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Czech Spas
Relaxing all over the
Exploring the
Czech Republic
Liberec, Karlovy Vary
and Southern Bohemia
October - November 2010
October - November 2010
Arrival & Transport 6
Culture & Events 8
Art, Music
Regions 14
Liberec, Karlovy Vary and Southern Bohemia
Hotels - Where to stay 18
Whatever your budget or needs
Restaurants 26
Gul to gourmet and everything in between
Czech Spas 36
Relaxing all over the country
Cafs 44
Historical slices of Czech life with cake
Nightlife 45
Explore the depths of Pragues bars and clubs
Essential sights 50
The castle, the bridge, the clock
Shopping 60
Lifestyle 62
Adult entertaiment 66
Maps & Index
Street register 71
City map 72-73
City centre map 74
Index 75
Johana Kratochvlov
Prague Marriott Hotel
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Prague In Your Pocket
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Welcome to Prague, and another issue of Prague In Your
Pocket. We hope the events and recommendations
inside will help you discover the best of what Prague has
to offer. If you are here for a long weekend, be sure to
check out the events calendar beginning on P. 8, and to
best experience our national drink, check out our Pocket
Watch featuring authentic beer halls. If youve decided
to dig deep and experience the amazing countryside
outside of Prague; weve prepared a number of special
sections for you, beginning on P. 14. Discover Karlovy
Vary, South Bohemia or Liberec, or even better, escape
to a spa for a couple of days.
While generally a safe city; pickpockets and thieving
taxi drivers are some of the biggest complaints visitors
have about their time spent in Prague. Good news
though on the sneaky robbers: In the past six months,
pickpocketing cases have dropped by 20 percent. A
recent get-tough campaign on taxi drivers revealed
the problem is more widespread than imagined.
A shocking 1 in 2 airport taxis ripped-off their
passengers. How to keep your crowns? Call ahead for
your taxi (AAA Taxis is a good choice) or ask your hotel
to call one for you and only pick-up a taxi at one of the
many Fair Fare stands in town. Get an estimated
price before getting in and always get a receipt.
Have a beautiful stay!
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Mal Stranas winding streets
are just begging to be explored.
Wa n d e r i n g t h r o u g h t h e
nei ghborhoods under Prague
Castl e, you never know what
surprise might be wai ting for
you around the next bend. Peek
through gates and dont forget
to look up - Pragues magic is
all around.
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Prague In Your Pocket
October - November 2010
4th Century
The present day Czech Republic was populated by Celts
and it was the Celtic Boii tribe who gave the country its
Latin name, Boiohaemum (Bohemia).
6th Century
The first Slavs travel from the east to the Prague area.
7th Century
According to legend a princess named Libue marries
a ploughman and founds the Premysl dynasty. She
prophesies that a great city will rise above the banks
of the Vltava.
10th Century
Vclav I, misleadingly later to be called the Good King
Wenceslas in the Christmas carol, is murdered by his
brother Boleslav. He becomes the countrys patron saint
and his feast day is celebrated on 28 Sept.
14th Century
In 1346 Charles IV is crowned King of Bohemia, and in
1348 he founds Charles University in Prague, the first
university in the Holy Roman Empire. Prague becomes the
largest city in Europe, with 40,000-50,000 inhabitants.
15th Century
On 6 July, 1415 the protestant reformer Jan Hus is burnt
at the stake. He becomes a martyr for the nationalist and
Protestant movement that adopts his name.
16th Century
In 1526 the Hapsburg Duke Ferdinand I is elected as
King of Bohemia. The dynasty will rule the Czech lands
until 1918.
20th Century
28 Oct, 1918 Following the defeat of Germany and
Austria, the Empire dissolves into several national states
and, Czechoslovakia finally becomes an independent
republic. Tom Masaryk becomes its first president.
15 Mar, 1939 The Wehrmacht invades and turns the
Czech lands and Moravia into a protectorate, while Slo-
vakia becomes an independent fascist state.
5 May, 1945 The Prague Uprising. Five thousand die in
four days of fierce fighting as the Czechs fight the Nazis
for the city. Prague is finally liberated by the Soviets.
Feb 1948 Assisted by the Soviet Army, the Czech Com-
munist party takes power. The country will remain under
the Soviet sphere of influence until 1989.
Prague Spring 1968 Communist Party chai rman
Alexander Dubek makes efforts to establish Social-
ism with a human face. This includes releasing political
prisoners and relaxing press censorship. His liberal
ideals are brutally repressed by the invasion of Warsaw
pact troops on the night of 20 Aug, 1968. In protest at
the invasion 21 year old philosophy student Jan Palach
sets himself alight on the steps of the National Museum.
19 Nov, 1989 The Velvet Revolution 200,000 people
demand democracy in a demonstration in Wenceslas
Square. As crowds swell, the government gives in, and in
1990 former dissident Vclav Havel is elected head of state.
31 Dec, 1992 Dubbed The Velvet Divorce, Czechoslo-
vakia divides into two independent states, Slovakia and
the Czech Republic.
21st Century
Aug 2002 Floods devastate the country and cause chaos
and millions of crowns of damage as the Vltava rises.
1 May, 2004 The Czech Republic joins the European Union.
January-June 2009 Czech Republi c hol ds the EU
November 2009 Country celebrates 20 years post-
CZ: A brief history Arriving by Plane
Praha Ruzyn Airport, tel. (+420) 220 11 33 14, fax
(+420) 235 35 09 22, Prague's airport is 20km
from the city centre. A taxi to the town centre now costs around
600Keven if you call a company to pick you up or talk to one of
the representatives from reputable AAA. Don't pick one up from
outside the terminal (click here for taxi firms). Alternatively, use
the EDAZ minibus service (tel. 220 11 42 96, 05:30 - 21:30)
that runs every half hour between the airport and Nmst
Republiky (F-2). Tickets cost 90K (including one piece of bag-
gage, children under 10 free) and can be bought from the driver
or from the booth in the arrival terminal. For an extra fee, EDAZ
can also pick you up or drop you off at your hotel.
The cheapest way to get into town is on by bus: N119 (2-8
times per hour between 04:18 and 00:10 with at least one
wheelchair-friendly bus per hour) runs between the airport
and the Dejvick metro station (Line A, green) in about 20
minutes. From Dejvick it is just five stops to Muzeum in the
centre of town. Bus N100 whisks you to Zlin (metro Line B,
yellow) from the airport in 13 minutes. There is a new Airport
Express (AE) bus from Holeovice which runs every half an
hour, whizzing you across the city in half an hour, whether you
are arriving or departing. Special fares apply to this bus,
tickets can only be bought from the driver and do not allow any
transfers or other forms of transport. Tickets are 45/25K,
dogs 25K and luggage is free. First & last buses from
Holeovice 05:15 & 21:45, from the airport 04:40 & 21:10.
A 26K transport ticket (plus a 18K one for big bags) will
get you all the way into town or to the airport on all public
transport except the Airport Express. Tickets can be bought
at the friendly transport information desk in both arrival halls
(open 07:00 - 22:00) or from the coin-operated machine at
the airport bus stop, but not from the driver. You need to
validate the ticket (once for the whole trip) in the machines
on board the bus.
Prague's new Terminal North 2 will allow for at least 4 mil-
lion more passengers a year to travel into Prague with the
ability to continue expansion. New bars, restaurants, shops
and services ply their trade in this terminal which accom-
modates flights to and from Schengen countries (Austria,
Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy,
Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Greece,
Spain & Sweden).
There is a left luggage facilty at the airport which doesn't
close and costs 60K per item per day.
Arriving by Train
Prague has two main railway stations. Praha Hlavn ndra
(main station, tel. 224 61 52 49) is architecturally fabulous (in
the Jugendstil tradition) although you wont know it until you exit
its underground nightmare. However massive reconstruction
has been going on, and if youve been here before youll see the
obvious improvements. Ticket windows move randomnly, as do
other services, so watch the signs. The work is scheduled to be
completed in 2010. There is a tourist office (open 09:00 - 19:00.
Sat, Sun 09:00 - 16:00) in the centre of the lower hall of the two
levels. For your best money exchange deal, use the ATM on the
far left of the lower hall. Train information can currently be found
in the lower left of the hall as well as to the left of the middle
passageway to the platforms. Left luggage (schova) lockers
are available. Getting to town involves one stop on the metro to
Muzeum or a dangerous walk up busy Wilsonova.
The second station, Praha Holeovice (tel. 224 61 58 65), is
used by trains on the main Berlin - Prague - Vienna/Bratislava
route. The small hall holds the ticket office (open 09:00 - 17:00,
closed Sat, Sun), left luggage lockers, an internet caf and
several exchange and accommodation offices (open 06:00 -
23:00). It is three stops on the metro to Muzeum.
There are two classes on international trains, and prices
vary according to length of journey and class; expect to pay
one third more for first class tickets. For multilingual, quick
and friendly service, avoid the queues at the hlavn ndra
counters and buy your ticket at Wasteels or at the CR agency.
Arriving by Bus
Florenc Bus Station J-3, Praha 8, Kikova 4, tel.
(+420) 900 14 44 44, Most international
buses arrive at Prague's central Florenc bus station (Autobusov
ndra Praha Florenc, open 05:00 - 23:00). For information
on bus times inquire at window N8 (open 06:00 - 21:00).
Alternatively, use the handy computer in front of window N8
to search for your specific bus from the timetables online at
the excellent, which searches all forms of land
transport. Window N6 (open 05:30 - 20:00, Sat 07:00 - 19:00,
Sun 09:00 - 19:30) sells tickets for the ever popular Czech
National Express (esk Nrodn Expres) buses to Brno.
The kiosk between window N4 and 5 (open 07:00 - 18:00, Sat
07:00 - 15:00, Sun 08:30 - 15:30) is an exchange office and
also sells public transport tickets, maps and guides.
City Taxi Zelen Pruh 52, Praha 4, tel. (+420) 257 25
72 57, Another of the most reputable
firms. Ordering by SMS is possible at tel. 777 25 72 57 but
without a Czech mobile number, they usually dont send a
cab. Now with a van for cargo transport.
Prague Airport Transfers tel. (+420) 800 87 08 88, Convenient transport
services. English speaking drivers who not only will get you where
you need to be, but provide you with a map, visitor information
and a dining guide. Excellent prices and easy online booking.
Your Transfer tel. 776 77 97 75, go@airport-prague- Settle into Prague nicely by arranging for
Your Transfer to pick you up from the airport and deliver you
quickly and easily to your hotel. English speaking drivers and
air-conditioned cars ensure a smooth ride for you, your family,
or even larger groups. They also arrange travel throughout
the Czech Republic and Europe if you need some personal
assistance getting around.
Pragues public transport system (Dopravn podnik) is
efficient, fast and reasonably clean. With three metro
lines, 26 tram routes and 9 night trams you wont need
the bus routes that avoid the centre. Keep in mind that
the centre of Prague is easily accessible on foot.
Tickets, valid for all means of transport, can be pur-
chased from the numerous vending machines at all
metro stations, major tram stops and news stands.
You always need to validate your ticket yourself by
stamping it in the machines at metro entrances and on
trams. The most common ticket is the 26K transfer
ticket, which is valid for 75 minutes after validating (90
minutes between 22:00 and 05:00, on weekends and
public holidays). The 18K non-transfer ticket is meant
for tram rides under 20 minutes with no changes, or in
the metro for up to 5 stations (changes allowed) from
the departure station within 30 minutes. We suggest
you save yourself time by buying a handful of these on
arrival. If youre planning to stay a bit and explore, get the
one-day pass (100K), a three-day pass (330K) or a
five-day pass (500K). Children under 6 travel free; and
tickets are half price up to 15 years old. Large pieces of
luggage (including rucksacks) cost an extra 13K while
dogs ride the rails for 26K. Fines for no validated tickets
are 500K if paid on the spot or pay 1,000K later.
The funicular railway and night tram tickets are 26K.
Trams trundle around town
every few mi nutes; useful
l i nes are N22 whi ch runs
from the centre up to the rear
entrance of the castle, saving
you the uphill walk and N17
which runs along the river. The
metro connects the two main
train stations and Florenc bus
station to the centre and runs
up to just after midnight, after
which the night trams (the warm mobile home to many a
smelly tramp) take over, zipping in all directions from the
Lazarsk stop (H-5) every half hour. Tram information
is on the red signs at each stop and is generally correct
assuming of course that some worn out koda hasnt
died on the tram lines.
Beware of Pragues ultra-professional pickpockets,
especially on tram N22 and in busy metro cars; consider
waiting for the next train if it looks squeezed.
For more information visit Dopravn podniks excellent
website with English and German information on routes
and schedules, at, or call tel. 222 62 37 77.
Travel Information Centre I-5,, MMuzeum, tel.
(+420) 296 19 18 17 (07:00 - 21:00), www.dpp.
cz. All you ever wanted to know about routes, tariffs,
tickets, timetables, re-routings and service disruptions,
maps and general information about Pragues bus, tram
and metro system from friendly, multi-lingual folk. Apart
from the airport offices, these are found at the metro
stations. QOpen 07:00 - 21:00. Also at E-4, Mstek,
Jungmannovo nm., open 07:00 - 18:00, closed Sat &
Sun; Andl, open 07:00 - 18:00, closed Sat & Sun; Prague
Airport terminals 1 & 2, open 07:00 - 22:00.
Public Transport
Whether travelling on your own, with your family or a larger
group, your comfort and convenience are our priority. With
extensive experience in the industry, we can accommodate
all your travel needs; providing airport transfers directly to
and from your address in Prague and travel throughout the
Czech Republic and Europe. Our team of professional English-
speaking drivers and quality air conditioned cars ensure a frst
class service every time you choose us.
Good price - The best service
Travel with us!
Prague In Your Pocket
October - November 2010
Prague is something of a cultural Mecca, and not just be-
cause of the affordable tickets. There was always a lively
tradition here (Mozart was celebrated as a hero in Prague
while shunned in Vienna), and the influx of culture-hungry
tourists in the past decade has led to an enormous variety
of concerts. Tickets are best and easiest booked via the
ticket agencies. Remember, going to the theatre or opera
is still something of an event in Prague, and its courteous
to dress up when visiting.
Black Light Theatre
A Prague speciality; fluorescent mime actors and puppets
moving in front of a black background. Great for children,
and for adults too.
All Colours Theatre E- 4, Praha 1, Rytsk 31,
MMstek, tel. (+420) 221 61 01 73, www.blackthe- Tickets 450K. Q Performances start at 20:30.
Animato F-3, Praha 1, Na Pkop 10, MMstek, tel.
(+420) 281 93 26 65,
Tickets 430K. Q Performances start at 20:30.
Image Black Theatre E-1, Praha 1, Pask 4,
MStaromstsk, tel. (+420) 222 31 44 58, www. Tickets 480K. Q Performances start
at 20:00.
Ji Srnec Black Light Theatre D-4, Praha 1, Nrodn
20, tel. (+420) 721 58 92 44, www.blacktheatresrnec.
cz. Tickets 520K. Q Performances start at 19:30.
Metro Theatre D- 4, Praha 1, Nrodn tda 25,
MNrodn tda, tel. (+420) 221 08 52 76, www. Tickets 440K. The performance
is followed by a workshop and lasts about 80 minutes. Q
Performances start at 20:00.
Palace Theatre I- 4, Praha 1, Vclavsk nm. 43,
MMstek, tel. (+420) 224 22 88 14, www.palace- Tickets 140 - 340K. Q Performances start
at 20:00.
Ta Fant ast i ka D- 3, Pr aha 1, Kar l ova 8,
MStaromstsk, tel. (+420) 222 22 13 66, www. Tickets 700K. Q Performances start
at 21:30.
WOW Show (Theater Blanik) I-4, Praha 1, Vaclavske
namesti 56, MMstek, tel. (+420) 224 03 21 72, info@, Tickets 550K. Q
Performances start at 20:00.
Aero Praha 3, Biskupcova 31, tel. (+420) 271 77
13 49, A cool little arthouse cinema
in ikov; tram N9 to Biskupcova. Q Tickets 40 - 95K.
Cinema City Flra Praha 3, Vinohradsk 149,
MFlra, tel. (+420) 255 74 20 21, www.cinemacity.
cz. Includes an IMAX theatre. Q Tickets 159K, Tue 109K.
Also at Galaxie, Arkalyck 1; Zlin, evnick 1.
Lucerna I-4, Praha 1, Vodikova 36, MMstek, tel.
(+420) 224 21 69 72, Apparently
the longest-running cinema in Prague with Czech and English
language films. A classic.
Palace Cinemas Slovansk Dm F-3, Praha 1, Na
Pkop 22, tel. (+420) 257 18 12 12, www.palaceci- Popular city-centre multiplex, which is often the
only cinema with English language versions of films other
cinemas show dubbed. Q Tickets 159K, Wed 109K. Also
at Letany, Veselsk 663; Nov Smchov, Plzesk 8; Park
Hostiva, vehlova 32.
Ponrepo D-4, Praha 1, Bartolomjsk 11, MNrodn
tda, tel. (+420) 224 23 32 81,
ponrepo/index.html. The official theatre of the National
Film Archive and membership can be bought from 14.00 -
18.00 Mon - Fri for 150/100K.
Svtozor I- 4, Praha 1, Vodikova 41, MMstek,
tel. (+420) 224 94 75 66, An
arthouse cinema showing classic, current and less main-
stream movies, plus Czech movies with English subtitles.
Q Tickets 100/50K.
Village Cinemas Andl Praha 5, Radlick 1E,
MAndl, tel. (+420) 251 11 51 11, www.villagecine- Another cinema complex, this one has an European
art house cinema and Gold Class, where you sit in armchairs
and can eat and drink to your hearts content. Q Tickets
159K, Mon 109K. Also at Village Cinemas ern most.
Concerts & Opera
Municipal House F-3, Praha 1, Nm. Republiky 5, tel.
(+420) 222 00 21 21, Housing a
variety of halls, the stunning Art Nouveau Obecn dm is the
venue for many classical concerts. Outside, youll always find
dressed-up people selling tickets for the best of Mozart-type
shows, which can be great as theyre usually well performed,
and good for children too as theyre not too long. Q Booking
office open 10:00 - 18:00. Tickets 200 - 1,300K.
State Opera I-4, Praha 1, Wilsonova 4, tel. (+420)
224 22 72 66, A fabulous neo-Rococo pile
quite unfortunately wedged between the station, National
Museum and two busy roads. Built in 1888 for Pragues Ger-
man Theatre Association, it is worth a visit for the glamorous
gold-and-plush interior and the view of the sumptuous ceiling
alone. Operas are usually performed in the original language,
with Czech or English subtitles projected above the stage.
For tours of the building, contact Pragues tourist office. Q
Booking office open 10:00 - 17:30; Sat, Sun 10:00 - 12:00,
13:00 - 17:30. Tickets 100 - 1,150K.
Bohemia Ticket International F-3, Praha 1, Na
Pkop 16, tel. (+420) 224 21 50 31, www.tick- QOpen 10:00 - 19:00, Sat 10:00 - 17:00,
Sun 10:00 - 15:00. Also at (E-3) Praha 1, Mal nm. A
Ticket Art I-4, Praha 1, Politickch vz 9, tel.
(+420) 222 89 75 52, QOpen
09:00 - 17:00, Sat 10:00 - 14:00. Closed Sun.
Ticketpro E-3, Praha 1, Rytsk 12, tel. (+420)
296 32 99 99, QOpen 09:00 -
20:00. A
Ticketstream I- 6, Praha 2, Koubkova 8, tel.
(+420) 224 26 30 49,
QOpen 09:00 - 18:00. Closed Sun. A
National Theatre Robin Divila
Stavovsk divadlo (Estates Theatre) E-3, Praha 1,
Ovocn trh 1, tel. (+420) 224 22 85 03, www.narodni- The first theatre to be built in Prague, and it
was also here that Mozarts Don Giovanni made its debut
to a rapturous Czech audience; the opera was destined to
bomb in Vienna. Q Booking office open 10:00 - 18:00.
Tickets 30 - 1,000K.
Klementinum D-3, Praha 1, Kiovnick 2, tel. (+420)
221 66 32 60, The beautiful build-
ing is home to some good classical music concerts in sublime
grounds. Plus now, the Codex Gigas or Devils Bible is on
show until Jan 6, 2008. QOpen 10:00 - 19:00. Closed Mon.
Performances start at 18:00 unless otherwise specified.
Karln Music Theatre Praha 8, Kikova 10, tel.
(+420) 221 86 87 77,, www. The theatre has a long history in the city; its first
performance was the circus back in 1881. Fast forward to
the floods of 2002 which saw the historic building practically
destroyed. The theatre reopened in 2006 and has been host-
ing a string of popular musicals ever since. Q 230-700 K.
Folklore Garden Na Zlchov 18, tel. (+420) 724 33
43 40,, www.folkloregarden.
cz. Staying just a short time, but would like to experience
something more Czech than Prague? Head over to Folklore
Garden to meet traditional dancers and musicians. This piece
of tranquility quite close to the center has an actual garden
and an inside wooden house for dinner and performances.
Youll enjoy a typical Czech meal with unlimited drinks while
being entertained in a rustic environment. QOpen 20:00 -
22:30. (630 - 1180K). PAEB
Puppet theatre
Divadlo Minor I-4, Praha 1, Vodikova 6, tel. (+420)
222 23 17 02, Tickets 30-80K. QOpen
09:00 - 20:00, Sat, Sun 11:00 - 20:00.
e loutek D-2, Praha 1, ateck 1, tel. (+420) 222
32 45 65,
National Marionette Theatre D-2, Praha 1, ateck
1, tel. (+420) 224 81 93 22,
Divadlo Alfred ve dvoe I-1, Praha 7, Fr. Kka 36,
tel. (+420) 233 37 69 97, A
small theatre specialising in moving, visual and experimental
theatre and dance, with several performances that can be
enjoyed by non-Czech speakers. Ticket office and bar opens
an hour before each performance.Q All performances are
at 20:00 unless specified otherwise. Advance bookings at
Praha 1, Celetn 17; BIO OKO Bar, Praha 7, Fr. Kka 15 &
Praha 2, Pol pt, Dittrichova 13. Tickets 150/90K.
Divadlo Archa J-3, Praha 1, Na Po 26, tel. (+420)
221 71 61 11, fax (+420) 221 716 666, www.archa- Affectionately known as the alternative National
Theatre, Archa has done wonders for Pragues cultural
scene. Its not necessarily an English theatre, however
their eclectic line-up often transcends language barriers.
Check their website - you never know what additional items
of interest, including concerts, theyll have on tap. All shows
at 20:00 unless otherwise listed Q Performances start
at 20:00 unless stated otherwise. PTAEGKW
Divadlo Hybernia F-3, Praha 1, nm. Republiky 4,
tel. (+420) 221 41 94 12, www.divadlo-broadway.
cz. Dating back to the reign of Charles IV, this building was
recently refurbished and now provides a home to Golem, a
musical of the Jewish legend, which plays daily with English
subtitles. NB Rows 1-6 & 32-33 are not good for viewing
the subtitles. Q Tickets 599 - 799K. Box office open
10:00 - 02:00. Performances at 19:00. 15:00 & 19:00 Sat
& 15:00 Sun. PA
Laterna Magika C-4, Praha 1, Nrodn 4, tel. (+420)
222 22 20 41, Laterna Magika devel-
oped a new way of combining theatre, dance, music and
film for the 1958 Brussels Expo, and was doing multi-media
performances before the word even existed. All productions
are visually orientated with no spoken Czech - ideal for
foreigners. Q Performances start at 20:00. Tickets 735K.
National Theatre C- 4, Praha 1, Nrodn tda 2,
tel. (+420) 224 90 16 68,
Pragues most beauti ful riverside building hosts a wealth
of performances, mostly concerts and opera. Find the
booking office in the modernist glass building next door.
Q Booking office open 10:00 - 18:00; Sat, Sun 10:00 -
12:30, 15:00 - 18:30.
vandovo divadlo Praha 5, tefnikova 57, tel.
(+420) 234 65 11 11,
Local and i nternati onal pl ays, both cl assi c and con-
temporary; al ways somethi ng i nteresti ng goi ng on at
vandovo. They offer English subti tles on screens above
the stage, so your best bet are seats in the bal cony.
Visi t their websi te for other dramati c and occasionall y
musi cal interests.
Prague In Your Pocket
October - November 2010
the historical atmosphere of the times; from the early faith in
the communist utopia, through the promise of a technologi-
cally advanced tomorrow in the late 1950s and early 60s,
culminating in the pessimism of the 70s. History through
science fiction isnt the aim of the exhibition, but creatively
shows the genre, that despite restrictions was extremely
popular. QOpen , Mon, Sat, Sun 10:00 - 18:00, Wed, Thu,
Fri 11:00 - 19:00. Closed Tue. 180 K.
02.10 Saturday - 30.10 Saturday
State Opera House, Praha 1, Legerova 75, MMuzeum,
tel. 224 22 72 66,,
2 October: Aida, 19:00
3 October: Rusalka, 19:00
5 October: Carmen, 19:00
8 October: La Boheme, 19:00
10 October: Rusalka, 19:00
12 October: Rigoletto, 19:00
13 October: The Barber of Seville, 19:00
14 October: Nabucco, 19:00
15 October: Aida, 19:00
16 October: La Boheme, 19:00
19 October: Madama Butterfly, 19:00
21 October: The Barber of Seville, 19:00
22 October: Aida, 19:00
24 October: Otello, 19:00
28 October: Rusalka, 19:00
30 October: La Boheme, 19:00
Q 350-1150 K.
03.10 Sunday - 30.10 Saturday
National Theatre, Praha 1, Ostrovn 1, MMstek,
tel. 224 90 14 48, info@narodni-, www.
National Theatre
3 October: La Sylphide/Napoli, 15:00 & 19:00
14 October: Slovak National Theatre, 20:00
17 October: La Sylphide/Napoli, 15:00 & 19:00
30 October: Royal Winnipeg Ballet, 20:00
Estates Theatre, Praha 1, Ovocn trh 1
10 October: Goldilocks, 14:00 & 18:00
Kolowrat Theatre, Ovocn trh 6
16 October: Emotion Collection, 19:00
Nov Scna (The New Stage), Praha 1, Nrodn 4
7 October: Extreme, 19:30
8 October:Extreme, 19:30
13 October: Extreme, 19:00
20 October: Dekka Dancers, 19:00
Q100-1000 K.
05.10 Tuesday - 10.10 Sunday
Palce Elektrickch podnik, Praha 7,Bubensk 1, MV-
ltavsk, tel. 267 99 05 45,, www. The best and brightest of cutting edge Czech
design come together for one fabulous week of creativity. From
fashion to interior accessories, the design world showcases
their best this week. Held in a number of boutiques around
town plus the Superstudio location where the main program-
ming is centred, more than 30,000 people attend this annual
event. For such a creative country, big gatherings of designers
dont happen often; dont miss your chance.
07.10 Thursday - 21.11 Sunday
Strings of Autumn
Various, see below, tel. 224 90 12 47, vstupenky@, Jazz &
classics; traditional & experimental; youll find it all at this
diverse festival. Organisers strive to bring together seemingly
incompatible musical styles, and it always works out well. The
festival began as a series of programmes back in 1996 and
has since grown to be a major festival on the citys cultural
calendar. Strings of Autumn often commissions new work
and with their three themes being Inspiration, Crossover
and Luminaries all attendees are sure to discover some-
thing rousing this season.
Tickets can be bought online at the festivals website, www., or in person at the National Theatres
ticket office, Praha 1, Ostrovn 1, 224 901 247. Book in
advance; they sell out quickly.
Venues: The National Memorial on Vitkov Hill, Praha 3, U
Pamtnku 1900;
The Municipal House, Praha 1, nm. Republiky 5;
Prague Congress Centre, Praha 4, 5. kvtna 65;
Prague Crossroads, Praha 1, Liliov entrance is from Zlat street;
Tn Church, Praha 1 Staromstsk nm. 604;
Spanish Synagogue, Praha 1, Vzesk 1;
Czech Museum of Music, Praha 1, Karmelitsk 2;
Lucerna Music Bar, Praha 1, Vodikova 36.
For more information visit
7 October: David Orlowsky Trio, Spanish Synagogue, 19:30
& 22:00
16 October: Julia Fischer & Milana Chernyavska, Prague
Crossroads, 19:30
18 October: Vijay Iyer Trio, Lucerna Music Bar, 19:30
21 October: Alash, Czech Museum of Music, 19:30
26 October: Brad Mehldau & Anne Sofia von Otter, Municipal
House, 19:30
31 October: Kayhan Kalhor & Brooklyn Rider, Prague Cross-
roads, 19:30
3 November: Dowland Project, Tn Church, 20:00
7 November: Reflexe 2010, National Memorial on Vitkov
Hill, 19:30
21 November: Dianne Reeves, Prague Congress Centre,
Q350-1200 K.
15.10 Friday - 24.10 Sunday
Four Days in Motion International Theatre
Various, see below, tel. 224 80 91 16, fourdays@the-, Celebrating its 15th year, Four
Days in Motion presents contemporary and innovate theatre
projects with theatre troupes from around the world. Known
not only for their theatre work but also the unique locales
where they choose to show that work (think former sewage
plant one year, factory another year). Four Days in Motion is
an anything goes avant-garde mess of a week. We love it!
This year you can experience a documentary melodrama
inspired by the first Slovak female film director as well as
performances from Belgium, Norway, Spain and more. For
speci fic shows and more information, visit www.ctyridny.
cz.Where? Three venues: Divadlo Archa, Praha 1, Na Po
26,; La Fabrika, Praha 7, Komunard 30,, and Hala Alta, Praha 7, U Vstavit 23.
November 2010
30.09 Thursday - 02.01 Sunday
Decadence Now!
Galerie Rudolfinum, Praha 1, Alovo nbe 12,
MStaromstsk, tel. +420 227 05 92 05, galerie@, Visions of
Excess is the subtitle of this exhibition at Galerie Rudolfinum.
Contemporary sculpture, painting, photography and video
have been gathered from a multitude of artists including
Damien Hirst, Paul McCarthy and Jeff Koonse.
October 2010
09.07 Friday - 17.10 Sunday
Cartier at Prague Castle: The Power of Style
B-1, Praha 1, Prague Castle Riding Hall, MHradansk, For some serious bling overload,
head up to the sumptuous Riding Hall at Prague Castle.
Cartier has more than 350 objects on display, ranging from
jewelry to clocks to watches and other objects. Pieces de-
signed for famous people and royalty can be seen as well
as era influences on the company and its art. Tickets must
be bought in advance, preferably from their website, www. or QOpen 10:00 -
18:00. 325-375 K.
15.09 Wednesday - 21.11 Sunday
Yellow Spot
Old Town Hall, Praha 1, Staromstsk nmst 1,
MStaromstsk, A medium not seen so
much anymore is figural painting. Tom Csaovsk ranks
as one of the most prominent Czech painters, most known
for introducing Postmodernist art onto the Czech scene in
the late 1980s, and then raising eyebrows in the 90s with
his depiction of certain chapters in the countrys history.
This exhibition presents a selection of his most recent
watercolours. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Mon. 40 K.
16.09 Thursday - 29.11 Monday
Planet Eden: Tomorrows World in Socialist
Dox Centre for Contemporary Art, Praha 7, Pouptova 1,
MVltavsk, tel. +420 774 14 54 34, info@doxprague.
org, This exhibition looks to the
future; from the perspective of post-war Czechoslovakia.
Art and pop culture from 1948-1978 is on display, tracing
A new permanent exhibition to the memory of those who
participated in the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich in
1942 has opened. The small, but very in depth display
maps the Czechoslovak resistance movement against
the Nazis and includes photographs and memora-
bilia from the time. There are also films showing on TV
screens and backgrounds into the seven paratroopers
who participated in the mission.
The Orthodox Church in which the exhibition is housed
was built in honour of Sts. Cyril and Methodius, the men
responsible for the Slavonic alphabet. However, the
church gained its fame because of what happened here
at 04:10 on the morning of June 18, 1942 when the
Nazis had discovered that the seven Czech parachutists
involved in the assassination of Reichsprotektor Heydrich
were hiding in the crypt. The west side of Karlovo nmst
was cordoned off by 800 troops from the SS and the
Gestapo. Three of the soldiers died as the SS stormed
the church. The remaining four fought on. After hours of
shooting and a long stand-off which led to the Germans
deciding to literally flush them out, they used their last
bullets on each other. The bullet-scarred exterior wall
holds a plaque in honour of their bravery.
Where? The National Memorial to the Heroes of the
Heydrich Terror - A Place of Reconciliation. The Orthodox
Cathedral of Ss. Cyril and Methodus, Praha 2, Resslova/
Na Zderaze, 224 91 61 00,
Heydrich Terror
Designblok 2010
Prague In Your Pocket
Decadent ar t recei ves a broad spectrum of reacti ons,
from the scandal ous to the enthusi asti c. Thi s exhi bi -
ti on l ooks at the pi eces i n a uni que way; arranged by
topi c: Excess of the Sel f: Pai n; Excess of the Body:
Sex; Excess of the Beauty: Pop; Excess of the Mi nd:
Madness; Excess of the Li fe: Death. A fasci nati ng
contemporar y expl orati on. QOpen 10: 00 - 18: 00.
Cl osed Mon. 200 K.
13.10 Wednesday - 07.12 Tuesday
Monet - Warhol
National Gallerys Veletrn Palace, Praha 7, Dukel-
skch hrdin 47, MVltavsk, tel. +420 224 30 11
More than 80 masterpieces from the Albertina Museum
and Batliner Collection will be on display at the National
Gallerys Veletrn Palace. This rare Czech cultural event
will include such famed works as Claude Monets Water
Lilies, but also a wide variety of pieces from the likes of
Russian avant-gardist El Lisicky, German expressionist E.L.
Kirchner and American Andy Warhol. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00.
Closed Mon. 200 K.
01.11 Monday - 30.11 Tuesday
State Opera House, Praha 1, Legerova 75, MMuzeum,
tel. 224 22 72 66,,
1 November: Rigoletto, 19:00
2 November: Madama Butterfly, 19:00
11 November: Aida, 19:00
12 November: Madama Butterfly, 19:00
13 November: Nabucco, 19:00
14 November: Don Quichotte, 19:00
17 November: Rusalka, 19:00
18 November: Don Quichotte, 19:00
19 November: Carmen, 19:00
20 November: La Boheme, 19:00
21 November: Don Quichotte, 19:00
23 November: Otello, 11:00
24 November: Rigoletto, 19:00
30 November: Carmen, 19:00
Q 350-1150 K.
03.11 Wednesday - 30.11 Tuesday
National Theatre, Praha 1, Ostrovn 1, MMstek, tel.
224 90 14 48,, www.narodni- National Theatre
11 November: The Rite of Spring, 19:00
12 November: The Rite of Spring, 19:00
14 November: The Rite of Spring, 15:00 & 19:00
18 November: The Rite of Spring, 19:00
27 November: The Rite of Spring, 14:00 & 19:00
Estates Theatre, Praha 1, Ovocn trh 1
20 November: Dance Conservatory Prague, Gala, 19:00
25 November: Faust, 19:00
30 November: Faust, 19:00
Kolowrat Theatre, Ovocn trh 6
3 November: Emotion Collection, 19:00
6 November: Emotion Collection, 19:00
Nov Scna (The New Stage), Praha 1, Nrodn 4
24 November: Dekka Dancers, 20:00
QTickets to all shows can be purchased through the National
Theatre. 100-1000 K.
11.11 Thursday - 16.11 Tuesday
Two theatres, see below, Mezipatra
is a competitive film festival focusing on gay, lesbian, bisexual,
transgender and queer related film. The festival shows a mix
of selected feature films and short films, as well as documen-
taries and since many are in English, great for those looking to
catch something different while in Prague. Sexual orientation
doesnt matter here (organizers report half the attendees are
heterosexual) but cineastes will find something to appreciate.
Check the website for actual films and times, plus other
special programming and discussions will be held: www. Kino Svetozor, Praha 1, Vodikova
41, and Ki no Lucerna, Praha 1,
Vodikova 36,
25.11 Thursday - 26.11 Friday
Festival of Swing Music
Praha 2, Nmst Mru 9, MNmst Mru, tel. 221 59
62 21,, Vino-
hradys National House comes alive for two days when their
stage fills with all things swing. The glorious building in Prague
2 is a historic gem, and this festival promises to be fabulous.
