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9Z0W fB8W BP8b0


9Z0W fB8W BP8b0
This producI carries a ScrewI DirecI LId guarahIee oI 12 mohIhs. I your
producI develops a IaulI wiIhih Ihis period, you should,ih Ihe IrsI ihsIahce cohIacI
ScrewI DirecI LId oh Freephohe 0500 41 41 41. I Ihe IaulI occurs wiIhih Ihe IrsI 12
mohIhs, you may reIurh Ihe goods Ior a Iull reIuhd or we will repair or replace Ihe goods
iI you preIer. Wheh repair is hoI pracIical or idehIical goods are hoI available, alIerhaIive
goods oI similar speciIcaIioh ahd qualiIy will usually be provided buI, Iailihg Ihis, you
will be oIIered a parIial or Iull reIuhd depehdihg oh Ihe Iime period sihce purchase.
This guarahIee speciIcally ecludes losses caused due Io:
- Fair wear ahd Iear
- Misuse or abuse
- Lack oI rouIihe maihIehahce
- Failure oI cohsumable iIems (such as baIIeries)
- AccidehIal damage
- CosmeIic damage
- Failure Io Iollow mahuIacIurer's guidelihes
- Loss oI use oI Ihe goods
- Pepairs aIIempIed by ahyohe, uhless auIhorised by ScrewI DirecI LId.
This guarahIee does hoI aIIecI your sIaIuIory righIs. This guarahIee is ohly valid ih Ihe UK.
For IurIher Iechhical advice, spare parIs or repair service (ouIside oI guarahIee) please
cohIacI Ihe cusIomer helplihe humber oh 0845 607 6380.
Congratulatlons on your purohase of a power tool from SorewBx
Dlreot Ltd. We want you to oontlnue gettlng the best performanoe from lt
so thls handbook lnoludes lnformatlon on safety, handllng and oare. Please
retaln thls handbook ln oase you need to refer to any of the lnformatlon ln
the future.
Your power tool oomes wlth a 12-month guarantee,so should lt
develop a fault wlthln thls perlod oontaot SorewBx Dlreot Ltd on Freephone
0500 41 41 41.
7!2.).'Pead all ihsIrucIiohs.Failure Io Iollow all ihsIrucIiohs lisIed
below may resulI ih elecIric shock, Ire ahd/or serious ih|ury.
1. Work area
a.Keep work area olean and well llt.CluIIered ahd dark areas ihviIe
b.Do not operate power tools ln exploslve atmospheres, suoh as ln
the presenoe of Bammable llqulds, gases or dust.
Power Iools creaIe sparks which may ighiIe Ihe dusI or Iumes.
o. Keep ohlldren and bystanders away whlle operatlng a power tool.
DisIracIiohs cah cause you Io lose cohIrol.
2. Eleotrloal safety
a.Power tool plugs must matoh the outlet. Never modlfy the plug ln
any way. Do not use any adapter plugs wlth earthed (grounded} power
UhmodiIed plugs ahd maIchihg ouIleIs will reduce risk oI elecIric shock
b.Avold body oontaot wlth earthed or grounded surfaoes suoh as
plpes, radlators, ranges and refrlgerators.
There is ah ihcreased risk oI elecIric shock iI your body is earIhed or grouhded.
3. Personal safety
a. Stay alert, watoh what you are dolng and use oommon sense when
operatlng a power tool. Do not use a power tool whlle you are tlred or
under the lnBuenoe of drugs, aloohol or medloatlon.
A momehI oI ihaIIehIioh while operaIihg power Iools may resulI ih serious per-
sohal ih|ury.
b. Use safety equlpment. Always wear eye proteotlon.
SaIeIy equipmehI such as dusI mask, hoh-skid saIeIy shoes, hard haI, or hearihg
proIecIioh used Ior appropriaIe cohdiIiohs will reduce persohal ih|uries.
o.Avold aooldental startlng. Ensure the swltoh ls ln the off-posltlon be-
fore plugglng ln.Carryihg power Iools wiIh your Ihger oh Ihe swiIch or pluggihg
ih power Iools IhaI have Ihe swiIch oh ihviIes accidehIs.
d. Remove any ad]ustlng key or wrenoh before turnlng the power tool
on. A wrehch or a key leII aIIached Io a roIaIihg parI oI Ihe power Iool may resulI
ih persohal ih|ury.
e.Do not overreaoh. Keep proper footlng and balanoe at all tlmes.
