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Table of Contents
Company ouLllne 2
Servlce 2
SegmenLaLlon1argeLlngoslLlonlng 3
SegmenLaLlon 3
1argeLlng 4
oslLlonlng 4
4's of MarkeLlng for 8lackboard lnc 4
roducL 4
rlce 3
romoLlon 3
lace 3


Company outline:

8lackboard lnc was formed by [olnlng Lwo companles Courselnfo LLC founded by uanlel
Cane and SLephen Cllfus and 8lackboard LLC founded by Mlchael Chasen and MaLLhew
lLLlnsky Crlglnally Lhe 8lackboard company began as a consulLlng flrm conLracLlng Lo Lhe
nonproflL lMS Clobal Learnlng ConsorLlum ln 1998 lL merged wlLh Courselnfo LLC a small
course managemenL sofLware provlder LhaL orlglnaLed aL Cornell unlverslLy 1he comblned
company became known as 8lackboard lnc 1he flrsL llne of elearnlng producLs was
branded 8lackboard Courselnfo LLC buL Lhe Courselnfo brand was dropped ln 2000
8lackboard wenL publlc ln !une 2004 8lackboard sofLware ls used by over 3700 educaLlonal
lnsLlLuLlons ln more Lhan 60 counLrles
8lackboard develops and llcenses sofLware appllcaLlons and relaLed servlces Lo over 2200
educaLlon lnsLlLuLlons ln more Lhan 60 counLrles 1hese lnsLlLuLlons use 8lackboard sofLware
Lo manage elearnlng LransacLlon processlng and ecommerce and onllne communlLles
Lxample nMlMS has lmplemenLed blackboard Lechnology Lvery LrlmesLer sLudenLs and
faculLy are enrolled as per courses


O 1he 8lackboard Learnlng SysLem ls a vlrLual learnlng envlronmenL and course
managemenL sysLem developed by 8lackboard lnc

O eaLures lnclude course managemenL a cusLomlzable open archlLecLure and a
scalable deslgn LhaL allows for lnLegraLlon wlLh sLudenL lnformaLlon sysLems and
auLhenLlcaLlon proLocols

O lL may be lnsLalled on local servers or hosLed by 8lackboard AS SoluLlons

O lLs maln purposes are Lo add onllne elemenLs Lo courses LradlLlonally dellvered face
Loface and Lo develop compleLely onllne courses wlLh few or no faceLoface



8lackboard lnc has segmenLed Lhelr cusLomers accordlng Lo dlfferenL secLors and
appllcaLlon requlremenLs 1hese segmenLs are

Career Colleges: 1he 8lackboard Learn plaLform creaLes an onllne envlronmenL where non
LradlLlonal sLudenLs can flourlsh Pundreds of forproflL and career colleges are Lurnlng Lo
8lackboard Lo help educaLe worklng adulLs lL helps ln engaglng learners demonsLraLe
success drlve revenue and dellver a LransformaLlve currlculum

Associations: lL creaLes a conLlnuous learnlng envlronmenL where professlonal learners can
flourlsh by Lransformlng Lhe way lL provldes professlonal developmenL Lo assoclaLlon
members and employees Many membershlpbased organlzaLlons are Lurnlng Lo 8lackboard
Lo offer Lhelr consLlLuenLs professlonal developmenL

Military: 8lackboard ls changlng Lhe way Lhe mlllLary provldes advanced Lralnlng wlLh
soluLlons LhaL span a soldlers enLlre career used by 1housands of Marlnes Soldlers Sallors
and Alrmen 8lackboard arms Lhe forces wlLh meanlngful Lralnlng LhaL dlrecLly supporLs your

K-12: 8lackboard Learn ls a comprehenslve onllne soluLlon LhaL helps Lo dellver a
personallzed learnlng experlence Lo lmpacL every sLudenLs performance 1he new 8elease
91 plaLform was shaped by k12 educaLor feedback and deslgned Lo meeL all onllne
learnlng conLenL managemenL professlonal developmenL and communlLy bulldlng needs

rprat|ns 8lackboard Learn for CorporaLlons ls much more Lhan an LMS lLs Lhe onllne
learnlng and professlonal developmenL soluLlon LhaL engages worklng professlonals and
ulLlmaLely lmpacLs Lhe boLLom llne 8lackboard culLlvaLes employee knowledge LhaLs
dlrecLly relaLed Lo organlzaLlonal performance

vernment Cnboardlng make sure LhaL approprlaLe paperwork ls compleLed and new
workers aLLend an orlenLaLlon sesslon ln governmenL organlzaLlon


