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8 Aug. 2011 to 14 Aug. 2011


Rs. 12/-

Stock Wave

w w w. c h a r t s a n k e t s t o c k . c o m

Book your profit at every rise

BSE Index (17305.87) :- The BSE index is heading downward from its
top level 19131.70. Market indicates oversold position on daily, weekly and monthly basis. On upward side the mark of 17665 is the nearest resistance and still it may have to face another resistance at 18038. On down side it may get some support at 16920, 16600, 16280 and 15960. Nifty Future (5211.35) :- Nifty future is heading downward from its top level of 5760. Market itself indicates oversold position on daily weekly and monthly basis. On upward side the mark of 5326 would be the nearest resistance and still it may have to face another resistance at 5490 if it jumps over 5440. On down side the mark of 5100 would be most crucial support level and below this level it may be supported at 5080, 4975, 4885 and 4786. Havells India (Rs. 331.95) This stock is on its downward journey from its top level of 451.25. Market indicates oversold position on daily and weekly basis and overbought to neutral position on monthly basis. On upward side it may have resistance at 371 to 377 if it jumps over 365. On down side below 347 it may get some support at 342 to 320. (Cont.... on P 3)

Global markets cracked after the US market tanked on Thursday due to a fear of a double dip recession. The weakening financial position in the US and Europe took a toll on our markets on Friday as the market sank in line with other Asian markets. At one point in time during the day, the Sensex was down by around 700 points. Bargain buying at lower levels emerged, which helped the market recover some of its losses. SELL ON RISE ;- The long term, medium term and short term trend continue to remain down, but minor

Market cracks on global fear

S3 S2 S1 Close R1 Nifty 4929 5019 5116 5211 5328 Sensex 16373 16684 16990 17305 17664 R2 R3 5443 5556 18037 18415

Market Scan
Jatin Sanghavi
(Mumbai) (M) 098205 26455 E-mail : hope is provided in the form of a bullish candle formation and some oscillators being in oversold territory. Assuming the low made on Friday holds, one can expect some minor recovery in the short term upto Resistance zone of Sensex 18005-18068 and Nifty 5422-5433. This recovery should be used to create

This Weeks Recommendations

Buy Sell Buy Sell Buy Sell Pair CMP SL TGT-1 TGT-2 Petronet 174 170 181 189 B.F. Uti. 620 648 586 550 Oil 1321 1305 1343 1366 Grasim 2106 2137 2062 2018 GMDC 165 161 171 178 Mphasis 422 432 407 390

Golden quote : A Home is not a Transient Shelter. Its essence lies in the personalities of the people who live in it

short positions at higher levels and exit stuck up long positions. It is important to remember that the Bearish Head & Shoulders on the weekly chart has been completed as the market finally managed a close below the bearish neckline. TECHNICALLY SPEAKING :The Sensex opened the week at 18352, made a high of 18440, a low of 16990 and closed the week at 17305. The Sensex lost 892 points on a weekly basis. Similarly Nifty opened the week at 5527, made a high of 5551, a low of 5116 and closed the week at 5211. The Nifty too closed with a weekly loss of 271 points.

(Cont.... on P 6)

Crash in US stocks sends world bourses into trash Seasonal buyoancy in Indian stocks further delayed
Adhering to their practice of following the universal tendencies, the Indian stocks received a further jerk of 891 points on the BSE Sensex in the last week. In the week prior to the last also, the most-followed indice was hit by 525 points. Thus in just couple of weeks, more than 1400 precious points were knocked off and that happened without any fault on part of the india incorporated. The entire disatster emanated from the USA which sent the stock markets universally into trash engulfed Indian stock markets too. Thus, the seasonal buoyancy that should have already set in and was delayed by the stiff rate hike by the RBI, but still envisioned to happen during the last week, got further delayed as the investing community lost both, the money as well as the confidence in the markets. The frantic selling that emerged on the news of the US economy heading towards yet anmarkets depressed for yet another week or two. However, still, the Indian stock markets hold a promise to turn seasonally buoyant in the next couple of months as it usually happens in August-October period almost every year. Besides positive impact of monsoon, the markets generally take a cue from festival season which pumps in life into various consumer goods market which ultimately transalates into increased turnovers and elevated profit margins for the Indian companies. Although, the current monsoon is not all that satisfactory so far, the sentiments on commodity price front have turned bearish and therefore,

Meltdown !!! God Save the King

They say US President Barrack Husain Obama has not slept for a week . Why only he, the rest of the world too has not slept and are having worst nightmares about a possible US debt default. America may be on the brink of a disaster and Obamas words sums it up all in a placid way. If the US loses its AAA credit rating it wont be because it cant pay its bills . It will be because we did not have an AAA political sys(Fakhri H. tem to match our AAA credit rating. It would not be out of place to make Sabuwala) an attempt to understand this US ecoE-mail: nomic (debt) crisis, how did it arise, where did the money go, its impact to them and to the rest of the world. What is this crisis all about??? It is since 1917 that US Congress has stipulated a ceiling , a statutory limit on public debt US government can carry in its books. This public debt in other words is nothing but debt of US federal government. With time the limit of this debt is being raised and it now stands at $ 14.3 trillion ( $ 1 trillion = Rs 45,00,000 cr ) This is nearly 95% of the US GDP and this limit was hit on August 02, 2011. Any further public debt will not arise till Congress approves a fresh hike . The conflicting ideology and polity of the Republican dominated House of Representatives and Democrats controlled Senate was supposed to work out a consensus. (Cont.... on P 6)

