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1. A. Why are the enzymes activate in a specific range ? Enzymes are made up of proteins which usually activate in 5c 45c. Below 5c enzyme become freezed while at more than 45 c temp they become denatured. 2. A. Why plants can do photosynthesis in visible light ? Because two kind of photosystems are present in plants which are known as PS- / P700 & PS / P680 that can absorb only 700nm & 680nm light respectively. 3. A. How we get innate immunity ? Innate immunity is present from birth. This kind of immunity is obtained from immunoglobin G & A. Specially gG can pass through the placenta. 4. A. What is the difference between antibiotics and antibodies ? Antibiotics are specific chemicals which are obtained from microbes but antibodies are specific immunoglobins which are formed inside the living being against a specific antigen. 5. A. What will happen if we provide O+ve blood to an Ove person at first time ? No effect i.e. the person can survive because antibodies are not formed in sufficient amount against inserted antigen. 6. A. Why cant we see in normal light just after coming from high light intensity ? There are 2 reasons i) due to the change in lens shape / focal length. ii) In high light intensity Rhodopsin has been dissociate in Retinene & Scotopsin.
in Light


In dark

Retinene + Scotopsin + Energy

& A little time is required to sysnthesize rhodopsin again. 7. A. 8. A. 9. A. 10. A. Is there any relation in body size & heartbeat ? Yes, if body size is small then heart beat will be greater because of quick circulation in small sized body. What will happen if lungs are replaced by balloon ? It will burst due to absence of strech-receptors. What will happen if we put shoot tipless potted plant towards an open window in a dark room ? It will never bent toward the light due to absence of rich auxin. What will happen if we cut the cardiac nerve ? First the heart beat become irregular & after a short time it will be rhythmic.

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Why cant restriction enzyme cut its source DNA ? Restriction enzymes cant cut bacterial or source DNA because it is methylated. Why does the people live at high altitude have reddish skin ? Because at high altitude atmospheric pressure is low in compare to plane area and haemoglobin is not able to bind with sufficient O2. So number of R.B.C. (amount of Hb) increase to make balance in the body state.

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Why the plant cloning is easier than animal cloning ? Because plants have more totipotent cells in compare to animals. Why organs have specific functions although the whole animal body is made of a single cell zygote ? Because during embryonic development gene switch - off & switch on mechanism occur which leads in differentiation.

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How do migratory birds identify their way ? They use earth s magnetic field & angle of sunlight which is coming to their eye, to identify the way. Why is CO harmful for humans but not for the insects ? n human blood haemoglobin work as respiratory pigment which having the highest binding capability with CO but in insects respiratory pigment is absent so diffusion of gases do not interrupted.

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How can animal recognize their infants ? Animals like cattle identify their infants by their pheromone which they apply on them during lapping. What will happen if we eliminate all the secondary consumers from a food chain ? Number of tertary consumers will decrease due to absence of their food & Number of primary consumers will increase because of the absence of their predators.

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Why do only specific microbes can do nitrogen fixation ? Because of presence of nif-gene. What will happen if a person having blood group A receive the blood of blood group B. A - Blood grouped person having b antibodies which can recognize B antigen of blood group B. So antigen antibody reaction occur which result in agglutination that leads in death.

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Why lymph is called middle man of the body ? Lymph constitutes the internal medium in which the tissue cells are bathed. During respiration, nutrition & excretion cells draw in O2 & nutrients & expell excrete waste from the lymph thus tissue fluid / lymph act as middle man of body.

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Which organ is known as traffic police man of body & why ? Epiglottis a leaf shaped cartilaginous flap of the skin is known as traffic policeman of body because it prevents the food from entering the glottis to cover it while swallowing.


Can an unfertilized egg form a new organism in the sexually reproducing type of organisms ? & Name the term which are associated with it.


Yes, an individual can be developed from an unfertilized egg as in honey bee (as drone). Parthenogenesis & Parthenocarpy are the terms which are used for it.


If sexual reproduction was removed from the entire living world , what will be the consequence in the term of evolution ? (when mutation is also absent ).


If sexual reproduction was removed from the entire living world there would be no variation and no new species will be formed. However variation is necessary for evolution & therefore evolution will stop.

