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1. what are dangling pointers?
2. how will you swap two numbers without using third
3. what is heap sort and its complexity?
4. discuss various sorting algorithms and their complexities.
5. what are the disadvantages of pointers?
6. what are d-queues?
7. what do you mean by pointer to a pointer and pointer to a
8. write a program to print the command line arguments.
9. what is the difference between call by value and call by
10.what is garbage collection?
11.discuss some databases in C. will you work for quick access and indexes in C?
13.what data structure will you use for building tables in C?
14. what are trees? What is the differnce between b-trees and b -
15. what are macros in c?write a macro to find the maximum of
two numbers?what is the shortcoming of this macro?what is
the differnce between functions and macros?which is to be
used where? wil you represent arrays using pointers?
17.what are threads?illustrate.
18.write a code to create doubly linked list.
19.can we change pointers?
20.what is use of data encapsulation? data inheritance is implemented in c++?
22.what is difference between array of pointers and pointer to
23.what is malloc() function?
24.what is the function free().discuss its internal mechanism.
25.differentiate b/w c and c++. will you represent graphs in C?
27.what are various storage classes in C?
28.what is big O()notation?

1. what is the use of token ring?
2. what I s sliding window protocol.explain the mechanism.
3. differentiate b/w data link flow control and TCP flow control.
4. what are various structures used in concern with IPC?
5. what is thrashing and how it is cured?
6. is TCP/IP a single protocol?
7. what are similarities in OSI and TCP/IP?
8. why we need IP?
9. what is LLC?
10.differentiate b/w router & bridges?
11.which protocol is used most?
12.what is the difference b/w connectionless and connection
oriented ?
13.what is your favourite IP address?
14.what is DNS?
15.what is ARP?
16.discuss TCP layers.what is MAC sublayer?
17.discuss Ethernet,token ring,token bus,RARP,sockets,port.
18.what is maximum size of IP frame format?

1. what do you know about DBMS?
2. what is schema?
3. what may be the various tables in a payroll system?
4. what is primary key?
5. discuss normalization with all normal forms.
6. what are ROLLBACK and COMMIT in oracle?
7. what are various schemas?
8. what are various divisions in cobol?

1. what are various memory management techniques?
2. what do you mean by system call?
3. what is pipe in unix?
4. what are various scheduling algorithms?
5. why do we have multilevel priorities for interrupt?
6. how we implement monitors through semaphores?
7. what are TSR’s and their advantages?
8. discuss DOS cpu scheduling.
9. what is multilevel feedback queue scheduling?
10.what is relation between parent and child process? which segment is the memory allocated for the variables
declared in C?
12.what is file structure in in UNIX?
13.differentiate b/w kernel stack and user stack.
14.what is deadlock?
15.what memory management scheme is used in VMS/VAX?