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DRAM 4300/6300 Queer Theatre and Film Spring 2008 T/TH 12.30-1.45 (lecture/discussion) Room 201 FA Wed 2.25-4.

30 (viewing) Room MLC Professor George Contini Phone: Please do not hesitate to call me with questions or concerns. Office Phone: 706.542.0285 Home Phone: 770.339.1125 The Best Way to Reach Me: Email: Office Hours: Wednesday : 4.30-6.30, Thursday 11.00-12.00 (noon) Office: Room 111 (behind 115 on far end of Fine Arts Bldg) Required Texts Curtin, Kaier, We Can Always Call them Bulgarians Alyson Publications, 1987. Greenberg, Richard. Take Me Out, Faber and Faber, 2003. Hodges, Ben, ed. Forbidden Acts: Pioneering Gay and Lesbian Plays of the 20th Century, Applause, 2003. Russo, Vito, The Celluloid Closet, Harper and Row, 1987. Senelick, Laurence. Lovesick: Modernist Plays of Same sex love, 1894-1925, Routledge, 1999. Not Required but highly recommended: Senelick, Laurence. The Changing Room: Sex, Drag, and Theatre, Routledge, 2000. Students will also be required to read several articles and plays that will be made available on line or through email. In addition to the plays in the anthologies the following pieces will be read: Edward II by Christopher Marlowe available free online through the Perseus Project at Tufts University at The Farce of Sodom or The Quintessence of Debauchery by John Wilmot available free online at The Portrait of Mr. W.H. by Oscar Wilde available free online at The Drag by Mae West Last Summer at Bluefish Cove by Jane Chambers Jerker by Robert Chesley Well of Horniness by Holly Hughes My Queer Body by Tim Miller Clit Notes by Holly Hughes

Barry D. The Social Animal. Cast Out. Clum . 1996. Harper Collins 1998. Lesbians and Gays in British Cinema 1930-1971. Not in Front of the Audience: Homosexuality on Stage. Outtakes: Essays on Queer Theory and Film. De Jongh. . Applause. The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life. and Love from American Movies. Bruce. and Popular Culture. 1995. 1995. Barry Keith and Jeannette Sloniowski. Bourne. Challenging Gay Left Orthodoxy. Gayness. Ben. Clum. 2003. Routledge. 1959. Columbia University Press. Twayne Publishers. Goffman. Documenting the Documentary. Barrios. Richard. Hodges.. The Free Press. Nicholas. Cassell. Queer Lives in Theater. Sandra. Fabio. 10th ed. 2007. 1999.University of Michigan Press. Camp: Queer Aesthetics and the Performing Subject. Routledge. Grant. ed. Still Acting Gay. Cassell. Anchor. Bernstein. 2000. The Making of a Gay Sensibility. John. ed. Abelove. Michael. Burston. Palgrave. Capsuto. Putting Your Daughters on the Stage: Lesbian Theatre from the 1970’s to the 1990’s. Culture Clash. 2002. Elliot. Screened Out: Playing Gay in Hollywood from Edison to Stonewall. Beyond Queer. The History of Sexuality: An Introduction. University of Michigan Press. Too by Susan Miller The Laramie Project by Moises Kaufman Recommended Texts/Bibliography Aronson. Paul and Colin Richardson. Martins. ed. Gay Men. Ehrenstein. The Rise of a Gay and Lesbian Movement. Stephen.1993. Adam. 2000. St. 1987. al. Michel. Steven. 1997. 1996. eds. ed. NY: Vintage Books. Ellis. 1992. John. eds. The Lesbian and Gay Studies Reader NY: Routledge. 2006. Alyson Publications. ed. 2003. John. Hanson. Ballentine. 1984. Erving. He’s All Man: Learning Masculinity. 1999. David. 1992. Duke University Press. Freeman.Downtown by Luis Alfaro Milk of Amnesia—Leche de Amnesia by Carmelita Tropicana The Stand In by Keith Curran It’s Our Town. We Can Always Call them Bulgarians: The emergence of lesbians and gay men on the American Stage. Curtin. Acting Gay: Male Homosexuality in Modern Drama. Open Secret: Gay Hollywood. Kaier. South End Press. Forbidden Acts: Pioneering Gay and Lesbian Plays of the 20th Century. Brief Encounters. Alternate Channels: The Uncensored Story of Gay and Lesbian Images on Radio and Television. Cleto. Foucault. Robin. Wayne State University Press. Clum. Routledge. 1998. A Queer Romance: Lesbians. Bawer. Henry et. Bronski. Worth Publishing. 1990.

