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Hyundai E&C is innovating its corporate culture, enhancing relations of mutual trust, and expanding the ethos of independence and harmony by strengthening online and offline communication channels.

Enhancing Communication
Labor-Management Relations: Mutual Trust
Employees at Hyundai E&C are free to join or withdraw from labor unions. As of the end of 2010, of the 2,184 eligible employees, 533 (24%) had joined the union. In 2010, the union met 87 times in total, to organize discussions, collective bargaining, volunteering for the poor, fundraising for charity from employees and Board members, and so forth. Moreover, the Industrial Safety Department jointly run by the management and labor administers the Safety and Public Health Committee to ensure the safety and health of all employees. Hyundai E&C A Corporate Culture Based on Employees has officially endorsed the OECD Guideline for Multinational Corporations and the International Sullivan Principle. The company also seeks to fulfill its social responsibility and respect employees by adhering to the ILO Tripartite Agreement and the UN Declaration of Human Rights. Pursuant to the Basic Labor Act, the company strictly forbids forced labor and child labor, and makes it its principle to notify employees about to be dismissed as soon as possible of the process through personal interviews. Hyundai E&C Handling Complaints and Suggestions operates the Committee on Handling Employee Difficulties in order to receive and process complaints and suggestions from all employees and Board members. The Hotline enables employees to express their suggestions and opinions freely. All cases received via e-mail, fax, and telephone are reported to the Office of Ombudsmen, where they are processed. Hyundai E&C operates an online reporting system for reporting internal corruption and unfairness, which protects the anonymity of reporters. The Office of Ombudsmen seeks to resolve complaints and difficulties raised by employees and balance interests at stake.

Channels of Communication Mentoring Introduced: Hyundai E&C actively uses its mentoring system to provide greater support for employees capacity enhancement and selfdevelopment. Mentors, often senior-level employees, provide help, while mentees who are often junior-level employees use their advice to set their own career-related goals. A rich source of innovative ideas and The Junior Board suggestions for Hyundai E&Cs future, the Junior Board has rapidly grown into a team that is leading greater exchange and innovation among Hyundai E&C employees. 54 members of the Board visit 26 countries over the span of two months for the Junior Board Global Research Project, exploring potential markets and advising the Board of Directors and management on new growth sources. The investigative activities of the Junior Board members are published in the form of the White Paper on Global Research, shared by every employee and Board member. Hyundai E&Cs Sharing Knowledge through the Intranet groupware has a Knowledge Management System which enables employees to freely exchange work-related information. Employees also share on other platforms of common knowledge, such as the Idea Silo and the Closed User Group on which they can freely update their comments. The platforms offer a page for each department or division to allow better access to the information employees need.
2011 White Paper on Global Research
Junior Board Global Research, divided between the New Growth Impetus Team and the New Market Pioneering Team, organized a total of sixteen teams to explore potential markets and new growth sources around the world and report their findings about the companys future prospects.


Cultural Opportunities | As part of its efforts to diversify communication channels, Hyundai E&C provides various cultural opportunities for employees, including invitations to concerts, performances, and so forth. Hyundai E&Cs cultural programs for employees are organized around the three themes of Fun, Trust, and Pride, and serve to improve communication and organizational diversity In-company Clubs and Associations | Hyundai E&C always seeks to enhance communication between employees and the Board as well as among employees themselves. The Internet and new media are actively used to share news updates on the companys progress and enable both vertical and horizontal communication among company members. In addition, employees are free to create and participate in various clubs and associations to share interests and hobbies. There are also study groups for employees selfdevelopment and exchanging information about work and other areas of life.

Family Programs
Family Support for Employees Overseas | Hyundai E&C hosts banquets to encourage family members of employees who are working hard for the companys growth overseas. The company also invites employees children to swim camp, summer camp, and parental love camp during vacations. These programs enable children of employees working overseas to create unforgettable memories with other children and their families. Support for Working Moms | In celebration of May as Family Month in Korea, Hyundai E&C hosted an event for working moms within the company, inviting them along with their children to a fun party at the company. The party was also an occasion on which children could learn about their mothers work at the company and developed a new sense of appreciation for their careers.

In-company Clubs and Associations

Hyundai E&C employees are active in socializing with one another, organizing voluntary study groups and other common-interest associations through the Hyundai E&C groupware and online communities. There are many clubs dedicated to improving English skills, enhancing artistic understanding, research for Hillstate, energy development, swimming, and so forth. Employees can also participate in company associations, ranging from those seeking to promote exchange of information among employees working in similar jobs to those that seek to increase participation in volunteering.

Camps for Children of Hyundai E&C Employees

Children of Hyundai E&C employees were invited to participate during their vacation in various camps, in which they learned English, proper manners and etiquette, Korean history, and so forth. Over 850 children participated in these special camps held across Korea, including at the Seoul English Village, the Childrens History and Culture School, the Etiquette School in Cheonghak Village, and the Cyber Scientific Genius Education Center at AIST. These camps let children relax and learn interesting subjects in exciting environments and helped strengthen employees and their families satisfaction with the company.