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Market Positioning
PantSaloon will be established as a customized jeans maker
For college students and the young adults,
that offers flexible, unique and creative jeans
with perfect fitting and comfort
to the level of the customer's choice of fabric, cut and over-all design.

It is PantSaloon’s advantage to become a specialized clothing servicing store that will emphasize
wide-ranged creative designs, styles and fabrics along with the perfect fit and comfort to the
PantSaloon will be known for its uniqueness, flexibility, creativity, and innovativeness. These
youthful characteristics will make the whole perception of the store away from the tailor shops
that are usually associated with being stiff and traditional.
PantSaloon is taking the Less for More strategy in defining its competency in pricing. Viktor Jeans
has been making waves in the same market but what will make PantSaloon apart from Viktor is
its competitive designs and quality at an affordable price. This will be highlighted because the
target market, students and young adults, cannot afford prices such as Viktor’s.

V. Marketing Mix
A. Product
As can be observed, majority of the brands in the market offer jeans that are ready-to wear
which do not actually correspond to the actual fit of each and every consumer. This has
become a pressing concern for most of the college students and young adults as they would
always spend difficult times finding the jeans that would fit right. Although alterations could
be done to repair the clothes’ dimensions, more often than not, the process can possibly ruin
the style or design of the product. EALA Inc. was able to understand the problem that today's
youth face hence the reason of coming up with the idea of PantSaloon, a brand that will
provide jeans that would perfectly fit them at their own wanted cut and design. PantSaloon's
service is geared towards addressing the usual problems that college students and young
adults always come across with. Thus, the cuts, fabrics and dimensions that shall make up
our jeans will be custom-made in order to give our target market the right fit and the right
comfort match their body frames. Moreover, our house designers will create trendy
collections and will also regularly update the design and style of our jeans thereby conceiving
a uniquely stylish boutique that perfectly matches the today's youth.

1. Features
Themes. The world of fashion moves in a relatively fast paced track that we need to
continuously plan and innovate designs in order to keep up with the present and forthcoming
trends. Consequently, PantSaloon fashion shall exert efforts in providing jeans and pants that
are appropriate to the current fashion themes, but would still refer to the customer’s
requests. In order to offer this, EALA, therefore has to constantly search for the latest trends
on the web, magazines, and catalogues, and should also be keen in observing how prominent
fashion figures project themselves through the clothes they wear. In addition, we will seek
advices from fashion enthusiasts and hire in-house designers who will assist us in keeping up
with the current fashion statements.
For the introduction of the venture, EALA will issue the first collection of four designs showing
off the brand’s capabilities of producing stylish pants. The designs are flexible enough to
match any kind of cut that the customers are openly comfortable with. The designs will
include the following:
PS 1 – pant designed with detailed stitching
PS 2 – jean designed thru deconstruction
PS 3 – jean showcasing pocket embellishments and beadings
PS 4 – jean showcasing pocket embroideries
PantSaloon will introduce new designs and keep up with it by having quarterly themes,
depending on the forecasted demand and clamor of fashion aficionados.
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Colors and Fabrics. Since the business is basically selling on the over-all individuality of the
customer, PantSaloon, will offer a wide array of colors of jeans and other types of fabrics used
for pants like denim, corduroy, twill and canvas. Colors will be pre-approved by the house
designers as they know which colors are matching the kind of fabric.
For denim, we will have stretch and non-stretch. We will also soft and hard jeans. In addition
to that, PantSaloon will also offer good kinds of bronzed/metallic jeans, dark-colored and the
light colored ones. For twills, an array of such colors, from black to khaki to white, will be from
offered. Same thing goes with corduroys and the canvases.
Special fabrics like army cloth and checkered fabrics will also be provided for those who want
an older look.

Product Line. The initial product line will consists of all-jeans collections. PantSaloon will be
focusing on the manufacturing of its core product and will make sure that expertise in such
activity will be achieved in the first three years. Variations of pants like shorts and skirts will
be offered as well on seasonal basis or if the customer requests for it. The entire jean
collections shall revolve in a tagline that will promote personal adaptation of the jeans to the
customer's fitting such as: Makers of the jeans specially-made for you.
On its fourth year of operations, PantSaloon will open its array of t-shirts that is in line of the
objectives and target market of PantSaloon. It will invest in opening statement-shirt venture
where customers can have their personal statements printed on their shirts.
Two years after that, PantSaloon will be opened for jacket-customization. Other merchandise
and accessories, like bags, wallets belts and leather bracelets will be offered as well.
Maintenance of the merchandise and service offerings will be observed and assured through
the years. Designs will be improved and updated to make sure that the taste of the moving
target market is kept captured.

