** FF3usME Version 6.6 Log ** BETA 1: 2010-01-07 * General: now using MFC 7.

0 * New: Town Dialog Editor * Monster Ed: Big Quotes Editor now available BETA 2: 2010-01-19 * General: Fixed some of the previous issues from Beta 1 * Monster Editor: Small Quotes Editor redone * Dialog Editor: new Location Names Editor * Dialog Editor: new DTE/MTE Table Editor * Dialog Editor->Town Dialog: new "Optimize All" to recompress all captions * All text editors: corrected erroneous script importation * All text editors: changed some of the keyboard bindings for special opcodes * All text editors: now CTRL+S does the same thing as "Apply" * Dialog Editor: used to remove extra ENDL after <EOP> when pressing "Apply" or when importing script, which undid vertically aligned caption #310 * Dialog Editor: fixed a small bug when re-DTEalyzing ("Apply" or import script) where opcodes could get in the DTE table look-up process, only happened when multiple blank space present. Again, this didn't make anyth ing go wrong but gave inconsistent DTE compression ratio when using <Sx> versus x blank space early in the caption. * Formation Editor: corrected some of the special event descriptions (thanks Len ophis) BETA 3: 2010-03-19 * Exp. ROM Manager: changed the interface a bit, added FF3Edit Town Dialog patch and anti-patch * Exp. ROM Manager: fixed a bug with Battle Script edition (since 6.41) when... 1) expanding the ROM 2) moving the Battle Script near the end of the ROM 3) optionally view/edit the Battle Script 4) saving the ROM All this would result in erroneous Battle Script patch detection next time you open FF3usME * Town Dialog Edition: corrected a bug where captions would get mangled when end ing one with 1) 17, 20, 22, 28, 29, 30 or 31 consecutive space 2) <E$11>, <E$14>, <E$16>, <E$1C>, <E$1D>, <E$1E>, <E$1F> opcode 3) any <BK*$xx> opcode with the $11, $14, $16, $1C, $1D, $1E, $1F parameter VER6.60 RELEASE: 2010-04-12 * Town Dialog: expanded dialog script data does not corrupt FF3Edit modified map s anymore (since 6.6b3) * Fixed "About" button that would show halfway * Dialog Editor -> Location Names Editor: added (DTE) "Optimize all" and "Add ne w caption" button * File parsing: fixed header-less ROMs support (since 1.0) * General: fixed a bunch of user-interface glitches as per mentionned on the GAm eFaqs Board (thanks Novalia Spirit) * General: spell check (thanks Novalia Spirit, thanks Deathlike2) * Formation Editor: Can't run away with l/R but Smoke/Warp works (thanks Novalia Spirit) * All text editors: new "Delete all" button that can be used before importing sc ripts * New: Shop Editor

Again. progress bar f or graphics rebuilt will not show * Can't edit Monster Quotes beyond index 141 (ROM hacks and such).. Four fewer bytes.). so hitti ng OK by mistake will make you loose the string * General: when dealing with big strings and the Classic Renamer dialog. the multiplier starts at C1/96F9. merging Formation Editor. the bytes need to be changed to 0A 0A 0A 0A EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA.) At C1/9746.0: At C1/973B..4) * Font/pixel Editor * Review Zeemis thread and emails * Make a Spell Animation Struct/Script Editor * Make an Event Editor.) . spells. I can't do anything about that). . (13 bytes instead of 5 though). That's all there is to expanding the special names (13 bytes instead of 5 though).6) * Big Battle Quotes Editor: item/battle-command/spell opcode not displayed (sinc e 6. there are ple nty of dummy string before #141 that can be used for now (since 6. Change those bytes to 0A 0 A 0A 0A EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA.: Leno gave me the info for this 2/17/2008 on GameFaqs : v1. the A9 CF needs to be changed to A9 xx. Make the following change s: 0A 0A 0A 0A EA EA EA EA. This changes the multiplier from 0x0A to 0x10.1 Go left three bytes. After that. the multplier starts at C1/9743. much like the Battle Script Editor * Monster ed: import battle scripts * Incorporate Celes natural magic bug fix * Monster sp. the A9 CF needs to be A9 xx (where xx is the new bank. Movi ng it to the expanded space would put it at bank Fx. guestimated) TODO: * Monster ed: Attack Script: Need counter attack hack when dealing with moved sc ripts (Imzogelmo gave me the info for this) (since 6. I'll dea l with this (thanks Lenophis) * Interoperability with FF3Edit is limited (there is a bug with the way FF3Edit interprets the last caption. (9 bytes instead of 5. rename button is grayed if so * Toolbar getting crowded.6b1) * Morph Pack Editor tiny next to crowded Item Editor (since ???) * Item Description: must not be more than 31 chars. multili ne is not taken in account. v1.5) Annoyances: * Esper Editor: when having less than 5 spells to learn. resulting in text overlapping controls (eg item edit or) * Monster Ed: expanded Special Attack names patches are detected but not display ed properly.6) Known issues from previous versions: * General: after renaming some data (monsters name. the spell name is "???" and the rate is 0 * Renamer: when invoking renamer. the A9 CF needs to be changed to A9 xx. when I'll get around to replace the Classic Renamer with the new one. After that. * Town Dialog Editor: word wrap captions may not be 100% pixel accurate (current ly wraps after 226 pixels. Again. attack length: Leno gave me the info for this. it is embedded in m y code but I don't think I'm actually doing something with it * Monster name length exp. Pack Editor and Zoning Edit or seems to make sense (since 6. FF6j: It starts at C1/96EE.Known issues with this version: * Big Battle Quotes Editor: text not shown in red when using the <F> opcode (sin ce 6. the string is automatically scrapped. to C1/9738. else pricing error will occu r. thanks to an easier original multi plier.

As an added note. Hope this is all clear. you would want to do the following : 69 00 22 as the last three bytes. since the ASL's ($0A) will take care of carry for you. You won't need to use CL C ($18). Example: Say you put the names at F1/2200. Change it to 69 xx xx (add $xxxx to the multiplier). then you'll need to change the last three bytes of what I mentioned above. =\ Lord J . if the names don't start at the beginning of a bank (Fx/000 0). instead of EA EA EA.