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Date :

March 2011

A few words of about

Saraswati Adhikari / Chhuti

The person and brand Chhutis is almost synonym with the local fashion industry since the late 90s. Saraswati Adhikari loving called Chhuti, a woman with full of passion, eyes full of dreams n obsessed towards her work are not enough words to portray a woman like her. Being a daughter , wife and a mother is not being a complete woman nowadays. She made her own individual identity through her own work. She is the woman with power n pride , had a distinct flair for designing since her childhood days, which drives away a simple village girl to a vibrant designer. She had her professional course from the textile department KalaBhavan ,Visva-Bharati University , Shantiniketan .

She assisted well known designers for a year or two and then set up her small studio in a garage in the year 1997. But the thirst was inside ,to create something new, something of her own which is closer to nature n nearer to earth. Because it was always nature, which fuelled her imagination. She left the city life marched to a village, in South 24 Parganas, West Bengal ; and set up a studio of her own with a table and two workers along with tones of entrepreneurial spirit. The journey began with lots of negative situations, the path was not at all smooth, but all her faith, all her dreams and passion motivated her to fight against all the adverse conditions and help her to achieve her goal . At present she turned her garage studio then her two seated studio into a big 2 bigha workshop which provides about 40 fulltime and 100 part-time men and women employment, a safe shelter to work and helping them to fulfill her dreams.

Today, Chhutis is a complete fashion house, where dyeing ( natural and eco-friendly and as well as safe dye) , embroidery ( hand and machine) , pattern making, cutting , stitching and finishing is done all in house. The village women-

folk then does the finishing and embellishments. After a hard long way she got her destination, her talent has been acknowledged in a greater way. Her label C H H U T I S became a milestone in fashion world. She was selected twice by the Ministry of Textile, Govt. of India to create designs for Khadi Gramodyog Societies . Not to mention Chhutis label is stocked in metros like Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi ; and stores in Hyderabad, Agra, Pune, Ludhiana, and Coimbatore. Her first international break came in the year 2009 when she, along with other international designers were hand-picked for an all paid trip to Dubai for her launch at Roxx.

Apart from just creating clothes Chhuti organizes work-shop on natural-dye in fashion industry , and is always available when she is called as an external examiner to Kala Bhavan, Shantiniketan, or members of jury for beauty pageants. Chhutis creation has given traditional Indian crafts a new edge and creates delightfully feminine outfits. She seasonally creates garments using natural dye reminding us, lets care for our planet. Chhutis usp you will not find some-one wearing your outfits, because every garment is a single piece with NOT repetition. From the financial aspect , Chhuti does not belief in retailing ( leaves it to others), which is not her forte. But come the local shows like Paramapara , the Telegraph Wedding show in Kolkata and she comes out with a complete sold-out. With no government aid or loan from private/nationalized banks, Saraswati Adhikari or Chhuti has proved that she belongs to a different breed of entrepreneurs.

Mobile : +91 9830777890 / +91 9831777890 Email: Address : Mrs. Saraswati Adhikari , c/o Chhutis Mahinagar Purandhar Kha Road, Malancha Mahinagar, Kolkata 700 145, West Bengal, India

My strength:

My strength ,is my passion towards my work, without passion, sincerity and vision any art form never gets its way. So being an artist I have my own vision which completely reflects on my work. My works are the reflection of my dreams, desire , and passion .As you know dreams had full of colours of its own, desire n passion had different dimensions, through my creation, I intend to show the vision of mine, which is distinct on its own way. A blend of simplicity, dignity n style along with. my works are basically experimentation on various dress materials which provides comfort and dignity, with a unique sense of colours. Preferably I use natural vegetable colors, salt base colors and have experiments with different types of tie n dyes and batik. My forte is my hand-paint which you dont find everywhere. According to need, I use different sorts of raw materials which is converted into a extraordinary n a rare art form. I use several kinds of motifs, which are traditional, ethnic n equally unusual. Preferably I do like using floral motifs, bright & vibrant colors and the textiles with good texture suitable for mass, which establish the creation into a statement of style, comfort n dignity . The fashion for todays women. One thing for sure you will not find someone else wearing your outfit .