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Dear Student,

Your personality is the sum total of ways in which you react to and interact with others. Interview is a
vital aspect of your future and it would play an important role in your formal interaction with selectors/
panel towards many opportunities of scholarships and admissions.
For enhancing the Interview Skills, various aspects, constituents and requisites for developement are
explained in detail in this booklet.
This booklet is primarily an Interview Guide for you, which will help you to assess yourself for knowing
areas of improvement in Interview Skills to achieve an overall success.
Through this booklet, we have made an attempt to give you an insight of interviews so that you can make
your own strategy for success.
Best Wishes,
Resonance Students Welfare Cell
Note: Any feedback about the booklet may be sent at
1. Resonance nurtures KVPY Scholars 1
2. Resonance Students: IIT-JEE Champion & KVPY Scholar 2
3. Interview Concepts 3-7
4. Interview Drills 8
5. Self Appraisal Form 9
6. KVPY Scholors Experience 10-11
7. KVPY Details & Statistics 12
8. KVPY Scholars Testimonials 13
9. Format of Personal Details 14
10. Interview Review 15
KVPY Interview Guide_PAGE # 1
Resonances Mentoring System to Crack KVPY
At Resonance, we not only prepare students for the toughest entrance examinations like IIT-JEE, AIEEE & AIPMT but also
nourish them to develop a logical/scientific temperament and participate in KVPY.
1. Awareness about the Exam: Awareness Sessions are arranged round the year to motivate and educate students
about the KVPY and their importance. The students are advised to appear in the examination by telling its benefits.
2. Apply Assistance: Students are duly informed on time about Application Form availability/ last dates etc. and are
provided complete support and guidance in filling forms (both online & offline) through Notice Boards and an-
nouncements in the individual batches.
3. Mock Test Paper: Students are given a preview of these examinations in special classes and workshops. Mock
Tests and Mock Interviews are also conducted so as to give maximum exposure before the real test.
4. Study Material: Sample Papers are provided to students which contain question papers of the previous three
5. Faculty Inputs/Assistance: The Faculty plays a significant role in imparting better education. Resonance is a group
of experienced teachers with great dedication and untiring & sincere effort, have been providing a scientific guide-
line for the preparation of KVPY Examination. They take classes especially for KVPY and providing uniform guide-
line for all the students
6. Special Classes (for Additional Topics): In order to remove the doubts and teach the additional topics, special
classes for the additional topics are arranged.
7. Logistics Support: To and fro facility (Kota Only) is provided to the students from the Study Center to the Exam
Center to facilitate the timely arrival of students for examinations and also to save their precious time.
8. Counseling: We take special care for the students and intimate them the important information about the exam;
faculty and staff members regularly meet, interact and motivate the students towards their selection in KVPY. The
academic, co-academic staff takes care of the students' problems by listening to them and by taking appropriate
9. Motivation: To keep motivated the students on periodically basis motivation sessions are conducted. Resonance
encourages the students by providing the scholarships to KVPY scholars.
10. Workshop: To prepare students for the Interview Session of KVPY, which is very technical one and questions are
asked related to derivation of fundamental laws & experimental examples. The workshop will expose to students
to generally ask fundamental concept questions to develop their Research & Development potential.
Resonance nurtures KVPY Scholars
Resonance's Success in KVPY
KVPY Interview Guide_PAGE # 2
Resonance Students: IIT-JEE Champion & KVPY Scholar
List of Resonance Students from Yearlong Classroom Contact Programmes (YCCPs)
who have secured AIR under 1000 in IIT-JEE and became KVPY Scholars also:
Reso Roll No Name of the student AIR in IIT-JEE Year
811438 GAUTAM SUMU 36 2010
740002 KANISHAK KATARIYA 44 2010
800763 KUMAR GOUTAM 60 2010
803852 RANJIT K. NAIR 321 2010
910272 RAHUL BALANI 352 2011
806956 UMANG GUPTA 410 2010
910849 ABHINAV V.R. 448 2011
832079 VAIBHAV GUPTA 526 2011
745259 SPARSH KHANDELWAL 537 2010
805551 NIJIT SHARMA 614 2010
811431 PULKIT MITTAL 713 2010
940199 ANKIT O MUNDADA 960 2011
1002631 BHAVIK JAIN 968 2011
808715 DEVBRAT SINGH 991
1010417 SHAGUN SODHANI 993
Resonances % of Selection out of Total KVPY Scholars from 2006 to 2010:
Year Selections from Reso KVPY Scholars Reso % in Total KVPY Scholars
2006 2 95 2.10%
2007 2
2008 5
2009 56
2010 57
138 1.44%
261 1.91%
259 21.62%
236 24.15%
Testimonials of KVPY Scholars from Resonance
Reso Roll
No. 805551
Reso Roll
No. 806956
Reso Roll
No. 812496
Reso Roll
No. 912162
"Resonance faculty motivates the students to appear in different competitive examinations other than
IIT-JEE. With RKV sir's guidance, I attempted for the KVPY examination and got selected. Resonance's
KVPY material also supported me immensely and allowed me to make my attempt with full confidence."