By Talaksi Gosar (Mumbai)

other crisis like the one that hit it in 2007-08 in the name of sub-prime lending, sent most of the leading world stock markets reeling under pressure resulting in the Indian stock market operators into receiving huge margin calls from their brokers to pay up mark to market margins which many of the position holders on bullish side would fail to honour and that would keep the

(Cont.... on P 7)

Update on Earlier Recommendation

Hemant K. Gupta (Mumbai)


Co. Name Code Price Nitin Fire 532854 122 Atlanta Ltd. 532759 74 Dena Bank 532121 80 Malbar Trade 501473 35 Camlin 523207 72 Opto Circuit 532391 272 Aptech 532475 126 Hasti Fin. 531387 75 Gitanjali Gems 532715 300 Indian Nippon 532240 263 Zodiak Cl. 521163 352 Gail 532155 456 Warren Tea 508494 351 Jindal Poly. 500227 230 Banas Fin. 509053 201 Carborundum Uni.513375 295

Dalal Streets Rumor-mill

Bonus meet reports will bring Malabar Trading under buying spree. Short term traders can take a chance. Shriram City might consider bonus as it is celebrating silver jubilee year. Knowledgeable circle expects bonus announcement from Kotak Mahindra Bank. Would you like to join the bandwagon? Dr. Wellman Homeo might see fire crackers on re-listing. However, this counter is in T group and to be traded in physical mode only. Sudden fall of 80% on ex-dividend basis has surprised one and all for Elcid Investment. This company has robust growth for this fiscal as indicated by Q1 results. Informed circle advices to go long on the counter of Donear Ind. The company is reportedly faring well. Below Rs. 100, Adani Power is a safe medium term bet, opines bull operator from Ahmedabad. Green revolution might take a toll on paper industry, opines observer. However, the actual impact will be seen from this year onwards. For Delhi punters recommend KDDL Ltd. The company is reportedly faring well and might announce some cheering news. SMS Mumbai punters expects liberal follow prabhatmittal1 bonus from SOTL (Savita Oil) that to 53000 has fared exceedingly well for the Q1 indicating at turning fortune. from your Bharti Airtel,


(RS.551.45 )(CODE : 532309)
Further to our Sell recommendation on APIL, it had gone upto Rs 600/ Subsequently, it came down to Rs 540 and now hovering around Rs 550/ levels. As per our most reliable information, one BIG operator is operating the scrip (who perhaps got wind that this column is recommending to go SHORT) who has gone LONG. And, this operator is spreading BUY recommendation of APIL on some TV channels as well and rumours still doing rounds on Goodglegroups. Perhaps one technical analyst on a TV channel was comparing APIL with L &T. It was like comparing elephant with an ant. Readers are advised not to pay heed to vested rumours being spread in media. Fundamentally APIL is grossly overpriced and deserves to come down. Investors who have patience should make big gains. Hence, we advise to hold your SHORT position as scrip should come below Rs 500/. These days, investment of money in equity market has become like a sport for TV Channels. One TV channel has a program called THE STOCK GAME. How your investment can grow on everyday basis? Does height of your child grow everyday? If it was so easy to make money on daily basis, our roads would have been made of gold and not of pebbles. Media not able to understand fundamentals of market, fundamentals of industry and fundamentals of companies and hence flooding investors with overdose of technicals.

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Financial Weekly

8th Aug. 2011 to 14th Aug. 2011


Nifty - Market on High Alert

C.M. Patil
Last week I had expressed overall negative bias for the NIFTY index with resistance at 5550 level. During the week index bounced back up to 5551 and started declining from there. It kept on hitting the lower targets one by one and finally crash to 5117 as a reaction to big fall in US market. What happened during the week ? :- The news for the week was Chinas Dagong Global Credit Rating Agency Co downgrading the US credit rating from A+ to A even after the US raised the debt ceiling. It is important to note that China is the largest holder of US government bonds at around $1.15 trillion and therefore their rating carries lot more weight to send shivers not only in US markets but also in the global markets. Our market too suffered due to this crisis though there was no domestic bad news. Technically speaking NIFTY has broken the important trend line support with gap & heavy volumes. Whats next ? :- If you carefully look at the chart you will notice that a candlestick called as Hammer. This can turned into confirmed bullish reversal only if index manages for close and sustain above this candle. There is a possibility that index will make an attempt to fill the gap left on Friday. The gap zone is between 5323 and 5229. However, I expect that it will get hammered by the bears as it tries to fill this gap. The derivatives data buildup is giving some scary pictures. The NIFTY Option writers have shifted their base to 5000. There is an unwinding of 5100 strike price Puts as well. This means one needs to be very cautious below 5200. Below

Weekly & Short Term Recommandation (8th to 12th August)

PRANAV SHAH : 98250 97943

Nifty & Sensex Levels

F & O
Nifty Sensex

Sell Call
F & O Target Target StopClose Rate 1 2 loos Infosys 2600 2572 2507 2628 Sterlite Ind. 142.65 135 128 145 Reliance Cap. 496.50 471 435 513 Reliance Ind. 793.45 771 739 812 Tata Steel 535 515 490 550 Co. Name






5220 5263 5374 5107 4980 17305 17434 17767 16960 16579

Buy Call
Co. Name F & O Target Close Rate 1 ONGC 276.20 280 BPCL 701.20 720 IOC 332.40 344 Hind. Petro 404 418 Target Stop2 loos 290 271 752 686 362 322 433 390

Commodity space
5200 my first target would be straight up to 5000. So watch for the both scenarios during the week and trade accordingly. Pick for the week :- GSPL: CMP 104.25, S/L 103, target 106-107 Petronet : CMP 174.05, above 175 the target will be 178-181 Exide : CMP 153, S/L 151, target 156-157 Canra Bank : CMP 433.35, S/L 430, target 440-445-451 Last weeks recommendations :- Target achieved 100% : ABB hit 907, Hind Petro hit 409.85. Bata made high of 671.30. Bharti Airtel made high of 447.85
[Disclaimer: These are the personal views of the analyst and are not any recommendations. Analyst may have holdings in these scripts.]

