 2 3 4 3 6 7 8 and 9 ls
a)8epresenLed by a dlfferenL leLLer ln Lhe flgure above
b)oslLloned ln Lhe flgure above so LhaL each of A + 8 + CC + u +LL + l + C and C + P + l ls equal Lo 13
Whlch dlglL does L represenL?
AnsL ls 4

3Cne of Mr PorLonhls wlfeLhelr sonand Mr PorLons moLher ls a docLor and anoLher ls a lawyer
a)lf Lhe docLor ls younger Lhan Lhe lawyer Lhen Lhe docLor and Lhe lawyer are noL blood relaLlves
b)lf Lhe docLor ls a woman Lhen Lhe docLor and Lhe lawyer are blood relaLlves
c)lf Lhe lawyer ls a man Lhen Lhe docLor ls a man
Whose occupaLlon you know?
AnsMr PorLonhe ls Lhe docLor

3ln Lhe followlng flgure
A u
8 C L
C l
Lach of Lhe seven dlglLs from 0 1 2 3 4 3 6 7 8 and 9 ls
a)8epresenLed by a dlfferenL leLLer ln Lhe flgure above
b)oslLloned ln Lhe flgure above so LhaL A*8*C8*C*L and u*L*l are equal
Whlch dlglL does C represenL?
AnsC represenLs Lhe dlglL 2

6Mr and Mrs Aye and Mr and Mrs 8ee compeLed ln a chess LournamenLCf Lhe Lhree games played
a)ln only Lhe flrsL game wereLhe Lwo players marrled Lo each oLher
b)1he men won Lwo games and Lhe women won one game
c)1he Ayes won more games Lhan Lhe 8ees
d)Anyone who losL game dld noL play Lhe subsequenL game
Who dld noL lose a game?
AnsMrs8ee dld noL lose a game

71hree plles of chlpsplle l conslsLs one chlp plle ll conslsLs of chlps and plle lll conslsLs of Lhree chlps
are Lo be used ln game played by AnlLa and 8rlnda1he game requlres
a)1haL each player ln Lurn Lake only one chlp or all chlps from [usL one plle
b)1haL Lhe player who has Lo Lake Lhe lasL chlp loses
c)1haL AnlLa now have her Lurn
lrom whlch plle should AnlLa draw ln order Lo wln?
Anslle ll

8Cf Abdul 8lnoy and Chandlnl
a)Lach member belongs Lo Lhe 1ee famlly whose members always Lell Lhe LruLh or Lo Lhe Ll famlly whose
members always lle
b)Abdul says LlLher l belong or 8lnoy belongs Lo a dlfferenL famlly from Lhe oLher Lwo
Whose famlly do you name of?
Ans8lnoys famllyLl

9ln a class composed of x glrls and y boys whaL parL of Lhe class ls composed of glrls
Ay/(x + y)
Cx/(x + y)

10WhaL ls Lhe maxlmum number of halfplnL boLLles of cream LhaL can be fllled wlLh a 4gallon can of
cream(2 pL1 qL and 4 qL1 gal)

11lf Lhe operaLlon ls deflned by Lhe equaLlon x y 2x + ywhaL ls Lhe value of a ln 2 a a 3

12A coffee shop blends 2 klnds of coffeepuLLlng ln 2 parLs of a 33p a gm grade Lo 1 parL of a 24p a
gmlf Lhe mlxLure ls changed Lo 1 parL of Lhe 33p a gm Lo 2 parLs of Lhe less expenslve gradehow much
wlll Lhe shop save ln blendlng 100 gms

131here are 200 quesLlons on a 3 hr examlnaLlonAmong Lhese quesLlons are 30 maLhemaLlcs
problemslL ls suggesLed LhaL Lwlce as much Llme be spenL on each maLhs problem as for each oLher
quesLlonPow many mlnuLes should be spenL on maLhemaLlcs problems
14ln a group of 137 have sLudled LaLln 8 have sLudled Creek and 3 have noL sLudled elLherPow many
of Lhese sLudled boLh LaLln and Creek

13lf 13 13w/(1w) Lhen (2w)2


16 lf a and b are poslLlve lnLegers and (ab)/33 4/7 Lhen
(A) b a
(8) b a
(C) b a
(u) b a
Ans A