Augmented Products. Aside from the stylish jeans collections, PantSaloon will also hire
friendly and accommodating trained personnel to make the customer’s experience within the
store something to be remembered and repeated. They will be called Jeans Engineers. Such
label will give an impression that the personnel are all technically trained to do create the
perfect jeans for the customers.
Today, people are much more concerned with the environment and PantSaloon understands
that. Thus, our store will only utilize stylish reusable paper bags and not the plastic ones in
order to contribute to this cause. Customers do patronize companies that operate with a
heart. In recognizing our responsibility to society, this is not to be done for promotions alone
but also for the greater good of the community.
Also, PantSaloon will have spacious fitting rooms for comfort, which needed so customers can
appreciate the beauty of the product that our store has to offer. Oftentimes, students and
young adults do not come alone. They have companions like friends, barked and colleagues
with them that's why PantSaloon is putting a waiting area composed of mini sofa and
beanbags. Fashion Magazines like GQ and InStyle will be available as well for fashion
Almost all major shops accept credit cards and this will be the same for our store. PantSaloon
understands the hesitance of some shoppers in bringing a lot of money for shopping.
Added to that, to make the experience very relaxing and worthwhile, we will also play feel
good music. Surround mirrors will also be put up on the walls so potential customers can
know right away if the product looks good on them without having to fit the clothes. Promo
giveaways such as posters, pocket calendars and key chains will be given to buyers so they
can remember our store all the time.
An after-sale service, like alteration, will be offered for free to make sure that the jeans stay fit
to the customer.

B. Place

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It is best to put up the clothing store in the area where the business can easily tap its target
market. For this particular reason that is why PantSaloon will be initially put up in Katipunan. It
will specifically be located in the second level of Drews Bldg, right behind Shakey’s.
One apparent reason for putting up the store in the Katipunan area is that the place is
relatively accessible to college students in the higher social strata. Just right outside the store
is Ateneo, which happens to be the perfect representation of the target market.
The location also has the ability to pre-determine the clients of the store. Katipunan, among
any other areas in Quezon City, has high commercial and residential land value. The target
market is centralized in the area, such as those who are residing in La Vista, Loyola Heights,
and Xavierville Subdivision.
As a new entrant in a relatively new market, jean-customization, PantSaloon needs to
establish a very strong niche first before moving up or outside that niche. For PantSaloon, the
locality is of Katipunan is the best place to put the business up as the target market is literally
centralized in the area.
EALA Inc. is looking also to the fact that the studentry market is forever active because of the
annual entrance of freshmen to the academes. It only means that the market will never be
saturated because every year, a group of new students will be replacing the touched market
of the graduating students.
PantSaloon will maximize all its effort is tapping the Katipunan market before it actually
expands to other communities. EALA Inc. is looking for pursuing an extension in highly urban
areas like malls, where the same profile of the current target market is located.
Beyond the ten years of operations, the store will continue expanding to other relatively
urbane malls such as Gateway and Glorietta. The group will also consider locating to other
parts of the Metro such as Alabang Town Center in the South.

C. Price
Prices are set according to the positioning and image of the brand. Items at PantSaloon will
cater to the needs and interests of college students and young adults in the Class A, B and C
brackets of the Katipunan area. Survey results have shown that 43% of the total respondents
are willing to pay 500 to 1,000 pesos for custom-made jeans. EALA Inc. decided to extend the
prices of the more elaborate clothing design to a maximum of P2,500. These price ranges are
strategically set to mean affordability against Viktor, while the appreciation of higher price
against ordinary shops speaks of higher quality.
Since PantSaloon is a specialty store, we can set a medium-ranged premium in all prices.
Mark-up percentages will start at 150% to 300% of the variable costs that will include direct
fabric materials and manufacturing labor. The assumed costs are at minimum orders of 30
jeans order in different sizes already. Appliqués and other design materials for the clothes are
excluded from the basic manufacturing cost.

D. Promotions
1. Short-Term Promotional Activities and Goals
For the first three years of the business operation, the company will aggressively advertise
the brand and products among students and young adults residing within Katipunan area. As
much as possible, EALA Inc. chooses to find ways of doing the necessary promotions without
having to pay much. The company cannot afford to engage in costly advertising efforts in our
first years hence, product offers and gift certificates shall be done to promote the business

Goals for the three months:

• Establish awareness of the stores existence among residents and students within Katipunan
• Attract initial customers to enter the store, window-shop, and render the PantSaloon service
• Have the “first buyers” spread the good news (word-of-mouth advertisement)

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The store will be opening on January 1, 2007. The first three months will actually be the trial
period and all activities will be noted for future assessment. For this period, operations should
be personally handled by the owners.
It is EALA Inc.'s concern to make sure that the shoppers will immediately notice the store. The
interior design of the store itself will serve as an initial “come in” advertisement. Industrial
and post-modern look will also be the theme of the store to highlight the 'engineering' of
jeans. White and bright, warm lighting shall be used in place to enhance the color of the jeans
and project a classy ambience. Experts also said that this kind of lighting makes one more
stunning because the natural color of the skin is yellowish.
Displays include the prototype designs of the collections and the sample fabric that they may
choose from. Framed posters showing patterns as to how jeans are made will be placed
around the store. Staff and personnel will also wear shirts that have "Pants Engineer" print to
emphasize that jeans that PantSaloon makes are all made especially for the customer.
The objective is for the customers to get an idea of the nature of PantSaloon service. What a
better way to win over window shoppers and actually convert them to actual buyers!

