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Junior High Target Round 11013 Name:

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Junior High Target Round 11 U 13 2009 (ireg earns S4800 per month. and spends 2X% of his earnings on rent. Fach month he sa es 15% of the money that is left a 11cr paing the rent. I lo much rnone> does Greg save in one year? Sarah is 3 times as old as her cousin Tim. and 7 ears older than her brother Aaron. If Aaron is twice as old as Tim. how many years old is Sarah Junior I ugh larget Round II 01 3 200) mathleauuc.or

Anne. Steen and Jacoh hae a hoI with 72 pieces olcand that they 3. sant IL) di ide up among themseI es. Ii the decide (0 split the candy in a 7:3:2 ratio, what is the median amount of candy that Someone rccei es?
What is the sum of the v-coordinates of the intersection points between 4. the 1mev = 3x S and the parabola i x 4? .Iunior I ligh Target Round 11013 2009

The number of rabbits on a certain island doubles cvcr 3 months. Ii 5. the island has an initial
population ol rabbits. how many rabbits ill there he on the island atcr 3 sears? [wo circular cones are similar tigures. [he first cone has radius 3. 6. while the second cone has height 12. If the second cone has 27 times the volume of the first cone, hat is the surtice area of the first cone? (i C your answer in terms of 7t, Junior I ugh Target Round 11013 c 200Q A palindrome is a nunther that reads the same both tir ards and 7. hackards (like 131). What s the difference het\%een the number of 5digit palindromes and the number of 6digit palindromes? And and Jerem are playing a game with a standard six-sided die. They take turns rolling the die and whoeer rolls a 5 or higher first ins. If Andy rolls tirsi. what is the probability that he wins the game? Fxpress your answer as a common traction.
1. Junior high large Round 11013 i 009 1. [he total cost of a meal at a restaurant was $61 .95. Ii this cost includes an 1800 tip. hat as the cost of the meal before the tip? 2. How man different ways are there to make $1 with only nickels. 2. dimes and quarters if you have to use at least one of each coin? 3. The distance from the pitchef s mound to home plate in professional 3. baseball is 60 feet 6 inches. If a pitcher throws a pitch from the mound at 88 miles per hour. how long does it take to reach home plate (there are 528() feet in a mile)? Give your answer in seconds rounded to the nearest hundredth. 4. [he function !i(x) = 3f(x) g(x2) where fix) x2 + 2x 10 and 4.

g(x)= What is the value of 11(2)? lExpress your answer as a

common fraction.

5. What is the area of the region satisfy ing the inequality 5.

3x1 14I <24? 6. llo many different ways are there to arrange six distinct beads on a 6.
circular bracelet? Two arrangements are the same ilyou can go from one to the other h mo ing the bracelet hut not changing the order of the beads. 7. A positive integer has exactly two distinct prime factors. 3 and 5. If 7. the number has a total of 8 factors. hat is the sum of all possible values of the number? 8. Britta runs 3 miles on the trst day of a training program. [he distances she runs each day of the program form an arithmetic sequence, and on the II day she ants to run an entire marathon (26.2 miles). What is the otal distance Britta runs in the lirst 6 da s of the program? Give your answer as a decimal to the nearest tenth. 9. An equilateral triangle is inscribed in a circle of radius 6. What is the 9. area of the triangle? Give your answer in simplest radical fomt I 0. [racy has two cards, one with two black sides and another with one 10. black side and one white side. Tracy chooses one of the two cards at random and places it on the table in front of her with a random side face up. If the face up side is black. what is the probability that the other side of the card is also black! Express your answer as a common fraction. Junior High Team Round 11013 2009

IDDLhIOUO1OIij Junior II igh Sprint Round 11 0 1 3

Problems 130 Name School _______ Grade: Score: Scorers Initials: Scorers Initials:


This round of the competition consists of 30 problems. You will have 40 minutes to complete the problems. You are not allowed to use calculators, slide rules, hooks, or any other aids during this round. If you are wearing a calculator wrist watch, please give it to our proctor now. (alculations may he done on scratch paper. All answers must he complete, legible. and simpi i tied to lowest terms. Record only flnal answers in the blanks in the righihand column of the competition booklet. It you complete the problems before time is called, USC the remaining time to check your answers.
Junior High Sprint Round 11013 2009

