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Manufacturing & Sourcing of Garments & Accessories

Sourcing from India

In todays highly competitive business environment, choosing the right supplier plays a major role in being able to service the market with consistent quality products delivered at the right time. Finding reliable sources and developing a good relationship is critical to sustaining good business operations.

India is fast emerging as an important market where the best products are available at the most competitive prices. Some of the worlds biggest brands either have their own bases in India or are sourcing through Indian agencies. At the same time, many buyers are still not aware that India has the strength and ability to meet the best quality standards, in addition many buyers are missing opportunities because of misapprehensions about the ease of doing business with India.
India has a lot to offer but because of its size, diversity and unique nature of production centres (sometimes in villages, with different languages and cultures) to take full advantage of the potential, a company must either have an office in India, or at least some professional representation to handle transactions. The growth of production facilities in India, combined with the availability of educated and skilled workers and the Indian governments push for export revenue, are advantages readily available for any company interested in establishing contact and supply from India. India represents a perfect opportunity for buyers looking to source premium product at the best possible prices.

About Apex Fashion.

We are a professionally managed sourcing and manufacturing office, exporting high quality fashion garments. We incorporate the very latest technology and innovation and ensure that all products are manufactured efficiently, environmentally and under strict ethical guidelines. Our team is made up of the most experienced people available in the industry and every project is handled at senior level from initial enquiry through to delivery. We quality check at all stages to ensure that the finished product is exactly as per specification. To provide the best possible service to our clients, we have our own design and sampling unit permanently available, this is based in Kolkata. We are proud of our reputation for design versatility, creativity and complete attention to quality. Our ethos is to serve our clients sourcing and buying needs with the minimum of concern at any stage of the process. We specialize in woven and knitted garments and scarves and use only the very best factories that we have built relationships with over many years trading. We understand the concerns that some buyers have when placing valuable orders with new suppliers and will always strive to make your Indian purchasing experience as efficient, pleasant and profitable as possible.

The 3 areas in which we excel:

Design & Development

Merchandising & Sourcing Factory & Production

Design & Development:

Apex Fashion takes pride in blending the best traditional craft techniques with the very latest technology. Whilst we will always remember Indias heritage of cottage industry we are not afraid to embrace and utilize the most up to date manufacturing processes available to the fashion industry today. We understand how important design is to the manufacturing process and have our own design facility to ensure that your product ideas will scale to full production.

. 2. Merchandising & Sourcing:

We understand brands and the elements that make a brand unique, we know how important it is to you that your brand identity is upheld in all of your products, this is why we have in-house merchandising and sourcing facilities. If you are looking for a unique element to your garments we have the ability to source factories throughout India to find the exact element that you need.
Our merchandising and sourcing team all come from either a design or brand background and are committed to upholding the trust that you place in Apex when you ask us to supply your designs.

. 3. Factory & Production:

We are experts in the fashion business and understand that not every company has the same requirements; to allow for this we have two key elements in our production facilities High Fashion & Volume.
Our Kolkata factory is focused on the High Fashion business with a 200 sewing machine floor, this factory is ideal for short runs and products requiring intricate detail work. Our New Delhi facility is capable of producing 300,000 woven or 400,000 knitted garments / month. In addition we have partner factories enabling us to offer far higher levels of production at busy times or for large- short notice orders.

Doing Business with Apex from the UK

There are many price and quality advantages using India as a source for your fashion garment production, however we understand that distance and cultural differences could make the process appear difficult. Because we understand how important the sourcing of your products is to your business, and how much trust is required when choosing a new supplier, Apex Fashion have invested in a UK office to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible. To take full advantage of all that is offered by Apex all that is needed is a call to our UK office where your requirements can be discussed. A range of samples of our work is available for inspection and your specifications can be discussed and agreed in the UK. Our UK staff are available to visit your offices with samples or alternatively to welcome you to the Gloucestershire showroom where the samples are on show. We have a dedicated sample unit in Kolkata and are able to turn around samples in a very short time frame, ensuring you complete peace of mind before placing an order. We always use internationally recognised and experienced carriers for transportation to ensure that your consignment arrives with the minimum of disruption and in the best possible condition. It is our mission to promote Indian manufacturing and to make your garment sourcing as efficient, simple and as pleasant as possible. Please call our UK office on 01453 823366 to discuss how we can work for you.

Contact Us:

Delhi Office: Suite # 101, RR Apartments, Mandi Road, New Manglapuri, New Delhi - 110030, India Phone: +91 11 41058537 Contact: Mr. Shafeeque. C.H Mobile : +91 78387 02605 E-mail :

UK Office: 1 Westend Courtyard Grove Lane, Westend Stonehouse, Gloucestershire United Kingdom, GL53 0HP Contact: Mr. Lee Janes Mobile: 07880 554220 Email :

Kolkata Factory: 2- Turner Road, Cossipore Kolkata- 700 002, India Phone: +91 97486 19755

Contact: Mr. Ram Awatar Singh Mobile : +91 99900 04095 E-mail :