The first night be treated to the sounds of Czech Dixieland
ensemble JJ Jazzman, helped along by clarinetist Christopher
Evan. Youll also be treated to the magic and wit of Ondej Have-
lka and his Melody Makers, plus the Lubos Andrt Blues Band.
Night two sees Nothing but Swing and Take 6 boogieing down.
Adapted into czech by: Michael Prostjovsk
K. Stihavka, B. Basikov, Dasha,
V. Noid Brta, O. Brzobohat, J. Korn,
M. Skoepa, J. Touimsk
Prague In Your Pocket
October - November 2010
Southern Bohemia
The region south of Prague is an outdoor lovers paradise.
Bi kers and wal kers fl ock to the area every weekend
to experi ence the fresh air and beauti ful countrysi de.
Picturesque towns and historical castles are available to
discover, whether you choose to explore the region by your
own power or not. We introduce you to four towns well-worth
your time.
esk Krumlov
This jewel of Southern Bohemia is almost too picture perfect.
A grandiose castle on a hill; a winding river twisting and
turning its way through the town; narrow streets huddled
together the adjectives could go on and on. Unfortunately,
all this cuteness brings a lot of tourists. One of the most
visited cities in the Czech Republic after Prague; youll be
sharing the tiny streets with many a camera-touting traveller.
Thats not to say you should give it a pass however. Spend
a couple days there; youll discover early mornings and late
afternoons and evenings are a bit more peaceful and allow
you to truly absorb the splendor.
Hotel: Bellevue, Latrn 77
Telephone: (+420) 380 720 177
Tourist Information: Nmst Svornosti 2
Telephone: (+420) 380 704 622
Peat moss and fish. Sounds like a smell y combination
but throw in some bikes and youve got a per fect Tebo
trip. This spa ci ty li es in the heart of the Tebo Basin,
a UNESCO bi osphere reser vati on. The area i s l aced
wi th fish ponds, full of the countrys favori te fish carp.
Whil e visi ting, be sure to try i t. I f youve eaten i t before
youl l be surpri sed by i ts cl ean, fresh taste. These
ponds are full of peat moss, and what better to do wi th
the pl ethora than spread i t on your body? The stuf f is
supposedl y full of iron, so good for your j oints. A relaxing
way to spend an evening after biking through the area
on well -marked trails.
Hotel: Zlat Hvzda, Masarykovo nmst 107
Telephone: (+420) 384 757 111
Tourist Information: Masarykovo nmst 103
Telephone: (+420) 384 721 169
Jindichv Hradec
Boasti ng the thi rd l argest castl e i n the Czech Republ i c,
J i nd i chv Hr adec i s a l ai dback, qui et pl ace t o
experi ence. The mai n square of Nmst Mru i s a
treasure trove of archi tectural styl es whi l e the nearby
Vaj gar Lake of fers a cooli ng landscape. Cli mb the tower
of the Church of the Assumpti on of the Vi rgi n Mary for
a bi rds eye vi ew of the surroundi ng countr ysi de or
stay l ow and experi ence the Gothi c and Renai ssance
wonders of the castl e.
Hotel: Bl Pan, Dobrovskho 5
Telephone: (+420) 384 363 329
Tourist Information: Pansk 136
Telephone: (+420) 384 363 546
Rel i gi ous wars and the Hussi tes pl ayed a bi g par t i n
the countr ys hi stor y back i n the 1400s. No where
i s thi s more apparent or preser ved than the town
of Tbor. The second l argest ci ty i n the regi on, i ts
hi stori cal center i s a beauti ful maze. The streets were
ori gi nal l y desi gned to thwar t i nvadi ng armi es; but now
they are an enj oyabl e way to fi nd yoursel f getti ng l ost.
Vi si t the Hussi te Museum and Underground Tunnel s
for a gl i mpse back; or wander around Lake Jordan
for a breath of fresh ai r. Tbors easy styl e and cl ose
proxi mi ty to Prague make i t a great pl ace to spend
the day.
Hotel: Nautilus, ikovo nmst 20
Telephone: (+420) 380 900 900
Tourist Information: ikovo nmst 2
Telephone: (+420) 381 486 230
Far to the nor th, al ong
the Polish border, lays the
intriguing region of Liberec.
Here youll find mountains
and cities; a curious mix of
nature and culture. Discover
the area vi a a canoe on
the Smd River; visit the
wonder ful Li berec Zoo or
spend an afternoon at the
Babylon water park. Liberec
offers a wealth of fun for the
entire family.
A mou n t ai n ous ar ea;
the regi on i s defi ned by
the Lui ck and Ji zersk
mountains to the north and the Krkonoe to the northeast.
In the midst, right outside the city of Liberec is the towering
and rugged Jetd Mountain. This symbol of the region
offers magnificent views of the
surrounding valley; and on a
clear day you can see straight
to Poland. The unique tower
perched on top was designed
i n 1973 by archi tect Karel
Hubek. Besides containing
a communi cati ons tower;
theres also a restaurant and
hotel there. The city of Liberec
is a distinctive and modern
one. Architectural styles range
from 18th centur y cl assi c
styl e bri ck in the centre to
well-preserved 19th century
industrial. The neoclassical town hall is quite interesting,
as is the villa quarter with stately homes from the turn of
the 20th century. One of the most interesting can be found
on Jabloneck street; the Lieberg Manor-House. For a true
flashback to the past stroll down Vtrn street and admire
the Waldstein houses. The oldest buildings in town, they
are the only remaining examples of the classical merchant
houses that used to make up the downtown area.
The dominant tower of the Church of St. Antonin the Great
on Sokolovsk nmst is another defining landmark of the
city; its altar pictures the patron saints of the Czech lands.
The original Liberec synagogue was a monumental homage
to Neo-Renaissance architecture. It was burned down by the
Nazis in 1938 and has since been built. This new incarnation
is in the shape of half of the Star of David, and its faade is
symbolically representative of the Wailing Wall. You can find
this fascinating structure on Rumjancevova Street.
Now that youve explored the city; its time to visit some of
its sites. The Liberec Zoo is one of the best in the country,
containing wooded areas and a stream running through.
Here you can see eagles, rhinoceros, penguins, giraffes and
many more. The Liberec Zoo is also the only zoo in central
Europe that breeds white tigers. They are also known for
their breeding of rare and endangered species like Somali
donkeys and the macaque ibex.
In the style of an ancient spa, Babylon entertains modern
families of all ages. This aqua park not only offers water
slides, swimming pools, steam baths and a wild river but
also some drier activities such as bowling, laser shooting
and a casino. Theres a hotel and restaurant onsite as well.
For more cultural pursuits, check out the Museum of Northern
Bohemia (its building is worth the entrance fee alone) or the
Regional Gallery, filled with European and Czech art. But now
lets get out of the city and explore what other attractions
the region has to offer.
There are three protected landscape areas in the region;
which means hikers and bikers will find plenty of nature
to explore. The area is crisscrossed by well-marked trails,
enabling you to plan and carry out an athletic excursion
all on your own. Water lovers should head towards Mcha
Lake or the region of Holansk for their network of artificial
lakes. Hikers must visit esk raj or Bohemian Paradise.
This geopark is home to a variety of interesting sites like the
Bozkov Caves and their underwater lake; giant potholes; a
petrified forest and lava streams. Towns in the area include
elezn Brod, Jilemnice and Turnov.
From ruined castles to elegant homes; from rock towns to
world class zoos everyone will find something to discover
in and around Liberec.
Hotel: Hotel Liberec, aldovo nmst 1345/6
Telephone: (+420) 482 710 028
For Liberec: nm. Dr. Benee 1
Telephone: (+420) 485 101 709
For the Region: U jezu 642/2a, Liberec
Telephone: (+420) 485 226 111
Tourist information
Liberec Townhall
Prague In Your Pocket
October - November 2010
Karlovy Vary
If you are looking for a day or weekend trip from Prague,
Karlovy Vary is an excellent option. Its the largest spa town
in the Czech Republic and noted for all the famous people
who have taken the waters. Have a sip in Karlovy Vary and
youll have shared a drink with Russian Tsar Peter the Great,
Beethoven, Mozart and Sigmund Freud.
The city dates back to King Charles IV time when, as the
story goes, he and his entourage accidently stumbled upon
a thermal spring. He proclaimed it had curative powers
and, in true King Charles style, had a town built around the
spring. Fast forward a bunch of years and you can easily see
walking through town the influence Art Nouveau had on 19th
century architects. The Mill Colonnade, Emperors Baths and
the Thermal Spring Colonnade were built then. Just about
every celebrity who visited the city was thanked by town
officials with an honorary naming of some city monument
or path. At the beginning of the 20th century, Karlovy Vary
was one of the most popular spa cities in Europe. Two world
wars and Communism saw a decline in its fortunes, with the
state regulating all facilities and tourist primarily limited to
Russians. Today, it is one of the most visited Czech tourist
spots for foreign visitors outside of Prague. Youll still see a
heavy Russian influence in the architecture and language
Many people head to Karlovy Vary for the spas. Here, the
treatments are best for those with digestive, motor system
or metabolic disorders. Note most of the spas here
are more medical in nature than relaxing. Be sure to ask
some questions regarding procedures before signing up.
Many people spend up to three weeks, aided by doctors,
therapeutic treatments and mineral water, to cure what ails
them. If you are looking purely to indulge, look for wellness
programs that offer saunas, whirlpools, steam baths,
wraps and massages. Medical tourism has taken off in the
Czech Republic in recent years thanks to the high quality of
surgeons combined with comparatively low costs. Private
clinics for a variety of cosmetic and dental procedures can
be found in Karlovy Vary.
Non-spa people can see a variety of other interesting sites
here. The famous spa wafers hail from Karlovy Vary; as
does the Czech spirit Becherovka (museum at T.G.M. 57, 353
17 01 77,, Mattoni drinking water and
glassmaker Moser. Tours can be taken of the Moser glass
factory and you can discover everything you never wanted to
know about Becherovka at the Jan Becher Museum. Other
important sites to snap for your photo album include the
Thermal Spring Colonnade whose geyser shoots out 2000
litres of mineral water a minute, and is the only spring used
for baths. Karlovy Vary is an easy walking city, with most
attractions located in the spa centre. The Mill Colonnade
is the largest and offers six springs. Colonnades were
historically built to offer people a pleasing spot to stroll while
drinking the restorative waters. Go ahead and stick a cup
into the fountain and sip like the locals! You can also buy a
souvenir sipping cup from one the many stands set-up all
along the colonnades. Take a climb in the nearby forest to the
Diana lookout tower. Located 547 meters above sea level,
youll get a grand view of the countryside. Or be lazy and take
the cable car up the hill. Marked trails mean you can enjoy
the crisp autumn air and beautiful forests easily on foot.
Restaurants and accommodation range the gamut from
5-star all the way to pensions and pubs. The Grandhotel
Pupp (Mrov nmst 2, 353 10 96 30, is one
of the most luxurious and includes its own Roman baths. A
more affordable option is Villa Basileia (Marinskolzesk
4, 353 22 41 32, Situated in a former
countess summer house, youll be close to the city centre,
but with easy access to the areas hiking and cycling paths.
They offer in-house massages and can arrange treatments
at nearby spas. Need souvenirs to take home to friends
and family? A bottle of Becherovka liqueur, something from
Moser glassworks, porcelain decorative goods or the local
spa wafers all make for original gifts for just about anyone.
Autumn is a lovely time to visit. Most of the crowds have
dissipated and the beautiful forests surrounding the city are
changing from summery green to rustic reds and oranges.
Karlovy Varys cultural calendar stays full year round and
the local ice hockey team is in the countrys first league.
Unfortunately, they are currently sitting in twelfth place (out
of fourteen) however the season is still young.
Getting there
Karlovy Vary has good frequent bus and train connections
from Prague. The Student Agency has direct bus service
that takes just a little over two hours. Buses leave from the
Florenc station and usually make at least five trips a day.
Tickets can be purchased at the Student Agency window
in the station. Direct trains go from the main station, Hlavn
ndra and take nearly three and a half hours. There arent
as many trains; perhaps two-three a day. Check www.idos.
cz for both train and bus schedules; or go to the stations to
get times and buy tickets.
Petr Lnnika
Petr Lnnika Petr Lnnika
Info Centre: Lzesk 1, Karlovy Vary, 355 32 11 76
Mo - Fr 09:00 - 17:00
Sa - Su 10:00 - 17:00
Tourist information
Gipsy Hery Band: Every Wednesday at the Hotel
Imperial catch this popular local Roma band. 20:30.
Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra: The local symphony
keeps busy with a host of concerts. All concerts begin at
19:30 and are held at Lzn III. 8 October; 15 October;
29 October (Special concert to mark the anniversary of
the Republic); 5 November; 19 November; 26 November.
Karel Gott & Eva Urbanov: Two legendary Czech
singers play tonight at KV Arena. 20 October, 20:00.
HC Energie Karlovy Vary: Upcomi ng i ce hockey
matches (
10, 17 October at 17:30
12, 22 October at 18:00
2, 5, 19, 26 November at 18:00
7 November at 16:00
Karlovy Vary Region forms the westernmost part of the Czech
Republic. Though small in size, this region abounds in scenic
beauties and its importance eclipses that of other part of the
country. Karlovy Vary region is a territory with very eventful
and violent history, with beautiful countryside and unique
natural sources, with significant economy, various cultural and
sports life and many sights.Among the most precious gifts of
the region are its architectonically valuable spas. Above all its
Spa towns Karlovy Vary, Marinsk Lzne, Frantikovy Lzne or
Jchymov offers through many hotels and spa houses unique
occasion of treatment and relaxation. West Bohemia spas
feature an important traditional supra-national phenomenon
of meetings between European and overseas visitors and their
cultures in a friendly social atmosphere. | www.kvi | www.kvpoi | www.medi
For more informations about accommodation, balneology, sights, biking and other
tourist attractions in Karlovy Vary Region visit:
Prague In Your Pocket
Prague has a long tradition of hospitality having hosted
generations of travellers, thinkers and invading armies.
However, to the modern guest this may not be immediately
apparent as the tradition of customer service is somewhat
shorter. Generally, the further you travel into residential
Prague, the cheaper the rooms become (and the quirkier
the environment). Late night revellers staggering home to
musical accompaniment can make a stay in the Old Town
less than peaceful, so check out your hotels location before
signing up. Alternatively, find a hotel when you get here, and
always ask for a discount. Chances are youll get one.
Cream of the crop
Buddha Bar Hotel F-3, Praha 1, Jakubsk 8, MNmst
Republiky, tel. (+420) 221 77 63 00/(+420) 724 17 01
97, fax (+420) 221 77 63 10,, www. You may be familiar with the Buddha Bar
Restaurants in Paris, London, and the like. Now for the first time
ever the brand has opened its own hotel. Expect over the top
everything: Design, service, prices. Billed as a unique urban
resort, the hotel offers 36 rooms and three suites. Amenities
include good-night chocolates; HD interactive TV; Buddha-Bar
music library; Wi-Fi and wired internet access; refrigerated pri-
vate bar. And a bed. Q Superior rooms from EUR 444; Premier
rooms from EUR 575; Suites from EUR 1250. Includes breakfast
and all taxes. PJAFKDW
Corinthia Towers Praha 4, Kongresov 1, MVyehrad,
tel. (+420) 261 19 11 11, fax (+420) 261 21 16 73,, All the conve-
nience you would demand from a 24-floor hotel in a capital
city. In addition to a top-class oriental and Italian restaurant,
facilities include a casino, fitness centre and ten-pin bowl-
ing. Q544 rooms (120 singles 260 - 300, 388 doubles
260 - 300, triples 350 - 390, 20 suites 410 - 1570, 1
presidential suite 1570, 16 junior suites 410). ACD
Grand Hotel Bohemia F-3, Praha 1, Krlodvorsk
4, MNm. Republiky, tel. (+420) 234 60 81 11, fax
(+420) 222 32 95 45,, An Austrian-run hotel with
attractive Art Nouveau rooms and staff who are renowned
for their efficiency. The hotel has a caf and laundry service.
Q78 rooms (10 singles 175 - 240, 65 doubles 210 - 280, 3
junior suites 310 - 540). PHARULGK hhhhh
Grand Hotel Praha E-3, Praha 1, Staromstsk nm.
22, MStaromstsk, tel. (+420) 221 63 25 56, fax
(+420) 221 63 25 58,, www. Run by the Apostolic Residence crew,
the neighbouring Grand Hotel is an equally sumptious place
to stay, with suitably grand views over Old Town Square and
classically furnished rooms. Q20 rooms (1 singles 128 -
213, 18 doubles 153 - 320, 1 apartments 356 - 463).
PAKD hhhh
Josef F-2, Praha 1, Rybn 20, MNm. Republiky,
tel. (+420) 221 70 01 11, fax (+420) 221 70 09 99,, One
of Pragues first design hotels (from Eva Jiin) is crammed,
in a minimalist way, with style and edges. Some rooms have
lovely views and come interestingly with see-through bath-
room walls. The white lobby introduces the stylist elements
beautifully and the serene garden around which the whole
place revolves provides a delightful contrast. A subtle space
for the discerning traveller and not a few celebrities. Q110
rooms (8 singles 149 - 253, 102 doubles 173 - 296).
Kempinski Hybernsk Prague J-3, Praha 1, Hybernsk
12, MNmst Republiky, tel. (+420) 226 22 61 11, fax
(+420) 226 22 61 23, reservations.prague@kempinski.
com, Luxury squared at the
new Kempinski hotel. The property dates back to the 15th
century and has been carefully reconstructed to offer 75 rooms
and suites. Expect the usual: air conditioning, telephone, TV,
radio, minibar, hairdryer, bath robe, safe, and high-speed internet
wifi connection, non-smoking rooms. Suites feature separate
bedroom and living areas, fitted kitchenette, guest WC and walk-
in closets. Big bonus: the hotel has its own private garden and
atrium. Q75 rooms (suites 375, Superior 249, Grand Deluxe
295). PJHAUFGK hhhhh
Paris I-3, Praha 1, U Obecnho domu 1, MNm. Re-
publiky, tel. (+420) 222 19 51 95, fax (+420) 224 22
54 75,,
Everything is Art Nouveau in this building, from its intricate
faade to the lamps and other furnishings in its caf and
restaurant. Even the brass door handles on the antique lifts
are decorated in this beautiful style. Take the stairs and be
rewarded with stained glass windows and red carpets rolled
out for each guest in the hallways. Dont forget to check out
this hotel restaurant. A bit more ispired than most, there is
also live music Thursdays & Fridays. Q86 rooms (70 doubles
160 - 360, 3 apartments 500 - 3700, 13 junior suites
280 - 520). PTHARLEGBKD hhhhh
Prague Marriott I-3, Praha 1, V Celnici 8, MNm.
Republiky, tel. (+420) 222 88 88 88, fax (+420) 222
88 88 89,, Bigger really is better; plus
youve got an excellent location to boot. Every amenity
imaginable and size, lots of it. Higher priced suites have
two levels. The rooms have recently been renovated for an
extra pop of luxury and comfort. If you are shelling out for
a suite or better, then breakfast in the Executive Lounge is
included. Q293 rooms (258 doubles 149 - 315, 33 suites
359 - 495). PTHARUFLGKDC hhhhh
President H-2, Praha 1, nm. Curieovch 100,
MStaromstsk, tel. (+420) 234 61 41 11, fax (+420)
234 61 41 10,, www.ho- A range of top-class suites, an executive floor,
a casino and a fitness room and spa, have earned the President
five star status (though even their large standard rooms have
a sofa). Photographs throughout the hotel complement the
elegant dcor of pale yellows and blue glass. All staff seem
genuinely pleased to be here and smile broadly. Q130 rooms
(7 singles 165 - 225, 65 doubles 145 - 225, 22 triples 145
- 225, 32 junior suites 195 - 255, 3 senior suites 295 - 355,
1 presidential suite 800 - 1100). Executive floor add 50 on all
types of rooms. POTHARUFLKD hhhhh
P Air conditioning A Credit cards accepted
O Casino H Conference facilities
T Child friendl y U Facilities for the disabled
R Internet L Guarded parking
F Fitness centre G Non-smoking rooms
K Restaurant M Nearest metro station
D Sauna C Swimming pool
6 Animal friendl y W Wi-Fi
Symbol key
Prague In Your Pocket
October - November 2010
Rezidence Lundborg C-1, Praha 1, U Luickho
semine 3, MMalostransk, tel. (+420) 257 01 19
11, fax (+420) 257 01 19 66,, A gorgeous hidden gem in Malostransk;
the Rezidence Lundborg will tuck you in with beauty and
service. The all suites and apartments hotel is practically
right next door to Charles Bridge. Internet and PC connec-
tions are in every room, along with a kitchen, living room and
jacuzzi in all the bathrooms. Theres even a wine cellar and
massage studio that includes a piece of the historic 12th
century Judit Bridge. Q13 rooms (4 suites 130 - 350,
6 apartments 190 - 650, 3 junior suites 120 - 330).
Sheraton Prague Charles Square Hotel H- 5,
Prague 2, itn 8, MKarlovo nmst, tel. (+420) 225
99 99 99, fax (+420) 225 99 99 09, www.sheraton.
com. The Sheraton near Karlovo nmst offers comfy beds,
a good in between Old and New Town location plus in room
high speed internet connection and a variety of dining op-
tions. Modern and sleek, the first Sheraton in Prague has 160
rooms consisting of 122 deluxe rooms plus 38 suites. Its a
well-located smart choice. Q Deluxe rooms: 150-250EUR;
Suites: 250-650EUR. PJHA6UFKW hhhhh
Absolutum Praha 7, Jablonskho 4, MHoleovice,
tel. (+420) 222 54 14 06,, The absolute best place to stay
in Praha 7. Design hotel Absolutum is an upscale, clean and
shiny place with all the conveniences of home; including in-
ternet connection and parking. The restaurant is also getting
rave reviews so if you are looking for chic accommodations in
a cool hood, absolutely check in. Q PAUFK
Angelo Hotel Praha 5, Radlick 1g/3216, MAndl, tel.
(+420) 234 80 11 11, fax (+420) 234 80 99 99, info@an-, Brightly coloured
design and black and white photos abound in this buzzing hotel
in the happening area around Andl. Rooms and even suites
are on the small side, but beds are King and all suites have a
terrace. The hotel is designed for the businessman, but robes,
TV & DVD afford pleasure-seekers some comfort too. The safe
is notebook-sized and has an interior plug for safe recharging.
The lower price for a double room is single occupancy. Q168
rooms (163 doubles 140 - 255, 2 suites 200 - 300, 3 junior
suite 180 - 280). PHARUFLGBKD hhhh
Aquapalace Hotel Prague - estlice, Prask, tel. (+420)
225 10 88 88, fax (+420) 225 10 89 99, info@aquapalace-, Located on the outskirts
of Prague, this new hotels draw is its direct access to Central Eu-
ropes largest waterpark. Conference facilities, a wellness centre,
nearby shopping opportunities and of course all the mod cons
one could want mean even if your skin starts to prune, youll have
somewhere to go besides the water. Q231 rooms (183 doubles
95BGN, 3 suites 145BGN, 30 Family Rooms 135BGN, 3 Barrier
Free Rooms BGN). TAFLKDC hhhh
Ariston K-4, Praha 3, Seifertova 65, MHlavn ndra, tel.
(+420) 222 78 25 17/(+420) 222 78 11 87, fax (+420) 222
78 03 47,,
Rooms at the Ariston are light and pastel coloured. Although it
may seem far from the centre, its just a couple of tram stops
away. Q61 rooms (4 singles 41 - 66, 44 doubles 52 - 87, 12
triples 66 - 108, 1 suites 93 - 187). HAUGK hhhh
Astoria F-2, Praha 1, Rybn 10, MNm. Republiky, tel.
(+420) 221 77 57 11, fax (+420) 221 77 57 12, info@, Astoria occupies
a modern building on some prime real estate in Prague Old
Town. Rooms are on the small side, but comfortable with
bright blue interiors, modern wood furnishings and great
views. Top-floor VIP rooms offer more amenities and enor-
mous balconies. Q74 rooms (singles 99 - 220, 74 doubles
99 - 240). AGHKLPRTU hhhh
Barcel F-3, Praha 1, Celetn 29, MNmst Republiky,
tel. 222 33 71 11, fax 241 44 10 23, oldtownpraha.fom@, Its so light and bright! With
a courtyard in its centre; Barcel tosses away the typical dark
lobby and hallways and lets the sun shine in. The lobby is cov-
ered in a skylight and the walk to your room will have an view to
outside. A mix of rooms and suites (28 rooms; 34 suites) with all
the mod-cons: mini-bar, TV, DVD player, air-conditioning, etc. An
excellent restaurant as well. Q62 rooms (28 doubles 64BGN,
34 suites 100BGN). PJAK hhhh
Barcel Praha Praha 4, Na Stri 32, MPankrc, tel.
(+420) 296 77 21 11, fax (+420) 241 44 10 23, hotel@, An excellent Spanish-owned
hotel, this place has extremely friendly staff and small yet
comfy rooms with minibar and telephone plus free parking in
the garage. Q213 rooms (singles 130 - 150, 198 doubles
150 - 170, 15 suites 170 - 240). PHAULK hhhh
Belvedere I-1, Praha 7, Milady Horkov 19, MVltavsk,
tel. (+420) 220 10 61 11, fax (+420) 233 37 44 71, prague@, Situated in a
lovely area across the Vltava, not far from the castle, the Belvedere
offers wonderful accommodation and a high level of service. The
spacious standard rooms come with as many mod cons as you
could ever need, and the executive floor has even more on offer.
Q152 rooms (6 singles 46 - 75, 113 doubles 60 - 100, 32
triples 75 - 125, 1 quads 89 - 148). HAULGK hhhh
Best Western Premier Hotel Majestic Plaza
I-5, Praha 1, tpnsk 33, MMstek, tel. (+420)
221 48 61 00, fax (+420) 221 48 64 86, reception@, Lavishl y
renovated buildings around a copper clad courtyard. One
is Biedermeier style and sports slightly cramped but fully
mod conned rooms on five floors. The other is superb art
deco and hosts seven floors of rooms with the top floors
wielding the terraces and views. Central and stylish, Ma-
jestic is the word. Q185 rooms (175 doubles 125 - 260,
5 triples 165 - 310, 5 apartments 195 - 330). PHA
BW Meteor Plaza I-3, Praha 1, Hybernsk 6, MNm.
Republiky, tel. (+420) 224 19 25 59, fax (+420) 224
22 06 81,, www.hotel- Within shouting distance of the Powder Tower,
this Best Western hotel is full of charm, but then again, there
has been an inn here since 1307. In the 18th century, the
man later to become Emperor Josef II wouldnt lay his head
down anywhere else. Q88 rooms (15 singles 109 - 173, 56
doubles 125 - 190, 10 triples 166 - 239, 6 suites 141 -
217). ADFGHKLPR hhhh
Carlton Praha 3, Tboritsk 18, MJiho z Podbrad,
tel. 222 71 11 77, fax 222 71 11 99, carlton@europe-, Dark wood and deep
green soft furnishings give a sophisticated air to the rooms.
Bathrooms are luxurious, while the top floor rooms have
vaulted, slanted ceilings and suites often go for the same
price as a double. A little way out of town, but the Carlton has
good tram links. Q49 rooms (3 singles 50 - 89, 40 doubles
66 - 118, 6 triples 81 - 147). PHARULGK
Casa Marcello F-1, Praha 1, snovka 3, MNm.
Republiky, tel. (+420) 222 31 02 60, fax (+420)
222 31 33 23, booking@casa-, www.
casa- Thi s beauti ful hotel al ongsi de St.
Agnes convent i s a bi t hard to fi nd but wel l worth i t, i f
onl y to have stayed on Eyelashes Street. A good opti on
for those who don t want to stay where any ol d ri f fraf f
can j ust saunter i n as theyre passi ng. Q32 rooms (20
doubl es 140 - 270, 6 apartments 250 - 390, 6 j uni or
sui tes 190 - 330). PTHARFLGBKD
Cl ar i on Congr ess Hotel Pr ague Pr aha 9,
Freyova 33, MVysoansk, tel. 221 99 59 00,
f ax 211 13 14 02, rezer, www. Per fect for bi g events; the Cl ari on Congress
Hotel of fers more than 500 rooms and an outstandi ng
compl ement of conference servi ces. Youl l get al l the
best room ameni ti es l i ke ai r condi ti oni ng, satel l i te TV,
mi ni -bar and hi gh speed i nternet access. Two l arge
restaurants, t wo bars and a l ounge means youre
never far from a bi te to eat. Out of the centre, but the
metro and a mal l are steps from the front door. Q559
rooms (534 doubl es 75 - 140, 25 sui tes 95 - 160).
Cl ar i on Pr ague Ci t y I - 6, Pr aha 2, Tyl ovo
nmst 3, MIP Pavlova, tel. 296 74 42 49, f ax
296 74 42 33, clarion- city@cpihotel, www.
cpihotel Opened i n 2010, the Cl ari on Prague
Ci t y of f er s moder n comf or t cl ose t o Wencesl as
Square. More than 60 rooms, a restaurant and bar, i n
the hi p Vi nohrady nei ghborhood wi l l make for a great
stay. Q PLKW
Courtyard Marriott Prague Airport Praha 6,
Aviatick 1092/8, tel. (+420) 236 07 71 40, fax
(+420) 236 07 70 78,
Security dictates no open windows so its all sealed
but its all glass walls with magnificent views and Zen
garden by the fitness centre with jasmine, lemon, orange
and olive trees. The comfy library, lobby and business
area (with to pay Wi-Fi) and Italian restaurant with open
kitchen and as-required bar are all open to the public and
connected to the airport via a covered walkway. Rooms
are of the high Marriott standard with plasma TVs with
keyboard, to pay internet, an ice machine on each floor
and a fridge for you to stock. A welcome change to the
airports services. Q235 rooms (132 singles 85 - 125,
98 doubles 85 - 125, 5 suites 175 - 195). PTHA
Ramada Airport Hotel Prague Praha 6, K Letit
25a, tel. (+420) 220 11 12 50, fax (+420) 220
11 12 56,, The oldest and least
appealing of the airport hotels and less inclined for the
international traveller - it is adjacent to the domestic
terminal and has no link other than overpriced taxi to the
international (north) terminal. Rooms have safe, minibar,
hair dryer etc. but are basic and with showers only while
apartments comprise a room with small sofa bed and
bathtub. Internet is not free but they have TV keyboards.
Airport Hotels
DJ Marwin Shamma spicing up best BBQ garden party in the Old Town.
Every Thursday from 6.00 pm 10.00 pm - speeding up your metabolism
and lust for great cocktails use our Happy Hour till 8.00 pm
Last Thursday in a month live saxophone with DJ Marwin -
evening that simply cannot be missed.
750 CZK - all you can eat
Reservations 226 226 126, or at concierge.prague@kempinskicom
Kempinski Hybernsk Prague, Hybernsk 12, 110 00 Praha 1
Pragues only outdoor
chill place with lounge atmosphere!
Prague In Your Pocket
October - November 2010
Clarion Prague Old Town F-2, Praha 1, Hradebn
9, MNmst Republiky, tel. 296 39 81 00, clarion@, Fresh and modern, the
Clarion Old Town is a bright city center stay. Good service and
amenities makes this an easy chain hotel stay. Theres free
internet access in all the rooms, air conditioning and a nice
restaurant and caf. Q93 rooms (90 doubles 75 - 120, 3
suites 100 - 200). PJH6ULGKXW hhhh
Courtyard Marriott Flora Praha 3, Lucembursk
46, MFlora, tel. (+420) 236 08 80 88, fax (+420) 236
08 80 89, Billed as hotels designed
by business travellers, every room has a dataport and TV
internet (both charged for standard rooms) and are spa-
cious with desk, ergonomic chair and a sofa(bed). King size
and very comfortable beds dominate rooms, which have ice
buckets, fridge for you to fill, hairdryer, coffee/tea facilities
plus iron in every room and robe and slippers in superior
rooms make the Courtyard a place to stay. 24hr shop in the
lobby plus a cosy bar. Q161 rooms (81 singles 105 - 135,
64 doubles 135 - 175, 13 triples 140 - 200, 1 suites
195 - 245). Breakfast 9-16. PHAR6UIFL
GKW hhhh
Crowne Plaza Prague Castle Praha 1, Strahovsk
128, tel. (+420) 226 08 00 00, fax (+420) 226 08 02
00,, www.crowneplaza.
com. A beautifully restored 16th century building with mod-
ern annexe tucked behind Strahov Monastery holds this
striking new hotel from InterContinental with glass domed
atrium/library and effective yet simple designs in lighting and
furniture. Two wings, one old, one new, hold spacious rooms
with king, queen or twin beds, desk, plasma TV, smellies
from The White Company and some have a small terrace.
The usual services join the countrys only Ayurvedic spa and
clinic, with doctor, therapists and equipment all imported from
Sri Lanka. Luxurious accommodation, supremely personable
and delightfully quiet. Q138 rooms (2 singles 150 - 240,
126 doubles 170 - 260, 3 suites 320 - 400, 7 junior suites
225 - 350). Breakfast and VAT not included in the price.
Duo Praha 9, Teplick 492, MStkov, tel. (+420) 266
13 11 11, fax (+420) 283 88 01 42,, Hotel DUO Prague, offers exceptional
comfort, convenience and a wide range of amenities and
services. The hotel is located north east of the city centre
- just 10 minutes by metro from the very centre of Prague.
Indoor swimming pool, sauna, gym, catering services, confer-
ence facilities, parking area and far more is provided. Q647
rooms (62 singles 40 - 125, 556 doubles 41 - 134, 29
suites 59 - 199). HAUFLGBKDC hhhh
Elysee F-4, Praha 1, Vclavsk nm. 43, MMstek,
tel. 221 45 51 11, fax 224 22 57 73, elysee@europe-, Right in the centre of the
city, with all of Pragues main attractions just a few minutes
walk away. All rooms are well-appointed, spacious and have
luxurious bathrooms. Six new apartments have been added
to Elysees charm, all fully equipped for 2-6 people. (Prices for
apartments do not include breakfast). Q76 rooms (8 singles
58 - 100, 50 doubles 75 - 133, 12 triples 95 - 166, 6
apartments 111 - 246). PAULG hhhh
Hotel ern slon F-2, Praha 1, Tnsk 1, MNm.
Republiky, tel. (+420) 222 32 15 21, fax (+420) 222 31
03 51,, www.hotelcernyslon.
cz. This elegant hotel rolls out the red carpet for all of its
guests. Rooms, decorated with antique furniture, are spa-
cious and some include an amazing view of the surrounding
medieval centre. The wine cellar is also worth a peek. Q16
rooms (2 singles 73 - 113, 10 doubles 117 - 190, 4 triples
153 - 223). PARLK hhhh
Liberty E- 4, Praha 1, 28. jna 11, MMstek, tel.
(+420) 224 23 95 98, fax (+420) 224 23 76 94, info@, The Liberty is a
lovely, understated hotel with elegant furniture and textiles,
plus all mod cons for todays travellers. Some suites are
split-level and views of the castle can be had. Q32 rooms
(1 singles 140 - 180, 19 doubles 150 - 210, 9 triples
200 - 265, 3 suites 270 - 310, 6 ). PARUFL
GBKD hhhh
lite H-5, Praha 1, Ostrovn 32, MNrodn tda, tel.
(+420) 224 93 22 50, fax (+420) 224 93 07 87, sales@, With a history that
dates back to the 14th century, the lite, a member of the
Small Charming group, is another gem. Totally refurbished
in 2000, rooms are suitably grand, spacious and historic,
with wonderful high ceilings, and lovely antique furniture.
Q79 rooms (10 singles 112 - 176, 67 doubles 125 - 199,
1 triples 169 - 267, 1 junior suite 147 - 216). PA
Mamaison Suite Hotel Pachtv Palace Prague
C-3, Praha 1, Karolny Svtl 34, MStaromstsk,
tel. (+420) 234 70 51 11, fax (+420) 234 70 51 12,,
pachtuvpalace. Sheer luxurious opulence in this beautiful
Baroque building on the river with views of Charles Bridge
and the castle. Sumptuous suites and apartments are ap-
propriately fit for a king in this Baroque mansion. Four-poster
beds, vaulted and frescoed ceilings and sculptures combine
with modern amenities and superb service in making Pachtv
one of the best accommodations in Prague. Q50 rooms (50
apartments 195 - 725). PW hhhhh
Modr Re E-3, Praha 1, Rytsk 16, MMstek,
tel. (+420) 224 40 41 00, fax (+420) 224 22 61 06,,
The hotel is five labyrinthine floors of spacious and stylish
halls of rose emblem carpet or new parquet. Rooms are
similarly spacious and comfortable with minibar and Wi-Fi.