"I want to give the full credit of my selection to the Resonance faculty members. I didn't have any idea about
this examination before but through the supportive guidance of faculties, I successfully wrote this exami-
nation. After the regular class hours, faculty gave me their extra time and helped me out with all doubts. I
also want to say that the workshop which was conducted for the final stage i.e. interview round was also
very helpful as I came to know how to face such interviews."
"Resonance provided me substantial support and encouragement to be selected in KVPY. All the teachers
are very co-operative and the study material is best of all. The personal attention and systematic commu-
nication system is very remarkable in Resonance. The motivation which I got from R. K. Verma Sir and
peers has changed my life."
"My selection in KVPY has been become possible because of Resonance. They conducted workshop,
gave tips and tricks to face interview. The teachers supported us and gave encouragement .The interac-
tion and discussions in classes are superb."
KVPY Interview Guide_PAGE # 3
The main idea behind an interview is to determine the personal suitability of the candidate for a particular scholorship
or job. It is the final hurdle which the candidate has to cross in order to get the admission, job or scholorship he / she
Interview is employed as supplementary to the written examination and is an additional test at which the personal
qualities of the candidate such as intelligence, habits, behavior and presence of mind are assessed.
It is a face-to-face meeting, especially for the purpose of obtaining a statement or for assessing the qualities of a
candidate. It further indicates a physical meeting of people with two possible objectives:
1. To obtain a statement or opinion as is done when the president is interviewed to get statement on the
result of his discussion with other political leader or when a sportsperson is interviewed to get his views.
2. To assess a person for selection such as interviews for admission to educational institution, for jobs, etc.
Many candidates who pass the written exam with credit are unable to impress the interviewers and are, therefore,
The candidate should not get perturbed when the interviewer tries to screen him and play on his nerves. Brief, to the
point, but clear expression is always likely to impress the members of the interview board.
You must remember Opportunity is bald-headed on the back side . Therefore, you must be prepared to avail the
opportunity as and when it comes your way.
You cannot thumb your way down to the highway of life and arrive at any worthwhile destination. All your mental and
intellectual resources should be mobilized to face the battle of interview with a measure of success.
A candidate has to keep in mind the type of interview he has to face. Whatever be the type of interview, the candidate
must possess certain qualities like politeness, cheerfulness, good manners and behaviorism.
One of the most fundamental factors that contribute to the success of an interview is the time and quality of
preparation made by you.
The degree of preparedness for an interview helps reduce the uncertainty and anxiety prior to the interview.
The amount of effort you wish to put into preparation is directly proportional to the importance of the interview.
1. Personality 2. Confidence 3. Alertness 4. Expression
5. Mannerism 6. Smartness. 7. Knowledge.
1. The members of the interview board will be watching the candidate very carefully. Therefore, there should be
nothing outward in the manner of his entering the room. Prior to entering the room, adjust the attire. There should
be a natural smile on the face and his gait should be dignified.
2. Enter the room neither very hurriedly nor very slowly. Normal pace and dignified entry must characterize the candidates
appearance before the interview board.
Interview Concepts
KVPY Interview Guide_PAGE # 4
3. Do not enter the room with a bowed head or a tensed face.
4. Before entering, enquire by saying May I come in sir / madam.
5. If the door was closed before you entered, make sure you shut the door behind you softly.
6. Face the panel and confidently wish Good day sir / madam.
7. If the members of the interview board want to shake hands, then offer a firm grip first maintaining eye contact and
a smile.
