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Hi Sacrificium, You asked if Catholics, Protestants and Muslims believe in the same god.

For systematic analysis we will lump Catholics and Protestants together into a s et called Christians. Do Christians and Muslims believe in the same god? Short answer: no. Long answer: Christians believe Jesus is God.. well, because He says He is! Muslims believe that Jesus is not God, but is a human Prophet second only to Muh ammad in importance (MiG123 mentioned Messenger, but I don't know if that means they believe the Prophets are angels of some sort). And this makes things very c lear le: if Muslims don't believe that Jesus is God, and they believe in a god c alled Allah, then they don't believe in the God that the Christians believe in. Now we come to the very complex issue of Catholicism and Protestantism. I confes s I don't even know all the nitty-gritty details (though Google will throw up a lot), but there are a few major points to take note of: 1) Both Catholics and Protestants believe that Jesus is God. 2) Protestants believe that Jesus is the one and only Intercessor (pleads on beh alf of the men who believe in Him in front of God the Father, the Judge). A bit like lawyer in this regard (but remember lawyers don't die for our sins). Cathol ics believe that Jesus' earthly mother, the ex-virgin Mary, is also able to pers onally plead on our behalf in front of God the Father... like chain of command. I can explain logically why she's ex-virgin. The birth is virgin, as the bible s ays, but Jesus had half-siblings. This means that Mary had sex with her husband Joseph subsequently after weaning Jesus. Sex = not virgin. The idea here is virgin birth. 3) In Catholicism, the Pope is the final authority. In Protestantism, the Bible (God's Word) is the final authority. For Catholics this means that if the Pope suka suka interpret the Bible, the Cat holics must believe him even though he is wrong. Protestants believe that when G od wants to teach us bible truth, there are fellow more mature Christians and Pa stors to learn from, and during personal time with God, the Holy Spirit will als o give them wisdom to understand. 4) Catholics that they do les of Jesus in the lives believe in good works to earn favour with God. Protestants believe good works only to make God happy and show that they are good examp Christ. Good works are a sign of the Holy Spirit's miraculous work of godly people, and therefore these people are walking the talk.

When we truly believe that Jesus is God and died for us on the cross and is now resurrected, and take Him as a personal and intimate Saviour; ALL our sins, past and future, are paid for. God will no longer punish us (eternal death; an etern ity spent without God) because His Son has taken the punishment already. That do esn't mean we continue to sin. Rather, we no longer have to worry about offendin g God, and can spend time with Him and doing the things He wants us to do, like spreading the Gospel, and living a life free from guilt. I have to bring up the concept of believing in a person. When we say we know abo ut someone, we go all out to find out all the correct things about him, and buil d up a correct understanding regarding him. Likewise for Jesus. Only when we kno

w all the correct things about Jesus, then can we be confident that when we wors hip Him, we are worshipping the correct God. If we believe something that is not true regarding Jesus, then we are worshipping another god. For point (2), Catholics treat Mary as a minor god with special powers to interc ede for us in front of God the Son, and in turn God the Father. That is not true . Mary is just a human who decided to obey God and hence had the privilege to ca rry Jesus as a human. For point (3), if the Pope says his word is the final authority over even God's Word, then he is setting himself up to be a god over the true God. I'm not attacking individual Catholics here, just pointing out the differences a nd stating the true doctrine in the bible. As to whether Catholics worship the t rue God... some do, and some don't. Not all Protestants worship the true God eit her. The only way to find out about God, is to read all that the Bible has to say abo ut Him. Earlier on I linked to a website, I hope you can spend some time reading through the articles. God bless you! I'm sorry if I appeared to be wild and uncaring in that earlier thread. Trust me when I say that I have been burnt by answering 'innocent' queries in such threa ds before. I'm also sorry if this is a wall of text for you. Please point out to me if any of my attempted answers are confusing or contradict the website I lin ked. The website is most likely correct, not me.