Sr. Research Analyst - Commodities Angel Commodities Broking Pvt. Ltd.
17,000 for the next marketing year for a total of 268,300 which was also well above trade expectations. Oil sales came in at 18,400 metric tonnes for the current marketing year and 3,500 for the next marketing year for a total of 21,900 which was above trader expectations. On top of the weekly sales, the USDA confirmed a sale of 174,000 tonnes of US soybeans to China for the 2011/12 season. For this week, oilseed complex are expected to trade slightly higher on account lower existing carry over stock of domestic soybean as record high export figures of domestic soy meal. However, better sowing acreage of soybean amid favorable weather conditions will cap higher prices. NCDEX September soybean shall find a strong support at 2475/2435 levels and resistance at 2550/2580 levels for this week.

Stock Market Prediction : 8th to 12th August 2011

Weekly planetary position: During the week, Moon will be transiting in Scorpio, Sagittarius & Capricorn. Sun & Venus in Cancer. Ketu in Taurus. Mars in Gemini. Mercury in Leo. Jupiter in Aries. Rahu in Scorpio. Pluto in Sagittarius. Saturn in Virgo & Neptune in Aquarius. CAUTIOUS : Astrological position about Markets is highly uncomfortable for next few weeks CAUTIOUS : PLANET MERCURY, which controls our mind (Buddhi), is transiting in Leo & will be in retrograde position from 3rd August to 27th August 2011. During retrograding, it will be in Cancer from 17th August to 5th Septem-

ber. Be CAUTIOUS, as one is likely to take wrong decisions, resulting in finanSatish Gupta (Delhi) cial losses, depending on its position in individual horoscope. Persons with Virgo, Gemini and Leo & Aquarius rashi need to be extra vigilant. As predicted last week, Markets took a deep cut & Nifty went down by 6% during the week. Although, astrologically worst is not yet over but next week position will be little better. PAINTS sector will be receiving astrological support. Accumulate Asian paints, Berger Paints & Kansal Nerlolac etc on dips. Leather sector too will be getting Astrological support. Buy Bata, Liberty shoes & Relaxo Footwear etc Watches sector is getting strong astrological support incoming days. Accumulate Titan at every decline. Buying should be done on down days. Silver & Gold is getting very strong astrological support. Accumulate on every dip. Due to uncomfortable Planetary position of Lord RAHU, in INDIAS horoscope, disturbing news flow will continue. Now from 6th June 2011, with change in position by Lord Rahu from Sagittarius to Scorpio, the position of the government will be highly uncomfortable for next 4 months. Prediction : All scrupulous deals in land / property would be unearthed & the persons connected with such deals in all spheres shall be exposed, during the period of planet Rahu in Scorpio. It has been observed many times that investors / traders (not knowing this fact) keep investing /trading in such sectors,( whose astrological support is over) resulting in losses. It is suggested to consult your Financial Astrologer to know about the sectors. One should trade only in the stocks of that sectors which are getting very strong astrologically support, since the chances of losing money in such stocks are very less. Sectors which get strong ASTRO support are not normally affected by downfall in the market

Astro View

What a great fall!

The stock market all our world crashed on a) America going towards recession and b) All data in us shows very slow economic development In India we still have inflation problem, Political problem, Scams, Anna Hazares vow etc how market can go up under the present scenario.


A.J. Diwan (Mumbai)

E-mail :

Friday went down over 600 points and settle @ 880 points down. 17380 level now 17300/260/225 over supports it was to crossed 17450 for up trend. Market breath was negative for

all five days. Last week for bulls is 5177 Nifty level below which it can side to 5117. Shares worth buying in panic are Arvind Mill Rs.76/- Delta Corp. than around Rs.94. Steel & Metal shares worth selling on rise Tisco, Sterlite , Sesa Goa, etc. Jindal Steel has taken support @ Rs.520/- This is very crucial level now. Cash rich Reliance could not gather support @ Rs.800/- trade & closed below Rs.780/- may lead toward new low. Expected Diesel dual price has weaken Tata Motors further down side not ruler out sale ADA group share on rise.

