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Vol. 10, Issue 3 summer 2006

New Leadership on the Collaborative Path


Rev. Robert L. Niehoff, SJ

understanding of the responsibility that comes with being a servant leader. In mid-June, I was in Paris with leaders from Americas Jesuit higher educational centers (see pp. 28, 29). Over more than three decades, I have been immersed in the Ignatian world. Even so, I found myself enriched and renewed by walking where Loyola walked in Paris and by hearing Loyolas eloquent disciples, such as our own Howard Gray, SJ, talk about the Ignatian vocation of the teacher. Later in the summer I had the opportunity of listening to the New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, the author of The World is Flat. That book, which argues that the global economy is an increasingly level playing field, has caused a great stir. While not the first to suggest that America needs to awake to meet the economic challenges posed by China, India and other rapidly growing sectors of the world economy, Friedman made the argument strongly and well. When I heard him, he was saying that there is still time for our society to make adjustments to be able to compete effectively in the emerging world. Friedman said that the new world is going to continue to need: great collaborators, synthesizers, explainers, and adapters, as well as those who are passionate and imaginative. He said it was the mission of American education to better shape graduates with those qualities. As I listened to him, the thought occurred to me that Friedman was articulating a vision of the ideal John Carroll graduate, whatever her or his major or career choice, and I do believe that many of our graduates come very close to achieving that ideal. I am very pleased that Dr. Luis Maria Calingo, who has such strong lines of connection throughout that flat world, is among us as the dean of the Boler School. I am so pleased that Brian Williams, our new vice president for enrollment, is working to recruit those soon-to-be John Carroll students who will become some of the passionate and imaginative collaborators, synthesizers, explainers and adapters of our shared future. I am also pleased that we are able to welcome thirteen strong, diverse, multi-faceted voices to the John Carroll University Board of Directors, and that we have added eleven new talents to our still new and emerging Board of Regents. In early September, I am off to give the commencement address at the fouryear-old Jesuit business school in Zagreb, Croatia. From there, I will join the accreditation team making our second visit to the American University of Armenia. My energies and attention are and will be locked onto John Carroll this academic year, but the September academic expedition to far away lands is a useful reminder that we are engaging the world and that the world we engage possesses the same aspiration to learn, do better and find ever deeper experiences of meaning. I am pleased most of all by the opportunity given to me to be a servant leader, to work together with all of you to meet our challenges, to become even better at what we do: to educate for justice leadership and service; and to be worthy of Ignatius Loyolas vision of what teaching should be. I feel blessed to be in the job I hold and blessed also to be able to talk with you and work with you to build, strengthen and enhance the John Carroll community.

BACK TO SCHOOL! My first year at John Carroll was a wonderful learning experience. During my second year, Im going to apply myself as my teachers told me to do to using what I have learned. What will stay with me most is the way that I was welcomed on campus and at the many meetings I held with our wonderfully devoted alumni. It was such a warming feeling to be so openheartedly accepted. I pray that those of us involved in moving this university forward have been nourished and energized over the summer. I was nourished over these three months by having more time for spiritual reflection and by the wisdom of others. A goodly portion of that wisdom came to me at the Harvard New Presidents Seminar. Participating in a learning experience at Harvard is interesting. Its hard to forget for a moment that youre in the academic equivalent of a sacred space, one where so many of the worlds best scholars have sought learning over many hundreds of years. It is a heady thing to be among a group like the 48 new presidents I was a part of in Cambridge. Its also daunting. Being among those new academic leaders, their eagerness to do well almost visible, gave me a deeper

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vol. 10 issue 3

summer 2006


Brian Williams

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John Carroll is a Catholic and Jesuit university dedicated to developing women and men with the knowledge and character to lead and to serve.

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John Carroll university suMMer 2006

University News

President leads planning retreat

in early June, 45 members of the JCu community gathered for a planning retreat. representatives from the board, faculty, staff, student government and administration reviewed and prioritized John Carrolls strategic initiatives for the next academic year. sessions were facilitated by Dr. James appleton, chancellor of the university of redlands. Participants were selected based on their membership in university bodies such as the university Planning Group, the university Budget Committee and the Board of Directors. in the course of the sessions, John Carrolls mission, core values and goals were discussed in some depth; the quality of the student experience, the institutions fiscal health and its reputation were the focus of the ad hoc groups scrutiny. a consensus emerged about initiatives to be pursued in nine areas of university life. the final phase of the retreat dealt with campus communication and decision-making processes. in a post-retreat message to the larger campus community, rev. robert l. niehoff, sJ, the university president, said: our challenge is to sift through the rich data compiled over the course of the two-day retreat and begin to implement the initiatives that will improve John Carroll universitys competitive position both regionally and nationally. ... it is critical for the long-term health of the university to bring clarity to our vision and core values. a strong vision and set of core values will assist in implementing the strategic initiatives addressing our most pressing challenges. the president also said the retreat has gone a long way in establishing the foundation for moving the institution forward and creating a collegial and collaborative environment.


J. Gerard Sheehan has been named to fill the new post of associate vice president of government and community relations. Sheehan, who was director of public affairs, is responsible for obtaining government funds to support institutional priorities; for coordinating the universitys response to legislative and policy issues at federal and state levels; and for John Carrolls relationships with local public officials and community leaders. Sheehan, with the university since 1989, is a graduate of the College of the Holy Cross and he holds an MBA from Case Western Reserve University.

Christine Somosi 81, formerly director of media relations, has been named the interim director of university marketing and communications. Somosi has assumed all managerial functions for the Development Division department previously known as Public Affairs. Hilary Flanagan, a native of St. Louis, has been named to be director of the universitys Center for Career Services. Flanagan holds an undergraduate degree from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and a masters from the University of Maine. She was formerly at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island.

Laurie Frantz has been named assistant to the president. Ms. Frantz had served as secretary to the Office of University Mission and Identity. Assistant to the president is a new title, but among Ms. Frantzs duties are many of those held by Barbara Mahoney, who took early retirement and had been secretary to the president. Frantz will also serve as interim secretary to the board of directors until the search for general counsel/secretary to the board is completed. Howard Gray, SJ, has joined the office of the president with the title of assistant to the president and consultant for mission and identity. Lisa Debick has been named receptionist/staff assistant in the office of the president.


The name of the university division formerly known as the Development and Alumni Relations Division has been changed to University Advancement. The name of the Public Affairs unit within this university division has been changed to University Marketing and Communications. University Advancement will continue to comprise four units: Development, Alumni Relations, Advancement Services and University Marketing and Communications.

NOTE: Space limitations precluded Letters in this issue. We received a number of letters on the Creationism and Intelligent Design article in the last issue. Those letters will be in the next issue.
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JoHn CARRoll univeRsity suMMer 2006 John Carroll university suMMer 2006

Very Rev. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, SJ, the superior general of the Society of Jesus, will visit John Carroll for meetings with university officials and a Mass on the afternoon of October 5. Fr. Kolvenbach, who has announced that he will soon be retiring as the international leader of the Jesuits, is making his first visit to the university.


Grant to fund poverty studies

the university has received more than $190,000, over three years, from the Detroit-based McGregor Fund to support a multi-faceted program of poverty studies, Poverty and Solidarity: Educating for Social Responsibility. the McGregor funds will be complemented by approximately $260,000 committed in the form of in-kind contributions from John Carroll. the resources will support: a three-credit hour interdisciplinary course on Poverty and the Human Condition; a summer internship sequence for students seeking a deeper understanding of the systemic causes of poverty; the development of a variety of discipline-specific courses that address poverty; a correlative yearlong faculty seminar leading to the Len Calabrese 68 (left) and Dr. Paul Lauritzen creation of the aforementioned day devoted to seminars and other learning courses or to the integration activities to assist them in analyzing and of curricular units on the subject into existing classes; and a public lecture series assimilating their work experience. in a letter supporting the McGregor focusing on poverty. grant, rev. robert l. niehoff, the unithe McGregor Fund grant will be versity president, wrote: The Poverty and used to support the summer internship Solidarity Initiative involves a renewal of our program and the lecture series. the other commitment to the core values of Jesuit components of the complex three-year higher education. he also said that it was pilot project will be funded by several one of the first new projects during his tendifferent units of the university. ure and that he was placing the full weight Dr. Paul lauritzen of religious studies of his office behind the proposal. will co-teach the Poverty and the Human Biologys Dr. James lissemore, a primary Condition course with leonard Calabrese 68, the executive director of the Cleveland shaper of the grant proposal, said after the mid-summer announcement of the award: i Catholic dioceses Commission on Cathoam thrilled with the McGregor Funds genlic Community action. lauritzen is also erous support of the Poverty and solidarity the director of the universitys Program in applied ethics, and in that capacity, he has program. this grant will allow us to greatly enhance opportunities for our students to agreed to allocate monies to support the learn about poverty. faculty seminar, course development, and the Poverty and solidarity program travel to relevant conferences. is motivated by very rev. Peter-hans Kolthe summer internship program is venbachs charge to Jesuit universities that projected to offer eight-week assignments students must let the gritty reality of this in which students are placed with community poverty-focused organizations. Four world into their lives, so they can learn to days a week they will be engaged in service feel it, think about it critically, respond to its suffering and engage it constructively. within those organizations, with the fifth



CMSETT wins Partnering for Success grant

John Carrolls Center for Mathematics and Science Education, Teaching and Technology (CMSETT) is a recipient of a joint grant from the Ohio Department of Education. The grant will fund Partnering for Success, a collaborative project that brings together area universities with local K-12 public school districts to address the need for professional teacher development in mathematics and the sciences. The grant, which will provide nearly $200,000 in direct funding for CMSETT, will give that entity the potential to work with three cohorts to enhance the knowledge base and pedagogical skills of up to 60 elementary school teachers evenly divided between mathematics and science. Linda Gojak, CMSETTs director said, As the state of Ohio works to grow new industries in fields such as biomedical instrumentation, polymers, nanotechnology, advanced material, and electronics, we must have high school graduates with an interest in and the ability to contribute to these fields.

Huntington grant brings JCU $335,000 for science students

The John Huntington Fund for Education announced on June 26 that John Carroll has been awarded $335,000. The majority of the funds will go for scholarship support, with $45,000 being allocated for summer science internships at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, University Hospitals of Cleveland, and on campus. In the last academic year, Huntington funds allowed for scholarship support for 93 students, and 19 students were able to be engaged in high-level summer research projects.
John Carroll university suMMer 2006 John Carroll university suMMer 2006

3 3


a summer study expedition to africas Ghana

Social and Economic Development of Ghana (the Ghana summer institute) was far more than a four-credit hour academic course that intended, in the words of Dr. Komla aggor, to provide an impetus to deconstruct false notions about africa by aiding participants to arrive at some level of understanding of african life and to develop a reflective view of their own culture. like the analogous summer institute in northern ireland, the Ghana summer institute proved to be an intimate engagement with a culturally rich and resonant part of the world. aggor is a professor of spanish at John Carroll and a Ghanaian native. he was the program director of an academic and cultural expedition that drew students from JCu and two other local institutions; Janetta hammock, the director of Multicultural affairs; Dr. Walter simmons of the Boler school; and a Washington civil servant. the participants wove kente cloth; they learned how batik is made. they saw amazing wood carvers and toured africas principal slave forts. they came to understand the history and function of an african chief, and to grasp the vital role of women in Ghanas market economy. they visited with Ghanaians from many sectors of the society in a concentrated effort to understand the world of english-speaking Ghana.



From left, in Accra, Ghana: John Bednar, Bryan Gacka, Margaret Ismaila-Mitchell, Joe Yusz (squatting), Paul Bender, Dr Komla Aggor, Rose Akunna Traore (Ghanaian student), Paul Schroder, Gigi Hart, Janetta Hammock, Laura Feilmeier, Dr. Walter Simmons.

after the institute contingent returned from their three-week african trip in June, aggor said: if there is any concrete proof of the institutes success, it is manifest in sophomore Bryan Gackas decision to raise financial support for a middle school in anfoega in the volta region and to go back to Ghana on a future trip. it is also transparent in the assistance being extended by junior John Bednar to a teacher and her first-grade class in sponsoring an

JCU Belfast Institute

Another John Carroll Belfast Summer Institute in Peace Building and Conflict Transformation took place this summer in Belfast, Northern Ireland from June 27 to July 21. The John Carroll group is joined in this photo by Conor Murphy, a Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom and a member of the Legislative Assembly of Northern Ireland. From left: Matt Harmon, Jim Murphy, Mindy Peden, Conor Murphy, Wendy Wiedenhoft, Katie Sedon, David Bartholow, Miriam McGinn Morer, Marissa Patsey, Christa Carani, Owen Donelon, Elyse Wagner. 4
JoHn CARRoll univeRsity suMMer 2006

orphanage in accra (Ghanas capital). Graduating senior Joe yusz said in retrospect: i will never forget this experience. ...the summer institute changed my outlook on life and introduced for me a possible career in international relations and development. i am very grateful that i was a part of the program and i could experience a culture of such beautiful people, peace and happiness. it was absolutely the trip of a lifetime, raved senior laura Feilmeier. im so happy i had that experience. it was well organized and i was impressed by how little shocked me. i think the preparation for the trip was exceptional. By the beginning of the third week, i felt that id seen it all, but i continued to enjoy meeting people and taking in the culture. John Bednar said that taking an earlier course with aggor, Understanding Africa Through Film helped a lot in preparing for the actual journey. the students had been engaged in multi-disciplinary studies of the region for the entire spring semester. the consensus of everyone involved is apparently that this first african institute experience was a great success and should be repeated.




Steven Hayward is a toronto native who

is an assistant professor of english at John Carroll. his first book was Buddha Stevens, a collection of short stories. hayward looks to hit it big with his second effort, The Secret Mitzvah of Lucio Burke. there have been some contractual issues that have kept it from being published at this point in the u.s., but that is expected to change shortly. Meanwhile, you can order the Canadian edition online. The Secret Mitzvah of Lucio Burke has snared the Grinzane Cavour Prize for emerging novelists, one of italys most prestigious, and a particularly proud feather in the cap of hayward, who boasts of italian heritage. its been years since ive seen this much fresh talent and wisdom, said the reviewer for The Globe and Mail. hayward sneaks in the back door, pulls out your heart and hands it back on a plate for examination, opined the Canadian Literary Review.

Haywire is latest collection of poetry. the Department of english veteran has built a nice career. this collection won the May swenson award and led swenson judge edward Field to assert: Bilgere is a damn good poet. so good that when i found out who he was and that hed already gotten major award one chosen by Poet laureate Billy Collins i was dismayed that i hadnt been the one to discover him! Collins, in turn, said: George Bilgere is a smooth-talking poet who can lead us unawares into a complex terrain of the heart and spirit. Haywire is full of bittersweet poems that are balanced between humor and seriousness, between the sadness of loss and the joy of being alive to experience it. Whenever a parade of Bilgere poems goes by, ill be there waving my little flag.

George Bilgeres

examination Final Days is of, according to a reviewer, how policy and meaning frame the choices Japanese make about how to die. through interviews and case studies in hospitals and homes, susan orpett long offers a window on the ways in which ordinary people respond to serious illness and the process of dying. Moving beyond stereotypes of stylized samurai violence and Buddhist meditation as Japanese cultural models of dying, long offers fresh insight into how experiential and social factors mediate between formal cultural rules and what people do. Dr. long is a professor of sociology and a leader of the universitys east asian studies Concentration.

Susan Orpett Longs

Cleveland and a writer-in-residence in the Department of religious studies. he is the author of Faith that Dares to Speak and The Changing Face of the Priesthood. Fr. Cozzens latest volume is Freeing Celibacy. Bishop thomas Gumbleton of the archdiocese of Detroit has said of the JCu writers latest effort: Donald Cozzens newest book is a true blessing. he concisely and persuasively argues to the clear conclusion: Charismatic celibacy will remain a great gift to the church. Mandated celibacy awaits repeal. Basing his argument on careful historical analysis and clear theological understanding of the very nature of charisms in the life of the church, he concludes that the time has come to set celibacy free. i am persuaded that those who carefully read this book will agree.

Donald Cozzens is a priest of the Diocese of

John Carroll university suMMer 2006




ellie Fernandez 05: a storybook ending, a joyous beginning

ellie Fernandez 05 had a storybook spring and summer. on May 26, she finished second nationally in the steeplechase at the nCaa Division iii outdoor track & Field Championships. the next day she finished third in the 5000-meter run. she led her university to its best ever national championship track finish (12th). she reached allamerican classification for the 7th time. a couple of weeks earlier, she won the Clyde lamb award given by the ohio athletic Conference (oaC) to the outstanding male and female scholar athletes of member universities. Doug Phillips 06 was the male lamb winner. Fernandez, whose mother Jean is a university accountant, was named the oaCs outstanding indoor and outdoor track athlete. she was also named the Great lakes regional track athlete of the year. and, she made ESPN, the Magazines academic all-america College Division Womens track & Field
JoHn CARRoll univeRsity suMMer 2006

and Cross Country squad. Fernandez earned a 3.68 GPa as an undergrad and is carrying a 4.0 GPa as a grad student in education. however, the completion of that degree might be ever so slightly delayed inasmuch as several weeks ago ellie married Mayfield, ohio neighborhood sweetheart ron hess, and moved with him to the upper east side of Manhattan. Middlebury From left: Connie Balzano 05, Lindsey Neidus, College grad hess is pursuing his Ellie, Gen Kahn 06, Griggen Bownas, Shannon McConville 04. career in investment banking and ellie teaches at a Catholic girls high school nearby. myself very fortunate to have had such a ellies former teammate and peer in successful career at JCu, both athletically excellence on the track, shannon and academically. McConville 04, was the maid of honor at the university community was deeply ellies wedding and former squad buddies fortunate to have had ellie Fernandez Connie Balzano 05 and Gen Kahn 05 among us. she has been the embodiment were among those present. of the scholar athlete and a role model ellie wrote in an e-mail: i consider whose star will long shine.
Bill Morley Photography




streak gridders should be in the hunt

i like our players attitude, said position and quarterback. Floridas head coach Regis Scafe. they Mark Lloyd is the offensive lines love football and are a great group. only returning starter, so he will be initially, were going to be strona linchpin if scafes hope for good ger on defense, but we have a lot offensive times is to be realized. of talent on offense; we just dont the streaks were picked fourth have a lot of experience. in a pre-season poll of the ohio the promising defense includes athletic Conference coaches. guys who are stalwart gridders and ahead of them were ohio northmodels of what a student-athlete is. ern, which was picked tenth in the Matt Lemke has a 3.89 GPa with a nation; Capital, which the progbiology and chemistry double major; nosticators slotted fifth in the nahes a campus emergency medical tion; and that team from alliance, technician; has won the outstandwhich won the national championing Chemistry student award, and ship last year and was the coaches for the past two summers he has pick to repeat. worked in neurological research at We dont pay attention to the Cleveland Clinic. hes also a that, says scafe, and i think on any strong defensive tackle and the grid given day we can beat any team. squads current sack leader. We cant worry about Mt, union, Backer David Graves is a but when we get them its going to Deans list marketing and managebe fun. thats get as in beat, not ment major who is also a pillar of play, which happens in alliance Campus Ministry, a Christian life on the afternoon of november 4. Linebacker Matt Lemke is another stellar scholar athlete. Community leader and a resiWhen the streaks get the Mount, dence hall assistant. that would be fun will be an understatement. enough for most students collegiate career, can. seniors Matt Divis, Matt Kehoe and until then, stay tuned for a competibut Graves was also named the streaks tive season. JCu was in the hunt until just Michael Bogden are the early candidates outstanding Defensive Player last season. before seasons end last year, and they may to carry the ball, but scaife said he has a Floridian Manny Andreoulakis and number of good young players at that skill well be in the hunt again. local boy Derrick Bendau should also be main men on a stand-out defensive line JCU 2006 Football Schedule and look for safety Carlo Melaragno to be an anchor in the secondary. Sat., Sept. 2 @ College of Wooster Wooster, OH 1:00 PM last year, quarterback Doug Phillips Sat., Sept. 16 Heidelberg Home 1:30 PM had what scaife called a dream season. Sat., Sept. 23 Ohio Northern Phillips was another remarkable student (Homecoming) Home 2:00 PM athlete; he is now doing an internship Sat., Sept. 30 @ Baldwin-Wallace Berea, OH 6:30 PM with the Cleveland Browns, which may Sat., Oct. 7 Capital Home 7:00 PM for Phillips be the first step on a coaching Sat., Oct. 14 @ Marietta Marietta, OH 1:30 PM career. Junior Stephen Spence, Phillips Sat., Oct. 21 @ Muskingum New Concord, OH 1:30 PM back-up, will vie with senior Matt Martin Sat., Oct. 28 Wilmington for the helmsmans job this season. (Parents Weekend) Home 1:30 PM Whichever one it is will surely be Sat., Nov. 4 @ Mount Union Alliance, OH 1:30 PM looking for senior Joe Konrad, the streak Sat., Nov. 11 Otterbein Home 1:30 PM teams only returning all-oaC performer. All home events (shown in boldface) are played at Don Shula Stadium at Wasmer Field Konrad is a good candidate for all-ameriJohn Carroll university suMMer 2006




reunion giving Building endowments an investment in the Future is a great gift

By Peter R. Bernardo, Director of Planned Giving

to JCu

education is the great equalizer in our nation. it can bridge social, economic, racial and geographic divides like no other force. education and research are playing a more vital role than ever in shaping our nations competitiveness. the manufacturing economy of the 20th century is being transformed into the intellectual economy of the 21st century. however, toward the end of this decade we will see college denied to 48% of college eligible high school seniors because of the rising cost of education. this means that some of our finest and brightest students will not have the opportunity for an education. this will not only hurt our country but will be a setback to the progress of mankind. over the past 30 years, the cost of a private four-year college education has increased dramatically by 712%, while the Consumer Price index has gone up only 80%. until the early 80s, a student could work part time and during the summer to provide for the majority, if not all, of their tuition. today, tuition, books and fees at John Carroll university are slightly over $33,000. With the u.s. average family income of just over $44,600, one can readily see that education is being priced out of reach of the average household. like most universities, John Carroll relies on endowment to support financial aid and research programs. our endowment was a little over $142 million in Fy 2005. the earnings from endowment provided $4.1 million in financial aid to
JoHn CARRoll univeRsity suMMer 2006

our students and almost $2.6 million for operations. in Fy 2006 the endowment has grown to $156 million, but endowment would have to approach $600 million to provide the $28 million dollars awarded last year. this aid is currently coming from other revenues, primarily tuition, and impacts John Carrolls ability to pursue other objectives. in the coming decade, the challenge for our university will be to increase the endowment. only through the support of our alumni and friends can we hope to grow our endowment and continue to live up to our mission of providing a quality Jesuit and Catholic education to future generations. one way to help increase our endowment and support the best and brightest is through planned giving. last year, over a million and a quarter dollars were added to the endowment by alumni and friends through bequests, wills, annuities, trusts, and insurances policies. Gifts ranged from $500 dollars to almost a million dollars. if you think you would like to help support John Carroll universitys educational mission and invest in future generations, please call me at 216-397-4217 or access our JCu Web site,, and click on Giving at JCU and then Planned Giving Opportunities. there is never any obligation and all inquiries are strictly confidential.

this year the 12 classes celebrating a reunion brought in over $2,528,000 in honor of their reunion. the golden boys of the Class of 1956, with a handsome beneficence of $1,011,378, donated the largest 50th reunion class gift ever. they also won the Joseph D. sullivan Cup that goes to the largest class gift and the James M. Mackey Cup bestowed upon the class with the highest attendance percentage 27.2% in their case.

The Class of 56 presents its gift.

Below are the totals of the other classes:

1961 1966 1971 1976 1981 1986 1991



$219,516 $65,333 $350,972 $66,091 $281,781 largest 25th reunion class gift ever. $43,658 $332,330 the Dolan award for the highest dollar increase over the past reunion. $58,913 also a Dolan award for the highest participation increase over their past reunion. $9,837

With Brian Williams,
vice president for enrollment

rian Williams is the first university official to occupy the new position of vice president for enrollment. the elevation of the universitys enrollment leader to the vP level is an authoritative indication of the fact that enrollment is and will be critical as the university moves forward. Williams is 36, very quick in his assessment process and extremely articulate. it is fair to say that he has begun his position at John Carroll moving vigorously and earning very strongly positive early reviews.

John Carroll university suMMer 2006

Williams with a number of the enrollment staff.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself? i grew up in Massachusetts all through schooling and went to the university of new hampshire to study english. ive been doing enrollment work since graduating college. Fourteen years later i still love it and find it to truly be a vocation. Personally, i have an amazing wife, Diane, whom i actually met during admission travel (she is a graduate of the university of scranton) and two great children, Connor (7) and ryan (5). How did you make the decision to work in enrollment? sometimes it seems that the unofficial path to working in admission is to be a tour guide as an undergraduate and be an english major. i did both those things at university of new hampshire and had wonderful mentors there who pushed me into considering it as a career. My early focus was on admission, the glory of travel, helping students select a school and all that entailed. i made the choice to go right into graduate school (master of higher education administration) after
JoHn CARRoll univeRsity suMMer 2006

consulting various people. it afforded me the chance to learn higher education in the classroom and intern in the admission office at Boston College (BC). What did you learn at Boston College? the phrase enrollment management was coined at BC so being at the contemporary birth place of my profession as a student of the field was invaluable. Being at Boston College and seeing how a selective admission operation works was humbling. i had freedom to be inquisitive. My time there helped validate that i was on the right career path while my time in the classroom laid the foundation of the higher education profession for me. i was basically a sponge absorbing all i could. You began enrollment work at St. Louis University and then moved to LaSalle in the Philadelphia area. Compare the experiences. i moved to st. louis in 1993 during the floods that summer. the Mississippi remained over flood stage for those first

two months. it was a reminder of how fragile life, and the college process, can be. rather than getting ready to recruit the next crop of high school seniors we needed to ensure the upcoming semester students were still going to be returning. We were faced with families that had issues with tuition payments or simply families that never received a bill because their mailbox was under water. Welcome to enrollment management. i learned a lot about the interconnectedness of admission, aid, and billing in those years. Moving to la salle in 1995, i helped build the universitys first Web presence, implemented sCt Banner for the division, and created a student telemarketing program from scratch. lasalle is in a competitive enrollment environment, and draws a very Catholic and savvy clientele there are 11 Catholic colleges in the Philadelphia archdiocese alone! We worked hard and had serious enrollment challenges that needed to be turned around. this was at a time in higher education when adjusting financial aid awards, and negotiating scholarships became part of the process not necessarily for the better.

well building online registration for students, and online grading and advising tools for faculty. our efforts worked; applications nearly doubled over my eight years at Providence. We improved on our discount rate and maintained a 90-93% freshman to sophomore retention rate, among other measurable successes. Youve said that in your first year here, you will test a variety of approaches to meeting our enrollment challenges. Please explain? starting in the summer, many rising seniors have already established the list of schools to which they will be applying. i dont have expectations in this year of increasing the total applicant pool that takes time. so this first year is more about influencing more of the students we admit to choose us influencing yield. We need to treat students better than anyone else. i think you will see a lot of differences in the way we arrange campus visits and in how we treat our guests. We are considering new Web site functionality and publications that will strengthen the contact we have in the college search process. learning how to best tell the John Carroll story will be something i spend a lot of time on this year. Tell us why you believe that stories are of great importance in enrollment work? i believe this is a story-telling profession. We are trying to articulate the John Carroll experience to families; whether it is for thirty seconds behind a college fair table, in print, on the Web, or in presentations we have to tell a compelling story. We need to enable prospects to picture themselves here for the next four years. We need to talk about Cleveland, the classroom, the service opportunities, everything. if we cannot tell those stories effectively, students wont see all the amazing things we have to offer.

