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A Requirement in Preventive, Family and Community Medicine Rotation at

Saint Martin Community Socio-Medical Center
Sapang Palay, San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan

Submitted by:

Uy, Melissa Claire K.

Valdez, Julius Caesar Q.
Valenzuela, Kristoffer Allen T.
Group 12 Medical Clerks 2009


FAMILY NAME Tañola Family NAME OF HEAD OF Antonio Tañola

FAMILY (father)
ADDRESS Block 17 Lot 21 Purok 8 San Martin II, Sapang Palay, San Jose
Del Monte, Bulacan
DATE May 31, 2008 RELIGIO Roman Catholic

1. Family Genogram. (Use different colors for mapping out the function)
Functional charting: -- close / overly close / - - distant / ^^^ conflictual
Presence of any readily available conflict between family members (specify)

Tañola Family
Block 17 Lot 21 Purok 8 San Martin II, Sapang Palay,
San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan
May 31, 2008

1962 1966
Simproso, 70 Supriana, 64 Fernando, 62 Lauriana, 52

Matildi, 42 Job, 38 Salem, 34 Alfreda, 32 Thomas, 28 Lorna, 18

Emilda, 40 Susana, 36 Arnold, 25 Rosa, 14

II Antonio, 32 Clementia, 29

III Ana May, 6 Clemton, 5

2. Family structure and function.

a). Type of family: Nuclear b). Life cycle: Family with Young Children

What problems does this phase in the life cycle raise for them?
Antonio (father) and Clementia (mother) are concerned mainly in the process of
raising their children namely, Ana May and Clemton. According to them, it is difficult to
rear children of such age especially at this stage, they are active physically and are
emotionally labile.
Does the family feel these problems were dealt with satisfactorily?
The parents are able to handle such problems by talking about the matter and
thinking together of how they can be resolved. Antonio and Clementia are making sure
that they are helping each other in rearing their kids. They are both pleased on how they
are able to raise their children

b). Role & functions

Breadwinner/s: Antonio Tañola (father)
Decision maker/s: Antonio Tañola
Caregiver/s: Clementia Tañola (mother)

c). What does each member expect from their parent/s or head of the family or spouse?
Ana May and Clemton are expecting their parents to provide them with what most
children of their age want like new toys, food, and clothing.

d). What does the parent/s expect from their child/children?

The parents wanted their children to finish college for them to be able to help their
parents. The mother also mentioned that she don’t want her children to experience what
she had when she was still young.

e). Are these expectations realistic? If yes, how can these be achieved? If no, why not?
It is not realistic to meet all the expectations of the children at present time since
the daily income of the father who is the main provider of the family is enough for them to
survive the day. A big part of the income is allocated for food and a portion of it needed
for water and other daily necessities.
The parents’ wish for their children to finish schooling is not impossible especially
with the help of the government in providing education through public school subsidies
and giving out scholarships to those who most need of it.

f). Are these expectations met? If no, what are the possible hindrances?
The expectations of the children from their parents are not met due to financial
constraints of the family. However, Antonio and Clementia has been saving for Ana May’s
education. Ana May was already in fact enrolled and preparing to start her first school
year in grade 1 on the coming month of June.

3. Family Lifeline. Major significant life events (positive and negative; successes and
losses) that had impact on the family. Indicate year of occurrence.
December 10, 2000: The couple started to live in together out of marriage
October 22, 2001: Ana May was born
December 29, 2003: The house the couple was renting in Caloocan City was caught on
fire and made them decide to move residence in Sapang Palay
September 4, 2003: Clempton was born

