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Chapter 15: Nursing Leadership and Management 1.

In an attempt to persuade employees to bargain for another type of health insurance, a handout is circulated that describes the present employees health care insurance as being insensitive, limiting choices of care providers, and providing inferior care. This reflects which aspect of planned change? A. Unfreeze 2. In differentiating between a leader and a manager, it can be seen that C. a manager focuses on coordinating resources. 3. The first step in the nursing process and in the problem-solving process is to B. gather information. 4. An explosion just occurred at the local factory, and hundreds of employees have sustained varying degrees of injury. Which type of nursing leadership is most effective in this situation? D. Situational 5. A registered nurse (RN) with excellent assessment and psychomotor skills would derive power on the basis of which source? C. Expert 6. Managers who exhibit the authoritative behavioral style are most likely to use which source of power? C. Coercive 7. The illustration below identifies which type of chart?



8. Florence Nightingale is attributed with being intelligent (she developed statistical methods to evaluate health care), dependable (she often worked long hours to care for the injured), and ambitious (she fought against societys perception of nursing). Those who depict her as a leader on the basis of these qualities are practicing which leadership theory? A. Trait 9. A nurse manager is concerned with restocking the emergency cart, creating the staff schedule, requesting floor stock from pharmacy, and checking the orders on patient charts. Which type of leader accurately describes this nurse? A. Transactional

10. According to the units policy for call-ins, a nurse is suspended for 3 days because of excessive call-ins that occur within 15 minutes of shift change. The nurse states, You are unfair to me. Which theory would disprove the nurses statement? A. Bureaucracy 11. A nurse is reading about positive reinforcement with the goal of increasing staff motivation. Which of the following actions would demonstrate positive reinforcement? D. Give spur-of-the-moment recognition to an employee who has accomplished a goal. 12. A key management function is strategic planning. Which of the following represents this function? D. Developing a 5-year plan that will incorporate the clinical nurse leader as a part of all nursing units 13. A hospitals policy requires that all nurse managers must have a minimum of a bachelors degree in nursing. A BSN nurse new to the hospital has recently been hired as nurse manager for the oncology unit. A registered nurse who has worked on this unit for many years is unable to be promoted to a nurse manager position because of his educational status and has been commenting to both physicians and staff that, The new nurse manager has book sense but no leadership abilities. What is the best approach that can be used by the new nurse manager who is attempting to gain the trust and respect of the nursing staff on the unit? D. Acknowledge the clinical expertise of the upset nurse and clearly explain the expectations for teamwork and open, honest communication.