Going into my final year at lasalle, our dean, Chris lydon, left to become dean of enrollment management at Providence College. reporting to our vice president for enrollment at lasalle that year, i was pulled into leadership and strategy early on in my career. Chris Lydon then recruited you to join him at Providence College. Tell us about your achievements there during the course of eight years? i knew i wasnt done learning from Chris, so he recruited me to Providence. Working with him at two different institutions over 11 years was a special relationship. Chris has been boss, mentor, colleague, and friend. the challenges at Providence were quite distinct from lasalle. Providence is an amazing institution with a strong applicant pool, but yielding students was the key challenge. We were a school that was strongly considered and applied to yet we were not always seen as the first-choice institution. our challenge was to research and adjust our market position so we wouldnt always be perceived as a backup to BC, holy Cross, notre Dame or villanova. We worked hard with merit and needbased aid, managed a large waiting list and needed to be structured effectively with our analysis, systems and assessment. When i took over as dean, i assumed responsibility for registration and academic records as

Tell us what you mean when you say that it is essential that we recruit alumni, not freshmen? it is easy for admission professionals to succumb to the immediate pressures and merely get the class. yes, we are measured by the number of students we enroll and by the quality of the class across various metrics. however, that approach fails to take account of the larger picture. if we are admitting students not prepared to succeed, not able to afford all four years not the right fit then i dont believe the admission office can claim success. our appropriate goal is to focus on recruiting alumni. it is our job to find students who will contribute to the mission of John Carroll and graduate four years later. retention is the linch-pin. understanding why students leave John Carroll is an important function, but understanding who succeeds is just as critical.

We need to be able to identify those elements which define success at JCu and use that information to inform the recruitment process. if we dont, we risk enrolling students who are dissatisfied, feel misled, and we pass problems to other areas of the college (academic difficulties, financial problems and more). We need to recruit the right students in the first place. so, yes, i think the key is to focus on finding future alumni. it puts our role in perspective.

John Carroll university suMMer 2006


What are the greatest challenges we face in meeting our enrollment goals? affordability and access are the two key issues i see facing John Carroll and higher education in general. i worry that John Carroll is near a tuition level that creates challenges locally and regionally. although we offer competitive financial aid, initial sticker-shock keeps many ohioans and others from even putting in an application. We need to talk about financial aid and financial planning much earlier in our process and let families know their options and how we can help. nationally, i believe John Carroll historically did well in recruitment efforts in the eastern region because it was a lower cost alternative to east Coast private, Catholic colleges. that gap has narrowed and John Carroll is not significantly different in cost to our competition on the east Coast, especially when you consider travel, flights, etc. i believe we have lost our edge in that region, as reflected in the number of enrolled students from eastern states. ohio ranks low nationally in terms of graduating high school seniors going on to college. this is compounded by a pending demographic shift (fewer 18-24 year olds over the next decade), not too mention the regions economic challenges. since only one in five ohioans holds a bachelors degree, its imperative for John Carroll to be part of the solution for ohios future. We need to communicate the importance of higher education and help students starting high school in any way we can; financial planning for parents, course selection advice and career awareness. this kind of service and outreach will be a key part of our admission efforts in the coming years. How essential is it that prospective students and their families be treated well in the application process? First impressions are sometimes the only impressions. Families tour many colleges and are trying to get a feel for a place. Prospects are trying to answer very basic questions: Will I like it there? Are there
JoHn CARRoll univeRsity suMMer 2006

people like me? Are there people different from me whom I can learn from? What is there to do? Where will I live? Parents are looking for answers to other questions: Will my child be safe? Will he or she get a job after graduation? Can we afford it? We need to make sure questions are answered, and that students and families are treated as honored guests when visiting. it goes back to treating students as future alumni. How important is technology in the enrollment process? We manage an inquiry pool and need to communicate with tens of thousands of high school juniors and seniors, their

and it shows. students have a level of expectation of online service that has been established throughout their lives and when they begin the college process, in many cases, most college Web sites dont meet their needs and expectations. i believe we should use technology as a tool to enhance our ability to connect and serve. We need tools that enhance and emulate what we try to do in person. online service should not replace personal contact; it should enhance it. as one example, im a fan of instant messaging over hosting online chats instant messaging (iM) is more personal and connects with each student better. We need to find the right tools to use. Where would you like the university to be in five years in respect to enrollment? i dont believe i have a magic number of applications or enrolled students developed yet. this takes many people and discussions to develop. i hope we spend time this year defining the optimum size and enrollment at John Carroll from all aspects: residence capacity, quality of student life, academic disciplines. But i know i would like to grow the application pool. i want John Carrolls story to resonate with more students in the process, and i believe it can and will. a larger applicant pool will allow us to truly shape the incoming class and make good decisions. i also know that i would love for every student we admit in the fall of 2007 to walk across the stage and receive her or his diploma in 2011. that is a very high standard to uphold, but it is the ultimate measuring stick for the work we do. i dont think our admission work is done until we understand what defines a successful, satisfied John Carroll student and put that plan in action. Focusing on meeting a numerical goal may achieve a short-term objective. longer term, it takes discipline, research and caring to select the right students. that is the larger, nobler goal and i am intent on seeing that we do well in those terms.

guidance counselors and parents. We cant manage the process without good technological systems. its essential that we be efficient and responsive, and that our systems help us work smarter. in our recruitment efforts, we need to provide strong service (and self-service) with technology. our prospective students have state-of-the-art technology in their homes, libraries, etc., and they use technology every day. high school students tend to not even think of a computer or cell phone as technology. students and families are used to ordering books, concert tickets, clothing online, helping parents with online banking, doing research for school and simply communicating with each other. Colleges overall are technologically behind the private sector in many respects

Dr. Luis Ma. R. Calingo is the new dean of the Boler school of Business

The emphasis for my first six months will be on finding out what our customers expect from us and learning how we can be of better service and value to them.
John Carroll university suMMer 2006


Dr. luis Calingo is the 51-year-old embodiment of the universitys commitment to engage the world. the new dean of the Boler school of Business was raised in the Philippines, and began his academic career in america with an asian perspective. in the 26 years since he came here as a graduate student in 1980, Calingo has assimilated a comprehensive understanding of the best contemporary business practices, particularly in the area of strategic planning. he has also carefully developed state-of-the-art skills as a bridge builder between the business cultures of the u.s. and those of the world, especially the increasingly economically important asian portion of the world. Calingo has engineered many connecting business and academic links, and there is a reasonable expectation that he will expertly guide John Carrolls students and faculty across them in the years ahead.

When he went to singapore in 1993 on a three-year leave from California state university, Fresno, Calingo devoted much of his prodigious energy to interpreting the american corporate world to the Chinesemajority students and academics of that tiny economic powerhouse on the tip of the Malay Peninsula. at the Monterey institute of international studies, where he went on another academic leave at the conclusion of his singapore sojourn, the son of two Philippine engineers became the point person for the interpretation of asian business culture to the graduate students at the prestigious school. this very Catholic, deeply dedicated family man is not simply a translator of diverse business cultures. When he goes to vietnam, thailand, Mongolia, singapore, the Philippines, sri lanka, among other destinations, his principal mission is generally to carry and transmit the most advanced understanding of quality control, productivity, strategic planning and other aspects of best business practices the same body of knowledge he imparts to american organizations and students. invariably in the course of his consultative engagements, Calingo teaches the businessmen of vietnam, for example, how to talk to and work with the businessmen of Californiaand ohio. With his american listeners, he pursues the obverse mission. as the friends of his three daughters might say, Calingo is hooked up; he has strong lines of connection with a wide range

Baby Luis with his family in Quezon City, Philippines

of academic and business leaders on both sides of the Pacific basin, as well as in other parts of the world. Before coming to John Carroll, he was previously, in turn, the dean of the business schools at California state university, Fresno and California state university, long Beach. at nanyang university in singapore, asias largest academic business center, Calingo was the leader of the new program in international business that he helped shape in the mid 90s. Calingo is a veteran member of the board of examiners of the Malcolm Baldridge national Quality award, a significant vehicle for the communication of best business practices in this country. he helped establish a similar award in the Philippines and in so doing came to the attention of leaders in vietnam. Metaphorically speaking, vietnam told thailand, which told Mongolia, which told sri lanka thats not quite the way the communication process occurred, but the outcome is the same: Dr. luis Calingo has become a presence in the asian movement to improve productivity and quality. next year there will be a brief Fulbrightsponsored teaching presence in Bangkok in which he will lecture about quality indicators to academics at thailands finest educational institutions. all of this means that the new Boler deans rolodex is likely to become an important asset for John Carroll. For example, when he was at long Beach, he was able to achieve a significant academic alliance with Bangkoks thammasat university, an institution which normally scorns partnering liaisons with schools that, like long Beach and JCu, do not grant doctorates. Calingo says, ten years from now, China is going to be the worlds largest economy, and i hope that John Carroll will look across the Pacific, not only across the atlantic, and i look forward to contributing to that process. While at long Beach, he established educational partnerships with institutions in Guangdong, Jiangsu, liaoning and sichuan provinces of China. luis Calingo was born in 1955 in Que-


JoHn CARRoll univeRsity suMMer 2006

teaching. talking about being drawn to libzon City, the second most populous city in business and economic development as his eration theology, with its radical social and the Philippines and a part of Metropolitan chosen agency of social change, Calingos conversation makes it crystalline that he has economic critique, Calingos often smiling Manila. Mariano and lucia Calingo were face reflects the awareness that this leftist graduates of a private engineering college. never lost his sensitivity to poverty and his version of Catholic social thinking went out determination to help make things better. their son says now: i probably inherited he says he thought for a time of becoming a of favor during the papacy of John Paul ii. my bias for systematic approaches from his definitive judgment both my parents. Mariis, i cannot be a cafeteria ano worked in mosquito Catholic. though he hapcontrol and lucia was a pily does much of his work cum laude grad in chemiwith those of other relical engineering. Circumgions, Calingo is a deeply stances led to their both committed Catholic, espebeing employees of the cially in recent years. he nations bureau of motor said the practice of his faith vehicles. had become lukewarm though, with both about the time he went to parents employed in singapore, but that some good government jobs, health issues and his spirithe Calingos were not tual path led him toward a poor, the fact that there more fervent commitment were six children dicto Gospel values. tated that, when he was his parents imbued in the sixth grade, the him with the conviction Calingo brood switched that government could from private Catholic to From left, Luis, daughters Ashley, Alexandra and Arienne and wife, Gemeline. be a vehicle for change. public schools. lawyer and that if he had, he would probably When he graduated from the university of life changed dramatically shortly after the Philippines with a degree in industrial have been a human rights lawyer. he also as lucia Calingo died at the time luis was engineering, Calingo went to work with a 12. With five younger siblings, the new dean had his first exposure to the Jesuits during governmental, aiD-funded, development his high school years, and he caught from reflects, i became a surrogate mother very project that sought to organize farmer associathem a passion to be a man for others. early on. he knew and was ever after faithone of the interesting aspects of Calin- tions, finance and build small-scale irrigation ful to the cultural principle that the Filipino systems and mechanize farming to serve the go is that he was a student activist with a child carries a high responsibility for the impoverished people of the land. deep commitment to social justice, who care and education of the younger children. he earned a masters in urban and rewas also an ardent member of the legion some years later, luis was a student activist gional planning during this late 70s period. of Mary, which is where he met his future who, amidst a Ferdinand Marcos-imposed he was later seconded to imelda Marcos wife, Gemeline. after early elementary martial law, curtailed his protest activities ministry of human settlements, where the led education with stern spanish augustinian because of family responsibilities. recollect friars, his education was at public the development of a program to build model he says he was a lonely, motherless communities run by housing cooperatives institutions, but in Catholic Philippines, boy during his first years at the selective in the countryside. Calingo says the progress university of the Philippines high school. supplemental religious instruction is normative, and for luis Calingo that became a was important, and that there were times he his alienation was exacerbated by the fact brought a change of clothes because he chose strong line to orthodox Catholicism. that most classmates were from wealthier to work through the night. after his mothers death, he was moved Filipino families. When he talks about this But in 1980, the new guy in the Boler by her conviction that life is what you period, Calingo stresses that he became deans office made a decision to become make it. he created a church choir when aware of poverty not that of his family, a change agent and a man for others by he was in high school. as his managerial but the crippling deprivation afflicting so equipping himself with advanced knowledge drive bubbled up, it found expression in much of Philippine society. tools. With Gemeline, who had become organizing the altar boys and leading them a passion for social justice grew and his wife, Calingo came to the university to weekend discussions of Catholic social shaped his life. though he came to see

John Carroll university suMMer 2006


of Pittsburgh. During four years there, the couple experienced the harshness of winter, the absence of their culture, customary food and family. however, with his fierce work ethic, luis earned an MBa and a P.h.D. in a far shorter period than usual and the couple was soon far away from winter in the too hot but academically hospitable climate of California state university at Fresno. Calingo says that he felt that he had to work twice as hard there because he had come from a different culture, and that he did. as a management professor at Fresno, he published many books and articles, earned tenure, and became dean of a business school that then had 2600 majors. he was also instrumental in securing a $10 million gift that led to the school being named for sid Craig, the corporate leader of the Jenny Craig weight loss corporation. luis and Gemeline also became the parents of their three daughters during these first Fresno years. uCla alumna ashley is a graduate student in public health at san Diego state; alexandra is a freshman at Berkeley, and arienne is at home with her parents on Fairmount Blvd., and is a student at Gilmour academy. Calingo had health issues at that time that were aggravated by the intense pace of his work life. his response to move his family to hyperkinetic singapore and plunge into a highly productive period of his career may seem amusingly contraindicated, but he attests that at that juncture, he re-prioritized his life, putting family first and learning not to carry stress home. he was an academic force at nanyang technological university, but he said he came out of this period healthier and happier. on Calingos return to Fresno, the elite graduate business school at the Monterey institute, midway on the California Coast between l.a. and san Francisco, summoned him and Fresno said yes to another leave. the Boler dean spent the better part of three years there, and his main role was to be the institutes leading voice on international organizational behavior: Power distance is the belief that inequality is normal and superiors are entitled to more privi-

leges ... Eastern Europe, Latin American and Asian cultures tend to be collectivist. Calingo analyzed the worlds varying cultures and articulated likely managerial strategies and tactics in light of the cultural typologies explored with his students. in the context of his Monterey period, Calingo said, everyone has a unique endowment, and i believe that in my case part of it is in teaching and being able to contribute to someone elses learning. When you see someones eyes sparkle or detect an ah ha, there is the validation that you have done quality work. California state university, long Beach, discerned that Calingo did quality work as a teacher and administrator. at the end of the millennium, he was recruited to be the dean of that los angeles area institutions College of Business administration. the task was challenging inasmuch as the college was on what amounted to accreditation probation. Calingo hired more faculty with doctorates, oversaw greater research and publication and installed an assessment system. he also implemented a successful community and donor outreach effort one of the blessings that came from that initiative was a transformational gift to fund the ukleja Center for ethical leadership. the academic leader was at long Beach for six years. he commuted on weekends to his family home in Fresno, living from Monday through thursday with his father and brother in l.a. he did

the same thing when he was at Monterey. these commuting arrangements were indicative not of a casual commitment to family life, but of the opposite. he, a self-described conservative on family matters, and Gemeline determined that they didnt want to raise their children in southern California, and in the case of the Monterey interlude that the stability of home and school for the children were paramount. Calingo says now, My wife looks forward to our being together seven days a week. he attributes much of his professional success to the sacrifices and support that Gemeline and their three daughters have given him. the Boler school of Business is much smaller than either of the business schools of which luis Calingo has been dean. he says the schools Catholic and Jesuit identity was at the heart of John Carrolls appeal for me. he also says, i liked Fr. niehoffs theme of engaging the world. this is what i hope to accomplish. Part of what he hopes to accomplish! he says he is intent on curriculum renewal so that the Boler school is able to attract the best students. a great business school has four components, declares Calingo, a man of modest but confident demeanor. it has superior academic programs and offerings, the best and brightest students, great faculty, and fine facilities, including technology. Calingo views being an external dean as a critical part of his mission, and he has begun conversations with alumni business leaders such as Jack Breen 56, edward Muldoon 48, and, of course, the man for whom JCus business school is named. the dean says his emphasis for my first six months will be on finding out what our customers expect from us and learning how we can be of better service and value to them. in the next issue, John Carroll plans to capture a dialogue between John Boler 56 and Dean luis Maria Calingo about the strategy that will be employed to achieve an even higher level of excellence for the John and Mary Jo Boler school of Business.


JoHn CARRoll univeRsity suMMer 2006

thirteen new members have joined John Carrolls Board of Directors

the new class of directors constitutes the largest addition to the universitys governance dimension since the lay board was established in 1968.
a MessaGe FroM rev. roBert l. niehoFF, sJ im delighted with the impressive collection of people we have recently added to the John Carroll university Board of Directors. thirteen is a very large number of board additions, but i have already discovered that the diversity of talent and skill-set of our new board members is far more remarkable than the size of their board class. We are walking down a collaborative path, and i strongly believe that the women and men we have called upon to assist this university will help us move more efficiently and reason more effectively on that path. Many of our new board members are John Carroll graduates. in their brief testimonies here, you can feel their passion for a university that changed their lives. We are in the life changing business and we need all the help we can obtain to accomplish that mission. these men and women, in conjunction with the dedicated and accomplished board veterans they are joining, will give us a substantial measure of that help. the board of directors, the board of regents, the administration and other university leaders have together been deliberating as to how this university can rise to its challenges and become even better. i have every confidence that the talented and committed people you receive a glimpse of on these five pages will help us move toward the achievement of that goal. rev. robert l. niehoff, sJ President of John Carroll university

John Carroll university suMMer 2006





nancy Benacci 77
Managing director of KeyBanc Capital Markets My years at John Carroll were instrumental in changing my life in so many ways. attending the business school as a finance major under the tutelage of professors like Jerry Clifford, Mike lavelle and Frank navratil, prepared me exceedingly well for the challenges that would come my way as a woman in the investment business. the excellent academic experience at John Carroll, in the Boler school of Business and the College of arts and science, needs to be aggressively marketed to potential students. a more diverse student body will foster a more vibrant student community.

howard W. hoddy hanna, iii 69

Chairman and CEO of Howard Hanna Real Estate Services the fundamentals of my life and business are what i learned through the classes on ethics and philosophy. these have been my guiding principles since graduation both in my family life and professional endeavors. John Carroll taught me that you can take the two basic paths to achievement: you can go for the gold, and you can go for the golden rule. our first challenge is to increase our enrollment as well as enhance the quality of the students within our university. our second challenge is to find new sources of revenue.

Fr. Michael P. Caruso, sJ

Loyola Marymount University Coordinator of the Catholic School Administration Program John Carroll is uniquely poised to develop a dynamic learning community where students, faculty, and staff not only cultivate minds and hearts, but bring this experience and learning to bear upon their lives and the problems of our world. the greatest challenge is one shared by the other 27 Jesuit colleges and universities, and it relates to an illusive financial algorithm. among the factors: setting tuition at a level that corresponds to our rhetoric of who we serve and want to serve; paying fair and equitable salaries; and developing excellent facilities and programs.


JoHn CARRoll univeRsity suMMer 2006




robert hager 84
Partner, Buckinham, Doolittle & Burroughs, LLP. in ten years, i think John Carroll will have effectively engaged the world under Father niehoffs leadership and vision. We will be a Jesuit university respected for providing an outstanding liberal arts education within a faith-based community that understands and actually lives its mission in every day life. John Carroll changed my life because of the special people i met. During my freshman year i was a campus tour guide one of the high school senior girls, Mary Miralia 85, touring campus would eventually say yes to my marriage proposal at the top of Grasselli tower. Developing a relationship with Fr. Casey Bukala who celebrated our wedding and baptized our three children has deeply enriched our lives over the past 20+ years.

annette haile 74
Vice president of customer fulfillment, IBM Corporation

John Carrolls greatest strength is the learning environment created for our students through the combination of the small urban campus, excellent academic offerings and foundation of Jesuit leadership. the John Carroll experience provided the absolutely right environment to teach me how to pursue my academic interests while cultivating my leadership skills. not only did i spend more than a modest amount of time in chemistry and biology labs, but i also took on leadership roles in the dormitory council, the student union and other campus organizations.

Melanie shakarian 00
Director of development, Legal Aid Society JCu complemented the values instilled in me by my parents; promoted my academic training; enhanced my spiritual and personal relationships and prepared me for a career as an advocate for the poor. the universitys top priority is to educate women and men to view the world intelligently and critically. We need to evangelize about John Carroll, focus on the universitys strengths, and highlight the holistic educational experience that is second to none.
John Carroll university suMMer 2006





evelyn Jenkins Gunn73 G

National Board Certified Teacher there have been times i have been scared, but in my education at John Carroll, Fr. Joseph owens opened himself and gave me something that has made me feel that im obliged to give chances to the people ive taught since. he heard something in my voice and read something in my spirit and that made me. i think the biggest challenge is to keep our Catholic and Jesuit values, our foundations, intact and also to open our doors to the kids who have not been blessed with material gifts.

James Kirsch
CEO Ferro Corporation John Carrolls three top priorities, in my view, are to stay true to the Mission of the university and the Jesuit spirit, to enhance the colleges standing nationally, and to ensure the economic sustainability of the university. it is my belief that i can help guide the university in its endeavors to continue to excel in educational instruction, live its mission, and participate in its national growth.

Patrick lee, sJ
Vice president for mission, Gonzaga University John Carroll is known to be one of the strongest in her identity as a Jesuit University. Bob niehoffs desire to have justice central to the identity of the university is also a great grace and gift. like most of our schools, John Carroll, too, has to struggle with the issue of diversity. this challenge is for all of us; it will take resources and creativity to bring such hopes to completion.

archbishop Patrick Pinder

Archbishop of Nassau, Bahamas the universitys greatest challenge is to develop and to maintain a program of studies which is both challenging and attractive to an increasingly diverse student population. John Carroll universitys greatest strength is the community which over the decades it has built up around itself and is based upon respect, loyalty and love for its tradition of Jesuit and Catholic education.


JoHn CARRoll univeRsity suMMer 2006




John o. Winchester, 67
Attending John Carroll University Changed My Life since i am a graduate of the school of Business it would be easy for me to mention the tremendous impact of Dean noetzel and Father Clifford. however, it was ethics, metaphysics, philosophy and religious studies that have had the bigger impact on my life these past forty years. the business school certainly trained us well to understand balance sheets and management, but the liberal arts are what gave us a sense of self worth and the moral compass essential to become leaders.

John Carroll University Board of Directors 2006-07

Mr. allyn adams 64 Mr. Patrick auletta 72 Mrs. nancy Benacci 77 Mr. John Boler 56 Mr. Gerald Breen 68, 75G Mr. John Breen 56 rev. Michael Caruso, sJ Mr. vincent Chiarucci Mrs. Mary ann Corrigan-Davis 75 Mr. albert DeGulis 56 Mr. timothy Donahue 71 rev. Michael Fahey, sJ Mr. umberto Fedeli 82 Mr. Jos Feliciano 72 rev. howard Gray, sJ Mr. robert Gries Mr. robert hager 84 Mrs. annette haile 74 Mr. richard hamlin, sr. 49 Mr. howard hanna, iii 69 Mr. Paul hulseman 82 Dr. evelyn Jenkins Gunn 72G Mr. Jack Kahl 62 rev. timothy Kesicki, sJ 84 Mr. James Kirsch Mr. Charles Koch rev. Patrick lee, sJ Mr. Michael Merriman 78 rev. J-Glenn Murray, sJ Mr. James Myers 80 rev. robert niehoff, sJ Mr. Gerald oConnell 61 Ms. Kathleen oneil 74 archbishop Patrick Pinder Mrs. audrey ratner Mr. James reid, Jr. Mr. Charles rini, sr. Mr. Myron robinson Mrs. Barbara schubert 62, 67G, 80G Ms. Melanie shakarian 00 Mr. John sherwin, Jr. 68 Mr. David short 81 Mr. Joseph sullivan 53 Mr. Daniel sussen 51 Mr. John oneill Winchester 67

James Myers 80
CEO, Petco Animal Supplies, Inc. the Jesuit education, with its focus on developing the capacity for free-thinking, prepares you for success in the challenges you face in life. this open and critical thinking allowed me to expand beyond my Midwestern upbringing and equipped me for future success in business environments as varied as new york City and san Diego. i look forward to bringing to the board the financial and marketing acumen i have developed from a broadbased and geographically diverse business background .

