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a. Earth work in excavation in foundations, column footings, trenches,

courts, etc. including getting out the excavated soil as per advance drawings given by the architect. It shall also include dressing of trench sides, ramming of bottom and consolidating the earth with power/hand rammers for lean concrete, refilling, levelling of excavated earth along with disposal of excess earth.

b. Filling with earth got from outside the site to achieve levels as indicated in the drawings in the driveway and inside the building area.


a. Providing and injecting chemical emulsion for pre-constructional anti

termite treatment and creating a chemical barrier under and allround the column pits, wall trenches, excavation top surface of paint filling, junction of wall and floor along the external perimeter of the building, surrounding of pipes and conduits etc. complete with DURSBAN to be of standard brand as approved by the architect. Guarantee for 10 years at least.

To be designed for building falling seismic zone iv.......... the building shall earthquake resistant to with stand shocks & tremors of seismic zone iv. The same shall be certified by authorised structural engineer.


a. Plain cement concrete 1:4:8 (1: Cement 4: Coarse and 8: Crushed

stone aggregate 40 mm and down gauge) as bed concrete under column footings, wall foundation, floors, floor paving and all other locations and/or as required etc. laid, consolidated and cured.

b. Cement: J K, Birla, ACC( 43 grade)

c. Coarse Sand: Good quality Badarpur (with very low clay content,

properly washed) no escalation in price shall be permitted

d. Stone Aggregate: First quality Delhi Blue Quatzite stone (with no

impurities like mud, etc.) -1-


a. Providing and laying reinforced cement concrete grade M25 READY

MIX as per structural drawings in various locations, columns, beams, balconies, Ilntels, slabs, chajja, cill, canopy, shelves, store, laundry and kitchen, pergolas, underground water tank, gate columns etc. laid on proper frame work with TMT steel reinforcement, consolidated using vibrator used for RCC work and cured as per instructions. Leaving dowels for further construction and filling with lean concrete as per details shall not be taken as extra. No extra shall be charged for angular shapes of columns or crank beams. No extra for reinforcement chaira wastages shall be paid.

b. Shuttering/Centering: Approved plywood/fabricated sheet steel

shuttering and centering for unexposed concrete work (plain and reinforced) in locations called for including strutting, propping, bracing, bolting, wedging, casing, striking, removal etc. complete. Allow for forming grooves, drips throats, chamfers, cut outs, openings, etc. where called for and for dressing with approved shuttering oil to prevent adhesion. No extras for work circular in shape. Framework for ready mix concrete shall be made such that the wet concrete does not flow through gaps. No extra shall be paid for this framework.

c. Steel: High Yield Strength deformed bar reinforcement (TISCON 42 to

IS: 1788 or approved equivalent) in all reinforced concrete work

including cutting, bending, laying in position to the shape and profile required at all levels and /or as directed, binding with 15 gauge annealed steel wire and cost of binding wire etc. complete.

d. Reinforcement Cold Roll TOR Steel (TMT):


RATHI. The building shall be earthquake resistant to withstand shocks, tremors and also strong enough to take load of two additional floors for later date construction if permitted same to be certified by
Authorized Structural Engineer.


a. Providing and laying Damp Proof Course 40 mm thick with cement

concrete 1:2:4 (1 cement : 2 course sand : 4 crushed grade stone aggregate 12.5 mm nominal size with waterproofing compound (TAPECRETE) as per architects approval.



a. Terrace

waterproofing: Painting top of roofs with WATERPROOFING COMPOUND, after cleaning the slab surface with brush properly making good the surface etc, complete as directed, which shall be 12-15mm plaster mixed with water proofing compound for protection. Guarantee for 10 years.

b. Treatment

to sunken area manufacturers specifications.






c. Waterproofing compounds: CICO, pidilite industries, roofers

combine, Rote

d. Insulation of roof: 25 mm thick average mud phuaha of good

earth roofs laid to slope consolidated and plastered with 25 mm thick mud mortar mixed with bhusa and goori and covered with flat tile bricks with cement mortar 1:3 (1 cement : 3 fine sand finished complete as directed/ system like thermacol insulation.

e. Providing gole in cement concrete 1:2:4 (1 cement : 2 course sand and : 4 graded stone aggregate) including finishing with cement mortar 1:3 (1 cement : 3 fine sand) complete as directed.

f. Sunken slab areas shall be waterproofed with tapecrete filled with lean concrete 1:5:10 lean concrete with brick ballast on both floors including the sunken portions in the open terrace areas and the balconies.

g. Basement: Provision of 2 to 3 sunken courtyard to provide

natural light in the basement / treating the walls with stone cladding / brick tiling.


