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THE bIbLE AND SCIENCE by WilliAM T. PelleTier, Ph.d. [WoodsIde neWs COLUMNIST]
lage recreates a Galilean village of 2,000 years ago with costumed villagers, houses, ould you like to ride a synagogue, sheepfold, oltime machine into Bible ive press, watchtowers, and days? You may soon get the terraced farms. A dining chance! facility serves first-century Forty miles south of Cinmeals, and a performing cinnati along I-75, the Ark Enarts theater has a combinacounter Park is springing up. It WilliAM T. promises a full-size all-wood PelleTier, Ph.d. tion live and video show. The Special Events Noahs Ark and many Biblical Area outside the walled history attractions, including a city provides facilities for large group Tower of Babel. meetings and private events. It showAnswers in Genesis (AiG), an apolcases green building techniques used ogetics ministry focusing on Biblical for the Ark. authority and Genesis-related issues, Preliminary research for the projis building the Biblical theme park. ect estimated attendance at 1.6 million people in the first year alone, ark encounter Park with an economic impact of $591 A respected market research commillion. Over 10 years the impact will pany, Americas Research Group, conexceed $4.8 billion and create 14,000 ducted a nationwide survey to gauge private-sector jobs. Projected atteninterest in Noahs Ark. A whopping dance is comparable to that for Get63% (representing 194 million Amertysburg or The Henry Ford complex. icans) said they would visit a full-size Ark replica. oPPosition Because the Ark will draw so Journalists, pundits and bloggers namany people, designers expanded tionwide have heaped scorn, criticism plans to offer a large complex of nine and ridicule on the Ark Encounter. major attractions. With multiple atUndoubtedly this also happened to tractions, visitors will spread out, reNoah 4500 years ago. ducing lines at the Ark. The two largest Kentucky newsArk Encounter plans to open Spring papers, Louisvilles Courier-Journal 2014. Admission will be $35-$40. and Lexingtons Herald-Leader, have At the park entry, a 40-acre been relentlessly hostile toward the Walled City depicts the pre-Flood Ark and deliberately deceptive about lifestyle of Noahs day. It includes restaurants, period shops, Bible event venues, and Noahs house. Outside the city wall, Noahs Ark includes exhibits showing how the Ark could have been built and how Noahs family could have tended the animals while surviving a year on the ark. The Ark rests on the tax incentives by falsely implying state shore of a large lake. This area hosts a funds will be used for construction. daily show featuring a parade of aniMany criticize Governor Beshear mals and a dramatic demonstration for allegedly violating separation of of how the fountains of the great deep church and state. Yet post-construction burst open. (Genesis 7:11) tax incentives are legislated in KenFor more on the Ark, see Julys Bituckys Tourism Development Act for ble-Science column Rebuilding Noahs any tourist attraction, so it would be Ark. discriminatory for Kentucky to refuse. Noahs Animals is a petting zoo Many virulently oppose the projwith live animal and bird shows illusect because it is Bible-based. Such trating animal kinds on the Ark. critics are willing to forfeit enormous The walk-through Aviary has economic benefits for the entire reclose-encounter viewing platforms gion to prevent Biblical influence inside three bird sanctuaries and a butterfly house. The 100-foot Tower of Babel presents exhibits on the origin of languages and people groups. It includes a 500seat special-effects theater. In the Biblical History Journey, visitors float down the Nile River winding through Old Testament history from Abraham to Moses, including the ten plagues and parting of the Red Sea. The Childrens Play Area next to the zoo is an interactive Bible-themed exploration area with climbing structures, bridge nets, slides, and zip lines. Designed for multi-generational family participation, it includes an indoor and outdoor discovery center. The First-Century Vil-

Ark Encounter Park

courtesy AnsWers In genesIs

Ark Encounter theme park planned for Williamstown, ky.

from taking root in Kentucky. Secularists even accuse Answers in Genesis of child abuse because their speakers "lie to children and wreck childrens educations by teaching that Genesis is literally true. Ironically, this attack presupposes a Biblical worldview, for there can be no lies if there is no God who defines truth. An op-ed screed Noahs Ark park will mislead our schoolchildren in Ohios Middletown Journal whined, Building a life-sized replica of the ark in a Genesis-themed park strikes a se-

noah faced intense opposition only seven people in the entire world believed him. today millions support rebuilding the Ark.
vere blow to the teaching of evolution. Why are evolutionists so afraid of the Ark? Will one Ark overcome thousands of schools, museums, zoos, movies, and TV shows? Will it counteract billions of dollars of government funds for evolutionist education, projects, and research? Americans swim in an ocean of evolutionism. The evolutionist mindset pervades the culture. Will the Ark really strike a severe blow against evolutionism? Yes, it will, because the Genesis record of Noahs Ark and the Flood is authentic history, and truth will win out eventually. Rebuilding the Ark will publicize Biblical truth. What Would noah think? Noah would endorse rebuilding the Ark to recall America to Biblical truth and authority. For Noah was himself a preacher of righteousness to a wicked world (2 Peter 2:5). Noah faced intense opposition only seven people in the entire world believed him. Noah would think we have it easy today with millions supporting rebuilding the Ark. The enormity of the re-

building project increases my admiration for Noah as a project manager, engineer, and ship builder. For one year during the Flood, Noah managed the Ark and animals with only eight people. But AiG expects to hire 900 people for the park. Noah likely hired construction help. He may have financed his project with mortgages (which he never had to repay). Will this ark be easier to build than Noahs Ark, being stationary and not required to float? Actually, naval engineers are involved to ensure the rebuilt ark is seaworthy. Ark Encounter will take three years to complete. Nobody knows how long it took Noah to build the Ark. Genesis 6:3 mentions 120 years but does not specify what that time period includes. People usually envision Noah laboring a long time with primitive construction techniques. This is only speculation, since all technology of Noahs world was destroyed in the Flood. We know nothing of what that world was like except for a few hints in Scripture. Pre-flood men lived for over 900 years, so they would have acquired vast amounts of knowledge, skills, and resources during their lives. Sins damage had accrued far less, and people were much smarter than today. Adams seventh-generation grandson Tubal-cain forged bronze and iron tools (Genesis 4:22). It would not surprise me if the pre-Flood world had advanced tools powered by electro-magnetic, solar, wind, hydro, nuclear, thermal, or other energy sources. Noah was 600 years old when the Flood came (Genesis 7:6). He had centuries of accumulated expertise, resources, and wisdom to apply to the Ark. He certainly had metal technology available and probably construction techniques and tools which are unknown today. Noah might actually smile at 21stcentury mans clumsy reproduction of his Ark. Soli Deo Gloria. E-mail Dr. Pelletier at Read the Bible-Science Guy blog at and follow him at BibleScienceGuy. 2011 William T. Pelletier