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Sandy Ly (4430) Sandy ls ln ?r 10 aL school and a beglnner ln plano She ls ofLen busy wlLh school
work and LuLorlng homework and lacks moLlvaLlon Lo pracLlce She ls only playlng plano because her
moLher forces her Lo as well We go Lhrough pleces ln her book and Lheory buL l encourage her Lo
brlng ln modern muslc LhaL she en[oys so LhaL she doesn'L lose lnLeresL
Iason Lo| (430S) !ason ls a dlllgenL sLudenL who ls a qulck learner and slghL reads very well 1hls
may be because hls moLher ls very sLrlcL and enroled hlm lnLo 2 muslc schools (wlLh ?MC and
elsewhere) She wlll hassle you abouL exams almosL every lesson he wlll fly Lhrough hls Alfreds
books and wlll be able Lo do some prellmlnary work afLer hls currenL book !ason ofLen has Lrouble
wlLh Llmlng as he always rushes Lowards Lhe end of Lhe song so remlnd hlm Lo slow down and keep
ln Llme
nenry ne|en (SS30) 8oLh are slbllngs sLarLlng on Lhe Alfred's chlldrens book for young
beglnners Lach have a 13 mlnuLe lesson 1hey are slbllngs so expecL a llLLle compeLlLlon beLween
who geLs Lo sLarL Lhelr lesson flrsL and who geLs Lhe mosL sLlckers 1hey are lovely Lo Leach Lhough
1helr faLher helps Lhem pracLlce aL home and helps Lhem learn Lhe nexL plece ln advance 8oLh
counL very well Pelen's maln focus ls Lo look aL Lhe book when she places and curve her flngers
Penry's flngers someLlme sLralghLen and sLlck up lL may also be good Lo redraw Lhe noLes LhaL Lhey
are havlng Lrouble wlLh ln Lhelr book agaln or on Lhe magneL board
8e[an 1oprack (S306) 8e[an has [usL sLarLed hlgh school Lhls year so may noL have Llme Lo pracLlce
from Llme Lo Llme buL she ls a dellghL Lo Leach She ls qulLe aLLenLlve when playlng and knows whaL
mlsLakes she makes and correcLs herself 8e[an does have some Lrouble wlLh Lheory such as readlng
noLes above/below Lhe sLave so l [usL go Lhrough lL ln her exerclse books agaln (mlddle of book)
Pave some fun wlLh modern muslc! She llkes Lo waLch youLube or [usL play by ear aL home and ofLen
ls exclLed Lo show you whaL she has done
8ryLon (6630) 8ryLon ls an obedlenL sLudenL and dellghL Lo Leach We run Lhrough uozen a day ln
Lhe beglnner and hls pleces afLer and wlLh Lhe Cu whenever we can 1ry Lo noL show hlm Loo many
examples by playlng flrsL because he ls good aL memorlslng by looklng aL your flngers and ln general
good aL memorlzlng! Lncourage hlm Lo look Lhe book as he ofLen looks down aL hls flngers lf he ls
havlng Lrouble readlng noLes l ofLen ask hlm wheLher lL ls a sklp or sLep golng up or down
Iasm|ne (6307) ?ou wlll have loLs of fun Leachlng !asmlne She ls 8ryLon's older slsLer and from
Llme Lo Llme l geL boLh of Lhem Lo come and play LogeLher wheLher lL be dozen a day pleces or card
games !asmlne pracLlces aloL and you can Lell LhaL for a beglnner she can play scales and dozen a
day qulLe fasL Lven playlng may need some aLLenLlon especlally wlLh her pleces LhaL have quavers
L|v|na (7730) Llvlna ls a beglnner She ls very shy and does noL Lalk much so l Lry Lo geL her and
her llLLle slsLer uanlca Lo play guesslng games (ldenLy noLes on Lhe plano) and card games so LhaL
she can lnLeracL more She ls a qulck learner and has good slghL readlng skllls She knows how Lo play
prellmlnary scales She needs Lo work on playlng flrmer fasLer and even quavers She plays well
slowly Lhough

2 3364
Dan|ca (7308) uanlca ls a llLLle more ouLgolng Lhan her Llvlna buL ls sLlll very shy She has [usL
sLarLed lessons a few monLhs ago and does noL pracLlce much lL may Lake a whlle Lo go Lhrough
pleces because she does have Lrouble readlng noLes l llke Lo redraw lL ln her book and make her
label Lhem or draw 'maLch Lhe noLes Lo words/counLs' ln her book lf you can come up wlLh oLher
lnLeracLlve games feel free Lo! leel free Lo use Lhe Cu as well Cne lasL Lhlng she has very dellcaLe
sLralghL flngers so don'L forgeL Lo remlnd her Lo curve Lhem 1ouch exerclses are also encouraged
Carmen (8830) Carmen ls also a dellghL Lo Leach and ls aLLenLlve and wllllng Lo learn She ls
learnlng for lelsure and ls followlng an adulL pracLlce/Lheory/Lechnlcal book She ls ln hlgh school so
does noL have much Llme Lo pracLlce along wlLh her LuLorlng and marLlal arLs She llkes Lo brlng ln
her own songs and en[oys plano very much
Lou|se (33034S) Loulse has lessons 2 or 3? 1lmes a week wlLh Amanda as well She llsLens very
well and plays very well for a 4 year old Whenever she geLs sLuck on noLes l [usL ask her wheLher
noLes are sklpplng or sLepplng up or down SomeLlmes she geLs Loo exclLed and rushes Lhrough her
songs She pracLlces aloL aL home wlLh her moLher and loves Lo play wlLh Lhe Cu Loo uon'L be
surprlsed lf she draws you a plcLure aL Lhe end
Megan (34S40S) Megan ls Loulse's older slsLer She ls a good llsLener alLhough she doesn'L really
respond because she's shy She ls behlnd ln Lheory because l don'L Lhlnk Amanda goes Lhrough lL
wlLh her So l Lry Lo go Lhrough and revlse her Lheory and leave dozen a day Lo Amanda ?ou may
flnd LhaL she ls easlly dlsLracLed and may Lake a whlle Lo geL Lo Lhe end of Lhe plece buL keep
perslsLlng and you wlll geL Lhere
my (40S43S) Amy ls ln flrsL grade and wlll be dolng her exam Lhls year She has compleLed all
her pleces buL sLlll needs Lo work on correcLlng her scales She plays well for noL pracLlclng much aL
all buL lL ls evldenL LhaL she doesn'L pracLlce when she plays her scales l encourage her Lo do scale
exerclses however l don'L Lhlnk she really follows Lhem So somLlmes l ask her mum Lo come ln and
slL ln Lhe room (alLhough she prefers her noL Lo) LhaL way Lhe nexL week she plays brllllanLly! She ls
currenLly sLarLlng her 2
grade pleces as well And remlnd her Lo cuL her nalls!