Bullion : Gold prices moved northward and touched all time high of $1682/ oz (up more than 3%) in the last week as compared to previous weeks close mainly on worries over the spreading Euro Zone debt crisis and slowdown in global economic growth which boosted safe-haven demand for gold. Additionally, dollar weakness also provided further support. Holdings in the SPDR Gold Trust, the worlds largest gold-backed exchange-traded fund rose 0.4 percent to 1,286.30 tonnes on 3rd August, highest since late December from the previous level of 1281.76 tonnes on 2nd August. For this week, gold is expected to trade higher on account of as rising concern with Euro Zone and US debt crisis will boost safe-haven demand for gold. Spot Gold has a strong support at $1615/ $1575 levels and resistance at $1692/ $1725 levels. MCX October Gold has a strong support at 23,500/22,820 levels and resistance at 24,655/25,120 levels. Spot Silver has a strong support at $37.30/$35.80 levels and resistance at $41.26/$43.70 levels. MCX September Silver has a strong support at 56,230/ 54,500 levels and resistance at 61,150/ 64,000 levels. Energy : Crude oil prices fell around 10% in the last week mainly on the back of poor economic data from the US coupled with a stronger dollar. Additionally, weak sentiments in the global markets will also exert further pressure. Consumer spending declined in the US and threatened a further slowdown in the US as the country grapples with the rising government debt levels. The American Petroleum Institute (API) indicated that crude oil inventories slipped 3.31 million barrels last week to 354.9 million. This is because Moodys Investor Service has placed a negative outlook on the US economy and the probability of another economic downturn is rising as cutbacks by the government and consumers takes place. The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) in its weekly inventory report showed a rise in inventory levels of crude oil. As per reported figures, crude oil inventories increased 1 million barrels to reach 355 million barrels for the week ending 29th July. Gasoline stocks increased 1.7 million barrels to 215.2 million barrels, whereas distillates also increased by 0.4 million barrels to reach 152.3 million barrels in the same week. Report released by the US Energy Department showed that natural gas stocks increased more than expected by 44 billion cubic feet (bcf) for the week ending 29th July. Gas prices declined sharply by 3.6 percent on the Nymex on August 04, 2011 mainly due to rise in US natural gas inventories coupled with dollar strength. For this week, crude oil prices are expected to trade lower as rising worries over global economic recovery would lead to demand concerns. Additionally, a stronger dollar will also exert further pressure. NYMEX Crude has a strong support at 79.80/74.00 levels and resistance at 89.50/95 levels. MCX August Crude shall find a strong support at 3600/3370 levels and resistance at 4000/4260 levels for this week. Soybeans : NCDEX September Soybean futures traded higher in the last week due to lower existing carry over stock of domestic soybean as higher figures of domestic oil meal also provided support to the bulls. As per Solvent Extractor Association of India, oil meal export in the month of July 2001 was

272,308 tonnes up around 13% compared with 241,182 tonnes in July 2010. The export of oil meals during the April to July 2011 (first 4 month of financial year) was 1,359,771 tonnes, up around 75% compared with 777,882 tonnes in the same period last year. As per the estimates of Oil World, Brazils soybean output in 2012 is expected to decline to 73.50 million tones which is below the record production of 75.04 in 2011. This output figure is lower than the 75.2 forecast by Brazilian analysts Celeres. USDAs weekly export sales report released on August 05, 2011 which shows that the export sales for soybeans came in showing cancellations of 405,600 metric tonnes for the current marketing year and 1.085 million tonnes for the next marketing year for a total of 680,200 which was higher than expected. Meal sales came in at 251,300 metric tonnes for the current marketing year and

scrip watch
OIL India (Rs. 1316.00) (Code : 533106) : OIL India reported 69.55 per cent surge in net profit during April-June quarter.The company recorded rise in profits due to increase in crude oil output and price.OIL drilled highest ever crude oil, 0.957 million tonnes, in the first quarter against any quarter in the explorer's history. OIL's net profit in the first quarter of current fiscal stands at Rs 849.61 crore against Rs 501.11 crore in the same period last year. The explorer realised a net price of $ 59.55 on every barrel of crude oil sold. Company is open to acquisitions and may look at buying an oilfield services company that will provide equipment and services. It may acquire a few shale gas assets too. The stock was in green even on Friday. At CMP of Rs. 1317, the stock looks good. Accumulate. Thermax (Rs. 520.00) (Code : 500411) : Thermax rose even in the falling market on Friday on bargain hunting after the stock fell 16.31% in the preceding eight sessions to Rs 510.25 on 4 August 2011 from a recent high of Rs 609.75 on 25 July 2011.Thermax's net profit rose 20.7% to Rs 79.88 crore on 32.6% increase in net sales to Rs 1032.87 crore in Q1 June 2011 over Q1 June 2010. Thermax's consolidated order book as on 30 June 2011 stood at Rs 6804 crore, lower by 2.6% as compared to the order book as on 30 June 2010, but higher than the order backlog of Rs 6446 crore as on 31 March 2011. Thermax won an order worth Rs 403 crore in Q1 June 2011 from a leading producer of viscose staple fiber to design, construct and commission a turnkey captive power plant in Western India. The stock has made 52-week low on Friday and then it has bounced back very smart. The stock is going into some strong hands in big quantity. Buy. Ruby Mills (Rs. 975.00) (Code : 503169) : Ruby Mills owns about 12,200 square meters of land at Dadar in Mumbai. They have leased the land for joint development in which the ownership, building and the land will remain with the company. The huge inflow from this property has started flowing in into the books of the company. In FY11, Ruby Mills booked an income of about Rs 70 crore from this company. About four lakh square feet has been leased out and by end of 2011, and the entire property will get leased out through the lease rental or the advance premium. The company also has their existing real estate property developed on the same plot. It has the balance FSI of close to about 5-6 lakh sq. ft that is likely to get developed in the next six months or so. The valuation of the Dadar property estimates to about Rs 2,000 crore. The company should be able to have a PAT of close to about 75-100 crore every year, on a sustainable basis, which will give them an EPS of close to about Rs 300 to Rs 350 starting from FY13. There is going to be a vast re-rating of the stock. The stock is likely to be move to about Rs 1,500 in next six to eight months time.