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How does Plasmodium inserted in human body ? When female anopheles sucks the human blood, it inserts its saliva in human blood to stop clotting thus Plasmodium which is present in the salivary gland of mosquito released in human body.

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Why do the water bodies get polluted by loading of nutrients ? Due to excessive of nutrients there will be high growth of algae at water surface which is known as eutrophication. Due to the exceed growth, Algae make a physical barrier between atmosphere & hydrosphere . So light & gases are unable to insert in hydrosphere and there will be no photosynthesis as well as no liberation of O2 & due to absence of O2 all the plants & animals will die thus the water body get polluted.


A farmer floods his field every day thinking that watering in this manner will result in a better yield of his wheat crop. What will be the result of this action of the farmer ?

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The soil is likely to get water logged which is unfit for the growth of wheat plants. Why insectivorous plants catch insects ? These plants grow in N2 deplete area so to get N2 they catch insect & digest their body protein to form their own proteins.

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Why some animal show hibernation ? Cold blooded animals are unable to adjust their body temprature in variable environment. To survive in low temprature they under go in long winter sleep where they minimize their metabolism & utilize rest of the energy to warm up their body.

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Why the wall of ventricle is thicker than auricle ? Because ventricle have to supply the blood in whole body parts while auricle have to receive blood.

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Why do we feel high temprature in grainery ? Grains are stored in grainery. They do respiration in which energy is librated out as heat that raise the temprature of grainery.

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Where should wax applied in a submerged plants leaf to slower the transpiration rate ? No need of it because they have inactive stomata & submerged plants cant do transpiration. Why salt is used in pickle as preservative ? Because of salt, the solution become hypertonic where microbes get plasmolysed & pickle can be preserved.

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What will happen if we apply the wax on an insects body surface ? Insect will die because of the closure of spiracles. Why the plants leaves fall in autumn ? Because vascular tissue is blocked due to callose deposition & simultaneously ABA concentration will raise which form abscission layer at the base of leaves.

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What will happen if we provide another stimulus before the ending of previous stimulus ? Response will be the result of the addition of all the stimuli according to the law of summation. Why does a drunker stumble ? Alcohal affect the cerebellum which make the balance during walking. Haemoglobin bind with O2 but this process is not called oxidation, why ? Because in haemoglobin Fe present in Fe+2 state after addition of O2 there is no change in the oxidation number of Fe so its not oxidation.This is called oxygenation process.

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Why vein appear blue in colour ? Because it reflect blue colour of light. How can insect survive after sucking various kind of blood groups blood ? Because in insects the blood goes to digestive tract where it is digested but in human it insert into circulatory system.

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What is rigor mortis ? During muscle contraction actin binds with myosine and form actomyosin. But for the muscle relaxation, ATP is required to break the bonding of actomyosine. After death ATP is not available, so the muscles found in contracted position and this phenomenon is known as rigormortis.

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42. A.

Why cant lysosomes digest its own wall although it is known as sucidial bags ? Lysosome contains hydrolytic enzyme which are functional only in the persence of H2O . But inside the lysosome H2O molecules are not available so they are inactive.

43. Two species of a community can live in a same niche. This statement is correct or incorrect and why ? A. In correct because according to Gause hypothesis there will be the higest intraspecific struggle because of same basic needs. 44. A. 45. A man with type A blood has a wife type B. They have child with type O blood. s it possible, if yes than how ? Yes, If both the parents having heterozygous genotype for their blood groups. A student covered a leaf from a destarched plant with a black paper strip & kept it in the garden outside his house in fresh air . In the evening he tested the covered portion of leaf for presence of starch. What the student was trying to show ? A. 46. A. 47. A. Light is necessary for photosynthesis. What will happen if grana will removed from chloroplast ? Light reaction will not happen. What is the significance of plasmodesmata in tissue system ? Plasmodesmata work as a protoplasmic connection, for example it is present in between sieve cell & companion cell by means of this companion cell control the whole activity of sieve cells. 48. A certain tissue in a green plant somehow gets blocked and the leaves wilted. What was the tissue that got blocked ? A. 49. A. 50. A. Xylem. UV rays are leathal because they inactivate____components of body. Protein, Nucleic acid & pigments. Why are the small number of surviving tigers a cause of worry from the point of view of genetics ? Because their gene will eliminated from the gene pool , which harm to biodiversity.

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