1argeLs hlgher lncome earnlng lnsLlLuLes wlLh sufflclenL number of sLudenL sLrengLh
1helr core LargeL audlences are educaLlonal lnsLlLuLes from class klnder garden Lo 12

sLandard (k12)
They position as premium product Ior higher income group lnsLlLuLes 1hey lnslsL on sufflclenL
number of sLudenL sLrengLh or users' sLrengLh for cosL eIIective implementation.

P's of Marketing for Blackboard Inc.

8lackboards producL llne lncludes

O 8|ackbard Learn 91 a nexL generaLlon learnlng managemenL sysLem conslsLlng
4 1he 8lackboard Learnlng SysLem a course managemenL sysLem
4 1he 8lackboard CommunlLy SysLem a communlLy and porLal sysLem
4 1he 8lackboard ConLenL SysLem a conLenL managemenL sysLem
O 8|ackbard 1ransact conslsLlng of
4 1he 8lackboard 1ransacLlon SysLem a 1ransacLlon rocesslng SysLem Lled Lo
unlverslLy lus
4 1he 8lackboard CommunlLy SysLem an ecommerce fronL end for Lhe
1ransacLlon SysLem
4 8b Cne a neLwork of commerclal and reLall buslness LhaL accepL 8lackboard
powered deblL card LransacLlons
O 8lackboard ConnecL conslsLlng of
4 CapablllLles for Lhe faclllLaLlon of lnsLlLuLlonal communlcaLlons and alerLs
O 8lackboard CollaboraLe conslsLlng of
4 1he Lechnologles of Wlmba and LllumlnaLe from Lhe !uly 2010 acqulslLlon
O 8lackboard AnalyLlcs conslsLlng of
4 1he Lechnologles of lSLraLegy from Lhe uecember 2010 acqulslLlon
O 1he former AnCLL Learnlng lncs producLs lncludlng
4 Angel 70
1hough 8lackboard sofLware ls closed source Lhe company provldes an open archlLecLure
called 8ulldlng 8locks whlch can be used Lo exLend Lhe funcLlonallLy of 8lackboard producLs


1he 8lackboard vlsLa and Campus LdlLlon producLs are exLenslble Lhrough a Lechnology
called owerLlnks

1he buslness model ls Lo sell Lo schools and varlous oLher corporaLlons governmenL eLc
1hey do noL seL up lndlvldual accounLs Lhls ls why on every screen Lhey slmply llsL a phone
number 1helr prlclng have Lo be calculaLed based on Lhe slze of use 1he mlnlmum prlce for
a blackboard producL ls esLlmaLed Lo be 8s 20 Lakhs and can run lnLo crores accordlng Lo
Lhe slze of lmplemenLaLlon


O SupporL verLlcal fleld markeLlng Leams wlLh onllne lead acLlvlLles and lnperson
O SupporL global reseller neLwork by helplng Lo malnLaln and reflne web porLal and
deploylng fleld markeLlng resources and Lools
O Analyze and benchmark 8lackboard's global reseller channel program and
recommend sLraLeglc and operaLlonal lmperaLlves
O AsslsL ln gaLherlng and reporLlng worldwlde fleld markeLlng campalgn resulLs across
verLlcal buslness unlLs
O AsslsL ln developmenL and deploymenL of verLlcal reporLlng dashboard LhaL Lracks
markeLlng program effecLlveness and 8Cl
O Work closely wlLh dlvlslonal markeLlng leads Lo bulld besL pracLlces on lead nurLurlng
based on propenslLy Lo buy analysls


O norLh Amerlca (Callfornla SLaLe unlverslLy)
O Asla aclflc (nMlMS)
O Lurope Mlddle LasL Afrlca
O LaLln Amerlca and Carlbbean