John Carroll University Board of Regents 2006-07

Mary ann ahern 76 James Barrett 84 Kenneth Callahan 50 William Connelly 66 Matthew Cox 95 thomas Freyvogel, Jr. 70 robert Ginn robert hager 84 stephanie harbin 87 Michael hardy 69 ric harris 86, 05G Daniel hilson 82 evelyn Jenkins Gunn 72 Mark anthony Kadzielski 68 Joseph Klema 88 Mary lynn laughlin 74 James Mason 60 Gerald McDonough robert niehoff, sJ thomas oleary 85 Catherine oMalley Kearney 94 Jeffrey Paravano 88 Patti rosenfeld 87 timothy russert 72 timothy shannon, sJ Donald shula 51 Gregory skoda 78 raymond smiley 51

John Carroll university suMMer 2006


Gerry 61 oConnell
a risk-taking computer industry pioneer
By Jerry Pockar

in the season of his 90th birthday, tributes are being expressed to Dr. arthur noetzel 38, who for so long played such a profound role in so many capacities. heres another from Gerry oConnell 61: i ran for senior class office and won the vice presidents position. afterwards, i dont know what precisely Dr. noetzel said to me, but what i heard was: Why didnt you run for president? thats been in the front of my mind forever. that was a phenomenal learning experience. noetzels teaching to oConnell might be placed under the category of learning to think big. During an interview that took place in a Manhattan financial

institutions 40th floor conference room, a glassed aerie with a dazzling view of a fair sliver of new yorks (and thus the worlds) institutional sites of power and money, the genial oConnell offered intriguing observations. they included, education is far more than a matter of what takes place in the classroom. oConnell said that as a high school senior in Winnetka, illinois, he had an intuitive sense that John Carroll would be the right choice for him, that he would be nurtured in university heights by an education that was more than a matter of what takes place in the classroom. so, the Winnetka boy, who at new


JoHn CARRoll univeRsity suMMer 2006

trier high school had dated the future movie star ann-Margret, said no to notre Dame and yes to John Carroll. he never regretted that decision. in recalling those years, oConnell affirmed: noetzel was great. i thought the business school was outstanding. Frank Devlin was a real taskmaster. he taught a business writing class that i never forgot in terms of how disciplined you have to be in writing a single letter. regardless of how much time you spent on it, hed find many mistakes. it was a very good course that illuminated a range of business disciplines. the former chairman of the new Canaan (Connecticut) Board of education fondly remembers the camaraderie he enjoyed with his fellow students and the cultural opportunities available. there was that moment at severance hall when he was offstage as an extra in a ballet performance and found himself having a chat with the legendary ballerina Dame Margot Fonteyn one of many memorable out-of-class experiences. in all, oConnell would be an easy choice to do JCu enrollment recruiting. his admiration for the school and his continuing involvement with the alumni over the years are but two of the reasons why he recently became one of 13 new members of the university board of directors. lets return, though, to learning to think big, and its fellow traveler: risk taking. they are not the same phenomena, but it sure seems that if youre going to think big, and you dont want to stop at thinking you want to make things happen one had best learn to jump in the pond and swim for it: learn how to be comfortable taking risks. Whether or not he would agree that there is an intimate connection between thinking big and taking risks, Gerry oConnells successful entrepreneurial life has been characterized byrisk taking. Certainly not just risk taking. it took more than being a corporate daredevil to pull off what oConnell achieved. it took market sense, interpersonal skills, managerial expertise, informed intuitiona host

OConnell with wife, Judy, on the island.

of qualities and activities. But risk taking does at least seem to be a central element in oConnells story. By his account, on more than one occasion, oConnell did the equivalent of betting the farm; he often stepped out on the corporate high wire from which a traumatic fall was a distinct possibility. there were wobbles, but he stayed on the wire. heres how it happened: post graduation, oConnell served a year longer in the army because of the Cuban Crisis. When he was discharged in 63, he joined General Foods in Chicago. the door opened onto that first job because of his dad, Desmond, a West Point graduate. Desmond oConnell overcame a serious alcohol problem, with the assistance of aa. unable to find career opportunities in new york, he eventually moved his family to Chicago, gaining a fresh start. the elder oConnell found a job with american Bakeries. he not only found a job; before long he was the Ceo of that very significant corporation. his tale of struggle, redemption and success would grace any history of recovery. Back to Gerald. its 64. hes marrying Judy Papp. under art noetzels counseling, hes in grad school in business at loyola of Chicago. hes in Jello with General Foods, but he has a hunch theres magic in the new computer industry.

he sends resumes to 11 fledgling computer operations (theyre all fledgling at this point in time) and comes up empty. he hits with a 12th , rCa, and, after a year of intense training, is soon selling gargantuan main frames. With a key sales contract in the balance at Marsh Mclennan, a data processing manager says no, but that guy leaves for vacation and oConnell spends

With Ann-Margret at New Trier

the interval winning the heart and mind of the chief financial officer. Bingo: that was the down payment for my first house. the next leap was to selling computer time sharing. tale of some complexity, but what it came down to was oConnell and some other entrepreneurial types banding to sell Corporation a unused number crunching time on Corporation Bs
John Carroll university suMMer 2006


computers. this is how early this was: Ford Motor Co. said thank you very much but we dont foresee much need for additional computing time. Cyphernetics was the name of oConnells shop and it thrived. he was soon reversing his fathers migration, heading back east to open new offices in Philly, Boston, DC and push computer software sales. automatic Data Processing (aDP) bought Cyphernetics in 75 and for the next five years oConnell was the vP for sales, based in ann arbor, Mi. Gerry and Judys kids, who finally numbered six, were pretty small and ann arbor was a break in the pattern of entrepreneurial adventuring. But in 80, oConnell broke for Dataline, selling computer systems for lumber yards, and moving the family to new Canaan, Ct. he was the leader in this undertaking, and hooked up with two venture capital companies, who helped blend the lumber operation with an analogous company serving car dealers. unisys bought that company and with the proceeds oConnell invested, as did the rockefeller family, in Datalogix, which sold enterprise solutions to process manufacturing firms. he was chair and then president, but there was a shoot-out with one of the founders, and he found it a trying time. Datalogix launched a successful public stock offering in 1995. he then started a company called adage systems which marketed a nifty australian software product and in the late 90s, adage was happily absorbed by sCt (systems and Computer technology Corporation), the vendor who provides John Carrolls data management software a different product from adages. oConnell cashed out in that transaction and observed that this is the mid-90s after putting my home on the line a number of times, he knew he had reached security. after adage, there was iMany (public offering in 2000); atlas Commerce; and in the new millennium, prior to his retirement, there was new york based entuity. these companies all have had different
JoHn CARRoll univeRsity suMMer 2006

The OConnell clan at the summer home on Marthas Vineyard.

stories and supporting casts, but to a great degree its clear that one really did have to be there to fully comprehend. the salient point is that for many years, Gerald oConnell maneuvered skillfully through corporate thickets as a serial manager/investor, not a techie, though he surely has a good grasp of the magic computers can make. somewhere along the way, he changed from being an executive whose base was in sales, to being a corporate leader and the holder of equity positions. it was a change art noetzel must have smiled upon. Judy, oConnells wife of 42 years, said there were times: early on when she was pregnant and their income was suddenly halved; when his office was literally in a closet; when he asked relatives for capital; when not that long ago instead of flying, Gerry and his colleagues would pack the car and drive to, say, ohio, for a sales presentation. she said: i think some of it had to do with being in charge of your own destiny; it was never reckless. i heard him say not long ago, ive been in this industry for 35 years, and i wish i had another 35. she also said that the key thing for her is

that Gerry was able to compartmentalize he didnt carry the pressures home and was able to care diligently and well for their six children by being, for example, a girls softball coach (and the coach of other youth sports) for many years. oConnell, a man utterly believable on an upper floor of a major n.y. financial institution, says he broke a bunch of bones as a kid, was a big time challenge for his parents, and that he has unquestionably found the excitement of taking risks appealing. that appeal, of course, is contingent on not falling off the high wire, on having most of the risks run come out well. the new Canaan, Ct, resident says he was blessed to have it turn out that way. For the future, dont discount some additional maneuvering in the computer industry. But there are also the 16 grandchildren, his long history of civic involvement in new Canaan, his and Judys love of travel, and the important new role hes playing as a member of the board of directors at his alma mater.
More information is available at

Ric Harris 86

sitting in nBCs digital media seat

By Jerry Pockar

you feel a buzz in ric harris #30 rock 26th floor office overlooking the skaters at rockefeller Center. theres a noise buzz from traffic on Fifth avenue and the other arteries coursing around nBCs headquarters in midtown Manhattan, but you feel an awareness buzz knowing this is as close to hallowed tv ground as youre likely to get. Down there to the right is where the Today shows Jayne, Katie, Bryant, Willard, Matt and al, brought their magical personas out to greet the folks.

elsewhere in the complex are the studios where Brinkley, Chancellor, Brokaw, letterman and the rest of our nBC television family were actually present as they cosied up to us on those screens. no one would confuse this midtown Manhattan space with the boondocks. in the era of a gazillion cable tv channels and the unmistakable decline of the networks power, its also not the center of the universe. nonetheless, there is an undeniable charge to #30 rock, and its
John Carroll university suMMer 2006


specialness seems amplified by security screening on the ground floor tougher than that of many airports. on this day in early april there is extra juice flowing because everyone is atwitter over it being the last day americas sweetheart, Katie Couric, is marching under the nBC flag. upstairs, you feel glad they let you in and pleased when, striding down the hall to your waiting chair, a handsome, youngish man, nBC universal television station Groups executive vice president and general manager of digital media, comes to escort you to his corner office, where you peer at those tiny skaters and enjoy a taste of the ambience of #30 rock. earl Palmer Ric harris, JCu graduate of the Class of 1986, paid dues with local media in Cleveland, culminating in a nearly seven-year stint as general manager of WeWs Ch5. Before that, he did time in key sales positions at northeast ohios WuaB and Woio, and earlier served at The Plain Dealer and as the sales leader at WeWs. While he was GM at Ch5, he learned as much as he could about the new digital media: image and text bearing screens of PCs, iPods, personal digital assistants (PDas), cell phones, the backseats of taxis, gas pumps. last fall, nBC universal television stations snatched harris and installed him high in new yorks skies. Jay ireland, the president of the 10-station group said: With ric on board, we now have a terrific team in place to lead our effort in the digital arena and focus on the many ways we can initiate and integrate new media platforms into our existing broadcast operations. harris mission is to guide those local operations and their new york support team in providing enormously varied digital devices with compelling program content while bringing in dollars through attached advertising. it is, said harris, a three-legged stool: digital devices, content, advertising. ten days later, the shaker heights native was quoted on, explaining why
JoHn CARRoll univeRsity suMMer 2006

his group had just cut a deal with a los angeles company to install screens on gas pumps screens that will offer three-minute bursts of news followed by 15-second advertisements at nBC@the Pump. harris said: not to sound too corny, but as youre filling your tank, were filling your mind. he also said, as the media landscape has changed, this is a great opportunity for nBC to reach the customer. thats only one example of the new agenda of the man who played basketball and cut his media teeth as an undergrad here and then came back to earn a masters in communications while at WeWs. this is what harris had to say about his new mission: i have to immerse myself in the digital space. throughout my career, ive worked in traditional media radio, tv, print all linear. the digital space is non-linear. it is a matter of what you want, when you want it and on whatever device you want. leading our new media requires that i understand the digital space, understand how it applies to the consumer and then figure out how to connect the consumer with the advertiser because that

is how you make your money. one of the things were focused on is that were going to need to create content for whatever device were talking about. if all were going to do is take tv content and post it, thats lazy and unproductive. Were also dealing with what we call out-of-home media. taxis, for example, may have screens that provide travel information, a message from the mayor, entertainment, and oh by the way there is room for an advertisement. We can have all the different digital devices in the world, but if you dont have compelling content, who is going to care? Moving in the direction harris suggests, the nBC universal stations now have two weekly programs viewable exclusively on their Web sites The Pickoff and The Payoff. the new media man also celebrates interactivity, the kind evident in American Idol, which depends on millions of americans text messaging their choice of aspiring idols. as this was being written, an e-mail came in with a homemade YouTube video of an elderly father pushing his

Ric and his team at Rockefeller Center.

paralyzed son in a chair as they completed a marathon together. YouTube is a rapidly growing Web presence where people can post, review and pass on each others videos. it has nothing to do with nBC, but its another illustration of the kind of digital phenomena that harris would like to emulate while figuring out how his network can make money from it. the biggest example of the new digital communities is unquestionably, whose members now comprise many tens of millions of mostly young people one number suggesting Myspaces scope is the fact that it embraces over 240 thousand separate groups devoted to chatting online about music, and music is only one of a multitude of chat group categories. Control of the media is being democratized and decentralized. this movement is implicitly contrary to everything #30 rock stood for historically. harris observed: if there is a pendulum swinging, it is definitely swinging more in the direction of consumer generated content. We had broadcasting, which went down to narrowcasting, and now (those 240,000 music chat rooms) its slivercasting; we can get very micro in how we serve people. Democracy is about getting voice, and the tools of the Digital age give people voice. thats the upside. the downside includes pornography, sexually predatory activity and the development of nasty demagogic tools used by questionable political and social groups. harris acknowledges the inherent dangers, but assumes the positive effects will outweigh the negative. its too early to tell if he will make a profound impact on #30 rock, but there is little doubt he will give it his best shot. like Gerry oConnell 61 (see page 22), the new media man attributes a measure of his can do ways to a John Carroll figure. the lanky harris was a basketball player here in the early 80s and his coach was tim Baab. harris affirmed, i was

a role player, but Coach Baab taught me how to win: dedication, sacrifice, perseverance, never giving up. there is a clock in harris office inscribed with the message: If youre on time, youre late. it reflects a moment when the forward and a few teammates were late in getting to the team vans after a game in Detroit. its a complicated story, but the upshot is that Baab made them feel the sting of his admonition about timeliness, and harris became grateful for that. he credits CommuniIf youre on time, youre late! cations Dr. alan stephenstress? i havent fully figured that out yet, son with a significant role in but i think its exercise. the relax part for helping point him toward a media career during harris undergrad years. stephenson me is the gym. as you listen while harris participates turned up again when harris was earning in a conference call with his teammates a masters. the new media exec becomes from the 10-station group, its clear that intense when speaking of Dr. Mary Beadle: you want to talk about perseverance. she hes deft coaxing a little here, gently correcting a bit there and skilled in made sure i finished the program. the communicating: i look at my colleagues wind beneath my wings! as my customers. i serve them, i have to harris also said that from his mother listen; i have to understand the circumhe learned unconditional love, and from his father and two grandfathers, his legacy stances and be able to identify resources. servant leader? absolutely. top down was a powerful work ethic. doesnt work. i just heard the voices of my harris and his wife, Mindee, are the customers on the phone. parents of three children: Julian, nicolas harris, who is a member of his alma and Zacary. When the executive vP took maters board of regents is in a good place: the position at #30 rock, the family stayed working hard on the 26th floor of #30 behind in shaker for the school year. harris rock and leading a collection of televisaid: i never appreciated the length of time sion stations trying to find new, financially september through June is. it has not been easy, but it has cultivated a greater apprecia- rewarding ways of using new media instruments to capture american audiences. tion of home. summing up, harris said: What pulled the family is now in their new home in me into this was recognizing that there new Jersey, and harris is moving out of the has been an irreversible change in broadfull-bore intensity 12 hours a day of his casting. i decided i wanted to be on the first months on the job. he observed: We growth side. he got there. have been in the seeding mode and hopefully next year and beyond will be harvest. More information is available at how do you decompress from the
John Carroll university suMMer 2006


A Paris Diary

Dr. Doris Donnelly, who played a central role in organizing the conference on the Vocation of the Teacher in the Ignatian Tradition that was held in Paris, France, from June 11-15 offers on these pages a diary which allows us a glimpse of the event that brought together representatives from americas Jesuit centers of higher education. there will be a movie and a book that work to capture the Paris conference. in the meantime, please listen to the address of howard Gray, sJ, at the magazine Web site: WWW.JCu.eDu
master of much, is our conference moderator. he tells us that his responsibility is to string a necklace of pearls the wisdom of our speakers. as it happens, we get lots of wisdom from Michael as well. Michael has charisma, a great sense of humor, and is an attentive listener. Parker Palmer, a Quaker, leads us off and anchors Jesuit as the central theme of the conference. he reminds us that good teaching can never be reduced to technique but rather is a capacity for connectedness. Parker tells stories of teachers who intimidate and those who inspire. We break into threes, and to our relief and delight it soon becomes evident that we are fondling and discussing pearls. the afternoon ends with Mass at the Chapel of the Maison Barr with Father Jeffrey von arx, sJ, president of Fairfield university presiding in French. its the perfect ending to the day. Paris, Tuesday, June 13, 2006 Q: Who better than Father John oMalley, sJ to situate the history of Jesuit education? A: No one. among other things, John treats us to a fascinating textual analysis of various elements of the Jesuit Constitutions

The John Carrollsponsored conference on the Vocation of the Teacher in the Ignatian Tradition

Paris, Sunday, June 11, 2006 after a year of preparation, we are in Paris celebrating the Jesuit jubilee year as sponsors of a conference on the vocation of the teacher in the ignatian tradition. its 3 p.m. and along with 120 faculty and administrators from other u.s. Jesuit centers of higher education, we board busses for Montmartre. a team of videographers from Fairfield university is with us recording every step of the conference for a documentary. We visit the Martyrium where ignatius and the early companions took vows early on august 15, 1534. legend has it that st. Denys and his companions were martyred on the site six centuries earlier. the crypt has been attractively restored and its cool much appreciated since Paris is in the midst of a heat wave. Mass follows at lglise saint Pierre and our conference officially opens. Paris, Monday, June 12, 2006 We are at the Centre svres, the Jesuit Faculty in Paris. For four days, our conference takes place here in the heart of Paris. Fr. Michel Fdou, president of Centre svres, greets us. Fr. Michael himes, professor of theology at Boston College and


John Carroll university suMMer 2006 JoHn CARRoll univeRsity suMMer 2006

and engages us with anecdotes that leave us informed, dazzled, and buzzing about the need to return to our campuses to share what weve learned, what weve experienced! our luncheons this week are at the htel lutetia, down the street from Centre svres the luncheons offer buffets the likes of which many of us may never see again. Father robert lawton, sJ, president of loyola Marymount, presides at eucharist. amy uelmen from the law school of Fordham university offers a stunning post-Communion reflection.

JCU, Monday, June 26, 2006 a few days later at JCu, we review the event, noting first, that Paris was the right choice as venue. it moved people away from routine and into a place that connected us all with the very beginning of the magis, the more, when it came to education. ignatius, after all, sought the worlds topof-the-line school for his Paris, Wednesday, June 14, 2006 own education and eventheres a different twist to tually transposed the ordo todays schedule. We have parisiensis into the plan for two different presentations Jesuit schools. scheduled for the mornsecond, there was a ing and a tour of ignatian good sense that senior sites in the afternoon. Jane faculty and administrators Mcauliffe, dean of arts and were re-invigorated and sciences at Georgetown that newer faculty were university and a scholar of turned on to the mission of islam, offers a gripping powthe Jesuit enterprise with er-point presentation that a renewed appreciation for focuses on the Jesuit comteaching as a noble vocamitment to inter-religious tion. dialogue from the time of David la Guardia ignatius to the present. remarked that there was she points to the an overall arc of incluwaning of the secularization sion with all the speakers theory (that religion is and their presentations Father Jeffrey von Arx, SJ, president of Fairfield University, presided at receding from public life) that was wide enough to Eucharist at the Maison Barr. Father John Baldovin, SJ, of the Weston Jesuit and an upsurge in faithinclude all members at the School of Theology was homilist. John J. De Gioia, president of Georgetown, based interest and activity and Mary Calzada, professor of math & computer science at Loyola New conference. Orleans were ministers of Communion. that gives inter-religious howard Gray noted relations a particular urgency. June ellis that the conference was positive for JCu keep such an enterprise alive and handed from loyola Maryland speaks with on; that is, it becomes a tradition. howards not only because it celebrated the good conviction about the Jesuit commitment to sweep is wide through Billy Collins, work that is being done on our campus justice in higher education. regarding mission and the idea of focused yo-yo-Ma, Dvorak and finally, alan Fortified by lunch, we take off with excellence, but also because it showed Bennets marvelous play, The History Boys, Father Bernard Gillibert, sJ, for a walkthat we are capable of doing first-class in which hector, the flawed but inspired ing tour of the latin Quarter, where collaborative work with others. on the teacher-mentor, returns on stage to remind ignatius and the early companions lived agenda for us now is preparation of the print his former students that all he taught was and worked. along the way we visit the material to accompany the video. We look to be handed on touch it, feel it, boys, Church of sts. Paul and louis, the first forward to having the videos and supporting but pass it on, pass it on, pass it on. Jesuit church in Paris, where Jsus escothe bottom-line seems to be that the print information available to faculty, bar of Fairfield university treats us to an administrators, staff, students and board ignatian teacher, finally, is that mentor enthusiastic lecture on baroque art and members very soon. who passes on all her or his love, all that architecture. Participants report an unfor- is his or her non-negotiable, all that is More information is available at gettable day. worth learning.
John Carroll university suMMer 2006 John Carroll university suMMer 2006

Paris, Thursday, June 15, 2006 the introduction by Father Mark ravizza, sJ, prompts us to expect something outstanding from Father howard Gray, sJ. true to form, howards presentation is a tour de force. he focuses on the triad of ignatian attention, reverence, and devotion and suggests that locating places and communities where this creative encounter can be experienced is not a task, a job or even a profession. rather, it becomes a mission, a call to

the heat wave breaks. Father robert niehoff, sJ, presides at the closing eucharistic liturgy and we gather for a final dinner at the lutetia.


CULtivAtinG COMMUnity is an innovative course that Dr. Margaret Peggy Finucane conceived and led in the spring semester of the academic year of 20042005. The class completed its second run last semester. This learning experience brings together faculty from a number of university departments in a multidisciplinary effort to foster understanding of the history and reality of community in the Hough neighborhood of Cleveland. Toward the semesters end, there is an outreach event that includes students, other JCU participants and neighbors in a day spent working on the communitys garden and performing other service activities this year, porches were painted. The class has generated a good deal of excitement. On these two pages, we offer the testimony of a community member, a student and Finucane.

Willie Brown, 95th street Club president
We have a three-street club and a neighborhood garden. Dr. Finucane called me and asked me to meet with the students to talk about the neighborhood and we did, and the garden came up as a project the students might be involved in. We got seed from summer sprouts which helps create gardens in the city. there are a lot of fingers in this pot. We decided to build raised beds and generally improve the garden. Before the work day, we met and talked about why we are still in the neighborhood and gave a little of the history. We answered the students questions as best as we could. We dealt with some of the stereotypes, but there was some honest talking. When we had the garden day on april 22, we had a lot of other volunteers and the class. this is the second year weve done this, and the first year it was a terrible weather day, but this year it was a wonderful day, and we had a humongous number of kids. they fanned out throughout the neighborhood and this year they painted porches. the people in the community provided the paint and the students did the painting, as well as working in the garden. i cant come up with words to say how well it went. the people welcomed them and it was like a block party on these three streets. it was just good all the way around. since then, ive seen some of the students drive by and admire what we did together. its clear that they feel they were part of it and that theyre proud. it was just a wonderful thing.
JoHn CARRoll univeRsity suMMer 2006 John Carroll university suMMer 2006

Kristy Calaway 07

Working in a place like hough, it becomes clear that college students can come every year for the next ten years to build a garden, but unless the community really feels a connection to the garden, the work being done for them has only created a gardennot a community that comes together around a garden. the lecture given by Dr. elizabeth stiles on the impact of the shift in the u.s. from an industrial society to a post-industrial society made it clear why it is so difficult for members of lower-income urban neighborhoods to find decent paying jobs .some of the best learning experiences were those that took place with the people from hough.

Dr. Margaret Finucane 80
having a conversation with Mr. Brown about how the community has changed, gave me a deeper understanding of how community members feel about the area i learned from this class the importance of breaking down the stereotypes and boundaries that we have placed between ourselves and others. What is really important is to continue to work in the spirit of this class for change. this class will stick with me as i seek to improve my own community. i hope that the lessons that i learned in the classroom about urban sprawl, environmental degradation and so many other things will serve as a basis for a greater understanding of the world around us. John Carroll students are uniquely positioned to become agents for social change in their communities. Because our mission emphasizes the importance of developing students with the knowledge and character to lead and to serve, we believe it is important to engage students in the community. Cultivating Community provides students an opportunity to work with faculty from multiple disciplines on issues that are central to urban communities. Because they also have opportunities to meet with residents of the community, they learn from those peoples life experience as well. We want our students to learn about the community from multiple perspectives. We encourage students to analyze a community through different lenses such as its history, politics, economics, religions, community organizing, etc., such that they develop a knowledge base that allows them to become partners with the community and work effectively toward change. i see students who come into the classroom with a vague understanding of Clevelands neighborhoods but who leave with a deeper, more thoughtful approach to understanding the challenges and struggles of those communities. students who understand the importance of community relationships in creating leadership for change are better positioned to become leaders. We have found that students who interact with and learn from residents of an urban neighborhood also develop a stronger understanding of leadership, leadership styles, and of service.

John Carroll university suMMer 2006 John Carroll university suMMer 2006


Happy 90th birthday, Dr. Art Noetzel 38

He was one of the best teachers that I ever had. He is one of the most powerful analytical people Ive known. He forced us to THINK!
Jack Breen, Class of 56

the testimonial of the retired Ceo of sherwin-Williams stands in for the encomia of thousands of John Carroll students over nearly seven decades. Dr. art noetzel, former dean of the business school, academic vice president, quintessential teacher has been a giant at John Carroll. Comparisons are
JoHn CARRoll univeRsity suMMer 2006

invidious and art noetzel is only art noetzel, and has been a singularly heroic figure at this Jesuit center of higher education for a very long time. nonetheless, while we emphasize his singularity, a sense of Dr. noetzels stature is conveyed when we observe that the only living peer that art noetzel has in respect to

the magnitude of his contribution to the university is reverend Joseph schell, sJ. there was a birthday party for Dr. noetzel on campus on July 1. the images on this page are from this event and from earlier moments in his life.




A powerful commitment to giving back

Rev. Timothy T. Shannon, Special Assistant to the President During Reunion Weekend, I had the privilege of attending the June 24 luncheon at the lovely home of Jack 56 and Mary Jo 91, 94G Breen. I was there as a supporter and observer of the Class of 1956, which gathered at the Breens as one of the activities in their weekend-long celebration of their golden John Carroll reunion. This is an incredible class. They include a very large number of graduates who have been remarkably successful in the world. They have more Alumni Medalists (seven) than any class, and they are wonderful role models of the principle of giving back. During this reunion, they did just that to the tune of a more than a $1 million class gift (see p. 8), the largest ever. They surely are not the only faithful and generous alumni. There are many thousands of you, and we are grateful for your gifts, be they large or small. At that luncheon, though, I was reminded of the bonds of affection and community that support the gifts like the one 56 made. I talked to Al DeGulis, one of those 56 alumni medalists, as well as a former president of the alumni association J O H generous R of and a notably loyal and N C A son R O L L Carroll. Al told me that it had been 25 years earlier, at the silver anniversary of 56, that individually and collectively his fellows of 56 turned a corner in their relationship with the university. Al said: Prior to J O H N Cinvolved with L that, we were A R R O L the school and one another, but we were busy building careers and raising families. Our 25th marked a turning point and from then on we consciously worked at becoming closer and renewing our lines of connection to the university. All I can say is that we are very glad indeed that they made that shift and that they and all the other sectors of our alumni have continued to be loyal and dedicated supporters of their alma mater.



The power of electronic JCU networking

By Ken Honecker, 04G Board of Directors of the John Carroll National Alumni Association

Bringing people together is a very important role of the alumni board. We are committed to creating a vibrant and active JCU community committed to friendship, our spiritual heritage and sharing resources. This vision is the driver for all of the strategic activities that have been identified by the board. The process of selecting a menu of activities has been an exciting one over this past year. The energy of the board members is now focused on advancing every aspect of our overall strategic plan. Networking and online services is one important strategic activity. We want to create an efficient online environment to facilitate communication. Imagine clicking on a link at the JCU Web site; searching for a classmate, and being presented

with correct contact information. Rekindling an old friendship becomes so easy. Use that same link to search for professionals in your field in the Chicago area willing to speak with you about an upcoming move from Cleveland back to the Windy City. The JCU community can provide value long after graduation. Students can use this network to contact alumni eager to help explore career options. JCU staff will be able to target communications and reach out via online postings and e-mails. Faculty can use this service to contact alumni willing to speak in one of their classes or host a tour of a manufacturing facility. The power of networking occurs on various levels and can

be a tremendous force in each of our lives. An online service that will enhance whats already available and provide these services is in process. This database-driven service will soon provide an efficient, cost-effective way for all members of the JCU community to get involved and stay in touch. Establishing an online communication service is a goal of the alumni board. It will provide great value and allow John Carroll to become a better place because you are more closely involved. Enhanced online communication is but one of the steps the association is taking in an effort to build a more vibrant JCU community.