8. Seek permission to sit down. If the interviewers are standing, wait for them to sit down first before sitting.
9. After taking your seat you should look pleasantly at the chairperson and wait patiently for him to speak.
10. Do not stand up when you are asked to answer a question. You should reply the questions sitting calmly in your
11. You should not place your portfolio, containing your testimonials etc., on the table. Keep it down by your side.
12. Keep your hands on your chair in a normal position and dont keep them on the table.
13. An alert interviewee would diffuse the tense situation with light-hearted humour and immediately set a rapport with
the interviewers.( But dont tell them a joke !).
14. Speak in a soft but clear tone. Your words should be well chosen. They should convey your ideas clearly and
unambiguously to the interviewers. Maintain a normal pitch and a normal speed.
15. Your manner of leaving the room is also of great importance. Do not get up before you are asked to do so. When you
are told that will do, Mr. you should get up from your seat without materially disturbing the position of your
chair. You should politely thank the chairman, turn back and leave the room without looking back at the members
while approaching the exit.
(a) Always remember that the interviewers are men of great experience. They are fully acquainted with the nature
of the qualities and the duty required of a person. They can judge a persons worth and his capabilities from his
words and expressions.
(b) Have sufficient confidence in yourself to evoke confidence in the interviewers.
(c) Give the best to the interviewers. Cover your weaknesses through the presentation of other achievements.
(d) Remain unperturbed and be a keen listener too.
(e) Feel pleased with your surroundings and be at your ease in the company of the interviewers.
(f) Be prompt without being hasty, quick without being aggressive.
(g) Emit vivacity and enthusiasm from your looks and expressions.
(h) Show pleasing and graceful manners, sufficient politeness and dynamism.
(i) Tell frankly if you are not able to answer any question. In case the interviewer or interviewers suggests the
answer always show gratefulness by thanking them.
(j) Gather adequate knowledge before appearing for the interview.
(a) Do not appear nervous or shaky.
(b) Do not interrupt the interviewer.
(c) Do not enter into an argument with the interviewer.
(d) If somehow you miss to hear a question you can request the interviewer to repeat it. Never answer a question
until you have listened to it well.
(e) Do not hesitate in answering questions.
(f) Do not try to evade answering the questions.
(g) Do not speak in a vague or obscure manner.
KVPY Interview Guide_PAGE # 5
(h) Do not try to bluff or confuse the interviewer.
(i) Do not hesitate to show your ignorance if you do not know the answer to a question.
(j) Do not make unnecessary movements of any part of the body.
(k) Do not be aggressive.
(l) Do not lose your balance or presence of mind.
(m) Do not try to flatter the interviewer.
Accumulate the vital information about the Institute / Scholarship
It is important to know the background of the institute you apply to. You must read its brochure and visit its website.
It is important for the following reasons:
Selectors cannot comprehend why and how a person can say he is keen to join an institute about which
he knows little or nothing.
From the interviewers point of view the good applicant is one who has done some homework about the
Keynotes you must be aware of :
(a) A brief history of the institute /organization.
(b) The main features of the institute /organization .
(c) Location.
(d) Any important issue of the institute /organization that has been newsworthy.
(e) Key people in the institute / organization.
Refresh yourself on your subjects of Schooling :
(a) It is but natural that interviewers would quiz you on your favorite subject.
(b) You may like to go back to the principal text books and refresh your knowledge definitions, formulas,
concepts and other related issues.
(c) An interviewer judges your ability to perform on future tasks on the basis of your past performance.
Thorough knowledge on claims made
(a) You should list your achievements, academic qualifications and extra-curricular activities.
(b) Such achievements or claims may be authenticated by certificates or photographs.
(c) The important ones may be photocopied and attached with the resume while the originals of all certificates
should be neatly catalogued in a folder and kept at hand for reference, as the interviewer would ask for
Lead the interview
A good interviewee would be quick to settle and begin to lead the interviewers rather than being at the
receivers end.
The interviewer normally pays more attention if you display enthusiasm in whatever you say.
Put forward your views and ideas energetically.
Maintain a cheerful disposition throughout the interview.
Be Candid and brief
Brevity is the hallmark of a good communicator.
It is recommended that you volunteer information, but this must be done in lucid and to-the-point manner.
An over-talkative or verbose interviewee is instantly disliked and misjudged.
Avoid bluffs
If you do not know the answer to a question, it is better to acknowledge it, rather than trying to bluff your
way through it.
The interviewer will respect your honesty.
In our experience, interviewers immediately take a stance of grilling a candidate if they suspect him or her of lying.
A little humour or wit thrown in the discussion occasionally enables the interviewer to look at the pleasant
KVPY Interview Guide_PAGE # 6
side of your personality. If it does not come naturally do not contrive it.
