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: Martiwi Diah Setiawati : 11 8710 602 3 : Prof.Katsuhiko Takami

RESEARCH TYPICAL CONCRETE STRUCTURES IN INDONESIA Name Construction year Use application : Suramadu Bridge ( Madura, East Java) : 20 Agustus 2003- 10 Juni 2009 : To accelerate the infrastructure and economic development of Madura Island which is relatively low compared to other region in East Java. Character mark : Basically Suramadu bridge is a combination of three type of bridge; Causeway, approach bridge, and main bridge. This bridge conected between java island and madura island.

I choose this type of building because to build a bridge in the middle of sea is a complicated activity which should considered oceanographic feature in this area.

Name Construction year Use application

: Mosque of Istiqlal ( Jakarta) : 24 Agustus 1961- 22 Februari 1978 : To establish the grand mosque which will be the pride of the citizens of Jakarta as the capital city and also the people of Indonesia as a whole.

Character Mark

: On a building roof structure of the Istiqlal Mosque consists of a five-story building made of small domes and a large dome-shaped half ball. The roof of the main building with a hemispherical domeshaped frame and wrapped reinforced concrete polyhedrons. This dome structure Silaban received an award from the West German government and the patents referred to by name Silaban Dome.

I choose this mosque because 2 years ago, istiqlal mosque was the biggest mosque at southeast Asia Region.

Name Construction year Use application

: Gelora Bung Karno Stadium : 8 February 1960- 21 Juli 1962, renovated at 2004-2007 : To support the facility for the Asian Games IV in 1962 and in that time Gelora Bung Karno Stadium was recorded as the biggest football stadium in the world.

Character Mark

: Gelora Bung Karno Stadium used reinforced concrete structures because the main stadium is expected to be completed much faster than a predetermined schedule. System structure and construction of buildings that stand out in the Bung Karno stadium roof construction model is meeting bracelet, which is the development of structure folding elliptical / oval. Oval that surrounds the stadium roof will be trimmed and embedded in a giant bracelet, which will firmly grip the upper part.

I choose this building because it is a controversial development in my country. This building was built when our status still poor country.

Name Construction year Use application

:Sate Building (Bandung, West Java) : 20 July 1920- September 1924 : Government company of Nedherland, 1980; it use as West Java Governor Office and Tourism puposes

Character Mark

: The unique shape located at Top Roof. The building has very strong

concrete structure because the building still using until now.

I choose this building because this building still used as government office for 87 years.

Name Construction Year Use application Character Mark

:Gajah Mungkur Reservoir (Wonogiri,Central Java) : December 1970-1978 : It was used for irrigation,hydropower, flood controller and tourism. : casting stones in the soil core.

Gajah Mungkur Reservoir is very phenomenal development because to build this reservoir government need to move the local villagers to Sumatra Island at West Sumatra Province.

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