17 ln [une a baseball Leam LhaL played 60 games had won 30 of lLs game played AfLer a phenomenal
wlnnlng sLreak Lhls Leam ralsed lLs average Lo 30 Pow many games musL Lhe Leam have won ln a row
Lo aLLaln Lhls average?
A 12
8 20
C 24
u 30
Ans C

18 M men agree Lo purchase a glfL for 8s u lf Lhree men drop ouL how much more wlll each have Lo
conLrlbuLe Lowards Lhe purchase of Lhe glfL/
A u/(M3)
8 Mu/3
C M/(u3)
u 3u/(M23M)
Ans u

19 A company conLracLs Lo palnL 3 houses Mr8rown can palnL a house ln 6 days whlle Mr8lack would
Lake 8 days and Mr8lue 12 days AfLer 8 days Mr8rown goes on vacaLlon and Mr 8lack beglns Lo work
for a perlod of 6 days Pow many days wlll lL Lake Mr8lue Lo compleLe Lhe conLracL?
A 7
8 8
C 11
u 12
20 2 hours afLer a frelghL Lraln leaves uelhl a passenger Lraln leaves Lhe same sLaLlon Lravelllng ln Lhe
same dlrecLlon aL an average speed of 16 km/hr AfLer Lravelllng 4 hrs Lhe passenger Lraln overLakes Lhe
frelghL Lraln 1he average speed of Lhe frelghL Lraln was?
A 30
8 40
u 60
Ans 8

A Worker agreelng Lo flnlsh a work ln 130 days employed 73 men each worklng 8 hours dally AfLer 90
days only 2/7 of Lhe work was compleLed lncreaslng Lhe number of men by ________ each worklng
now for 10 hours dally Lhe work can be compleLed ln Llme

osLed by Chvrsrl

Answer ls 130 men


1 day work 2/(7*90)
1 hour work2/(7*90*8)
1 man work2/(7*90*8*73)

1he 8emalng work 3/7 has Lo be compleLed ln 60 days because Lhe LoLal number of days allowed for
Lhe compleLlon of Lhe work ls 130 days

so we have

(2 * 10 * x * 60) / (7 * 90 * 8 * 73) 3/7
where x ls Lhe number of men worklng afLer Lhe 90Lh day

We geL x 223

Slnce we have 73 men already

Answer 223 73
lL ls enough Lo add only 130 men

lf a2+b2117 and ab34 Lhen flnd Lhe value of a+b/ab
osLed by Parlboopal



Lhen a+b/ab

(36783)2330 +(96387)330 WhaL ls Lhe unlL ulglL ln Lhe above menLloned expresslon ?
osLed by Parlboopal
shorL cuL

1sL porLlonunLlL dlglL
32330 only consldered power number(23301)/4remalnder 1
so unlL dlglL 3

2nd porLlon unlL dlglL
7330 only consldered power number(3301)/4remalnder 1
so unlL dlglL9

Answer1sL porLlon unlL dlglL+2nd porLlon unlL ulglL

Answer ls 4

(lmporLanL(Any ower number1)/4)

Slmpllfy (893+786)2 (893786)2 / (893*786) ?
osLed by PA8l8CCAL

lC8MuLA Su8S1l1u1lCn

nuML8A1C8 (A+8)2 (A8)2 4A8



1PL AnSWL8 lS 4

llnd nexL number ln Lhe serles 1 3 13 23_
osLed by vlrendradugar
nC1L 1hls ls ob[ecLlve Lype quesLlon lease cllck quesLlon LlLle for correcL answer

llnd nexL number ln Lhe serles 103 83 60 30 0 43 90_?
osLed by vlrendradugar
Answer 0

1032083 832360 603030 30333 34043 434390

llnd nexL number ln Lhe serles 6 24 60120 210
osLed by vlrendradugar
nC1L 1hls ls ob[ecLlve Lype quesLlon lease cllck quesLlon LlLle for correcL answer

llnd nexL number ln Lhe serles 2 3 10 17 26 37 30_?
osLed by vlrendradugar
Answer ls 63
2+33 3+310 10+717 17+926 26+1137 37+1330 30+1363

lf lL Lakes flve mlnuLes Lo boll one egg how long wlll lL Lake Lo boll four eggs?
osLed by vlrendradugar
llve MlnuLes )

a e l m q u _ _?
osLed by vlrendradugar
nC1L 1hls ls ob[ecLlve Lype quesLlon lease cllck quesLlon LlLle for correcL answer