By injecting humour in the situation doesnt mean that you should keep telling jokes. It means to make
a passing comment that, perhaps, makes the interviewer smile.
A little humour as a starter will ease the fatigued minds. However, if you do not have a knack for
humour, it is better not to get into it.
Mostly interviews are conducted throughout the day leading to fatigued minds.
You must be proactive in offering information about yourself as the interviewers will be willing-listeners.
Be refined and well-mannered
The way you conduct yourself reflects your upbringing and your culture.
It is good to project an air of humility
Over confidence is often misinterpreted by interviewers as arrogance.
Polite statements are recommended.
Do not use slang
During an interview, slang will probably not be understood, and certainly not appreciated. Your
communication needs to be as formal and explicit as possible
Your posture during the interview adds to or diminishes your personality.
The way of sitting tells a lot about the nature of the candidate
Mannerisms such as playing with your tie, theatrical gesticulations, shaking legs or sitting with arms
slung over back of adjoining chair must be avoided.
It is vital to be conscious of your posture and gesticulations as they tell a lot about your personality.
You should keep all certificates, testimonials and other relevant documents neatly on the table, preferably
in a single file.
Maintain Eye contact
You must maintain eye contact with the panel, right through the interview. This shows your self-confidence
and honesty.
Many interviewees while answering, tend to look away. This conveys you are concealing your own
anxiety, fear and lack of confidence.
Maintaining an eye contact is a difficult process. As the circumstances in an interview are different, the
value of eye contact is tremendous in making a personal impact.
Ask questions if necessary
Many interviewees believe that an interview is a one-way street, the hapless victim struggling to be
selected and the all powerful being in whose hands lies the destiny of the interviewee. It is a myth.
You may ask a question / clarify information if necessary. It is quite in order and much appreciated by
Be a good listener
It is imperative for you to listen carefully to the question being asked.
If a question is not clear, it would be quite in order for you to seek clarification on the same.
Seeking a clarification is far better than giving an irrelevant answer.
It is very annoying for interviewers when an interviewee misinterprets the questions, and answers by
saying something which is irrelevant.
Be calm, polite and controlled
Many interviewees adopt a stance which is not their natural self.
It is amusing for interviewers when a candidate launches into an accent which he or she cannot sustain
consistently through the interview or adopt mannerisms that are inconsistent with his / her personality.
Interviewers appreciate a natural person rather than an actor.
It is best for you to talk in the natural manner because then you appear genuine
Q.1 Let us know about yourself
This is a very general question in which you can say almost anything about yourself.
Prepare yourself for such a question so that you can tell about those thing which are important such as
basic details, your personality traits, achievements, aspirations, motivations and ambitions.
Remember that a two-sentence answer will only convey how little there is to know about you.
You should be able to say a lot without being verbose or self-opinionated.
The answer should be such that it gives a definite direction to the interviewer and no further questions are
KVPY Interview Guide_PAGE # 7
asked on this.
Q.2 What are your strengths and weaknesses ?
This is a question that has stumped many an interviewee.
It is asked to ascertain how much you know about yourself, since a person who knows oneself well is
likely to be more effective in life.
Many interviewees find it difficult to verbalize their strenghts and weaknesses.
The best way to tackle this question is to reply courteously. Mention your weaknesses tactfully.
Q.3 Let us know something about your family background.
This question is asked by interviewers in order to determine the social, cultural, religious and economic
milieu you have come from.
It gives the interviewer a clue about your attitude and values.
The best approach to such a question is to bring out not only the facts of parentage and background but
also some of the good principles they have taught you. Mention family values.
In our experience, most interviewees simply mention their fathers name and occupation. They may
sometimes tell about their brothers and sisters with special emphasis of those who may have done well in life.
Q.4 What are the perceived benefits you visualise from KVPY ?
An interviewer generally asks this question to ascertain the candidates concepts / views about KVPY.
Interviewee must be aware of the importance of KVPY i.e. it enables candidates to be versatile in all the
science subjects.
It also reduces the financial burden of the parents.
It instils confidence in the candidates and it increases the probability of being selected in any career
based competitive examinations.
Managing yourself effectively under all circumstances is critical to your success. Tell yourself that you are as much
an architect of a good interview as the panel. You will enjoy the experience with this perspective.
Success isnt far away, the key is up in your mind. Unlock and walk into the world of success.
Best of luck too!!
