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Imran Azeem

R-42, Sector 11/L, North Karachi

+9221- 6011197
Career Objective
Be a part of such developmental organization as a prime of progress and indispensable
assets, where environment can apprehend my potential and thoroughly leading to mutual
professional growth as an expert.

Career Summary
In my nine year career, I have worked with top level national and multinational organizations
where I learned and practiced ‘Public Private Partnership and Technology Integration for
strengthening institutional management systems, project management, establishing live
decision making system, monitoring support mechanism, human resource development, e-
communication, institutional relationship, project implementation and standardize
Some of my career highlights:
 Director Training – Catco Kids Training Institute.
 Project Manager – Catco International, Inc.
 Program Associate – Sindh Education Foundation
 Visiting Faculty Member – Karachi University (Department of Social Work)

1. M.A in Social Work from the University of Karachi with
scoring First Class 3rd Position in 1997
2. B.A (Hons.) with majors in Social Work from the University of
Karachi with scoring First class 2nd position in 1996.

1. Certificate on Effective Communication in Business World
from Lahore University of Management Sciences - LUMS.
2. Certificate on Participatory Learning Approaches from Save
the Children - UK.
3. Certificate on Institutional Development from Idara Taleem-
4. Certificate on Thinking & Learning Process from Sindh
Education Foundation.
5. Certificate on Advance Microsoft Office from College of
Business Management.
6. Certificate on Business Management from College of Business
7. Certification in Social Research from NGORC.

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1. Project Management.
2. Application of Microsoft Project Management Tools.
3. Coordination & Communication with partner organizations.
4. Human Resource Development - Training.
5. Innovative & Analytical ability.
6. Team working & Problem Solving.

Catco Kids Training Catco Kids Training Institute is an American registered
Institute company based in Pakistan providing consultancies and
Director Training training services on professional development for the social
development organizations & educational institutes.
Dec. 1, 2006 to Present

As Director Training, I am working on designing need based

professional development programs, coordinate to create
partnership with project partners and ensure standardized
implementation services in following areas.

1. Early Childhood Development - ECD

2. Information Communication Technologies - ICT
3. Business planning for women entrepreneurs.

Catco International, Inc. Catco International, Inc. is a software development American

Project Manager based company working on “National Educational Database
Project – NEDP” in Pakistan. It is a program of creating a live
Training & Implementation
database for 173, 000 educational institute under the
May 2005 to Nov. 2006
management of federal ministry of education. The purpose of
establishing this database is to produce timely reporting and
taking effective decisions.

As a Project Manager NEDP, I was assigned to map & create a

liaison with potential public/private organizations for the timely
effective implementation of the project. During my tenure I
achieved following milestones.

1. Highlighted the need of a live National Education

2. Established relationship with governmental bodies and
with other project partners.
3. Persuade the public sector accepting implementation of
live management/ decision making system.
4. Completion of Karachi Pilot Project (System
implementation in 100 government schools).
5. Trained over 200 government schools’ teachers for
handling a live decision making system.

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Sindh Education Sindh Education Foundation is an autonomous body working in
Foundation geographical area of province Sindh in the field of educational
Program Associate development for underprivileged communities.
Monitoring & Evaluation
Nov. 2000 to May 2005 As a Program Associate – M&E, I worked for Adopt-A-School
Program. In this program visionary individuals and
organization work for holistic development of government
schools. I was responsible to identify potential project partners
and legalize their partnership with provincial/district
governments, Implementation of need based institutional
development plan, conduct human resource development
events. During my position in Sindh Education Foundation I
achieved following milestones.

1. Legalized and strengthened over 150 schools under

public private partnership in 11 districts of Sindh.
2. Conducted workshops, seminars, policy level dialogues
and progress reviews for over 50 organizations.
3. Revitalized parental involvement in school
4. Established a resource network of public & private
organization working for educational development in
University of Karachi University of Karachi is a well recognized top level institute for
Full Time Cooperative higher education in Pakistan.
July 1999 to June 2000 In July 1999, I was hired as a Full Time Cooperative Lecturer
for the department of Social Work where I taught theories &
field of social work, to the graduating students, coordinated
study tours of social development organizations and
participated in departmental curricula reviewing committee.

Workshops & Seminars

1. Delivered workshop on Business Planning for the women
2. Conducted several workshops for government educational
agencies on Technology Integration for creating a live
decision making system.
3. Delivered sessions on institutional development, community
involvement, and Monitoring support system for multi-
stakeholders project.

Research Studies
1. Compiled a KAP study on female user of Family Planning –
2. Conducted impact analysis of educational reform scheme
based on public private partnership – 2004.

Honors & Awards

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1. Awarded for scoring second position in BA (Hons.) – 1996
2. Awarded for scoring third position in MA Final - 1997
3. Employee of the Year 2005-2006 (Catco International, Inc.)
Affiliations & Memberships
1. International Society for Technology in Education - ISTE
2. Pyramid of Hope – A Force for underprivileged
3. Mufad-e-Niswan Trust
4. The Citizen Trust - TCT
Favorite Quotes
1. "The mind leads, the emotions follow."
Ayn Rand
2. "No business has ever failed. Management fails! Leadership
fails! Not the business!"
Phil Steffen

Prof. Anita Ghulam Ali (S.I) Mr. Iftekhar Matloob
Managing Director General Manager
Sindh Education Foundation Lackson Tobacco
09221-9251657 0300-8228665

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