Investment stocks

- Nayan Patel
098795 26525, yahoo ID : rupeegains

Andhra Sugar (Rs. 106.50) (Code : 590062)

Company has declared mind blowing results for June Quarter. Net sales zoomed 74.25% while net profit zoomed 264%. Company has shown EPS of Rs.6.86 in this quarter. Company has declared 55% dividend for FY11. Current level stock is available at forward P/E ratio of just 4 with 55% dividend right. Buy this stock keeping stop loss of 98. On the upper side the stock will zoom up to Rs.115 level, cross over will take it to Rs.125-130 levels in coming days

Rapicut Carbides (Rs. 50.75) (Code : 500360)

Company has shown jump in NET PROFIT of 38% in June Quarter & shown EPS of Rs.4.05. Company has declared 25% dividend for FY11. Current level forward P/E ratio is 3.2 with dividend right. Investors can buy this stock with stop loss of Rs.46. On the upper side the stock will zoom up to Rs.60 level, cross over will take it to Rs.66 levels in coming days

Financial Weekly


8th Aug. 2011 to 14th Aug. 2011


Opto Circuit (Rs. 272.00) (Code: 532391) :- The company has
delivered most excellent result for the quarter ended on June 30, 2011 as it has achieved the top line worth Rs. 520.82 crore and bottom line worth Rs. 291.98 crore thanks to its new business acquisition for the same period. The company had adopted the same way and method in past that clearly indicates for successful acquisition. Some market operators and players are hopeful for target price of Rs. 320 very soon. PFC (Rs. 175.00) (Code: 532810) :- The fabulous result of the June quarter delivered by the company is crystal clear indication that the prevailing down trend of this company is near to end soon. So many state governments have resorted to some policy decision like annual tariff revision, conversion of loan in to equity and bonds and computerized account system beside more focus on asset quality in order to lessen the loss of state electricity boards. These positive factors of the company prompted us to recommend this share for mid to long term investment. The company has posted the net profit worth Rs. 686 crore on net interest income worth Rs. 990 crore for the Q1 of FY 2011-12. It has also achieved 21.6 % growth for its loan portfolio. Some market operators and players are very much bullish for target price of Rs. 270 very soon. TVS Motor (Rs. 52.00) (Code: 532343) :- The sales of this company during month of July has increased with 14.3 % growth compared to last years sales but it is considered as flat sales compared to last months sales. The sales of motor bike has increased with 15 % growth. Its two wheelers and three wheelers segment have also reported remarkable growth. The sales of scooter has increased with 22 % growth making total 23 % growth compared to last years sales. The most attractive mix product and overwhelming response from the market are the two factors for its excellent result. The sale for the whole quarter has increased with 25 % growth, operating profit has increased with 21 % and net profit has increased with 46 % growth. Investors can add this stock in their portfolio from long term perspective. NTPC (Rs. 178.00) (Code: 532555) :- It is one of the safest bet in this time of instable market and the company is more investment friendly than its peer companies. The company has decided to focus more on fuel leakage and clearance issue before it goes for capacity expansion. Currently the company has annual production capacity of 34854 MW which is going to double till 2017. The management of the company has decided to concentrate its focus to get rid of fuel risk beside to get clearance for its future projects. The company has posted the operating profit worth Rs. 320 crore and net profit worth Rs. 213 crore indicating 10 % and 13 % growth respectively on turnover of worth Rs. 14,500 crore indicating 11 % growth for the quarter ended on June 30, 2011. Investors can bank upon this share for long term investment.


better earning to improve consolidated bottom line . Investors can accumulate this stock on dips for getting good dividend yield to get decent capital appreciation. RISK FACTOR , being commodity stock any fluctuation in prices of caustic soda& sugar likely to affect the performance which investors must note of the same . J K TYRE though profits are down due to higher rubber prices investors can take benefit of current fall to accumulate this stock as prices of raw material likely to remain at lower levels for longer time .

Asahi Songwon :- The company is doubling its Beta Blue pigment capacity to 4,000 TPA from the existing 2,040 TPA by FY13 with capex of `250 million over the next 2-yrs. Funded through internal accruals with a comfortable debt equity position of 0.6:1. Company has done well for the 1st qtr ended June 12 sales have gone up from rs 44.71 crs to rs 55.63 crs while net profit shot up by almost 50 % from rs 4.17 crs to rs 6.15 crs giving attractive eps ofrs 5.02 for the qtr, based on the same full year eps likely to be around 23/24 for full year which likely to go up to 30/32 by next year due to benefit of capacity expnasion. Investors can keep watch on this stock for buying on dips. GNFC, Sales of company has jumped by 75 % to rs 644 crs while it reported net profit of rs 41.65 crs ag rs loss of rs 22.67 crs during same period . investors can safely accumulate this stock during current uncertain time. book value of company is 147 & stock is cum dividend 32.5 % at current price. Balaji Amines company has reported sales of 115 crs ag rs 79 crs for june 12 qtr while profit has gone up from rs 6.22 crs to rs 7.17 crs . During the period interest burden has gone up sharply from rs 2.66 crs to rs 4.96 crs due to new capacity which came up during last qtr. Investors can continue to hold the same. RISK factor high interest rate