And Finally .................
He is an atheist who does not believe in himself. The old religions said that he was an atheist who did not believe
in God. The new religion says that he is an atheist who does not believe in himself.
Never think there is anything impossible for the soul. It is the greatest heresy to think so. If there is a sin, this is the
only sin - to say that you are weak, or others are weak.
Whatever you think, that you will be. If you think yourselves weak, weak you will be; if you think yourselves strong,
strong you will be.
Believe in yourself. The world will be at your feet said Swami Vivekananda. Same belief is also required for you
to succeed in GDs, Interviews etc.
Things turn out the best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.
KVPY Interview Guide_PAGE # 8
Interview Drills
Answer the undergiven important interview questions :
1. Let us know about yourself
2 Mention three biggest achievements of your career till date ?
3. What are your career goals ? How do you intend to fulfill those goals ?
4. What are you most proud of besides your work ?
5. Why do you feel that you are a deserving candidate for KVPY scholarship ?
6. What do you feel about your academic performance till now?
7. Which is your favorite Science subject ? Why ?
8. Mention one significant achievement in your life till date. Why do you consider it an achievement?
9. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
10. Why is KVPY scholarship important for you ?
11. Who is your idol / role model and why ?
12. Why do you think we should select you?
13. How do you take personal criticism ?
14. How do you define teamwork ?
15. How and where do you see yourself after five years from now ?
16. If you were told that you are not suitable for this scholarship, how would you react / feel ?
17. How and where do you see yourself after ten years from now ?
KVPY Interview Guide_PAGE # 9
1. What has motivated you to pursue a career in science ? Is there any specific branch that particularly
interests you ?
2. Which subjects do you like the most and why ?
3. Have you participated in any of the science exhibition, summer training programme or science quiz? If yes,
please give details.
4. Please provide specific examples of scientific activities that you have undertaken outside your school
curriculum .
5. Name a person who has inspired you to study science & explain in what way she / he motivated you (please
note that the person need not be famous or well known).
Self Appraisal Form
KVPY Interview Guide_PAGE # 10
1. What are your future plans ? What are you going to do in future ?
2. Which is your favourite subject ?
3. What is parallax ? How do you measure distance between earth and moon / earth and stars.
4. How do you measure earths radius ?
5. Whats your fathers profession ?
6. Which Institute you would like to join in Udaipur and why ?
7. If we provide you scholarship, then what will you do with that in Science (research) field ?
1. What are your future plans ? What are you going to do in future ?
2. Draw the graph of
1 x
3. A man is standing on an escalator. If he climbs the stairs while the escalator is stopped, then it takes time
to climb up. If he is standing while the escalator is moving, then it takes time t
. What time will be taken
if both the man and the escalator are moving ?
4. Whats your fathers profession ?
6. What would you do if you got no scholorship ?
7. Write the cell reaction for Daniell cell ?
1. Sketch the curve ; y = [
x 2
] ; where [.] denotes the greatest integer function.
2. Can bromide ion reduce ferric ion ?
3. The value of the reaction quotient Q, for the cell.
Zn(s) | Zn
(0.01M) || Ag
(1.25 M) | Ag(s) is :
4. From which glacier does the Godavari river originate ?
5. How will you check pH of a solution ?
Can a solution of pH = 3 be changed to pH = 7 ? How.
6. In which coaching institute are you studying ?
1. What is the ratio of frequencies of the notes Sa and Ga in musical instruments ?
2. If I take measurements for Al
gas at 300K, 400K, 500 K and find its specific heat
capacity constant Can I differ that the heat capacity of H
gas is constant.
