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WiMAX 802.16e Outdoor CPE

The Cost-Effective Outdoor Solution for WiMAX Service Deployment

The AWB OD200 is a WiMAX outdoor CPE with indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit performs as an gateway integrateing Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11b/g), VoIP and Ethernet technology. The outdoor unit performs as the WiMAX radio unit, connecting to the indoor unit via PoE, no additional power is needed. AWB OD200 delivers the last mile broadband wireless access (BWA) for service provider using fixed or mobile applications. It performs as an alternative to wired DSL or cable modems with higher and wider transmitting speed and coverage.

Key Features
IEEE 802.16e-2005 Wave 2 compliant MRC (Maximum Ratio Combining) technology utilizes dual receive antennas to enhance receiving signal quality MIMO (Multiple input, Multiple output) technology improves transmission speed and coverage Dual polarization antenna deployment provides better coverage and throughput SupportsTR069 remote management for easy configuration remotely Optional SIP-based VoIP function provides low cost internet calls Optional IEEE 802.11b/g function allows users using existing WiFi devices for the ultimate mobility and convenience Supports multiple frequency bands for global coverage Network Discovery and Selection (ND&S) algorithm effectively reduces scanning time Compliant with IP67 and lightening protection (Surge) standard System Alignment Unit (SAU) can be additionally purchased for signal alignment adjustment during installation

OD200 WiMAX 802.16e Outdoor CPE

Physical Interfaces
LAN VoIP WiFi Additional 1 or 4 10/100Base-T ports 2 SIP FXS ports (optional) 802.11b/g (Optional) 1 PoE port

WiFi Features (Optional for IDU)

Standard Compliant WiFi Security Antenna Type IEEE 802.11b/g WPA/WPA2, WEP64/128 Detachable 2dBi Omni antenna

Networking Features
Management / Remote Configuration Web-Based configuration, SNMPv2c TR-069 NAT and NAPT, DoS attack protection, SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection), DMZ control Static IP, PPPoE, Dynamic IP, Multiple IPs DNS Relay, DNS Client Transparent DHCP 802.1D Self Learning Bridge

WiMAX Features
Standard Compliant Air Interface Duplex Mode Frequency Band Channel Bandwidth Modulation MIMO Beamforming Transmitting Power Receiving Sensitivity ND&S Antenna Type Antenna Gain IEEE 802.16e-2005

Firewall Scalable OFDMA TDD/5ms frame WAN Connection 2.3-2.4GHz, 2.5-2.7GHz, 3.4-3.6GHz DNS 5, 7, 8.75, 10MHz Bridge Mode QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM Bridging Matrix A (STC) & Matrix B IO Beamforming 24+/-1dBm@16QAM, 3/4CTC -94dBm @ QPSK, CTC Support Dual polarization internal patch antenna 12dBi for 2.3/2.5GHz 15dBi for 3.5GHz 128 bit AES/CCM EAP-TLS (with optional X.509) EAP-TTLS-MSCHAPv2 UGS, RT-VR, NRT-VR, ERT-VR, BE Hard HO / Optimized Hard HO Ether-CS and IP-CS support Power Consumption

Mechanical Features
Dimensions (H x W x D) OD200-ODU: 229x219x71mm OD200-IDU: 170x184x80mm OD200-ODU: 1,300g OD200-IDU: 610g OD200-ODU: <15W OD200-IDU: <13W OD200-ODU: -40 ~ 55C OD200-IDU: 0 ~ 40C 5% ~ 95% non-condensing


Operating Temperature

Encryption Authentication


Standards & Regulatory

Radio Compliance OD200-ODU: FCC Part 27 Subpart M FCC Part 90 Subpart Z EN 302 326-1/-2/-3 for WiMAX OD200-IDU: FCC Part 15C EN 303 328 for Wi-Fi OD200-ODU & OD200-IDU: FCC part 15B Class B CE EN55022 Class B EN301489-1/4 OD200-ODU: EN 60950-1 EN 60950-22 OD200-IDU: EN 60950-1 OD200-ODU: EN300 019 IP67 compliant OD200-IDU: EN300 019

QoS Mechanism Hand Over CS Support

VoIP Features (Optional for IDU)

Standard Compliant Voice Codec Voice Quality SIP RFC3261 compliant G.711a/u, G.729a/b, G.726, G.723 VAD (Voice Activity Detection), CNG (Comfort Noise Generation), Echo Cancellation G.165/G.168, Jitter Buffer, DTMF Detection and Generation, Configurable Cadence Rings Call Waiting, Call Transfer, Call Forward, Fax(T.38), 3-Way Conference Call, STUN(RFC3489), Outbound Proxy Support Safety Compliance EMC Compliance

Call Features

Environmental Compliance

Product Configurations
Model Name
OD200-IDU-1D OD200-IDU-1D2V OD200-IDU-4D OD200-IDU-4D2V OD200-IDU-4D2V1W

1 10/100Base-T 1 10/100Base-T 4 10/100Base-T 4 10/100Base-T 4 10/100Base-T



Remarks: * represents future release AWB reserves the right to make changes to product specifications without notices.

Model Name
OD200-2.3-ODU OD200-2.5-ODU OD200-3.5-ODU

2.3-2.4GHz 2.5-2.7GHz 3.4-3.6GHz
DS_OD200_V1.00 2009.07