This ehables beIIer cohIrol oI Ihe power Iool ih uhepecIed siIuaIiohs.
f} Dress properly. Do not wear loose olothlng or ]ewellery. Keep your
halr, olothlng and gloves away from movlng parts.
Loose cloIhes, |ewellery or lohg hair cah be caughI ih movihg parIs.
g} If devloes are provlded for the oonneotlon of dust extraotlon and ool-
leotlon faollltles, ensure these are oonneoted and properly used.
9Z0W fB8W BP8b0
Use oI Ihese devices cah reduce dusI-relaIed hazards.
4. Power tool use and oare.
a. Do not foroe the power tool. Use the oorreot power tool for your
applloatlon. The correcI power Iool will do Ihe |ob beIIer ahd saIer aI Ihe raIe Ior
which iI was desighed.
b. Do not use the power tool lf the swltoh does not turn lt on and off.
Ahy power Iool IhaI cahhoI be cohIrolled wiIh Ihe swiIch is dahgerous ahd musI
be repaired.
o. Dlsoonneot the plug from the power souroe before maklng any
ad]ustments, ohanglng aooessorles, or storlng power tools. Such
prevehIive saIeIy measures reduce Ihe risk oI sIarIihg Ihe power Iool accidehIally.
d. Store ldle power tools out of the reaoh of ohlldren and do not allow
persons unfamlllar wlth the power tool or these lnstruotlons to operate
the power tool. Power Iools are dahgerous ih Ihe hahds oI uhIraihed users.
e. Malntaln power tools. Cheok for mlsallgnment or blndlng of movlng
parts, breakage of parts and any other oondltlon that may affeot the
power tools operatlon. If damaged, have the power tool repalred before
use. Poorly maihIaihed power Iools cause mahy accidehIs.
f. Keep outtlng tools sharp and olean. Properly maihIaihed cuIIihg Iools wiIh
sharp cuIIihg edges are less likely Io bihd ahd are easier Io cohIrol.
g. Use the power tool, aooessorles and tool blts eto., ln aooordanoe wlth
these lnstruotlons and ln the manner lntended for the partloular type of
power tool, taklng lnto aooount the worklng oondltlons and the work to
be performed. Use oI Ihe power Iool Ior operaIiohs diIIerehI Irom ihIehded could
resulI ih a hazardous siIuaIioh.
5. Servloe.
a. Have your power tool servloed by a quallBed repalr person uslng only
ldentloal replaoement parts. This will ehsure IhaI Ihe saIeIy oI Ihe power Iool
is maihIaihed.
7!2.).' Wheh drillihg, sahdihg, sawihg or grihdihg, dusI parIicles will be
produced. h some ihsIahces, depehdihg oh Ihe maIerials you are workihg wiIh, Ihis
dusI cah be parIicularly harmIul Io you (e.g. lead Irom old gloss paihI).
You are advised Io cohsider Ihe risks associaIed wiIh Ihe maIerials you are workihg
wiIh ahd Io reduce Ihe risk oI eposure. You should:
- Work ih a well-vehIilaIed area.
- Work wiIh approved saIeIy equipmehI, such as Ihose dusI masks IhaI are specially
desighed Io IlIer microscopic parIicles.
1.Always use eye glasses ahd dusI mask.
2.Hearihg proIecIioh should be worh wheh usihg |igsaw
3.Do hoI use damaged or worh blades.
4.Always use |igsaw wiIh guard cover dowh.
5.Pegularly check Ihe Iwo screws ih Ihe blade clip.
6.Pegularly check Ihe ad|usImehI oI Ihe supporI roller.
7.Do hoI ruh Ihe machihe wiIh ahy parI oI Ihe casihg missihg or damaged.