A cookie recipe calls tor 3 ounces oF chocolate chips and makes 2 dozen cookies. If urn wants to make I 68 cookies. ho many ounces olchocolate chips will he need?
A train left Chicago at noon and arrived in St. Louis at 5:30 pm on the same day. If the to cities are 495 kilometers apart. what as the trai&s average speed. in kilometers per hour? In Kristins 3 grade class. 56% ot the students are girls. If there are 3. I boys in the class, hat is the lotal number of students? Ihe line graph helo shows the aerage price ola gallon otgasoline 4. on each day tbr a week. I-low mans times over

the course oithe eek did the average price of gasoline increase from %hat it had been the da before? itaxi service charges $3.50 per person and $1.50 per mile travelled. It three people share a taxi tbr a 12 mile trip. hat will the cost he per person? Sabrina rolls two standard sixsided dice. What is the prohahilii that 6. the sum of the rolls is a multiple of 3? [xpress sour answer as a common fraction. [he distance heteen the points (2.5) and (x.l ) is II). \hat is the 7. sum of all possible values oFx? In a class of 3! sixth graders. 22 play soccer and 14 play baseball. Ii 9 8. students pla both sports. how mans students pla neither? Sam flips 4 ljir coins. What is the probability that he gets an equal number of heads and tails? Fxpress your answer as a

fraction. It costs Alexa l5c to send a text message and tOe to receive one. Il 10. Alexa spends a total of $5.95 on 46 text messages. ho many did she send? Junior I ugh Sprint Round 11013 c 2009 rnath1eaue.or

ii In a soccer tournament, each team plas ever other team actl I I twice. If there arc 8 teanis in the tournamenL ho niany total games ilI he played? 12. A square is inscribed inside a circle. What is the ratio of the area of 12. the circle to the area of the square? Express your anser as common

fraction in terms of it. 13. What is the mean of all prime numbers between 30 and 50? Gke your 13. anser as a decimal. 14 .Jane is shootinii free thro%s. She has shot 15 free throws and made 14 60% of them. What is the minimum number of free thro%s she needs to shoot in order to raise her average to 76%?

15. What is the product of all possible solutions to the equation 15. 3x 7 = 5? Express your answer as a common fraction. 16. A rectangular solid ith sides of length 4. 6 and 7 is made up out ot 16. unit cubes. lithe outside of the rectangular so! id is painted. ho many of the unit cubes will have no tiices painted?

I 7. The first term of a geometric sequence is 81 and the Ii tih term is 16. I 7. What is the sum of all possible values ot the common ratio? 18. how mans different ways can you choose two distinct 3-element 18.

subsets from a 7-element set? I 9. What is the coefticient out: in the expansion of (x v 420. Iw numbers are relatively prime if their greatest common tactor is 20. I low many positi e integers less than 42 are relati el prime with 42? 21. What is the length of the shortest possible path between the points 21. (2.8) and (7.4) that goes ia the i-axis? 22. Madeline and Alicia pass each other at the starting line otan 800 fl long circular track. Madeline jogs at a rate ot fi per minute and Alicia jogs at 480 II per minute. Atler ho many seconds will they next pass each other at
the starting line? 23. li9 3 927 what is the value oiLl? Express your answer as a 23. common traction. Junior High Sprint Round 11013 2009

24. Ihe interior angles ola hexagon torm an arithmetic sequence. If the 24. measure of the smallest angle is X5. what is the measure oHlie second largest angle? 25. IThe greatest common divisor of to numbers is 7, hiIe their least 25.
common multiple is 42. Ii both numbers are greater than 7. what is their sum? 26. I v.o bridges are 28 miles apart along a river. Alex ros his boat hack 26. and forth beteen the two bridges. It takes him 7 hours to ro

heteen the two bridges travelling against the current. hut only 2 hours travellini ith the current. II Alex ros at the same speed relative to the ater in both directions. hat is the speed ol the
current, in miles per hour? 27. In a certain game. successful throws are worth 11 points while kicks 27. are worth 7 poinl.s. If these are the onl two ways to earn points, what is the largest score that cant he obtained? 28. I lo many consccuti e zeroes does the decimal representation of 58! 28. end in? 29. At noon the hour and minute hand on Ihomas clock are aligned. In 29. ho many minutes will they next he aligned? Fxpress your answer as a common fraction. 30. The two circles with centers at A and B both have radius 6. and each 30. circle passes through the center of the other. What is the area of the shaded region? Give sour answer in simplest radical tirm and in terms of it. Junior High Sprint Round 1101 3 t 2009