W|nn|e (43S S0S) Wlnnle wlll be AWn unLll Lhe 2
of AugusL She may be quleL and shy buL ls a
dlllgenL sLudenL She has [usL sLarLed dozen a day and ls compleLlng her songs aL a sLeady pace whlle
playlng wlLh Lhe Cu She has some Lrouble ldenLlfylng noLes someLlmes
1ess|e (S0S S3S) ?our lesson wlLh 1essle wlll be qulLe fun 1essle has [usL compleLed her
prellmlnary exam and dld very well She ls a dlllgenL sLudenL who ls always eager Lo learn more and
wlll ask you many quesLlons She ls ablL of a perfecLlonlsL and plcks ouL all her mlsLakes no
complalnLs Lhere! She has sLarLed a couple pleces for Lhe nexL grade and has some of her own pleces
she can work on Loo She reads and plays wlLh dynamlcs well someLlmes needs Lo play flrmer
Sarah (S3S 60S) Sarah ls 3 years old and ls a beglnner She ls very easlly dlsLracLed We spend
aloL of Llme golng Lhrough Lheory because of Lhls l don'L usually have Lrouble compleLlng her pleces
buL lL may be dlfflculL Lo geL her Lo concenLraLe and sLarL playlng She knows her noLes well and
when sLuck l [usL ask wheLher noLes are a sLep or sklp golng up or down She also has anoLher lesson
on SaLurday wlLh !ulla leel free Lo pracLlce wlLh Lhe Cu or wlLh her LasL Llp someLlmes we play role
reversal where l geL her Lo Leach me how Lo play and how l should have my flngers eLc l purposely
play wrong noLes and so forLh so LhaL she correcLs me and shows me how l should play She geLs a
glggle ouL of Lhls Loo
Somon|que (60S 63S) Somonlque ls a lovely glrl She doesn'L pracLlce much aL all buL performs
well wlLhouL pracLlclng! 1here needs Lo be more conLrasL ln dynamlcs when she plays and flrmer
playlng 1here ls aloL of pressure from her parenLs and aunLy Lo do exams and pracLlce She wlll noL
be slLLlng her 4
grade exam buL wlll probably slL a 3
grade one
Ch|oe (63S 70S) Chloe has become a dlllgenL sLudenL slnce she has been on Lhe same grade for
over a year Per parenLs wanL her Lo slL her exam soon however she ls noL ready for Lhls year's
exam She plays very loudly so l glve her execlses Lo do She en[oys plano and has lmproved greaLly
Lhls year wlLh Lhe help from her moLher and broLher 1here ls sLlll aloL of work for lmprovemenL
Lhough She Lends Lo memorlze her pleces and has Lrouble sLarLlng from where she made a mlsLake
l Lry Lo geL her Lo pracLlce slowly readlng Lhe noLes and sLarLlng from where she lasL played lnsLead
of sLarLlng from Lhe very beglnnlng agaln
kerry (70S 73S) kerry ls a puncLual and aLLenLlve sLudenL She always arrlves prepared wlLh
pleces Lheory homework Lo mark as well as a dlglLal meLronome She doesn'L have much dlfflculLy
ln Lheory or noLe readlng aL all 1here needs Lo be more conLrasL ln dynamlcs and expresslon ln her
pleces Lhough Per scales are well played
V|v|ene (73S 820) vlvlene ls my hlghesL sLudenL who ls ln
grade 8ecause of Lhe demand of
her PSC Lhls year she ls unsure wheLher Lo compleLe her exams Lhls year as lL wlll clash wlLh her PSC
exams She has flnlshed all pleces and almosL all scales (Lhlnk she has a couple more dlmlnshed
arpegglos lefL) She ls playlng a sLeady pace buL sLlll has aloL of brushlng up on her pleces She needs
Lo focus on phraslng playlng Lhe correcL noLes and more conLrasL ln plano and forLe ln cerLaln
pleces She ls easy golng and fun Lo Leach Loo

WlLh all of my sLudenLs l llke Lo encourage Lhem Lo noL be shy and experlmenL wlLh Lhelr pleces So l
encourage exaggeraLed dynamlcs (mosL are beglnners and wlll play noL play forLe loud enough or
plano sofL enough) so l llke Lo gulde Lhem whlle Lhey play eg ralslng and lowerlng my volcewavlng
hands around Lapplng here and Lhere (a llLLle LheaLrlcal buL lL's someLhlng Lhey wlll be remember Lo
lf you have any quesLlons or help feel free Lo conLacL me aL llnda_slk[hoLmallcom
Cood luck!