8.Do hoI sIarI Ihe pehdulum |igsaw wheh Ihe blade is ihserIed ihIo work piece.
The Iool is double ihsulaIed. This meahs IhaI all Ihe eIerhal meIal parIs are elecIrically
ihsulaIed Irom Ihe maihs power supply. This is dohe by placihg ihsulaIioh barriers
beIweeh Ihe elecIrical ahd mechahical compohehIs makihg iI uhhecessary Ior Ihe Iool
Io be earIhed.
Pemove Ihe maihs plug Irom sockeI beIore carryihg ouI ahy ad|usImehI or servicihg.
Ehsure your maihs supply volIage is Ihe same as your Iool raIihg plaIe volIage.
Pead Ihe mahual Warhihg Wear gloves
Wear dusI mask,eye & ear proIecIioh
CohIorms Io relevahI saIeIy sIahdards
9Z0W fB8W BP8b0
VolIs :
Power hpuI :
No Load Speed :
CuIIihg CapaciIy:
Bevel CapaciIy:
Double ihsulaIioh:
Machihe WeighI :
400-2600 mih
Wood: 55mm
SIeel: 6mm
Souhd pressure level: 88dB (A)
Souhd power level: 99dB (A)
VibraIioh level: <6.3m/s
9Z0W fB8W BP8b0
$O O H \NH\
To II blade IrsIly raise Ihe saIeIy guard, (iI
lowered). Use Ihe he key provided Io looseh Ihe
blade seI screws oh Ihe blade clip. The blade's
cuIIihg edge should be Iacihg Iorward. hserI Ihe
blade's mouhIihg porIioh ihIo Ihe groove ih Ihe
blade clip ahd Ihe small hoIch ih Ihe blade sIock
uhIil iI Iouches Ihe boIIom oI Ihe clip. Theh Irmly
IighIeh Ihe seIscrew as showh ih Fig2.
For besI cuIIihg resulIs ehsure you use a blade
suiIed Io Ihe maIerial ahd cuIihg qualiIy you
Warnlng: Do not use the tool wlthout
the olear blade guard or wlth the
damaged guard.
To provide greaIer blade supporI, Ihe roller
supporI should how be ad|usIed. The supporI
improves cuIIihg ahd should be ad|usIed. The
supporI improves cuIIihg ahd should be ad|usIed
whehever a blade is ihserIed or chahged. FirsIly
looseh Ihe Iwo he bolIs uhder Ihe base plaIe,
(use Ihe he key provided) slide Ihe posiIiohed
Iorward uhIil Ihe supporI roller is Iouchihg Ihe
blade. Fully re-IighIeh Ihe Iwo he bolIs, see
3.HEX KEY STDRAGE (see Fig4)
The He key is sIored aI Ihe rear oI Ihe |igsaw,
reIurh key here wheh hoI ih use.
To operaIe Ihe Jigsaw, press Ihe Irigger swiIch.
I you wish Io operaIe Ihe Jigsaw cohIihuously,
Ihe Irigger lock buIIoh cah be pushed ih aIIer Ihe
Irigger swiIch has beeh pressed. To release Ihe
lock buIIoh simply press Ihe Irigger swiIch Iully,
Ihe buIIoh will auIomaIically release.
Flg 2
Flg 3
Flg 4
Flg 5
(See Fig6)
For sawihg appropriaIely Io Ihe maIerial a suiIable
sIroke raIe A-G (400-2600 mih-1) cah be seI wiIh
Ihe regulaIihg wheel (2) ahd cohIrolled wiIh Ihe
ON-OFF swiIch. The seIIihg wheel serves aI Ihe
same Iime Io sIeplessly ad|usI Ihe sIroke raIe
while Ihe saw is operaIihg.
Uslng the Jlgsaw
BeIore usihg Ihe saw ahd cohhecIihg Ihe maihs
cable make sure Ihe Irigger swiIch is ih Ihe oII
posiIioh. Press Ihe Irigger swiIch ahd waiI uhIil
blade has reached maimum speed. Place Ihe
IrohI oI Ihe baseplaIe oh Ihe workpiece ahd lihe
up Ihe cuIIihg lihe wiIh Ihe lihe you wish Io cuI.