John Carroll university SUMMER 2006

...was a thing of beauty

Its a fabulous weekend. The whole thing is wonderful. We cant thank you enough for all the planning. Bravo! And thats from Mary Ann Ahern 76, a veteran Chicago Tv newswoman and clear-eyed observer, who doesnt make a habit of extravagantly dispensing raves. like a country

club vacation, declaimed Nancy loyan Schuemann 81. Made me proud to be an alumnus. Tom Theriot 61 went to the heart of the matter when he said, Rosalie, youre the best and the Class of 1961 loves you. The man who will be reveling in his 50th in five years also said: Ive been around college

students, and none hold a candle to the ones who staffed Reunion and kept the weekend flowing. There was an extra dimension of emotion at this June 23-25 event because it was the last Reunion Weekend to be engineered and mothered and made wonderful by Rosalie Massey, who is the only

Rosalie and Carl Massey

Reunion Weekend czarina that the younger classes have ever experienced. Massey is leaving the university to devote herself to being the best grandmother in the world, but before the goodbyes occurred at Mass on Saturday evening in the Church of the Gesu, Massey snared a big award when the Jesuit

Advancement Association (JAA) gathered on campus earlier in June. Massey and her program won the top award for John Carrolls reunion program. This weekend had it all: superb weather, great food, a compelling lineup of classes and entertainment. It also had 1,300 alumni, over $2.5

million in class gifts, including $1 million-plus from the golden boys of 56 (see p. 8). It was Rev. Robert Niehoffs first Reunion Weekend, and you could tell he wants more of the same. The evidence that the alumni agreed with that proposition was overwhelming. huzzahs and Godspeed to Mrs. Massey.
John Carroll university SUMMER 2006 John Carroll university SUMMER 2006

35 35

The Golden Years


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in Florida, one in Virginia, one in Texas, one in West Virginia, and one in Iowa. So take your vitamins, guys and hope we dont have a class reunion very soon. ... Cheers, Carl

Reunion Weekend was a great success for all the classes ... the Class of 1936 cant shout very loud as only two of us showed up Bill Muth and me. I now know why Ken McCarthy didnt make the reunion. Marie, his charming wife, is being buried this week on July 25 at Holy Cross. Marie was a graduate of Ursuline College Class of 1936. Remember both of them in your prayers. ... What happened to the other remaining classmates from 1936? These we know are still among the living: Hank Dombrowski, Benny Belkin, George Follen, Mike Hitchko, and Tony Muni. Remember we have wheel chairs, student workers to assist you, and elevators in every building -- not like W. 30th and Carroll Ave. ... I apologize if my column last time did not make much sense About a picture of John Lavelle 38 and me taken in Germany. Guess the picture took up too much space?! ... I may stick around with the column as long as I have all my marbles. Following is a letter I received from Bill Nardis 35 daughter: Dear Larry, We met in the fall of 1994 when my dad, Bill Nardi, was inducted into the John Carroll Hall of Fame and our whole family went back to Cleveland for that happy celebration. Since then, I have looked forward to reading your column. Particularly after both my parents passed on, The Golden Years has become for me, one of the few remaining links to their past and a connection that I cling to. So please know that when you think about giving up writing your column for lack of news from the few remaining classmates, some of us out here, who didnt even attend John Carroll University, would dearly miss your reminisces and the warm way you keep the Golden Years alive. Sincerely, Nadine Nardi Davidson ... I remember Bill and his teammate Mitty Valerian 35 tutoring the rest of the football players at a table in the back of the lunchroom on West 30th. They were the scholars of the class. ... Well I dont have any more to say except a big thanks to Bills daughter Nadine Its a letter I will always treasure. ... Keep praying, just Larry

42 43

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The lunch bunch met in the phone booth at Hornblowers Barge & Grill. Jim Carey, Jim Schlecht and John Sweeney got together for their every edition lunch. ... Lou Sulzer is nursing Bea through her current illness. ... John has done his homework and produced some interesting material. Every class reaches a time when we attend more funerals than weddings. As one observed, our friends are dying more often that they used to. Of the 112 that graduated, 83 have been fitted for wings. Of the survivors, 21 live in Ohio, one in Arizona, three

In the two previous issues of John Carroll we reprinted names of graduates as they appeared in the 1-17-43 and the 5-9-43 commencement programs solely for nostalgia in this 63rd anniversary year of those events. But we also had a few graduates later on in 43 who did not have the benefit of a commencement exercise -- diplomas were mailed to recipients. Len Marous and Leo Bedell each experienced a semester or two interruption. Leo Bedells certificate of graduation, coincidentally, was signed by Herbie Petit. Accelerating from 44 were Al Francesconi (deceased), Leo Corr, Leo Frantz (deceased), Jack Leslie (deceased) and Joe Tulley (deceased). They requested to be listed with 43. In talking with Leo Corr recently, he mentioned that about a year later while in the Philippines with the Navy an envelope from JCUs treasury office caught up with him bringing a bill for $20 to cover graduation expenses. Having had no ceremony, and to this day never having seen a diploma, his comments were humorous. ... At Reunion Weekend, 43s table at the Gray Streaks dinner was lively with Marge and Pete Diemer, Rosemary and Wally Schwarz, Jerry Sullivan and Margaret Perver, here from Naples, FL, Mary Ruth and Bruce Thompson. Dr. Ed OMalley 42 and wife Therese joined us. Elements and circumstances conspired to whittle down our attendance. ... Don and Elaine Coburn had already left for their Cape Cod summer. ... Mary Theresa and Sal Calandra were off to Ireland for a week, returning home on the Queen Mary. ... Jack Kerr was resting following a pacemaker implant. ... Arnold Schmidts wife Trudy was on the mend with a new mechanical knee. ... Mitch Shaker is having rotor-cup problems following a fall. He visits Cleveland Clinic shortly for exams. ... Ed Hurley had a must attend family related wedding. ... Lets hope we dont have such conflicts when our 65th is scheduled in 2008. ... Our sincerest sympathy to Leo Bedell and his family upon the death of his wife, Mary Jo. We will arrange for a memorial Mass at JCUs Saint Francis Chapel. ... Marge and Pete Diemer celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary August 12. ... Tom Mazanecs new address is 34760 Park East Dr., Apt. #A104, Solon, OH 44139, cell phone 330.554.6871. ... Mitch Shakers new address is 1104 Shadow Ridge Dr., Niles, OH 44446. ... Remember the USAIran diplomatic imbroglio over the 52 American hostages at the very date President Reagan was

replacing Carter in the White House? Every news byte commanded our individual attention as we wondered what was going on behind the scene. Ed Kipfstuhl knew. He was importantly involved in the monetary negotiations as the following letter dated Jan. 21, 1987, from the Acting Secretary of the United States Treasury, to Ed, reveals. Dear Ed: The nightmare of the 52 American hostages in Iran is now over. Their release was possible yesterday only through the skill and dedication of a relatively small number of professionals who provided the expertise to execute one of the most complex and novel financial transactions in our nations history. You were one of those professionals. You have the right to be proud of your participation in resolving the immense foreign policy and economic complications that flowed from this episode. Bill Miller and I both want to thank you for your help, generously given and gratefully accepted. Sincerely, Robert Carswell, Acting Secretary. -- Well done Ed. What a critical fascinating involvement. Your 43 classmen, and the university, salute you. ... Do you think Leo ever paid that $20 graduation fee? Take care, Bruce


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Harry and Dottie Badger are leaving for Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island in Canada as this column goes to press. Harry is still hard at work and Dottie is spending time sailing with her group on Lake Erie. They both attended the Reunion in June. ... Jay and Coletta Ansberry are traveling with all of their family to Ireland August 11. They should have a fairly dry visit that late in August. September historically is Irelands best month for weather. ... We received some very sad news as I was writing this column. Bob Colopys wife, Margaret (Cannon), passed away June 19 after several years of health problems. We asked for prayers for Bob and Margaret in the last column. Bob is holding his own but the shock of Margarets death is not helping him. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Bob has always been helpful and generous to John Carroll. Cannon family members have attended Carroll too. ... Tried calling Marty Franey but he was probably at a golf outing. In the fall I will start calling alumni who have not been in contact with the alumni office. It would be helpful to know who is left on this side of the grass. In the mean time if you have had any contact with other 44 class members let me know. Until next time the very best to all and stay healthy. Don


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Jim Coviello 51 volunteered at the 100th Ohio Amateur Golf Championship held the week of July 10 at Canterbury, and for the whole week too! Many thanks for the assist Jim. ... Send notes about yourself and Ill write about you. Ed




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The Saturday lunch group was pleasantly surprised with the sudden entrance of Bill Kelly into our midst. Bill has been away for many years and has moved to Laurel Lake, a retirement community in Hudson, Ohio. Prior to this move he lived in Milwaukee; Chautauqua, NY; Maui in the Hawaiian Islands and then on to Florida. Were happy to have him with us again. ... There is no news of any consequence from classmates so lets try to drum some up! Whatever happened to George Smith of Littleton, Colorado? We havent heard from you in a long time! ... Adios JPS

Claire and Rachel were first in Ohio in a Peter Pan staging as part of a national speech contest. When I mentioned I had business in Long Island, he said his son has sold his summer home in Sagaponac. One of those communities on the shore! ... We are sorry to hear and send our sincere sympathy to the family of Ed Bock who passed away recently. May he rest in peace. ... CAB


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49 50

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I missed the Reunion party and so have no news to report. If you were there and picked up some tidbits, give me a call! Im sure it was a good time. ... The luncheons will resume in fall so Ill be prepared for the next issue. ... Tom

A quick note from your correspondent about our 55th Reunion. The weather was great and the camaraderie among the attendees was at a peak, especially during the beer tasting session sponsored by Great Lakes Brewing Company. Ray Smiley returned, making up for his absence at our 50th. Don Ungar produced a DVD of memories from the past and captured, through photos, the university of today. ... Thanks again to the committee for a job well done and to retiring reunion coordinator Rosalie Massey for another great effort making this reunion run so smoothly. ... Don

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Hugh Gallagher continues his good health progress after a triple bypass. He wishes he had it done years ago, he feels so good. Hes left his Lakewood home and moved to a condo in the King James group in Westlake. We should expect to see more of him soon. ... Nes Burkhart spends four months a year in Florida and continues his travels. Hes covered all seven continents now. He and his geologist son, Pat, took a Russian research ship to Antarctica this summer for quite a voyage. Pat is on the faculty at Rolling Rock University in PA. ... Tom Blaha retired as a special agent for the Treasury Department years ago. He lost is wife to cancer and has a daughter in Arizona. He hopes to make some JCU functions soon. Bit of a distance from Olmsted Falls however, hell try. ... Retired dentist Norm Jones doesnt drive these days, but has his wife and daughter to take care of those duties. Two grandchildren entertain him. ... Marian Knotek filled me in on her and Bobs activities. They still volunteer at the Play House and the Cleveland Clinic. Last May, they took their 50th wedding anniversary cruise. ... Tom Lynch is treasurer of the Irish American Archives Society which supports the Western Reserve archivist there. They have their annual Walks of Life banquet in February. Gilmour granddaughters

Hi, hope you are all having a great summer, even if the weather has been a bit strange. I have news from some classmates and others from JCU. Tom Dannemiller still lives in Akron. We spoke at the reception for Fr. Niehoff. Tom is looking forward to the 55th Reunion in 2007, even though his wife, Evelyn, has passed away. She really enjoyed talking with our classmates and the Jesuits. Two of their six children are also JCU grads. ... I have had brief notes from Don Terrell and Dan Boland 54, both from California. I also had a very long e-mail (with the attachments) from Tom Fields 71. Tom was very involved in the White House Conference on Aging December 11-14, 2005. He was busy with handouts about Preventing Financial Fraud, Abuse and Exploitation, especially of Alzheimers patients. This is so important. I cant include all the information but you can contact him via e-mail for more information - ... Missed graduation this year, it was downtown because of the rainy weather. I did attend the Reunion and as usual it was very enjoyable. Andy Kaschalk and wife, Marcia, and I sat together. The only other 52 grad was Bob Tayek, who was playing nice music with the band. ... I suppose I will have to start nagging now about our 55th next June. The Reunion Weekend is a really nice time and I hope some of you will make an effort to attend. It would be nice too if someone besides Bob Tayek, George Englehart and I would attend some of the monthly luncheons. ... Till next time, be safe. Dorothy

Hello to all in the Class of 53 and to your family and friends. Catherine and Gene Wetzel and Mary Pat and Ed Mundzak were among those from our class who attended the Saturday evening Mass and dinner held Reunion Weekend. ... When I recently talked with Leo Scully, he said that he and Gerry have sold their condo in Dunedin, FL. It had been a victim of last years hurricane, and after restoring it to good condition, they decided it had come time to sell. They are undecided about their plans for next winter. Leo advised me of the May 19 death of Hugh Scott. Hugh was a retired colonel after 28 years of military service. He and his wife, Joan, resided in Palm Coast, FL. ... John Hammer is one of our class who continues to work and travel for the Hammer Company. His work of selling church wine in Ohio and surrounding states keeps him in touch with many pastors he has gotten to know over the years. His wife, Carol, says he really enjoys his work. John and Carol experienced a cruise of the Mediterranean during the month of May. ... Carl Tighe is still residing in the Phoenix area. He and Sara are looking forward to attending the Notre Dame v. Georgia Tech season opener in Atlanta in September. They will visit their son, Christopher, and his family in Lexington, KY, and motor to the game from there. He expects to be visiting relatives in the Wadsworth, OH, area before flying back to Arizona. ... When I first tried to reach Jack Bertsch, he was attending a Tai Chi class. Jack lives not far from the JCU campus and attends church at Gesu. He says he occasionally gets in a game of golf with a group from Gesu. Jack and his wife, Patricia, have nine children. Jack and Patricia celebrated their 50th anniversary last year. ... Send in your news for the next issue. Gods blessing to you all. Jim


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If you were watching the Belmont Stakes, you may have noticed one of our own in the owners box. Jake Blake and some of his friends are owners of a horse named High Finance. It looked like the group was having a good time even if the horse finished twelfth -- so much for Wall Street. ... John Spaniol, our retired eye doctor, is eying a place to rent in FL. Seems John is tired of winters on the North Coast and would like to become a snowbird. ... Dave Nilges, Mr. Rocky Mountain High, says that he has seen it all; in January he toured the home of the former head of Tyco in Vail, CO the former CEO is now on his way to the federal pen. ... When a well-named congressman from Rhode Island took on some cement borders in Washington, D.C., the phones started



ringing in the McLeod house in RI; many of Bud McLeods friends encouraged him to run for Congress and replace a member of the Camelot family. Bud decided that he could not work it into his busy schedule. ... Often we know little of the people we have a casual relationship with -- a neighbor, someone at church, a classmate. By this time many of you know of the death of our classmate Kaye Kause. A highly decorated Colonel in the U.S. Army: 28 years of service; two tours in Vietnam; a civilian contractor in Saudi Arabia; father of four; active in his church community. Gene Burns and Dick Kilfoyle attended the funeral Mass in Vienna, VA, and Bill Schlaudecker attended the military funeral with full honors at Arlington National Cemetery. Kaye did it all -- Christian-officer-gentleman. Our prayers for wife, Maggie, and the family. Keep the faith, Pete


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Jerry Donatucci reports that he has been bitten by the flying bug once again. He got into the cockpit of a Ford Tri-Motor and flew it for about 45 minutes. He is trying to talk his way into the cockpit of a B-17 (Flying Fortress) that is coming to an air show this fall. He plans to join a flying club. Jim OConnor and Mike Dunagan, also army aviators, eat your hearts out. ... Bob Micco was elected (drafted) as chairman of the grounds committee at his country club. He says it is a great honor but doesnt like cutting the grass so early in the morning. The club saves money by using the grounds committee as janitors. Bob was a business major who understands the need to cut costs. ... Dick Walker, who finally got his due as a JCU Hall of Famer, has moved to Las Vegas, where he will be coaching a local high school football team. His dedication to football is truly legendary. ... Did you know that John Buck Byrne was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1955, but decided to take his regular army commission instead because the pay and allowances in the army were greater than the Steelers offer? ... Bud Feely, who spends a lot of time perfecting his golf game, will be visiting Cleveland more often. His daughter has moved from Boston to Brecksville, OH, and dad is sure to come visiting. Be sure to look up your old friends from JCU on some of your visits. ... Bob FitzGerald has made a career change -- he is going from 15 to 80. He has left high school teaching and will now be chaplain at a long term nursing facility in Cincinnati. ... Tom Bridgman will be going to Rome this fall. He has promised to pray for all of us at St. Peters. ... Remember in your prayers Gerald Kvet who passed away in May of this year and Tony Kedzior who left us in the fall of 2005. Also pray for Joe Doman who is recovering from cancer and the many others of our classmates who are suffering from many serious illnesses. ... Remember to let me know of any news that may be of interest to your classmates or the JCU community. Stay well! Ray

For those that missed Reunion 2006, I can only tell you to keep 2011 open. Its well worth the trip. As far as statistics go, we had many classmates and two widows register for the festivities -- John Boler, Tom Bonifas, Jack Breen, John Broderick, Ray Burke, Allen Caine, Bill Carrick, Bartholomew Caterino, Mike Conti, Tommy Conway, John Daley, Ed Daugherty, Joe DeAngelis, Al DeGulis, Charlie DeVille, Otto Dreiling, Leo Duffy, Fritz Eder, Daniel Fetsko, Joseph Fox, Robert Gale, James Gasper, Donald Gehlmann, Mary Lou Giffels, Bill Gilroy, Denny Hoynes, Peter Jenkins, Edward Katalinas, Larry Kinskey, Jim Knechtges, Fred Marshall, Leo McDonough, Ben Miralia, Tom Moffitt, Frank Moran, John Nowlan, Albert Oberst, Don OConnor, Daniel OHoro, Tom ONeil, Frank Paulovich, Ray Pfeiffer, Conrad Pokorski, Robert Porter, Paul Prasse, Vincent Punzo, Pat Riegelsberger, Chuck Rini, Bill Ryan, Bert Samerdyke, David Santoro, Philip Schaefer, Jim Schempp, Paul Schlimm, Don Schuele, Joe Sedlock, Patrick Shannon, John Slattery, George Vaul, John Volpe, George Waldeck, Donald Wingenfeld, Ron Wysocki, and Art Zammikiel. This left us a little short for the overall attendance record but we did set a record for a 50-year class with 27.2% of living members attending, which won us the James M. Mackey 71 cup and beat the previous attendance record of 24.8% held by the class of 50! The all-time money record for a 50-year class gift was shattered with our class gift of $1,004,878. This total won the Joseph D. Sullivan 53 cup for the class with the highest class gift for this years Reunion. Our gift came from a total of 93 donors and beat the old record by $142,305. As proud as we may be of this accomplishment, lets hope that it is a short-lived record. ... You may recall that when I was volunteered to be the class correspondent, I stated that it would be until saner heads prevailed. I am pleased to announce that time has come. After a few Miller Lites, Leo Duffy agreed to write the column. We can make Leos job a lot easier by sending him news of awards, travels, volunteer work, health issues, JCU contacts, etc. In this case, no news is NOT good news. ... Thanks for the memories, Tom Fr. Schell extends a big thank you for the reunion shirt and card. He said that he will cherish the thoughts and good wishes. He misses attending Reunion and visiting with you at dinner. It was always a great joy to see and visit with so many old friends. You are in his prayers.

In April, I had the pleasure of dining with Richard Donahue and his wife, Erma, at the annual Reserve Officers Association luncheon. Dick served as chapter president in the 1970s and now presents ROA awards annually to JROTC cadets at four high schools in Lorain County. Dick retired as a U.S. Army Reserve Colonel (Transportation Corps) after 30 years and from Dun & Bradstreet also after 30 years of dedicated service. He now enjoys his horses on a seven acre parcel in Lorain County. He is zoning inspector for LaGrange Township, a lector and Eucharistic minister and board member for Humility of Mary (sisters) housing, providing senior and transitional housing opportunities at seven locations in NE Ohio. The Donahues have six children and 12 grandkids. Fondly, Dick reflects on memories of drill competitions with the Pershing Rifles and classmates LTG John Myers and BG Paul Hurley (deceased). ... Dave Milroy keeps busy playing golf and could use your prayers for a health challenge discovered recently. ... Al Musca, MD was inducted into the Society of St. Luke honoring physicians who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to medicine. Al was recognized for his contributions to St. John West Shore Hospital. ... Bart Merella, our class deacon, was transferred to the Cathedral of St. Matthew. This transfer was to help prepare for the new archbishops installation on June 22. This is Barts third parochial assignment since being ordained a deacon in 1986 and will be the most challenging. He is also full-time as registrar for the Washington Theological Union. ... Jim Gasper underwent total left hip replacement surgery in mid-March. He is walking three and one-half miles each day with his trusty Jack Russell terrier. ... Class participants in the JCU Golf Classic at Sleepy Hollow Golf Course in June were Jim Clark, Jerry OCallahan, G. Richard Olivier, Frank Humenik and Sam Frontino. ... Chris Orlie is doing well and sends regards. Chris is CEO for High Octane Communications in San Rafael, CA. ... J. Kenneth Brown, with Brown, Winfield & Canzoneri, Inc. in Los Angeles, CA, was named a Super Lawyer among the 75,000 in Southern California. Ken recently returned from a trip to Italy and Greece. He is looking forward to our 50th reunion. The Browns finally have a grandson the first on his wifes side in four generations. ... Carol and George Billings are now living in a condo in Highland Heights, OH, when not at their winter home in Florida. ... In May this reporter was appointed to the Parma Community General Hospital Foundation Board and on May 19 at the Dolan Center for Science and Technology, I was awarded the prestigious JCU Alumni Medal along with four others. The five of us were again recognized at JCUs commencement. I was most humbled and honored to receive this special award. ... Tom Paulson 87, son of our deceased classmate Peter Paulson, phoned me July 13 (Peters birthday) regarding our Class of 1957 Endowed Scholarship Fund. Tom wanted to donate



to our scholarship fund, in honor of his dad, which would be matched by his company, Morgan Stanley. We appreciate his and all other contributors to our very worthwhile scholarship fund. Our goal is to raise $350,000 by June 2007. ... Note: In the previous John Carroll magazine, I reported that John P. Lynch and his wife had five children and nine grandchildren. It was brought to my attention that Jacks wife had passed away 25-30 years ago. My sincere apologies go out to the Lynch family for my over-sight. God bless, Sal

of 60, I received a call from Jim Mason after Nat Malizias death. We discussed the possibility of a joint 59/60 reunion. Jim and I both agreed that it would be fun and based on Jerry Schweickerts enthusiastic endorsement, I am sure the Class of 60 would be interested. Any thoughts or suggestions from the Class of 59 would be appreciated. ... Go, White Sox! Peace, JB

big Bill Clinton fan, but retiring to Arkansas seems a little overboard. It will never happen because he wants to hit up Frank Dempsey and me for the down payment on his dream home (better plan on more of Chicagos winter weather, Bill). ... Please be sure to send some news about yourself or a classmate. Be well, Jerry

58 59

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Mike Campo checked in with a tribute to Nat Malizia, whom he described as one of the best people he had ever known. He recalled how Nat helped to guide him through some serious personal problems at JCU and later, during law school, when his car wouldnt start, how Nat would go out of his way to give him a lift. Years later, Mike bought a condo for his aged mother, only to discover that she had ignored the tax bills and was about to lose her property due to back taxes. Once again, Nat was there for him, guiding him through the process and making sure everything was done quickly and correctly. ... We just returned from a fun-filled weekend at Louise and Tom McGanns, which has become a much-anticipated tradition. Carol and Joe Ruble and Mary and Ed Paglione came from New Jersey and Donna and John Breznai journeyed over from Ashtabula, OH. John hadnt touched a golf club since undergoing serious heart surgery less than two months ago, but you would never have known it. Dolores and Paul Brust, however, get the gold star for traveling all the way from Scottsdale; AZ. Bill Colson joined us Saturday with Nat Malizias sister, Philomena, and told us how proud he was that he could still beat all of his sons at golf. John Deagan was looking forward to attending and introducing everyone to his fiance, but was a last minute cancellation when he experienced some complications from surgery and was instructed not to travel. John has had a history of serious health problems, so please keep him in your prayers. ... Mattie Matthews, Bob Fitzgerald 60, Jerry OMalley 62 and Jerry Schweickert 60 had lunch recently with the widow of Connie Pappas 60. Connie had played football with them on the 59/60 undefeated team and had finally lost his battle with cancer. Mattie had stayed very close to Connie. The group presented Connies widow with a check from his old teammates, with letters of great memories and support. Hats off to Bob Fitzgerald for taking the lead on this thoughtful and worthwhile tradition. ... Speaking of the class

It was a tough spring for the class of 60. Dave Starre, who was featured in our last column, lost his battle with cancer after outliving doctors predictions by a few years. Shortly thereafter, Connie Pappas lost the same battle. Bob Fitzgerald did a great job as spokesman for the class of 60 in sharing comments about, and memories of Connie with all who were present at the funeral. Tommy OMalley, Dave Nichting, Charlie Keane, Frank Dempsey, Jim Mason, Bill Matejka, Bob and I were able to attend. Many teammates from 58 through 62 also attended. I then heard from Bob Banci, who informed me that he and Pete Conboy served as pall-bearers at Chuck Nicolas funeral. Finally, Jack Lyons let me know about the death of our classmate Marty Haitz. Marty was active in the Tampa-St. Pete local JCU alumni group working on the annual Christmas Carroll Eve project which was to refurbish the landscaping and grounds surrounding the Childrens Cancer Center of Tampa. ... On a lighter note, Jack says he is plugging along as a permanent deacon for the Diocese of St. Petersburg, FL. In addition to his parish duties at All Saints Catholic Church, he had just had the privilege of baptizing his fifth grandchild. Jacks focus is on prison ministry. He says, This is a very comfortable ministry for me as the personalities are all reminiscent of my college classmates. (I wonder which of us he sees in his clients.) ... Dave Marr tells Jack that he will have no problem with the vow of poverty when he is ordained as an Augustinian priest because his lawyer son can defend him free of charge should he be incarcerated (perhaps Deacon Jack can visit with Dave) or his doctor son can treat him should he become ill. ... While on the subject of Florida, Jack Cregan, who resides in Ponce Inlet near Daytona, was present for our monthly luncheon at Muldoons on July 21. Jacks wife, Chris, is in the Chicago area, where she is unfortunately recuperating after a fall in which she broke an arm and a leg. Thinking back to my last column where I mentioned the power of prayer and asked everyone to try to say a prayer for Dave Starre at 7 p.m. each evening, how about everyone saying a short prayer for our classmates and their families at that time every evening. ... Finally, Joe Morrissey informs me (through Bill Buescher) that Jack Murray is alive and well and living in Columbia (the country, not Missouri), where he is teaching English. Bill and his wife, Peg, had just returned from Florida and a visit with the Piotrowskis after stopping to visit their daughter in Atlanta. They also visited Springs Village, AR, prospecting for a retirement haven. I know Bill is a

Our 45th Reunion turned out to be a spectacular three-day extravaganza with classmates attending from CO, CT, FL, GA, IN, IA, MI, NY, NC, OH, SC, and VA. ... Those registering for the gathering included John Blake, Paul Boyce, Richard Burke, Gerald Burns, Michael Caton, Ed Clarke, John Cleary, Lou Colombo, Shawn Doolin, Jack Durkin, Marie French, Dan Fullerton, Chuck Fye, Art Gariepy, Tom Gerst, Paul Gilleran, Harry Hanna, Jack Hearns, Paul Hinko, Larry Hipschen, Tom Holowecky, Warren Johnson, Ken Koprowski, Gene Kramer, Dick Manning, Ed McGervey, Larry Mulvihill, Dick Murray, Bill Newman, Gerry OConnell, Dennis Okerbloom, Dan Shaughnessy, Ray Smith, Tom Theriot, Bill Tighe, Ed Walsh, and Earl Youmell. ... Those remaining on campus for the weekend were housed in Millor Hall, which was completed in 1981 and named after Fr. William J. Duke Millor, who was an icon on the campus in our days. One of the perks of being older this time around was that our class was given a dorm that has air conditioning, access ramps, and an elevator. Tom Theriot set up two tables in the main lobby displaying memorabilia of student days, from a freshman beanie to the graduation tassel. ... After the Presidents Reception Friday evening in the Dolan Science Center, our class had dinner in the press box of the Shula Stadium, which is reached by elevator. The view of the sunset and much of the campus from this rather large room that can accommodate at least 100 people provided a unique and interesting venue - for many the experience was the highlight of the weekend. Most of the class attended an Irish folk concert in the Lombardo Student Center after dinner. Saturday provided a full day of activities including a lunch in the Durkin Room in Grasselli Library, lectures, a concelebrated Mass, class photo, and formal dinner in the Jardine Room. Ray Smith was master of ceremonies and comedian extraordinaire after dinner and was well received by his classmates. ... Some interesting data was developed relating to those attending our reunion: 36% still work full-time, 28% are employed part-time; and 35% are retired; 58% served in the United States Armed Forces; 50% attained advanced degrees after leaving JCU ... When we graduated in 61, there were 31 Jesuits on campus - of which 27 are now deceased; Frs. William King, Joseph Owens, Joseph Schell, and Paul Woelfl all are now residing at Colombiere Center in Clarkston, MI ... Logic was chosen as our most favorite course with Modern Drama, Literature, Psychology, Sociology, Accounting, and