Luxury rooms are bigger and supply fluffy robes, while the
Presidential suit is massive with 2 plasma screens and a
jacuzzi. Nice views, though maybe a little noisy at the front.
Q44 rooms (5 singles 115 - 250, 26 doubles 135 - 280, 12
delux doubles 230 - 320, 1 presidential suite 518 - 725).
Mvenpick Praha 5, Mozartova 261/1, MAndl, tel.
(+420) 257 15 11 11, fax (+420) 257 15 31 31, hotel., www.movenpick-prague.
com. The hotels rooms are spacious and are decorated in
a modern style. Take the funicular up the hill to the restaurant
and function rooms with outstanding views of the city. Q442
rooms (4 singles , 410 doubles , 7 suites , 6 apartments
, 15 junior suites ). PTHARUFLGBKD
Yasmin F-4, Praha 1, Politickch vz 12, MMuzeum,
tel. (+420) 234 10 01 00, fax (+420) 234 10 01 01,
info@hotel, www.hotel Thi s
fabulous designer hotel is all very tactile, with sleek furniture,
jasmine flowers etched along floors and glass dividers, silver
globes hanging from the ceiling and odd furry and smooth
triffid-like objects towering over you. A subtle green domi-
nates the room colour, each has a huge mirror so you can look
as good as it does, flat screen TVs, all mod cons and rooms in
the newer annex have skylights while the suite boasts a walk-
in closet. Some rooms have no shower, tub only so check if
you care. Q198 rooms (187 doubles 220 - 280, 11 suites
260 - 340). ADFGHKLPR6U hhhh
Anna J-5, Praha 2, Budesk 17, MNm. Mru, tel.
(+420) 222 51 31 11, fax (+420) 222 51 51 58, recep-, Part of the Small
Charming group, and the Anna is just that. A real gem, with
first class services and a homely atmosphere that caters to
a thoughtful clientele looking for something a little special.
Q24 rooms (8 singles 63 - 77, 10 doubles 83 - 103, 4
triples 110 - 130, 2 suites 120 - 140). TARG hhh
Atlantic I-3, Praha 1, Na Po 9, MNm. Republiky,
tel. (+420) 224 81 10 84, fax (+420) 224 81 23 78,, This
hotel is on the site of a roadside inn in the 17th century. The
Atlantic remains on a busy road today but with renovated
interiors which are now sleek, chic and classy, conference
facilities and Fiesta, their self service restaurant, this is ex-
cellent value for being so close to the Old Town. Q88 rooms
(9 singles 73 - 110, 52 doubles 97 - 129, 25 triples 112
- 158, 2 quads 141 - 187). HARULGK hhh
Your best value-for-money
accommodation in Prague.
Teplick 492, 190 00 Praha 9
T: +420 266 131 111,
A delicately reconstructed
14th century house,
tucked into the very heart
of historic Prague.
Tnsk 1, Prague 1
tel. (+420) 222 32 15 21
Prague In Your Pocket
October - November 2010
Best Western Hotel Pv H-5, Praha 1, Kemencova
13, MKarlovo nmst, tel. (+420) 221 50 21 11, fax
(+420) 221 50 22 23,, www. Prague is blessed with another Small Charm-
ing Hotel, this time in the New Town, where three buildings
have been merged and beautifully reconstructed to incor-
porate classical elements with modern lines. And it is very
minimalist: no prints on the walls and muted wood and beige
interior. All rooms have twin beds, a safe, minibar, desk, TV
and free Wi-Fi. Pets are welcome and the lower double price
is for single occupancy. Q81 rooms (66 doubles 79 - 129,
15 triples 118 - 158). PARUKW
Christie H4, Praha 1, Vladislavova 20, MNrodn tda,
tel. (+420) 246 09 17 00, fax (+420) 246 09 18 00, res-, Nice
sized hotel in a good location; perfect if you cant decide which
area of town to choose. With a 15 minute walk, or less, you
can hit nearly all the big sights. Newly renovated, the rooms
are stylish and well-stocked. Free Wi-Fi is available in room
and common areas. Q Single: 88EUR; Double: 114 EUR.
Includes buffet breakfast and VAT. JHA6UGKX
Evropa F-4, Praha 1, Vclavsk nm. 25, MMstek,
tel. (+420) 224 22 81 17, fax (+420) 224 22 45 44,, Amazing...
from the outside. The 1905 Art Nouveau faade is the
most beautiful on Vclavsk nmst, and the caf is lovely.
However, the rooms (including the faux Louis 16th suites) are
distinctively scruffy-looking, some downright shabby furniture
and creaky floors. The cheaper rooms share facilities in
the corridor. Q85 rooms (13 singles 57 - 107, 41 doubles
92 - 142, 26 triples 110 - 178, 5 quads ). AKL hh
Hotel Andl Praha 5, Radlick 40/857, MAndl, tel.
(+420) 251 17 13 10, fax (+420) 251 17 13 90, info@, A homely, quiet
hotel by the railway station and opposite the Staropramen
brewery. Fear not, double glazing keeps the noise out of the
sunny, well appointed rooms although you should take a
rear courtyard facing room if you are a light sleeper. Minibar,
hair dryer etc. are standard in their not-so-standard rooms
this is a converted 1898 residential building so all rooms
are unique; the owner is an architect. Staff are friendly and
multilingual. Q31 rooms (31 singles 2000 - 3450K, 31
doubles 2700 - 4350K, 31 triples 3000 - 4950K, extra
bed 300K). AGKLP6T hhh
Ibis Praha City I-6, Praha 2, Kateinsk 36, MI. P.
Pavlova, tel. (+420) 222 86 57 77/(+420) 222 86 58 41,
fax (+420) 222 86 56 66,, The Ibis provides a mid-range hotel expe-
rience, too clinical to be upmarket and too well serviced for the
lower end of the spectrum as well. Functional rooms in a some-
what modern style provide the necessities of life. Q181 rooms
(181 doubles 79 - 107). PTARULGBK hhh
Ibis Praha Smchov Praha 5, Plzesk 14, MAndl,
tel. (+420) 221 70 17 00, fax (+420) 221 70 18 00,, The
third Ibis for Prague gives their usual room rates and facilities
in the ever-growing and trendier by the day area around Andl.
Hard working staff keep smiling and converse freely in a
number of languages. The lobby bar is busy, which is very un-
common in hotels. An excellent choice for a comfortable stay
across the river. Oh, and your pets are welcome too. Q228
rooms (singles 64 - 84, 214 doubles 76 - 96, 12 triples
88 - 108, 2 suites 154). PTHARULGK hhh
Kavalr Praha 5, Plzesk 177, MAndl, tel. (+420)
257 21 65 65, fax (+420) 257 21 00 85, kavalir@, A completely
refurbished three star hotel on the main street of Praha 5
with quick and easy access to the city centre, the Kavalr has
lovely rooms. Q50 rooms (2 singles 46 - 80, 39 doubles
60 - 106, 9 triples 77 - 133). Singles from 950CZK;
Doubles from 1250CZK; Triples from 1550CZK. Includes
buffet breakfast, city tax and VAT. PALK hhh
Park Inn H-7, Praha 2, Svobodova 1, MVyehrad, tel.
(+420) 225 99 52 25, fax (+420) 261 00 96 86, info., www.prague.parkinn.
com. A large modern hotel in an Art Deco-ish building; Park
Inn is part of the Radisson SAS group. Good choice for biz
people; they have conference facilities; meeting rooms and
210 guest rooms. A fitness centre, large restaurant and
indoor parking amp up the interest. Leisure travellers and
outdoor lovers will appreciate the proximity to Vyehrad
castle and gardens. Q 70-300EUR. PHA6FKW
Appia Residences A-2, Praha 1, porkova 3, MMalos-
transk, tel. (+420) 257 21 58 19, fax (+420) 257 21
53 29,, www.appia-apartments.
com. 22 sublime apartments with 1-3 bedrooms for long or
short stays in a restored building around a quiet courtyard.
An original chapel pediment is visible in the gables of one
section of the hotel and its interior has been converted into a
gorgeous private events/meeting room. Original stone floors
and wooden beams complement the sumptuous furnishings
in the apartments, and once here, youll probably never want
to go home. Q (22 apartments 132 - 264). Doubles start
at 2900CZK, includes city tax and VAT. Optional breakfast:
Hunger Wall Residence B-4, Praha 5, Plask 615/8,
MAndl, tel. 257 40 40 40, fax 257 40 40 60, info@, I f your journey to
Prague is going to last a bit longer than just a weekend,
consider checking in to the Hunger Wall Residence. Located
in Mal Strana, youll be treated to a city centre location thats
surrounded by parks. Eighteen apartments comprise the fully
renovated building, offering such amenities as a separate
working corner and kitchenette. An LCD TV, washer and
dryer plus a personal security and fire alarm guarantees your
comfort and safety. Q18 rooms (8 Junior Suite 86 - 104,
8 Superior Suite 92 - 112, 2 Executive Suite 102 - 127).
Marriott Executive Apartments I- 5, Praha 2,
V Tnch 9, MMuzeum, tel. (+420) 221 02 21 02,
fax (+420) 221 022 103, www.praguemarriottex- An excell ent choi ce for the
corporate or business traveller; the fully furnished studio
or one-bedroom apartments provide a home office area
with two lines, high speed (wired) internet access and fully
equipped kitchen. Housekeeping is available, as is dinner
delivery from a number of nearby restaurants. A fitness
area, plunge pool, plus business and conceirge services
round out the ameni ties. Q53 rooms (53 apartments
80 - 250). JAFC
Little Town Hotel A-2, Praha 1, Malostransk
nmst 11, MMalostranska, tel. 242 40 69 64, info@, Opened in
2009, Little Town Hotels best feature is its location. Right
out your front door is St. Nicholas Cathedral on Malostransk
nmst. There are a variety of rooms for every budget - from
dorm style to private, en suite. The dcor is pretty bare
bones, but when youve got the magic of Prague to explore,
who needs art? Staff is friendly and helpful. Q JAGW
Mosaic House Hostel H-5, Praha 2, Odbor 4, MKar-
lovo nmst, tel. 246 00 83 24, info@mosaichouse.
com, Want a 4-star stay with
a cheap price tag? Check into the Mosaic House, a huge
hotel off Karlovo nmst that combines shared and private
rooms in one building. The design is classy throughout, the
environmentally friendly cred is all there; plus theres a great
bar and restaurant on the ground floor that offers live music
and more. Breakfast is included and there is a female only
dorm room. Q (Dorm Rooms 22 - 35).
Old Prague Hostel F-2, Praha 1, Benediktsk 2,
MNm. Republiky, tel. (+420) 224 82 90 58, nfo@,
Award-winning hostel slap bang in the thi ck of Pragues
ni ghtli fe. All entrances are key-coded for securi ty, dorms
(max. 8 beds) have l ockers and are fairl y cramped, but
hey, all youre goi ng to do is sl eep i n there. Pl us free
internet, TV/DVD l ounge, ki tchen, breakfast and linen,
a 24 hour reception and very fri endl y staf f - the owners
grandmother di d all the artwork. Q20 rooms (20 Total
rooms ). From 10.90 EUR in a 10-bed dorm to 30 EU for
a singl e. G
Dahlia Inn I6, Praha 2 Lpov 20, MIP Pavlova,
tel. (+420) 776 68 67 19, fax (+420) 222 51 76
Modern and cozy, Dahlia Inn is a small pension, l ocated
on a qui et street in Praha 2. The rooms are bi g, bri ght
and ai ry and i ncl ude safe deposi t boxes, satelli te TV
and wirel ess internet. One tripl e room is availabl e, as is
an extra bed for any of the rooms. Fri endl y and helpful
staff, no charge. Q 8 rooms (Doubles 49-69EUR, Singles
39-59EUR). JAW
Dm u velk boty C1, Praha 1, Vl ask 30,
MMalostransk, tel. (+420) 257 53 13 60, info@, Ol d-
fashi on charm fai rl y oozes At the Bi g Boot. Youl l fi nd
thi s cozy, fami l y run hotel j ust at the bottom of the
Castl e. The bui l di ng has been around awhi l e; but the
owners have done a del i ght ful j ob i n mi xi ng modern
technol ogy wi th peri od furni shi ngs. Q Doubl es start
at 2700CZK. TJ
Hotel Anna
Budesk 17, Praha 2
tel. +420 222 513 111
Hotel Atlantic
Na Po 9, Praha 1
tel. +420 224 811 084
Best Western Hotel Meteor Plaza
Hybernsk 6, Praha 1
tel. +420 224 192 111
Sovereign Hotel
Politickch Vz 16, Praha 1
tel. +420 242 454 545
Locati on Character Hospi tali ty Cateri ng Calm Charm
Hotel lite
Ostrovn 32, Praha 1
tel. +420 224 932 250
Best Western Hotel Pv
Kemencova 13, Praha 1
tel. +420 221 502 111
Mozartova 261/1, Prague 5
tel. +420 257 15 11 11,
Prague In Your Pocket
October - November 2010
PALLADIUM, NamsI Republiky 1
2. (gurmahske) paIro
CeI spoiled by Ihe oriehIal aImosphere! Have a seaI ahd IasIe
Ihe IradiIiohal souIh ahd horIh ihdiah specialIies made by ih-
diah che! o! his recipes.
Ve sIylove resIauraci ha Vas dchhe prava aImos!era oriehIalh
Ihdie. OchuIhe|Ie Iradich specialiIy severh a |izh Ihdie, pripra-
vehe ihdickm se!kucharem dle vlasIhch recepIur.
Enjoy Ihe CHANCHALA orienIaI aImosphere ...
Za vn orienIu do resIaurace CHANCHALA ...
*bar *cokofonIna *caIering *jdIo s sebou *rozvoz jdeI
*prIy na kIc *Iekce varen *domc prIy s kucharem
*cajovna *vodn dmka *orienIIn hudba *keramika
TabIe reservaIion. +420 225 771 150,
Prague is aptly named the city of a hundred spires, but to
the gastronomically inclined its also known as the city of
a thousand restaurants. Pragues cosmopolitan character
is reflected by her increasingly international and excellent
cuisine, although there are still plenty of tourist traps.
Ariana F-2, Praha 1, Rmov 6, MNm. Republiky, tel.
(+420) 222 32 34 38, Superb,
especially if it happens to be the chilli chutney or a large plate of
aubergines swimming in butter and salt. Arianas Afghan is slightly
spicy, and uses a lot of tomatoes and yoghurt. The portions may
be a tad underweight but great Eastern cuisine, at better prices
than most. QOpen 11:00 - 23:00. (150 - 250K). TA
Kabul Karolina D- 4, Praha 1, Karolny Svtl 14,
MNrodn tda, tel. (+420) 224 23 54 52, www. Unassuming in appearance, perhaps
like the city its named after, its the food and the pleasant
courtyard seating at this Afghan restaurant that draws in the
Czech and foreign crowds. The short menu lists among others
kebabs, kofta (spicy meatballs) and ashak, a delicious dough
pocket stuffed with beef, leek, yoghurt and mint. Dont forget
to try the kadu yoghurt-pumpkin dessert before you leave.
QOpen 12:00 - 23:00. Closed Sun. PAB
Ambiente Living K-5, Praha 2, Mnesova 59, MNm.
Mru, tel. (+420) 222 72 78 51, One of the
Ambiente chain, and as eternally popular as the others, this
place serves up fresh salad, great stuffed peppers, ribs and of
course chicken wings. This is billed as a lifestyle restaurant and
serves delicious dishes with their distinctive brand of style. QO-
pen 11:00 - 24:00, Sat, Sun 12:00 - 24:00. (150 - 300K). A
Cowboys Steaks & Cocktails A-1, Praha 1, Neru-
dova 40, MMalostransk, tel. (+420) 296 82 61 07, Bazaar has morphed into the
Kampa Groups sublime version of an American steakhouse.
Premium-tequila-laden cowgirls on the bar, quality and af-
fordable cuts of steak, seafood and even lobster (1,250K),
complementary wine list, myriad salad and side offerings,
cool bar, tunes and atmosphere. A fabulous cellar space,
classy design, exellent cuisine and staff round out another
Kampa success. The primo cafe serves Illy coffee, Cream
& Dream gelato and more. QOpen 12:00 - 02:00, Sat, Sun
12:00 - 03:00. (250 - 750K) PAIEBW
Hooters H-5, Praha 2, Vodikova 12, MMstek, tel.
602 79 92 22,, www.hooters.
cz. The ambiguous America restaurant known for its chicken
wings (and perhaps its waitresses) has landed in Prague.
Unfortunately, while the waitresses seem to be the same;
the food has been lacing in a quality. Hopefully its growing
pains and theyll break out of their shell soon. Hooters wings,
burgers, onion wings and other hard to finds in Prague are
here. QOpen , Mon, Tue, Wed, Sun 11:00 - 23:00, Thu, Fri,
Sat 11:00 - 01:00. 139-299 K.
Jack Rabbit Slims J-3, Praha 1, Hybernsk 32,
MNmst Republiky, tel. 728 20 09 61/224 24 70 22, Pulp Fiction fans, or anyone
looking for some American food should head on over to Jack
Rabbit Slims Also called Mazan Krlek (shrewd bunny
rabbit), dont expect waitresses dressed as dead celebrities
or vanilla cokes. Here you can get a good grilled goat cheese
appetizer or salmon steak, along with burgers and jalapeno
poppers. Service can be slow, and the kitchen hit or miss,
but no gangsters in view and theres a club in the basement.
QOpen 11:00 - 05:00. 159-300 K.
Bakeries & Sandwiches
Paneria D-2, Praha 1, Kaprova 3, MStaromstsk,
tel. (+420) 224 82 79 12, Paneria is
a chain of bakeries with a tasty range of sweet and savoury
snacks; including pastries, sandwiches, soups and bread
that fuels you up. The pasta is not known for its value or
flavour however. Fresh and fast. QOpen 08:00 - 20:00. Also
at F-3, Nekzanka 19; I-4, Vodikova 33; E-2, Dlouh 50 and
many other locations. (40 - 100K). S
Subway I-5, Praha 1, tpnsk 51, MMstek, tel.
(+420) 224 21 44 17,
Subway ensures your sub in Prague is the same as in Paris,
France or Paris, Texas so their quality hot and cold subs,
myriad of dressings, salad accessories, the huge catering
sandwich, cookies and frequent fliers schemes are all avail-
able here. Plus pivo - of course. ISIC cardholder discounts
apply. QOpen 08:00 - 22:00, Sat, Sun 10:00 - 22:00. Also
at B-2, Karmelitsk 28. (59 - 148K). PS
Gitanes A-2, Praha 1, Trit 7, MMalostransk, tel.
(+420) 257 53 01 63,,
A vast and fairly expensive selection of local and international
wines precede a vastly unusual menu for a Prague restaurant.
Octopus and mussels vie for space with veal and lamb, served
in a marked Balkan slant, see sa, kajmak and sarma
sauerkraut. QOpen 12:00 - 24:00. (185 - 435K). AG
Luka Lu G-4, Praha 1, jezd 33, MMalostransk, tel.
(+420) 257 21 23 88,, www.lukalu.
cz. Balkan and Italian inspired meals; coupled with warm,
laid-back service makes Luka Lu a great choice for a nice,
relaxed evening. Their fun interior and excellent back ter-
race add to the ambience. Choose octopus, seafood, lamb
or pasta. QOpen 17:00 - 01:00, Sat, Sun 12:00 - 24:00.
115-380k. JB
Brewery restaurants
Novomstsk pivovar I-5, Praha 1, Vodikova 20,
MMstek, tel. (+420) 222 23 24 48,
A 340-seat restaurant, the New Town Brewery, not surpris-
ingly, serves its own brews. This could easily have become
a theme restaurant, because it can and does cater to large
parties, so come early or book ahead. Lots of smoked meat
and traditional dishes. Try the pork knuckle. QOpen 10:00 -
23:30, Sat 11:30 - 23:30, Sun 12:00 - 22:00. (160 - 500K).
Pot r ef en husa E- 2, Pr aha 1, B l kova 5,
MStaromstsk, tel. (+420) 222 32 66 26, www. Its a hospoda, Jim, but not as we
know it. The new generation has landed, complete with
Brazil-the-movie-type TV screens, a bar rail at the long bar
for comfort, and very good, very large, and very popular food
(from fallow deer to jambalaya), although the onus remains
on the culture of drinking. The Belgian shareholders help by
importing their brews. Reservations recommended. QOpen
11:00 - 24:00. (50 - 350K). Also at Ndran 84, Praha 5;
Ndran 23, Praha 5; Resslova 1, Praha 2; Vinohradsk
104, Praha 3; Verdunsk / Terronsk 11, Praha 6;Platnsk
88/9, Praha 1; Dldn 1003, Praha 1. PA
U Flek H-5, Praha 1, Kemencova 11, MNrodn
tda, tel. (+420) 224 93 40 19, A tourist
trap since they started brewing their dark, rich aromatic beer
on this spot in 1499. The brew is worth the trip in itself, and
should be accompanied by hearty pub food. The loud and
boisterous crowds of tourists and locals are a show worth
watching as everyone and his tour guide treks through.
QOpen 09:00 - 23:00. (85 - 320K). A
U Pinkas E- 4, Praha 1, Jungmannovo nm. 16,
MMstek, tel. (+420) 221 11 11 50,
The presence of locals is encouraging in this beer hall whose
not unimpressive claim to fame is that of being the first pivnice
in Prague to have Pilsner Urquell on draught. A commemorative
plaque and a tap mark the spot where this countrys most
renowned beer began to flow in 1843. In todays establishment
youll find a courtyard terrace and two floors of beer swilling and
sausage eating. More elegant no-smoking rooms are available
for dining; the menu, although traditional, is uninspired. QOpen
10:00 - 03:00. (150 - 200K). AB
U Vodrny K- 5, Praha 3, Korunn 75, MJiho z
Podbrad, tel. (+420) 222 52 25 40, www.restaurace- At the Water Tower is famous for another liquid:
fresh Gambrinus, Pilsner Urquell and Kozel from tanks rather
than barrels - pubs must consume a certain amount of beer
to be given this honour. It is also famous for excellent and
cheap home cooked traditional food and that superb habit of
singing rock n roll and country and western songs in Czech.
Plus they have an adjacent non-stop herna with saloon doors.
QOpen 10:00 - 23:00. (40 - 200K). EB
Hong Kong H- 1, Praha 7, Letensk nm. 5,
MHradansk, tel. (+420) 233 37 62 09, www. The service can be a little cold, but
the fare, with liberal helpings of excellent chutneys on every
table, should more than warm you up. Once youve been
convinced of their cuisine, you can wander next door to their
Big Shop/Little Shop to get the supplies to try to compete
at home with your own culinary efforts. QOpen 11:00 - 15:00
& 18:00-23:00. Open 11:00-15:00, 18:00-23:00. (150 -
400K). PTAUG
Huang He K-7, Praha 10, Vrovick 1, tel. (+420) 271
74 66 51, Chinese as good as it should
be; they spice the food up properly then warn Czech clients
not to order that dish. Enjoy the hot and sour soup, but ev-
erything else on the menu is worth ordering, too. Tram N6
from from I.P. Pavlova to the Ndraz Vrovice stop. Reserva-
tions recommended. QOpen 11:00 - 23:00. Also in Prague
9, Kolbenova 1, tel. 283 89 05 18. (100 - 300K). AGP
Peking Praha 4 - Pankrc, Pujmanov 10, MPankrc,
tel. 241 73 06 88,, www.pekingres- Youre in Prague, not Beijing. But if a craving for
Chinese food suddenly strikes, head out into the hinterlands
of Prague 4 for what most will say is the best Chinese in
town. Dim sum, har kau and their spring rolls are excellent
starters, while main course hits include Peking duck (be
hungry!) and prawns with mango. The restaurant is huge and
groups are very welcome. Lazy Susans sit on the tables -
perfect for sharing. QOpen 11:30 - 15:30 & 17:30-23:00.
(139 - 599K). PW
Bl vrna Praha 3, Jagellonsk 10, MJiho z
Podbrad, tel. (+420) 737 07 00 05, www.bilavrana.
com. Czech pubs are moving from their working class roots
and employing inventive chefs to elevate the seemingly
similar menus they host. The White Raven is no exception
with even lunch specials inviting compliments. Excellent
service and quality join some English elements (yet to be tried
Sunday roast and Beamish in cans). QOpen 11:00 - 24:00,
Sun 11:00 - 23:00. (90 - 300K). BSW
Bredovsk dvr F-4, Praha 1, Politickch vz 13,
MHlavn ndra, tel. (+420) 224 21 54 28, www.bre- Another modern version of the Czech
hospoda tradition, Bredovsk dvr delivers cellar ambience
dimly lit by funky lights, a long iron bar, cool furniture and
excellent kitchen. An extremely popular lunchtime attracts
the crowds with the 75k menu until 2pm. The menu mimics
the funky and old world fusion of the dcor, with Czech dishes
tweaked by international additions, pasta dishes providing
a tasty and cheap alternative, and big screen enticing the
sports fans. Try buck steak, venison goulash, or stick to
old favourites. Additional seating around the open kitchen
is available at the rear. QOpen 11:00 - 24:00, Sun 11:00 -
23:00. (150 - 300K). PA
P Air conditioning A Credit cards accepted
E Live music S Take away
T Child friendl y U Facilities for the disabled
G Non-smoking areas L Guarded parking
O Casino M Nearest metro station
B Outside seating I Fireplace
R Internet W Wi-Fi 6 Animal friendl y
Symbol key
Prague In Your Pocket
October - November 2010
Celnice I-3, Praha 1, V Celnici 4, MNm. Republiky,
tel. (+420) 224 21 22 40, An excel-
lent, upmarket restaurant owned by the Pilsner brewery
decorated with period photos and brewing equipment. The
menu includes all the Czech standards including pork knuckle
and rabbit, but Celnice also serves some more imaginative
and vegetarian options. Unfortunately, the large space can
get noisy when the downstairs bar turns up the volume later
in the evening. QOpen 11:00 - 02:00, Thu, Fri, Sat 11:00 -
04:00. (150 - 335K). PAGB
Lv dvr A- 1, Praha 1, U Pranho mostu 6,
MHradansk, tel. (+420) 224 37 23 61, www.lvid- Loitering in a small house at the northern entrance
to the castle, the Lions Court offers Czech cooking fit for
royalty at princely prices. The European wine selection is
excellent and their kitchen does amazing things to pork
that we hadnt dreamed possible. QOpen 11:00 - 24:00.
(150 - 400K). PAB
Stolet C-4, Praha 1, Karolny Svtl 21, MNrodn
tda, tel. (+420) 222 22 00 08, The
food is great value, the atmosphere lively and the service
fantastic. Even better, Stolet is one of the only restaurants
that is seriousl y attempting to progress Czech cuisine
while keeping it Czech at the same time. Plus, they are
non-smoking and offer take-away. QOpen 12:00 - 24:00.
(150 - 300K). PTAUIGBS
vejk D-2, Praha 1, irok 20, MStaromstsk,
tel. (+420) 224 81 39 64. Someone spent some
money (and not much by the l ook of i t) to make a new
restaurant l ook ol d - basi cal l y what a beer hal l woul d
l ook l i ke i n the Czech pavi l i on at the Worl d Expo. That
sai d, vej k restaurants are al ways good for tradi ti onal
food l i ke duck, pork and wi l d boar served wi th dump-
l i ngs, cabbage and a l ocal beer. QOpen 11:00 - 23:00.
(100 - 300K). A
U Maltzskch ryt B-2, Praha 1, Prokopsk 10,
MMalostransk, tel. (+420) 257 53 00 75, www. Thi s hi stori cal restaurant
called At the Maltese Cross is housed in a 14th century
building called at the black horse where the entrance
does not prepare you for the maze of tiny rooms below.
The international menu is small but inspired with excellent
Chateaubriand for two and traditional Czech dishes. Fish
and meat is predominantly organic (bio) and the ambience
is understated and secl uded. QOpen 13:00 - 23:00.
(300 - 600K). AI
U Modr re E-4, Praha 1, Rytsk 16, MMstek,
tel. (+420) 224 22 58 73, The
Blue Rose serves refined Czech dishes in an antique set-
ting to make you feel like a lord or lady. The candle-lit 15th
century brick cellar is an ideal place for a romantic dinner
with your sweetheart. QOpen 11:30 - 23:30. (350 - 750K).
U Petrsk ve J-3, Praha 1, Petrsk 12, MFlorenc,
tel. (+420) 222 32 98 56, Golden
vaulted ceilings reach over you as you pick at your high-class
Czech vittals or sip on that which you have selected from the
gothic cellar. QOpen 12:00 - 24:00, Sat, Sun 18:00 - 01:00.
(290 - 480K). AGP
U Pravd I-5, Prague 1, itn 15, MMuzeum, tel.
222 23 39 15,, www.up- Like an old country store, U Pravd is waiting to
welcome you with a nice cold one and plates of tasty Czech
cooking. Basic is the design, simple is the cooking - both
in a satisfying way. Choose from a variety of meals like
mother-in-laws chicken (chicken with spicy salami and
brie) or roasted duck. Nice beer list with some harder to
find options on tap. QOpen 11:00 - 23:00, Sat, Sun 12:00
- 23:00. 129 K - 325 K.
Dining & Dancing
Folklore Garden Na Zlchov 18, tel. (+420) 724 33
43 40,, www.folkloregarden.
cz. I f youre not one to sit still during a meal, then this is
the restaurant for you. At Folklore Garden, youre fed large
portions of traditional Czech food and beer, and simulta-
neously entertained with a two and one-hal f hour show
with live music and folk dancing. Great fun i f youre in for
a country-style party; active participation is welcomed.
Folklore Garden is south of Smchov; tram N12, 14 or
20 to Hluboepy. QOpen 20:00 - 22:30. (560 - 1050K).
Brasserie La Provence E-3, Praha 1, tupartsk 9,
MNm. Republiky, tel. (+420) 296 82 61 55, www. The people that brought you Kampa
Park went to great lengths to create a genuine brasserie
in the heart of Prague. The result is a best of amalgam of
several Parisian brasseries; a stunning Belle Epoque room
with large windows. Specialising in delicious fresh seafood
(anything from oysters to lobster), game like rabbit in tarragon
sauce and vegetarian onion quiche are also available. The
sommelier has selected several uncomplicated wines (that
can also be had by glass) that go wonderfully with the food.
QOpen 11:00 - 23:00. (130 - 600K). PA
Cleste H-6, Praha 2, Ranovo nbe 80, MKarlovo
nmst, tel. (+420) 221 98 41 60, info@celesteres-, Newly opened
on top of the Dancing House (Tanc dm); excellent French
cuisine and fabulous city views are yours for the money.
The contemporary restaurant is set in an expansive space;
complete with a summer terrace. The cuisine is creative
and solid; lots of seafood and both the wine and dessert
lists are substantial. Theres an accompanying bar on the
ground floor. QOpen 12:00 - 14:30 lunch & 18:30 - 22:30
dinner. Closed Sun. 375-685 K. JB
Francouzsk restaurace F-3, Praha 1, Nmst
Republiky 5, MNm. Republiky, tel. (+420) 222 00 27
70, Superb French (and
some Czech) gourmet dishes from this restaurants award
winning chefs. Mussels, rabbit, foie gras and duck all make
delightful appearances in one of the worlds masterpieces
of art nouveau architecture (the Municipal House building
itself) and interior. Lunch specials and a concert package
lower prices somewhat, and try the Jazz Brunch on the first
Sunday of each month. Q Open 12:00 - 16:00 & 18:00 -
23:00. (600 - 2,000K). ABEPU
Sarah Bernhardt I-3, Praha 1, U Obecnho domu 1, MNm.
Republiky, tel. (+420) 222 195 195, www.sarah-bernhardt.
cz. Hotel dining is reaching dizzy heights in Prague and the art
nouveau design of this restaurant is divinely matched by Chef Karel
Hyneks inspired menues. Offering set meals for the undecided or
choose from poached trout or slow roated lamb. Live music every
Thursday & Friday evening. QOpen 6:30 - 10:00 & 18:00-23:00.
Open 06:30 - 10:00 (10:30 Sat & Sun), 12:00 - 16:00 & 18:00 -
23:00. (500 - 900K) (550 - 1,200K). PAEG
Kavala Prague 6, Charlese de Gaulla 5, MDejvick,
tel. (+420) 224 32 51 81, Follow-
ing an extensive reconstruction, Kavala joins and adds to the
emergence of Prague 6 as the location of some of Pragues
finest eating establishments (well, diplomats are a notorious
group of eaters and drinkers, so why not?). Good word-of-
mouth buzz and Greek chefs make this another authentic
haven for souvlaki, calamari and tender lamb lovers. QOpen
11:30 - 23:30. (200 - 650K). PA
Kri-Kri J-5, Praha 2, Korunn 48, MNmst Mru, tel.
(+420) 222 540 400,, www.kri-kri.
cz. Its all Greek to them. From the food to the service, Kri-
Kri is about as authentic as you can get off the island. Be
prepared for a long evening and dont go in starving as the
service isnt the best. However, once your food arrives youll
be wallowing in happiness over their stifado, shrimp saganaki
and tzatziki. Their Greek house wines are surprisingly cheap
and good. QOpen 12:00 - 24:00. Closed Sun. 145-210 K.
These restaurants are the ones to head for if youre
yearning for spectacular views over the city while you
hold the hand of your lover. Or if you need something
to look at if the conversation wanes...
Il Giardino Praha 5, Mozartova 1 (Mvenpick
Hotel), MAndl, tel. (+420) 257 15 42 62, www. Il Giardino is a hotel restau-
rant with a little flair, created mostly by the rooftop view
over Prague, but also by their varied Mediterranean
menu. Q Open 05:30 - 10:30, 12:00 - 23:00. (400 -
1,000K). PTAUG
Petnsk Terasy A- 4, Praha 1, Seminsk
zahrada 13, tel. (+420) 257 32 06 88, www.petrin- The restaurant with one of the best views
of Prague sits halfway up Petn Hill and is furnished in a
Slovak country cottage kind of way. Cuisine is the some-
what traditional international and Czech variety, and live
dulcimer music accompanies dinner. Take the funicular
to the Nebozizek stop to get here. QOpen 12:00 - 23:00.
(160 - 280K). AIEB
Zlat Praha E-1, Praha 1, nm. Curieovch 43/5
(InterContinental Hotel), MStaromstsk, tel.
(+420) 296 63 09 14, http://www.zlataprahares- From this vantage point youll be able to see
a fair share of the citys 100 spires. One the citys most
renowned restaurants, Golden Prague offers a changing
menu of international and Czech nouvelle cuisine, busi-
ness lunches for the more budget conscious gourmet,
and a Sunday brunch accompanied by live jazz. QOpen
12:00 - 15:00 & 18:00-23:00. Open 12:00 - 15:00;
18:00 - 23:30. (500 - 800K). PAEGB
Zvonice I- 4, Praha 1, Jindisk v, MNm.
Republiky, tel. (+420) 224 22 00 09, www.restau- If youre looking for something differ-
ent and dont have a fear of heights, then head to the
top three floors of this Gothic bell tower, complete with
15th century bell. Zvonice is decorated with giant oak
beams and serves everything from snails, carpaccio,
steak and fish to classic Czech dishes. Dont miss the
view from the gallery up top. Gorgeous and exceedingly
posh. Lunch menu for 290K. QOpen 11:30 - 24:00.
(400 - 750K). A
Food with a view
Hybernsk 1033/7, Praha 1
tel. +420 224 226 004, mob. +420 777 344 005,
Modern restaurant in the centre of
Prague oers its customers:
... savour your time
Prague In Your Pocket
October - November 2010
Indian Jewel I-3, Praha 1, Tn 6, MStaromstsk,
tel. (+420) 222 31 01 56,, www. A true jewel in Prague Indian cusine. Flavour
is the name of the game here - whether its their tasty curries,
kebabs or tandoori specialties; the full spectrum of the Indian
continent is duly explored. The sag paneer, lamb vindaloo
and tandoori murgh are especially notable. The head chef
has worked all over the world; including restaurants in India
and Thailand, so knows his stuff. Q 180-490 K. JAB
Masala J-5, Praha 2, Mnesova 13, MMuzeum, tel.