Push slowly Iorward. Keep Ihe baseplaIe IaI
agaihsI Ihe workpiece.
Cuttlng Metal
Ah appropriaIe cuIIihg agehI (such as lighI oil,
small amouhIs oI soapy waIer, eIc.) should
always be used. I Ihere is ho available liquid
cuIIihg agehI, grease cah be applied Io Ihe back
surIace oI Ihe maIerial Io be cuI.
(see Fig7)
For wood: Aligh Ihe blade direcIioh wiIh Ihe graih
oI Ihe wood. Theh posiIioh Ihe rouhded parI aI
Ihe IrohI oI Ihe base plaIe oh surIace Io be cuI,
slowly lower Ihe saw ihIo maIerial aI choseh
poihI oI ehIry. Lower Ihe saw ih a pivoIihg acIioh
uhIil blade has cuI Ihrough Io oIher side, do hoI
move saw alohg ihIehded cuI lihe uhIil Ihe blade
has cuI Ihrough ahd base plaIe is layihg IaI oh
For oIher maIerials: h maIerials oIher Ihah wood
wheh cuIIihg wihdow holes, IrsI use a drill or
similar Iool Io drill a hole Irom which ihiIial cuIIihg
will begih.
7.ANGULAR CUTTING (see Fig8, 9 & 10)
For ad|usImehI oI Ihe ahgle oI ihclihaIioh, loose
Ihe He bolI ahd screw oh Ihe base oI saw (see
Move Ihe base plaIe Iorward or backward a liIIle
uhIil Ihe verIical sloIs ih Ihe base plaIe aligh
wiIh Ihe Iwo He screws, you will Iheh be able
Flg 8
Flg 7
Flg 8
Flg 9
9Z0W fB8W BP8b0
Io roIaIe Ihe base plaIe Io Ihe required ahgle.
Ahgle oI ihclihaIioh humbers are sIamped ohIo
Ihe curved brackeI oh Iop oI Ihe base plaIe Io help
you seI Ihe correcI ahgle, see Fig9.
Check Ihe roller supporI beIore IighIehihg (see
page 8 Ior deIails). Firmly IighIeh Ihe He screw
wheh Ihished. See Fig10 Ior operaIioh.
:25.,1* +,176 )25 <285
1.Here is some advice oh Ihe pehdulum acIioh
cohIrol: Ihe saw blade is ohly pressed agaihsI Ihe
maIerial oh Ihe reIurh sIroke/workihg sIroke. I
is moved away Irom Ihe maIerial oh Ihe Iorward
sIroke. The resulI is beIIer removal oI chips, less
IricIioh ahd IhereIore a higher ouIpuI.
2.To avoid Ihe |igsaw sprihgihg up ahd dowh
wheh sawihg sheeIs, supporI Ihe sheeI oh
Iimbers. Wheh sawihg meIal, apply a coolahI oil
alohg Ihe cuIIihg lihe.
3.Ad|usI Ihe speed ahd Ihe pehdulum acIioh
seIIihgs Io suiI Ihe maIerial Io be sawh. We always
recommehd IhaI you carry ouI a IesI cuI IrsI.
4.To use Ihe |igsaw puI Ihe IrohI ehd oI Ihe base
plaIe oh Ihe maIerial ahd Iurh Ihe machihe oh.
Press Ihe machihe Irom above oh Io Ihe maIerial
ahd guide Ihe |igsaw alohg Ihe cuIIihg lihe.
5.Do hoI use Ioo much pressure Io achieve Ihe
besI progress wheh sawihg, use lighI pressure oh
Ihe saw blade.
6.Wheh sawihg alohg a marked lihe use Ihe
markihg oh Ihe spliIIihg guard as a guide.
7.For eacI cuIIihg, clamp a Iimber baIIeh oh Io
Ihe maIerial as ah aid or use Ihe parallel guide.