Providing waterfall or fountain in any one of the sunken courtyard.


a. 230 mm thick and above brick work using selected quality burnt clay

FPS bricks of class designation 75 (crushing strength not less than 75 kg per sq. sm) in foundation, plinth & in walls piers etc, in super structure and boundary wall in cement mortar 1:6 (1 cement : 6 course sand) or richer laid joints finished flush/raked to 12 mm depth as directed cured etc complete.

-3b. Boundary wall shall be cladded with exposed brick tiles used in the main building and with a coping of the same material as the window cills and with designs and niches (with lights) as per drawing.

c. Boundary wall height to be min. 9 ft with additional good design iron railing of 2.6 ft height.

d. Bricks: First Class UP bricks as approved by architect.

e. 115 mm thick brick work using same quality bricks as mentioned

above in the brick walls on super structure laid in cement mortar 1:4 (1 cement : 4 course sand) joints finished flush/raked to 12 mm depth as directed, cured etc. Including laying hoop iron reinforcement 2 X 6 mm mild / 1 x 8 mm TOR reinforcement at every fourth course complete.


trimming of the base to remove alight undulations if necessary as per details. This shall be rammed earth with anti termite treatment, with 100 mm of sand above on top of all which shall be 65 mm of 1:5:10 lean concrete with brick balfast.

a. Final preparation of the base, sub grade or sub floor including minor


All joints in the flooring to be finished with neat cement/araldite with pigment to match to match shade of the marble.

c. All marbles to be polished to granite finish, mirror polished (min. 7 grinding/Italian polish)

d. Skirting in all areas Including Kitchens bathroom and servant quarters to be of 4 inches and to be laid completely flush with the wall.

e. Driveway and outside boundary wall area to laid to slope so as to facilitate rain water to run off easily.

f. Flooring in the Toilets kitchen/ balconies and terrace shall be laid to desire slopes such that water drain off properly towards the drain.

g. All stone to be laid on 1:3 cement screed/ mortar or chemical

adhesive (as per manufacture specifications ) as instructed by the architect .



h. Drawing / dining rooms: Italian marble Bottochino / Perlato Sicillia

or wooden flooring (hard wooden flooring) or equivalent. Floor designs as per architect / owners choice within the price range of Rs.425/- per sq ft. including laying and polishing cost.


Bedrooms /passages: Italian marble or wooden flooring (as per drawing)


Driveway / outside area: Barco green marble polished and flame finished granite/ ( as per drawings)

Best quality/

k. Toilets/ Kitchen: Floors and walls to be of Italian marble or

equivalent tiles (as per drawings) within the price range of Rs. 425/per sq. ft. including laying and polishing cost.


Counter Tops: Curved in shape, mirror polished granite /Italian marble on RCC slab fixed with under counter/over counter basin.

m. Flooring

on Roof: Polished Green marble with Kotahstone / handmade tiles, blue pottery or raja tiles or granite.

n. Flooring for Balconies: Italian marble or tiles.

o. Basement stairs and main entrance:

Granite laid in designed patterns. Finished and mirror polished granite fixed as instructed by the architect.

p. Servant Quarter Bathrooms: Floors and walls to be tiled. Tiles to

approved by owners.

q. Servant Quarters room floors: Tiled/ polished Kotah stone with

skirting. Tiles to be approved by owners.


a. Internal on walls: 12-15 mm thick plaster to walls, colums etc. In

cement motar 1:5 (1 cement : 5 fine and coarse sand mix in equal proportions) applied, finished smooth cured complete.

-5b. Internal on ceilings: 6-9 mm thick rendering to soffits and sides of

slab, walls, columns, beams and other concrete surfaces not designated as exposed concrete, in cemebt mortar 1:4 (1 cement : 4 fine sand) applied, finished smooth and curved complete.

c. Providing approved galvanised chicken wire mesh ( 24 gauge 12 mm size) to junctions of concrete and masonary work and other locations where called-for, for interior and exterior plaster including cutting to required sizes side laps of minimum 75mm and fixing in position with galvanised wire nails as approved complete.

d. Exterior plaster: 18-20mm thick plaster to walls columns (at the

locations called for), piers etc. Cement mortar 1:5 (1 cement : 5 fine coarse sand mix in equal proportions) applied finished smooth and cured complete.

e. Fine Sand: Yamuna Sand, clean and good quality.

f. Kitchen and toilet dado: Tiles as per owners selection of brands:

Kajaria/ spartek/ imported, keramos or any other material and to heights by owners.



a. C.P Teak panelled door 50mm thick with 2-3 panels with centre of

panels 36mm thick. Finished with A class wood veneer and polished as instructed. Average 2 Teak decorative mouldings to be provided along the edges of the panels. The design of doors and mouldings to be of owners choce.