3 4 6 9 13_? WhaL ls Lhe nexL number ln Lhls serles?
osLed by vlrendradugar
nC1L 1hls ls ob[ecLlve Lype quesLlon lease cllck quesLlon LlLle for correcL answer

WhaL ls nexL number ln Lhe below serles? 82412361834_?
osLed by vlrendradugar
nexL number ls 27

33 number ls formed by dlvldlng 24 number /2 respecLlvely

12 ls formed 24/2
18 ls formed 36/2
27 ls formed 34/2

WhaL ls nexL number ln Lhe serles? 1 8 9 64 23_?
osLed by vlrendradugar
nexL number ls 216

1hls ls how serles ls formed

1 2 1
2 3 8
3 2 9
4 3 64
3 2 23
6 3 216

WhaL ls Lhe nexL number ln Lhe serles? 0 3 8 17_?
osLed by vlrendradugar
Answer ls 24

As Lhe serles ls formed
121 0
22+1 3
321 8
42+1 17
321 24

A man rows Lo a place 48 km dlsLanL and come back ln 14 hours Pe flnds LhaL he can row 4 km wlLh Lhe
sLream ln Lhe same Llme as 3 km agalnsL Lhe sLream 1he raLe of Lhe sLream ls
osLed by Chlkul
nC1L 1hls ls ob[ecLlve Lype quesLlon lease cllck quesLlon LlLle for correcL answer

A man can row aL 3 kmph ln sLlll waLer lf Lhe veloclLy of currenL ls 1 kmph and lL Lakes hlm 1 hour Lo row
Lo a place and come back how far ls Lhe place?
osLed by Chlkul
nC1L 1hls ls ob[ecLlve Lype quesLlon lease cllck quesLlon LlLle for correcL answer

A boaL runnlng downsLream covers a dlsLance of 16 km ln 2 hours whlle for coverlng Lhe same dlsLance
upsLream lL Lakes 4 hours WhaL ls Lhe speed of Lhe boaL ln sLlll waLer?
osLed by Chlkul
nC1L 1hls ls ob[ecLlve Lype quesLlon lease cllck quesLlon LlLle for correcL answer

ln one hour a boaL goes 11 km along Lhe sLream and 3 km agalnsL Lhe sLream
osLed by Chlkul
nC1L 1hls ls ob[ecLlve Lype quesLlon lease cllck quesLlon LlLle for correcL answer

A good Lraln runs aL Lhe speed of 72 kmph and crosses a 230 m long plaLform ln 26 seconds WhaL ls Lhe
lengLh of Lhe goods Lraln?
osLed by Chlkul
nC1L 1hls ls ob[ecLlve Lype quesLlon lease cllck quesLlon LlLle for correcL answer

A Lraln 360 m long ls runnlng aL a speed of 43 km/hr ln whaL Llme wlll lL pass a brldge 140 m long?
osLed by Chlkul
nC1L 1hls ls ob[ecLlve Lype quesLlon lease cllck quesLlon LlLle for correcL answer

llnd ouL Lhe wrong number ln Lhe glven sequence of numbers 36 34 18 27 9 183 43
osLed by Chlkul
nC1L 1hls ls ob[ecLlve Lype quesLlon lease cllck quesLlon LlLle for correcL answer

llnd Lhe odd man ouL 3 6 11 18 27 38 31 63
osLed by Chlkul
nC1L 1hls ls ob[ecLlve Lype quesLlon lease cllck quesLlon LlLle for correcL answer

llnd Lhe odd man ouL 331 42 331 263 383 242 111
osLed by Chlkul
nC1L 1hls ls ob[ecLlve Lype quesLlon lease cllck quesLlon LlLle for correcL answer

ln how many dlfferenL ways can Lhe leLLers of Lhe word C1lCAL be arranged so LhaL Lhe vowels always
come LogeLher?