(+420) 222 251 601, Authentic (no
beef) and not (dried fruit in the samosas) at the same time,
but Masala has an owner who understands customer service
and therefore whatever quibbles you have with it today, tomor-
row they may be gone. The spice quotient is up to you and the
vindaloo was delicious without being nuclear. With homemade
ingredients and divine desserts; Masala is looking like one of
the best Indian options in town. Reservations recommended -
it is very small. QOpen 11:30 - 23:00. (100 - 250K). AS
Al l egr o D- 2, Pr aha 1, Vel esl av nova 2a,
MStaromstsk, tel. (+420) 221 42 68 80, www. Pragues first, and still only, Michelin Star
rated restaurant. The quality of the Four Seasons hotel chain
is obvious in the classic, oak-panelled line of Allegros interior
as well as by the range of delicious Italian and Bohemian
specialties on offer. Their view of the Vlatava and castle
cant be beaten, although their prices can. Often named
the best restaurant in Prague. QOpen 07:00 - 23:00, Sun
11:30 - 15:00. (950 - 1,150K). PAUEG
Bellevue C- 3, Praha 1, Smetanovo nbe 18,
MNrodn tda, tel. (+420) 222 22 14 43,
A fantastic setting, looking out to Charles Bridge, the castle
and the Vltava, and a classic atmosphere sets the scene
for you to feel dead posh if you want and if you can afford
it. Chef Petr Bures prepares dishes like fillet of fallow deer
with rose hip sauce, caramelised pears, homemade sptzle
and wild mushrooms. Try their jazz brunch on Sundays.
QOpen 12:00 - 15:00 & 17:30-23:00. (1,000 - 2,000K).
Bonante J-5, Praha 2, Anglick 15, MMuzeum, tel.
(+420) 224 22 16 65, Bonantes
imaginative menu and lip-smackingly tasty range of wines
from around the world are good reasons to visit this cellar
space. QOpen 11:00 - 23:00. Closed Sun. (200 - 400K).
Brasserie Praha I-3, Praha 1, V Celnici 8 (Prague
Marriott Hotel), MNm. Republiky, tel. (+420) 221
03 33 33, This subtle space
inside the Prague Marriott is classy yet laid back. Dishes
from the open kitchen are simple, delicious and classically
international, heavy on the French. Top choices include the
lamb shank with creamed spinach and crushed potatoes and
the French onion soup. QOpen 06:30 - 11:00 & 12:00-23:00.
(195 - 625K). AE
Caf freys E- 3, Praha 1, Staromstsk nm. 10,
MStaromstsk, tel. (+420) 224 82 80 31, www.caf- Good service and a great location on Staromtsk
nm. make this a popular Irish pub for many, including large
parties of stag nighters. Prices are more favourable here
than other Old Town spots; plus they offer an excellent food
menu (try the authentic Irish breakfast), first rate Guinness
(65 K), Magners Irish cider (85 K), Walkers crisps and more
to make you feel right at home. A good venue to watch all the
major (GAA too) sporting events. QOpen 09:00 - 01:00, Sat
09:00 - 02:00. PABK
ern slon F-2, Praha 1, Tnsk 1, MStaromstsk,
tel. (+420) 222 32 15 21, For
a taste of medieval living, dine below the vaulted ceilings of
this small restaurant in an ancient building across the nar-
row street from Tn Church. Feast on wild boar, venison, and
classic European dishes or just opt for the Old Town plate
consisting of pork, roast duck, sausages, dumplings and
cabbage. QOpen 11:00 - 23:00. (100 - 400K). PAB
Dubl i ner I r i sh Pub F- 2, Pr aha 1, Tyn 1,
MStaromstsk, tel. 224 89 54 04, www.aulddubliner.
cz. If you find yourself hankering for a bit o Irish cooking;
head over to The Dubliner for a mighty fine meal. Indulge in
their Irish specialties like cottage pie, Guinness Irish stew or
fish and chips. Feeling exotic in an Irish sort of way? Try their
chicken curry or chilli con carne. Of course theyve got the
big Irish breakfast plus snacks and sandwiches. Live sports
are played on their many TVs and the atmosphere is usually
rollicking. QOpen , Mon, Tue, Wed, Sun 11:00 - 01:00, Thu,
Fri, Sat 11:00 - 03:00. 135-395 Kc. ABK
Ethiopia Cafe K-5, Praha 2, Krkonosk 10, MJiho
z Podbrad, tel. 223 01 02 55,, Claiming to be the first Ethiopian restau-
rant in central and Eastern Europe, Czech owner Ji kvor
spent more than two years in Ethiopia and wanted to recreate
a small version of the African country in his homeland. True
to its concept, the base of all meals is the injera bread and
all food is eaten with your hands. Try the beyenutu addis to
sample five Ethiopian dishes or one of their creative non-
H O T E L P A R I S * * * * *
U Obecnho domu 1, 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 222 195 195, fax: +420 224 225 475,
Lunch or Dinner
at Art Nouveau Style?
Caf de Paris is famous meeting point in town
whenever its business breakfast of friendly
chat over coffee & delicious.
Brasserie Sarah Bernhardt gently and with
attentive effortlessness ties French gourmet
cuisine and advanced Czech gastronomy
in one outstanding experience.
Please let us invite you to a table and show
how enjoyable dining with us might be!
alcoholic drinks like cool ginger elixir or hot milk and honey.
The caf is committed on other fronts; serving Fair Trade
coffee plus employing people with disabilities. Non-smoking.
QOpen , Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 10:00 - 23:00, Fri 10:00 -
23:30, Sat 12:00 - 23:30, Sun 12:00 - 23:00. 75-140 K.
Hergetova Cihelna C- 2, Praha 1, Ciheln 2b,
MMalostransk, tel. (+420) 257 53 55 34, www. Part of the Kampa Group of restaurants,
this is a winner in every respect. A huge menu of Czech and
international favourites tantalises, with great Neapolitan
pizzas thrown in for good measure. Sunday brunch with
professionals on hand to look after your kids while you relax.
We love it and you will too. Check out the upstairs lounge
complete with pool table and big screen. QOpen 11:30 -
01:00. (70 - 400K). PTAEGB
Hybernia I-3, Praha 1, Hybernsk 7, MNm. Repub-
liky, tel. (+420) 224 22 60 04, To see
the wait staff in action is like watching ballet with the fast
forward button jammed down - understandable when you
see the queue at lunchtime. Baked, boiled, fried and grilled
meat rules the realm here whether it be beef, pork, duck or
other poultry. Vegetarian dishes are also available but we
suspect its just an attempt to be politically correct. QOpen
08:00 - 23:30, Sat, Sun 10:30 - 23:30. (100 - 250K).
La Degustation F-2, Praha 1, Hatalsk 18, MNm.
Republiky, tel. (+420) 222 31 12 34, www.ladegusta- This self-styled Bohemian Bourgeoisie restaurant
from the Ambiente Group is a luxurious corner restaurant
with an open kitchen and a private dining room feel to it.
Set menus intrigue the senses with a heady list of amuse-
bouche, there is a pre- and post-theatre menu, and the
sommelier has created a superb wine list. QOpen 18:00
- 24:00, Tue, Wed, Thu 12:00 - 14:30. Closed Sun. (945 -
2,450K). A
Le Grill J-3, Praha 1, Hybernsk 12, MNmst Repub-
liky, tel. (+420) 226 22 61 11, www.kempinski-prague.
com. A magical combination of local and international
cuisine, Le Grill, inside the Kempinski Hotel is really pretty
good. Yes, its in a hotel, but skip that fact and savor Chef
Marek Fichtner advanced kitchen skills. The beef and lamb
are both excellent choices and whatever you do save room
for dessert; order pralines and the black forest cake. Q
Daily: Breakfast: 7:00-11:00; Lunch: 12:00-15:00; Dinner:
18:00-22:30 360-880k. PYA
Mozaika K- 5, Praha 3, Nitransk 13, MJiho z
Podbrad, tel. (+420) 224 25 30 11, At Mozaika every dish is so delicious that its
difficult to make a choice. The seafood bouillabaisse is a
hearty starter, tandoori chicken is piquant and tasty, while
pasta dishes are rich and flavourful. The hamburger is touted
as the best in Prague. Judge for yourself, but reserve a table
first. QOpen 11:30 - 24:00, Sat 12:00 - 24:00, Sun 16:00 -
24:00. (100 - 350K). B
Nostress E-1, Praha 1, Dun 10, MStaromstsk,
tel. (+420) 222 31 70 07, Theyre
not kidding. With comfortable designer furniture and steady
ambient music, stress is the last thing on your mind. Fusion
and Asian cuisine dominate the menu, but you shouldnt pass
up a chance to try one of the delicious Belgian desserts - the
owner is Belgian. Highlights include dim sum and wontons
as well as celebrity sightings (Joseph Fiennes, Maggie Smith
and, er, Begbie). Loud live music on Saturday evenings.
QOpen 10:00 - 24:00. (250 - 600K). PAIE
C. & K. Restaurant U starho Prochzky
IIzesk 242/161 (coinei vilh Na ZnysIi)
Iiaha 5 - Kose
leI. +42O 6O2 583 O3O
Cone and enjoy genuine alnospheie
fion lhe Auslio-Hungaiian
nonaichy. We invile you on a
gasliononic liip noie lhan 1OO yeais
lack, inlo lhe line of oui giand-
nolheis cooking. You can choose
lelveen oui hisloiicaI ieslauianl
on lhe giound ooi oi a iuslic ceIIai
vilh giiII and snoking-chanlei. You
viII enjoy deIicious food, a dozen of
diaughl leeis fion diffeienl snaII
lieveiies, fiiendIy vaileis and a
unique alnospheie.
Prague In Your Pocket
October - November 2010
Dining with the stars is usually more
memorable than enjoyable. The restaurant
Stolet, which means century, has found a
reasonable compromise. You can enjoy their
company on one of Old Towns quietest
streets, for a Working-Joe price, and
without fanfare. Stolet offers solid value
and inspired kitchen technique though
the last one does go a bit far at times.
You can honestly say youve had a pure
Czech meal and thoroughly enjoyed it
at Stolet.
Praha 1 Star Msto
ul. Karolny Svtl 21
tel./fax: 222 220 008
Open daily, noon-midnight
Pod kdlem noci D-4, Praha 1, Nrodn 10, MNrodn
tda, tel. (+420) 224 95 17 41,
More of a dining experience than an eating one; Pod kdlem
noci (under the wing of night) is a concept restaurant in which
you eat in total darkness. Visually impaired staff takes care
of you in the world of darkness section. Sitting you down,
directing you to your food, explaining what things are and help-
ing you back out again. Theres also a world of light dining
area for those who prefer a little less mystery with their meal.
QOpen 11:00 - 15:00, Thu, Fri 11:00 - 23:00. Closed Sat, Sun.
790k, 3-course set menus, drinks not included.
Pravda E-2, Praha 1, Pask 17, MStaromstsk,
tel. (+420) 222 32 62 03,
Not just the name of the old communist party mouthpiece
(and a terri fic Tom Stoppard play), but also a successful
dining room, with huge windows for maximum pose street
visibility, great high white walls and a very enviable mez-
zanine floor shaped like a box at the opera. The vichysoisse
165K and a delicious tagliatelle with parma ham 245K,
are very good. Another Tommy Sj restaurant. QOpen
12:00 - 01:00. (250 - 600K). PAGB
Republika J-3, Praha 1, Na Poc 12, MFlorenc, tel.
242 48 16 55,, http:// A lovely Art Nouveau
inspired restaurant, the atmosphere is definitely better than
the cooking. Live jazz is played nightly, and the overall feel of
the place is classy 1920s. The kitchen staff struggles a bit;
good choices include the Czech classic, Svkova, and dessert.
QOpen 11:00 - 24:00, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 01:00. 175-375 K.
Resto Caf Patio E-4, Praha 1, Nrodn 22, MNrodn
tda, tel. (+420) 224 93 43 75, The
Patio people are carving a colonial niche for themselves in
Prague with this caf (the other location has recently closed)
with beautiful interior design and furnished from their own
shops so you can have dinner then decide to buy your chair. The
cuisine can be hit and miss, but on the whole, adept service
and luxuriously languid atmosphere is a crowd pleaser. QOpen
08:00 - 23:00, Sat, Sun 10:00 - 23:00. (120 - 420K). A
Rocky OReillys Praha 1, Stepanska 32, MMstek,
tel. 222 23 10 60, Nothing res-
cues an all-nighter like a massive Irish breakfast and Rocky
OReillys is the place to get it. You can get stuffed other times
of the day as well with their massive platters of food including
ribs and chicken wings. In true international style, you can
get a curry, fajitas or cottage pie. Friendly staff, plus lots of
TVs showing live sports and you may be here for a couple
of meals. QOpen 10:00 - 01:00. 165-395 Kc. JAK
Solidn nejistota H- 5, Praha 1, Ptrossova 21,
MNrodn tda, tel. 605 00 05 00, www.solidninej- Such an international menu may not be found
anywhere else in Prague. Youve got your Thai grilled salmon,
filet mignon and spaghetti carbonara. An extensive cocktail
list makes this place just as popular with the late night party-
ing crowd. Q (145 - 555K). PAK
Svat Klra Praha 7, U Trojskho zmku 35, tel. (+420)
233 54 01 73, For something com-
pletely different, descend 16m underground in this natural
cave made into a wine cellar and restaurant. The rough stone
is cheered up with classical furniture and artworks, and the
classy menu features Czech game dishes such as pheasant
breast with forest herbs and sage. Join the likes of Brangelina
and find Svat Klra near Trojska castle, a short taxi ride from
town. QOpen 18:00 - 00:00. (300 - 1,440K) . PAI
U Emy Destinnov I6, Praha 2, Katensk 7,
MKarlovo nm., tel. (+420) 224 91 84 25, u-emydes- Built in the birthplace building of
the opera star, U Emy Destinnov is global cuisine at its
very best. A cosy interior envel opes you and detracts
nothing from the menu of steaks, seafood and regional
specialties. The scallops are a highlight, as is the grilled
eggpl ant. QOpen 11:30 - 23:30, Sat 18:00 - 24:00.
Closed Sun. 180-420k.
Vl tava H- 2, Pr aha 1, nm. Cur i eovch 100,
MStaromstsk, tel. (+420) 234 61 41 00, www. The appropriately named restaurant has
panoramic views of the river, a suitably designed interior and
creative menu to match. Steak with roasted shallots served
with mashed potato, monkfish, Tandoori and delicious des-
serts to match the good wine list. QOpen 12:00 - 15:00 &
18:30-23:30. PTA
V Zti D- 3, Praha 1, Liliov 1, MMstek, tel.
(+420) 222 22 11 55, A restaurant and
wine bar that is possibly the best in Prague. Without being
snooty, it manages to serve fabulous and inventive meals
to a middle-aged crowd of foreigners and locals. Indeed,
the best things about it (apart from the delicious pear-
gorgonzola salad, the chocolate parfait with raspberries
and the perfect latte) are the relaxed, intimate atmosphere,
and the waiters who enjoy their jobs and know their wines.
Not to be missed. Q Open 12:00 - 15:00; 17:30 - 23:00.
(600 - 1,500K). PAUG
Aromi K-5, Praha 2, Mnesova 78, MJiho z Podbrad,
tel. (+420) 222 71 32 22, Simplicity,
tradition, passion is the Anatevka-like motto of this upmar-
ket Vinohradys Italian, but theres no fiddling on the roof
here. At Aromi theres a compact choice of excellent pasta,
meat and fish dishes, complemented by an equally good
wine list. As a result, the spacious L-shaped space holds
happy locals and expats enjoying the moment. Reservations
recommended. QOpen 12:00 - 23:00, Sun 12:00 - 22:00.
(95 - 395K). PAG
Giovanni E-3, Praha 1, Kon 11, MStaromstsk,
tel. (+420) 221 63 26 05. The bits of exposed rock,
the walls and vaulted ceiling of this cosy restaurant are
a respectable faux medieval. Luckily, the stars, vines and
other painted flora wont distract you from the menu, which
is so extensive that we gave up hal fway through it. I f its
Italian and you want it, chances are Giovannis got it and
its good. The Balkan breakfast sounds appealing, but
avoid the bruschetta at all costs. QOpen 09:00 - 24:00.
(100 - 350K). A
Kogo E-3, Praha 1, Havelsk 27, MMstek, tel. (+420)
224 21 45 43, Kogo is one of the best
restaurants in Prague, for all number of reasons. Location,
service, consistent high quality food, and ambience. The
atmosphere is trendy and businesslike, full of movers and
shakers enjoying good pasta, seafood and one of the best
wine lists in the city. We love it. QOpen 08:00 - 23:00, Sat,
Sun 09:00 - 23:00. Also at F-3, Praha 1, Na pkop 22
(Slovansky Dm). (120 - 250K). PTAUB
La Finestra in Cucina D-3, Praha 1, Platnsk
13, MStaromstsk, tel. 222 32 53 25, reserva-, Looking into
this kitchen window (which is a loose translation of the
restaurants name) and youll see a rustic atmosphere
and peopl e enj oying some good cooking. Risotto wi th
truf fl es and the chocolate cake wi th truf fl es are both
outstanding. And i f it is meat you be wanting; a nice man
will bring you a platter full of it, for you to select your own
veal, beef or what have you. I f you really want to watch
the chefs at work, sit in the back. QOpen 12:00 - 23:00,
Sun 12:00 - 22:00. 245-495 K.
Japanese & Korean
Hanabi Hibachi House J3, Praha 1, Petrsk 11,
MFlorenc, tel. (+420) 224 32 46 34, www.ihanabi.
cz. DIY elegance at this new hidden Japanese joint. Lovely
interiors boast warm colors enlivened with bonsai and bam-
boo trees. Choose shabu shabu or sukiyaki and a selection
of fresh, raw vegetables and meats will be brought to your
table; which conveniently has its own cooker. Prefer to watch
someone else sweat over the stove? Sit at the bar and order
teppan-yaki; literally grilled on an iron plate - and right in front
of you. QOpen 12:00 - 23:00. Closed Sun. 460-1650k. J
Mash Hana Badeniho 3, MHradansk, tel. (+420)
224 32 40 34. Brand-spanking new sushi house right
around the corner from the Hradansk metro station.
Warm feelings embrace you as you enter thanks to the
welcoming smiles and delicious smells. Sushi is lovingly
displayed amidst the cozy surroundings of wood, paper
lanterns and fans. Definitely check it out. QOpen 11:30 -
22:30. Closed Sun.
Nagoya Praha 5, Stroupenickho 23, MAndl, tel.
(+420) 251 51 17 24, The first genuine
Japanese restaurant in Prague. Nagoya comes complete
with its authentic Japanese chef and food that has quickly
become very popular with Prague foodies and visitors alike.
Sushi, sashimi, tempura, noodles... all are here, and all are
well done. Thoroughly recommended. Q Open 12:00 - 15:00,
17:00 - 23:00. Closed Tue. (140 - 440K). AGP
Planet Sushi Praha 5, Ndran 110, MAndl, tel.
(+420) 257 28 62 61. An oasis of Japanese calm among
the urban bustle of Andl/Smchovs busy thoroughfare,
although the ambience is marred slightly by the proximity
and shared bathrooms of the adjacent TGI Friday. Attentive
staff and complete menu including yami rolls and desserts
provide an alternative to the Japanese restaurants already
in the area. Eat all you can on Sundays for 600K. QOpen
11:00 - 23:00. (200 - 750K). PAG
ThaiOishi Praha 8, Novkovch 9, MPalmovka, tel.
223 00 20 78, Dont let the trip to the
depths of Prague 8, or the massive menu discourage you.
Whether you go for Thai or Japanese, you will have an excel-
lent meal. No microwaves or heat lamps seem to be in use
here; food is expertly prepared and carefully served. Shrimp
cakes, spring rolls, California rolls, the recommended list
goes on. Enjoy! QOpen 11:00 - 23:00. 90-260 K.
Latin American
Ambiente Brasileiro E-3, Praha 1, U Radnice 8,
MStaromstsk, tel. (+420) 224 23 44 74, www.ambi.
cz. Dont be alarmed when a man brandishing a large skewer
of meat appears before you and starts slicing bloody chunks
of beef onto your plate. In addition to the churrasco grill, deli-
cious pastas and appetisers are also offered with Brazilian
flair - and its eat all you possibly can, so take some time.
If you pay up before 18:00, the price is 445K for the meat
churrasco. QOpen 11:00 - 24:00. Also at F-3, Na Pikop
22 - Slovansk Dm, tel. 221 45 12 00. (225 - 545K). PA
Prague In Your Pocket
October - November 2010
Amusing facts to amaze and entertain:
The Baa shoe company, founded i n Zl n, Czech
Republic in 1894 has sold more 221 million pairs of
shoes worldwide
Charles IV oversaw a busy building streak in the
countrys history. Hes responsible for Charles Bridge,
the New Town, reconstruction of St. Vitus Cathedral
and a number of castles, including Karltejn which he
named after himself
The Strahov Monastery, founded in 1140, is one of the
oldest Romanesque architectural complexes in Europe
Pocket Lint
La Bodeguita del Medio D-2, Praha 1, Kaprova 5,
MStaromstsk, tel. (+420) 224 81 39 22, www. Piles of ripe fruit and coconuts for cocktails,
Latin beats, an illuminated bust of Papa and sky-blue wooden
clapboard ceilings with dangling fans emanate a distinctly
Caribbean feeling. Try Creole cooking and seafood galore at
this Cuban restaurant whose sister establishments dot the
globe from Old Havana to Oman and now Prague. Excellent
cigar shop out the back. Kitchen closes at 24:00. QOpen
10:00 - 02:00. (100 - 1,000K). PTAUIEB
U Cedru Praha 6, Nrodn obrany 27, MDejvick, tel.
(+420) 233 34 29 74. A long-timer with a popularity that is
thoroughly justified. Well-presented, good value main dishes
are available, while adventurous types can put themselves
in the hands of the waiting staff who will make a selection of
delicacies. QOpen 11:00 - 23:00. (200 - 450K). APU
Safir Obchodn centrum Nov Smchov, Praha 5, Plzesk
8, MAndl. Its true, Safir is in a mall and it is self service, but
for vine leaves, hummus, baba gannoush, tabouleh, fatoush,
falafel and gyros, you cannot complain with the flavour or price.
Hot meals such as grilled fish, chicken in Mediterranean veg-
gies etc. are daily specials and for the real fast foodies, grab
a sandwich. QOpen 11:00 - 23:00. (45 - 200K). PTU
Cartouche E-2, Praha 1, Blkova 14, MStaromstsk,
tel. (+420) 224 81 95 97, A dark dun-
geon of delights awaits you, full of big and busty spit-roasted
or barbequed bones and live medieval music. Hale, hearty and
heavy - the food and the furniture. Enjoy, but go hungry. QOpen
11:00 - 23:00, Sat, Sun 13:00 - 23:00. (300 - 600K). AI
U Csa Praha 1, Loretnsk 5, tel. (+420) 220 51 84
84, Top-class medieval dining in the cen-
tre of cobbled, old world Prague. A beautiful Gothic wine cellar
is at your disposal to really make you feel that your rightful
place is down the road at the castle. The chefs have catered
various state dinners, and the prices tend to illustrate this.
QOpen 09:00 - 01:00. (250 - 950K). PAILEB
U Sdl I-3, Praha 1, Klimentsk 2, MNm. Republiky,
tel. (+420) 224 81 38 74, Gargantuan
medieval banqueting (with appropriate carnivorous leanings as
well as great fish) served by buxom Hells Angels in a cavern-
ous remake of the set of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
Tankards of ale slapped down in front of you until you scream
when! and indulge your Ivanhoe fantasies. Book early or take
a battering ram. QOpen 11:00 - 24:00, Sun 12:00 - 24:00.
Also at J-5, Praha 2, Balbnova 22. (150 - 300K). PAI
Como I- 4, Praha 1, Vclavsk nm. 45, MMuzeum,
tel. (+420) 222 24 72 40, eat@ComoRestaurant.
cz, Como i s t he new
Medi terranean restaurant that replaced the Asian one
at the Jal ta Hotel. Grill ed meats and pastas dominate,
but theres also a fun tapas menu. The interior is cool
and cl assy; servi ce respectabl e. The fettucci ne wi th
seasonal vegetabl es, the tuna steak or any of thei r
sal ads are all recommended. QOpen 06:30 - 01:00.
(185 - 790K). JAB
Oliva Praha 2, Plaveck 4, tel. (+420) 222 52 02
88, The superb Le Bistrot de
Marlene is a hard space to fill, but Oliva, while being a wholly
different restaurant, has managed to keep folks happy with
its Mediterranean flair and flavour. A one-time chef from La
Perle de Prague provides a succulent, sense sensation with
almost every dish to counter the somewhat twee interior.
Theme nights with guest chefs, a good wine list and superb
olive oils add to the great service and menu. Tram N 3, 7,
16, 17, 21 to Vton. Q Open 11:30 - 15:00; 18:00 - 24:00.
Closed Sun. (150 - 550K). A
afrn B- 4, Praha 1, n 1, MMalostransk, tel.
257 22 46 33,, www.
restaurant- saf A l ovel y new Medi terranean
restaurant, with fresh food and attentive staff. A salad
bar, very unusual for Prague, is available, although a bit
on the small side. The menu changes weekly, but i f avail-
able, go for a lamb dish. Seasonal vegetables and fresh
herbs can be found alongside all the dishes; a great place
for a relaxed enjoyable evening. QOpen 11:00 - 23:00.
185-360 K.
Mexican & Tex-Mex
Azteca B-4, Praha 1, n 9, tel. (+420) 257 32 73
89, The menu offers the standard Mexican
fare with drinks in the same vein: mojitos and margaritas, in
fact, the bar does a fair business on its own, apart from the
spicy food on offer in the restaurant. Excellent, spicy nachos.
Although were not too sure about the OTT neo-Alamo dcor,
Azteca offers good fajitas, enchiladas and quesadilla, along
with over 25 types of tequila. Lunch menu 70K but theres
nothing Mexican on it. Good wine list, Staropramen for 25K
and Corona 70K. QOpen 11:00 - 24:00. (70 - 380K). A
Cantina A- 4, Praha 1, jezd 38, MMalostransk,
tel. (+420) 257 31 71 73, www.restauracecantina.
cz. A warm and atmospheric Mexican, serving Texan-sized
portions of decent grub and small swimming pool sized mar-
garitas that slip down far too easily. The fajitas are excellent,
although we suggest you may want some extra salsa to add
some zing. QOpen 11:30 - 24:00. (120 - 300K). AEB
Middle Eastern
Dahab E-2, Praha 1, Dlouh 33, MNm. Republiky,
tel. (+420) 224 82 73 75, Escape the
Baroque and step into this cool oasis of masterful mosa-
ics, oriental carpets and sweet tobacco smoke bubbling
from water pipes. Dishes run the gamut of Middle Eastern
delights and drinks are concocted from recipes gathered
from around the globe. Authenticitys evil side is witnessed
in the squat toilet offered to horri fied tourists (there are
Western alternatives). QOpen 14:00 - 01:00. (65 - 330K).
Kardamon Klub H- 4, Praha 1, U Dobenskch 3,
MMstek, tel. 222 22 21 41, kardamon@hedvab-, I nexpensi ve Mi ddl e
Eastern food combined wi th fri endl y servi ce makes the
Kardamon Klub a great choi ce near Betl msk nmst.
The di versi ty ranges from Lebanese to Iranian to Indian,
and the lunch specials for 89 K are a steal. Recom-
mended. QOpen , Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 11:00 - 23:00,
Fri 11:00 - 24:00, Sat 12:00 - 24:00, Sun 12:00 - 22:00.
90-250 Kc.
Coloseum I- 4, Praha 1, Ovocn trh 8, MMstek,
tel. (+420) 224 23 83 55, www.pizzacoloseum.
cz. A pi zza-maker sl avi ng away i n front of the fl ames
of a wood-burni ng oven i s the onl y spectacl e youl l
wi tness at thi s col i seum. Sampl e excel l ent pastas and
pi zzas made wi th real mozzarel l a i n a rusti c setti ng.
Tr y the Cal abrese, i ts what Yanks cal l a pepperoni
pi e. QOpen 11:00 - 23:30. Al so at F-3, Vodi kova 32.
(100 - 200K). PAB
Fresco Vento G- 6, Praha 2, Ranovo nb. 62,
MKarlovo nm., tel. (+420) 224 92 28 87, www. This warm I talian restaurant has an open
kitchen, with wood-burning oven, sitting between the two
hal f-sunken dining areas whi ch have creati ve li ghting.
Popular for the lunchtime menu, it also serves excellent
pizza and pasta for dinner. QOpen 10:00 - 23:00. (110 -
260K). PAS
Giallo Rosa F-3, Praha 1, Jakubsk 2, MNm. Re-
publiky, tel. (+420) 604 89 89 89. This small take-away
place decked out in football scarves serves the closest thing
to a New York-style pizza that weve seen in Prague. Whats
more amazing is that it also provides as much oregano
and spicy oil as you need, gratis. QOpen 11:30 - 24:00, Fri
11:30 - 02:00, Sat 12:00 - 02:00, Sun 12:00 - 23:00. (From
25K/slice). AGS
Gusto J- 5, Praha 2, Vinohradsk 83, MJiho z
Podbrad, tel. (+420) 222 21 13 16, A
long empty primo location on Vinohradska has been brightly
filled by this massive pizza place, where the relatively high
prices are testament to the rent. Lunch specials dont
inspire, but the pizzas are well topped. Pasta purports to
be fresh A cool kids spot at the back will keep them en-
tertained for hours, and i f youre looking for a place to have
a private party, the cellar is the place. Nothing to write home
about, but popular nonetheless. QOpen 11:00 - 23:00.
(90 - 380K). ST
Rugantino E-2, Praha 1, Dun 4, MStaromstsk,
tel. (+420) 222 31 81 72, Great
pizzas and quick service make this a popular eatery with the
lunchtime office crowd. Classic Italian would be preferable to
the modern dcor, but thats just our opinion. On weekends
the place is much more laid-back. QOpen 11:00 - 23:00,
Sun 12:00 - 23:00. (100 - 250K). PAUG
Reykjavk D-3, Praha 1, Karlova 20, MStaromstsk,
tel. (+420) 222 22 12 18, A plush,
dark wooden interior sets the scene for you to experi-
ence some of the best seafood avai l abl e i n Prague.
We can recommend the frui t of the sea soup or the
tenderloin of tuna. QOpen 11:00 - 24:00. (250 - 600K).
Ryb trh E-2, Praha 1, Tnsk dvr 5, MStaromstsk,
tel. (+420) 224 89 54 47, Without a
doubt, this restaurant is a fish-lovers paradise. With a choice
from live or freshly imported fish, one can swim through
this menu with delight knowing whatever is chosen will truly
satisfy. Chef Pavel Mares works his magic on the Caribbean
Lobster, fresh from the aquarium in any style. St. Jacobs
scallops is a speciality only to be savoured, and the imperial
mussels truly deserve their name. QOpen 11:00 - 24:00.
(190 - 890K). AG
Modr zub F- 4, Praha 1, Jindisk 5, MMstek,
tel. (+420) 222 21 26 22, The
Blue Tooth looks like an Ikea caf until you notice the
bowls of spicy noodles and curry being served by cheerful
waitresses and devoured by happy punters. This noodle bar
takes Thai fast food to a higher level with delicious curries,
made to order glass, rice and yellow noodle dishes, sushi,
maki, soups and salads. Excellent service, lovely spot, NYC
carton take out boxes. Oh, and hot means hot. Blue is a
theme: sister venues are similarly cool Ultramarin and Blue
Light. Q Open 09:00 - 23:00. Thu, Fri & Sat 09:00 - 24:00.
(60 - 180K). TS
Monsoon Praha 6, V.P. kalova 14, MDejvick, tel.
(+420) 222 95 99 99,
The villas and embassies of Dejvick attract great food and
while Monsoon looks great with its muted beige and wood
interior and Asian cuisine, the substance isnt quite there.
Prices have dropped since opening, and while the chef
exerts himsel f with research trips, results remain mixed.
Crispy pork belly and tom yum soup get the thumbs up, but
the fusion menu is ever-changing. Try it and see QOpen
11:00 - 23:00, Sun 17:00 - 23:00. (165 - 545K). PAS
Siam Orchid I-3, Praha 1, Na Po 21, MNm. Re-
publiky, tel. (+420) 222 31 94 10,
Evocative aromas entice to this hidden first floor restaurant.
While the authenticity of the place is not added to by the
dcor, the Thai massage next door (600K/hr), Singha beer
and mention of farangs on the menu point to a real Thai
dining experience. And the food doesnt disappoint. A true
and delicious slice of Siam in a very Czech courtyard. QOpen
10:00 - 22:00. (120 - 200K). B
Beas F-2, Praha 1, Tnsk 19, MStaromstsk, tel.
(+420) 608 03 57 27, Original
Indian metal trays hold your chosen veggie menu - small
or large curry meal, noodles, parantha menu, the massive
thali and more. Desserts and lassi are also available and
tables have jugs of free water to quench the small fires the
somewhat spicy dishes produce. Excellent and deservedly
popular. QOpen 11:00 - 20:00, Sun 11:00 - 18:00. (70 -
130K). PGBS
Clear Head (Lehk hlava) D- 4, Praha 1, Borov
2, MNrodn tda, tel. (+420) 222 22 06 65, www. Healthy and delicious, this veggie place
doesnt take itself too seriously and despite the name, does
serve alcohol. The open kitchen produces ratatouille, pasta,
salads, burritos and more, with tofu (try it smoked) and
eggplant high on the menu. Fresh juices can be combined to
detox while you sit and chill, eat and chat in the cool dcor of
their three distinct rooms. Tricky to find, down a small alley,
but worth it. QOpen 11:30 - 23:30, Sat, Sun 12:00 - 23:30.
Open 11:30 - 24:00. (80 - 150K). NG
Prague In Your Pocket
October - November 2010
Relaxing all over the country
Taking to the waters for healing and relaxation has a long
history in the Czech Republic. Springs of mineral and thermal
water can found in various parts of the country. Most famous
is the so-called spa triangle in west Bohemia; comprised of
the cities of Karlovy Vary, Frantikovy Lzn and Marinsk
Lzn. Located an easy train ride from Prague; the region
makes an excellent extension to your Prague visit.
Historically, Czech spas have more of a healing reputation
over a relaxing one. People with a variety of ailments would
spend a week or two at a spa and under the supervision
of a doctor, follow a specific regiment that included lots of
bathing and drinking of the local water. Different spas are
known for specializing in various diseases; Lzn Libverda in
the Jizera Mountains for example is focused on treating heart
and blood circulation diseases. Czech health insurance used
to cover these stays; but not so much anymore. Spas are
revamping their programs a bit to add wellness stays in the
hopes of attracting people looking for relaxation weekends.
When researching a weekend at a Czech spa, always look for
their wellness offerings and be sure to ask specific questions
about what a particular treatment entails.
From west to east youll find a pl ethora of interesting
treatments, historic buildings and fun towns. Many of the
larger spa towns have a variety of tourism offerings and,
as most are located near mountains, hiking and biking
in the summer and skiing in the winter are all distinct
Karlovy Vary is the most well -known and visi ted of all
the countrys spa towns. For more information on this
favourite destination, see our special feature on page 16.
One accommodation tip: Richmond Hotel is a stunning
property located on the outskirts of Karlovy Vary for a more
peaceful stay. Those looking for relaxation can stroll through
the hotels English-style park, complete with a Japanese
garden for mediation. The hotel offers a variety of relaxation
programmes, including anti-ageing treatments, beauty
weeks and relaxing days.
There are 20 springs in Frantikovy Lzn used for both
bathing and drinking. The mineral water is alkaline and salty;
and can have a strong laxative effect. Di fferent springs
produce different results; Church Spring water is known to
help mild digestive problems while the water from Ferrous
Spring is rich in iron and good for exhaustion and anaemia.
The city has a good reputation; both Ludwig van Beethoven
and Johann Strauss stayed here. Active types will appreciate
the relatively new Aquaforum. Designed in a Roman bath
setting, there are four indoor and three outdoor swimming
pools, sauna, slides and other attractions.