4. APGAR. (At least 2-3 family members (>12 y/o), if applicable)

Sagutin ang mga sumusunod ayon sa relasyon Member Member
ninyong mag-anak (Antonio) (Clementia)
A Ako’y nasisiyahan dahil nakakaasa ako ng 2 2
tulong sa aking pamilya sa oras ng
P Ako’y nasisiyahan sa paraang 1 1
nakikipagtalakayan sa akin ang aking
pamilya tungkol sa aking problema.
G Ako’y nasisiyahan at ang aking pamilya ay 2 2
tinatanggap at sinusuportahan ang aking
mga nais na gawin patungo sa mga bagong
landas para sa aking ikauunlad
A Ako’y nasisiyahan sa paraang ipinadadama 2 2
ng aking pamilya ang kanilang pagmamahal
at nauunawaan ang aking damdamin katulad
ng galit, lungkot at pag-ibig.
R Ako’y nasisiyahan dahil sa ang aking 2 2
pamilya at ako ay nagkakaroon ng panahon
sa isa’t-isa.
TOTAL SCORE (Interpretation: 8-10 highly functional, 4-7 moderately dysfunctional,
<4 severely dysfunctional)
Likert Scale: 2- Palagi, 1- Paminsan-minsan, 0- Halos hindi
Kung hindi ka nakakahingi ng tulong sa inyong sariling pamilya, kani-kanino ka humihingi ng
tulong? Anong uri ng tulong (emotional, physical, spiritual, financial, others)
The family need not ask for help from others; they try to solve their problems by

In the future, what is the family’s primary (most important) goal? Name two (2) other priorities.
The primary goal of the family especially the parents are for their children to have formal
education and finish schooling.
The family would also want their house to be repaired specifically the house’s flooring so
that water will not get inside especially when raining. It is also another priority of the family
especially the mother to go back to Dumaguete because it has been years since they last visited
their relatives who live there.

At this point, what does the family wish for? Why?

The family wished for them to have their own house. This gives them a sense of security
for the family.

Do all the members work together toward these goals/desires? How? If not, what seems to be the
hindrance for working together? Who is the main person responsible for these goals?
All the members of the family especially the parents are working together to meet all of
these goals. Clementia even do laundry to help her husband by providing extra income. Antonio
is the main person responsible for the family’s goal and is the one who heads in fulfilling them.

5. SCREEM. Briefly specify/explain other items not included or described in the checklist.
SOCIAL [+] Open intrafamilial lines of [] Lack of intrafamilial lines of
communication communication
[ ] Absence of animosity/rivalry [] Presence of animosity/rivalry
[+] Healthy/supportive [] Unhealthy intrafamilial
intrafamilial relationships relationships
[ +] Healthy/supportive [] Unhealthy extrafamilial
extrafamilial relationships relationships
Others: ____________________ Others: ____________________
CULTURAL [ ] Absence of or very few [+] Presence of some belief/s
beliefs/practices that are practices that are unacceptable
unacceptable to our culture or to our culture or negatively
negatively affect way of living affect way of living (Specify
(e.g. institutionalization of these practices):
elderly, dependency of married _______pamahiin_____________
children to parents, value for ____________________________
education, does not advocate ____________________________
family closeness, seeking help
from traditional healers, etc.) Others: ____________________
Others: ____________________
RELIGIOUS [+] Spirituality is positively [] Spirituality is negatively or not
influencing way of life at all influencing way of life
[+] Practicing one’s faith, [] Not practicing one’s faith
enduring because of his faith Others: ____________________
Others: goes to mass once a
EDUCATIONA [] Level of education is not a [+] Level of education is a
L hindrance to achievement, hindrance to achievement,
livelihood, success livelihood, success
[+] Level of education facilitates [] Level of education hinders
comprehension of most comprehension of most
challenging circumstances challenging circumstances
Others: ____________________ Others: _finishing grade 6 is a
hindrance to her
ECONOMIC [+] Ability to allocate funds [] Inability to allocate funds
appropriately appropriately
[+] Ability to make ends meet [] Inability to make ends meet
most of the time most of the time
Others: ____________________ Others: ____________________
MEDICAL [+] Good compliance with [] Poor compliance with medical
medical management management
[+] Timely and appropriate [] Inappropriate medical
medical consultation consultation
[+] Aware and practices wellness [] Not aware/does not practice
and environmental sanitation wellness and environmental
Others: ____________________ sanitation
Others: ____________________

To what groups or organizations do the family members belong?

