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Our expertise includes: Project management Implementation System assessments Process improvement Day-to-day support System administration

Maximize the value of your Lawson investment

Has your Lawson implementation exceeded your expectations? Technisource understands the business drivers that matter, and we know how to best utilize Lawsons capabilities to help you achieve your goals. Whether you require assistance with implementation, migration or upgrading, customization or day-to-day support, Technisource provides a full range of services to ensure the success of your Lawson projects.

Increase productivity & reduce costs

Lawson provides a powerful suite of productsare you utilizing Lawson to its full potential? We will work closely with you to align the applications capabilities with your business objectives, so you can achieve the advantages you initially envisioned. If your answer is yes to any of the questions below, Technisource can help.
Are your resources stretched too thin?

Are your reactively addressing issues rather than proactively supporting your business? Is there functionality you would like to take advantage of, but dont have the resources or expertise to implement? Are your procedures manually intensive?


Do you ever think this should be automated? Did your original implementation address exibility for changing business needs? Do you nd it more cumbersome to produce reports than you initially anticipated?

Technisource has brought us a world class blend of exceptional technical skill, superior Lawson expertise and outstanding business process solutions. With their guidance, our Lawson implementation has been much more than just an ERP upgrade... its a new way of doing business! ~ Director of Finance Healthcare client This would not have been a successful project without the expertise and guidance of Technisource. Their people, processes and ability to work well with our team have made this project an excellent overall experience. We view Technisources consultants as true team members, not just another vendor. ~ Chief Financial Ocer Healthcare client

Success story
Lakeview Center, an aliate of Baptist Health Care, provides high-quality behavioral healthcare and vocational services to meet the needs of Escambia and Santa Rosa counties on Floridas Gulf Coast.
Challenge: Lakeview Centers goal was to enhance customer service to its 2,000 employees through more accurate data and improved communications. To accomplish this objective, they chose to roll out the 9.0 version of Lawson Financials, Human Resources, Payroll and Procurement. A partner with proven experience and expertise was needed to help them accomplish their goals, which included:

Eliminating or reducing the number of ancillary systems for Financial and Human Resources data Automating and improving internal/external data exchanges Economizing the implementation by leveraging current Baptist Health Care functionality
Solution: Technisource provided project management, application, business process and technical expertise throughout the lifecycle of the project. Technisources methodology, which prioritizes planning and design at the onset of the project, allowed Lakeview Center to take advantage of base functionality with minimal modications, while streamlining their core business processes. Results: Lakeview Centers Financial implementation resulted in better visibility of cash disposition, spending, account receivables and asset management. End users are now empowered to capture details in the sub ledgers, which simplies the overall chart of accounts and allows for more consistent, timely and pertinent reporting.
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Lakeview Centers improvements continued with the implementation of the Lawsons Human Capital Management Suite module, which strengthened the security of sensitive employee data, provided better controls, and automated the maintenance of employee benet enrollment. End users and employees now have more immediate access to information, making them less reliant on technical sta to extract data for analysis and ad hoc reporting. Overall, the Lakeview Center project was deemed a success by all stakeholders. Business objectives were met by streamlining business processes, providing better visibility to aid decision making information, and enhancing employees customer service through more accurate data and improved communications.