3. Do you know about Vanderwaals gas equation ?
4. Explain Ist law, IInd law, IIIrd law of thermodynamics.
5. Is the temperature of a single molecule defined ?
6. What was the need of IInd law of thermodynamics.
KVPY Scholars Experience
Resonance Roll No.: 840188 | Study Centre: Udaipur
KVPY Selection Year: 2010-11 | IIT-JEE: Appearing in 2012
Resonance Roll No.: 924470 | Study Centre: Kota | KVPY Selection
Year: 2010-11 | IIT-JEE: AIR 2608 (GEN), AIR 316 (OBC) in Year 2011
Resonance Roll No.: 1000687 | Study Centre: Mumbai
KVPY Selection Year: 2010-11 | IIT-JEE: Appearing in 2012
Resonance Roll No.: 903740 | Study Centre: Kota
KVPY Selection Year: 2010-11 | IIT-JEE: AIR 205 (GEN) in Year 2011
KVPY Interview Guide_PAGE # 11
7. Define the temperature.
8. Why is water not used to put out the fire caused by petrol ?
9. Why is TEL used in vechicle fuels ?
10. What is science ?
11. What are hypothesis and thesis ?
1. Which is your favourite subject and why ?
2. A polynomial p(x) when divided by x
3x + 2 leaves remainder 2x 3. Then : p(x)
cannot have a root between 0 and 3 OR p(x) must have a root between 0 and 3
3. The number of distinct pair (x,y) of the real number satisfying x = x
+ y
and y = 2xy is : 5, 12, 3 OR 7
4. The number of integers a such that 1 s a s 100 and a
is a perfect square is :
(A) 50 (B) 53 (C) 55 (D) 56
5. Two solid sphere of same radius (r) and same material are placed in contact gravitational force between them
is proportional to
(A) r
(B) r
(C) r
(D) r
6. What is the remainder when 1! + 2! + 3! + ............1000! is divided by 12 ?
7. What do you wish to choose as your career future prospect ?
1. What are your carrer objectives ? How will you be pursing your carreer ?
2. If we increase the current drawn from the cell. Potential difference across the cell :
increase, decrease OR remain same.
3. Two soap bubbles of radius r and R (r < R) are conducted by a tube. What will be the final shape of bubbles.
4. Evaluate :
u tan
5. A current carrying wire is placed perpendicular to the plane upward and current is flowing in upward direction.
Point P is towards east and Q is towards west magnetic field at which point will be greater.
(A) P (B) Q
6. What is the significance of IUPAC name ? Give IUPAC name of an Enaic acid
B x A +

> A
find u (L-b/w
) ?
2. HCOOH + Na ?
3. HCOOH + Fehling solution ?
4. CH C CH
3 3
+ Fehling solution ?
5. What is your aim ? Why ?
6. What attracted you towards Science ?
Resonance Roll No.: 811438 | Study Centre: Kota
KVPY Selection Year: 2009-10 | IIT-JEE: AIR 551 (GEN), AIR 2 (ST) in 2010
Resonance Roll No.: 907553 | Study Centre: Delhi
KVPY Selection Year: 2010-11 | IIT-JEE: AIR 2620 (GEN) in Year 2011
Resonance Roll No.: 1001938 | Study Centre: Kota
KVPY Selection Year: 2010-11 | IIT-JEE: Appearing in 2012
KVPY Interview Guide_PAGE # 12
KVPY Details & Statistics
Selection Procedure:
Basic Sciences (SA, SB+2(SX) and SB) : After scrutiny of application forms and based on the performance in
the Board Examination(s), all the eligible candidates from Streams SA, SB+2(SX) and SB have to appear for a
written aptitude test (conducted both in Hindi and English). The test will be conducted at different centers across
the country in the last week of October or first week of November.
Based on the performance in the aptitude test, candidates will be called for the interview which is the final stage
of the selection procedure.
SP (Basic Sciences) and SP (Medicine) : KVPY applicant is required to submit the project report, chosen and
executed by the candidate exclusively for this application.
Based on the project submitted and scrutiny of the application form, short listed candidates will be called for an
interview, which is the final stage of the selection procedure. The interview will be conducted at IISc, Bangalore
during the month of December or January.
Annual renewal of fellowships will depend on maintaining good academic performance:
First class/ 60% in aggregate marks in the chosen stream and satisfactory performance in summer programs.
The fellowship for the students selected under the stream SA will be continued after the 12th standard (+2) only if they
pursue an undergraduate course in Basic Science (B.Sc. /B.S. /Int. M.Sc.
Total Value can avail by a student at Different Streams:
Rs. 4000 Rs. 16000
16000 = 64000
64000 + 240000 +
224000 = 528000
Rs. 5000 Rs. 20000 NA
240000 + 224000 =
Rs. 7000 Rs. 28000 NA
224000 + 224000 =
Basic Sciences
SA & SP (After X Class)
SX & SP (After XII Class)
(1st Year B.Sc./B.S./Int. M.Sc.)
Contingency Grant
During Class 12th
During M.Sc./M.S
(4& 5 Year)
Total (Rs.)