8.For miIres/bevels seI Ihe base plaIe ih Ihe
required posiIioh.
9.SeI Ihe base plaIe Io iIs rearmosI posiIioh Ior
cuIIihg close Io ah edge.
Flg 10
Flg 11
Warnlng: Ensure the ]lgsaw ls
dlsoonneoted from the malns power
supply before attemptlng any malntenanoe.
1.Keep Ihe |igsaw vehIilaIioh sloIs cleah ahd Iree
Irom obsIrucIiohs. I available, blow compressed
air ihIo Ihe vehIs Io clear ahy ihIerhal dusI (saIeIy
goggles musI be worh wheh uhderIakihg Ihis
2.Keep Ihe ouIer case oI Ihe |igsaw cleah ahd
Iree Irom grease. Do hoI wash wiIh waIer or use
solvehIs or abrasive. Use ohly mild soap ahd
damp cloIh Io cleah Ihe Iool. Never leI ahy liquid
geI ihside Ihe Iool. Never immerse ahy parI oI Ihe
Iool ihIo a liquid.
3.Your |igsaw requires ho addiIiohal lubricaIioh.
There are ho user serviceable parIs ih your power
4.Always sIore your power Iool ih a dry place.
5.I you see some sparks Iashihg ih Ihe vehIilaIioh
sloIs, Ihis is hormal ahd will hoI damage your
power Iool.
6.I Ihe supply cord is damaged, iI musI be
replaced by a special cord or assembly available
Irom Ihe mahuIacIurer or iIs service agehI.
1.I your |igsaw will hoI operaIe, check Ihe Iuse
ahd Ihe power aI Ihe maihs plug.
2.I Ihe |igsaw is hoI cuIIihg properly check Ihe
blade ahd supporI roller, replace blade iI worh.
Also check Ihe cuIIihg ahgle, Ihe blade musI be
aI eacIly 90 Io Ihe base plaIe Ior hormal use.
(See Fig11)
3.There are ho user serviceable parIs ih Ihe
|igsaw. I a IaulI cah hoI be Iouhd reIurh Ihe saw
Io ah auIhorised dealer Ior repair.

9Z0W fB8W BP8b0
WasIe elecIrical producIs should hoI be
disposed oI wiIh household wasIe. Please
recycle where IaciliIies eisI. Check wiIh
your Local AuIhoriIy or reIailer Ior recyclihg
The Iuse ih Ihe maih plug oI your power Iool
should always be replaced wiIh ohe oI idehIical
Check Ihe volIage giveh oh your power Iool
maIches Ihe supply volIage.
The power Iool is supplied wiIh a IIIed plug,
however iI you should heed Io II a hew plug
Iollows Ihe ihsIrucIioh below.
The wire ih Ihe maihs lead are coloured ih
accordahce wiIh Ihe Iollowihg code:
Blue ---Neutral
Brown ---Llve
The wire IhaI is coloured blue musI be cohhecIed
Io Ihe Iermihal IhaI is marked wiIh Ihe leIIer N. The
wire IhaI is coloured brown musI be cohhecIed
Io Ihe Iermihal IhaI is marked wiIh Ihe leIIer L.
A 13AMP (BS1363 or BS1363/A) plug musI be used
ahd a 5AMP Iuse musI be IIIed
Deolaratlon of Conformlty
We, mporIer
SorewBx Dlreot Ltd
Mead Avenue
Houndstone Buslness Park
BA 22 8RT
Declare IhaI Ihe producI
Complies wiIh Ihe essehIial healIh ahd saIeIy requiremehIs oI Ihe Iollowihg direcIive::
89l338lEEC, 93l88lEEC -EMC DirecIive.
73l23lEEC, 93l88lEEC. -Low VolIage DirecIive
98l37 EC. -Machihery DirecIive.
SIahdards ahd Iechhical speciIcaIiohs reIerred Io:
Authorlsed Slgnatory
DaIe: 15/12/05
Name: PeIer Harries
ScrewI DirecI LId
OualiIy Mahager
9Z0W fB8W BP8b0