Marinsk Lzn is overflowing with springs: 40 in the city
and 60 more in the surrounding countryside. Each spring is
quite particular, however all have very high carbon dioxide
levels and most are also iron rich. The most famous spring
is the Kov, streaming out in the main colonnade below
Masarykova Street. Its very salty and may have a laxative
effect. In the pavilion of the courtyard of the Central Bath,
youll see a spring of a different sort. This is a so-called
dry spring; basically pockets of carbon dioxide. The gas is
captured and used in a variety of balneology treatments.
If you want some true cures in the area, stay at LS Royal
Marinsk Lzn. Here youll find beauti ful buildings in a
forested area, still close to the main colonnade. Either the
wellness programme or the anti-stress programme should
have you leaving better than when you arrived.
Institut de Beaute&Spa Sothys
Zborovsk 47, Praha 5
+420 731 77 1111
Institut Sothys
expert professional care
Visit Institut Sothys
and relax.
Your Sothys beautician
will recommend
the wellness ritual
perfect for your needs.
October 6 9, 2010
Photo of E. Holub is reproduction objects from the collections of the National Museum Nprstek Museum of Asian, African and American cultures.
Prague In Your Pocket
October - November 2010
Lore ming er sis exerosto cor sed duipis
ercidunt ute dolendit ing ercil iliquam,
consectem vel ut pratet nim in henibh eu
faccummod min veniatet wis alisi.
Dui ex esenim voloreet prat aut nonum er
autatio ullum dipsumsan.
Lore ming er sis exerosto cor sed duipis
ercidunt ute dolendit ing ercil iliquam,
consectem vel ut pratet nim in henibh eu
faccummod min veniatet wis alisi.
Lzn Libverda
Bad Liebwerda
esk Budjovice
www. l azne- l i bver da. cz


LZN LIBVERDA, a.s. .p. 82
463 62 Hejnice
tel.: 482 368 100102
mobil: 731 957 326
The former seat of the Clam-Gallas family has become a small and tranquil spa resort
situated ca. 30 km far from Liberec.
Our spa specializes in heart diseases, especially following myocardial infarction, high
blood pressure, post-operative conditions and cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore,
we specialize in disorders of the locomotor system, degenerative diseases, and
conditions after orthopedic surgeries.
The major healing source is the hydrogencarbonate water with magnesium content.
The mineral water is hypotonic, with high content of carbon dioxide. The water
is used for baths and drinking cures. The drinking hall is available right at the spa
colonnade where you can also nd the newly built Jizera wellness centre.
Thanks to its location and pleasant climate the health resort is an ideal place for
recreational hiking or mountain trips with the use of a great number of marked
hiking trails. Tennis courts, mini-golf course and tness studio serve for active
recreation. The nearby cycling routes in summer, or cross-country skiing tracks in
winter, are always a perfect choice.
NEW YEARS WEEK - 28. 12. 2010 2. 1. 2011 / 226
6 days / double room / HB / 2 treatments / 3 dancing evening / 1 New Years party
with cultural program and with reworks / 1 New Years dinner
We send you our pricelists for free. All oers under:
Spa Libverda
tel.: +420 482 368 100-102
fax: +420 482 368 350
In South Bohemia, youll find the lovely spa and fish town
of Tebo. Probably more famous for its carp ponds (a
good portion of the traditional Czech Christmas dinner of
carp comes from this region), Bertiny lzn is famous for
its peat baths. The locally gathered peat is excellent for
injured bones, muscles and joints. Located just outside
the citys main square, Bertiny is a lovely place to relax
and rejuvenate.
Bechyn is located south of Prague along the Lunice River.
The city is ceramics central and charming, while the spa is
ultra modern. Arthritis suffers and those with other joint or
muscles problems will appreciate the skilled and dedicated
hands working here. Weight loss and beauty stays can
also be had.
Also in Moravia you can find Luhaovice. This small spa town
surrounded by forest, is one of the foremost balneology spas
in the Czech Republic. Individual treatments, plus relaxation
stays are a complement to the spas primary treatment of
respiratory diseases. The spa is a beauti ful combination
of nature and architecture; take your time here. While in
Luhaovice, you wont be at a loss for things to do in the
area. The cities of Krom and Zln will provide lots of
Local col d spri ngs will greet you i n Jesenk, northern
Moravia. In 1820, Vincent Priessnitz, the spas founder,
set-up a program based on the ef fects of col d spring
water. He combined water treatments with climate-therapy
and diet. Respiratory and nervous system diseases are
helped along here and as you are so close to the Jesenky
Mountains, youll have lots of outdoor distractions in both
summer and winter.
In the Krkonoe foothills youll find nestled the charming
town of Lzn Blohrad, famous for its hot curative peat.
Surrounded by the Baantnice nature park you are sure to
find peace and relaxation; not to mention some top-quality
cures at Anensk slatinn lzn.
Tepl i ce i n north Bohemi a i s the ol dest spa i n the Czech
Republ i c, and one of the ol dest i n Europe. Legend has
i t that the hot spri ngs here were acci dentl y di scovered
by a farmer back i n 762. Archaeol ogi cal fi nds though
date peopl e i n the regi on to about the 11th centur y.
The name i tsel f i s deri ved from the warm spri ngs;
tepl y means hot i n Czech. Natural mi neral water at
a temperature of 39 Cel si us i s the pri mar y heal i ng
treatment here, used for l ocomoti on, ner vous and
psychol ogi cal di sorders.
Headi ng far ther east and nor th, Lzn Li bverda i s
per fectl y si tuated for those wanting to have acti ve days
and restful nights. Lots of marked hiking and biking trails
criss-cross the regi on; and a soak i n the therapeuti c
pool fill ed wi th the l ocal mineral water will soothe those
aching muscl es. A mineral anal ysis of the water done in
the late 1700s found i t to have such healing properti es
that is was bottl ed and shipped to Prague under the
brand name Chabeso. Unlike most other medicinal drinks
in the Czech Republi c, this one was non-al coholi c and
flavoured wi th frui t j ui ce.
The beautiful vineyards of South Moravia can offer you more
than one form of relaxation. Not to be left out of the spa craze,
Lzn Hodnn was the first spa in the region. Water with a
high iodine content is their trademark and the spa offers lots
of cultural programming along with its therapies.
four-star hotel with over 1,000 beds
pleasant atmosphere in an attractive setting
easy access from Prague along the motorway
places of natural beauty, heritage sites, sport,
recreation and golf
an ideal way to combine work,
entertainment and relaxation
3 halls and over 40 rooms for 10 1,000 people
exhibition area of over 3,000 m
ten different restaurant facilities
incentive, wellness and supplementary services
high-quality services (ISO 9001:2000)
quiet, stable and safe location
460 12 Liberec, Czech Republic
tel.: (+420) 485 249 478, 477
Prague In Your Pocket
October - November 2010
Carlsbad week 2010
The 5th annual Carlsbad week is to take place from 6 to 9 October
2010 and is traditionally made up of the oldest International Film
Festival with a tourism theme, the Czech Spa Festival and the Spa
Associations Spa Conference. Carlsbad week a festival presenting
the travel and spa industries is an important marketing tool for the
Czech tourist board, the CzechTourism agency. The projects partners
are Avant Promotion (TOURFILM), esk lzn v Evrop/Czech Spas in
Europe (the Spa Festival) and Sdruen lzeskch mist R/The Czech
Spa Association (The Czech Spa Association Conference).
Part of the 43rd year of TOURFILM, the oldest International Film
Festival of tourism-related lms in the world, is the 17th National
tourism-related lm festival, TOUR REGION FILM. Both festivals take
place on 6 7 October 2010 in Karlovy Vary. The daily programme
of both festivals (competition projections, presentations, exhibitions,
meetings with guests) will take place in the Thermal Hotel.
Ceremonial rooms in the Grandhotel PUPP have been reserved for the
TOUR REGION FILM awards ceremony and the TOURFILM 2010 Gala
Award Ceremony, as well as for social evenings.
Star of the festival
Star of the British Broadcasting Corporation, Charlotte Uhlenbroek,
will be visiting the Czech Republic for the rst time. The BBCs current
top star with programmes on the life and communication of apes
in Africa and Asia, Uhlebroek succeeds Sir David Attenborough and
Jane Goodall (TOURFILM 2004s main star) and is also the author and
presenter of a wide range of books and lms. She works in native
forests where she lms unique series about the everyday life of
animals living wild. Attenborough has said of her, I would happy to
see Charlotte take on a presenting role like mine. She knows what she
is talking about and is an excellent presenter.
Top Czech travellers
Presentations at TOURFILM will be given by the doyenne of Czech
travellers, Dr Miloslav Stingl, who will be celebrating his 80th
birthday here. Traveller, presenter and director Petr Hork will give
a presentation on his trip to the North Pole and travelling across
Greenland on skis. Libor paek and Petra Dolealov will be talking
about the volcanic island of Mauritius on land and below the water,
Alena and Jaroslav Klemp will be taking us on a trip among the
Eskimos in Greenland, Martin Mykiska will give a presentation
on Ladak through the eyes of a Czech family and famous Czech
violin virtuoso Jaroslav Svcen and participant in the Mike Horn
expedition, Simon Havas will also be represented here.
Television and lm projections
This year oers a wide variety of tourism-themed lm projections.
The fact that lms from 136 countries from around the world entered
the competition demonstrates that no one person will be able to
see every projection. For this reason, the organisers have decided
to divide the lms according to continent. The timetable for all
projections is available to peruse before the festival on the festivals
website in a clear way so that people can easily follow it and prepare
their own plan for lms to watch. Among this years lms are new
productions from National Geographic and Travel Channel Int.
Other accompaniment programmes
The public spaces in the Hotel Thermal will be used for a unique
photographic exhibition of two of our leading adventurers,
photographers and divers, Libor paek and Petra Dolealov
tk na Mauricius (Escape to Mauritius) (www.escapetonature.
eu). Another exhibition has been prepared by TOURMAP festival
organisers, where spectators can have a look at and through maps
and tourist guides from the whole world..
Television and radio at TOURFILM
A travellers caf will be run in the Hotel Thermals hall, where a
plasma television will be located to provide a clear summary of
whats happening in the various projection rooms. A podium will
be located in Restaurant Moser and on 6 October, Czech Radio 2
Prague will be broadcasting from here the whole afternoon. On 7
October, national Czech television stations will use the podium to
present their programmes on travel: Czech Television, TV Prima,
TV Barrandov and the internet TV channel STREAM. The audience
will learn a lot of fascinating information from behind the scenes
of the programmes Svt 2010, Objektiv, Toulav kamera, Hvzdy
na cestch. As well as producers, well known faces from television
will also be present.
Adrenalin sports in the spa zone
Audience members arent going to be idly whiling away their time in
front of the Hotel Thermal either, as festival organisers have arranged
a wide range of adrenalin sports here (aquaball in a pool, trampolines,
segway, jumping boots, bouncy castle, giant bouncing bottle, hot-air
balloon, the PRAGA tourist bus from 1925). All attractions will be
completely free of charge.
Programme and registration for participation in the festival
Free registration and a detailed festival programme including short
clips from dierent programmes are available at
Spa Festival
Seventh year, fty professional subjects, prestigious travel agencies
The 7th annual Spa Festival will be focused, as is its tradition, on spa
tourists abroad. Representatives of travel agencies and the media
will receive full information on the best of Bohemian and Moravian
balneology. This year organisers looking for acquisitions have focused
on Israel, Scandinavia, Germany and the Benelux countries.
Representatives of travel agencies from Russia and America are also
expected. Guests representing 50 professional subjects from all over
the globe will meet in Karlovy Vary. Some of the most important
companies include the IBA-Israeli Broadcasting Authority which
operates 4 main television channels (it broadcasts in Hebrew, Arabic,
Englishand has news in14 languages) and a number of radio stations.
Amongst the prestigious travel agencies taking part in the festival is
TOPAZ TOURS Ltd., which has been operating in the travel industry
since 1973 and has 4 branches in Israel. It does business with the
general public, but also with major stock market and IT management
representatives. One of its specialities is its TOP SPA department,
through which the company oers packages and trips to spas
throughout Europe, including the Czech Republic. Also represented
in Vary is Dutch market leader, CK Gelderesch Reizen, and German
travel agencies which operate in markets the world over will also be
present. Czech subjects already co-operate well with RTM TOURS,
which also focuses on the acquisition of further major representatives
in Germany.
Spa workshop and awards
Indisputably, one of the most important business meetings will
be the Spa workshop in the Richmond sanatorium. On 7 October,
contract negotiations are to take place between Czech spa companies
and foreign subjects.
The Spa Festival will be awarding the Czech Republic Spa Company of
the Year 2010 award, as well as, the Czech Spa award in partnership
with the DNES newspaper chosen by the readers themselves. The
Jury Award and the Trendy kluci award will, as tradition holds, be
announced by the festivals media partner, C.O.T. media. The Spa Hall
of Fame award is to remain open and will only be awarded if a unique
personality of Bohemian and Moravian balneology is nominated from
among the ranks of spa doctors.
Spa presentation for the public
One of the innovations of this years festival is a presentation of Czech
spas for the public. On Saturday 9 October draws will be made for
popular weekend stays. The great atmosphere of the spa festival will
be enhanced with an attractive swing programme with tastings of
Becherovka, spa wafers and the opportunity to purchase healing spa
Further information:
Going to the spa the theme of the 13th Spa Associations
conference, which is to take place on 6 October 2010 in the Thermal
Hotel in Karlovy Vary. The event is being run by the Czech Spa
Association in partnership with the CzechTourismagency, the Health
and Social Care Trade Union and the Association of Healing Spas.
Approximately a hundred participants will be taking part in the
conference, including mayors of spa towns, representatives of spas,
representatives of regional government, ministries and educational
institutions and those interested in balneology.
Conference topics:
causes, impact on spas, options way forward, solutions)
does the path lead for operators and for clients
A traditional part of the conference is the seminar for foreign doctors,
this time from Scandinavia Sweden and Norway where Czech
doctors present the options for spa care in the CR.
Main project website:
Further information:
Pavel Klicpera
Carlsbad Week press o cer
tel.: + 420 777 702 781
Ing. Jitka tpnkov
Carlsbad Week project manager
tel.: + 420 777 702 783
Prague In Your Pocket
October - November 2010
Come and enjoy our massages in newly opened massage studio in our hotel. You can try one of
our special tranquility hot stone massage or only express massage for your paintful back.
For reservation please contact our reception desk , call + 420 257 011 911
For your rst massage we will oer 15% discount . Be welcome and enjoy!
U Luzickeho seminare 3
Prague 1, 110 00
Tel: +420 2 5701 19 11
Fax: +420 2 5701 19 66
k|.. |+-|
|:-- . . :.-
k|--.| C-|- -.||.|,
v |-|-- .|..|. .|---, --.,. |... ---.| i-- |-.
||-. |-.-|-- |:-- k|.. |+-| -..| --.-|. -..:.. -
- . . ---. ,|..- .|- . --..|. .:..| .- |--. ..-
/ .|| :- --|- -.|- ...- k-- |.|...|- ..|, . -...-
|,|. |- |-| |- |.(.|-. .,|.--. . -..--. ||.--|-|.
|-.-|-- .--|-. --, .-.||-. |:-- |-|.. .r|.. ....
i:-- :|..| . ..- --|. ,- M.- --:.- i-|.-| ii
.--..-, .. . |.-- ..-... k|... i...|... i.- .|,
:.-. ||.|+ - :- |-.. :--- |.-. .|-. .-|, .|.. | -.
. .|--. .|- r.|,|, -..- .-.|.- -r.|| |-.--. .|,|..-|.
|.. -|.-.|-.--.- -- . .-|.|.g..|.| .||--.| / ----
|. ||- ...- |, r..-. - .|..--- ..|--..- .|,|, |.- ||-r.
. ---. |-..- .|- ||-. .:. ||.. / -.|:-. . .- . k|..-
|+-.- i.|,|, . :.. i.|,|, . --.., -..|-. .|,|,
v-||-- -..| z.||.. ..|-- . |:-..| .|.-|..|- .|,|, ..
.-|. .||.|--- - : .-|. .,|.| J||-- r.-|- - r-.-..| .
...|.| . .- |..- --..|. .:..|- .- |--. ..- u..|-
--|.-|- |--- |. |...- ||.--| r- .. :||-.
793 24 Karlova Studnka
tel. 554 798 262, 554 798 322,
Prague In Your Pocket
October - November 2010
Caf Imperial I-3, Praha 1, Na Po 15, MNm.
Republiky, tel. (+420) 246 01 14 40. After a long facelift,
the landmark Imperial has reopened with the Art Nouveau
tiles and wood carvings still in situ within the high ceiling-ed
rooms. The stale donuts have sadly not reappeared but the
beautiful and historic space is well worth visiting for break-
fast, a sandwich or meal (chef Zdenk Pohlreich hails from
the Radisson SAS Alcron and Marriott), although reviews have
been hit and miss. A decent cocktail list will keep you here
late. QOpen 07:00 - 23:00. (130 - 400K). PA
Caf Lounge B-4, Praha 5, Plask 615/8, MAndl, tel.
257 40 40 20,,
eu. This new caf in Mal Strana is the height of sophistication.
Whether you are stopping by for an afternoon coffee or evening
glass of wine, you will enjoy elegant surroundings and tasty
treats. The cafes terrace shares a boundary with the historic
Hunger Wall, so in the summer stop by for a private moment.
Caf Louvre D-4, Praha 1, Nrodn 22, MNrodn tda,
tel. (+420) 224 93 09 49, In true French
style, this historic caf is for anything but bourgeois tastes. Caf
Louvre is a true slice of Czech life where a great breakfast is
served that one can enjoy with an international newspaper.
Whether you want to play a game of pool in the swank billiard hall
or indulge in some fresh pastries over coffee, this is the perfect
place to have a great caf experience. QOpen 08:00 - 23:30,
Sat, Sun 09:00 - 23:30. (100 - 500K). PTAG
Ebel E-3, Praha 1, etzov 9, tel. (+420) 222 22
20 18, Some of the best coffee in
town, sandwiches and salads, plus excellent smoothies and
cheesecake to die for. Wooden warmth inside beckons you in
the winter months, and in the evenings youll be serenaded by
some good jazz from Ungelt in the basement. Beware of wan-
dering stag parties from Legends across the square. Check
out their shop almost next door. QOpen 08:00 - 20:00. (60
- 160K). Also at D-2, Kaprov 11, open 08:00 - 19:00; D-3,
etzov 9, open 08:00 - 20:00. TAB
Espressamente Illy I-3, Praha 1, V Celnici 8 (Prague
Marriott Hotel), MNmst Republiky, tel. (+420) 222
881 258, Open for breakfast
or lunch; the new Espressamente Illy promises authentic
Italian Espresso and cappuccino. Located in the Prague Mar-
riott Hotel, it has a street entrance on V Celnici. Offering 20
kinds of Illy coffee for your morning meetings, plus pastries
and light snacks; its a quiet place in a busy neighbourhood.
Friends Coffee House H-4, Praha 1, Palackho 7,
MMstek, tel. 272 04 96 65,, Their website says it all: www.ilovecof- A real city centre treat; Friends Coffee House is so
nice and welcoming, you may find yourself stopping by for
a cappuccino, staying on a bit for a BLT baguette, and then
look at the time; ordering a glass of wine. They have their own
coffee roaster (named Matylda) so you know your cup of joe
will be as fresh as can be; plus a calendar of cultural events.
QOpen 08:00 - 21:00, Sat, Sun 12:00 - 21:00. 49-125 K.
Grand Caf Praha E-3, Praha 1, Staromstsk nm. 22,
MStaromstsk, tel. (+420) 221 63 25 22, www.grand- The Grand Caf produces cakes, tortes and other sweet
delicacies for clock-watchers on Old Town Square and for visiting
dignitaries at the castle. QOpen 07:00 - 22:00. (95 - 490K). A
Grand Caf Orient F-3, Praha 1, Ovocn trh 19,
MNmst Republiky, tel. (+420) 224 22 42 40, www. The first floor of the Cubist House of
the Black Madonna is home to a truly unique Cubist-style
caf that was reconstructed from photographs to match the
one that was here from 1911 until the 1920s. Even caf-
capital Vienna doesnt have one of these. The simple menu
lists pancakes, sandwiches and some good coffee. Try to
get a seat on the balcony overlooking Celetn street. QOpen
09:00 - 22:00, Sat, Sun 10:00 - 22:00. AP
Kavrna Obecn Dm Nmst Republ i ky 5,
MNmst Republiky, tel. (+420) 222 00 27 63,, www.vysehrad2000.
cz. Come for the atmosphere as well as the treats. This Art
Nouveau caf on the ground floor of Obecn Dm is one of the
most elegant in town. Youll be treated to nice service amidst
beautiful surroundings, and we dare you to turn your head
when they start wheeling the cake cart around. A breakfast
menu, plus sandwiches and salads make this a good break
point no matter what time of day. QOpen 7:30 - 23:00. 90-
470K. JAEB
Ouky Douky Praha 7, Janovskho 14, MVltavsk, tel.
(+420) 266 71 15 31, Holesovices
happiest corner is somewhat like an expat hangout minus
the expats its up to you to decide if thats a good or bad
thing. The cosy bar sells good coffee and simple meals, sells
books (mostly Czech), has internet at 90K/hr and occasion-
ally throws a party. QOpen 08:00 - 24:00.
Shakespeare & Sons Praha 10, Krymsk 12, tel.
(+420) 271 74 08 39, Thousands of
handpicked new and used English titles, earnest poetry and
prose readings and performance, newspapers, chess and
backgammon, Bernard beer, some funky original art and
mosaics, plus coffee, tea and cakes. Tram N4, 22 or 23
to the Krymsk stop. QOpen 11:00 - 19:00. Also at C-2, U
luickho semine 10. E





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by presenting this ad
Mo - Fr: 7:30 -22:00
Sa: 9:00 - 22:00
Pragues bar and club scene is as appropriately raucaus
as its infamy suggests. Prices and clientele veer widely
from the tourist-filled Old Town haunts to the sometimes
slightly seedy neighbourhood bars. You will find that beer
is drunk morning, noon and night, and that Czech beers
are among the best and cheapest in the world. Brands to
look out for include Pilsner Urquell, Gambrinus, Staropra-
men and Budweiser (Budvar). The average wage for bar
staff is 50K an hour, so please, after having your drinks
and your fun, show some appreciation with a decent tip.
Aloha Wave Lounge E- 1, Praha 1, Dun 11,
MStaromstsk, tel. (+420) 602 25 13 92, www.alo- Wear a flower in your hair and head downstairs
to Alohas cocktail lounge, featuring a long bar, Pacific cocktails
at nice prices (try the Chi-Chi, with vodka, pineapple and coco-
nut), and a dance floor to hula to nightly R&B and rock music.
QOpen 18:00 - 04:00, Mon, Sat, Sun 18:00 - 02:00. PAE
Back Doors Praha 5, Na Blidle 30/310, MAndl, tel.
(+420) 257 31 58 24, This space is
part restaurant, part bar and part club in the cellar of an old
Smchov house. Massive wooden furniture and forged iron
work complement the brick walls and parquet floor of its
historical setting. Good for their lunch specials and fabulous
for the night time change to music bar with high quality audio
system, where you can hear various styles of music from
famous Czech DJs. QOpen 11:00 - 02:00, Fri 11:00 - 04:00,
Sat 18:00 - 04:00, Sun 18:00 - 23:00. AE
Bar and Books F-2, Praha 1, Tnsk 19, MNm. Re-
publiky, tel. (+420) 224 81 51 22, www.barandbooks.
net. Deep red walls and ceilings, soft leather benches, dark
wood finishing, books filling one complete wall and impec-
cable service typify Bar & Books. Cocktails (140K) vie with
an astounding array of whiskey, wine and cigars in this classy
setting with cool tunes and Bond on TV. Salmon and club
sandwiches, caviar and chocolate fondue are on the small
but inspired menu. QOpen 15:00 - 03:00, Sat 18:00 - 04:00,
Sun 18:00 - 03:00. (105 - 295K). PA
Blue Light Bar B-2, Praha 1, Ostrovn 32, MMalos-
transk, tel. (+420) 224 93 22 49, www.bluelightbar.
cz. This tiny bar is always busy, and even if you get a table,
this doesnt mean youll keep it to yourself. An older crowd
jostles, jokes and jives late into the night in this supposed
jazz club. It seldom has live music, but it does play chill tunes,
from Barry White to Prince to jazz standards. Strangely, this is
a beer drinking country after all, they only serve small beers
and at 30K, they aint cheap although well mixed cocktails
provide a smooth alternative. Its a cool hot spot with very
interesting interior design. QOpen 18:00 - 03:00.
Bombay Cocktail Bar E-2, Praha 1, Dlouh 13,
MStaromstsk, tel. (+420) 222 32 84 00, www.rasoi.
cz. One of the citys best late night hot spots, Bombay seldom
disappoints with a wide range of cocktails, DJs who actually
play what the crowd wants to hear and a diverse clientele
in the right frame of mind to have fun. Enough said. QOpen
12:00 - 04:00. PAB
Bugsys E-2, Praha 1, Pask 10, MStaromstsk,
tel. (+420) 840 28 47 97, Bugsys
has been around for a fair while now, but it has managed
to keep the it that means it is a place to go if you wanted
everyone who has it to think that you have it too. A trendy
and hip crowd guaranteed then, as is a menu featuring plenty
of decent cocktails. QOpen 19:00 - 02:00. PAE
Chapeau Rouge F-3, Praha 1, Jakubsk 2, MNm.
Republiky, tel. (+420) 222 31 63 28, www.chapeau- A local legend. This large, dark red bar continues
to be the place to head for to indulge a multitude of vices. A
deeper and darker cellar room kicks in later in the evening
as a DJ and dance venue, thus giving dedicated nocturnalists
another central venue to frequent. Early on it provides a quiet
alternative for a bit of chilling. QOpen 12:00 - 05:00. AE
Cloud 9 J2, Praha 8, Poben 1, MFlorenc, tel. (+420)
224 84 29 99,, Nine
floors up, Pragues first sky bar offers stunning views, a cool
interior, smooth sounds and amazing cocktails. A master
bartender mixes up old favorites plus a line of signature
Cloud 9-only concoctions. A small grazing menu offers an
eclectic line-up of tastes and weekend DJs keep the vibe
going. Atop the Hilton Hotel. Highly recommended. QOpen
18:00 - 02:00. Closed Sun. JAE
Harlequin J-5, Praha 2, Vinohradsk 25, MMuzeum,
tel. (+420) 224 21 72 40, This
combo would probably never happen anywhere else, but
when you feel like having a few beers then shoot some
arrows, we have found the place for you. With pool hall and
new roulette wheel upstairs and laser golf, laser karaoke
and archery down in the black walled cellar, Harlequin will
keep the most dysfunctional group happy. Archery tuition
on various bows for a lot of fun from 19:00 - 24:00 is 200K
per bow per hour. Golf 400K. Well priced but bottled only
beer downstairs, Kruovice upstairs for 24K. An intriguing
gem of a place. QOpen 14:00 - 04:00. K
Hospoda Lucerna I-4, Praha 1, Vodkova 39, tel.
(+420) 221 14 63 37, A long,
loud bar with the rock feel of the music hall opposite and serves
up decent and cheap meals in the belly of the city. A 30 person
private dining room is available or join the throng in the carved
totem pole littered room with alcove tables and various people
eating, drinking and being merry. This hospoda often hosts
bands post-gig nights. During the day, enjoy the atmosphere
- its been here since 1908. QOpen 10:00 - 03:00. KW
Jet Set Praha 5, Radlick 1c, MAndl, tel. (+420)
257 32 72 51. The central square bar is low enough for
all drinkers to scan the crowd and check out whos who this
evening, the split levels ensure dancers with confidence will
be centre stage, and the DJs make sure everyone has to
get close together for any conversation. Its sleek, chic and
designed to empty NYC wannabes pockets with style. The
great menu has a Mediterranean influence. QOpen 11:00
- 02:00. PAGB
Kozika E-2, Praha 1, Koz 1, MStaromstsk, tel.
(+420) 224 81 83 08, Tagged out front
by the sculpture of an iron goat, Kozika is entered via heavy
red curtains, down the stairs and into the labyrinthine set
of rooms. Good food adds to the late night party vibe and
this is one of the kitchens thatll feed us late into the Prague
night - till 01:45 in fact. QOpen 12:00 - 04:00, Sat 18:00 -
04:00, Sun 18:00 - 03:00. PAI
La Casa Bl E-1, Praha 1, Koz 15, MStaromstsk,
tel. (+420) 224 81 82 70, A pack-
age deal of generic South Americana sold as the real deal. A
pleasing and soothing spirit pervades the darkened corners,
which are perfect, when a little recuperation is needed,
for sprawling in but at the same time you can perch at the
bar and find yourself in the midst of a mini Mardi Gras. Ay
caramba the food is great too. QOpen 11:00 - 24:00, Sun
14:00 - 24:00. 6EKW
Prague In Your Pocket
October - November 2010
Lokalblok Praha 5, nm. 14. jna 10, MAndl, tel.
(+420) 251 511 490, A climbing
bar in Andl, wi th air condi tioned walls, claiming to be the
third largest in Europe. Wi th good overhangs and some
tough lines, the wall will create a thirst that is easil y and
cheapl y quenched i n the popular bar upstai rs, where
the prime sport is verti cal flirting. A weird foosball tabl e
downstai rs too. QOpen 11:00 - 24:00. Cli mbi ng wall
open 09:00 - 22:00; Sat & Sun 12:00 - 22:00. 60K
per day. PB
Mad Bar Plask 5, MMalostransk, tel. (+420) 775
12 22 56/(+420) 257 21 98 55,, Fun, clean joint that doesnt really life up
to its mad moniker. All the more reason to go - they have
a small, but varied menu and the prices are reasonable for
the area. Plus a happy hour from 16:00-19:00 means 25%
of food and drink. Go mad. QOpen 11:00 - 21:00, Sat, Sun
15:00 - 21:00.
Tretters E-2, Praha 1, V Kolkovn 3, MStaromstsk,
tel. (+420) 224 81 11 65, The bar
certainly seems sure of its leading role here, swallowing up
so much of the space that it leaves little room for custom-
ers. And rightly so. Committed barmen can rattle up some
seriously decent cocktails and they serve the best Bloody
Marys in town. Wear a suit or the staff will probably sneer
at you. QOpen 19:00 - 03:00. PA
Ultramarin H-4, Praha 1, Ostrovn 32, MNrodn tda,
tel. (+420) 224 93 22 49, Deep in
an old cellar, Ultramarin has pricey but decently made drinks
and a few bugs to iron out service-wise. Theyve browsed
through the chic end of the renovation brochure producing
a feel that is definitely style over substance. QOpen 11:00
- 04:00. PAE
Akropolis K- 4, Praha 3, Kubelkova 27, MJiho z
Podbrad, tel. (+420) 296 33 09 13, www.palacak- Akropolis goes a long way to saving the world
on those humdrum nights in the winter. A sprawling den of
scruffy delights with great and often unusual live music and
DJs. There are two bars, an adjoining caf, plus the excel-
lent gig space offering some of the most intriguing music in
Prague on offer. Gigs have to finish at 22:00 so start times
here are punctual. QOpen 16:00 - 04:00. Admission 30 -
400K. EKW
ko Musi c Cl ub Pr aha 2, 5. kvetna 1640,
MVyehrad, tel. 608 18 38 57, info@ockopraha.
cz, Pragues newest musi c cl ub
of fers a vari ety of programs i ncl udi ng DJs, dancers and
other events. Check out their varied schedul e online and
then venture out for somethi ng guaranteed to be a li ttl e
di f ferent. QOpen , Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 21:00 - 06:00.
Cl osed Mon, Tue, Sun. Admi ssi on vari es dependi ng
on program.
Duplex I-4, Praha 1, Vclavsk nm. 21, MMstek,
tel. (+420) 732 22 11 11,, www.duplex.
cz. A massive designer space fed by a couple of lifts from
street level, this is where Mick Jagger decided to spend his
birthday, which has probably made the place even more full
of itself. Theme nights range from Dirty Dancing parties on
Fridays to local and international DJs on Saturdays. QOpen ,
Wed, Thu, Fri 22:00 - 05:00, Sat 23:00 - 05:00. Closed Mon,
Tue, Sun. ABK
Futurum G- 6, Praha 5, Zborovsk 7, MAndl, tel.
(+420) 257 32 85 71, Smchov is
on its way to glory, and the way is paved by Futurums,
er, futuristic rooms. Its ul tra modern conversions wi th
eccentric lighting and exposed metal and brick is inven-
tive. The place hosts launch parties for Czech bands, the
odd cul tural festi val and hal f-decent DJs. Fridays host
their popular 80s & 90s night. QOpen 20:00 - 03:00.
Admission 100K. E
jezd A-4, Praha 1, jezd 18, MNrodn tda, tel.
(+420) 257 31 65 37, Yes, the am-
bience is young, shabby and hedonistic, but jezds three
floors and especially the bizarre wrought iron sculptures are
a tonic to eyes and ears. Friendly staff and hot (most of them
smoking) people throng here any night for live music and/or
DJs. The cellar is punk, and upstairs is a more eclectic chill
zone. Dont bring your posh frock, do bring some energy.
QOpen 11:00 - 04:00. E
Karlovy Lzn C-3, Praha 1, Smetanovo nbre 198,
MStaromstsk, tel. (+420) 222 22 05 02, www. Set up as Pragues superclub, this place
has been rebuilt with panache, e.g. the transparent floor thus
enabling you to comfortably look up girls skirts. Live bands,
chillout rooms and free internet access in the basement,
standard tunes one floor up, eclectica up one again, and
more hard core dance tracks in the loft. Q MCM Internet
Caf open 10:00 - 05:00. Club open 21:00 - 05:00. Admis-
sion 21:00-22:00 50K, after 22:00 120K.
Klub Lvka C- 3, Praha 1, Novotnho lvka 1,
MStaromstsk, tel. (+420) 221 08 22 99, www. Lvka occupies a beautiful corner right next to
Charles Bridge, with terraces looking across the water to the
castle. This is about as apt and tasteful as say... putting Elton
John in charge of your funeral arrangements and expecting
an occassion of grace and dignity. QOpen 21:30 - 05:00.
Latin Art Cafe A-2, Praha 1, Jansk Vrek 2, MMalos-
transka, tel. 777 34 41 81,, A bold experiment for a city of
not so experimental places. Latin Art Caf plays live music
nightly; a combo of Brazilian, Cuban, Columbian, while tossing
in some R&B or perhaps Klezmer. All depends on who shows
up. A great venue to hear a variety of musicians experiment-
ing and truly enjoying themselves - as will you. Art work for
sale as well. QOpen 14:00 - 05:00. JEW
Lucerna Music Bar I- 4, Praha 1, Vodikova 36,
MMstek, tel. (+420) 224 21 71 08, www.musicbar.
cz. The more popular local bands and the smaller interna-
tional groups ply their trade here fairly regularly. Every Sat-
urday you can find an un-hip, unpretentious crowd cavorting
at their disarmingly popular 1980s night, which has led to
the doors being closed because of sheer numbers. QOpen
19:00 - 06:00. Admission 50 - 150K. PE
Mecca Praha 7, U Prhonu 3, MNdra Holeovice,
tel. (+420) 602 71 12 25,, www. Mecca has taken the proceeds from its status
as the recent clubbing star of Prague and done something
very odd. It has spent it on making the club even better.
Now one can hardly shuffle from one foot to other without
falling into the lap of some super-model clubbing lass
lying back on one of the huge white sofas. The DJs they
showcase are some of the best town. QOpen , Wed, Fri,
Sat 22:00 - 06:00. Closed Mon, Tue, Thu, Sun. Admission
150 - 200K. PAUE
Popocafepetl Music Club Praha 1, jezd 19, www. The space is small but well utilised and
already drawing the crowds. Located by trendy Downtown
Caf, this block is a new hotspot. Their bookings are an inter-
national bunch from homegrown talent to bands/members
from SCO/FRA/SK/HU. Sundays have proved a good night
for Gitans (CZ) and their gypsy nights. Gigs begin at 20.30.
Admission up to 150K. QOpen 16.00 - 02.00. E
Retro Music Hall J-6, Praha 2, Franzouzsk 4, MNm.
Mru, tel. (+420) 739 28 05 81,
A new and rising star of a club of the same name as the
adjacent restaurant and music bar. The club has a good
and varied roster of local and international bands and DJs
rocking the decent floor, balcony and stage space. Open for
gigs only and closing time depends on the band/after party.