Philosophy in close pursuit ... Dr. Arthur Noetzel 38 and Dr. Walter Nosal received the most votes for the person who had the greatest impact on our lives ... John Carpenter was declared our favorite professor, with Dr. Noetzel and Joseph Cotter tied for second place. Also receiving multiple votes for favorite professor included some of the great names in JCU history - Dr. George Grauel, Fr. Howard Kerner, Fr. Herman Hughes, Fr. L. J. Monville, Fr. Joseph Owens, Fr. Joseph Schell, and Dr. Thomas Stamfel ... Sunday mornings sumptuous buffet under the big tent on the main quadrangle provided one last chance for the class of 61 to gather before we meet for our 50th reunion in 2011. ... Gerry OConnell and Dick Murray are to be congratulated for their efforts in obtaining contributions from our class toward the Class of 61 Scholarship Fund, which will provide financial aid to students who need assistance to enroll. ... Keep in touch, Jack


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fabulous time visiting Brugge, Breendonk Concentration Camp, Dinant, Bastogne, St. Mer Eglise, the Normandy beaches, and the American cemetery near Omaha Beach. We also did a Rhine River cruise that brought back many memories of our time in Hanau, Worms, and Mannheim. Until next time. Dont be a stranger, i.e., let me hear from you. Pete


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Hope that your summer has been enjoyable and these notes find you in good health. ... I received a note shortly after the last deadline for class notes from Dennis Hudson in Santa Barbara, CA. Dennis reports that he is being treated for throat cancer, and has gone through radiology, surgery, and for the third time, chemo. Dennis writes that a lot of people have it much worse than I do, and other than being tired, its not bad. Dennis looks forward to seeing his classmates for our 50th in 2012. ... We received information about Don Hagerty 59, who received his MA from John Carroll in 62. Don received the prestigious Circle of Distinction Award in Dayton from Prudentials CEO, Jim Keyes, at a recent awards ceremony at the NCR Country Club. Don has specialized in the sale of houses, condominiums, and other residential property for the last 15 years, assisting buyers and sellers who are in what Don refers to as a life changing mode of life, including seniors to first-time home buyers, and others in need of extra time and counsel. ... Unfortunately, we lost another classmate in May 2006, Jim Thomas, who many of us knew as Foggy, succumbed to a long battle with lung cancer. Jim had been an IRS agent before becoming an investigator for the Department of Labor. Jim played a significant role in the investigation of illegal kickbacks and ghost-payroll schemes involving the Teamsters and its president, Jackie Presser, eventually resulting in the indictment of Presser in 1986 for federal payroll padding charges. Jim was described by a friend as the kind of friend that you can never replace. Jim had recently moved to Avon Lake, OH, and is survived by his wife, Kathleen, daughters, Mary Katherine and Meghan Kathleen Pochatek, and sons Gerald, Michael and James. ... I apologize for the brevity of notes this time, but I rely on you for material. Please e-mail or write to me about yourself and family. Bob

Richard Kotarba, an attorney with Meyer, Unkovic & Scott LLP in Pittsburgh, was named one of Pennsylvanias Super Lawyers for his work in construction law. His practice deals with construction litigation, mediation, and commercial and real estate litigation. He is also chair of the Construction Law Section of the Allegheny County Bar Association. ... Dan Keenan - dan_keenan@ - reports his third and final move since 1988, this time to South Ogden, UT, and the beautiful mountains, valleys, Technicolor blue skies and the nearby national parks. He and his wife, Helen, dont miss the long, cold and grey Akron winters and the sultry, humid summers. He and Helen have had some health issues, but each is recovering nicely. Dan remembers well the many friends from JCU from the I CHIs, Glee Club, ROTC, LTS, and other activities. He indicated that he was distracted a lot from academics due to the extra curricular activities, but it seems not to have bothered him too much. Recall that Dan had a long, distinguished career in the Army. Enjoy the West, Dan. ... I received a note from my roommate during our junior and senior years. Jack Kodweis - - said my plea for notes from yall sounded too much like my pleas for mail from Rochester when he and I lived on Okalona Rd. during our last two years. Jack traveled to San Diego to meet Fr. Niehoff in April, but Fr. Niehoffs mother had died the day of his scheduled visit. The group was small, but Jack reported that he was not the oldest alum in attendance. He also indicated that Fr. Shannon updated the group on the goings on at JCU and that accounting majors were in the majority at the reception. I wonder what we should make of that, Jack. Jack and his wife, Mary, returned in spring from a month in Italy, Greece, and Turkey. They went East for a couple of weeks and to Montana near the end of August. Jack is an avid golfer, but being from Las Vegas now, he has to be off the course before noon in order to avoid the terrible heat. Jack also wondered if John Zvolenskys question about the English professor in an earlier issue of the Journal was not Whispering Willie Weiss. What do you think, John? ... John Zvolensky was recently elected executive chairman of the board of directors of Kuhlman Electric Corporation, Versailles, KY. John has served as president and chief executive officer since 1995. His focus in his new position will be on managing the leadership transition as well as concentrating on the long range strategy of the company. John also wanted to thank Jack Kodweis for taking notes in Dr. Rileys management course while he, John, was off playing golf. ... Kathy and I spent a very enjoyable time in Belgium from mid June to mid July. We visited with our son, his wife, his wifes son, and our two grandchildren, the two who were adopted from Russia in 2001. What a


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Just when you thought it was safe to go back to Florida, listen up. It seems that Tom Moore, Tim Logan and John Breen have all been wintering at Sanibel Island for decades but had never crossed paths until early 06. Needless to say, a lengthy lunch ensued, featuring as much riotous ribaldry as our age (and their wives) would allow. Typical of Sanibel devotees everywhere, their correspondence made it very clear that this barrier island is now closed, and that none of us are invited to this last vestige of the real Florida. Just as well; any unfortunate soul walking into that group would be greeted by Logans famous Pacelli war cry: Now we have four, lets play some nucks. They loyally recommend the Doc Ford adventure novels by Sanibel-based Randy Wayne White. My guess is that our three heroes have unwittingly served as the basis for some of Whites rather zany characters. ... Received a humorous message from Charlie Englehart. It seems that he was reviewing old copies of the Carroll News and got absorbed by a piece about the punt return exploits of Jim Heavey. In his words. Noting the forced jargon, purple prose, and exaggerated metaphor, I scanned back to the top to see who had written such a dreadful piece - and it was me! Alas, Charles, that is the fate of many who labored in the philosophical vineyards of Socristotal and Descartes. ... Gene Sullivan and wife, Joyce, have relocated to Tega Cay in the greater Charlotte, NC, area. Sully - is now serving as the controller for Retail Solutions Provider Association, a not for profit company. ... Tony Compisi writes that he wont insist on notarized witness statements of Ron Timpanaros hole-in-one (reported last issue) as long as Tippy buys him the traditional at their next meeting. How about Sanibel in January? ... The Chicago boys are becoming quite the globe trotters. Bill Smith reports his recent travels to Montana the Idaho chimney area, Tennessee to visit brother Burke Smith 62 and South Carolina. Meanwhile, John Breen is preparing a packed itinerary for an autumn visit to Ireland with six of his family. Drive left, Reddog. ... Dont forget our mid-term reunion September 22-24 at Homecoming festivities - for details. ... Until next time then, to the Breens and all the Streaks of 64, an Irish blessing -- May the sweet music of laughter lift your spirits, and, always, may God fill your heart with peace and understanding. Frank




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John Hurley is still practicing law in Painesville, OH, with his brother, Michael Hurley. They recently signed a five-year lease extension, so John will not be out to pasture anytime soon. In 2005 he received the Presidents Award by the Lake County Bar Association for contributions to the profession and the community. ... John Mieyal reports he is still overworking! As vice chairman of the Department of Pharmacology at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, he is multi-tasking and enjoying the challenge. He stays fit by playing softball in the Cleveland Heights Church league, Wally Ball and squash at CWRU followed by re-hydration with a pint or two of Guinness. In August, he is treating his extended family to a trip to Hawaii to celebrate his and Donnas 40th wedding anniversary. ... Dave Broerman says that he did retire from Cincinnati Public in 2001 but has stayed in teaching ever since. He will probably do so in Kentucky for a few more years. His oldest grandchild will be a freshman in high school next year. Dave and his wife celebrate their 39th anniversary this August. She still has horses and Dave has started collecting tractors. (I only report what they tell me!). ... Mark Hanket announces that he has, in fact, retired as of March 31. He will be consulting on a part-time basis for several months. He and Carol have no plans to relocate, although they did buy a condo in Venice, FL, in the hopes of becoming snowbirds. In the event you see a trip to Venice in your future contact Mark - ... Joe Whelan, retired from JCU in June, has turned into a national speaker for Teachscape. He has done 80 speaking engagements since June of 2005 in 15 states including a trip to Shiprock, NM, to work on the Navajo reservation. On May 4, Joe gave a $1,500.00 award to JCU student, Julie Poling 06, the first recipient of the J. Joseph Whelan for Leadership in Service Award. Joes sons, Sean and Tom, presented the award to Julie at the Alumni-Education Dinner. ... Ed Doherty is living in Colorado after 25 years in the Pacific Northwest. Ed started his own consulting practice in 1985 and still works about three months each year. He thinks of himself as retired with bouts of work. This year he has three contracts with U.S. forces in Japan. Ed is married and remarks that all his children are on their own, thankfully. He and Tonya have a wonderful home in the mountains near Denver and a condo in Hawaii, where they spend the winter months. In October he is headed for the Mexican Riviera. ... My wife, Cecile, and I are planning some short trips within the state of Washington this summer. In September, we will go to France to visit her family and then spend time in Vienna, Prague and Berlin. The Berlin portion is a nostalgia visit for me. I was stationed there in 1967-68 at the Allied Staff and then in the Office of the U.S. Commander, Berlin. .... Dick

Dear members of the Class of 66 -- Reunion Weekend was a great time, as the weather cooperated and many old acquaintances were renewed. Class members in attendance were: Tom Alvord, Chuck Bartels, Jake Boland, Bill Buckley, John Byrnes, Steve Chamberlain, Tom Cozzens, Charlie Dalton, Tony DeCarlo, Michael DeLisio, Bill Drummond, John Fox, Joe Frederick, Ron Gillenkirk, Dave Griffin, Larry Henry, Paul Klaus, Denny Kolarik, Dan Kush, Tom Madden, Gerry Martin, Mike Mayer, John Morris, Mike Murray, Mark OConnor, Jim OKeefe, Jim Pershinsky, Dan Raleigh, Dave Rosa, Bob Searson, Bob Spicer, John Stagl, Mike Starr, Gabe Varkonyi, and Lou Vitullo. ... Tim Robertson missed the reunion because his daughter was being married that weekend. Larry Henry, whose daughter was also married that weekend, attended the reunion on Friday evening and returned home Saturday morning for the wedding. Congratulations to both proud fathers! ... Chuck Bartels shared the reunion with his son John, who was attending his tenth reunion as a member of the Class of 1996. ... Mike Starr and his wife, Pat, hosted Saturdays lunch at their home near campus and did a tremendous job! ... Ron Gillenkirk retired after 35 years of teaching math in the Rochester area. ... Paul Klaus has come back to Ohio from Florida, and is a senior executive for commercial lines at Westfield Insurance in Westfield Center, OH. ... Bill Drummond will begin his 40th year as a math teacher in the Andover, MA, public school system. Bill still has a great enthusiasm for teaching and for his students. ... Dr. Noetzel 38 and Fr. Bichl attended our class dinner and were well received. There are very few faculty left from our time at JCU and it was very nice to see them. ... During our class dinner, Dan Kush reviewed some of the significant historical events that occurred during our years at Carroll. Chuck Bartels recalled being a member of JCUs first varsity wrestling team, a very successful program begun by Coach Tony DeCarlo. Dave Griffin mentioned that he; Ron Gillenkirk and Jack McLain were members of the class who were among the founding members of the JCU soccer team. ... Michael DeLisio and his wife, Anna Marie, traveled from Florence, Italy, to attend the reunion. ... On a sad note, Sharon Arnold, the wife of our classmate, Dick Arnold, wrote to inform us that Dick had passed away on May 11. Dick had battled brain cancer for six years after being given only a 50% chance of surviving for one year. Sharon wrote that Dick was so proud of the fact that he graduated from John Carroll and that he often joked about being the Methodist boy getting the excellent education from the Jesuits. ... Fr. Schell extends a big thank you for the cards that were signed by the Class of 66 reunion attendees. He said that it is

very meaningful and he will always cherish the thoughts and good wishes. He misses attending Reunion and visiting at dinner. It was always a great joy to see so many old friends. You are in his prayers. ... Thanks to all of the committee members who helped to make the reunion a success and thanks to all who attended. It certainly does not seem like 40 years! Fran


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Hello again Class of 67. As of this writing the Cleveland area is experiencing a heat spell as you are probably also in your area. Time for more golf and tennis. Hope all are well ... on with the news. Recently heard from Marc Gluchov, who resides in Doral, FL, with is wife, Sherry, and their three children. Hes established his Diamond Trading Company in the Miami, FL, area for the buying, selling and appraising of precious stones and antique/estate jewelry. Marc can be reached at 9805 N.W. 52nd Street, #520, Doral, Florida 33178 - ... Recently went to hear Tim Russert 72 in downtown Cleveland when he appeared for a fundraiser for John Carroll scholarships. Great talk. He discussed a follow-up book to his successful book, Me and Big Russ and spoke very highly of Carroll. ... Also attended Reunion on campus -- mentioned only because our next reunion is scheduled for June of 07. If anyone is interested in joining a reunion committee, please contact or 216-397-4322. ... Recently, Tom Ashdown had the idea to have a mini reunion for Cleveland area alumni and began calling in May to plan it. Tom found out that John Forhan was going to be in town, visiting family. John resides in Santa Barbara, CA, and doesnt get back to Cleveland very much. Tom was successful in getting John Gibbons, Sam Colacarro, Ben Litra, Mark DeLong, Peter French, Tom and John to attend at a local restaurant. Peter, John Gibbons, Tom and Ben attended grade school, high school and Carroll together. How about that for togetherness? We also used this occasion to invite several other members of our Cathedral Latin High School class to attend. In all, we had almost 25 attend and a great time was had by all! Ben Litra informed me that he is in business with his son, Brian. Member Auto Lease (new car and lease) is located at 4509 Renaissance Parkway, Warrensville Heights, OH, 330.284.1468. Ben has been in business for over 25 years. ... In closing, please contact me - 440.734.5553 - or the alumni office 216.397.4322 - to begin the process for our reunion. Hope to see you all in June of 2007 for our 40th! ... Also, Im in the process of changing my e-mail address so send 67 information and notes to with a class of 67 subject line. Thanks and keep those notes and information coming. As always, Peter



68 69

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Hello everyone. This column is based on a simple visit to a baseball game in Chicago. I want to thank both Rich Guinta and Bob Geiss for writing and being part of the column this time. Rich Guinta writes: It was late April when Bob Geiss, Rich Guinta, J. Patrick Herald and Tom Herold received an e-mail from Ed Christy telling them he was coming to attend a couple of ball games with Bill Badke. Ed had recently retired and was working on his things to do before its too late list. He and Badke had tickets for the Cubs vs. Pirates at Wrigley Field for Tuesday afternoon, May 2 and Sox vs. Seattle on Wednesday evening the 3rd. (Ed has always wanted to attend a game at Wrigley.) Ed suggested we have a mini Class of 69 reunion. The reunion occurred at Ginos East on Tuesday at 5 p.m. Everyone was able to attend except Tom Herold, who was buried in work. Geiss arrived late because his very active psychological practice keeps his calendar extremely full when he is not performing his suburban middle school psychologist functions. Before Geiss arrived, the still busy attorney J. Patrick observed he was the only one at the table still gainfully employed. Hey, somebody (Geiss, Herald and Herold) has to contribute social security and Medicare for the rest of us in the class of 69. By the way, the Cubs accommodated Eds stay by allowing the Bucs to win and the Sox were wonderful hosts with a tribute to Ed on the scoreboard, a grand slam by Joe Crede and a come from behind win in extra innings. The perfect Chicago baseball trip. Bob Geiss offered the following reflection. Alas, we had to cut it a bit for length: It was 40 years ago when we were finishing our freshman year at JCU and it was about 15 years ago that some of us met at a JCU Chicago Club golf outing. Weve kept the tradition of getting

together alive. It began when one of us held a golf marathon weekend a couple years in a row. It continued with meetings of two, three, or four of us. Sometimes we would make it to a Bulls game after our traditional trip to Greek Town for dinner. Two years ago we added a classmate and gathered again in late June for our first of two golf outings each summer that have become our tradition. This year was the first that all five were together. Forty years is a long time to know anyone. For those who have recently graduated, dont wait 25 years (as we did) to connect and stay connected. The five of us, Rich Guinta, Jim Wieser, Tim Rogers, Tom Bednarczyk and I (Bob Geiss) look forward to our gatherings And it all started at John Carroll University {Editors note: see the unabridged version of Bob Geiss reflection on the Web: http://www. htm#notes ... Thanks guys, Grimmer


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Having recently returned from my 40th high school class reunion, my thoughts drifted back to the year of 1966 when we first came together as a class. We were in Pacelli Hall that first year. One of the greatest Jesuits of all time, Father Castellano, knew both my dad, Bob 38 and Dick Leusch 37, so he arranged to have Rich Leusch and I room together in Dolan. Some of the guys in our wing were Dave Dornheggen, Luke Magnotto, Joe Arcarese, and I think Daves roommate was Paul Hritz (although I cant vouch for that as senility is starting to set in). If you have memories of that freshman year, please e-mail them to me. ... Patricia Fraser Munson updated her profile with the alumni office recently. She is a science teacher at Mayfield High School, and received her M.Ed. from JCU in 1992. She is married to Jeffrey Munson 68, and they have two children --- Peter 97, and Paul, Pratt College 01. Her affiliations at JCU included Gamma Pi Epsilon and ACS. Old friends can contact Patricia at pmunson@adelphia. net. See, even if you dont want to correspond with me directly, you can update your own profile at Under the Alumni tab, click on

Alumni and Friends, and once youre there, click on Update your record. There, I have walked you through it, now all you have to do is fill in the blanks. ... Tom Montgomery also updated his profile and added some notes to share with all of us. He is president of the Korea Hub of Volvo Construction Equipment and is living in Singapore with his wife, Gretchen. They have two children, Amanda (33) and Patrick (29). Tom writes: Gretchen and I have been living and working in Asia for the last two years and have found it to be very interesting, exciting and fun. We have been able to travel all through Asia Our daughter Amanda, married to Dr. A.J. Carvelli, presented us with our first grandchild, Sophia Carvelli, last December and we are looking forward to our visit this fall to Pittsburgh (Super Bowl champs) to see her. Our son Patrick, I am proud to say, won an Emmy in 2003 for his work as sound editor of Crime Scene Investigation. He invited visitors, but before you book your flights, you can touch base with Tom -- ... Reunion notes: Its hard to believe its been over a year since our 35th! Tom Swope has been married to Debbie for 33 years. They have two boys, Ben (27) and Andy (25). Toms been an attorney with Frost, Brown and Todd since 1977. Their main offices are in Cincinnati and Louisville, while Tom is the managing partner of the Middletown, OH, office, specializing in management employment. ... Wes Catri has been married to Katie (Notre Dame College 71) for 35 years and they have two children. Nancy (27) is married to Joe and is a womens Division I basketball referee in the Sunbelt and Atlantic Coast conferences and Wes, Jr. (26) 02, and Nova Law 05. Wes, Sr., has been a trial lawyer in Plantation, FL, since. 74. ... That leaves me only a couple reunion tidbits for future columns. Send me news!! Ted


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A quintet from the Class of 69.

From left; Bob Geiss, Tom Bednarczyk, Tim Rogers, Jim Wieser, and Rich Guinta. 42

The good times were rolling for those who attended our 35th Reunion in June, we enjoyed a weekend of fun, hospitality, and good times. Fr. Niehoff, Fr. Shannon, Rosalie Massey, Ryan Daly, and their staff couldnt have been more gracious. We had such a good time that Mary Margaret Fitzpatrick Cavera and I decided we should come back every year whether its our reunion year or not! Its been a long time since weve been dancing until two in the morning! This column and the next will highlight those who returned for our 35th Reunion. ... Mike Jester and his wife, Carolynn, traveled from New Orleans. Mike has been at Tulane for 28 years. They gave a first hand report on the effects of Katrina. They enlivened our Saturday evening dinner with Mardi Gras beads. ... Harold Butler and his wife, Sheila, enjoyed the weekend. Harold is a radiologist at Hillcrest Hospital in suburban Cleveland. He is on the board of Catholic Charities. Sheila is the assistant dean and teaches nursing. ... John Byers and Barb Vercek Byers 72 traveled from Orlando for the weekend. John works in security at MGM Studios having retired

as a Navy commander. Barb is a head costumer and is involved with the dance routines at Disney. ... Dave Price and his wife, Marcie Alling, came in from Lansing, MI. Dave finds jobs for people with disabilities. He and his wife are bag pipers and their band has won best in parade at a recent competition. ... Gretchen Noetzel Walsh was on the reunion committee as she has been for the past several reunions. She and her husband and two daughters live in Solon. Gretchen is the director of academic support services at Notre Dame College. ... Roger Sowinski and his wife, Kim, joined us for dinner in the tent on Saturday evening. They live in Independence with their 14 yearold twin daughters. Roger owns a manufacturing company in Bedford. ... Jim McPolin and Nikki Bondi 72 live in Pepper Pike. For the past ten years, they have owned an executive search firm with offices in Cleveland, Houston, and Las Vegas. ... Carol Shockley and her husband celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary during Reunion Weekend. They have two daughters. Carol is an attorney with the civil division of Medina Countys Prosecutors Office. ... Mike Frederick is enjoying his retirement after 35 years of teaching at Lincoln West High School. He and his wife, Marge, live in Parma. They have two daughters, one graduating from Fordham and the other from Miami University. ... Lou Dizenzo, who was on the reunion committee, lives in Hudson with his wife, Debra. Lou is retired from GE and now works at Goodyear. We left Lou and Debra dancing in the big tent on Saturday night/Sunday morning. It is always good to have fun people on the committee. ... Next column, well report on other reunion attendees: Mimi Fitzpatrick Cavera, John Urban, Kerry Volkmann, Bill Lavezzi, Charlie Algier, Mike Mannion, Vic Matteucci, Pete Hamm, John DiPalermo, Dennis Joyce, Sal Sirabella, and Mark Plush. ... Tom & Rosemary


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with giant six-legged creatures with wings. Anyway check it out at, hosted by your guide General Yogi, a full blood Algonquin. Steve says its a camp the place dads go with their sons. He says they have walleye bigger than ... well, this is a fish story. I asked if people go there in the winter. He laughed and said yeah, but it was colder than a welders rear end (for which I have NO frame of reference). Anyway, they cut holes in the ice to fish and bring the cut out blocks of ice to the fish house to keep the beer warm in the summer. After starting our lives in places like Dolan and Pacelli, how could it be any worse roughing it in Quebec? Steve and Christine have three JCU kids. He said he thanks God college is almost over I said my OLDEST is a sophomore in high school and I have a 4th grader. He sneered, and said I wouldnt be able to afford his fishing camp for quite a while. Anyway, Steve has been an assistant football coach at a D-6 high school on a part-time basis and sees Tom Narducci, who coaches a D-1 high school. Steve said Duch is LOVED by his players and his parents. He also said Bernie Gesenhues, is still flying for Northwest Airlines, married a beautiful girl, and lives in Canton, OH. Occasionally Bernie visits Steves farm and I am NOT making this up they go rabbit hunting. When talking about next Junes reunion Steve listed Bill Sixsmith, Rich Cisek, Bob Harrington (who, according to Mr. Wainwright was NOTHING before Steve and Dan Pierce got him into IBGs where he became the universitys most hated referee) as people he hopes make it back. Heard Bergy has promised another private dinner on Friday night, Webber and Gianpetro are talking about a two-man performance as MCs at the Saturday dinner, and Sir Francis Palamara will be flying in on Freddie Lakers jet, parking next to Russerts NBC jet, and next to Bernie Gesenhues Northwest Airlines 747. Im driving. ... Finally I was saddened to hear of the death of Howie Burgh 70. For those who knew him we will always remember his wicked wit, his great inner strength, and his absolute devotion to his friends and his fraternity brothers. Howie is smiling down on us all. Take care. JM

Mike Foxy McShane from the Peach State, and Cleveland-area brothers Al Bert Altieri and Larry Meathead Meathe. I guess the weekend was a truly hoppin time, especially at night as the guys hopped around from room to room to escape the snoring of the other guys. ... And speaking of alumni not in our class, but close enough to know, congratulations are certainly in order for Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis 75, who recently overcame illness and down-sizing after a 27-year career with American Greetings to become the new president of her alma mater. No, not JCU; her high school, St. Joseph Academy on Clevelands Westside, where she couldnt be happier. This job was made for me. ... not to mention Tim Russert 72, who has really hit a home run with his compilation of letters, Wisdom of Our Fathers, which my son Kevin gave me for fathers day. Its a beautiful, heart-warming, tearjerking read more than worth the time. ... And finally, football news featuring St. Ignatius head coach Chuck Chico Kyle, who the THE PLAIN DEALER recognized as the No. 1 head coach (football, track) for the Cleveland area in boys high school sports; Chicos offensive coordinator Nick Restifo, received the Ron Stoops Sr. Assistant Coach of the Year award. Coincidentally, Nick, a football letterman and Delta Alpha Theta member during JCU days who received his masters from Cleveland State University, was also selected as head coach of the West squad in the 34th annual Cuyahoga County East-West all-star game, played most appropriately at (number three) JCUs Don Shula 51 Stadium. Nick returned to his old stompin grounds triumphantly as he led his West squad to a come-from-behind 25-14 victory. ... OK, since the Indians have ruined our baseball summer we have to hope that the Browns redeem our football fall. ... And you all can redeem my class notes year by sending me some. gop


Had a great talk with gentleman farmer/jeweler Steve Wainwright. Steve, as you remember, was the sticky-handed pass-catching wide receiver on the football team. After graduation he explored South Africas diamond mines -- where he found the richest diamond mine in the world -- opened a store in Beverly, OH, and has made millions. Actually, Im stretching the truth on the South Africa thing but it makes good copy especially since I have NO news from anyone. Anyway, not only has Wainwright doubled his empire by opening a second store, but he has expanded his gentlemanly pursuits by buying a Canadian fishing ranch (and he invites us all up there for a free trip AND hes picking up the flights). Not really, but then this IS a fish story. Steves fishing camp is in Kipawa, Quebec. I asked him if the luxury matched Sir Francis Palamaras fishing cottage in the Midlands replete with butler, Rolls Royce for transport from the sea plane, and a green grocer? But he said, no, its rustic. Reading between the lines rustic reads as: outhouses, fires instead of stoves, screens instead of AC, and sharing beds


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Hilton Head, NC, location of the palatial second home of Pittsburghs Frank Squeaks Palermo 74, became the site of a mini AKY reunion last spring featuring Mike Niner Nienstedt as the hook representative from 73. Niner was reportedly the only sane member of the gathering who did not punish his not 21-year-old anymore body beyond a self-imposed limit of 18 holes of golf per day (well, there was always the 19th hole, too, I suppose), unlike the other knuckleheads who pushed through 36 holesplus of grueling, hot, North Carolina golf. That distinguished group would include: John Noisy Palermo 71, older brother of host Frank; and additional 1974 frat brothers Jumpin Joe Virostek,