Goals for the second quarter of year 1:

• Make noise, have the media press notice the PantSaloon brand
• Encourage repeat buying by giving special services
• Begin to establish brand equity
• Attract prospective loyal customers
After the assessment of market response during the first three months of operations, EALA
Inc. will launch PantSaloon in a fashion show and concert party. A ribbon cutting to be led by
the owners and top fashion celebrities will kick-off the party. Fashion show will showcase three
sets of collections from the in-house designers of the store. For this fashion show, PantSaloon
will not only use the skinny-type girls and boys as models. EALA Inc. will incorporate diversity
in the 'reality' of the actual users of the jeans. This will include the petite type and the chubby
types among others. The concert on the other hand will showcase hit bands. The bands'
vocalists will wear a pair PantSaloon jeans during their performance.
Press and media people from fashion magazine publications and lifestyle TV shows will be
invited. MTV or MYX will also be invited to cover the program for a wider media mileage.

Goals for the second half of year 1:

• Start establishing relationships with the print ad media
• Develop further the equity and image of the PantSaloon brand
At this stage, PantSaloon will begin to implement aggressive marketing efforts by sponsoring
photo shoots of leading magazines for college students and young professionals. The initial
product line will be seen in the glossy pages of Summit media publications, which include
Seventeen and Cosmopolitan magazines and Metro’s Chalk magazine.
According to the Marketing Manager of a leading clothing brand, PantSaloon can have the
products advertised in this way for free! All we have to do is have the fashion editors notice
the PantSaloon brand and promote its products.
In addition, the store will begin to offer limited editions of about 10 to 15 pieces of certain
items, part of which will be given to famous celebrities and other personalities who are
regularly doing modeling stints in the magazines stated. They will eventually serve as the
shop’s sort of “free” endorsers. Hopefully by this time, PantSaloon will be seen regularly in the
monthly issue of the said magazines. Many are already doing this. It was observed that
exclusivity and scarcity of a fashion item particularly when seen on models, increases its
desirability especially to the fashionistas among others.

Goals for the second and third year of the operations:

• Participate in the online and TV advertising campaign
• Update the customers and non-customers alike about what’s happening in the PantSaloon
• Establish personal relationships with the customers
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The PantSaloon website will be developed to further inform the consumers about updates on
the latest fashion tips and ways of taking good care of jeans aside from the items and promos
the store will be offering. The website will also feature a web page for customer feedbacks,
suggestions, and requests. Store profile, brand advertising, and pictures and prices of the
latest items will be featured as well.
There are TV shows that offer free guest appearances of promising entrepreneurs or exposure
of newly established stores. Examples are Breakfast Supersize, Wazzup Wazzup and Us Girls
of Studio 23. PantSaloon will grab the following opportunities in exchange for free jeans

2. Long-term Promotional Activities and Goals

Goals for the third year of operations onwards:
• Induce repeat buying behavior among customers
• Shift from taking on sponsorship deals to being regular advertiser in premier magazines
• Gain stronger customer loyalty
• Have regular customers anticipate for the store’s latest offers
• To continuously capture a larger share of the market
• Choose a famous personality model that will best represent the brand image
• Have the customers’ trust, appreciation and have them look up to the PantSaloon brand
• Achieve a total awareness of the brand among the upper class societies
By this time, the group will now have the ability to pay for an entire advertising page on
glossy magazines. PantSaloon will continuously conduct fashion shows showcasing the new
styles available. Re-launching will be done in the PantSaloon's 4th and 6th year of operation
as it widens its product line by offering customized statement shirts and jackets on the said
PantSaloon will also continue to give commemorative items like notepads and calendars on
special occasions.

Market positioning
customized jeans maker
for college students and the young adults
offering flexible, unique and creative jeans,
and perfect fitting and comfort
of the client's choice of cut and fabric

Symbol of creativity, uniqueness and expression of individuality

2/F Drews Bldg. Katipunan, QC
near to target market
perpetual growth of the student market

Php 800-1000 per pair
middle-ranged premium on prices

- launching cum fashion show
- marketing efforts for brand awareness
- tie ups with fashion and urban magazines and lifestyle TV shows

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