Admission 30 - 500K depending on the band. Q Open Thu
- Sat 17:00 - 05:00. PE
SaSaZu K-1, Praha 7, Bubensk nbe 306, MVl-
tavsk, tel. 284 09 74 44,, www. Pretty cool spot, and definitely the best thing
to open here in recent memory. SaSaZu sports a split-level
dance floor with enough space for up to 2,000 of your near-
est and dearest. Styling dcor; flashing lights and lots of
events make this a good spot to know and go. Mix of DJs
and live acts. Other part of this former warehouse is a Thai
restaurant. QOpen 20:00 - 03:00.
Solidn nejistota H- 5, Praha 1, Ptrossova 21,
MNrodn tda, tel. (+420) 224 93 30 86, www.solid- This long red hall divided by an oval-shaped
bar is a meat market in more ways than one. Older women
arrive early to colect bar stools, younger women come later
for the dancing while the most beautiful show up any time
knowing theyll always be offered a seat. Juicy steaks cooked
to order until 03:00. QOpen 19:00 - 06:00. PAK
Vagon D-4, Praha 1, Nrodn 25, MNrodn tda, tel.
(+420) 221 08 55 99, Vagon was a danc-
ing hall during communist times so if your parents are too old
to boogie here come yourself and check out the dedication to
the artwork, if not exactly the spirit, of the decadent 1960s.
An excellent live venue renowned for quality cover bands,
local and international acts plus an open mic night on select
Mondays. QOpen 18:00 - 05:00, Sun 18:00 - 01:00. E
AghaRTA Jazz Centrum E-3, Praha 1, elezn 16,
MMstek, tel. (+420) 222 21 12 75,, This beautiful arched medieval cellar is
the perfect place to appreciate some of the very fine bands
on the Prague jazz circuit, cut with the odd night of heavy
blues. Arrive early to claim a seat at a table. Theres a jazz
shop, where they sell CDs including their own compilations
of visiting talent. QOpen 18:00 - 00:30. Concerts daily
at 21:00. Admission 200K. Reservations via email only
before 15:00. E
Jazz Boat D-1, Praha 1, echv most, Kotva boat,
MStaromstsk, tel. (+420) 731 18 31 80, www. Take a musical journey on the low seas of the
Vltava. The Jazz Boat sets sail each evening from echv
most and for only 590K youre afforded a two and a half
hour cruise around Prague to the accompaniment of excellent
jazz performed by some of the citys finest musicians. A bar
and restaurant are also at your disposal, but their services
are not included in the bill. Its best to arrive early to get good
seats. QOpen 20:30 - 23:00. AEGBK
Jazz Dock Praha 5, Jankovo nbe 2, tel. 774 05
88 38,, Soul, funk,
bluesif it jams its at Jazz Dock. This newly opened riverside
club offers a diverse selection of blues & jazz genres, with
a variety of bands taking the stage every night. Open till the
wee hours, but stop by during the day for a light snack at
their rooftop caf. QOpen 11:00 - 04:00. 150 K standard
U Malho Glena B- 3, Praha 1, Karmelitsk 23,
MMalostransk, tel. (+420) 257 53 17 17, www. Little Glens is, appropriately, a tiny venue
downstairs from a scrubbed wooden Irish-type bar, and hosts
a wide spectrum of local bands, with a particularly strong
roster of jazz and blues acts turning up regularly. You can
book one of the 20 or so spots crammed in around the tables.
QOpen 10:00 - 02:00. Admission Mon, Tue & Thu 120K;
Wed, Fri & Sat 150K; Sun 70K. PAE
Dubl i ner I r i sh Bar F- 2, Pr aha 1, Tn 1,
MStaromstsk, tel. (+420) 224 89 54 04, www. Formerly Legends sports bar, the Dubliner
bills itself as an Irish sports pub. Whatever, youve still got
12 TVs + 2 large screens now nestled in a homely Irish pub
atmosphere. If theres an international sport match you gotta
watch its highly likely youll see it here. Weekends visiting DJs
rule the roost. QOpen , Mon, Tue, Wed, Sun 11:00 - 01:00,
Thu, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 03:00. (100 - 400K). PJAEK
George & Dragon E-2, Praha 1, Staromstsk nm.
11, MStaromstsk, tel. (+420) 222 32 61 37. A British
pub landed slap bang in the middle of Old Town Square. TV
screens, a big screen and footy shirts line the walls so it wont
remind you of the country outside. Good food, including an all
day breakfast with the atmosphere you want to see your team
play and win, with any luck. QOpen 09:00 - 02:00. ABK
Prague In Your Pocket
Banco Casino F- 3, Praha 1, Na Pkop 27,
MNm. Republiky, tel. (+420) 221 96 73 80, One of Pragues favou-
rite casinos, set in a central location di fficult to beat.
All your favourite games are available, there are state
of the art slot machines, a private salon and a general
atmosphere of unadulterated luxury that entices even
James Bond: it was used in Casino Royale... Q Open
24 hours. A
Bohemia Praha 4, 5. kvtna 65 (Congress
Centre), MVyehrad, tel. (+420) 241 40 65
57. Pragues first casino. With slot machines, poker,
Blackjack and the usual suspects both on and off the
tables, Bohemia is as good a place as ever to gamble
your crowns away. Smart dress and ID required. QOpen
17:00 - 05:00. ALK
Casino de Prague Le Hilton J-2, Praha 8,
Poben 1 (Hotel Hilton), MFlorenc, tel. (+420)
224 81 09 88. One of the favoured casinos for Prague
expats, the Hilton provides roulette, poker, blackjack,
pontoon, Punto Banco, and slots with the worldwide
standards of the Hilton chain. QOpen 14:00 - 06:00.
Casino President E-1, Praha 1, Nm. Curieovch
100 (President Hotel), MStaromtsk, tel. (+420)
234 61 41 13, Roulette,
black jack, poker, pontoon and slots available at this
luxurious new casino. Minimum bets are 100K for
blackjack, et al. and 25K on roulette. Free soft drinks
while you gamble. QOpen 18:00 - 04:00. A
Century Casino Millennium I-3, Praha 1, V Cel-
nici 10, MNm. Republiky, tel. (+420) 221 03 34
01, Catering to the likes of the Marriott
Hotel, the Century Casino in the Millennium Plaza boasts
excellent croupiers who will help out beginners and take
anyones money. The usual roulette, poker and blackjack
are available. QOpen 15:00 - 04:00. AL
Spearmint Casino D-1, Praha 1, U Plovrny 8,
tel. (+420) 257 535 755, www.spearmintcasino.
cz. Come to the only English-style casino in Prague.
Spearmint has the highest limits available in the city. Try
your luck at roulette, pontoon, blackjack and poker or
play in the private gaming room. If mechanics are more
your thing, head for the new slot machines upstairs. Free
transport to the casino is also available. Admission is
free. QOpen 19:00 - 04:00. A
OChes D-3, Praha 1, Liliov 14, MStaromstsk, tel.
(+420) 222 22 11 78, Just what youd
expect an Irish Cuban bar to be. Likenesses of everybodys
favourite failed revolutionary stare off into space amid a dart-
board, TVs, Guinness ads and football paraphernalia. Yuca con
mojo may be hard to find, but good food, excellent barstaff and
all round fun is readily available. QOpen 10:00 - 01:00. PK
Rocky OReillys I - 5, Praha 1, tpnsk 32,
MMstek, tel. (+420) 222 23 10 60, www.rockyor- Photos of prestigious poets and pubs, Guinness
on draught and an O in its name all meet the criteria for a
classic Irish watering hole. Other perks include hearty por-
tions of international food including a huge Irish breakfast
served anytime, Sky Sports broadcast on several TVs and
wait staff that can easily draw your attention away from the
football. QOpen 10:00 - 01:00. PAK
Sherlocks Pub D- 4, Praha 1, Bartolomjsk 11,
MNrodn tda, tel. (+420) 224 240 588, www.sher- This split level pub with somewhat authentic
feel, paintings all over the walls and small courtyard is the
Prague location for the Ostrava original. Part sport bar, part
cocktail bar and part pub, Sherlocks has many stairs, plays
some terrible tunes but has a good kitchen which is open
till 03:00. Staropramen costs, strangely, more that Stella
and drink specials at weekends will make those stairs more
difficult QOpen 17:00 - 04:00. BK
Tlust koala F-3, Praha 1, Senovn 1394/8, MNm.
Republiky, tel. (+420) 222 24 54 01. The Fat Koala boasts
(if thats the word) Fosters lager, but everything else is more
international than Aussie. With 11 beers on tap and more in
bottles, this place is a dream and prices (Staropramen 31K)
are not that high considering its location. Two floors of pub
ambience and private rooms keep people lingering long after
the hearty meals have been sufficiently washed down. QOpen
10:00 - 04:00, Sun 15:00 - 04:00. (100 - 800K). PAK
Shamrock Irish Pub F-4, Praha 1, Vclavsk nm.
56, MMuzeum, tel. (+420) 774 941 172. The two-floor
cellar space is accessible via a deceptively small entrance
at street level. Upon entering, any subtlety is wiped out by 4
massive projection screens, numerous smaller TVs around
the circular-ish room and hordes of chanting fans. Good food,
the famous Irish breakfast and all European channels attract
sport fans and staggers alike. QOpen 10:00 - 02:00, Fri, Sat
10:00 - 04:00. (100 - 350K). PAK
The Beer Factory I-5, Praha 1, Vclavsk nm. 58,
MMstek, tel. (+420) 736 63 08 68. Down see-through
steps (which could make things hallucinogenic later on) is
this industrial-looking and functional, as the name suggests,
beer factory. Well located and easily locatable by the squares
landmark statue, this beer halls cavernous space should be
packed daily - just look at those opening hours. Taps at your
table serve Pilsner Urquell (at 39K) while mix drinks, coffee
and hearty Czech dishes are served up by the staff. TVs offer
music and sport. QOpen 09:00 - 04:00. (150 - 350K). PK
The Pack I-5, Praha 1, Ve Smekch 21, MMuzeum,
tel. (+420) 222 21 02 51, Tailor made
for its fans with scantily clad waitresses, flat screen TVs in
every room, Guinness and Strongbow (90/85K) on tap, a
full English breakfast with Heinz beans, and opening hours to
cater for sports from all continents. A higher class of pub food
is also available from wings (150K) and burgers (250K) to
the massive double filet mignon (950K). Gambrinus 55K.
Q Open Mon & Fri 09:00 - 02:00; Tue - Thu 12:00 - 02:00;
Sat, Sun 06:30 - 02:00. JAK
Welcome to the Casino President
Excellence in the night
Black Jack
American Roulette
Texas Holdem
Open daily from 6:00 PM
Tel.: +420 234 614 113,
Casino President is a part of a hotel situated on the embankment of the Vltava River,
a few minutes walking distance from the Old Town Square and Pask Street.
In Prague there are lots of places calling themselves casinos but they dont represent
and dont mean the same.
It is one of the most pleasant, most discreet and safest casinos. This place will surely
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Casino President is a part of a large casino chain owned by the Spanish COMAR
company. We can mention the following interesting facts: ATLANTICO, BAHIA DE
the Dominican Republic.
After the oods in 2002 the casino was largely refurbished and was given a different
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guests requirements. Casino is not only for the hotel guests or foreigners. Everybody
who is passing by can come and have a look, spend some time here or try to play. It
does not matter when you want to have a good time, you dont need any programme or
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We have roulette and card tables available for you to play Poker, Pontoon, Texas Holdem
and Black Jack. The currency you can use when playing is CZK or EUR or you can also
exchange other currencies.
The bar offers a great choice of alcoholic and soft drinks.
Nm. Curieovch 100, 110 00, Praha 1
Ambassador Casino E- 4, Vclavsk nm. 5,
MMstek, tel. +420 724 747 401, www.vipclub.
cz. Texas Holdem Poker, roulette, blackjack, pontoon
and slots attract a sophisticated crowd with the casinos
excellent, knowledgeable staff, and appropriate atmo-
sphere. Q Open 24hrs. AK
Casi no Panorama Pr aha 4, Mi l evsk 7,
MPankrc, tel. +420 724 747 403, www.vipclub.
cz. The Corinthia Panorama Hotel hosts another winning
casino from the VIP group. The usual games (American
Roulette, Black Jack, Poker) and slot machines are on
offer, with drinks and refreshments. QOpen 20:00 -
04:00. AL
Prague In Your Pocket
October - November 2010
The largest collection of wonders in the city, Prague castle
is an amalgamation of architecture from different periods.
From the almost pastoral serenity of St. Georges Basilica,
to the awe-inspiring Gothic power of St. Vitus Cathedral,
the castle has attractions for all - history and architecture
plus marching soldiers and entertainment.
Approach & Entry A-1, Praha 1, Hradany, tel. (+420)
224 37 24 23, There are two information
centres, one in the second courtyard and one in the third.
Here you can find out what time the changing of the guard
takes place, buy tickets and get audio guides.
There are four ways to approach the castle. By far the
best way is to take tram N22 to the Pohoelec stop, where
you start with breathtaking views of Prague from Strahov
Monastery; then walk down through beautiful Hradansk
district along Loretnsk towards the main castle entrance
on Hradansk nmst. You can skip the Hradansk walk
by getting off the tram earlier, at the Prask hrad stop, from
where you enter the second courtyard. Alternatively, walk
up Nerudova and the steep hill from Malostransk nmst.
The worst approach is up the Star zmeck schody steps
near Malostransk metro station; these are best kept for the
way down. Q Buildings & Info: From 1 November - 31 March:
open 09:00 - 16:00. Courtyards (admission free) open 06:00
- 23:00. Castle gardens and Jelen pkop are closed. From 1
April - 31 October: open 09:00 - 18:00. Courtyards (admission
free) open 05:00 - 24:00. Castles gardens and Jeleni prikop
10:00 - 18:00. Note: Golden Lane will be closed for renova-
tions beginning May 1, 2010. Repairs are expected to take one
year. Admission to the Old Royal Palace, St. Georges Basilica,
Powder Tower, Picture Gallery and Golden Lane: 350K (long
tour.) Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, St. Georges Basilica and
Golden Lane: 250K (short tour.) Reductions for families.
Sternberg Palace (ternbersk palc) Hradansk
nm. 15. Sharing an entrance with the Archbishops Palace
is the ternbersk palc from 1698. Its part of the National
Gallery and home to a collection of European art, including
Rubens and Rembrandt. In 1991 thieves stole US$2.6 mil-
lion worth of Picassos. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Mon.
First courtyard Pause at the castle gates to admire the
soldiers uniforms (designed by the wardrobe designer of
the film Amadeus), and hopefully see the changing of the
guard. Then move into the courtyard flanking the presidential
rooms, which are not open to the public. These are numerous
and include the Spanish Hall, once the venue for meetings
of the Czechoslovak Communist Party. As you walk through
the archway, the steps on your right are where many of the
official greetings are made to visiting heads of state.
Second courtyard Reconstructed by Empress Maria
Theresa, this courtyard acts as an intersection point for
two of the entrances into the castle. You can exit under the
archway to reach the Stag Moat, Royal Gardens and trams
N22 and 23.
St. Vitus Cathedral (Kat-
edrla svatho Vta) Mov-
ing into the third courtyard of
the castle youll face one of Eu-
ropes great Gothic cathedrals.
St. Vitus is the spiritual heart of
the nation as the mausoleum
of Bohemian kings and the
citys greatest landmark. Work
on the present cathedral was
started in 1344 but it wasnt
consecrated until 1929. Check
out Muchas stained glass win-
dow and the door with seven
locks leading to the crown jewels. Dont miss the beautiful
mosaic depicting the Last Judgment of Christ on the exterior
of the cathedral. The mosaic is 84 square metres and was
created in 1371. QOpen 09:00 - 16:00.
Old Royal Palace (Star krlovsk palc) One of
the oldest and most impressive parts of the castle, the Old
Royal Palace dates from 1135 and was the seat of Bohemian
princes. From the 13th to the 16th century it was the kings
palace. The magnificent Vladislav Hall was used for ban-
quets, councils, coronations and even jousting. All presidents
have been sworn in here, and this building was where the
1618 defenestration took place. The palace contains The
Story of Prague Castle exhibition. Dont forget to have a
look at the Rampart Gardens below. QOpen 09:00 - 16:00.
Admission 120/60K.
Gol den Lane (Zl at
ulika) Note: Golden Lane
will be closed for renovations
beginning May 1, 2010 and
most likely lasting one year.
The phrase pi cturesque
street might have been invent-
ed to describe this tiny cobbled
lane with its miniature workers
cottages - now shops. It was on this street, or so legend has
it, that 16th-century alchemists laboured to discover the Phi-
losophers Stone to make gold from lead. Franz Kafka spent
evenings at his sisters house, N22. QOpen 09:00 - 16:00.
Daliborka Tower Built in 1496 and used as a prison till
the end of 18th century, the tower stands on your left as
you exit the Golden Lane. It is so named for its first prisoner,
Dalibor of Kozojedy, whose story was told by Smetana in his
1868 opera Dalibor. The underground cell is truly terrifying.
QOpen 09:00 - 16:00.
Palace Gardens B-1, Valdtejnsk 12. A large set of
steeply terraced gardens leading up to the castle. The steep
climb up to the castle is rewarded by fitness, some beautiful
landscaping and stunning views of the city. QOpen 10:00 -
18:00. Admission 80/40K, families 180K.
St. Georges Basilica (Bazilika svatho Ji) The
basilica is the Romanesque church lurking behind a Baroque
facade in the courtyard behind St. Vitus. Now deconsecrated,
it serves as a concert hall. In the chapel on the right of the
presbytery is the tomb of St. Ludmila, the first Czech saint.
QOpen 09:00 - 16:00.
The essentials of Prague - if you see nothing else, do not
miss these sights. Obviously in this city that has been a
destination for hundreds of years, there is much to see
and do, and one of the most enjoyable aspects is just
wandering around. Dont forget to look up as the gilded
spires are rightfully what Prague is renowned for. But keep
an eye of the ground too - dog owners are not renowned
for their cleaning-up ability.
Charles Bridge (Karlv
most) C- 3, Pr aha 1,
MStaromstsk. Karl v
most joins Star Msto (Old
Town) and the Mal Strana
(Little Quarter) and is one of
the worl ds most beauti ful
bridges. The bridge was built
in 1357, but the figures of saints were added during the
17th century. They symbolise the confidence of the Catholic
Austrians triumph over the Protestant Hussites. The bridge is
thronged all day with tourists, while at night it offers wonder-
ful views of the illuminated castle and Old Town. Go at dawn
to be alone and witness the saints emerging from the mist.
Municipal House (Obec-
n Dm) F-3, Praha 1, nm.
Republiky 5, MNm. Re-
publiky, tel. (+420) 222 00
21 01, www.obecnidum.
cz. The magni ficent Obecn
Dm building holds two res-
taurants, a super caf, an
American bar, a gallery, shop
and classical music venue. Built between 1905 and 1910 in
the architecturally stunning Art Nouveau style, the Municipal
House has been painstakingly restored to its former glory.
It was here that the Czechoslovakian state was signed into
being on October 28, 1918. It was also here in 1989 that
communist bureaucrats and revolution leaders of the Civic
Forum discussed the velvet transfer of power and the states
transformation to democracy.
Na t i o n a l Th e a t r e
(Nrodn divadlo) C- 4,
Nrodn 2, MNrodn tda,
tel. (+420) 224 90 14 48.
This lavish neo-Renaissance
building on the bank of the
Vltava, with its golden crown
of chariot-driving women, is
Pragues National Theatre. The building was completed
in 1881 and was almost immediately destroyed by fire. It
reopened in 1883. See Events for the current programme.
Ol d To wn S q u a r e
( S t a r o m s t s k
nmst) E- 3, Praha 1,
MStaromstsk. The indis-
putable heart of Prague. This
vast open space is flanked by
a pleasing blend of carefully
restored architectural styles:
Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque
and neo-styles. The square
i s notabl e for i ts constant
hum of activity, day and night,
and a long history as centre
stage for so many of the
citys defining moments, from
the execution of preacher J.
elivsk in 1422, to the attacks on Soviet tanks with Molotov
cocktails in 1968. Towering above the square, half-hidden
behind a row of houses, is the fairy-turreted Tn Church. The
centrepiece of the square is a memorial to Jan Hus. It was
draped in swastikas by the Nazis and in black cloth to mourn
the passing of the Prague Spring.
Town Hall & Astronomi-
cal clock (Staromest-
sk radnice) E-3, Praha
1, Staromstsk nm.,
MStaromstsk. The 14th
century Town Hall compl ex
features a tower with an as-
tronomi cal cl ock, added i n
the 15th century. Every hour
on the hour Jesus and hi s
disciples lead a pageant that
includes the allegorical figures
of Death, the Turk, the Miser,
the Fool and the Rooster. It
sounds more impressive than
it actually is, but its still worth
a look. The climb or lift up the
tower is rewarded by the stunning views. QOpen 09:00 -
18:00, Mon 11:00 - 18:00. Admission 60/40K.
Vyehr ad H- 7, Pr aha
2 , S o b s l a v o v a 1 ,
MVyehrad. The rocky cliff-
top boasts Pragues second
castle. In the hearts and minds
of many Czechs, Vyehrad
symbolises the birth of the
Czech nation and is shrouded
in legend and myth. This is
apparentl y the spot where
Pri ncess Li bue stood and
predicted the rise of a great
ci ty. Li terall y translated as
high castle, it was probably founded in the middle of the
10th century. In 972 Prince Boleslav II built the royal mint here,
and in 1085 Vratislav II selected it as his residence. Over the
following centuries successive kings remodelled the palace
and fortress, but moved their permanent home across the
river. Within the fortress confines is the national cemetery
(Vyehradsk hbitov), which from the 1870s became the
final resting place of many of the most famous Czech writers
and composers, including Jan Neruda, Bedich Smetana and
Antonn Dvok. QOpen 09:30 - 17:30.
Wenceslas Square (V-
clavsk nmst ) F- 4,
Praha 1, Vclavsk nm.,
MMst ek. Vcl avsk
nmst is actually a bou-
l evard runni ng down from
the National Museum and
the equestri an statue of
Saint Wenceslas to Mstek,
formerly the site of of a city gate and drawbridge. This is
where crowds traditionally come to demonstrate against their
incompetent rulers, and this was where, in 1989, thousands
gathered to shake their keys in celebration of the death of
the Communist Party. Rows of shops, hotels (note the Art
Nouveau glory of Hotel Europa) and nightclubs flank the
pavements, and by night it can get a bit sleasy. Thankfully,
there are plans to rid the square of cars, bury the highway in
front of the museum in a tunnel and have tram N11 make
a come-back.
Prague In Your Pocket
October - November 2010
Bet hl ehem Chapel
(Bet l msk Kapl e)
D- 3, Praha 1, Betlmsk
nmst, MStaromstsk.
From 1402 to 1412, Jan Hus
preached at the Bethlehem
Chapel, hence its significance
for non-Catholics, but in 1622,
the Jesuits took control of the
chapel and Cathol i c mass
became the service of the day.
Then in 1786 it was levelled,
only to be rebuilt (somewhat
strangel y) by the commu-
nists, who had preserved its
architectural plans in 1950. Apparently, they were keen to
exploit the chapels symbolism as an historic emblem of
Czech national pride. QOpen 10:00 - 17:30. Closed Mon.
B evnov Monaster y
(Benedictine Archab-
bey) Praha 6, Marktsk 1.
Established in 992-993 by the
Bishop of Prague, Vojtch, and
the Bohemian Prince, Boleslav
II, Brevnov Monastery is the
ol dest Benedi cti ne monas-
tery in the Czech Republic. The former wooden monastery
underwent Roman then Gothic renovation and became an
important religious, cultural and economic institution for the
Czech kingdom. During the Hussite wars it was burned down,
but 200 years later, it was crafted into its present Baroque
form. The large monastery complex contains the Basilica
of St. Markety, the terrace garden, the Vojtka spring and
St. Josephs Chapel. Tram N8, 22 to Bevnovsk klter.
Chur ch of Our Lady
Victorious B-3, Praha 1,
Karmelitsk 9, MMalos-
transk, tel. (+420) 257
53 36 46, www.pragjesu.
info. This house of worship
was built by German Luther-
ans between 1611-1615. To
the right of the entrance is a
commemorati ve si te to the
16th century Spanish nun, St.
Therese of Avila, who along
with friar John of the Cross, reformed the Carmelite order into
what is known as the Discalced Carmelites. Further inside
is the churchs claim to fame, a 45cm high wax statuette
of Jesus known as the Infant Jesus of Prague, which is a
pilgrimage site of sorts - for its historical and religious im-
portance, and a couple of unnamed miracles that have been
attached to it. QOpen 08:30 - 19:00, Sun 08:30 - 20:00.
Loreta A-1, Praha 1, Loren-
tnsk nm. 7. One of the
countrys most famous places
of pilgrimage, this chapel is
j ust a qui ck wal k from the
main entrance to the castle.
Built between 1626-1720, this
Baroque buil di ng contai ns,
among other icons and ob-
jects, a painting of a bearded
lady, ornate friezes, bejewelled
i cons and a hi gh quota of
chubby-cheeked cherubs. The small museum also houses
a collection of diamond ostensories. Within the main chapel
there is the brickwork supposedly from the original Loreto in
Italy which was flown over from Italy by some well-meaning
angels. Blasphemers take note - the split in the wall was sup-
posedly caused by a thunderbolt fired off at one of your kind.
Q Open 09:00 - 12:15, 13:00 - 16:30. Admission 110/90K.
Our Lady of Snow (U
Panny Marie Snn)
E- 4, Praha 1, Jungman-
novo nm, MMstek. The
towering Gothic torso hidden
near Vclavsk nmst was
started off in 1347 by Charles
IV as a Carmelite order monastery. Construction was stopped
by the Hussites in 1419, and only the 34m-high choir of the
planned 110m-long church was finished. The Franciscans
renovated the ruins of the church in 1604, adding the mag-
nificent Renaissance altar. The peaceful adjacent monastery
gardens (Frantiknsk zahrada) are an excellent place to
soak up the sun.
St. Ignatius Church (Kostel Sv. Ignce) H-5,
Praha 2, Jen 2, MKarlovo nmst, tel. (+420) 224
92 12 54. The construction of what was intended to be a
basilica began in 1665 on these very grounds. In 1671 the
church alongside Karlovo Square was finally completed and
the large statue of Saint Ignatius, the founder of the Jesuit
order, was placed on top. The church is still active and run
by Jesuit monks.
St. Ni chol as Church
B-2, Praha1, Malostransk
nm. 38, MMalostransk,
tel. (+420) 224 19 09 91.
Construction of this Baroque
pile began in 1673, but it would
be nearly another 80 years
until the Jesui ts compl eted
it. Peer closely at the copper
statue of St. Nicholas above
the gold coated altar; the two
statues below him are of St.
Ignatius Loyola and St. Fran-
cis Xavier. The ceiling fresco
depicts the apotheosis of St. Nicholas. Also of interest is the
organ, which has 2500 pipes and 44 registers, and it was
these very ivories that Mozart tinkled on his visit to Prague.
QOpen 10:00 - 17:00. Admission 70/50K.
Around Prague Information Centre E-3, Praha
1, Celetn 14, MStaromstsk, tel. (+420) 224 49
17 64/(+420) 224 49 17 22, www.aroundprague.
cz. Tickets, accommodation, sightseeing tours, guide-
books, maps and more. QOpen 09:00 - 20:00.
Prague Info E-3, Praha 1, Staromstsk nm. 1,
(Old Town Hall), MStaromstsk, www.prague- Thi s excel l ent of fi ci al touri st i nformati on
centre provides vocal and written information in various
languages from helpful and knowledgeable staff, plus
tickets, excursions, and accommodation. For general
information in English, Czech or German call tel. 124 44.
QOpen 09:00 - 19:30. Also at I-3, Praha hlavn ndra
& B-2, Praha 1, Mal Strana Tower, open 10:00 - 18:00.
Tourist Information
Strahov Monastery Praha
1, Strahovsk ndvo 1,
tel. (+420) 233 10 77 18,
cz. The Strahov Monastery
has stood on the approach to
the castle since 1140. Today,
this Romanesque monastery
houses various museums for
religious arts and is home to
the quite stunning central cha-
pel. The Museum of Czech
Literature (open 09:00 - 12:00; 13:00 - 17:00, admission
50K), is housed in the monastic libraries. The Theological
and Philosophical Halls are superb but can only be viewed
from the doorways. Items available for closer inspection are
manuscripts from the 14th century, a stuffed dodo, and a
large collection of crabs, fish, shells and insects. The Strahov
Gallery in the central courtyard (open 09:00 - 17:00, admis-
sion 35K) has one of the finest collections of monastic art
in Central Europe. Trams N22,23 to Pohoelec. QOpen
09:00 - 17:00. Admission 60/40K.
Sts. Cyril and Metho-
dius Church H-5, Praha
1, Resslova 9, MKarlo-
vo nmst, tel. (+420)
224 92 06 86, www.pra-
vosl avnaci Thi s
Orthodox church was bui l t
i n honour of Sts. Cyril and
Methodius, the men responsible for the Slavonic alphabet.
However, most people know about this church because of
what happened here at 04:10 on the morning of June 18,
1942 when the Nazis had discovered that the seven Czech
parachutists involved in the assassination of Reichspro-
tektor Heydrich were hiding in the crypt. The west side of
Karlovo nmst was cordoned off by 800 troops from the
SS and the Gestapo. Three of the soldiers died as the SS
stormed the church. The remaining four fought on. After
hours of shooting and a long stand-off which led to the
Germans deciding to literally flush them out, they used their
last bullets on each other. The bullet-scarred exterior wall
holds a plaque in honour of their bravery.
A new permanent exhibition to the memory of those who
participated in the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich in
1942 has here. The small, but very in depth display maps the
Czechoslovak resistance movement against the Nazis and
includes photographs and memorabilia from the time. There
are also films showing on TV screens and backgrounds into
the seven paratroopers who participated in the mission. Q
Open daily: 09:00-17:00. Closed Mon. (From Nov.-Feb. closed
Sundays & Mondays) 75 K
Museums & Galleries
City Museum (Muzeum
hlavnho msta Prahy)
B- 3, Praha 1, Na Po
52, tel. (+420) 224 81 67
72, www.muzeumprahy.
cz. This homage to the city
of a hundred spires includes
a paper model of the city that
took 11 years to create and a gigantic model of the entire city
at the beginning of the 19th century. This wood and paper
model was made from 1829-1837 by Antonin Langweil and
is a highlight to the museum. QOpen 09:00 - 18:00. Closed
Mon. Admission 110/40K.
A topical crawl of sorts around Prague.
This month: Beer Halls.
Its the Czech national drink, cheaper than water, and
pretty darn good. Yep, we are talking pivo (beer) folks
and while you are in Prague, we want you to enjoy it.
Heres a brief rundown of some pretty cool beer halls in
town. Na zdrav!
U Medvdk
Budvar lovers head to the little bear for a growling
good time. This pub has been drawing in thirsty locals for
years, and with its long tables and beer barrel decoration,
makes for a fun afternoon. U Medvdk brews beer as
well, try their special Oldgott, a bottom-fermented half-
dark lager. Food is helpful if youve been consuming a
lot of their main product; try one of the traditional Czech
dishes, like the Budvar gul, which comes with white
bread and bacon dumplings.
Praha 1, Na Pertn 7
224 21 19 16
PIYP map: D-4
U Vejvod
Old Bohemian alehouse is what welcomes you upon en-
tering the vast U Vejvod pub. Owned by Pilsner Urquell,
thats what youll find on tap, and because of its size
tends to attract tour groups. Dont let that discourage
you though; its an excellent city centre place to stop for
a beer pick-me-up. Their menu is long with Czech special-
ties, pastas, fish, salads and more. Try a special Czech
appetizer called utopenci, sausage pickled in vinegar.
Praha 1, Jilsk 4
224 21 99 99
PIYP map: D-3
U ernho vola
After visiting Prague Castle, head to U ernho vola, one
of the truly authentic pubs left in the capital. Rough tables
(expect to share) surly wait staff and a limited menu is
what youll find in the small smoky place. Why go, you
are thinking? Because its one of the most interesting
pubs in Prague.
Praha 1, Loretnsk nm. 1
220 51 34 81
PIYP map: Off the map, to the left of A-1
Pocket Crawl
Cubism Museum F-3, Praha
1, Ovocn trh 19, MNm.
Republiky, tel. (+420) 224 21
17 46, The
angular grace of 1920s cubism is
apparent in the minimalist and
abstract lines of the sculptures,
pai nti ngs, furni ture, cerami cs
and architecture on show at this
small but delightful museum. Cubism in the Czech Republic
permeated all aspects of design, applied arts and graphics,
which is beautifully illustrated by the variety of exhibits. The
House at the Black Madonna, which houses the museum,
was built in 1911 as a department store and is itsel f a
monument to Cubism. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Mon.
Admission 100/50K.
Prague In Your Pocket
October - November 2010
Prague's Jewish community was one of the oldest in
Europe, and rich in history, legend and tragedy. Here, the
story goes, Rabbi Loew created the Golem nearly half a
millennium ago.
The community was confined to a ghetto until 1781
when Josef II issued the Edict of Tolerance, which per-
mitted the free exercise of religion and the secularisation
of education, science and art. The Jewish town is called
Josefov to this day in his honour.
From the 1880s, in the name of slum-clearing, most
of Josefov was razed to the ground and only a few
synagogues, the cemetery and the Josefov town hall
remained. Wide new streets with grand Art Nouveau
buildings emerged in place of the decrepit old tenement
Later still, the Nazis all but annihilated Prague's Jewish
legacy, saving the monuments as their planned epitaph
to a vanished culture. The post-war communists did little
to alleviate the persecution - many of the remaining Jew-
ish inhabitants chose to emigrate.
Jewish Museum (idovsk muzeum) E-2, Praha
1, U Star koly 1, tel. (+420) 221 71 15 62, www. The starting point for an exploration
of Prague's Jewish past and present. Unfortunately, the
idea for a museum encompassing the Jewish Quarter is not
new. The reason that the main buildings and cemetery in
the Jewish Quarter are still intact, is that Hitler intended to
transform the quarter into an epitaph to a vanished culture.
The Jewish Museum supervises the Old Jewish Cemetery,
the Old Ceremonial Hall, and the Pinkas, Klausen, Maisel
and Spanish Synagogues, but not the Old New Synagogue,
although you can buy a combined ticket for entry to all. The
high admission price causes many budget-conscious visi-
tors turn away at the gates, but despite this, you'll need to
go early to avoid the crowds. QOpen 09:00 - 16:30. Closed
Sat. Admission 300/200K for all sights.
Klausen Synagogue (Klausenov synagoga)
D-2, Praha 1, U Starho hbitova 3A. A Judaic Baroque
building which houses a permanent exhibition showing
Jewish customs and traditions - and the occasional art
exhibition. Next door is the Ceremonial Hall.
Maisel Synagogue (Maiselova synagoga) E-2, Praha
1, Maiselova 10. Maisel Synagogue is home to a large collec-
tion of silverware, previously confiscated from Jewish families
by the Nazis. Their permanent exhibition, The History of Jews
in Bohemia and Moravia, is definitely worth a visit.
Pinkas Synagogue (Pinkasova synagoga) D-2,
Praha 1, irok 3. The walls inside Pinkas Synagogue
are chillingly covered with the names of 77,297 Jewish
Holocaust victims from Bohemia and Moravia. There is also
a permanent exhibition of children's drawings from Terezin
concentration camp, drawn between 1942 and 1944.
Old Jewish Cemetery (Star idovsk hbitov)
D-2, Praha 1, irok 2, (entrance from Pinkas Syna-
gogue). From the 14th century until 1747, this was the final
resting place for Prague's Jewish community; some 12,000
graves are said to be piled one on top of the other. Oldest
and most famous is that of Rabbi Loew, which is the grave
with the most pebbles piled on top of it - a Jewish tradition.
To visit the cemetery, men will have to cover their heads;
kippas are provided at the entrance.
Spanish Synagogue (panlsk synagoga) E-2,
Praha 1, Dun 12. This neo-Moorish structure was
built in 1868 to replace the previously demolished Old
Synagogue. It is a beautiful building outside and in, with a
domed ceiling, Islamic motifs and stained glass. Restored
in 1998, the synagogue houses an exhibition on the his-
tory of Czech Jews.