likely to put pressure on margins till we see full utilisation of new capacity. Pondi Oxide, Company has increased dividend from 12 % to 14 %. for the 1st qtr of June12 company has reported net profit of rs 1.5 crs on sales of rs 72 crs, based 1st qtr result full year eps likely to be around 7/8 levels. Investors can continue to hold the stock or even accumulate on dips around 30 levels . Action Construction company has reported better results compared other companies in the same field. investors can keep watch to accumulate on dips. Andhra sugar, results update, during the june 12 qtr, sugar, caustic soda & industrial chemicals contributed 30 % , 51 % & 16 % respectively to total sales which was 195 crs for the qtr, While sugar reported loss, but caustic margins went up from 18 % of last full year to 30 % during the qtr & industrial chemicals too reported operating margins of 31 % during the qtr ag 18 % during last full year. At present caustic soda & industrial chemical prices are still far higher compared to 1st qtr, with govt releasing more exports for sugar & seeing to firmness in international prices it is expected that sugar unit too may report better performance in the 2nd half, subsidiary of company Andhra petro chemical too has done very well & another subsidiary Jocil also expected to do well in view of fall in pal oil prices which is raw material.

Ferro chrome & Ferro alloy stocks, We had warned from time
to time that margins likely to remain under pressure due to low price realisations int he sector, results of IMFA & FACOR alloy are out which are below expectations. since prices of ferro alloy has weaken further during recent time we may see more fall in profits, it is hope members have taken timely exit at higher levels . Mahindra Ugine, We had advised that margins likely to remain under pressure in view of increase in the input cost., we have seen results are below expectations in alloy steel division while stamping division has done well. investors can continue to hold remaining lot with long term view .
Note, Market has corrected well during the week, investors can take benefit of accumulating good stock on sharp falls. At the same investors need to be cautious.

Ganesha Speaks.Com
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11.08.2011, Thursday :-
Today Moon is in Purvashadha Nakshatra. Ganesha is slightly hopeful today. However, Ganesha may get disappointed tomorrow. The Opening may be quite dull today. In fact, first 30 minutes are likely to be extremely uninteresting.) From 9:30 to 10:05, Nifty may show a confusing, boring, rather stable and dull pattern. From 10:05 to 12:10, Nifty may become positive, predicts Ganesha. From 12:10 to 12:45, Nifty may be down. From 15:15 to 15:30, Nifty may slightly go up. 12.08.2011, Friday :- Today, Moon is in Uttarshadha Nakshtra of Moon sign Capricorn. The planet of Mercury is combust from today (Ust), while Venus has already waned (combust) (Ust). Listing of L&T may to happen today. From 9:00 to 9:45, there may be no clear trend. Buy and sell frequently, as the market does not have much to offer. From 11:45 to 15:30, Ganesha is worried that you may make a mistake and take a wrong decision. This is the time for only jobbing or jobbing on both the sides.

Stocks Wave
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HDIL (Rs. 124.10) :- This stock is also heading downward from its top level of 175.45. Market indicates oversold position on daily, weekly and monthly basis. On upward side it may face some resistance at 140 and on down side it get some support at 90 if it plunge below 105. Tata Steel (Rs. 532.90) :- This stock is also heading downward from its top level of 615.90. Market indicates oversold position on daily, weekly and monthly basis. On upward side it may face some resistance at 555 and 568 and on down side it may tank up to 475. Sun Pharma (Rs. 497.90) :This stock is also on its downward journey from its top level of 538.45. Market indicates oversold position on daily basis, overbought to neutral position on weekly basis and overbought position on monthly basis. On upward side it may face some resistance at 520 and on down side it may plunge up to 460. TTK Prestige (Rs. 2669.90) :This stock is also on its downward journey from its top level of 3200. Market indicates oversold position on daily basis, overbought to neutral position on weekly basis and overbought position on monthly basis. On upward side beyond 2900 it may face some resistance at 3009 and on down side below 2633 it may get some support at 2374. VIP Industries (Rs. 760.90) :This stock is heading downward from its top level of 924. Market indicates oversold position on daily basis, overbought to neutral position on weekly basis and highly overbought position on monthly basis. On upward side it may face some resistance at 809 and 832 and on down side below 671 there would be very crucial position.

Sensex crashed almost 900 points in 5 days ; S&P downgrades US rating Dow Jhonew was down by 512 points on Thursday
Tuesday not good for the market, what will happen this Tuesday ? Fed Reserve to meed on Tuesday, China will announce July data
Harshad : Market seen panic last week. Sensex was hammered from all class of investors. Ketan : Ya. Sensex tubled by almost 900 points in just 5 trading sessions. It was even after 250 points recovery on Friday. Otherwise the loss would have been much more. Bhansali : Global markets tumbled on Friday on increased US debt worries. Many experts are again fearing double dip recession in the US. Everybody is talking about 2008 recession. Harshad : Ya. The situation seems like going in that direction. As you know, Dow Jhones was crashed by 504 points on the day when Lehmen Brothers had announced default. It was 15th September, 2008. And the same Dow has tumbled by 512 points on last Thursday. Ketan : Dow had weekly loss of 5.8% last week which is the worst weekly loss since November-2009. So, at least, the US market indicates that situation seems grim. Bhansali : Standard & Poors has downgraded the US ratings to AA+ which was AAA since it has started giving ratings in 1941. Harshad : Dow had huge volatility on Friday. It closed up 61 points, but there was 416 points up-downs seen. 15.9 billion shares were traded and it was the busiest day in last one year. Ketan : Our market had also seen huge volatility and Sensex was, at one time, down more than 650 points. But then recovered about 250 points in last two hours. Bhansali : Sterlite Industries was down 11%, M&M 9%, DLF 9%, JSPL 8%, Bhel 7%. RIL was down 4.3 per cent. Harshad : RIL is making new lows almost every week. Nobody knows its bottom. Dont even try to find out. Ketan : Bharat Forge tumbled by 15%. Reliance Capital tumbled by 14%. Mahindra Satyam was down more than 11%. Bhansali : Forget about these as the list of falling stocks will be long. What will happen now ? Harshad : Market may have a bit pullback rally for one or two days. But it will not last as the global worries are increasing. There is US worry. Also, in Europe, Spain and Italy are rapidly going the Greece way. Ketan : Both these worry may benefit India, I think so. Bhansali : You may be right but beall the banks have hiked interest rates following RBI. Bhansali : Auto has worse days ahead. After interest rates hike, Mr. Pranav Mukherjee has announced that the government is serious regarding removal of subsidy on diesel used for luxury cars. Avoid auto stocks now. Harshad : Tuesdays are not good for the market as has been the recent history. On 26th July, Tuesday, RBI had hiked interest rates. Sensex was down more than 300 points on that day. Last week on Tuesday, the US senate approved debt ceiling deal but Sensex was down 204 points that day and 169 points very next day. Ketan : What will happen next Tuesday ? Bhansali : Federal Reserve has crucial meeting on next Tuesday. Watch out. Harshad : China will announce its July data on same day. It may impact Asian Markets. So, Tuesday and Wednesday are crucial next week. Be cautious.