Fear of a Queer Planet: Queer Politics and Social Theory. 1998. The Changing Room: Sex. Through readings of Queer Theorists. Steven. 2000. 1995. Queer Theory: An Introduction. Jonathan Ned. religious. Gay Culture. Marlowe. 1987. 1999. 1983. and AIDS. Schlissel. Making History. Routledge. eds. ed. Three Plays by Mae West. The Celluloid Closet. and sexual discourse. Mordaunt. Warner.Hoffman. Jonathan. A Queer Sort of Materialism. Seidman. Therese. Routledge. Disidentifications: Queers of Color and the Performance of Politics. Out on Stage. 1998. 1979. eds.1999. The Actor’s Book of Gay and Lesbian Plays. 1997. Drag. Oscar. Yale University Press. Politics. ed. eds. Doctor Faustus and Other Plays. Hughes. Alisa and Framji Minwalla. 1993. Minneapolis: Univ of Minnesota Press. Jones. Lillian. Solomon. Acts of Intervention: Performance. Stages of Desire: Gay Theatre’s Hidden History. Minneapolis: Univ of Minnesota Press. ed. Harper Collins. Eric. 2002. ed. Sharing the Delirium: Second Generation AIDS Plays and Performances. Angels in America: Millennium Approaches. Penguin Books. Avon. Kushner. political. lesbian. David. Savran. Shewey Don. Marcus. Queer Theory/Sociology. The Green Bay Tree. 1998. dramatic scripts.1993. Tolins. Alan. 1992. Michael. Out Front : Contemporary Gay and Lesbian Plays. Eric and Nina Shengold. 1988. Kimble and Bradford. The Last Sunday in June and Other plays. Muñoz. Laurence. Christopher. Harper and Row. NY: New York University Press. Holly and David Román. Tony. Students will come away . The Short Stories of Oscar Wilde. and performance viewings they will better understand the manner in which the gay. Course Objectives Students will become acquainted with the history of the queer character as presented in dramatic forms from the prehistoric to the present day. 1994. Sinfield. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. Gay/Lesbian Almanac. Warner. Annamarie. Melbourne University. 1996. and performance? Who is the audience for these performances? What are the consistent themes. Cassell. 1976. Russo. NY: Grove Press. Wilde. 1933. and Theatre. Grove Press 2004. ISBN: 1559360615 Lane. Katz. and the Ethics of Queer Life. What is queer performance? What’s it mean to “play gay” or “play straight”? What is the relationship between identity. Heinemenn. 2000. Gay Plays: The First Collection. Questions to be raised include. Senelick. Oxford University Press. Boston: Harvard UP. University of Michigan. William. Easton Press. The Queerest Art: Essays on Lesbian and Gay Theater. politics. bisexual or transgendered experience has been portrayed to audiences and how the development of that portrayal has reflected and/or affected changes in social. and points of view seen in the dramatic portrayal of the “queer”. Grove Press. 1996. Jagose. The Trouble With Normal: Sex. O Solo Homo: The New Queer Performance. Shairp. historical. José. Vito. archetypes. 1996. Miller. Harper and Row. NY: Theatre Communications Group. Blackwell Publishers. Carl. Román. ed. Michael. David. 2006.