Old New Synagogue (Staronov synagoga) E-2,
Praha 1, erven 2. Of all the synagogues in Prague, this
is perhaps the most important. It has stood here since
the 13th century, and despite fires, floods and the Nazi
occupation, remains today the functional, spiritual centre
of the Jewish community. QOpen 09:00 - 16:30, Fri 09:00
- 14:00. Closed Sat. Admission 200K.
High Synagogue (Vysok synagoga) E-2, Praha
1, erven 4. The High Synagogue is no longer open to
the public. It is next to the Old New Synagogue - note the
clock on the faade of the pink building next door; it has
Hebrew numbers and turns counter-clockwise.
New Jewish Cemetery (idovsk hbitovy)
Praha 3, Vinohradsk, Melivskho, tel. (+420)
272 74 18 93. Much larger and much less visited than
the Old Town Cemetery. Founded in 1890, it has some
impressive graves from the early 1900s. Franz Kafka is
buried at grave N137.
ikov Jewish Cem-
etery Prague 3, Fibi -
chova. Onl y a peaceful
small corner remains of
this Jewish cemetary at
the foot of the TV tower.
Originally a plague cem-
etar y establ i shed wel l
away from the city limits
in 1680, 40,000 people were buried here until 1890. Ba-
roque, Empire and Romantic style tombstones survived the
ages. Q Open Tue & Thu 09:00 - 13:00. Admission 20K.
Jubilee Synagogue (Jubilejn synagoga) I- 4,
Praha 1, Jeruzalmsk 1310/7, tel. (+420) 222 31 90
02. The newest, biggest, and arguably most spectacular
of Pragues synagogues, the Jubilee Synagogue is so called
because it was decided upon on the 50th anniversary of
the accession of Franz Joseph I. Built in pseudo-Moorish
style and dedicated on 16 Sept 1906 during the festival
of Simhat Torah, the synagogue has a service on Sat at
09:00 and is open to visitors from 23 Apr - 31 Oct from
13:00 - 17:00 (except Saturdays).
Prague's Schindler
Three trainloads of Jewish chil dren were abl e to es-
cape from German-occupied Prague in the spring and
summer of 1939, before war broke out, thanks to the
efforts of the man dubbed (post-Spielberg, of course)
the Schindler of Prague. Bill Barazetti, together with a
British stockbroker, arranged papers and transport for
three trainloads of children - the Kindertransporte - to
leave the city and travel via the Netherlands to safety in
London. A fourth train left Prague on the eve of the war
but it never reached the Netherlands and was not heard
of again. In August 1939 Barazetti fled to Britain, but it
was 50 years before his story became known.
Jewish Prague
Czech Museum of Fine Arts (esk muzeum
vtvarnch umn v Praze) D-3, Praha 1, Husova
19 - 21, tel. (+420) 222 22 02 18,
Large collection of fine arts including classics and more
modern works. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Mon. Ad-
mission 50K.
Decorative Arts Museum (UpM) D-2, Praha 1,
17. listopadu 2, tel. (+420) 251 093 111, www.upm.
cz. Basically, this is a museum of stuff. Its permanent
exhibit showcases what normal articles (clocks, ceramics,
glass, clothing, photographs, furniture) from the 19th-20th
century. You wont bump into philosopher Emmanuel Kant
here; he believed that an esthetic object is only art i f it has
no use (hes also long dead). Built in 1899 in commemora-
tion of Franz Josef becoming emperor, the building itsel f
is impressive, too. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Mon.
Admission 80/40K. A
DOX Centre f or Con-
temporary Art Praha 7,
Pouptova 1, tel. (+420)
774 145 434, info@dox-
pr ague. or g, www. dox- Opened in Oc-
tober 2008; DOX is sure to
make a splash on Pragues still burgeoning contemporary art
scene. The building itself is amazing - a mix of old metal fac-
tory and new build right in the heart of industrial Holeovice.
Organizers plan to showcase present contemporary art
from around the world; as well as offer exposure to Czech
contemporary artists. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Tue.
Adults: 120k, Children: 80k.
Dvok Museum I - 6,
Praha 2, Ke Karlovu 20,
tel. (+420) 224 92 33 63, The Dvok
Museum i s housed i n the
so- cal l ed Vi l l a Ameri ca, a
Bar oque summer pal ace
desi gned by Ki l i an I gnaz
Di ent zenhof er, who was
also responsi bl e for the beauti ful St. Ni cholas Church
in Mal Strana. This museum houses a good coll ection
of memorobilia from the li fe and work of Dvok, the
Czech composer famous for the New World Symphony,
among others. QOpen 10: 00 - 17: 00. Cl osed Mon.
Admission 40K.
Dvorak Sec Contemporary E-2, Praha 1, Dlouh
5, MStaromstsk, tel. (+420) 604 20 46 53, info@, In addition to
displaying their own collections, the new gallery space in
Old Town offers young and emerging artists as well as more
established international artists. Their newly reconstructed
building is an amazing space in itself. QOpen 9:00 - 18:00.
Closed Sat, Sun.
Futura Praha 5, Holekova 49, MAndl, tel. (+420)
251 51 18 04, This non-profit
gallery was opened in June 2003 to provide an accessible
space for contemporary art. Three floors of a renovated
factory. Tram 4, 7, 9, 10 to Bertramka. Q Open Wed - Sun
11:00 - 18:00.
Gal er i e L a Femme
E-2, Praha 1, Blkova 2,
MSt ar omst sk, t el .
(+420) 224 81 26 56, www. A small but fully laden
gallery celebrating woman as
eternal inspiration, although
the myriad pieces hanging,
stacked or free standing have subjects beyond women.
Vibrant oils, tactile sculptures, evocative sketches, inter-
national exhibitions and more make La Femme a place to
explore and buy. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00.
Galerie MIRO Praha 1, Strahovsk ndvo 1, tel.
(+420) 233 35 40 66, In St. Rocha
Church and host to contemporary and classical artists in-
cluding Goya, Dal, Chagnall, Warhol and Picasso. A privately
owned gallery and on the tourist trail between the castle and
Strahov monastery. Tram N22 or 23 to Pohoelec. QOpen
10:00 - 17:00.
Galerie Vclava ply
Pr aha 1, Nr odn 30,
MMstek, tel. (+420) 602
675 362, www.spalovka.
cz. The Galerie Vclava ply
i s once agai n open to the
public and promising the same
prestigious exhibitions it was
once renowned for. pl a
was a Czech avant- garde
painter from the early 20th century. The museums heyday
was in the late 60s-early 70s, and again after 1989. The
beginning of the new century saw a change in management
and vision. Now, its back and the art scene will be richer
for it. Expect a wide-variety of contemporary art from both
foreign and local artists. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Mon.
Admission 20/10K.
Historical Museum A-1, Praha 1, Prask hrad, Jisk
3, tel. (+420) 257 53 59 79, Lobkovick
Palac, in the castle area, dates back to the 9th century and
the origins of the castle itself. The palace, which was restored
during the Renaissance, now houses the Historical Museum,
which, as its name implies, gives a detailed history of the
country until 1848. QOpen 09:00 - 17:00. Closed Mon.
Admission 40K.
House at the White Unicorn (Dm u blho
jednoroce) E-3, Praha 1, Staromestsk nm. 15,
MStaromstsk, tel. (+420) 222 31 39 09, www. This central exhibition space caters
to the big names, and not only in Czech art. Much to the
delight of the worlds moustache aficionados, this house
is exhibiting a selection of graphics, sculpture and pottery
from Salvador Dali. Another area is dedicated to Alfons
Mucha, the master of Art Nouveau while a neighbouring
house (E-3, Praha 1, Celetn 9, tel. 222 31 30 64) hosts a
selection of images from the infamous photographer Jan
Saudek. QOpen 10:00 - 20:00. Admission 150/70K.
Saudek & Mucha 150/70K or 250/120K combi ned
Jewellery Collection C-2, Praha 1, Ciheln 2b, tel.
(+420) 221 45 13 33. The Hergetova cihelna (brickyard
building) near Karlv most, houses an exhibition from the
collection of the Museum of Decorative Arts. This incredible
array of pieces illustrating the the art of jewellery design from
the 17th century includes items from Faberg and Tiffany.
QOpen 10:00 - 18:00.
Prague In Your Pocket
October - November 2010
Kafka Museum C-2, Praha
1, Hergetova Cihelna, Ci-
heln 2b, tel. (+420) 257 53
55 07, www.kafkamuseum.
cz. This new collection entitled
The City of K. Franz Kafka and
Prague opened in Barcelona
in 1999, transferred to the
Jewish Museum in New York in 2002 and opened in Prague
in the summer of 2005. This museum illuminates the crucial
relationship between the man and the city. It is divided into
Existential Space where we see what Prague did with and
to Kafka, and Imaginary Topography which looks at how
Kafka creates enigmatic layers of his city through first editions
and letters, diaries and manuscripts, and audiovisual pieces.
QOpen 10:00 - 18:00. Admission 120/60K.
Kampa Museum B- 3,
Praha 1, U Sovovch mln
2, tel. (+420) 257 28 61
47, www.museumkampa.
cz. Museum Kampa i s l o-
cated on the west bank of
the Vltava in the shadow of
Prague Castle. The museum
has on display three major permanent exhibitions, featuring
works by the pioneering abstract artist Frantiek Kupka,
Cubist sculptor Otto Gutfreund and a large collection of
modern works dating from the 1950s to present day by
Central European artists. They also have temporary exhib-
its. The museum has a beauti ful restaurant with an outside
terrace overlooking the river. A visit to Museum Kampa is
definitely worthwhile. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00. Admission
varies according to exhibition.
Langhans Galerie I - 4,
Praha 1, Vodi kova 37,
MMstek, tel. (+420) 222
92 93 33, www.langhans- The sleek lined,
cl ean-cut mi ni mal i sm of a
award-winning symbiosis of
old and new architecture is
complemented beautifully by
the photographic exhibitions
hanging on its walls. Behind
the Foto koda store, which
in itsel f is a museum of old
and new cameras. QOpen
12:00 - 19:00. Closed Mon.
Admission 60/20K.
Leica Gallery Praha 1,
kolsk 28, MMstek, tel.
(+420) 777 918 866, www. Excellent photo gallery
with stunning rotating exhibits
from Czech and international
photographers. Check out their
cafe and bookshop, too. QOpen 11:00 - 21:00. Closed Sun.
Mnes Exhibition Hall
G-5, Praha 1, Masarykovo
nbe 250, tel. (+420)
224 93 0 7 54, A major exhibi-
ti on space for al l forms of
modern and contemporary
art from the Czech Art Fund
Foundation. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Mon, Sun.
Mi ni atur es Museum
Pr aha 1 , St r ahov sk
ndvo 11, tel. (+420) 233
35 23 71, www.muzeum- This museum
contains odd scribblings on
grains of rice, the Lords Prayer
written on one human hair, the worlds smallest book, and
minitures of masterpieces. They have magnifying glasses.
QOpen 09:00 - 17:00. Admission 50K.
Mucha Museum F- 4,
Pr a h a 1 , Pa n s k 7,
MMstek, tel. (+420) 224
216 415, www. mucha.
cz. Mucha shaped the Art
Nouveau movement with his
groundbreaki ng (and often
stol en from Pari s streets)
posters for actress Sarah
Bernhardt and the Theatre de
la Renaissance, and has some renown as a photographer
with the studies for his various masterpieces. He also has an
excellent shot of a trouserless Paul Gauguin at a harmonium.
A fitting tribute to artistic genius, whether you prefer his
pastel seasons, the accusing desperation of the Slav Epic
(his incomplete and huge magnum opus of which there are
strangely no photos), or modern prints on everything from
coasters to mousepads. Dont miss the short biographical
film. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00. Admission 120K.
Museum of Communism
F- 4, Praha 1, Na Pkop
10, tel . (+420) 224 21
29 66, www.muzeumko- The posters
featuring the workers of the
state, featuring a mix of so-
cialist-realism which produces
simultaneoushilarity and dark brooding, are almost worth
the entrance fee on their own. Errant and erratic household
objects can give this place an incomplete feel, however, the
photos and historical information on display are a minimal-
ist introduction to the events of this period. QOpen 09:00
- 21:00. Admission 180K.
Muzeum Karlova Mos-
t u (Char l es Br i dge
Museum) D- 3, Pr aha
1, K ovni ck nm. 3,
MSt ar omst sk, t el .
(+420) 739 30 95 51, www.
This new museum, opened to
coincide with the 650th anniversary of the building of Charles
Bridge in 1357 (the clever number logo is no coincidence,
135797531. The first stone was laid at 05:31 on 9 July).
English texts are available to explain the unique Knights
of the Red Cross hospital location, their church and crypt,
various bridges; an arch and pillar of the even older (1158
- 1172) Judit Bridge, and others in the region, construction
techniques, etc. Charles Bridge, with its statues and history,
is the focus but there is so much more. Fascinating. QOpen
10:00 - 18:00. 150/70K.
Na t i o n a l Mu s e u m
(Nrodn muzeum) F- 4,
Praha 1, Vclavsk nm. 68,
tel. (+420) 224 49 71 11, Permanent ex-
hibitions include pre-historical,
mineralogical, palaeontologi-
cal, zoological, and there is a good collection of bronze statues
of famous Czechs is in the pantheon of the building. One of the
most celebrated buildings in Prague, but its exhibits are not
nearly as impressive. QOpen 9:00 - 17:00, Wed 9:00 - 20:00.
Closed every first Tue of the month. Admission 150/100K.
Robert Guttmann Gallery (Jewish Museum) E-2,
Praha 1, U Star koly 3, MStaromstsk, tel. (+420)
221 71 15 11, As synagogues
and prayer rooms began to be demolished by Pragues mu-
nicipal offices at the end of the 19th century, the Czech-Jewish
community applied their vigour to creating a Jewish Museum
wherein ritual objects could be saved from destruction and
kept for future generations. Thus, in 1906 Pragues Jewish
Museum began with a modest collection. Today, it is celebrat-
ing its centenary with an exhibit here entitled Defying the
Beast (until 1 Oct). The museum is closed on Jewish holidays
too. QOpen 09:00 - 18:00. Closed Sat. Admission 40/20K.
Rudolfinum D-2, Praha
1 , Al ov o n b . 1 2 ,
MSt ar o m t s k , t el .
(+420) 227 05 92 05, www. Com-
missioned as concert halls
and exhi bi ti on space and
named af ter the Austri an
Prince Royal who attended the opening in 1885, this is now
home to the Czech Philharmonic and an exhibition space.
With no permanent collection, the gallery is dedicated to
temporary exhibitions. QOpen 10:00 - 17:30, Thu 10:00 -
19:30. Closed Mon. Admission 120/60K. U
Smetana Museum C-3, Praha 1, Novotnho lvka
1, tel. (+420) 222 22 00 82, Classical ap-
preciation goes high tech. When you point the special laser
conductors baton at music stands in this museum, excerpts
from Smetanas works come to life. Bedich Smetana was
a Czech symphonic poet, whose masterpiece was the
nationalistic My Fatherland, which includes a musical ode
to the Vltava. QOpen 10:00 - 12:00&12:30-17:00. Closed
Tue. Admission 50/20K.
Torture Museum B-2, Praha 1, Mosteck 21, tel.
(+420) 603 88 93 61. Medieval torture instruments from
all parts of Europe. Take the kids to show them how nice you
actually are. QOpen 10:00 - 22:00. Admission 120/100K.
Tr oj a Chateau Pr aha
1, U trojskho zmku 1,
MNdr a Hol eovi ce,
tel. (+420) 283 85 16 14,
A grand 17th century summer
palace built for Count Vclav
Vojtch ternberg, Troja has
French gardens littered with Baroque sculptures right on
the river below the Botanical gardens and next to the Zoo. It
was originally situated here to be opposite Stromovka royal
game preserve (now Stromovka Park), which it is linked to
today by a pedestrian bridge, but be warned it is no short
walk to the closest tram stop once you start. Jean-Baptiste
Mathey designed the palace, which ternberg spared no
expense on. Its most striking feature is the external double
staircase ornamented by statues of Titanic struggles with
Olympian gods. The interior is no less impressive with mag-
nificent vaulted ceilings, paintings, sculptures, murals and
frescoes - especially the giant, florid tribute to a Hapsburg
victory in the Grand Hall. After major reconstruction of the
house and garden in 1998, the Chateau became an annex of
the City Gallery, housing a collection of Baroque glass and a
collection of 19th century Czech paintings. Troja was hard hit
in the 2002 floods, but the gardens and house are back in
their former glory. From the metro, hop on tram 5, 17, 25 to
Trojsk or bus 112 to the Zoo. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00. Closed
Mon. Admission 120/60K, gardens free.
High on a hill is a massive equestrian statue. Making
your way up that hill is inviting for a number of reasons.
While a better jaunt in the summer, the views of Prague
are still lovely and the park surrounding the memorial is
a decent stroll. The statue is that of Hussite leader Jan
ika. It took sculpter Bohumil Kafka about ten years to
complete the 16 ton, nine metre high statue. The mass
of marble was originally built in the early 1930s as the
National Liberation Memorial to honour those who fought
for the birth of the Czechoslovak Republic. After 1948,
it became more of a monument to Communism, with a
variety of Party leaders having their remains kept there.
After 1989, the remains were removed and the building
basically fell off the map. In 2001, the memorial was
transferred to the National Museum who thought long
and hard what to do with it. After two years of reconstruc-
tion, the building is finally open to the public. You can tour
the ceremonial hall, visit the new caf and even climb
atop the building to the impressive viewing platform.
A new permanent exhi bi ti on has been i nstal l ed,
Crossroads of Czechoslovakia. This multimedia exhibit
highlights important crossroad years throughout the
countrys history: 1918 and the creation of Czechoslo-
vakia; the Munich Accords from 1938; Communist coup
of 1948; Prague Spring in 1968 and the Velvet Revolu-
tion of 1989. A separate room offers rotating exhibition
space. Currently on is Prague Castle Photographs Archive
Vtkov Memorial, Praha 3, U Pamtnku 1900,
222 78 16 76, Closed Mondays.
Take bus 175 or 133 from the Florenc metro station to
Tachovsk nmst. Cross the street and head through
the tunnel, into the park and up the hill.
Vtkov Memorial
Prague In Your Pocket
October - November 2010
Veletrn Palace (Na-
tional Gallery) I-1, Praha
7, Dukelskch hrdin 47,
MVltavsk, tel. (+420)
224 30 11 11, The stunni ng
modernist Vel etrn Palace
houses the National Gallerys
collection of modern and contemporary art, including works
by Klimt and Frank Gehry. The building is so big that they
split entrance fees by how many of its three floors you
wish to visit. Tram N5,12,17 to Veletrn. The space also
hosts concerts now. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Mon.
Admission 160/80.
Beaches & Lakes
Divok rka Praha 6, Nad Lvkou 5, tel. (+420) 235
35 85 54. Another lake on Pragues outskirts that is popular
on sunny days. A beach and nude beach, kids areas, boat
rentals, tennis and other sport facilities, plus food and drink
of course. Tram N 20, 26 to Nad Dbnem (McDonalds) then
its a few minutes walk. QOpen 10:00 - 20:00. Admission
50/20K per day. BKT
City tours
Prague Sightseeing Tours I-3, Praha 1, Klimentsk
52, tel. (+420) 222 31 46 61/(+420) 602 37 55 52,
fax (+420) 222 31 80 17, City tours,
boat trips and excursions. Q A
Precious Legacy Tours D-2, Praha 1, Kaprova 13,
tel./fax (+420) 222 32 19 54,
Besides doing the run-of-the-mill city tours this company also
organises an extensive array of Jewish history and culture
tours in Prague and throughout Eastern Europe.
Danci ng Fount ai ns
(K i kova Fontna)
Praha 7, Prmyslov palc
(Vstavit), tel. (+420)
220 10 32 80, www. Water
and li ghts accompani ed by
music (from Carmina Burana
to Queen) and on occasion, people. This is actually far more
enthralling than it sounds - really.
Victims of Communism Memorial A-4, jezd tram
stop. Near the funicular railway station and opposite the jezd
tram stop, there is a controversial memorial to the victims of
communism. A group of statues by Olbram Zoubek emerge
into totality as they walk, or are at various stages of destruc-
tion, depending how you look at it. Why are they controversial?
Other artists say they are kitschy, while feminists are angry
because all the figures are male and they (quite rightly) claim
women were persecuted under the communists regime too.
The memorial was damaged by two bomb attacks in late 2003.
Villa Mller Praha 6, Nad
Hradnm vodojemem 14,
tel. (+420) 224 31 20 12, This
icon of modern architecture
was designed by Moravian-
born Adolf Loos for construc-
tion magnate Frantiek Mller
in 1930. The building looks like a solid white block from the
outside, though the interior is constructed with marble, ma-
hogany and walnut, highly polished and cleanly designed. The
rooms all sit at various levels around an ascending sweeping
spiral. Tram N1,18 to Oechovka. QOpen 09:00 - 18:00.
Closed Mon, Wed, Fri. Admission 300/200K, 100K extra
for an English guide. Tours by appointment only.
Junior Prague
AquaPalace Aqua Park Prask 138, tel. (+420)
271 10 41 11,, www.aquapalace.
cz. When one more museum will just about do them in;
treat the kids to a watery side of Prague. No, we dont mean
toss them in the Vltava, but bring them to AquaPalace Aqua
Park. Pools, slides, wave pool, whirlpool and a river, plus a
variety of saunas and a fitness centre for the adults. Plan
on spending the day. Take bus 324, 325, 328, 363 or 385
from the Opatov metro station to the estlice stop. QOpen
10:00 - 22:00. Prices vary depending on the day of the week
and the time of day, For two hours on a Saturday its 300K
for an adult and 200K for a child.
Mirror Labyrinth (Zrcadlov bludit) A-4, Praha 1,
Petnsk sady, tel. (+420) 257 31 52 12. Right next to
the Petn Tower is a hall of mirrors - you may even get your
kids to come in if the ice cream vendors havent caught their
eye first. March into the mini-castle to see how you would
look if you were short and squat or tall and skinny. QOpen
10:00 - 19:00. Admission 50 - 70K.
Planetarium Praha 7, Krlovsk obora 233, MNdra
Holeovice, tel. (+420) 220 99 90 01, www.planetari- Pragues planetarium, opened in 1960, is the largest
in the Czech Republic and one of the largest in the world. Its
astronomical dome can accommodate 250 people and it
houses three projectors in one building. Go to see shows of
the stars (the astronomical kind) as well as the permanent
exhibition. Q Admission 50 - 150K.
Seaworld Praha 7, Vstavit, MHoleovice, tel.
(+420) 220 10 33 05, A loop audio
tape of tidal wash envelops Pragues little known aquarium,
Mosk Svt. The suspended manta ray may be huge, but
the tanks are small although well stocked with tropical and
fresh water fish. One tank has, we presume in honour of
Finding Nemo, clown fish and a tang. Deadly but beautiful
scorpion and turkey fish languish looking like fully sailed gal-
leons, and soft corals billow in the current. Its not huge, but
makes an interesting detour. Signs are Czech only. QOpen
10:00 - 19:00. 190/150K.
Funicular Railway A-4,
jezd tram stop. The fu-
ni cular runs up Petin Hill
providing beautiful views of
Prague and the castle. There
are two restaurants sitting
at the half-way point - there
is a station there. Use regu-
lar 20K tickets. Trams run
at 15 min intervals. QOpen 09:00 - 11:20.
Nmst Mru J-5/6, MNm. Mru. In Czech this means
Peace Square and it is dominated by a soaring two-tower
basilica, the neo-gothic Saint Ludmila Church (Kostel sv.
Ludmily). This beautiful church was constructed from 1888
to 1893 and bears the creative power of many renowned
artists, including sculptor Josef
Vclav Myslbek, who also fash-
ioned the statue of St. Wenc-
eslas. Ludmila (860 - 921) was
born in Mlnk and baptised,
probably by St. Methodius, in
871. After her husband died
their son assumed the throne
and had two sons wi th hi s
pagan wife Drahomra; Boleslav
and Wenceslas, the latter later
to become the patron saint of
the Czech Republic. Ludmila
was strangled at the hand or the behest of Drahomra who
resented her meddling with the budding Christian, Wences-
las. She is celebrated on 16 September and is patron to,
among others, converts, widows and those with problem-
atic in-laws Nmst Mru (green line A) is the deepest of
Pragues metro stations and as such has one of the longest
escalators in Europe - 87m long with a vertical span of
43m - without walking, it takes over 2 minutes to ascend/
descend. The park hosts many festivals including the late
September burk festival and the Christmas market. The
square has an almost starring role in the 2006 remake of
cult horror classic, The Omen.
Petn Tower (Petnsk
rozhledna) A- 4, , MPetin
funicular, tel. (+420) 257 32
01 12. At the top of Petin Hill
stands a 60m-high bad copy of
the Ei ffel Tower, affording great
views of the ci ty. The buil ding
was completed in May 20, 1891.
An alternative route to the castle
is to ride the funky funicular up
Petn Hill and walk pass the tower
across to the castle area. QOpen
10:00 - 19:00. Open Sat & Sun
10:00 - 17:00. Admission 50/40/10K.
The Danci ng House
(Tanc dm) G-5, Praha
2, Ranovo nb. 80. Frank
Gehrys design for this building
was inspired by the dancing
team Ginger Rogers and Fred
Astai re. Buil t i n 1996, this
structure more than cuts a
swathe among the Austrian-Hungarian terrace blocks that
make up most of Prague.
Parks & Gardens
Botanical Gardens (Botanick zahrada) Praha 7,
Ndvorn 134, MNdra Holeovice, tel. (+420) 234
14 81 11, An outdoor section with
vineyard, chapel, bonsai, a Japanese Zen garden, green-
houses and wonderful views of the city. A little further up
the hill is the Fata Morgana greenhouse exhibiting desert,
high sierra and tropical plants in a realistic setting. Residents
include butterflies, moths, frogs and greenery galore. Bus
N112 from the metro station. QOpen 09:00 - 18:00. Fata
Morgana closed Mon. Admission 120/60K.
Kampa Park G- 4, Kampa Island. Featuring a well -
equipped childrens playground, Kampa Park is caressed
by water on all sides thanks to the millstream known as the
Devils Stream. The park is notable for its serenity in the
midst of the centre, and is popular with couples, the local
and expat hippy population, as well as families enjoying the
playground. You can also feed the ducks or visit one of the
cafs. QOpen 09:00 - 20:00.
Petn A-3/4. With stunning views of the city and a choice of
gardens and trails to explore, Petn is packed with activites
or lazing opportunities. Features include the tower, a mirror
hall, an 18th century Ukrainian wooden church and Pragues
lovers enjoying ... ah, the view.
Stromovka MHoleovice. The huge park where Rudolph
II once enjoyed a spot of hunting is now full of in-line skaters
(find rentals along the path to the Planetarium), bicycles,
frisbees and footballs. At the end near Vstavit are several
pubs and restaurants. Check out the art installation section
that features a larger-than-life lady lying half in the water and
a floating deck with perfectly sculpted duck heads. Take the
tram to Vstavit.
Troja Chateau Praha 7, U trojskho zmku 1,
MNdra Holeovice, tel. (+420) 283 85 16 14, www. A grand 17th century summer palace
built for Count Vclav Vojtch ternberg, Troja has French
gardens littered with Baroque sculptures right on the river
below the Botanical gardens and next to the Zoo. It was
originally situated here to be opposite Stromovka royal game
preserve (now Stromovka Park), which it is linked to today
by a pedestrian bridge, but be warned it is no short walk.
Admission 120/60K for the gallery inside, gardens free.
From the metro, hop on tram 5, 17, 25 to Trojsk. QOpen
10:00 - 18:00. Closed Mon.
Zoo Praha Praha 7, U Tro-
jskho zmku 3, MNdra
Holeovice, tel. (+420) 296
11 21 11, www.zoopraha.
cz. Zoo Praha is a really cool
zoo. Following the floods of
2002 (in which there was an
unfortunate loss of animal life
that was broadcast round the world) many improvements
to infrastructure and the animals homes have been made.
Big ones, like elephants, lions and tigers can be spotted,
but dont miss the gorillas, penguins, kangaroos, giraffes,
parrots, wolves and hyenas. Recent additions have included
an Indonesian Jungle and the just opened (04/2008) pavilion
for a group of rare Indian crocodiles. Seven young Gavil crocs
are now at home here - the only European zoo to house this
critically endangered specie. Zoo officials hope theyll settle
in nicely and reproduce. Thats another special aspect of
the Zoo Praha - their conservation efforts. The facility was
instrumental in preventing the extinction of Przewalski
horses in the 60s and hopes to have similar success with
the Gavils. Additional highlights include the Gorilla Pavilion
and African Jungle. Definitely the place to come to if you have
little ones in tow - theres an excellent petting zoo and kids
play area. A train ride through the zoo, a chair lift ride above
the zoo or wagon-like vehicles for the kids are available for
tired tootsies. Shaded, well-laid out paths make this a good
visit, even on warm days.
The zoo opened in 1931 and today spreads over 60 hectares
and is home to nearly 5,000 animals. Concession stands
shockingly dont jack up the prices, so an entire day can
easily be spent here. Take bus N112 from metro station
Ndra Holeovice or even stretch your legs further and
walk across the Vltava River via the footbridge from Stro-
movka park. QOpen 09:00 - 18:00. March 09:00-17:00,
Apr, May, Sep, Oct - 09:00-18:00, Jun, Jul, Aug- 09:00-19:00,
Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb - 09:00-16:00 Admission 150/100K.
Prague In Your Pocket
October - November 2010
Department stores
Debenhams F-4, Praha 1, Vclavsk nm. 21, tel.
(+420) 221 01 50 57, The English
department store has made its mark. QOpen 09:00 -
20:00. A
Kotva F-2, Praha 1, nm. Republiky 8, tel. (+420) 224
80 11 11, A variety of well-priced shops
and services, and a special area for children, all in the ugli-
est building in central Prague. QOpen 09:00 - 20:00, Sat
10:00 - 19:00, Sun 10:00 - 18:00. AL
Slovansk dm Na Pkop 1, Mnm. Republiky, tel.
(+420) 234 603 360, Shopping,
food and a great cinema all under one roof. Good mix of shops
from fashion to housewares.
Tesco D-4, Praha 1, Nrodn 26, MNrodn tda, tel.
(+420) 272 087 111, Britains best
store with a supermarket in the basement. Delivery service
is also available, check the website for details. QOpen
08:00 - 21:00, Sat 09:00 - 20:00, Sun 10:00 - 20:00.
Supermarket open 07:00 - 22:00, Sat 08:00 - 20:00, Sun
09:00 - 20:00. A
Manufaktura E-3, Praha 1, Melantrichova 17, tel.
(+420) 221 63 24 81. Cosmetics... QOpen 08:00 -
18:00. A
The Gift Shop I-3, Praha 1, V Celnici 7. A wide choice
of traditional and unusual gifts. QOpen 06:30 - 23:00. A
Artl Praha 1, Celetn 29, MStaromstsk nm., tel.
(+420)224 815 085, A welcome
addition to Pragues glass scene, which can be a bit on the
tacky side. The proprietor has a fun shopping sense and you
never know what you may find, be it books, jewelry or other
Bohemian treasures. QOpen 10:00 - 19:00. A
Cristallino F-3, Praha 1, Celetn 12, tel. (+420)
224 22 51 73, Pragues largest
assortment of Bohemi a crystal, gl ass, porcel an and
jewellery in a range of designs from classic patterns to
modern glassware from top Czech desi gners. QOpen
09:00 - 19:00. A
Erpet E-3, Praha 1, Staromstsk nm. 27, tel. (+420)
224 22 97 55, QOpen 10:00 - 23:00.
Moser F-3, Praha 1, Na Pkop 12, tel. (+420) 224 21
12 93, Moser is the oldest Czech
glass manufacturer and its been in operation since 1857.
QOpen 09:00 - 20:00, Sat, Sun 10:00 - 19:00. Also at E-3,
Praha 1, Mal nm. 2, tel. 221 61 15 20. Open 10:00 - 20:00.
Sat, Sun 10:00 - 19:00. A
Regena D-3, Praha 1, Karlova 44, tel. (+420) 224 22
05 60, Lots of things for clumsy people
to break - crystal glass, porcelain, jewellery, chandeliers
and glasswork. Shipping service available. QOpen 10:00
- 20:00. A
Shopping centres
ern re F-3, Praha 1, Na Pkop 12, MMstek,
tel. (+420) 221 01 41 11, All the
right shops and some fine extras in this larger-than-it-
appears centre. QOpen 09:00 - 20:00, Sat 09:00 - 19:00,
Sun 11:00 - 19:00.
Myslbek F-3, Praha 1, Na Pkop 21, MNm. Re-
publiky, tel. (+420) 224 23 95 50,
QOpen 09:00 - 20:00.
Nov Smchov Praha 5, Plzesk 8, MAndl, tel.
(+420) 251 511 151, Home
to Carrefour and more. The games arcade is fabulous
and Palace Cinemas are on the top floor. QOpen 09:00
- 21:00.
Palc Flra Praha 3, Vinohradsk 151, MFlra, tel.
(+420) 255 74 17 12, New and
very chic shopping centre, with over 120 shops, as well as
restaurants, cafs, a cinema multiplex and an IMAX theatre.
All in the centre of Prague. QOpen 08:00 - 24:00.
Palladium nm. Republiky 1, Mnm. Republiky, tel.
(+420) 225 770 250, Pragues
newest and brightest mall. What used to be an army bar-
racks is now home to a huge variety of shops. A gourmet
floor and lots of restaurants means you could easily lose a
day amidst the 5 floors of climate-controlled amusement.
QOpen 7:00 - 22:00.
Slovansk Dm F-3, Praha 1, Na Pkop 22, MNm.
Republiky, tel. (+420) 221 45 14 00, www.slovansky- High end retail shops, a multiplex cinema and Kogo
restaurant attract the right people at this central shopping
centre. QOpen 10:00 - 20:00.
Sparkys E-3, Praha 1, Havsk 2, tel. (+420) 224 23
93 09, Over four floors of toys and gifts
where the latest fads jostle for space with traditional Czech
wooden toys. Indulge your child or even yourself. QOpen
10:00 - 19:00, Sun 10:00 - 18:00. A
Sparkys Palladium Praha 1, nmst Republiky 1,
MNmst Republiky, tel. 225 77 17 50, palladium@, Children can be tamed in
big massive malls with a stop off at Sparkys. The toy store
is a great mix of stuffed animals, games, cool hip toys and
some retro ones as well. QOpen 09:00 - 21:00.
Moser factory cre-
at es si nce 1857
exqui si te dri nki ng
and decorati ve ob-
j ects of uncommon
beauty and el egance. I ts crystal -gl ass products are
total l y hand made and ecol ogi c, of a ti mel ess de-
si gn, wi th a per fect qual i ty and fasci nati ng col ours.
Thi s i s the reason why Moser products are proudl y
treasured by ki ngs, marhaj as, presi dents and art
connoi sseurs.
Unfai l i ng creati vi t y, fantasy, i nventi ve ski l l s and
a sense of the uti l i zati on of modern i ndustri al
desi gn i n contemporar y l i fe st yl e are uni que ex-
ampl es of creati ng a desi gn col l ecti on of domesti c
gl ass pl aced on the marked by a worl d- famous
manufacturer of cr ystal gl ass, Moser a. s. from
t he Czech Republ i c, under t he name FRESH
I n conti nui ng the centuri es-ol d tradi ti on of gl ass
producti on i n Bohemia, the Moser brand has been a
synonym for qual i ty and l uxury si nce 1857. For cen-
turi es, the tradi ti onal arti sti c skill s of gl assbl owers,
who master vi rtual l y al l known hand manufacturi ng
and refining technol ogies, have been refl ected in the
creati on of marvel l ous, refi ned and l avi shl y deco-
rated crystal and i nteri or decorati ons, whi ch sti l l
adorn the i nteri ors of worl d cel ebri ti es, from famous
ar ti sts to royal and i mperi al cour ts. Not wi thout
reason has the expressi on the gl ass of ki ngs, the
ki ng of gl ass become common and respected for
the products of the Moser gl assworks as proof of
thei r worl dwi de fame and presti ge, enhanced by the
ti mel ess arti sti c val ue of the products. To thi s day,
owners of l uxury sets wi th royal coats of arms are,
among others, Queen El i zabeth I I of Engl and, Ki ng
Haral d V of Norway, the royal pal aces i n Bahrai n,
Saudi Arabi a, and Jordan, the papal pal ace i n the
Vati can and many di pl omati c mi ssi ons and i nterna-
ti onal i nsti tuti ons worl dwi de.