Dow Jhones was down by 504 points on day of Lehman Brothers default announcement

Smart Chat
fore that, there will be chaos in the world economy and it would make remember 2008 recession days to everyone. Remember, those who forget their history, dont have their future. Harshad : At home, sentiment has worsened after the RBI had announced steep hike in Repo and Reverse Repo Rate. Ketan : Ya. Home, Auto and other loans are becoming dearer. Almost

BSE/NSE Code Book

Stadium Book Corner
7, Ground Floor, Trade Centre, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad-9.

Fr A Red Friday Globally

The rout in global equity markets can be attributed to the fears of slowdown in the global growth, recession and possibility of downgrade of U.S rating and spreading of debt contagion in European region to countries like Italy and Spain from Greece, Ireland and Portugal. The spending cuts $2.4 trillion over the next 10 years in U.S. is being viewed as rollback of fiscal stimulus. ECB recently offered banks to borrow any amount of money for six months sent jitters in the market that there is fear of crisis in credit markets in Mr. D. K. Aggarwal CMD the region. The high liquidity in the capital and commodity markets because of fiscal and monetary stimu- Sanlam Investments & lus seems to be moving in reverse direction. Also the Advisors (India) Limited earlier perceived economic growth is actually not happening and is resulting into lower commodity demand. Things are getting worse from better now. The investors confidence in the equity markets looks to be somewhat on the lower side in view of the global happenings. I see markets getting comfort in the zone of 17600-17800 in the longer term.

Phone : 26408840

Financial Weekly

8th Aug. 2011 to 14th Aug. 2011


Market had witnessed high degree of volatility during the listing of Inventure Growth whereas the bond issue of IFCI Infra got listed in discount Heavy rush for stop payment and withdrawal for the IPO of L 7 T Finance thanks to crash in premium and interest calculation in grey market
The bond issue of IIFL got very poor response on very first day, Cheques worth Rs. 40/50 crore from HNI were dishonored The bond issue of Shriram City Union Finance has become more attractive thanks to its offer of higher interest rate

Tree House Education enters in the market this week on August 10, with its IPO of 84 lakh shares SRS Ltd is going to tap the market next week on August 23 with its IPO of 3.5 crore shares

imary Market Pr
Dilip K. Shah
With listing of Inventure Growth and IFCI Bond primary market got pulsating last week beside the subscription to the IPO of L & T Finance and issue of IIFL were some other positive factor that fuelled the market. The IPO of Invesnture Growth and the issue of IFCI Bond got listed

last week.

nance : This IPO, having offer price

of Rs 51-59, was entered in the capital market on July 27 and closed on July 29 with 5.34 times oversubscription. Surprisingly as soon as the IPO closed grey market had witnessed high degree of volatility and premium of this IPO tumbled to Rs. 0.75 from Rs. 6/7 and the price per each application of Rs. 2 lakh tanked to Rs. 1700/ 1800 from Rs. 2700/2800 thanks to some controversy and differences between two merchant bankers of this IPO. Smart Investment had in its last edition published the detailed story in this regard. Discovery price : The promoters and merchant bankers were compelled to reduce the offer price hence they fixed the discovery price at Rs. 52 which was near to its floor price of Rs. 51. The retail

Inventure Growth (Code: 533506) :- This IPO, having offer

price of Rs. 117, got listed with BSE on August 4, 2011 at Rs. 119. Post listing the price of this share had soared up to Rs. 225, but it could not maintain its momentum and the price tumbled to Rs. 91.55indicating discount price and finally it closed at Rs. 207.95 indicating 77.73 % premium. It was closed at Rs. 201.50 at NSE indicating 72.82 % premium.

