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2307 Lebanon Road Nashville, TN 37214 Non-Profit Org US Postage Paid Nashville, TN Permit 2464

Lebanon Road

Church of Christ
2307 Lebanon Road; Nashville, TN, 37214 * (615) 883-6918

Volume 59, No.45

November 6, 2011 Elders

Joe Adams 773-2331 Johny Baker 758-7654 Ralph Brewer 871-4849 Wayne Davidson 758-2705 Earl Flynn 889-1659 Steve Ledbetter 889-8614 Jim Schroeder 754-8990 Cliff Wilson 889-6477

Hes So Good
Not everything in our world is good. Sin abounds. Attitudes are often rebellious and bitter. Difficulties strain our health, relationships, and finances.

Adam Faughn
He is, as we often sing, so good to me, and for that, we need to praise and thank Him. You will notice a change in our time together this morning. For some time, brother Harry Middleton has begun our time together by bringing us up-to-date with the announcements. Recently, though, he said it was time for him to step back from that duty and let someone else handle it. JD Bucker will be handling that duty now. I wanted to let you know about this, and also wanted to thank brother Harry. He has done a good job in giving these announcements, which is not an easy work! He keeps them brief, which is very important. Our time in worship is precious, and is to be focused primarily on God. Taking an extended period of time for announcements can detract from that upward focus. Harry, though, got through the needed notes quickly and efficiently, and I, for one, have appreciated it greatly. Take a moment and thank Harry for all he does, but specifically for the hundreds of times he has welcomed us to worship and caught us up on the news.

Or Current Resident

Worship With Us Sunday: Worship 9 AM & 6 PM * Bible Classes 10:20 AM Wednesday: Bible Classes 7 PM

But in a world of so much negativity, God continues to be good. All we know that is good is from Him (cf. James 1:17), and He does not change (cf. Malachi 3:6). As He was good to David, Abraham, Ruth, Paul, Esther, and so many others we read about in Scripture, He continues to be good to us. Our world struggles to define good, because we also see so much that is bad. God, however, is perfectly good. There is no bad in Him. Our world overuses the word good, and chooses that term to describe nearly everything that is even remotely pleasant. Jesus said, though, No one is good except God alone (Mark 10:18). As you go throughout this week, reflect on not just the good things you have because God gives good gifts, but about the goodness of God Himself (cf. Romans 11:22).

Veterans Day Slide Show

On Sunday evening, November 13th, the elders have set aside a time for us to acknowledge our veterans here at Lebanon Road both living and deceased. At this time we are requesting that you contact the office at 883-6918 or email to with the following information:

Pulpit Minister
Adam Faughn 973-4483

In which branch of the services did you or your loved one serve? When did you/they serve? Please furnish us with a photo. We will return it as quickly as possible.

Outreach Minister
Harry Middleton 292-3164

Sunday Sermon Preview

AM: What Jesus Meant (Mark 16:14-16) PM: While You Wait

Youth Minister
JD Buckner (731) 336-4768

Sick List
Nelson Cluck has been diagnosed with cancer and will begin treatments soon. Jean McIndoo is at Summit in room 523 following gallbladder surgery.

Worship Leaders
Sunday Morning (Contact: Gene 874-0463) Opening Prayer: Wayne Davidson Read Scripture: Michael Rader Closing Prayer: Fred Williams Sermon: Adam Faughn Song Leader: Tim Mullican Serving Lords Supper: (Contact: David 754-7085) John Smith 1 Philip Denny 2 Hollis Flatt 3 Lon Keele 4 Tommy Moore 5 Bob Petty 6 Tim Ledbetter 7 David Smith 8 Sunday Evening (Contact: Cary 883-5909) Opening Prayer Bill Myers Closing Prayer: Wayne Gordon Read Scripture: Mike Windsor Sermon: Adam Faughn Song Leader: Emory Buckner Serving Lords Supper (Room) Sammie Hunter 1 Sonny Gossett 2 Wednesday, November 9th (Contact: Keith 889-7366) Read Scripture: Bill Ross Opening Prayer: Joe Adams Speaker: JD Buckner Song Leader: Scotty Studer Announcements: JD Buckner - Steve Ledbetter Nursery Attendant:

by Harry Middleton

JDs Jargon
Hello everyone, It was a great blessing to have the opportunity to preach last Sunday. I appreciate so very much all the encouragement you give me each time I am in the pulpit. Preaching always helps me to respect the hard work Adam puts in each week to bring fine lessons to Lebanon Road. We had a great time last weekend at our annual costume party. The youth all came dressed up and ready to party all night long. We played games, watched some shows, and even made a scary movie! I am grateful to all of our students both for their conduct and their attitudes. You guys are awesome! Please be praying for our Fall Retreat this weekend in Centerville, TN. Joshua Manning and 15 others from the Clearview congregation in Lyles, TN will be joining us. I know it will be a great weekend! One final reminder for this week: Harvest Banquet and Second Harvest are just around the corner! Thank you very much, JD :)

Once upon a time there was a piece of iron which was very strong. One after another, the ax, the saw, the hammer, and the flame tried to break it. Ill master it, said the ax. Its blows fell heavily on the iron, but every blow made its edge more blunt until it ceased to strike. Leave it to me, said the saw; and it worked backward and forward on the irons surface until its jagged teeth were all worn and broken. Then it fell aside. Ah! said the hammer. I knew you wouldnt succeed. Ill show you the way. But at the first fierce blow, off flew its head and iron remained as before. Shall I try? asked the small soft flame. Forget it, all replied. What can you do? But the flame curled around the iron, embraced it, and never left the iron until it melted under the flames irresistible influence. And you? Do you pound and try to break through? Or, are you a steady flame that melts a breakthrough? (Aesop)

Harvest Banquet
Ladies & Gentlemen 60 Years and Older You are invited to the Annual Harvest Banquet Friday, November 18th 6:30PM A sign up sheet is in the foyer and downstairs The church bus will be picking up anyone that needs a ride. Let the office know if you need a ride.
Donations will also be accepted and may be given to Lisa Ledbetter or Nancy Markwood.

New Class
Beginning November 20, we will be having a special four-week Sunday morning Bible class series for the high school and adult classes meeting downstairs. The goal of this series is to help promote interaction and discussion among the various age groups of the congregation. Two special topics, postmodernism (the absence of absolute truth) and homosexuality, have been selected for this series. Sign-up sheets will be distributed in the regular Sunday morning classes and posted in the foyer.

Mark Your Calendar...

Today: Sycamores services at 2:00 led by Adam Faughn, David Smith and Clyde Mullen November 11-13: Family Retreat November 18: Harvest Banquet December 2: Ladies Ornament Exchange December 9: Adult Holiday Party

Teachers Needed
Elementary Teachers Needed. If you would be willing to teach or are interested in learning more about Bible class please see Leah Faughn, Teresa Fleak or Jean Williams.

The Record
Wednesday Night 10/26: Sunday Morning Worship Sunday Evening Worship: Sunday Bible Study: Contribution:
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203 376 168 231 $10,867.00

December 16: Youth Progressive Dinner

Estelle Pirtle has lost an antique gold lapel watch. It is very sentimental. Please contact the office at 883-6918 or Estelle at 883-4586 if you found it or may have seen it Sunday.
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