The family members do not belong to any group or organization.

What national / community resources has the family used?

The couple asked help from the city hall of Caloocan for financial assistance after their
house Caloocan city was burned down. Luckily, they were given P 1,000.00. Also, they asked for
monetary assistance from the PCSO and they were given P 2,000.00.
The couple takes advantage of the free oral contraceptive pills from the health center.
Recently, they went to the San Martin II health center for free medications for Clempton.

What are the primary concerns of the family with their immediate environment?
Presence of several stray dogs in the streets is the primary concern of Clementia. Also,
mosquitoes bother the family. Lastly, the area around their house and the streets becoming
muddy is a problem for the family especially when raining.

What are the positive and negative points of the community where the family resides?
Positive points Negative points

 Garbage collection twice a  Very dark at night (lacks

week (Mon and Fri) lighting)

 Kind and generous neighbors  Far from the market

 Accessible barangay hall,

church and health center

 Generally peaceful community

6. Family Health Care Plan

Types of Care Family member Problem Recommendation

WELLNESS Antonio Tañola, 32 Diet (promotive) -Eat a well
balanced diet
consisting of
adequate amounts
of CHO (60%),
CHON (15%), fats
- Drink
Immunization - Boil water before
(preventive) drinking

Give tetanus
Clementia Tañola, vaccine
29 Diet (promotive) Hepa B

-Eat a well
balanced diet
consisting of
adequate amounts
of CHO (60%),
Cervical cancer CHON (15%), fats
prevention (25%).
Breast cancer -Drink
prevention multivitamins.
(preventive) -Boil water before
Ana Mae, 6 Diet (promotive) Pap smear every 3

Regular self breast


-Eat a well
balanced diet
consisting of
adequate amounts
of CHO (60%),
CHON (15%), fats
Immunization - Avoid eating too
(preventive) much sweet foods
to prevent further
tooth dacay.
- Eat calorie rich
Hygiene foods in between
(promotive) meals.
-Drink milk and
-Avoid drinking too
much coffee.

Give 2nd dose of

BCG, 1st doses of
( hepa B, measles,
Clempton, 5 Diet DPT, OPV,
(promotive) varicella).

-Always brush
teeth to prevent
further tooth decay
- take a bath daily
especially after
playing outside.
- wash hands
before eating.
Immunization Eat a well balanced
(preventive) diet consisting of
adequate amounts
of CHO (60%),
CHON (15%), fats
Hygiene (25%).
(promotive) -Avoid eating junk
-Eat a lot of meat
and vegetables.
- Eat high calorie
foods in between
Growth and meals.
development -Drink milk and

Give 2nd dose of

BCG, 1st doses of
( hepa B, measles,

Advice parents to
teach him to take a
bath daily
especially after
playing, brush
teeth regularly, and
wear slippers all
the time.

Monitor growth and

Stimulate learning
by teaching him
how to read and
MEDICAL Antonio Muscle pain Regular exercise to
condition muscles
especially before
Regular medical
check up
Ana Mae Malnutrition
Increase total
skin infections from caloric intake
insect bites Regular washing
with soap and
water and
antiseptic solutions
Clempton to prevent
Malnutrition infections.

Diarrhea Increase total

caloric intake
Cough and colds Boil water before
Drink a lot of fluids.
Take medications
and consult a
doctor or the
health center if
there is
PSYCHOSOCIAL Antonio Limited time for Maximize time
the family because when with the
of work family
No work Family should look
for other sources of
Ana May
Advice them to
Clempton take care of one
Parents should
treat them equally
to avoid quarrels.


Cleme nti
a with her
children Ana May and Clemton Tañola family’s residence
The family leading us
inside their house

Clemton or Buboy, as his mother would call him,

makes a big smile as he poses on top of their bed

view showing the kitchen
Members of the group with Tañola family

Ana May and Clemton showing their gifts

from the group