Door & Windows in C P Teak, 1st Quality Hardware Best Italian Quality or Dorset/Archie/Srisma fils make, finish as per design

Exterior exposed surfaces of doors and window to be Polish Matt Polyurethane. MRF. Interior exposed surface of doors and windows to be polished Matt Melamine. Asian

b. Frames: All Chowkhats will be of C P Teak of width 6 x 2.5.

Average height of Chowkhats will be 8-0 but in selected places height shall go till the RCC members above. Some doors will also have Chowhats of 11 x 2.5 (finished). The frame edges will have decorative moulding approved by the Owners.

c. Feature woodwork in certain area as per design.

-6d. All doors and windows including servant quaters to be fitted with

addional door/ windows fitted with mosquito netting of stainless steel / A quality.

e. Windows: All window frames to be of 1st class C P Teak wood.

Each window will have glass shutters as per design given.

f. Fixing wooden door, window & ventilator frames in position with

hold fasts/ dash fasteners anchored into the brick walls or RCC members as per requirement etc. Complete as directed.

g. C P Teak Balustrades and railings in staircase and balconies, terraces

to be of s/s finish.



a. All bathroom and Kitchen doors as well as bathroom cabinets to be

pressure treated water proof (BWR) plywood, commercial board, natural wood veneers - Duro/ Greenply.

b. Kitchen Woodwork: Owner will have the choice to put imported

fitted Italian Kitchen of Rs. 5.00 lacs per kitchen or an Indian make kitchen with water proof ply boards of Duro / Green ply make. Best hardware fittings and accessories of Hettich make equivalent will be provided. Adequate Storage above and below the counters as per the owners wishes shall be provided, as per design- Wood & stainless steel comboination. All SS shall be grade 304 or better.

c. Hob/ Cooking Range to be provided in all kitchens as well as electric chimney with Exhaust pipe. d. Copper piping to be provided from place of gas cylinder (outside kitchen) to gas stove & also provision to be made for piped gas up to kitchen.
e. Cupboards: The Owner will have choice of imported Italian wardrobe

of Rs. 2,000/- per sq. feet. in all rooms OR wardrobes made at site with following specifications:-

Shutters will be of one sided teak board. The shelves shall be of one side teak board and rear wall of the cupboards will be filled with inch Teak ply. The shutters will be fitted with brass/ SS handles, tower bolts, magnet catchers and locks with keys. Drawers shall have Rollers. All hanging sections of cupboards shall be fitted with pull out rod as per approved designs -7-

Fittings: Fittings will be Magnet Cather, decorative handles, tower bolt, mortise lock, door stoppers, cupboards handles. The locks will be Dorset make. Best Italian hardware to be stainless steel (in Kitchen & toilets) and brush brown antique finish in bedroom of Dorset or equivalent make. Lights in cupboards to switch on & off on opening and closing.

25mm BWP commercial Board or cupboard door and 19mm BWP ply for shelves Duro or green ply with Italian veneer with Inlays and Melanmine finish as per design. Hardware Best Quality Italian/ Blum/ Hettich or equivalent. Shoe Drawers with A quality roller and stainless steel wire baskets of Hettich or equivalent to be provided below all cupboards.



a. Providing and fixing of all HDPE pipes (with accessories all inclusive)

in all exterior area e.g. from tank till toilet outside, with provision for taps and other fittings complete including cutting and making good the walls. All plumbing pipes in the interior (concealed areas) shall be stainless steel or pre soldered copper pipes from Mehta tubes or Rajco. Individual Master valves for each toilet and one master-mastermaster valve of each house.
b. TATA C Class GI pipes OR HDPE OR Stainless Steel pipes.

c. Separate MCD and Society water connection for each floor with

separate pumps for lifting water from respective underground water tanks to respective overhead tanks. Underground and overhead water tanks shall be R.C.C type with water proofing and glazed tile lining inside.

d. Placing of underground R.C.C water tank of capacity 5,000 lts or

approx 1 week supply for each dwelling unit and overhead storage water tank capacity 1,500 lts (for main unit) & 500 lts (Servant quaters) PVC tanks complete as specified and all connections and provide and fixing gate valves of required make & diameter as required.

e. Water harvesting pits to be provided as instructed by the architect.




a. All mirrors in bathrooms to be of full length or counter length and only

Saint Gobain of 6 mm. thickness.

b. All glass pieces to be of Saint Gobain / Modi make of 6mm to 12 mm

thicknes designing on size of opening



a. Plaster of Paris (POP) puning on all internal surfaces except stone

b. Finished surfaces to be and at right angles to the floor make

c. POP false ceiling in certain area with required level differences, coves

etc. as per design.

d. Pop cornices in drawing room family launge, bedroom, dining, study, kitchen, passage and toilet.



a. Common areas and access in certain rooms: Texture finish spectrum

or equivalent

b. Rooms: - Plastic emulsion paints / velvet touch

c. Metal secriods, Grills insides of certain storage area to have flat paint

plaster, finish floor Nerolac.



a. Sanitary ware: Jacob Delafon / Duravit / Villroy & Boch / Roca.