15 % of grade. Reading Project…of one of texts. Performance Presentation. 20%. and Dramatic Text.with a deeper understanding of what it means to present and/or embody a gay . In addition. approximately 5-10 minutes in length. in depth research and analysis of an engaging aspect of queer theatre . Written in MLA Format. on any of the films or plays discussed in class. etc. One short paper. MFA Students will direct/cut/oversee production aspects of these pieces. Quizzes…. You may involve others in your presentation. The Stand In. lesbian. To be assigned by professor. film . . If for some reason you are unable to attend a screening . You may not use Wikipedia as a source. You are expected to be at all screenings. Each student will read in at least one reading. bisexual. but a performance presentation that brings to life some aspect of your final paper. Jumping off points might be. and the showing of full length films and clips. discussion/Critique of Theoretical Readings.15-20 pages. 7—10 pages. plays. through assigned viewings of famous films and theatre performances they will deepen their aesthetic sense while becoming familiar with the seminal works of the “queer” dramatic canon. 10% of grade. Classroom Units Classroom time is divided between lecture. This will require one meeting/rehearsal outside of class. Participation in classroom discussion of all articles. 10% The plays are The Drag. This is not a discussion or report. texts.5-10 short pop quizzes on plays read or film that was viewed. These must be articles from academic journals or books. It’s Our Town Too. articles and to view films/videos each week . 10% Final Exam: Short Answers and Essay Questions on all material read. The Well of Horniness. or performance. and discussed in class. scholarly sources. comparing two or three journal articles. 20%. films/videos are titles readily available for rental from video stores or netflix although there are a few that are rare and difficult to find. in most cases. Footnotes please. What do you still want to know about? What really got you excited in class? Find out why it excited you so much. These assignments are essential for class discussion and pop quizzes will be given on their content. Evaluation/Assignments/Requirements: Students are required to read plays. books. or transgendered character and how to analyze the multi-layered social implications of that presentation. films constitute 15% of grade. Research Paper…. viewed. Have your own concepts of the presentation of the queer changed or expanded? What brought you there? Written in MLA format and contain a bibliography citing a minimum of five critical. Students will be assigned one of the plays to rehearse a reading for class.

Assignments/Class participation that is missed due to an unexcused absence will result in a zero grade and may not be made up. Participate in class. All assignments. In addition graduate students’ first paper would need to be 1015 pages and they would be required to write a 20-25 page final paper. Only excused medical or emergency absences will be tolerated and evidence of such must be submitted in writing from proper authorities. which may require you to miss a class please inform professor asap. Late papers will not be accepted after 3 days from the due date. sporting events. Two tardies equal one absence and the same rules apply as above. You are considered late if you arrive after the roll has been taken and completed. Punctuality: Students who arrive late are disruptive and disrespectful to their peers who have made the effort to arrive on time. After accumulating three unexcused absences the professor may drop the student from the course. I will not accept email submissions of assigned work. All assigned work must be completed to pass the class. I reserve the right to drop anyone who is not regularly attending class or participating in discussions. Please print out all papers.. If you are involved in any special school functions.Assignment Grade Breakdown Quizzes: 10% Participation/Discussion: 15 % Paper 1: 15% Presentation 1 (Reading): 10% Paper 2: 20% Presentation 2: 10% Final Exam: 20% Attendance: Attend class regularly. reports. etc. This will require meeting outside of class. Late work will receive a letter grade reduction for each day it is late. As outlined above they will each direct/edit a reading of one of the plays. Other issues: Complete all work on time. Additional Requirements for Graduate Students Graduate Students would complete the same assignments as the undergraduate students with the expectation that there would be a deeper commitment and focus to the work. Assignments/Class participation that is missed for excused absences must be made up at the next class. Your grade gets dropped 1/2 a letter grade for each class you miss. must be typed. .

The Libertine.Course Outline Week One. “The Homosexual Role” Esterberg. Christine. Shakespeare in Love. Arlene and Ken Plummer. W. After Stonewall (30 min. “A Certain Swagger when I walk” “A Queer Encounter” by Stephen Epstein Read: Edward II (online) Suggested Reading: “Imitation and Gender Insubordination” by Judith Butler Week Two. May.H. by Oscar Wilde (online) Suggested Reading: “Symbolic Interactionism and the Forms of Homosexuality” by Ken Plummer from Queer Theory “The Gaze Revisited or Reviewing Queer Viewing” by Caroline Evans and Lorraine Gamman from Queer Romance Suggested Viewing: Stage Beauty. “Great Sparkles of Lust: Homophobia and the Antitheatrical Tradition” Laurence Senelick. “The Queer Root of Theater” Read: The Farce of Sodom (online) Read: The Portrait of Mr. “I Can’t even Think Straight” McIntosh.January 8 First Day of Class. Review Syllabus. Derek Jarman’s Edward II . Read: Stein.see first half hour) Queer Theory and Brief Homo History What makes it queer drama? What’s it mean to “play gay”? Socially? Theatrically? The Birth of the Homosexual vs The Birth of the Queer The Gaze Critiquing a Play or Film Schedule/Cast in Class Readings Read: Alisa Solomon..Jan 13/15 Screening Jan 14: Before Stonewall (87 min). Profiles.

