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By Srishailam Dasari Prof: Cynthia Day

In almost all of us know about the ATM. ATM full name is Automated Teller Machine (ATM), also called Cash point or Cash Dispenser or Cash Machine. It is a machine that provides the transactions of any financial organization like Bank of America, Wells Forgo, Chase Bank etc to their customers in a public convenient area and it does not need any human like cashier or bank officer.

The first ATM machine developed by IBM company in 1972 in the United Kingdom at Lloyds Bank. By using the ATM machines, customers can easily view their bank account details and they can also allow making any transactions like withdraw or deposit money from or to the ATM machine. In order to deposit or withdraw cash from or to the ATM machine , it just requires a plastic card which is given by the corresponding bank officials . Customer can insert the card and she/he can withdraw or deposit cash at any time and at any place. ATM machines also serves also different like If you have bank account in INDIA that is currency is Rupees and if you

withdraw cash in the United States , the currency automatically changes into the Dollars according to the corresponding bank exchange rates .

We can see ATM machines are placed not only inside the Bank area , but also in public convenient areas like Airports, Rail Stations, Bus Stations, shopping malls, gas stations, any place where people do more business . We have also seen that some banking organizations also providing ATM machines drive thru lanes to operate ATM machines.

All ATM machines are connected with the banking organizations with the help of software and hardware to encourage the people to withdraw and deposit the money from the machines. Customers can also withdraw or deposit money from different banking organizations where they do not have their bank account but these operations charge based on your transaction. ATM machines are installed by their own organizations and these are interconnected to the central Machines which works with the interconnected ATMS . Each country has its own central connected machines which also intern connected with other country central machines. These machines help the related banking organization operations . So that customers can easily do their operations irrespective of their locations. Any ATM machine is built up with software and hardware and ATM can consists of the following devices. They are as follows. 1. Display monitor 2. Magnetic reader 3. Keyboard or Touch screen

4. Printer

Display or Monitor is used to display the current operations what is going to the customers. This can be designed with help of software and hardware. Magnetic reader is used to identify the customer and showing the corresponding the customer bank account details by asking some security questions like personal identification number and all. Printer is used to print the receipt of the ongoing operation selected by the customer. ATM machines also have some other devices like security scanners which are used to provide security to the customers and ATM machines as well.

ATM machines are should be protected from the thieves because thieves can break the ATM machines, they can take money from the cash dispensers or Thieves can do robbery from the people who are operating inside the ATM machines. However , modern ATM machines have highly equipped machinery which provides excellent security protection to the customer and ATM machine as well.

Customer can insert wrong card and they can try to withdraw money from the ATM, This can be restricted with help of software which runs behind the ATM machines.

I concluded that, ATM machines are providing the more advantages to the customers because customers need not to go to the bank office and do not want to wait in queue for any cash withdraw or cash deposit. By placing the ATM machines in public area also helped the customers a lot that they can easily reach to nearest ATM machine , thus can save the time and money .