Possibly wall mounted W.C. with chairs in appropriate pastel colors with flush/cisterns as per layout
b. Faucets:

Grohe manufactures







c. Geysers: Venus make in all toilets (35ltrs) and Kitchen (25ltrs)

master bath will have a 50 ltrs Geysers. Hot water pipes to be insulated with high density synthetic insulation material inch thick.
d. Jacuzzi:

Will be provided in master bedroom bathroom and Tub/shower in three bedrooms (Woven Gold or equivalent size at least 3 X 6ft. -9e. Tubs/Shower Cubicles: Will be provided in all toilet and shower cubicle in all toilets (8mm thick Toughened Glass), Pnematicumatic shower heads in all bathrooms.
f. Basements: to provided with tow pumps and corresponding pumps

each. These are to be directly connected two separate man holes.

g. Sewage: Fixing of sand cast iron pipes with provision for fittings in

position for soil, waste and vent pipes including fittings of lead joint complete. And as required providing and fixing S.W. pipes and fitting with * joint complete or uPVC pipes 10 kgs pressure as properly concected with adhesive in vertical and horizontal planes, laid to approiate slopes with all gully traps and other traps as approved.
h. Rain Water pipes: CPVC 6ft diameter 6 kg pressure laid with

independent inspection chambers in driveway area. i. Soil, Waste, Sand Cast Iron Pipes Fittings, Manhole Covers: RIF (Raj Iron Foundry, Agra), BC(BC Iron Foundry, Agra). Stone Ware Pipes: Perfect, Burn. UPVC pipes: Prince. j. Construction of brick masonry manholes 800x900 depth with double seal. C.I covers of required size including plastering and making channels complete.



a. All Interior and Exterior conduting work using PVC heavy duty 2mm Akg, polyback, satia conduits complete with junction boxes, switch

boxes for electrical points as per the schedule and appropriate make provided electrical points, telephone points, cable tv points, etc. b. Wiring: Finolex, Skyline c. M.C.Bs: Legrand / Hagar d. Switches: MK, Northwest or equivalent of e. Distribution Boards: Double door Mds, Legrand, Siemens f. Fans/Pumps, Exhaust Fans: Crompton, Greaves in all the Room including Living Room & Dining Room. g. ELCBS: ISO 9002 Hagar/Mds/Siemens h. Video Door Phones: To provided from entrance gate to each flat (make alfa or Equivalent). -10i. Decorative Lights: As per Owners approval from Mr Light or equivalent in the price range of Rs. 75,000/- apartment /floor. Ceiling lights & fans to be provided in all rooms and in the basement in consultation with owner. k. Lampshades on both sides of all gates l. Provision of Split and Window AC in all bedrooms, Drawing/Dining rooms including kitchen & basement in consultation with the owner. n. Exhaust fans with louvers in all kitchens & all toilets newtek o. Provision for Generators & Inverters. p. Main Panel Board of SWG 145 with BUS BAR & other arrangements as required. r. Telephone: Double RJ 11 sockets to be provided in each space as per drawing, wiring to be in star configuration with EPABX system in place, separate for each dwelling unit, 2 incoming lines and outgoing lines. EPABX- Panasonic, Matrix. s. Earthing pits: 3 per dwelling, copper earthing with plate and strip as instructed by the architect. t. Cable TV provisions to be made in all rooms on all floors. u. Alba/approved security system

v. Main door and gate: magnetic type locks which can be opened from inside the house automatically/ as well as manually at the Main door/gate.


a. Facade: As per photograph (Annexure ___) / Design approved. Exposed brick cladding over existing brick and concrete surfaces as per elevation drawings of pioneer/Modern make tiles sealed with epoxy/silicon sealant of Wacker/GE make or silicon dipped. b. Plastered surfaces if any to have Apex/Lotus paint with surface preparation. c. All window sills to be made of 2 thick gangsaw cut-both side even, sandstone of approved color laid to slope. d. Landscaping: Plantation to be done in all areas including third floor terrace e. Lawns in front & rear to be sloped for water harvesting to direct water to water harvesting pits at lowest level. -11f. Gates: Adequately secure gates same as height of boundary wall wherever needed will be provided. g. Paving of Driveway including sub grade trimming of the base to remove undulations. If necessary as per details in area just outside the front boundary wall. h. Rainwater drain inside the site as per drawings and making good existing rainwater drain outside if damaged during construction.


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