For their production, the Moser glassworks use high-
quality, lead-free crystal glass and selected coloured,
molten glass developed according to traditional for-
mulas. 100% hand crafted refined by sophisticated
cuts and the large-area edging of overlaid or underlaid
shapes. In particular, the artistic cuts of floral and
ani mal moti fs, coats of arms as wel l as ori gi nal s
inspired by the artistic works of world-class painters
and sculptors.
The Moser glassworks have cooperated for years with
the best Czech and foreign glass artists. Their sense of
material, shape and form has been and continues to
be transformed into the final articles, which are sold in
the most prestigious shops worldwide under the name
of Moser.
Moser has used all these attributes to create the innova-
tive programme entitled FRESH FROM MOSER with the
aim to offer the exacting client its traditional high-quality
hand craft together with extraordinary avant-garde
design in five genre styles that reflect various methods
of using glass products.
Prague In Your Pocket
October - November 2010
Lzn Libverda Hejnice, tel. (+420) 482 36 81 00,
fax (+420) 482 36 81 10,, Escape Prague for a weekend
of pampering at Lzn Libverda in Hejnice, near Liberec.
Outdoor activities abound in the nearby Jizera Mountains;
and wellness and relaxation of all types can be found at the
spa. Treatments include carbo-mineral baths, underwater
massage, acupuncture and a variety of electrotherapy
procedures. There a variety of hotels and pensions in the
area and you can get to the town via Liberec.
Miracle Salon Masarykova nb. 4, Praha 2, tel.
(+420) 224 922 562, With their
menu of wellness, hair and face treatments a miracle very
likely could be performed. If nothing else, youll feel amazing
when it is all over. Miracle Spa offers body wraps and peels;
a variety of anti-aging face treatments; and of course the
all important relaxing baths, massage and thalassotherapy.
Ahh, its a miracle! QOpen 8:30 - 20:30, Sat 10:00 - 17:00.
Closed Sun.
Mystic Temple F-2, Dlouh 39, tel. (+420) 221 77 95
10, Emphasis is on balance and
harmony. Individual rooms provide extra privacy and English
speakers make life easier for any instructions. In addition to
Thai massage, they offer classic massage, cosmetic treat-
ments, a hair salon, manicures and pedicures. Try the hot
stones. One hour Thai massage is 950K. QOpen 10:00
- 22:00. Winter hours: 9:00-21:00
Nam Jai Thai Massage D-2, Kaprova 11, tel. (+420)
222 32 87 47, Here youll get an authen-
tic, stretching, vertebrae popping session of traditional
Wat Pho massage. Back & Head, Foot and oil massages
are also available. One hour Thai massage 700K. QOpen
10:00 - 22:00.
Sabai Na Pkope 22, tel. (+420) 221 45 11 80, www. By far the smartest and most expensive of the Thai
massage options here, but is it worth it? Well, yes it is. Quiet
and private - even the foot massage rooms are individual.
Excellent staff, English spoken and relaxed ambience. Tradi-
tional Thai 990K for one hour. Reservations recommended.
QOpen 10:00 - 22:00.
Sawasdee Foot Massage Rytisk 19, tel. (+420)
224 22 61 05. From the tinkling fountain to the comfy
chairs and the characteristic menthol smell, this place looks
authentic but unfortunately the foot massage is not. Pain
and Porn are just two of the masseuses who might work on
you, but ours was Thai Massage Lite. We kept waiting for it
to kick in to no avail. 600K for a lacklustre Thai massage.
Relaxing, yes, but not therapeutic. QOpen 12:00 - 22:00.
Shanti Praha 5, Preslova and Koenskho Streets,
MAndl, tel. 257 31 29 46,, This luxury Asian spa will sooth
and heal, Thai-style. Choose from a wonderful menu of
procedures, including a slimming hot oil massage, face and
scalp relaxation massage or a traditional Thai massage. For
a supreme experience, go for one of their aroma oil or herbal
massages. QOpen 10:00 - 21:00.
Tantra Mase Praha 3, Ondkova 32, tel. (+420)
603 18 50 66,, www.tan- Experience a completely di fferent kind
of massage. Tantra massage is a combination of ancient
tantra-tao techniques and classic massage. Reservations
required. QOpen 07:00 - 22:00. 150 - 230 EUR.
Tantra Spa Praha 10, 28.pluku 18, tel. (+420) 777
85 88 64,, A
unique experience for those looking to relax and perhaps
expand their sexual energy. A tantra massage is one that
combines a classic massage with elements of the tantra.
The masseurs attentive and respectful touch invites you to
relax, helps to increase the bodys sensitivity and enhances
li fe energy and joy. Bookings are by appointment only.
QOpen 9:00 - 22:00.
Tawan - Thai massages Nmst Curieovch 100,
tel. (+420) 234 614 163/(+420) 721 731 401, ho-, Tawan has a
vari ety of treatments including a classi c Thai massage,
an aroma oil massage and a detox massage, plus body
treatments like peelings and wraps. Their most popular
therapi es use hot herbal packs. Some of their specials
are interesting too, like the one-and-a-hal f hour foot and
hand massage, or the Coconut Dream featuring an aroma
massage using coconut oil. They of fer gi ft certi fi cates
so you can gi ve the gi ft of cal m. Tawan is l ocated i n
the Hotel Presi dent and they have two other l ocations;
one insi de the Holi day Inn Prague Congress Center and
another in Prague 1 at Sal vtorsk 10. QOpen , Mon,
Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 7:30 - 22:00, Sat, Sun 9:00 - 21:00.
450-2190k. JA
Thai Fit Na Po 21, tel. (+420) 224 81 18 76,
www.thai f i The aroma of the adj acent Si am
Orchi d restaurant adds to the ambi ence of thi s great
pl ace and i nspi res what to do post massage. Eat.
Anyway, the masseuse here was strong and achi eved
an i ncredi bl e amount of ver tebrae poppi ng, exactl y
what the neck was i n need of. Cal m, qui et and recom-
mended. 600K for one hour tradi ti onal Thai . QOpen
9: 00 - 21: 00.
Thai Orchidea F-4, Praha 1, Jindisk 5, MMstek,
tel. (+420) 222 22 22 31,, www. Tired back or legs? Revive them at Thai
Orchidea. The pros here will focus on your sore points; or
for an all-out body work over choose their traditional Thai
massage, or special oil Thai massage. Youll leave stress-
free and ready to take on the city. QOpen 10:00 - 21:00.
Traditional Thai massage: 1 hour, 600k.
Thai World Celen 6, tel. (+420) 224 81 72 47, www. This used to be the place to go but it seems they
are resting on their laurels a tad. The masseuse spent more
time massaging with one hand in order to hold open the curtain
to see what/who was going on outside. She did notice pain in
the shoulder which she applied Tiger Balm to. Good, not great.
599K for one hour traditional Thai. QOpen 9:00 - 22:00.
Medical centres
Asklepion J-6, Praha 2, Londnsk 39, tel. (+420) 234
71 61 11/(+420) 602 48 33 22, fax (+420) 234 71 65
20,, Super trendy
clinic offering plastic surgery, laser treatments, dentistry
and even eye lash perms. Labs and operating theatres on
site. QOpen 08:00 - 20:00, Sat 08:00 - 18:00. Closed Sun.
Canadian Medical Care Praha 6, Veleslavnsk
1, tel. (+420) 235 36 01 33/(+420) 724 30 03 01,
fax (+420) 235 36 46 40,, www. General practitioners, pediatrics, gynecol-
ogy, dentists and more can be found at Canadian Medical
Care. Modern facilities plus excellent staff make this a top
of choice of many in Prague. Also has a location in Praha
4, V Parku 2308/8, 272 91 35 93. QOpen , Mon, Wed, Fri
08:00 - 18:00, Tue, Thu 08:00 - 20:00, Sat 09:00 - 12:00.
Closed Sun. A
Ambulance, tel. (+420) 155.
City Police, tel. (+420) 156.
Fire, tel. (+420) 150.
International Emergency, tel. (+420) 112.
Police, tel. (+420) 158.
Emergency Numbers
Enjoy and learn how to attain hiher states of sensual pleasure.
Unforettable TANTRA MASSAGE in our unique ambiente.
Tantra Spa
a life changing expeence
Ior bookin call -420777858 864
We are open every day 8am 12pm. We are located in Fraue Vrsovice about 10 minutes by car from city centre.
24-hour pharmacies
Lkrna U Andla Praha 5, tefnikova 6, tel. (+420)
257 32 01 94.
Lkrna U Svat Ludmily J-6, Praha 2, Belgick 37,
tel. (+420) 222 51 33 96.
Lkrna Modany Praha 4, Soukalova 3355, tel.
(+420) 244 40 22 70.
Lkrna Palackho H-4, Praha 1, Palackho 5, tel.
(+420) 224 94 69 82.
Dental Emergencies Praha 1, Splen 12, tel. (+420)
222 92 42 68. Q Open 24hrs.
European Dental Center Praha 8, Peckova 9,
tel. (+420) 224 21 83 88, A
high-quality, modern dental centre providing both general
and cosmetic dentistry, with a friendly atmosphere and
relatively painless treatment. Implants, prosthetic work,
crowns, bridges, inlays, orthodontics, periodontics and
mouth surgery, and root canal treatment are all available,
with support from digital x-ray. Plus the smile you want
with the Brite-Smile system. QOpen 08:30 - 20:00, Sat
09:00 - 18:00. Closed Sun. A
Golden Kinnaree - thajsk mase Praha
1, Revol un 4, MNmst Republ i ky, tel .
734 47 72 11,, www. Get pulled into a more relaxed
body and mi nd at Gol den Ki nnaree. All massages
are performed by native Thai masseuses, ensuring
accredited practitioners well-versed in the nuances
of touch. Business people will especially appreciate
their massage targeted to office workers and everyone
who has spent a day wandering Pragues cobblestoned
streets will rejoice in a foot massage. Also located in
Hotel Globus, Gregorova 10, Praha 4, Tel.: 732 52 68
77 QOpen 10:00 - 22:00.
American Dental I - 3, Praha 1, V Celnici 4,
MNmst Republiky, tel. (+420) 221 18 11 21,
fax (+420) 221 18 11 20, info@americandental.
cz, Whether you have a
pain in the mouth or looking to upgrade your smile, the
professionals at American Dental can help. They have
a full range of modern dentistry technology, plus offer
a variety of teeth whitening systems. QOpen 08:00 -
20:00. Closed Sat, Sun. A
Prague In Your Pocket
FinArt - Medico Praha 10, Jakobiho 328, tel. (+420)
274 86 73 42/(+420) 274 86 71 42,
medico. QOpen 08:00 - 20:00.
GynCentrum Praha 9, Hloubtnsk 13, tel. (+420)
225 00 08 88,, www. A quiet and welcoming clinic for a variety
of cosmetic surgery procedures, GynCentrum offers breast
enhancements, facelifts and liposuction along with treating
gynecological ailments.
International Medical Services Praha 7, Jankovcova
16, tel. (+420) 266 77 37 11/(+420) 737 28 93 61, www. QOpen 08:00 - 20:00. Closed Sat, Sun. A
Medicover Praha 8, Sokolovsk 79/192, tel. (+420)
791 19 21 221, Comprehensive medi-
cal care, 24-hour house calls, dental and surgery assistance.
English, French, German, Spanish, Russian & Czech speaking
staff. QOpen 07:30 - 16:00, Sat 09:00 - 12:00. Closed Sun. A
Pediatric Health Centre Prague Praha 4, Ke Spof
7, tel. (+420) 244 40 31 14, English-
language pre-natal care and classes available. Call ahead.
QOpen , Mon, Thu 09:00 - 14:00, Tue 13:00 - 18:00, Wed
15:00 - 19:00, Fri 09:00 - 13:00. Closed Sat, Sun. A
Poliklinika na Nrodn D-4, Praha 1, Nrodn 9 (3rd
floor), tel. (+420) 222 07 51 20/(+420) 606 46 16 28,
fax (+420) 224 21 50 59,
Emergency tel. 606 89 38 35. Q A
Polyclinic D-4, Praha 1, Nrodn 9, MNrodn tda,
tel. (+420) 222 075 120,, www. 25 physicians, all fluent in English
(also some German, Russian and French spoken). Preventa-
tive care and travel vaccinations, US visa medical, dental,
physio, home visits and 24hr emergency coverage. QOpen
08:30 - 17:00. Closed Sat, Sun. 24hr emergency, tel. 777 94
22 70. Lab opens at 08:00. A
UnicarePraha 6, Na Dlouhm lnu 11, tel. (+420) 235 35 65
53/(+420) 608 10 30 60, fax (+420) 235 35 52 02, www. 24-hour call service. Take tram N2, 20, & 26 or bus
Sun. Also at Prhonice, Kosatcov 420, tel. 267 75 04 27. Open: Mon,
Fri 09:00 - 15:00, Tue, Thu 09:00 - 20:00, Wed 09:00 - 18:00. A
Solariums & Beauty salons
Andy Studio Praha 8, Sokolovsk 153, tel. (+420)
266 31 41 84/(+420) 602 32 68 78, fax (+420) 266
316 484, QOpen 09:00 - 22:00.
La Belle Praha 1, Eliky Krsnohorsk 7, MStaromstsk,
tel. 224 81 72 23,,
This one stop shop will relax, beautify and energize you. Offering
manicures, massages, facials and other body treatments, the
experts at La Belle will ensure you feel tip-top from head to toe.
QOpen 09:00 - 21:30, Sat 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Sun.
Sothys Prague 5, Zborovsk 47, MAndl, tel. 731 77
11 11,, www.institutdebeaute.
cz. Indulge your senses and renew your skin at Sothys, Insti-
tute de Beaut & Spa. A range of treatments are available to
enliven and refresh delicate facial skin. The calming treatment
rooms and warm staff only enhance the experience. QOpen
09:00 - 21:00, Sat 10:00 - 16:00. Closed Sun.
October - November 2010
Club K5 Relax J-5, Praha 2,
Korunn 5, MNm. Mru, tel.
(+420) 224 25 05 05, www. The best cl ub i n
Prague, and consi dered by ex-
perts as one of the top sex clubs
anywhere in Central Europe. From friendly doormen to
the hands-on management who will answer all of your
questions in as many languages as you can imagine, to
the lovely girls who will look after your every wish, this
place has it all. A computerised payment system ensures
that you will not be ripped off. We cannot recommend K5
more. QOpen 16:00 - 04:00. A
Prague is as famous for its sex clubs as it is for its beer. Stag
nights take advantage of the price and availability of both,
and on the whole these clubs are well organised and clean.
Safe sex is practiced, and bouncers and/or managers will
explain the rules and methods of each place on arrival. It is
cheaper to partake over here, but that does not mean you
wont pay for the privilege of watching a live sex or lesbian
show. Generally, youll have to pay an entrance fee (around
500K) to sit at the bar; this fee is waived if you are there to
pay for other services immediately. Many of the central clubs
pay men and women to entice you off the street and into their
nearby establishments, but if youre heading somewhere by
taxi, make sure youre taken to the one you want to go to
rather than the one the taxi driver gets commission from.
Check prices of services and drinks, and enjoy
Big Sister Praha 5, Ndran 46, tel. (+420) 257 31
00 43/(+420) 257 31 00 44,, Forget about big brother watching you,
this is voyeurism Big Sister style. Pragues first online brothel
has 40 girls, 58 cameras and you being beamed live onto
the internet via 17 videostreams. Pay a 500 CZK entrance,
sign away your anonymity (masks are not allowed) and the
girls are free. Add the theme rooms, pool, sauna, and show-
bar with lap dancers, Big Sister is one unique experience.
Visit on a Saturday or Sunday to take advantage of their
special parties. Must be reserved in advance; check their
frequently updated website for the latest action. QOpen
18:00 - 04:00. A
Carioca E-4, Praha 1, Vclavsk nm. 1, MMstek,
tel. (+420) 296 32 53 14. A large open room with a central
stage hosts girls galore doing the can-can and go-go, plus
strip and lesbian shows. The place resembles a wedding
reception complete with faux Louis XIV furniture, but you
lads arent here for the dcor, now are you? QOpen 21:00
- 04:00. AP
Club 161 K-2, Praha 8, Sokolovsk 161, MKikova,
tel. (+420) 284 81 02 62,, www. A small residential house hosts from two (in the
day) to 12 lovely girls for your pleasure. Downstairs is a bar
and pole for strip and lesbian shows, while upstairs you can
take your pick of four rooms and/or a Jacuzzi. An S&M room
has toys, PVC everything and whips if thats your bag, baby.
Free entrance and decent bar prices. QOpen 12:00 - 06:00,
Sat, Sun 20:00 - 06:00. AL
Club 600 Praha 3, Konvova 66, tel. (+420) 222 58
61 28, Cosy club offering all the fun of the
fair from three in the afternoon to the very early hours of
the morning. Always a good number of Czech girls on hand
to provide you with whatever assistance and relaxation you
may need. QOpen 19:00 - 05:00.
Darling Cabaret I-5, Praha 1, Ve Smekch 32a,
MMuzeum, tel. 732 250 555, One of
the biggest and most popular of the adult clubs in town but
its not cheap as it caters for the comparatively rich tourists.
Head over to Vclavsk nm. and just try to miss it... youve
probably seen and been photographed next to their limo too.
Watch cabaret, lesbian shows, Thai Fire shows and table
dancing courtesy of 150-200 girls a night. QOpen 12:00 -
05:00, Tue 20:00 - 05:00, Fri, Sat 12:00 - 06:00.
Escade I-7, Praha 4, Kesomyslova 5, tel. (+420)
241 40 98 88, Tucked down in Nusle
is Escade, home to thirty girls every night for your viewing
(and more) pleasure. Get comfortable in the sofa-laden
bar before taking your pick of one of their spacious rooms,
sauna or whirlpool. The usual strip and erotic shows are
crowd pleasers, and Escade also offers soft S&M, services
for couple, special private arrangements and an escort
service. Just in case you go overboard, theres an ATM. Q
Open 24 hrs. PA
Exclusive Club Praha 10, robrova 6, MFlora, tel.
(+420) 776 88 55 22,, www. Strip clubs are a dime a dozen in Prague,
but Exclusive Club has raised the bar. Newly open; they take
reservations, have a VIP room, free entry and everyone gets
a welcome drink. Lovely ladies and an events calendar; Ex-
clusive Club is worth the slightly out of centre trip. QOpen
Noon - 5am.
Prague In Your Pocket
Extasy Cabaret Praha 3, Chlumova 13, tel. (+420)
222 78 00 48/(+420) 777 206 006, www.extasy.
cz. Extasy offers a courtesy car from anywhere in Prague
and a free wel come dri nk for punters. Thi s i s a well -
known place for quality girls and imaginative shows, for
example, Cheryl and her drill - use that imagination yup,
thats right. Anyway, its all air conditioned, they have a
bar with dance, erotic and lesbian shows, massage, plus
various rooms and even a waterbed. Extasy also hosts
film and photo shoots. QOpen 12:00 - 06:00, Sat, Sun
20:00 - 06:00. A
Follow Me Praha 7, Na acht 5, tel. (+420) 608
84 41 43, Foll ow me to a place
where you can get away from it all and enjoy the delights
of erotic girls there just to please you. And believe us,
they will. Drinks, free transport, low prices but above all,
hot chicks. Near the Vstavit grounds in Holeovice.
QOpen 12:00 - 06:00.
Goldf ingers E- 4, Praha 1, Vclavsk nm. 4,
MMstek, tel. (+420) 222 19 38 56. No sex pl ease,
were Bri ti sh. Thi s i s not the cal l of ei ther James Bond
or the stag-parti er, but that i s the ethi c at Gol dfi ngers,
the cl assi est stri p j oi nt i n town. I ts not cheap but then
agai n, the gi rl s aren t ei ther. QOpen 21:00 - 04:00.
Hot Peppers F- 4, Praha 1, Vclavsk nm. 21,
MMuzeum, tel. (+420) 724 13 40 11, Hot Peppers - Gate to Hel l i s an ori gi nal,
excl usi ve cl ub. Next door to the di sco Dupl ex, i ts the
i deal combi nati on of cabaret dancers and champagne
consumpti on; al l wi th a professi onal presentati on. The
V.I. P. Champagne Lounge, wi th i ts choi ce of many ex-
qui si te brands of bubbl y, can t be found anywhere el se.
The al l -ni ght programme i ncl udes exoti c and cancan
dancers; a l esbi an show, stag show and even pri vate
rooms. Benefi ts i ncl ude free entry, every second beer
free, di scount vouchers for 5 and 10 beers, and many
more attracti ve of fers. Pl us, the party can go on as l ong
as you wi sh - theres no cl osi ng ti me at Hot Peppers.
Excepts al l credi t cards, i ncl udi ng Ameri can Express.
QOpen 20:30 - 05:00. PJA
Laura Club Praha 3, Jeseniova 166, tel. (+420) 271
77 46 90, Great little club in ikov
where you can enjoy lovely Czech girls strip for you three
nights a week before escorting one to a private room to
help you drink your sparkling wine. When there is no strip
action there are still always plenty of girls ready to en-
tertain you in as many ways as you can imagine. QOpen
12:00 - 05:00. A
Lotos Club Praha 4, Kupeckho 832, MHje, tel.
(+420) 272 91 68 25, Newly renovated
and still specialising in the discreet luxury niche. Lotos is
modelled on a gentlemans club although with the added
bonus of young girls, pool and S&M room for starters. Choose
from over 20 quality girls a night. Free entrance voucher on
the website. Q Open 24hrs. A
Neon Club Balbinov 21, MMuzeum, tel. (+420)
222 25 01 05/(+420) 733 12 10 22, info@neonclub.
cz, The Neon Club offers three exotic
floors of strippers, lap dancers and escort services. The
first floor will amuse with its selection of sex toys; while the
second has a reasonably priced cocktail bar and dancing
girls. Ascend to the third and you can catch a game in their
sports bar. QOpen 12:00 - 5:00.
Prague In Your Pocket
October - November 2010
Pragues only cabaret
at hotel Ambassador
www. goldfingers. cz
Vclavsk nmst 5, 110 00 Praha 1, tel.: +420 608 663 066
open daily:
8 pm - 4 am
y: y::
Air conditioned
Luxurious cabaret
in the centre
of Prague
ladies and gentlemen,
casual or business-travellers,
stag parties or hen
you all are welcome
to Goldfingers
Red Light Praha K-1, Praha 7, Bubensk nb., MVl-
tavsk, tel. (+420) 261 31 41 51, In
the middle of Holeovice market is Pragues very own little
Amsterdam. Red Light is a whole melange of saucy goings on
in one location. You will find an Amsterdam/Frankfurt style sex
supermarket, a red light centre with a peep show and video
rooms and the Pleasure sex shop selling saucy souvenirs for
the boys and girls back home. Q Sex Park open 24hrs, shop
open Mon-Fri 10:00-19:00, Sat 10:00-15:00, closed Sun. A
Sugars Cabaret I - 5, Praha 1, Krakovsk 25,
MMuzeum, tel. (+420) 222 21 07 96. Get a free beer
while you watch one of their strip, lesbian or auto-erotic
shows. If you so desire, have extra sugar in your bowl with a
choice of seven rooms one has a whirlpool. Various theme
nights spice things up too. QOpen 19:00 - 07:00. AP
Sweet Paradise Praha 3, Slezsk 75, MJiho z
Podbrad, tel. (+420) 737 66 82 33/(+420) 272 73
29 06, Boasting 12-20 (of 50)
girls available per night, this is a more local affair offering
beer and girls, the most famous of Czech commodities. All
sorts available from shows at the tiki bar, basic theme rooms,
special services and long term escorts. Print the discount
voucher from the websi te. Forei gn currency accepted.
QOpen 12:00 - 05:00. A
Velvet Praha 4, Ve Svahu 13, MVyehrad, tel. (+420)
241 43 26 74, The self-proclaimed
flagship of erotic calls for all hands on deck a short taxi ride
south of the centre. Amenities include bubble baths, video,
free minibar and escort services. Call ahead and a taxi will
pick you up free of charge. Q Open 24hrs. A
Drakes G-6, Praha 5, Zborovsk 50, MAndl, tel.
(+420) 257 32 68 28, THE place for
tourists to discover Pragues gay scene. Non stop fun
and games in the dark rooms, bar or dungeon. Q Open
24hrs. Admission 500K.
Escape I-5, Praha 1, V jm 8, MMstek, tel.
(+420) 724 76 82 48,, www. Escape has now provided six years
of pleasure to its customers. Every day sees solo strip
and oil shows followed by the megastrip featuring 12-16
lads. Fri & Sat has extra body painting and live shows.
You arent going to want to escape but if you do, ask for
their taxi service. QOpen 21:00 - 04:00.
Termix K-5, Praha 2, Tebzskho 4a, MJiho z
Podbrad, tel. (+420) 222 71 04 62,
cz. The newest club on the gay scene here and perhaps the
way of things to come as its for gays and lesbians. Shiny glass
bar, cushy sofas and dark rooms. QOpen 20:00 - 05:00.
The Saints K-5, Praha 2, Polsk 32, MJiho z
Podbrad, tel. (+420) 222 25 03 26, www.saints- Young and good looking, like their bar staff, the
Saints bar adds a sinful option to Pragues gay scene.
Small but perfectly formed, Saints has adopted the
early evening and late night position on the gay day,
as it were. To spice up life for everyone, these wicked
people have introduced Thursday lesbian nights to their
weekly line-up. Excellent chill out bar. Walkers Crisps and
Smirnoff Ice have coaxed the Brits in. Gambrinus 35K.
Four apartments available too. QOpen 19:00 - 04:00.
Gay Prague
17. listopadu D-2
28. jna E-4
Alovo nbe D-2
Anensk D-3
Anensk Nm. D-3
Anesk F-1
Bartolomjsk D-4
Benediktsk F-2
Besedn B-4
Betlmsk D-4
Betlmsk Nm. D-4
Blkova E-2
Borov D-4
Behov D-1
Betislavova A-2
Celetn F-3
Ciheln C-2
echv most D-1
erven E-2
Divadeln C-4
Dlouh E-2
Draickho B-2
Draickho Nm. B-2
Dun E-1
Dvokovo nb. D-1
E. Krsnohorsk E-2
Harantova B-3
Hatalsk F-2
Hatalsk Nm. F-2
Havelsk E-3
Havelsk ulika E-3
Havsk E-3
Hellichova A-3
Hlavsova E-3
Hradansk nm A-1
Hradebn F-2
Hroznov B-3
Husova D-3
Charvtova E-4
Chotkova B-1
Jchymova E-2
Jakubsk F-3
Jalovcov D-3
Jnsk vrek A-2
Jilsk D-3
Jindisk F-4
Jisk B-1
Josefsk B-2
K Hatalu F-1
Kamzkov E-3
Kaprova D-2
Karlova D-3
Karlv most C-3
Karmelitsk B-3
Karolny Svtl C-4
Klrov C-1
Kltersk F-1
Konviktsk D-4
Kosrkovo nb. D-1
Kosten E-2
Koz E-1
Kon E-3
Krlodvorsk F-3
Krocnova C-4
Kiovnick D-3
Kiovnick Nm. D-3
Lzesk B-2
Letensk B-2
Liliov D-3
Linhartsk D-3
Maiselova D-2
Mal Kltern F-1
Mal Nm. E-3
Malostransk nb. B-4
Malostransk Nm. B-2
Maltzsk Nm. B-3
Mnesv most C-2
Marinsk Nm. D-3
Martinsk D-4
Masn E-2
Melantrichova E-3
Michalsk E-3
Mikovcova I-5
Mikulandsk D-4
Mikulsk E-3
Mesk B-2
Most Legi C-4
Mosteck B-2
Na Frantiku E-1
Na Kamp B-3
Na Mstku E-4
Na Opyi C-1
Na Pertn D-4
Na Pkop F-3
Na Rejditi D-2
Na Zbradl C-3
Nb. Ed. Benee C-1
Nm. Curieovch E-1
Nm. Franze Kafky E-3
Nm. J. Palacha D-2
Nm. U sv. Ji A-1
Nmst Republiky F-2
Nprstkova D-3
Nrodn D-4
Nebovidsk B-3
Nekzanka F-3
Nerudova A-2
Nosticova B-3
Novotnho lvka C-3
Olivov F-4
Ovocn trh F-3
Pansk F-4
Pask E-1
Pelclova B-3
Perlov E-4
Plask B-4
Platnsk D-2
Pod Bruskou C-1
Politickch vz F-4
Pran most A-1
Prokopsk B-2
Provaznick E-3
Prchodn D-4
Rmov F-2
Revolun F-2
Rov F-4
Rybn F-2
Rytsk E-4
snovka F-1
etzov D-3
n B-4
Salvtorsk E-2
Sask B-2
Seminsk D-3
Senovn F-3
Skoepka D-4
Smetanovo nb. C-4
Snmovn B-2
Splen D-4
Star zmeck schody B-1
Staromstsk Nm. E-3
Stbrn D-3
ekov B-4
irok D-2
tefnikv most F-1
tupartsk F-2
Templov F-3
Thunovsk A-2
Tomsk B-2
Trit A-2
Tnsk F-2
Tnsk ulika E-2
U Bruskch kasren C-1
U Dobenskch D-4
U Lanov drhy A-4
U Luickho sem. C-2
U Milosrdnch E-1
U Obecnho domu F-3
U Obecnho dvora E-2
U Plovrny D-1
U Pran brny F-3
U Radnice E-3
U Sovovch mln B-3
U Star koly E-2
U Starho hbitova D-2
U Sv. Ducha E-2
U Zlat studn B-1
U elezn lvky C-1
Uheln trh E-4
jezd A-4
V Cpu F-4
V Kolkovn E-2
V Kotcch E-4
Vclavsk Nm. F-4
Valdtejnsk C-1
Valdtejnsk Nm. B-1
Valentinsk D-2
Vejvodova D-3
Veleslavnova D-2
Velkopevorsk Nm. B-3
Vzesk E-2
Viksk A-1
Vtzn B-4
Vlask A-2
Vorilsk D-4
Vehrdova B-4
Za Hatalem F-2
Zmeck A-2
Zmeck schody A-1
Zlat D-3
Zlat ulika B-1
ateck D-2
elezn E-3
October - November 2010
Absolutum 20
Angelo Hotel 20
Anna 23
Appia Residences 24
Aquapalace Hotel 20
Ariston 20
Astoria 20
Atlantic 23
Barcel 20
Barcel Praha 20
Belvedere 20
Best Western Hotel Pv 24
Best Western Premier Hotel
Majestic Plaza 21
Buddha Bar Hotel 18
BW Meteor Plaza 21
Carlton 21
Casa Marcello 21
Clarion Congress Hotel Prague
Clarion Prague City 21
Clarion Prague Old Town 22
Corinthia Towers 18
Courtyard Marriott Flora 22
Courtyard Marriott Prague
Airport 20
Crowne Plaza Prague Castle 22
Dahlia Inn 25
Dm u velk boty 25
Duo 22
lite 22
Elysee 22
Evropa 24
Grand Hotel Bohemia 18
Grand Hotel Praha 18
Hotel Andl 24
Hotel ern slon 22
Hunger Wall Residence 24
Christie 24
Ibis Praha City 24
Ibis Praha Smchov 24
Josef 18
Kavalr 24
Kempinski Hybernsk Prague 18
Liberty 22
Little Town Hotel 25
Mamaison Suite Hotel Pachtv
Palace Prague 23
Marriott Executive Apartments
Modr Re 23
Mosaic House Hostel 25
Mvenpick 23
Old Prague Hostel 25
Paris 18
Park Inn 24
Prague Marriott 18
President 18
Ramada Airport Hotel Prague 20
Rezidence Lundborg 20
Sheraton Prague Charles
Square Hotel 20
Yasmin 23
Allegro 30
Ambiente Brasileiro 33
Ambiente Living 26
Ariana 26
Aromi 32
Azteca 34
Beas 35
Bellevue 30
Bl vrna 27
Bonante 30
Brasserie La Provence 29
Brasserie Praha 30
Bredovsk dvr 27
Caffrey's 30
Cantina 34
Cartouche 34
Cleste 29
Celnice 28
Clear Head 35
Coloseum 35
Como 34
Cowboys Steaks & Cocktails 26
ern slon 30
Dahab 34
Dubliner Irish Pub 30
Ethiopia Cafe 30
Folklore Garden 28
Francouzsk restaurace 29
Fresco Vento 35
Giallo Rosa 35
Giovanni 32
Gitanes 26
Gusto 35
Hanabi Hibachi House 33
Hergetova Cihelna 31
Hong Kong 27
Hooters 26
Huang He 27
Hybernia 31
Il Giardino 28
Indian Jewel 30
Jack Rabbit Slim's 26
Kabul Karolina 26
Kardamon Klub 35
Kavala 29
Kogo 32
Kri-Kri 29
La Bodeguita del Medio 34
La Degustation 31
La Finestra in Cucina 32
Le Grill 31
Luka Lu 26
Lv dvr 28
Masala 30
Mash Hana 33
Modr zub 35
Monsoon 35
Mozaika 31
Nagoya 33
Nostress 31
Novomstsk pivovar 26
Oliva 34
Paneria 26
Peking 27
Petnsk Terasy 28
Planet Sushi 33
Pod kdlem noci 32
Potrefen husa 27
Republika 32
Resto Caf Patio 32
Reykjavk 35
Rocky O'Reilly's 32
Rugantino 35
Ryb trh 35
Safir 34
Sarah Bernhardt 29
Siam Orchid 35
Solidn nejistota 32
Stolet 28
Subway 26
Svat Klra 32
afrn 34
vejk 28
ThaiOishi 33
U Cedru 34
U Csa 34
U Emy Destinnov 32
U Flek 27
U Maltzskch ryt 28
U Modr re 28
U Petrsk ve 28
U Pinkas 27
U Pravd 28
U Sdl 34
U Vodrny 27
V Zti 32
Vltava 32
Zlat Praha 28
Zvonice 28
Caf Imperial 44
Caf Lounge 44
Caf Louvre 44
Ebel 44
Espressamente Illy 44
Friends Coffee House 44
Grand Caf Orient 44
Grand Caf Praha 44
Kavrna Obecn Dm 44
Ouky Douky 44
Shakespeare & Sons 44
AghaRTA Jazz Centrum 47
Akropolis 46
Aloha Wave Lounge 45
Ambassador Casino 48
Back Doors 45
Banco Casino 48
Bar and Books 45
Big Sister 67
Blue Light Bar 45
Bohemia 48
Bombay Cocktail Bar 45
Bugsy's 45
Carioca 67
Casino de Prague Le Hilton 48
Casino Panorama 48
Casino President 48
Century Casino Millennium 48
Cloud 9 45
Club 161 67
Club 600 67
Club K5 Relax 67
Darling Cabaret 67
Drake's 70
Dubliner Irish Bar 47
Duplex 46
Escade 67
Escape 70
Exclusive Club 67
Extasy Cabaret 68
Follow Me 68
Futurum 46
George & Dragon 47
Goldfinger's 68
Harlequin 45
Hospoda Lucerna 45
Hot Pepper's 68
Chapeau Rouge 45
Jazz Boat 47
Jazz Dock 47
Jet Set 45
Karlovy Lzn 46
Klub Lvka 46
Kozika 45
La Casa Bl 45
Latin Art Cafe 46
Laura Club 68
Lokalblok 46
Lotos Club 68
Lucerna Music Bar 46
Mad Bar 46
Mecca 46
Neon Club 68
ko Music Club 46
O'Che's 48
Popocafepetl Music Club 47
Red Light Praha 70
Retro Music Hall 47
Rocky O'Reilly's 48
SaSaZu 47
Shamrock Irish Pub 48
Sherlock's Pub 48
Solidn nejistota 47
Spearmint Casino 48
Sugar's Cabaret 70
Sweet Paradise 70
Termix 70
The Beer Factory 48
The Pack 48
The Saints 70
Tlust koala 48
Tretters 46
U Malho Glena 47
jezd 46
Ultramarin 46
Vagon 47
Velvet 70
Charles Bridge 50
Municipal House 50
National Theatre 50
Old Town Square 50
Town Hall & Astronomical clock
Vyehrad 50
Wenceslas Square 50
Daliborka Tower 51
Golden Lane 51
Old Royal Palace 51
St. Georges Basilica 51
St. Vitus Cathedral 51