Gratefully, Larry Meathe replied to my request from 70 71 Dolan 3rd floor T-Wing members and provided the following updates: Squeak (a.k.a. Frank Palermo) is the proud owner of a palatial estate in the lovely city of Hilton Head, NC. As Larry describes, Frank being the kind and generous person that he tells us he is, invited seven AKY frat brothers for a four night, long weekend of golf and recreation in April. The guest list included Franks older brother, John Palermo 71 (who was gifted with the truly correct nick name of Noisy -- he talks so much we seriously discussed putting him on a daily word limit); Mike (Niner) Nienstedt 73; Al (Bert) Altieri (who decided, for unknown reasons, to drive from Cleveland to Hilton Head, but was gracious enough to get there before all the others, with groceries, and prepare dinner; Joe (Jumpin) Virostek 74 (who served in a staff sergeant capacity organizing food lists, tee times, and meal schedules); and Mike (Fox) McShane 74 ... I also received an e-mail from Bob MadJOhN CARROll UNIvERSITy SUMMER 2006


den, from Auburn, OH. He and Mary (Richards) announced the marriage of their oldest son, Bob, in April. Alumni in attendance included Jeff Hokl and Rick Shina. Jeffs wife, Pat, couldnt make it in from Chicago to attend the ceremony, but she sent their youngest daughter, Kathleen, to make sure Jeff behaved. Rick lives a couple of miles from Bob, so the two of them have been able to spend a lot of time on the golf course this season. In additional to his regular job, Bob will start his 11th year coaching high school football at Hudson High School with Duch Narducci 72 and he is still playing amateur baseball. Mary is administrative manager at a private country club, plays a lot of tennis, and, Bob proclaimed as beautiful as ever. ... I spoke with Ray Zammit 73. His oldest daughter Jenn graduated from Miami of Ohio in 2005 and is a bond trader. Rays wife, Toni, works 3-4 days a week as a dental hygienist. In 2004, they bought a commercial laundry business. ... Still in search of updates from 70 71 Dolanites! Id rather fill this column with news from the class of 74 than how the Tigers (with the best record in baseball at this writing) are doing! ... Hope everyone had a great summer and look forward to hearing from you this fall. Robby

75 76

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The Position is now open

Reunion 2006 was a wonderful time! We had over 50 classmates come together for a great weekend. As you can imagine, it will take me a few columns to get everything in. Joe Barmann and Gwen Benovich Dickerhoof put together a video of photos, both old and new, that was terrific! Gwen is working on putting a CD together for distribution. We surpassed our class gift goal of $ 60K thanks to the efforts of Terry Fergus and Elaine Yeip. The best part was the first-timers reaction to a reunion weekend. They are going to be the best proponents for the 35th! It was a treat to see Mark Gallagher, Barb Vrdolyak Dorigan, Tom (Omar) Lawrence, Bill Russo, Barb Kozel, Dave Tkacik and the ever erudite Bob Tullio! Even Bill White Owl Gedeon dropped in for a bit. ... Some bits of information gathered from our time together: Joanne and Tom Welsh are sending son Tom off to Boston College where he will be meeting up with Nancy 77 and Dave Benaccis son Kevin, who along with his mother joined us as guests of the class. ... Bill and Michelle Furnary Rainsberger are back from Paris and living in Connecticut. ... Debbie Utlak Cook and Jackie Lanser Zilinskas had plenty of photos from the old days. ... Elizabeth Trocki was there and sent the best wishes of her cousin Norb, who missed this one because of business. Kathy and Rick Baranski made it in from Florida. 44

... Great to see Mike and Mary Cay McConnell, Bill and Maureen Flynn Thompson and Mark and Rosemary Sweeney DeSilvio. ... Kenny Mulcrone had to hurry out on Sunday for a date with his kids at the amusement park. ... It wouldnt be a reunion without some of Murphy Halls nicest inhabitants: Mary Ann (Bergy) Ahern; Meth Strube Letz, Kathy Horvath Pankiw and Mary Duffy-Segerson. Gino Iannucci and Ray ONeill were in fine form, as were Marty Dorsch, Jim DiBenedetto and Jack Fay. ... Maureen McSweeney and Chris Buttress were in attendance, along with Don Bibbo and Pat Cataldo. ... Kathy 77 and Joe Michael, Patty 79 and Denny Saunier and Dave Wolfe enjoyed the festivities, along with Pat Behmer Lonergan, Dr. James Mell, Jim Wagner and Mike Skerl. ... It was fun to see Hal Becker and Dennis Doverspike. ... Rounding out my list of alums are Bonnie Smith Freeh, Mike McGuigan, John OBrien, Alex Russo, Mary Simmons, John Simon and John Solotko. ... Okay, my fingers are out of breath and if I missed anyone send me a line. It was a terrific weekend and dont miss the next one! ... Got missive from Gina Immucci Dyke who was going to stop in but life intervened. Shes working at Progressive Insurance and reports that husband Bill does as well. Also that son Matt just graduated from Heidelberg College and daughter Jennifer will do the same from JCU in 2007. ... Class congrats to Donald Maciejewski who has been named one of the Florida Super Lawyers for 2006, an honor based on peer review from other attorneys and judges across the country who have worked with him. Dons practice is in personal injury law. ... Dennis Murphy and wife, Vicki, are living in Westlake Village, CA, with their five kids. Dennis is president of Absolute Analysis. ... Finally, I got a note from Marty McGarry who, along with wife, Mary, was sorely missed. He sent word that he had attended the funeral of our classmate, Rick Connors. Our sympathies to Ricks family and friends. Cools

is as crazy as ever. Pete also says that he would love to hear from the old gang; IBGs, and Bernet Hall inmates. Didnt we used to call it Burn out Hall? ... I also received a short note from Jane Kvacek Zusman. She is living in Mishawaka, IN, and working for the University of Notre Dame as a costume shop specialist. She and her husband, Marty, have a daughter, Jennifer (9). ... Thats about all I have the time for now. Keep those cards and letters coming. Dennis


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Well it looks like I can cross Pete Gailey off of the missing persons list. After the last column appeared I received the following e-mail: There once was a rancher in ENCINITAS/Who married the most lovely of all SENIORITAS/While raising EMUS, He forgot to SCHMOZE/When next in town will drop by to see YAS. Okay. Not bad. You may recall that I manufactured a rumor that Pete was raising emus in Encinitas in order to coax a response from him. It appears that this is a good strategy. Pete further reports that he is living in Plano, TX. He and his wife, Robin, have two kids: Lauren (15) and Nick (13). Lauren has earned her Girl Scout Gold Award and Nick is working on becoming an Eagle Scout. Pete is the executive vice president of sales and marketing for Technologent. Pete reports that he caught up with Bob Reigert (Tigger) at Mardi Gras a couple of years ago. Bob is working as a technical director for a TV station in New Orleans and according to Pete he

Greetings Class of 78! ... Condolences and prayers to family and friends of our classmate, Sue Stretch Leopold, who died of melanoma cancer on July 6. Sue battled with cancer for two years and kept working and playing softball through the treatments. JCU classmates and friends kept in touch with Sue and attended the services including Joanie Snyder, Vicke and Tom Horvath, Terry OBrien, Colleen Farrell Melena, Jim Skerl, Bob Rees, Ramona Francesconi Rogers 79, Jim Schaefer 79 and Joe Spicuzza 73. There is a collection of reflections of Sue; e-mail me and Ill send it to you. ... Joanie Snyders oldest son graduated from Loyola University this past spring. Her other two sons are in college and high school. Joanie, spouse George and family live in Grand Rapids, MI. ... Bob Rees lives in Pittsburgh and has an empty nest with kids at Kenyon College and the University of Richmond. Bob and classmates Mark Fasano and Terry OBrien plan to celebrate turning 50 at JCUs homecoming September 23. ... Dave Kavanagh and spouse, Mary, live in Lake Forest, IL. Daves daughter Lauren began her first year of college at Elon University in North Carolina. Son Michael is a sophomore at Loyola Academy. Dave is president of Dearborn Capital Mgt. and keeps in touch with Mike Hendricks, Terry OBrien, Tom Ruddy, Jack Blackburn and more. Daves hobbies include a lot of golf weekdays and weekends. ... Condolences to Larry Wall on the passing of his father Edward. Larry lives in Long Beach, IN, and works for Wall Construction. ... Rob Herald left Cairo during spring break to visit Bruce Brownridge and family in Cape Town, South Africa. Rob had a great time visiting Reverend, Tina and the boys, seeing the beautiful scenery, climbing Table Mountain, golfing at Royal Cape Golf Club and sampling the great beer and fine wines of the region. Rob reports Bruce is doing some wonderful work down there and has some wonderful and interesting friends, including Desmond Tutu. Rob continues to travel and has visited another dozen countries since our 25th Reunion. Rob begins his next job this fall at Ruamrudee International School in Bangkok, Thailand. As always, Rob offers, visitors welcome! ... Bro. Mike Tripka, TOR, is librarian at Everest Institute (formerly Duffs Business Institute) in Pittsburgh. Br. Mike lives at Queen of Peace Friary -- the Friary staffs a parish, Saint Matthew, and is looking at consolidating with other parishes. ... John Kostyo won the March

primary and is democratic candidate for the 76th Ohio House District (Ohios Hardin, Hancock and Auglaize Counties). The campaign experience has given John a lot more meaning to his surviving Dr. Barbers classes in political science. John - www. - admits to being a commando Republican during his JCU days but now says inside every Republican is an inner Democrat, that we grow and change for the better ... Thanks for writing! Tim

were difficult when we had to study and perform, those times certainly were the ones that formed us! ... Wishing you all days of peace and sunshine, love, Nancy


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I attended the JCU Alumni Awards dinner in May where Father Joe Callahan, Padre Jos, received an Alumni Medal. To hear his presentation speech, click on and follow the prompts. It was a lovely evening. Great to see Joe and his family -- he had a whole contingent that followed him up to JCU from Columbus, OH. Joe definitely deserves the honor. Joe will be in El Salvador until next year. Theresa Ptak Buiel, Cathy Dinkel Newell and Beth Maher Rinz were also in attendance. Dr. Donald Coburn 43 also received an Alumni Medal and his entourage included son Chris Coburn and daughter-in-law Nancy Looney Coburn. Chris continues to do mega bike races -- he was riding from Cleveland to Cape Cod last I heard, but stated it was just a one way trip! ... I hear from Karen McGuire McCarthy, who is married to Michael. They have three children -- oldest, Michael, graduated from Carroll in May, daughter Colleen is a junior at Mount St. Marys University in Maryland, while their youngest son, Matt, will be starting at U of Dayton in the fall ... so theyll be empty nesters. ... Mariellen OBrien Hendricks oldest son, Michael, graduated from Georgetown in May and plans on working for the Justice Department. ... John Taormina wrote to say that he relocated to Durham, NC, from Ann Arbor, MI, in 2000 and now works at Duke University as the director of the Visual Resources Center (slide, photograph, and digital image library). Last year was a significant professional milestone for John, as he was the recipient of the 2005 Distinguished Service Award and the 2005 Achievement Award of the Visual Resources Association from the international organization of image media professionals. He was the first male in the association to receive the Distinguished Service Award, and the only member to receive both awards in one year. John would also like to know how the old second floor Bernet Hall gang is doing? So how about it guys? ... Heard from Mike Korpics. He reports that he, wife, Kathleen, and four kids are doing fine. He is still working as an ER doc, paying for his kids education: with one in med school (he couldnt talk him out of it), two at Northwestern University (he couldnt convince any of them to go to JCU) and one in high school. ... I was taking a walk in the JCU neighborhood recently and ran into Dr. Frank Navratil. He was teaching a summer session class in finance. We chatted and reminisced about the old days when Dr. Jerry Clifford, SJ, was in the department. Even though we thought things

Hi everyone! Our 25th class reunion may be over, but far from forgotten The most outstanding event of the weekend was our class gift that Hal Hawk presented to President Fr. Niehoff. Hal set an ambitious goal and with his determination, his committees support and everyones generosity, we donated $ 276,231. Until now, the largest gift ever given to JCU from a 25th reunion class was $110,000. Thanks to everyone but especially to the hard work of Hal Hawk! ... Catherine OBrien McCuishs son Mike and Jill Conroy, JTs wife, were early risers on Saturday to participate in the 5k run/3k walk. JT and Jill live in Spring Lake, MI, with their four children Liam, Lilli, Luke and Molly. Jill home schooled until recently and JT practices law in Grand Rapids. ... Michael Coyle left the Cuyahoga County Commissioners after 22 years for National City Bank. Hes looking forward to his 35th consecutive trip to Disney World in December. ... Guy and Michelle Keresman Connors are busy raising children: John; Annie; and Meg. Michelle visited Michael Day at his business, Flowerville Inc., to thank him for the beautiful floral arrangements he made for the reunion dinner. Michael was unable to attend -- his business is doing well. He travels to Singapore to visit his brother who worked in the World Trade Center until 9/11. ... Tracy and Jim Bichl live in Cleveland with their children Suzy, a freshman at Columbia College in Chicago, and James, Jr. ... Marianne Breen is making a major change. She quit her job at the Humane Society in Missouri and is moving to Michigan to help her mother, who needs assistance. ... Bob and Anne Marquard Nicolay live in Westlake, where they are raising Kelly, Susie, and Matthew. ... Barb and Paul Sparrow celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary this year! They have two children: Jeffrey, a Marine Corps lieutenant and Kimberly, a student at Elon University. Paul and Barb recently relocated to Charlotte, NC, to take a new job with NASCAR. ... Greg 80 and Debbie Tighe Branic live in Strongsville with daughters Katie, Molly and Emily. At the last minute, Debbie and Greg decided to come to reunion, not to eat, or drink but just to say hi. It was great to see them! ... Bill and Nancy Loyan Schuemann came well prepared for the beer tasting event. Bill brought a huge German beer stein. ... Liz 82 and Patrick Sweeney made a valiant effort to get Myron Terlecky to come to reunion but

without success. Myron was moving his father that weekend. Patrick and Liz have four children; the oldest is at Michigan State University studying communications. And next year, they can relive all the great memories from this year when they return for Lizs 25th! Many classmates enjoyed the reunion weekend like Hal Hawk, Bob Belanger, Larry DOnofrio, Kevin Kehres, Tom Ginley, Jeff Lehrich, Michael Mitchell, Frank Omerza, Linda Satyshur Pintabona and Pete Carroll. Some classmates had planned to come but unfortunately were unable to make it -- like Bill and Mary Carol Anthony OBrien. Bill injured two disks in his back. Their oldest son, Tim, is going to continue the family tradition and will be a Blue Streak this fall! Tim was given a scholarship by the National Alumni Association. Their younger son, Billy, is a sophomore at Loyola Academy in Chicago and wants to go to the Naval Academy but Bill plans on changing his sons mind because Billy is a football player. ... Check for pictures on the JCU web site index.htm. ... Hope you had a wonderful summer! God bless, Julie


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Greetings from Chicago! Former Blue Streak diver, Chris ONeil dropped me a line. He and his wife, Cindy, live in Denver and have five kids. Chris is a senior vice president with Morgan Stanley and Cindy coaches age group swimming. These days find them shuttling kids between swimming, soccer and lacrosse. The ONeils will be experiencing their next life stage this fall as #1 child is off to the University of Colorado. Does anybody else wonder why the University of Colorado refers to itself as CU? Finally heard from former Blue Streak swimming standout, Dave Holtz. Holtzie is a lieutenant in the Lyndhurst Fire Department, where he has been for over 20 years. Dave is loving life surrounded by four beautiful women. His wife, Barb, has taken up ballroom dancing. Their daughters, Hannah (16), Kelly (14) and Jillian (12), are just hitting their prime teenage years. It just doesnt get any better than that, Dave. ... I ran into Francine Gagliano and Maureen Strathern Graham at the Friday night bash on campus for Reunion Weekend. Francine keeps tabs with Janice McKeon Eva, Rose Dannemiller and Roberta Beni Fazio. They recently got together in Solon to raise money for leukemia research. Francine still works for State National Companies in the insurance industry. She travels every other week to Fort Worth, but has managed to resist a transfer to Texas. Her son Matt is a sophomore at Miami University and her daughter, Caitlin, is a junior in high school. ... Judy Schoen Thomas just won an award from the City of Maumee, which recognized her as the domestic engineer of the year. Judy and her husband, Frank, have one daughter in college (University of Toledo UT not TU!) and a daughter and son at Toledos Central Catholic High (CCHS Im guessing). She lives close to Maureen Lynch Thebes and their kids go


to school together. Judy has promised to rally the troops for our reunion next summer. Congratulations on the recognition, Judy! ... Liz Summers Sweeney celebrated with the class of 81 at this years reunion, while promising to return for our 25th next June. I had a great chat with her on Friday night. If you hung out in the Bohannon Science Center, you might remember her husband, Patrick 81, who is an MD in Battle Creek, MI. ... I was able to track down the elusive Peggy Daly Tischler at her home in Mount Airy, MD. A little birdie gave me her phone number. Peggy and Rich have two girls and one boy and are consumed with golf and lacrosse. Peggy keeps tabs on our Rocky River legal eagle, Collette Gallagher Mentrek, and Chicagoans Cathy Pierce Kelly, and Mary Ann Gallagher Stanton. ... Mary Rose Coburn Sullivan came back to campus for the Alumni Awards dinner and graduation in May. Her father, Dr. Donald Coburn 43, received the Alumni Medal at this years festivities. Mary Rose is living in New Jersey across the street from her parish go figure! She is raising three boys ages 8, 6 and 3 . ... Corinne Welty Dupuis was also at graduation, looking as beautiful as ever. Corinne (or CO-baby) has been a flight attendant since graduation and is living in Brentwood, TN. She is looking to start teaching and put to use some of the worldly knowledge she has gained. ... I really need updates from classmates please drop me a line. Also, its not too early to mark Reunion Weekend off on your calendar. June 22-24, 2007 will be here before you know it. ... Onward on! Paul

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John Breen sponsored the online guestbook for memorial notes regarding our deceased friend Pat Goold. Go to click on View/sign Guestbook then put his last name in the search box. I am sure his family would appreciate your memories. ... Grateful to Tom T Dannemiller for keeping a lot of us appraised of the condition of his former roommate Chas Brunn. Chas had heart bypass surgery this summer, but came through it all like a champ, and planned on still going on a family vacation to Myrtle Beach. ... Bridget and Tom Guarentes oldest, Michael, is now a junior at Ignatius, playing lacrosse and doing better than his father ever did academically according to Tom. Daughter Sarah, an eighth grader, is anxious to start high school, and Jimmy, their first grader, keeps his parents running! Between business commitments and travel, Tom has been active in the Ohio gubernatorial campaign. This state needs some new thinking and bold leadership to turn things around! Tom recently moved onto another Silicon Valley tech firm and is leading 46

the team that grows business in this part of the country. Hes been working with some folks from the DC and Boston areas in exploring what tech and biotech startups might warrant investors. Tom says he and Mike May talk regularly about the perils of being a Browns fan. Tom says Mike Znidarsic 85 is busy with the FBI and trying not to get too depressed about the Browns either. ... Heard that Katie (McHugh) Thomas has become the assistant principal at Wickliffe Middle School ... Also that Marianne Usiak has her Ph.D. now. ... The Keelers moved to Westlake a year ago after 12 years in Avon Lake. Martha stays busy doing creative landscape design work and helping out at their sons school, St. Raphael. Their son is 11 and plays hockey for Rocky River, which Ken helps coach. Ken joined the Cleveland Blast, mens hockey team, three years ago. His team played an exhibition game at the Q arena before the last Cleveland Barons game. Ken has been at KeyCorp for 22 years and does investment banking work in the media and technology space started last year. Ken also continues to teach life skills to homeless men at the Salvation Army Harbor Light facility in Cleveland. ... Joe Hoffer is in Cleveland -- Tennessee that is! He left the U.S. Attorneys Office in Puerto Rico in 1998 and settled in Cleveland, TN, where his brother, Jerry 88, has been practicing law since 1991. Joe left the District Attorney Generals Office in July 2004, and now he does private practice in the same building with his brother. He specializes in personal injury cases and state and federal criminal defense. He also runs The Cleveland Jiu-Jitsu Academy. Joe has a seventh degree black belt in Hakko Denshin Ryu JuJutsu and a second degree purple belt in Brazilian JiuJitsu. In March 2005, Joe went to Japan with his children for a jiu-jitsu seminar. His daughter, Claudia (14), is a sophomore at Notre Dame High School in Chattanooga. She plays soccer, is considering playing lacrosse, is bilingual and in honors Spanish. Son John is at the Cleveland Middle School where he played football, wrestled, played soccer, and trains in jiu-jitsu. Hes also bilingual in Spanish. Joes wife, Alejandra, is the Spanish department at Cleveland State Community College. She is very active in the Latino community in Cleveland and plays music at weddings and funerals at their church. They also enjoy kayaking in the mountains of Tennessee in the summer and snowboarding in the winter. ... Go to for the longer column! Don

division, Matt handles all business with the RollsRoyce main jet engine manufacturing facilities in England and Germany. At home in Avon Lake, they are busy tending to their four children Kelsey, Dan, and twins Eric and David. ... Sal DAngelo 86 dropped me a note of heartfelt thanks for all the prayers and condolences extended to his family for the loss of his father this past February. Sal and Donna live in Mentor and are kept running with their three kids: Sam (8), Nicholas (6), and Natalie (4). ... Weekly television host, Tim Luke, of Cash in the Attic on HGTV was in my neck of the woods this week taping an episode in NYC. Check him out at TreasureQuest at and dont forget to tune in at 8 on Monday nights! ... Kathy and Tim Shook are living in Mooresville, NC, and have a daughter, Kasey (16). ... Rodney Boucek received his MBA from Pepperdine University and is living in Los Angeles. ... Elizabeth Becka author of Trace Evidence, which just came out in paperback, has a sequel, Unknown Means, which will be released either fall 2007 or early winter 2008. Keep us posted on your pending publication! ... Peggy (Bertsch) Currier made headlines in the local Detroit News for protesting the pending building of a Wal-Mart. You can view Peggys transformation from right-wing to left-wing liberal in her Angry Citizen Pose in the Detroit News article featured on April 10, 2006 at ... On a sad and happy note here is an insert from a letter I received from Dave Pratt, First, the good news: I am very excited to announce that I have been offered and have chosen to accept the Director of Development position at the Jesuit Retreat House, tasked with leading their upcoming capital and endowment campaign. This is a fantastic opportunity for me and my family and I cant wait to get busy working for another quality Jesuit institution. Now, the bad news: As a result, it was with very mixed emotions that I resigned my position with John Carroll University. It has been my privilege to return to our alma mater this past year. I have especially enjoyed rekindling friendships, working with and meeting so many wonderful alumni. I will always be grateful for the opportunity that the university has provided me. Best of luck to you, Dave! ... Lastly, I heard from classmate, Martin Maude. Martin, please get back to me and update us on what has been going on with you! As always, I look forward to hearing from all of you. Stay COOL! Diane


Send your notes to: diane (nerem) Wendel 629 Quaker Road Rte 120 Chappaqua, Ny 10514-1507 914-238-2227 E-mail:


It was a pleasure to hear from my old freshman roommate, Kiera (Kmiecik) Black. After graduation, Kiera completed her MSE in engineering at Case Western Reserve University and worked for Bendix Commercial. Her husband, Matthew, is a metallurgist for Parker Aerospace, which supplies components to companies that produce jet engines, planes, rockets, or helicopters. With his MBA, he spent time traveling to such countries as Brazil and North Korea because he was in charge of international military programs. Now at this new

Send your notes to: Belinda Glavic Grassi 6815 Edinboro Pl. Concord Township, Oh 44077 440-352-2231 440-352-2232 (fax) E-mail:

For those who were not able to attend Reunion, you missed a great weekend! The weather cooperated in fine fashion and Saturday evening dinner under the Big Tent was quite a lovely event. It was great to see so many from our class in attendance. Be sure to check to view photos. A huge thank you to all who made a donation to our 20th reunion class gift. As of June 24, 18.6% of our

Barbara Rosene 82: a singer of great American music

Barbara Rosene 82 is a wife, mother and a chanteuse who specializes in the great American popular music of sixty and more years ago. According to the Web, Barbara is in fact, a passionate interpreter of American popular music. Varietys Robert Daniels has written: Barbara reveals a lyrics plaintive romanticism and lovely melody with a kind of sweet lyrical grace, Peter leavy said of Rosenes Cabaret Scenes, As effective an anti-depressant as anything available without a doctors prescription. Rosene, whose latest CD is Moon Song, herself declares: The reason I perform the music of the 20s, 30s and 40s is that for me it is like a history lesson. I dont want the language and the melodies to be lost. The most rewarding part of the business is finding obscure songs and celebrating the composers of that time. The music business now is about performers. Its important to me that at one time it was about the song writers and their words, and how they reflected the values and priorities of America. For several years, Barbara was the featured vocalist with vince Giordanos Nighthawks. She has made appearances at the prestigious Mabel Mercer Societys Cabaret Convention in New york; has done regular engagements at New yorks Essex house, Caf Botanica, and the Tavern on the Green. Not long ago, she had a series of performances of her Moon Show to rave reviews at Dannys Skylight Room in New york. She is slated for a night at Nighttown, arguably the Cleveland areas best jazz club,

in November, and there is a date scheduled at the Mustard Seed Caf in Montrose in the Akron area in October. will tell you more, and allow you to sample Barbaras sound.

classmates had participated to raise $47,233 for our gift! Thats amazing! You can still make a contribution to our class gift by visiting givetojcu or you can call Bob Kirschner director of annual giving at 216.397.4198. ... Someone at reunion passed on information regarding Robert Tangredi. He is living in Carmel, IN, with his wife, Erica, and working for Monster, but his actual position couldnt be identified! ... Edward Shingary is still living in Parma, OH. ... I heard through the grapevine that Maureen McCoy Spooner is living in Willoughby, OH, and accepted a position at Progressive. My source told me that Maureen and her husband, Andrew, have five children ... which is totally crazy and insane! Maureen, drop me a line and tell me how you manage all that! ... Margaret Peggy (Hannigan) Salamon is now living in St. Charles, IL, with husband Michael. After 10 years in the Minneapolis area, Mike is now employed with Niagara LaSalle Steel in Hammond, IN, and is VP of business development. Peggy is a busy mom to Elizabeth (15), Michael (13), and

Luke (6). ... Al Casino is currently living with his wife, Susan, in Barberton, OH. He received his MBA from Regis University in December 2005 and is presently a VP with JPMorganChase Bank in Akron, OH. Al and Susan have six children (sorry Maureen, theyre even crazier than you!) Kylie (15), Abbey (12), Noah (9), Owen (6), Molly (2) and just recently welcomed child number six. ... As for me, Im just hanging out with the boys and enjoying our first week of good hot summer weather after the start of summer vacation with a crummy month of rain. My phone has a ton of messages that need returning, but Ill save it for another day. 92 beckons again! Work can wait until the sun sets ... Now if only those of you with those large families will tell me your secret to keeping your laundry done! Please dont tell me its all the pool towels and bathing suits. Theres only four of us here, and yet it seems I should just move my office into the laundry room in order to accommodate the frequent trips there. I wonder if there is a way to deduct that as business mileage ... hmmm. ... Until next time, Ciao! Belinda


Send your notes to: sue Farinacci Grazia 10338 loreto Ridge Dr. Willoughby, Oh 44094-9547 440-256-0338 E-mail:

I received a note from Marty Connell. He is living in Columbus, OH, and would probably love to hear from his old Phi Kappa Xi friends. ... I also heard from Missy Gaffney DeGennaro. She is in Liverpool, NY, with husband, Mike, and children Lexi and Paul. She is teaching 3rd grade, loves being a mom, and is involved in the usual carpooling to basketball, baseball and birthday parties. She also updated me that she gets together occasionally with Katie Simmons, who is living large in Boston. Katie hasnt changed a bit, and they continue to have great times when they find time. Also, she writes that Margaret Cornellie Kealy is living with husband, John, and children Caroline, Janie and Patrick in Chicago, and they are doing great. She actually lives near Colleen Barrett, who is


now expecting baby #3. Thanks for all the updates, Missy. ... I also heard from John deHaas, who just marked the 20th anniversary of his theme park entertainment career since his first at Cedar Point. He is doing a lot of work at Busch Gardens and Disney World. He will be playing fourth keyboard for the national tour of MAMMA MIA in Ft. Myers, Miami, Tampa and West Palm Beach. If any of you are in the area, you may want to check into seeing his show. He also just bought a new home and is busy with renovations. He is now up to 350 roller coasters and hopes to add a few more this summer! ... Brigid McNeely is living in Lakewood, OH, with her two daughters Moira and Maggy. She writes, I love living there because I can be as quirky as I want and its okay. Moira is 11 years and in the sixth grade and loves Irish dancing and the cello and Maggy is in the fourth grade and loves soccer and getting dirty. Brigid is a librarian at the Cuyahoga County Public Library Branch in Bay Village, OH. She is also completing her masters in library science online and will finish this summer. ... I wish you all a peaceful autumn and hope to have some great information to share with you in a few months. God bless, Sue

a senior derivatives marketer in the Mid-Atlantic Region for Citizens Financial Group. Unfortunately, Julia (Welsh) Lundy could not join the gang because her father passed away after a long illness. ... Frank Ziegler is living in Aurora, OH, with his wife, Jill, and two girls, Catherine (5) and Grace (3). Frank is a certified financial planner for American Financial. ... Bonnie McCulley lives in Sheffield Lake, OH, and is a regional director for Community Heath Partners. ... Dave Williams lives in Erie, PA, with his wife, Stephanie, and three children, Taylor (7), Aidan (3), and new baby Ethan. ... Our apologies to Jeff King and his wife. His daughters name is Eva, not Victoria as we included in a previous column. Sorry for the mixup. ... Sadly, we must share that Peter OConnor passed away suddenly and we hope that you will keep Peter and his family in your prayers. ... We hope to hear more from other classmates for the next update! Kathy and Jamie

(10) and Annie (8). ... Maureen Regan Riley and her husband, Vinnie, have children Meghan (8), Vinnie (5) and twins who will be one this July. ... Kathleen Zuccaro Guzzi and husband, Dave, welcomed Allison in April. ... Maura Slattery Boyle welcomed baby boy #3, Declan, in November. ... Last but not least let me apologize to Annie Kahl as I wrote about a trip we took to the Bahamas for her 40th birthday in February; I failed to mention we went a year early, as she is only 39 ... love you Annie. ... Thanks to all who wrote in and please keep the notes coming. Continued success for the rest of 2006 and beyond. Peace, David


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Received a great update from Christine (Menke) Mingus. She and her husband, Ron 87, live in Brecksville, OH, with their four children -- Nathan (8), Stephen (6), Rachel (4), and David, who joined the family in November. Chris is a stay at home mom and Ron is a law partner at Reminger & Reminger in Cleveland. She also keeps in touch with Clevelanders Maggie (Heller) Shero and Katherine (Meehan) Collins. Maggie and her husband, Bill, have four children and live in Mentor, OH. Katherine and her husband, Tom 87, have five children and live in South Russell, OH. Every summer Chris gets together with other JCU grads, and last summer Kris (Vent) Leonard hosted a get together at her home in Pittsburgh. Kris has two boys, Adam and Luke. Erin (Doolin) Fessler was there with her family from Erie. Nancy (Fullerton) Bernard was also there with her two children, Anna and Spencer. Nancy, husband Anthony, and family just moved to Seattle, WA. ... A 40th b-day girls weekend was hosted by Cindy (Constantakis) Russell in Leesburg, VA. Beth (Galle) deVente, Meg (Sullivan) Walters, Michelle LoSchiavo, Sharon (Byrnes) Mixner, Ellen (Maglicic) Kramer and Karen (Welsh) Levis 87 gathered for food, fun and laughs. Everyone is doing well with their respective families and careers. The biggest move to report was Michele LoSchiavo, who after many years in Cleveland, just moved to Center City Philadelphia. She has gone back to her investment banking roots and is 48

I must apologize to Andy 88 and Michelle Flando as I see them quite a bit at Holy Trinity in Avon at both church and the school and have yet to mention them in the article. Michelle and Andy have kids Molly (11), Andrew (9) and Allie (7). Michelle does A LOT of work for the school and its kids; Andy does GOLF; see you on the course soon I hope. ... Joan Kiernan Korinek dropped me a note saying that she and husband Jim are doing great. Joan works for Baxter, enjoys it and they have daughter Margaret (4), who sounds like she is a handful -- mentally way ahead of her time. For the past eight years, Joan and Jim have lived outside the city of Chicago, in River Forest ... Lisa (Ahern) Lewis and husband Don live in Hudson with children Brendan (19), Susan (17) and Elizabeth (15). Lisa returned to JCU in August of 2005 as media services coordinator, where she works with the broadcast archives in the OMalley Center and acts as the advisor to the student television station on campus. ... Sue Bayhurst Hansen and her husband, Paul 86, welcomed baby Katherine in April of 2005 and Sue is enjoying the role of stay-at-home mom. Sue and Paul live in Westlake, right next door to classmate Julie Musca Peacock and her husband, Tom, who have two children: Jake (3) and Katie (1). A 40th birthday party was thrown for Jim Hansen 88 and JCUers included Mark Oswald 88, John Mitchell, Spencer Cominos 86, Iggy Gannon 91, Siobhan OLeary and Teresa Dolinar. Iggy and his wife, Emilie Amer 92, live in West Park and have two children, Molly (2) and Tommy (7 mos.). ... Another group of our classmates gets together once a year and includes Christine Fennelly (Boston), Beth Senay (Philly), Mandi Kiss Snowman (Dallas), Rita Mladek and Tami LaGattuta ... Christine and her husband, Larry, welcomed Benjamin Frances in February and Mandi and her husband, John, have two children Jack (6) and Katie (3). ... Katie Torchia Moosavian and her husband, Tom, live in Columbus and have children Matt (12), Tommy

I found a great source of information for my column my Uncle Jack! My uncle is not a JCU alum and lives 3,000 miles from Ohio in LA! But he has been friends with Tonia Jost 91 for several years. She is in LA and owns her own salon. She had an Easter party and my uncle and Brian Donovan 89 were guests. They had a nice chat and discovered the JCU connection. At Tonias Memorial Day party, my uncle had the good fortune of meeting Lidia Futey and Mike Murphy! Lidia and Mike are living in Baltimore with their three children! ... Colleen Reilly dropped me an e-mail a couple of weeks before her June wedding! The new Mrs. Bowman married Bruce on June 17. Colleen and Bruce are living in Wilmington, NC, where Colleen has been since fall 2001. She is an assistant professor of English at UNC-Wilmington and her husband is an architect and an artist (painter). ... Kim (Delserone) Mauro wrote that she and her husband, Jeff, made the move south. They moved from Pittsburgh (where they both are from) to Richmond, VA. Kim and Jeff have two daughters, Sarah (8) and Megan (7). Kim is working parttime as an optometrist in a group practice. Her hobby has become showing her three Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs. A couple of years ago, she took one of her dogs to the Westminster Kennel Club show in NYC. They did not win, but it was a great experience. ... I heard from Tricia Cracchiolo! Tricia is living in Buffalo enjoying the single life. She encourages all JCU classmates to visit Niagara Falls. It is a great family get-away we took Madeline and Oliver there two years ago and they loved it! She is working in sales for a chemical company and keeps in touch with Susan (Banks) Durham, who lives in Pittsburgh with her husband, Doug, and their daughter, Audrey. Sue is working for an accounting firm in Pittsburgh. She also keeps in touch with Jean (Hetzer) Harsar, who lives in Cleveland with her family and Katy (Ford) Bickert, who is in St. Louis with her family. ... Mary Duke is living in Aurora, OH. She got her masters of education in 2002 and is teaching in the Beachwood school district. ... Keep those e-mails coming it doesnt take long and doesnt cost a thing! Heres to a great fall season Go Blue Streaks! Melissa

Two alumnae in Catholic radio broadcasting

There are two young alumnae who have heard and answered a call to dedicate themselves to Catholic radio broadcasting. They were on campus together in the early 90s but never met. Now Della Schoenecker 04 and Manuela lue 94 are both based at St. Gabriel Radio in Columbus. Manuelas residence in the Ohio capital is temporary though. She will soon pursue her mission on the ground in her native Belize. Della Thacker went off to be a television producer in Cleveland before completing her degree, but persevered academically and grasped her diploma two years ago. She enjoyed a nice early career in writing and production at two television stations in Cleveland, and another in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, prior to moving after a lot of prayer to Columbus. Once in that central Ohio city, she made major changes. She met and married Kevin Schoenecker, and, while continuing, for a while, her day job with a Columbus Tv station, she developed a powerful new relationship with St. Gabriel Radio, a Columbus-area radio affiliate of the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) Ive approached everything Ive been involved with through Catholic eyes, said Schoenecker from the studios of St. Gabriel Radio named after the Angel Gabriel. When Della heard about the arrival of the EWTN-affiliated station in Columbus, she made a counter-cultural decision to not pursue mainstream media success and to instead devote her passion and energy to the Gospel-focused message of St. Gabriel radio. She is the program manager of the still very young and small Catholic station, which broadcasts a good deal of EWTN content, but is also developing its own local Columbus-diocese programming. St. Gabriels grew out of a Mt. Gilead, Ohio, parish in 1998, but the station has expanded to serve the diocese and beyond. Its a new endeavor, and the holy Spirit is helping us grow by leaps and bounds, enthuses Schoenecker. Part of our joyous struggle is to let people know what were offering and see if they will be willing to sponsor us. We have a little thing called the 1270 club. We

Manuela Lue (left) and Della Schoenecker at St. Gabriel Radio.

calculated that an hour of radio time costs us $12.70, and we ask our donors to sponsor those hours. To learn more about St. Gabriel Radio, including how you can help, visit their Web site at Manuela lue 94 can also be frequently found at St. Gabriels. lue has spent more time in Columbus than anywhere else over the past six years. She was employed there as a financial analyst for four years, while caring for an ailing aunt and preparing for the next phase of her involvement with Society of Our lady of the Trinity (SOlT). lue has committed herself to a year of service as a lay volunteer in the large Catholic community of priests, vowed religious and lay people. her service is focusing upon the small Catholic radio station in the west of Belize, which lue is dedicated to expanding so that it is able to reach the entirety of the small Caribbean nation with Catholic programming, much of it EWTN programming. lue grew up in Belize City and graduated from St. Johns College, a Jesuit high school. She matriculated at John Carroll in 1990 and graduated as an economics major. From University heights she moved to England, where she earned an MBA from the University of Birmingham and spent several

years working in banking . When she returned on visits to her Caribbean land, lue was deeply affected by the social problems and the suffering. There were a lot of things that moved me, said lue, but mainly it was a call to do more, an inner call. I saw a lot of poverty and things going on in my country and I knew that I was called to help. She began a spiritual path of retreats and reflection, a process that culminated in her commitment to the rapidly growing Catholic community of SOlT, which was founded in New Mexico in the late 1950s. lue is now working to fund a larger transmitter which will communicate EWTN messages and Belizean Catholic news throughout her beautiful land. We are, she said, going to use the radio station to announce Church news. Our three purposes are: evangelization, education and communication. In a nation where half the people speak Spanish and the other half English, The radio station is bilingual. lue, whose father in Belizean and whose mother is Irish, said: We are going to have new buildings and more local programming. People in Belize want to hear about their own Belizeans being changed by the Gospel.
John Carroll university SUMMER 2006 JOhN CARROll UNIvERSITy SUMMER 2006



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Every parting is a form of death as every reunion is a type of heaven. The lit up campus the evenings of Friday and Saturday at Reunion 2006 was fabulous. The Quad is still a place to meet and greet. Those that stayed in the dorms had a great time as did the children involved in the kids camp program. What a wonderful weekend! Thanks to those of you who traveled from both near and far to celebrate with our class. ... Patrick Palleschi and his wife, Katrina, welcomed baby boy number three into their home in May. His name is Mateo. ... Amy Imro ... Dr. Imro, I might add, is working at West Penn Hospital in PA both teaching and delivering babies. ... Maria Kubinski Schulenberg has three children (two girls and a boy). Maria resides in Avon and teaches in the Cleveland schools. ... Frank Borally was able to cater some of the Reunion. ... Stan Rhodes lives in Medina and has three children. He is a sales and marketing manager for Jacobson Mfg. ... It was good to see Carole Kovach, Alison Rooney Otterman, Kim Ballenger McNabb, and Lisa Lagana. Lisa will be getting married this summer. ... Melissa Vertes Butler is in Chagrin Falls, OH, with her husband and three girls. ... Dawn Krause Swope has two children and resides in CT. ... Rodney Bresnahan is in Westerville, OH, and works for Petro Stopping Centers. ... I enjoyed talking with two people who look exactly the same as the day they graduated -- Todd and Kim (Baisch) Wessel live in Sagamore Hills with their family. They met on campus freshman year and are happily married. ... Meghan Kennedy lives in Michigan and works for Rock Financial as a banker assistant. ... Joseph Schneider writes that he and his family appeared on HGTV on I Want That! in February. His company created a new product which is featured on the show. ... Donald Nucerino is in Liberty Township, OH, where he works for Great American Insurance. He is married to Allison and has three children. ... Grayce Rogers Shea and her husband attended reunion. They reside in North Carolina and enjoyed their visit to the dorms while on campus. Grayce has two boys. ... Anne Loncar Mandichak flew in from California. Anne has two children and runs her own accounting company out of her house. ... Mark Waner is a professor of chemistry at JCU. He has two children. Thanks for all your help, Mark, especially with the reunion web page. Mark lives in Lyndhurst. ... Many of you said you would write in ... please dont be shy. Thanks to those of you who assisted with reunion and for your phone calls and dedication to promoting this years reunion. God bless all of you. Fondly, Molly

I received a call yesterday from Erin Webber, she and Scott Webber had a baby girl on June 26. Bridget Erin Webber was 8 lbs. 4 oz. 20 inches long. All are doing well and big brother Shane is very happy with her. ... Kristen (Sullivan) Warzochas picture was recently in THE PLAIN DEALER; she is the Foodbank development director and attended a Harvest for Hunger Benefit. She and Christian have one child and are living in Lakewood. ... Paul Grisdale is director of Central Payroll for the Colorado Community College System. He and wife Rebecca have two children -- Nicholas (4) and Eleanor (2) -- and live in Thornton, CO. ... Eric Lynch is president of Lynch Capital Management, LLC in St. Petersburg, FL. He has two children, Abigail (3) and Aiden (1). ... Jason Stahl is managing editor for Babcox Publications in Akron. ... Chris Hoag is working as the parish catechetical leader at Immaculate Conception Church in Willoughby, OH. ... Rima (Ziedonis) Hansen and husband Derek are in Macedonia, OH, with their one-year-old, Medeja. Rima has her MBA from Cleveland State University and is the executive director for Sunrise Senior Living in Rocky River. ... Dom LaVigne is now living and working in Singapore as regional director for US-ASEAN Business Council. ... Joanna (Tomazic) Bopp was in town recently and had lunch with Mary (Cwik) Costanzo, Kelly (Kilroy) Peterlin, and Liz (Murphy) Zappitelli. Everyone is doing great and all of them live in the Cleveland area. Joanna is in D.C. as an area supervisor for Title I (Federal Education Grant) in Northern VA, and her husband now works in the White House after being in the Senate. They have a boy and two girls. ... Mary and Mike Costanzo have two children, Kelly is pregnant with #4 and is due in the fall, and Liz has two children. ... Joanna recently talked to Michelle (Green) Blood and she is expecting her 5th child in December! ... Audrey (Citriglia) Walker is living in Colorado and loving all the outdoor sports. Her little girl just turned one. ... Take care, Julie

92 twelve years ago. They live in Columbus, OH, with their three children: Emma Christine is a proud kindergarten graduate; Eliza Grace turned four this past spring, and Holden Luke is only eight months old. After graduation and marriage, Luke completed his MBA at The Ohio State University and traveled as an IT business consultant. He recently made the switch from Wendys International to the IT department at Abercrombie & Fitch. Christy graduated with her BSN/RN and has been working as a nurse for a number of years. Recently she has been managing a large out-patient dialysis facility. ... After having three boys, Mike Ugljesa and his wife had a daughter in May. Mary Grace joined the Ugljesa clan. Mike also reports that this past spring he got together with Mark and Sue Vasiliauskas, Bob and Amy Wagoner, and Mark and Tara Carlson. I think between the four couples they have a gazillion kids. Mike reports everyone is doing well. ... Jayne Cella Miller reports that the Miller family has grown once more. Jayne and Mike welcomed another boy into their brood. Harrison John was born last November and joins Alex (4), and sisters Marcella (10) and Michayla (8). Jayne is busy doing mom stuff Girl Scouts, car pool, volunteering, and loves living in tropical Medina. Jayne would love to hear from any of her old pals - jccmiller @ ... Manuela Lue reports in after twelve years. (see the adjacent article about Manuela). ... The Murphy Clan has relocated from their Kansas house to Fort Drum, NY. Brian Murphy was deployed this summer with the 10th Mountain Division. Michelle, daughter Megan and son Patrick will be joining him in Fort Drum when he returns from his deployment. Please continue to keep Brian, his infantry and all of our soldiers in your prayers. ... Adrian Michael van Strien moved back to the States with his family recently. He and his wife, Megan, lived in the U.K. prior to their move to Katy, TX. They welcomed their first child, a son Dylan, in June 2005. ... Luck to you always, Moe



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David Kocab is moving to a Fortune 100 company as senior group counsel for the Automotive Group of Johnson Controls. Congrats David. ... Colleen Zayac Dunn is living in Canonsburg, PA, with her husband, Michael, and two children, Sarah (4) and Michael (2). ... Bart Leonardi reports that he has graduated from Ave Maria School of Law and lives in Birmingham, AL, with his wife, Dr. Kristy Brown. ... Congratulations to Patrice Capretta Adamonis and her husband, Scott. They welcomed second daughter, Sydney Gabriella on June 15, 2006. She joins big sister, Mackenzie, who is two. ... Long lost Student Union vice president Luke Adams has made contact. Luke married Christy Benander

A very pregnant Carole (Chandler) Sullivan took a trip in June to Dubrovnik, Croatia. Caroles vacation came on the heels of her departure from Cleveland and WKYC, where she had worked for the past eight years, four with meteorologist Hollie Strano. Carole moved to Kalamazoo, where husband Mike is the offensive line coach at Western Michigan U. ... In addition to being football season, fall is also marathon season. Claire Mooney and I are swapping training tips; shes planning on Chicago and Im doing Columbus, both in October. ... Annie (Shane) Bayne visited Claire and Annie (Dunn) Hughes in Chicago this summer from her home outside of NYC. Annie Hughes is pregnant with number three, which is due any day. ... I will be meeting infant Colby Kwait, second son of Joe 94 and Monica Duflock Kwait, for the first time in August when my family and I visit them at their home in Napa Valley. ... I saw Kathy Francis at Memphis Kiddie Park in Cleveland last month with our sons, Sam and Ryan. This place is Clevelands hidden gem, boasting mild thrills for the under-six set. ...


Beth (Chelf) Civerolo 94 e-mailed about the birth of her twins, Charlotte and Alison, in January. Beth and Eric live in Arlington, VA, and she is a manager in investment operations at NRECA. ... Michelle Cull Lease recently launched a stationery business, the Paper Cottage. Michelle represents and provides discounted prices for six adorable lines of stationary. Her business phone is 973.701.0737 or - ... After six years as a producer at FOX8 in Cleveland Tommy Bruno joined WAPS-FM 91.3, The Summit, as general manager. Additionally, Tommy produces the syndicated childrens television series, Ask Gilby. Tommy and his wife, Megan, reside in Fairlawn with daughter, Ani. ... Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs, LLP announced in March that Hillary B. McLean, of Stow, has passed the Florida Bar. She is an associate of the firms Akron and Cleveland offices and a member of the Trusts and Estates Practice Group. ... In May, Pittsburgh firm Burns, White & Hickton Attorneys at Law named Michael M. James associate, specializing in researching and writing complex briefs for all areas of litigation with a focus in appellate practice. ... Fourth graders at Onaway School in Shaker Heights are probably learning ecology among other things from their teacher, Marty McGuan. Why? Because Marty also co-owns Anchor Landscaping with his brother, Sean. They design and install native species gardens, walls, terraces and water gardens. Marty and Meghan McGuan and kids, Anabel (7), Patrick (4), and Moira Grace (1), live in South Euclid. ... Takeda Pharmaceuticals utilizes Kate Dentens organizational skills in their meeting planning department. Kate is also a recent home-buyer in Northbrook, IL, where she resides with Dylan (5). ... Tina and Vince Cannata welcomed baby #3, Vincent Adam, in May. The elder Vince and his father own and operate six Arbys Restaurants in Greater Cleveland. Vince is looking forward to Eric Booses bachelor party in August and wedding in October. ... Im looking forward to a nap in October, especially after my next big race. Thanks for all your notes and updates; please keep them coming! Annie

Aidess Domagas. ... Matt Kremser and his wife, Aimee, just had their second son, Zachary, on June 29, and mom and baby are doing great. Matt is a dentist, with a practice in Streetsboro, OH. They live in Hudson. ... Bill Sindelars making a name for himself out in California. Hes been working on American Idol, The Showbiz Show with David Spade, and a kids show called Hannah Montana (I am the audience warm-up guy.) He still travels and performs with Wayne Brady and shot a video that will be in Best Buy pitching HDTV. He lives in Studio City If you want to keep up with Bills activities, go to ... Erin (Beirne) Lenos is living in Fairview Park, OH, and has two children, Alexa (5), and Christopher (3). ... Kara (Barauskas) Maida just finished her MBA at the University of Maryland in May. ... Theresa (Marino) Ferenac is a programmer analyst with Progressive Insurance and lives in Highland Heights, OH. ... Brady Brosnahan is an area manager-Central U.S. with Akibia and lives in Plainfield, IL. Brady and his wife Emily Kostic have a daughter, Francesca. ... Abbe Carrol is an executive recruiter with Ohio Savings Bank in Cleveland. ... Elizabeth (Makarowski) Hokaj earned her masters in special education and is certified in behavior therapy. She met her husband, Terry in graduate school. They were married in August of 2001 and have two beautiful children: Luca (4) and Tara Elizabeth who was born in June. She lives in the outskirts of Phoenix, AZ (Goodyear to be exact). She was a full time teacher for five years, but this year she is taking off to raise her children ... Brian


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Congratulations to Dana and Glen Getz on the birth of their first child, Maia Grace, born in May. The family lives in Pittsburgh, PA. ... Ignatius Joseph Kury II was ordained a deacon in May at the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral of St. Josaphat in Parma, OH. When Joe finishes his degree in theology at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., he will return to Parma to serve the people of the Eparchy of St. Josaphat. He also is in the chaplaincy program at Akron General Medical Center. Its an 11-week intensive course on ministry to those who are sick, dying and/or living

with terminal illnesses. ... Jennifer and Damien Kopkas were married in July 2003. Damien is a teacher, baseball coach and girls golf coach at Solon High School in Solon, OH; his wife is a television news anchor/reporter for CBS affiliate WSEE in Erie, PA. They own a home in Ohio and rent an apartment in Pennsylvania. Damien graduated from BW with an MA in education in 2002. ... In June, Jennifer (Serey) Weaver and Beckie (Williamson) Brown surprised Ellen (OLeary) Collins for her 30th birthday with a day at the spa while their husbands watched their children. Jennifer earned her Dr. of Optometry degree from Ohio State in 2002. She and her husband, Alexander, welcomed their second child, Jacob Alexander, in February. Their daughter Caralyn is two. The Weavers live in Powell, OH. Becky also is an optometrist and works for Salem Eyecare Center in Salem, OH. Becky, her husband Craig and their son Aaron moved into a new home in Salem last December. Ellen, her husband Denny and Kayleigh (2) live in a new home in Lake Erie Shores, which is in Painesville Township, OH. Ellen said she heard from Ian Tsai who is busy traveling for his job with Penske Logistics. Ian said he met up with John Ramos, who lives in Arizona and is doing well. ... Katie and Chip Aschenbrener were married in November 2004. They built a home in Avon, OH, in March 2005 and welcomed their daughter Ava in February 2006. Chip works as a senior territory manager for EBI Medical in Cleveland. ... JJ Mitchell is having fun cycling in California. He recently took first place in the inaugural Conquer the Canyons stage race in which he competed in a time trial, circuit race and road race all in one weekend. In addition to cycling, JJ enjoys track-bike riding, which involves cyclists sprinting around a velodrome at more than 30 mph with fixed gears and no brakes. He says the racing gets his adrenaline pumping almost as much as another one of his hobbies, cow branding, which finds him in a ring face-to-face with 600 lb. bulls! ... Please e-mail me so I can include your story in the next column. Until next time Cherie

99 00

The class scribe position for the Class of 99 is now open. your class really does need you! If youd like to help your group stay in touch by writing your class column, please send a note of interest to Send your notes to: lisa Foster 3795 lowell Rd. Cleveland heights, Oh 44121 440-339-6572 Clare Taft 2171 Middlefield Rd. Cleveland heights, Oh 44106 E-mail:

My job with Meister Media Worldwide in Willoughby, OH, is as busy as ever. But the big news for me is about my wife, Annmarie Tirpak. Shes working for the Veterans Administration in downtown Cleveland as a veteran services representative. Shes with an elite group called the Tiger Team, of which there is only one in the entire United States, with only 50 people being hand picked for this team, and it deals specifically with World War II veterans and very elite claims ... Ernie Petti is getting married to a girl he met in California named

JJ Mitchell

With summer almost behind us and fall on its way, we have updates on our fellow classmates. Lisa recently bought a house in Cleveland Heights and will be teaching part-time at a pilates and yoga studio right by JCU at Fairmount Circle called InspiralMotion. Visit to find out more! ... Mary (Lembach) Morrone works at


Hephzibah Childrens Association, where she works with foster children aged 3 to 11 in Oak Park, IL. ... Laura McIntire accepted a new position within her company, White + Warren, and will move from New York to Chicago in September. ... Kelly Cipra also accepted a new position from her employer, Target, and is in the process of moving to Philadelphia. She purchased a home in the Chestnut Hill area of the city. ... Scott Chmielowicz is an entrepreneur in the recruiting field, opening his own office in downtown Cleveland. ... Dave Wojnowski and Lauren Roberts 01 moved and purchased a home in Wauwatosa, WI, after Dave and Lauren were both transferred for General Electric. Dave is the repair asset modality analyst for GE Healthcare, and Lauren is in the Human Resource Leadership Program with GE Healthcare. ... Congrats to Ann Marie Murphy who earned Circle of Excellence honors as well as Consultant of the Year within her company, LexisNexis. ... Good luck to Ben Danisek, who began his second year at Ohio State Moritz College of Law. ... Karen Rizzuto works as the director of logistics for Distribution Technologies in Newbury. Her husband, Lee Nejak, is an operations manager with Eaton Corp. Karen and Lee live in Mentor, OH. ... Matthew Jackson received his DDS from Ohio State and lives in Miami Beach, FL. ... Kelly Richards left her position at Developers Diversified and now works with Taryn (Leas) Chmielowicz in the marketing department at Zaremba Group in Lakewood. Kelly and Nick Mize were married on September 2 at Gesu in University Heights. Taryn Chmielowicz was the matron of honor, Ann Marie Murphy was the maid of honor, and Carrie North was a bridesmaid. Scott Chmielowicz served as Nicks best man, and Tom Goslin was a groomsman. ... Mike Scripps is engaged to Christina Johns. They live in Arlington, VA, and Mike is a field training manager for BoehringerIngelheim Pharmaceuticals. Mike and Christina are planning an April 21, 2007 wedding in Allentown, PA. ... TJ and Lauren (Genshock) Pope were married in Twinsburg on February 19. Since that time, the couple relocated to Mannheim, Germany, with the United States Army. ... Pat Heublein was married in June. Tom Passarella 99 was the best man. ... Holli Hamilton is working as an international tax consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers in Atlanta and is newly engaged. She is planning a wedding in New Orleans. ... Kristopher Santin married Nicole Fiorelli. They moved into their new home in Aurora in July. ... Congrats to Mark Boleky and wife, Trisha (Streck) 01, they will welcome their first child this fall. Mark and Trisha live in Jacksonville, FL. ... Chrystie (Kuhr) and Mike Paris welcomed their daughter, Samantha Marie, on March 29, 2006. ... Sebastian Kiely and his wife, Alicia, have a daughter named Arden Anneliese (1) and live in Pittsburgh. ... Thank you for sending in your updates on job changes, weddings and children. We hope you all had a terrific summer. Take care and keep us informed, Clare and Lisa