Tipping the Velvet. 9. The Changing Room Senelick Chapters 1-4.The Importance of Oscar Wilde as an early gay lens.. Ania and Esther Read Curtin’s Bulgarians: Chapter 7. Chant d’Amour (30 min) 1900-1920 Europe and the Social Drama In class: Listen to German Cabaret Songs. Compulsion.11 Week Five: Feb 3/5 Screening Feb 4: Madchen in Uniform (87 min). Rebecca Week Six: Feb 10/12 Screening Feb 11: Victim (100 min) 1900-1940 The American stage presents Closeted Drama.Boys will be Girls…. The Other. A Florida Enchantment (63 min) PreHistory to PreShakespearean Staging Queer Desires Read Curtin’s Intro and Chapter 1. Forbidden Passion: Oscar Wilde.2.6 Suggested Reading: Changing Room Senelick Chapters 8.5. The inversion and subversion of the Comedy of Manners . The Captive Read Curtin’s Chapter 10.end). The Picture of Dorian Gray. The Fop. Bent. Waiting for the Moon. 11. The Predator.Shakespeares’ Bum Boys 1700-1900…Restoration Comedy. 1500-1700…. Sex Madness. 7. The Tenant.3.12 Suggested Viewing: Rope. Breeches Birth. Paper One Topic Chosen. Read Senelick’s The Homosexual as Villain and Victim Read Intro to Lovesick and The Blackmailers Suggested Reading: The Importance of Being Earnest. Maurice. In class Reading:The Drag by Mae West (1 hr 10 min) Read: The God of Vengeance. Brief Encounter Suggested Reading: The Green Bay Tree by Mordant Shairp . Read: The Gentlemen of the Chrysanthemums. Judas” “Mistakes” “The Dangerous Precaution” Read Curtin’s Chapters 4. Lot in Sodom (60 min). 6.9 Suggested Viewing: Paragraph 175.Week Three: Jan 20/22 Screening Jan 21: After Stonewall (28 min. Suggested Viewing: Wilde.8. Brideshead Revisited Week Four: Jan 27/29 Screening Jan 28: Different from the Others (50 min). Read: “At St.

the stereotype. Tea and Sympathy Week Eight: Feb 24/26 Screening Feb 25 : Boys in the Band (2 hr) 1970-1980 …Stonewall. The Children’s Hour Suggested Reading: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.6 Read: Last Summer at Bluefish Cove. WOW. The Ritz Week Nine: Mar 3/5 Midterm Screening Mar 4: The Life and Times of Harvey Milk (90 min) Fireworks (20 min) Dyketactics (4 min) Paper One Due Mar 5th. and Dykes to watch out for…. Read: Russo 4. to be The killer. The Film Historian from Making History Read: Michael Schiavi-“Teaching the Boys” Suggested Viewing: Making Love. In Cold Blood. (1 hr 40)…2 class periods Read Russo 1. Derek Jarman’s The Garden. Serving in Silence Week Ten: Mar 10/12 Spring Break No Class Choose Topic for Paper Two. The Producers. Freedom!…. Desert Hearts. Sunday Bloody Sunday. From the Invisible to the Ridiculous in The Queerest Art Read: History of WOW by Lisa Solomon Suggested Viewing: Execution of Justice. the self hating. Advise and Consent. Breaking the Code.Week Seven: Feb 17/19 Screening Feb 18: The Killing of Sister George (2 hr 20 min…finish in class) 1940-1960 Queer’s are Better off Dead or Just Miserable Watch Celluloid Closet in class. Reading in Class: The Well of Horniness (1 hr 10 min) Read Teresa de Lauretis. Entre Nous.3 Read: The Immoralist. Capote. Dark at the Top of the Stairs Suggested Viewing: The Children’s Hour. Women . . Deathtrap. Prick up Your Ears. the pervert. Another Country. Personal Best.5.2.. Bent Read: The Hollywood Screenwriter.. Black Narcissus. Stonewall. the slut. “Sexual Indifference and Lesbian Representation” Read: Be True to Yearning. the insane.