No. of Candidates appeared The cut off for KVPY 2010 for
in KVPY 2010: both the streams is:
In Stream SA : 28,538 In Stream SB+2 : 20,282 Stream SA : 48% Stream SB+2 : 50%
Statistical Information for Stream SA during the Year 2005-2008:
No. of Completed
No. of Candidates
Selected for
Aptitude Test
No. of Candidates
Attended for
the Aptitude Test
No. of Candidates
Called for
No. of Candidates
Attended for
No. of
2005-2006 9672 9591 7520 354 347 107
2006-2007 11587 11587 10001 426 421 95
2007-2008 15238 15238 13062 588 581 125
2008-2009 15965 15965 12257 516 513 198
KVPY Interview Guide_PAGE # 13
Id say the interview was easy goingnothing to be tense about. It is more of a cordial discussion.
We werent asked very probing questions or high level subject based questionsjust the basics.
I want to share my views about facing the interview .
For performing well at the interview:
1. Select the subject at which you are best as your favourite subject.
2. Study the topics which are a part of your syllabus . But study them deeply.
3. While preparing for the interview :
Maths: See to it that you have learnt the proofs of many formulae but not just mugged up. As many
of the questions they ask are proofs of some difficult formulae but not solving the problems.
Be careful that you dont make blunders. Whenever you dont know an answer the best thing to
do is to say that you dont know the answer.
If you bring in an irrelevant concept they will question deeply about the concept.
Be prepared to write answers on the board.
I found the syllabuses interesting, and they gave me a wonderful opportunity to open my mind
and gain a lot of knowledge.
In my experience venue of the Interview changes every year, and so everything might be related
to it. I dont mean to frighten you by saying this; I guess itll be more or less the same. My
suggestion is that you should be well versed in your subject. The rest is a matter of chance.
The best part that I liked about RESONANCE, training me for KVPY is that they are always there
to solve the tiniest of your queries at any time of the day.
Also they pay utmost attention to the individual profile and guide regarding the individual profile.
I would like to thank RESONANCE which provided me a correct path. The mock interview provided
by the faculty helped me a lot to perform well.
KVPY Scholars Testimonials
Resonance Roll No.: 840188 | Study Centre: Udaipur
KVPY Selection Year: 2010-11 | IIT-JEE: Appearing in 2012
Resonance Roll No.: 924470 | Study Centre: Kota | KVPY Selection
Year: 2010-11 | IIT-JEE: AIR 2608 (GEN), AIR 316 (OBC) in Year 2011
Resonance Roll No.: 1000687 | Study Centre: Mumbai
KVPY Selection Year: 2010-11 | IIT-JEE: Appearing in 2012
Resonance Roll No.: 903740 | Study Centre: Kota
KVPY Selection Year: 2010-11 | IIT-JEE: AIR 205 (GEN) in Year 2011
Resonance Roll No.: 811438 | Study Centre: Kota
KVPY Selection Year: 2009-10 | IIT-JEE: AIR 551 (GEN), AIR 2 (ST) in 2010
Resonance Roll No.: 907553 | Study Centre: Delhi
KVPY Selection Year: 2010-11 | IIT-JEE: AIR 2620 (GEN) in Year 2011
Resonance Roll No.: 1001938 | Study Centre: Kota
KVPY Selection Year: 2010-11 | IIT-JEE: Appearing in 2012
KVPY Interview Guide_PAGE # 14
Name : ________________________________________________________
Date of Birth : ________________________________________________________
Address : ________________________________________________________
Contact No. : ________________________________________________________
E-Mail : ________________________________________________________
Class School Year of Passing Percentage
Academic Record :
Relationship Name
(Including Company Name,
Designation, Nature of Job)
Family Background :
Hobbies / Interests / Co-curricular activities :
Mention a significant change in you. Why do you consider it significant ?
Personal Details
KVPY Interview Guide_PAGE # 15
(To be completed immediately after interview session by the interview panel)

Factor Observations
Personal disposition
Career objective -
Clarity / Vision / Goal Orientation
Communication and confidence
Subject Knowledge
Others (specify)
Student rating
Meaning of rating scores - (1) Bad (2) Average (3) Good (4) Excellent
Observed Strengths :
Observed Weaknesses :
Overall Assessment :
Start time : ___________________ Panel members :
End time : ___________________ ___________________
Date : ___________________ ___________________
(Faculty to tear this and deposit at the center.)
Name of the student : ________________________ Centre : ________________________________
Batch : ________________________ Intervi ew conducted by : ___________________
___________________ Time of interview : ________________________
Interview - Review