Hope Elizabeth Rohde


Send your notes to: Maureen deMers Fariello 2133 South Finley Rd., #515 lombard, Il 60148 E-mail:

Thanks to everyone who planned and attended reunion. ... Engaged: Holly Cangelosi and Scott Herald, Carly Roberts and Kevin Klein, Julie Zone and Adam Andolina. ... 2006 new parents [or soon-to-be]: Chris and Julie (Sable) Ade Kayla; Carlos and Gabrielle (Alesci) Alvarez as well as Ryan 00 and Beth (Dyer) Detzel are expecting child number one ... Mark 00 and Tricia (Streck) Boleky in Jacksonville, FL, Ray 99 and Indu (Velayudhan) Braum in Macedonia, OH, are expecting babies in September; Blair and Tracy (Baird) Bender -- Megan and Nathan; Joe and Molly (McGrath) Calvey -- Caitlin, living on Achill Island, Ireland; Steve Dugach and Aaron Piotrowski are both fathers! Jaime (Kearns) Hirschfeld -- Nathan ... Lisa and Michael Jundi -Emma and Alissa (2) ... Bryan and Sarah (Hauser) Kostura Jackson ... Augie 00 and Trena (Marks) Pacetti are expecting child number two ... Drew 98 and Caroline (Kondrat) Pollick Clare ... Heather and Tim Rohde Hope ... Melissa and Shaine Ward -- Parker. ... Work update: In second year of residency: Matthew Acton internal [Dallas]; Rami Ahmed emergency/SWAT [Akron]; and Joe Palumbo surgery [Akron]. Katie McCoy is entering veterinary residency [Akron] ... In education: Michelle (Cipar) Cameron and family -- first grade, Dover, OH ... Jessica Franck 04 -- seventh grade, Mayfield, OH ... Julie (McHugh) Gajewski was named Whos Who Among American Teachers -- special education fourth grade, NY ... Julie Goldyn 04 earned her M.Ed. last year from Kent State and now lives in North Ridgeville, OH ... Jenni (McGregor) Haag is a Childrens Services librarian in Garfield Heights ... Meghan McBride, having taught in Boston and Chile through teacher corps programs, now travels to Saudi Arabia to join the American International School of Jeddah ... Molly Toussant, fifth grade, Denver ... William Zaluski is a gallery teacher at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles. ... In everything else: Dean Bonaroti and family live in Oakmont, PA, where Dean is the president of Riverview Real Estate ... Kyle and Diane (Barni) 03 Bretz are in South Euclid; Kyle is a senior tax analyst for Grant Thornton ... Anne (Fildes)

Contreraz met her husband, Nick, through JVC and they live in Oakland, CA, Anne is a case manager for children 3-12 with developmental disabilities ... Kate Crimmins 04 is an analyst for Corporate Executive Board in Washington, D.C. ... Joseph William Edwards IV 04 is a police officer in the District of Columbia; he lives in Falls Church, VA ... Elizabeth Greenwald 04 is a graduate assistant working towards an exercise physiology masters at Florida Atlantic Universitys Student Wellness Center ... Andrew Higl 03 is in the midst of his Ph.D. program at Loyola Chicago, having earned his masters last year ... Brendan Hotchkiss is the vice president of WexTrust Capital; he earned his MBA and lives in Chicago ... Michelle (Socausky) Hurst is the WTAM/WMMS/Browns sales assistant for Clear Channel; she and Greg live in Garfield Heights ... Michael Kandarev and his wife, Deanna Derrig, live in Chicago ... Courtney Keener 04 is a portfolio manager for KeyBank in Cleveland ... Robert Matelski III works for Architectural Resources Group in San Francisco ... Jennifer (Lantis) Nelich works from home and devotes most of her time to her two girls, Bryanna and Ashley, because Ashley is ill with kidney tumors; learn more at (visit princessashley) ... Bob Pavlik is now managing professional sports properties for Bank of America; he is a board member for Eliza Bryant Village, Kiwanis baseball coach, and MBNA scholar advisor at JCU ... Hallie Pistone is a loan specialist for SunTrust wholesale division in Tampa, FL ... Nicole (Moritz) Ralston and Bryan live in Westlake, after earning two masters degrees from BGSU ... Erin Zaletel Zmich earned a masters of public health from CWRU, and lives in Brecksville. ... Please continue to share your news, Maureen

02 03

Send your notes to: Gina Ferrara 4974 Bonita Ave. St. louis, MO 63109 314.753.3816 (c) E-mail: Send your notes to: Theresa Polachek 4844 Westbourne Rd. lyndhurst, Ohio 44124 E-mail:

Thanks to all who sent info for this column: Kimberli Ondus sent the following note -- shes engaged to her high school sweetheart, Joe Lorello, and is planning a June 2007 wedding. Also, in May Kimberli was awarded THE PLAIN DEALER Crystal Apple for teaching. Ashley (Peters) Haskins is in a masters program for library science and is going to be the director of a pre-school in the fall of 2006. Marie Reichart is in a masters program at the University of Akron studying to be a school administrator. ... Maria LaGuardia 04 is teaching Spanish at Kenston High school, and took a number of students abroad this year to immerse them in the language. ... Melissa Kocurko is working at St. Ignatius High School and spent her summer traveling to Europe with a group of young Jesuits from the Northern Ohio area. ... Kenneth Rosplock is in



medical school in Cincinnati. ... Megan Johnston married Chad Kayser 01 on June 25, 2005, at Holy Redeemer church in Cleveland. Other JCU members of the wedding party included Kristen (Johnston) Mignogna 00 as matron of honor, Henry Burns 01 as best man, groomsmen Shane Mignogna 99, Chad Stein 01 and John Colan 01, and bridesmaids Sarah (Hanchin) Stein 01, Amy Koehler and Katy Profeta. Megan is an advertising account executive with Ohio Savings Bank in downtown Cleveland, and Chad manages a Wallgreens in Mentor, where they also live. ... Jon Roberts is a manager with Bank of America. ... Jamie (McKay) OConnor wrote to say that her husband, Ryan 01, recently graduated from Indiana University School of Law - Bloomington with honors, and they are moving to Ryans hometown of Cincinnati this summer. ... Jennifer Gardner graduated with her J.D. from American University and has moved back to Cleveland. Shes an associate attorney with Climaco, Lefkowitz Law Firm. ... Sarah Gallagher is in St. Petersburg, FL, where she is a research project assistant with Manning & Napier Advisors. ... Please dont forget to e-mail me - - with any news youd like to share with our class. I hope that everyone is doing well! Theresa


Send your notes to: Paul s. Clapp 2274 Chapel Rd. Jefferson, Oh 44047 440.812.3837 (c)

After Katie Crowthers returned from Dublin, where she was working for Ireland AM on TV3, she started an internship at Bloomberg Financial News Television in NYC. Shell graduate from Northwestern in December after one more quarter covering Congress in D.C. ... Sara Neville will be teaching 9th and 11th grade honors English at Westlake High School. ... Melissa Giblock is getting her masters in international relations at Kings College in London. Shes hoping to find a job and stay in London for a while. ... Brian Stefanik relocated back to Cleveland from a brief stint with Sherwin-Williams in Louisville, KY. Now hes an account manager for GE Lighting. ... Richard Duffy II lives in Berwyn, IL, where he works for a trading firm in Chicago. He is engaged to his high school sweetheart, Maria El Locale. Their wedding will be on November 8. ... Lindsay (LeCorchick) Jensen married Luke on July 2 in Kansas City, MO, where she and Luke are living. Nicole Accordino, Steph Dishauzi, Megan Luby and Jenny Fiorenzo all made the trip to see the outdoor ceremony in a rose garden. ... Michelle DelSignore sent a note telling us how beautiful Kat Nicholson and Joe Schauers wedding was. They were married July 1 in Canton, OH. ... Tony Baker 05 is about to finish his masters in applied politics from the U. of Akron and is interning for U.S. Congressional candidate, Betty Sutton. Shes running in Ohios 13th District. ... Jessica Fonow is living in Pittsburgh where shes finishing her J.D. from Duquesne University. She recently got engaged to James Dawso who is working for a

chemical distribution company in North Olmsted. After their wedding on October 13, 2007 they plan on settling in Cleveland. ... Teresa Delagrange got engaged to Andrew Higl 03 over Valentines Day weekend. They are planning a July 2007 wedding in Buffalo. Tim Cherney is going to be best man, and Katie Battistone is a bridesmaid. Speaking of Tim Cherney, hes spending the summer in Hawaii interning for his CSP program at Colorado State University. ... Beth Royce got engaged and is staying busy as a nurse at Rainbow Babies and Childrens Hospital and completing her masters degree in nursing at Case Western Reserve University. ... Sarah Chessar graduated from Cleveland State with a masters degree in clinical psychology and will be attending the U. of Akron this fall to work on a doctoral degree in counseling psychology. ... Beth Greenwald finished her first year in the exercise physiology masters program at Florida Atlantic University and is working as a graduate assistant at the FAU Student Wellness Center. ... Bill Shutes finished his masters in English in August at JCU. Hes going to take a year off before pursuing his Ph.D. ... Mike Grady just got engaged to Colleen Kookoothe 06. Todd Belinky, Chris Mannarino, and Joe Sellers will take part in the wedding September 30 in Toledo, OH. ... Theresa Dwyer is engaged to Bill Boston -- wedding date of October 28. ... John Grdina is engaged to Megan Luby. John just started his masters in education at Notre Dame College and spends his spare time rebuilding bikes at Western Reserve Harley-Davidson. Megan is starting her second year as a biology teacher at Bay Village High. The couple will be married at Saint Anns July 14, 2007. ... Victoria Epprecht is teaching first grade in Chagrin Falls, OH, and coaching cheerleading at Chagrin Falls High School. Shes also obtaining a masters from Ashland University. She and Mark Pelsozy are engaged! Mark is in marketing and sales in Cleveland. ... Paul

promises, but I have suggested that members of the JCU class of 2005 should be entitled to free guacamole anytime theyre in the area. ... Sarah Bravman was engaged to Matias Amoroso on Christmas day 2005 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Starting in the fall, shell be back at JCU, working on her masters in community counseling. ... Nick Dowling is working as an assistant manager at Sherwin-Williams in Canton. ... Kevin Conway recently started working as an account coordinator at Malone Advertising in Akron. He also plays rugby with the Eastern Suburbs Rugby Football Club. ... Thats it for now. Please keep sending me your news. (And if anybody else has a hook-up for free guacamole, be sure to let me know!) Jennifer


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Thanks for the updates, everybody -- keep them coming! Heres what weve got this time around ... Rachel Achesinski started working for General Electric Plastics in July 2005. Shes in their two-year Financial Management Program. She relocates to a new location every six months to learn different aspects of the business. She spent her first rotation in Pittsburgh and is now in Parkersburg, WV, doing manufacturing finance. Shes looking forward to her next rotation, which will bring her back to the Cleveland area. ... Lisa Collins is living in Canton and doing marketing for Breast Cancer Birds, a company that raises money for breast cancer research. ... Ali Smouse recently moved to Manassas, VA, and is working for Qdoba Mexican Grill as community partnership director for Northern Virginia. She arranges fund-raisers and gives donations to schools and organizations in the area. She isnt making any

Its really hard to believe that only three months have passed since graduation! Ive been hearing great news from everyone involving different jobs and moves. As for myself, I recently made the big move to Chicago to start at Hostway Corporation. I work in the marketing and design department doing account management. I love every aspect of the job and being in such a great big city filled with fellow Carrollers has made the move even easier! ... Melissa Witek is gearing up to start at Xerox Corporation next month. Missy will be an account representative and go through intense training for her new position. Like Missy, Mike Scanlan recently made a move to Buffalo to work with the Bills. Mike, a former stand-out Carroll News writer, is working in the media relations department there and loving every 300 days a year he has to work. ... Back home in Pittsburgh, Brigid ONeil has started her classes at Duquesne University for nursing. Brig will complete her masters next year. ... Diana Glaus is in the Teaching for America Program, where she is teaching underprivileged children in Camden, NJ. This is a very prestigious program and it was an honor for Diana to be chosen. ... Randa Nemer has decided to stay in Cleveland and accept a position with Rockwell Automation doing marketing. Although she just started, she says the position is challenging and a great learning experience. ... Also staying in Cleveland is Caitlin McGrath, who accepted a teaching position with Roxboro Middle School. Caitlin student-taught at Roxboro and she loves the experience of teaching middle school kids in social studies and English. ... Joining the Cleveland crowd, Jessica Kerns started her new job right after graduation. Jess works at Ohio Savings Bank in marketing and advertising. ... Nonna Bagdasaryan accepted a job with Target Corporation and is an executive team leader. ... I hope things are going well with everyone and that you all keep me posted! This is such an exciting time and its so interesting to see whats going on with everyone! Talk to you all soon. Meghan




optical engineer who had a profound impact on the field of optics over the past several decades. he designed the optical system of the hubble Space Telescope, and his widow, Judie Oberheuser wrote to John Carroll: A couple of years ago, Joe watched a PBS program on all of the astronomical telescopes ever launched (24+ of them). When it was over, he remarked that he had outright designed or worked on all but three of them. Born in Pittsburgh, Mr. Oberheuser had a graduate degree from the University of Rochester. he majored in physics and math at JCU. During his long, distinguished career, Mr. Oberheuser worked for Argus Cameras, Bausch and lomb, Wollensak, Perkin-Elmer and ITT. he was an important figure in establishing optical standards, which dictated, for example, that #200 speed photographic film would have the same properties regardless of its manufacturer. he won awards from the National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA), and his last efforts were devoted to the James Webb Space Telescope that will replace the hubble in 2010. A scholarship has been established in Mr. Oberheusers name at the University of Rochester, and there will be a lounge bearing his name at that institutions new Institute of Optics facility. Mr. Oberheuser is survived by his wife, Judie; by a son, Joseph; by a daughter, Jennifer; and by a brother.


Joe Oberheuser 63, designed hubble Telescope optics

One of his obituaries read: The world sees better because of Joseph h. Oberheuser. Whether youre a photographer peering through the viewfinder of a film camera, a movie buff watching a big screen picture, a meteorologist studying satellite weather photos or an astronomer gazing into the depths of space, Mr. Oberheuser had a hand in enhancing your visual experience. Mr. Oberheuser died in Ft. Wayne, IN, at the age of 64 on October 11, 2005. Mr. Oberheuser was a remarkable

laura Crawley 02, cross country

laura Catherine Crawley 02 died August 14 after a year-long battle with brain cancer. Ms. Crawley graduated from Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School and majored in art history at JCU. She ran cross country here; she was also baptized as a Catholic during her undergraduate years. After graduation, she joined Americorps and worked with the Peace learning Center. later she worked at the Indiana University Medical Center. On July 31 of last year, on the occasion of her 25th birthday, Ms. Crawley commemorated the event by running 25 miles. Ms. Crawleys former John Carroll running coach, Kathy lanese, wrote on the Lauras Team Web site after Ms. Crawleys death: I moved on from JCU six years ago and have lost touch with many of the girls. I want lauras family to know I remember everyone I met along the running path and have fond memories of a girl so sweet. I remember laura for her intelligence, love for art, a smile that elicited sunglasses and a genuine love for people and life. laura has now joined Julie (Zajac 02) and they are probably running the trails in heaven. Ms. Crawley is survived by her parents; a stepfather; two sisters; a step-brother; two half-sisters: and many friends.

In Memoriam
Tammy Jo Bialosky Ray Roche Theodore P. Virag Joseph E. Gardner Rev. Frank T. Gilfether James E. Nousek, Jr. Dominic A. Tomaro Edward E. Bock John W. Pope Raymond L. Miller Richard B. Sullivan Thaddeus Dillon,III William E. OBrien Mary L. Farley Norman M. Yranian Robert J. Durbin Warren C. Butler William C. Giffels, Jr. Jerome P. Wenner

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Robert P. Harper J. Raymond McGinley John T. Feighan Michael R. Nicoletti Allen F. Kirchner COL Kaye D. Kause H.J. (Jim) McGinness, Jr. Paul L Brubeck Robert P. Platt Anthony S. Kedzior Donald I. OBryant Gerald J. Kvet Richard A. Tomchak Thomas P. Meehan Anthony J. Spolarich John A. Mago Charles T. Nicola Constantine Pappas James F. Thomas

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Joseph H. Oberheuser Herbert T. McGuire Herman F. Ogrinc John J. Elsbree Donald S. Orihill Richard Arnold, Jr. Ralph F. Kope Carol J. Gilles Joseph M. Slepko Howard M. Burgh Robert L. Smith Frank J. Olle, Jr. Chris M. Streifender Morton Lester Kessler Grace S. Weidenthal Susan E. Leopold John J. Anderson Florence J. Murphy Peter M. OConnor

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Correction: In the last issue, we had John T. Boyle 56 5/22/05; it should have been John J. Boyle.




Project QUE? (Question, Understand, Explain)

See those little bugs crawling around inside? Gross, huh? ... hey, is that a dragonfly larva? ... Somethings wrong. Nothings moving in my dish. The energy emanating from the 20 middle school students belies the fact that this is summertime and they are in school. The youngsters from la Sagrada Familia Catholic Church were at John Carroll the week of July 17-21 to take part in Project QUE? (Question, Understand, Explain). On this Wednesday morning (July 19) they are peering through microscopes at samples of water from the Shaker lakes. We started with a simple question and then had the students organize data, create basic graphs and write basic reports, explained Biology Professor Miles Coburn, who chaired the interdisciplinary team of JCU students and profs who led the summer study program for the middle-schoolers. Were following state math & science standards for 6th graders, Dr. Coburn said. Well be doing some tutoring during the school year, and also engaging in social activities with them ?

and their families. The week concluded with a celebration in the Dolan Science Center and an overnight in Bernet hall. Well also follow up with our undergraduate student teachers, he added, to see how a project like this enhances the college experience and supports retention. Dr. Coburn secured grants from the Bruening Foundation, the Nord Family Foundation and also received support from the Program in Applied Ethics and the Office of Multicultural Affairs. his goal is to expand Project QUE? next year. ?

Flying on the vomit Comet

Dr. Greg DiLisi who holds a joint appointment in physics and education, recently flew on NASAs vomit Comet in houston. Dilisi said: It was delayed for over a year, but I finally got to go. The plane made 42 parabolas with about 30 seconds of weightlessness as it did a nosedive. Dilisi, who has worked with NASA for eight years, was performing an experiment on board the flight.
Dr. Greg DiLisi

Jesuit Advancement At JCU In June

Development organizations from all 28 Jesuit universities nationwide concluded a 3-day conference at John Carroll on June 13. Tom Scheye, the Distinguished Service Professor of English and former provost at loyola of Maryland, delivered the keynote address of the conference.
Tom Scheye

Dr. Miles Coburn and QUE? student

Bokman Rodgers recipient

Shannon Wells, from Erie, Pennsylvania, received the Bobbi Bokman-Rodgers Bokman-Rodgers Award from the Department of Communications. Wells received the $1,000 tuition scholarship for her involvement with PRSSA, the Public Relations Student Society of America. The award Wells received is named for the universitys public relations director, who died in January, 2003.

U.S. News names JCU one of Midwests best

For the 18th consecutive year, John Carroll ranks among the top 10 universities in the Midwest that grant masters degrees, according to the 2007 edition of Americas Best Colleges released by U.S. News & World Report. JCU tied for 5th overall and is second in graduation rate.

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The Cristo Rey model: transforming urban education

By Dan OBrien 93 Ten years ago, a small Jesuit school on Chicagos southwest side began an educational revolution. Cristo Rey combined traditional Jesuit education and an innovative work-study program. It was designed to serve lower-income families who couldnt afford private-school tuition. Median income of the first class was around $30,000 for a family of six. The families came from the predominantly Mexican Pilsen/little village neighborhood, and the school engaged a vastly different demographic from schools like loyola Academy in Wilmette, Il my alma mater where most students came from white, upper-middle class families and had names like OBrien. Cristo Rey was created so students could earn over 70% of their tuition while going to school; earn that money in real jobs where students were integrated into offices, hospitals, banks, and law firms. Then and now, at their jobs, students earn 70% of their tuition, which pays for 70% of the schools operating costs. yes, 70% of the staffs salary comes from students working. The students work one full 8-hour day per week, while attending class the other four days. Companies pay the school for the students services, allowing the tuition payable by the students to be lowered from $8,000 to $2,500. Companies fell and stayed in love with the idea. They received energetic young workers to handle office work like mailings, copying, faxing, computer input, etc. Many students are soon given greater responsibility. At Cristo Rey, those who are bilingual are able to utilize their Spanish skills proud, not embarrassed, to be speaking the language of their heritage. While I worked there, I heard many stories of our students translating for patients, co-workers, etc. When the only one in the

office that can speak Spanish is 14, that students self-esteem goes through the roof. In the ten years that have passed since Cristo Rey opened its doors, 12 other schools have copied the model. Five more are set to open in 2007. I should tell you that not all of the schools are Jesuit-run; some are Christian Brothers sponsored; some are sponsored by Catholic dioceses, and the new school in Kansas City will be run by the Sisters of leavenworth. The model involves far more than a work-study program and a new way of paying the educational bills. The model is carefully crafted to get kids excited about education, stay in school and go to college. Cristo Rey boasts a 95% graduation rate and a similar college attendance rate in a neighborhood where the public school drop-out rate is 75%. These students now have options for college. The question is no longer, Are you going to college but, Where are you going to college? letters of recommendation now come not only from English teachers, but

also from hR directors and CFOs. I had the privilege of working at Cristo Rey for two years in the work-study program before I defected to Denver to start Arrupe Jesuit high School. We opened in 2003 and will be graduating our first class in June of 2007. I am the director of the work-study program. The number of companies involved in employing our students has doubled every year since we opened and we possess a 90% sponsor retention rate. Next year, our student body of 270 in Denver will earn over $1,000,000 of their own education. let me share with you a recent e-mail I received from one of our law firm sponsors: I just wanted to thank you for the fine job the Arrupe program does in preparing their students to come into the corporate world and succeed. We have not had one conversation with either of our Arrupe students about tardiness, dress or performance evidence that what you are doing at Arrupe is working, that your training program is thorough and your students are learning! Thanks for the quality of young people you are sending us, and for the Arrupe program. John Carroll is a work-study sponsor for Clevelands version of the Cristo Rey model: St. Martin de Porres, located in the former St. vitus School on Clevelands near East Side. Moreover, former JCU President Fr. Edward Glynn, SJ, was recently named president of Christ the King high School, the version of the educational model scheduled to open in Newark, New Jersey, in 2007. This is one of the most innovative models I have ever seen and it has been exciting to be part of it. A former student of mine at Cristo Rey, a recent graduate of Marquette, told me : My life changed when I went to Cristo Rey. Mine did too.

When you talk to Dr. Joe Miller 59, you become aware that he doesnt have to look hard for words; that he is putting you at ease with a laugh that warrants the label chuckle; that he is an interlocutor (Dr. Joe wouldnt blink at that 50-cent word) who carefully holds your eyes in his when syllables are passing between you. Those traits and tactics are but a portion of the evidence that Dr. Joe is another Great Communicator. Miller has spent his life teaching students how to be great or, at least better communicators. When we say students, were talking many thousands. While no one may have done the numbers, from the mid-60s to the mid-90s, Dr. Joe was the principal lecturer of the required Speech Communications Core course. Which means that the likes of Timothy J. Russert 72 and a huge batch of only slightly less gilt-tongued communicators were shaped by the veteran speech doctor. Joe came from Cleveland stock, but his father, Joseph 34 was a Depression-era migrant to Chicago because the job was there. Joe was born in that metropolis and formed early at St. Ignatius Prep. He was a South Sider, who by bonding with the cross-town Cubbies, instead of worshipping at the South Siders traditional Church of the White Sox demonstrated a precocious proclivity for the independent judgment Miller deeply values. He reversed his fathers migration, matriculating at JCU in 1955. He was to become a pillar of Communications but he was a philosophy major then and says today: There is something about that training, that objective analysis of evidence Young Joe did philosophy, but his mentor, the person who changed my life, was Professor Vincent Klein, who established communications as a department in 1946. Klein was the Miller-mover who gave Joe schooling in argumentation; prompted him to attend Ohio U. for a masters in communication; to join our faculty in 1961; to pursue a Ph.D. at Case. Professor Klein was not unimportant in the creation of Dr. Joseph Miller. Coached by Klein and Dr. Austin Freeley, Joe was a successful debater and had four enjoyable years here. In Chicago at a Christmas party, he met Helen, who became his wife in

Dr. Joe Miller 59: our Great Communicator

1960 and, in turn, the mother of their five children: Chris 83. Judy Patty, Joe, John 91. Meeting Helen was big. Signing onto the Communication faculty a little more than a year later was also definitive. Miller subsequently spent a couple of years earning that doctorate at Case and another interesting year as one of 40 U.S. fellows on loan to the federal Department of Health and Human Services. Excepting those interludes, the communicator took root and blossomed. He became a force coaching clear thinking and effective speaking. The anecdotal evidence of Millers excellence is compelling. Let it suffice for a former student and present university colleague, Mike Quinn 68, to represent legions; Speaking in front of audiences can be intimidating. Joe could critique and educate in a wonderfully affirming way. As the Carroll News advisor, he challenged us to take responsibility, and then he stuck out his neck to support us He and Helen reached out to students and provided an example of what love, understanding and equality are all about in a marriage. Miller has also had a remarkable run as a sequential administrative multi-tasker. He was long Communications chair. He has been director of summer sessions; assistant and also associate dean of Arts and Sciences; dean of the Graduate School; coordinator of research; acting chair of Philosophy; acting chair of Physics. There have been various other actings, interims and other subtleties, but not many in JCUs history have had as many important responsibilities. Correlatively, Miller has been a stalwart of the regions higher educational accreditation agency the North Central Association evaluating 23 other colleges and universities as a leader and member of accrediting teams. In that role, hes lived by commitment to careful analysis and independent judgment. Having left administration and returned to the classroom, its the standard the communicator continues to carry as he works toward the half century mark in University Heights. Its Dr. Joe being Dr. Joe and staking a compelling claim to being one of the vital presences here during these many good years. jerry pockar
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Engaging our students

John Carroll University builds on the Jesuit tradition of developing men and women who engage the world around them from Cleveland to Kentucky to China and Kenya. Our students go beyond the classroom to apply what theyve learned through study abroad programs, immersion trips, and service learning opportunities. Engaging students to become leaders in their community is a tradition that sets John Carroll apart. Your gift to the Carroll Fund supports this tradition and provides the margin of excellence needed to educate students who are challenged to develop a lifelong-learning attitude, a moral sense, and a religious sensibility. Visit to make a gift online today.

Jesuit education is worth my life, because it is transformative. It engages young women and men with enriching experiences in the classroom, on campus and in the community experiences that continue to influence their lives well beyond graduation. Rev. Robert L. Niehoff, S.J. President, John Carroll University

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