“The Queerest Art” Brian Freeman. . Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Longtime Companion. Queer Theory: Luis Alfaro's Cuerpo Politizado” from The Queerest Art Read Carmelita Unplugged by David Roman. The Importance of Solo Performance as outlet for Diverse Voices. Flawless. Far From Heaven.Girls will be boys. M Butterfly. As Is. Philadelphia.. José Esteban Muñoz. Swoon.Get used to it. Read : David Savran. Read: Love Valour Compassion. “Solo Performance and the Body on Stage” from Acts of Intervention Read Silence and its Opposite by Sheila Petty Suggested Viewing: Boys Don’t Cry. Jerker Suggested Viewing.Week 11: Mar 17/19 Screening Mar 18: Documentaries: Common Threads—Stories from the Quilt (80 min) Carmelita Tropicana (26 min) 1980-1990 Politics and AIDS. Disidentification.. Boys will be Girls.. Be as Beautiful as Julian Eltinge. Poison. Love Valour Compassion Week Twelve: Mar 24/26 Screening Mar 25: Torch Song Trilogy (2 hr) The Drag Queen and the transgendered….Documenting the changes. In class Reading: It’s Our Town. Jeffrey. My Beautiful Laundrette. Rocky Horror. Go Fish (90 min) The presentation of the Queer Body. Parting Glances. Angels in America. “When We Were Warriors” from The Queerest Art “Preaching to the Converted” by Tim Miller Read As Is. Too (30 min) and The Stand In (1 hr 10 min) Read: Clit Notes by Holly Hughes Downtown by Luis Alfaro Leche Amnesia by Carmelita Tropicana. My Queer Body Read: Rent’s Due in Acts of Intervention David Román. “Queer Theater. The Queer is Here. Girls will be Girls. Living End. Kiss of the Spider Woman Suggested Reading : Senelick Changing Room Chapters 12-16 Week Thirteen: Mar 31/ Ap 2 Screening Apr 1: Tongues Untied (55 min).

Queer Eye. Mommie Dearest.Suggested Viewing: Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love. Metrosexual. the status quo vs the creation of the gay demographic Staking the Claim on Family Values Changes that Cable Wrought: Bisexual. 300. Rent. Bar Girls. Week Fourteen: Ap 7/9 Screening Ap 8: The Birdcage (2 hr) 1950-1990 Television . The Sum of Us. Valley of the Dolls. Faster Pussycat Kill Kill. Looking for Langston. The Women (original 1939). The L Word. Party Monster . Fight Club. Will and Grace. Customs Clips from : Ellen Coming Out. Lust in the Dust. Fried Green Tomatoes. Pansexual Chic Ellen vs Rosie. Noah’s Ark. Troy. Tales of the City. Broken Hearts Club. Bound. South Park. Lesbian Avengers Eat Fire. The Laramie Project Week Fifteen: Apr 14/16 Screening Ap 15: Monster (109 min) A word on Camp and a Gay Sensibility Why do certain images Resonate? Testing your Camp-o-meter. Lost Language of Cranes. In and Out. Hairspray (original John Waters). Batman. Suggested Reading: Senelick Changing Room Chapters 17-20. Suggested Viewing: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. If Walls Could Talk. Kissing Jessica Stein. Rick and Steve Read: The Laramie Project. Begin Final Presentations in class. Clothes. Take Me Out Suggested Viewing: Trick. Mainstreaming the Queer…Cultural Appropriation of Queer Language. Auntie Mame. Week Sixteen: Ap 21/23 Screening Ap 22: Hedwig and The Angry Inch (90 min) Final Presentations in class. Queer as Folk. Pee Wee’s Playhouse. Read: The Death of Camp by Daniel Harris The Caped Crusader of Camp by Sasha Torres from Camp Notes on Camp by Susan Sontag Suggested Viewing: Wizard of Oz. Last Call at Maud’s. Spartacus. Girls will be Girls. Absolutely Fabulous. Pink Flamingos.

Quotes from plays.” A Culture of Honesty . UGA Student Honor Code: “I will be academically honest in all of my academic work and will not tolerate academic dishonesty of others.Week Seventeen: Ap 28 Screening Ap 29: Brokeback Mountain (2 hr 15 min) Final Presentations in class. can be found at www. the University’s policy and procedures for handling cases of suspected dishonesty. Final Papers due at Final Time. reviews. Students are expected to adhere to the University Honor Code and Honesty Policy. web material must all be cited in papers submitted for this course.uga. Jumping the Broom Suggested Reading: Last Sunday in June by Jonathon Tollins. critiques. Each student is responsible to inform themselves about those standards before performing any academic work. Read: Larry Gross’ Year of the Queer: Hollywood and Homosexuality Suggested Viewing: Milk. Were the World Mine. Octopus by Steven Yackey Final Exam: Thursday May 7 12-3 University Honor Code and Academic Honesty Policy All academic work must meet the standards contained in “A Culture of Honesty”. .