SRS 3.5cr shares IPO to open on August 23

SRS, a diversified company having businesses like cinema exhibition, food and beverages, retail and manufacturing and retailing of jewellery, is entering the capital market with an initial public offering (IPO) of 3.5 crore equity shares on August 23, 2011, by diluting 25.13% stake. The company intends to use these proceeds for setting up cinemas, food courts and restaurants, retail stores and jewellery manufacturing facility. SRS has reported a rise of more than 56% in its total income for FY11 to Rs 2,077.71 crore as compared to previous financial year. Net profit in the same period jumped 43.4% to Rs 37.51 crore. Promoters stake will be reduced to 74.04% from the current holding of 98.89% post the issue. Karvy Investor Services Limited, IDBI Capital Market Services Limited and SPA Merchant Bankers Limited are the book running lead managers to the issue. BEETAL Financial & Computer Services Private Limited is the registrar.

Listing of IFCI Bond (Scrip ID: 972657) :This bond issue, having offer price worth Rs. 10,000, got listed on August 5, 2011 at Rs. 9775 indicating discount price. Post listing the price was little bit soared up to Rs. 9850 still indicating discount and finally it closed with discount rice making investors tizzy.

Grey Market IPO Premium

Co. Name Offer Price Premium (Rs.) (Rs.) Vaswani Ind. 49 1 to 1.10 L & T Finance 52 +/- 1 to 1.25 IIFL Bond 1000 3 to 3.25 [Kostak Price : Discount] Shriram City Union Bonds 1000 12 to 13 [Kostak Rs. 5 Lac : Rs. 7000 (Without Comm.)]
Note: Dont subscribe for issue by just seeing Note: Dont subscribe for issue by just seeing premium Price as it may change anytime premium Price as it may change anytime before listing. Subscribe only considering before listing. Subscribe only considering Fundamental of the companies Fundamental of the companies

New Listing
Inventure Growth
BSE Code : 533506 Offer Price : Rs. 117.00 Listing Date : 4-8-2011 Listing Price : Rs. 119.00 Listing Day High : Rs. 225.00 Listing Day Low : Rs. 91.55 Listing Day Close : Rs. 207.95

investors would get highest benefit from this lower price since the company had in it pre IPO placement allotted shares at Rs. 56 to some QIB and HNI. Allotment :- The investors applied for 3300 shares worth Rs. 2 lakh may be allotted 300/325 shares provided there should not be more withdrawal or stop payment. According to latest report from grey market more and more cases of stop payment and withdrawal have been registered lessening oversubscription percentage more down hence investors applied for 3300 shares worth Rs. 2 lakh

may be allotted 400/425 shares instead of 300/325 shares. Refund : Most probably on August 9/10. Listing :- At this stage it is believed that this IPO may be listed on August 12. If it does not get listing on this date it can be listed on august 11 provided the company declares allotment earlier.

The IPOs of next week:Two companies Tree House of Education and SRS Ltd have officially announced for their IPOs beside Shriram City Union Finance has also announced for its NCD. Tree House Education :The company, based in Mumbai, is

L & T Fi-

Tree House Edu. IPO opens on 10th & Closes on

ILFL NCDs issue of Rs.750 cr. Opened on 5th Aug. & Closes on 12th Aug.2011 Each NCD is Rs.1000 & minimum application is Rs.5000
India Infoline Investment Services Limited, an NBFC subsidiary of India Infoline Limited (IIFL) will open, its maiden public issue of Secured Redeemable NCDs of the face-value of Rs. 1,000 each aggregating to Rs 375 crores, with an option to retain over-subscription up to Rs 375 crores, aggregating up to a total of Rs. 750 crores . The NCD Issue with 3 investment options and yield on redemption of up to 11.90% (per annum) opens on August 4, 2011 and closes on August 12, 2011. The NCDs will be listed on NSE & BSE and will have a tradable lot size of 1 NCD. The face value of NCD is Rs 1,000 and minimum application is Rs 5,000. The NCDs proposed under this Issue have been rated [ICRA]AA- (stable) by ICRA, and CARE AA- by CARE. Option I (Annual interest payment): The redemption date or maturity period is 36 months from the deemed date of allotment and the coupon rate is 11.7% p.a. The interest payment is annual and the face value plus any interest that may have accrued is payable on redemption. Option II:. NCDs will be redeemed at Rs 1446.18 at the end of 40 months from the deemed date of allotment with an effective yield of 11.70% per annum. Option III (Annual interest payment): The redemption date or maturity period is 60 months from the deemed date of allotment. The coupon rate is 11.9% p.a. for Category III investors and 11.7% p.a. for others. The interest payment is annual and the face value plus any interest that may have accrued is payable on redemption. The funds raised through this Issue will be used by the Company for various financing activities. The Lead Managers to the Issue are Axis Bank Limited, JM Financial Consultants Private Limited and A.K. Capital Services Limited

Incorporated in 2006, Tree House Education is one of the leading educational services p India. As per CRISIL report, they operate the largest number of self-operated pre-school They have 177 pre-schools under the brand name of Tree House across 23 cities in Indi Tree House provide a wide variety of educational services to K-12 schools which includes curriculum and providing teaching aids, supplying methods for imparting education, organiz for students and teacher training. They offer playschool and nursery facilities, vacation ca hobby classes, day care facilities and teacher training course at pre-schools. Tree House Educ located in the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh amongst the 100 Small Business of the year 2010 in the annual survey conducted by the Fran individuals are the Promoters of the Company are Mr. Rajesh Bhatia; and, Mrs. Geeta Bhatia to Expansion of pre-school business, Acquisition of office space, Procurement of exclusivity services, Construction of infrastructure for educational complexes in Rajasthan and Guja General corporate purposes. Issue opens on 10th Aug. & closes on 12th Aug. 2011. Company will issue 84, 32,189 share Crisil has assigned an IPO Grade 3/5. Lead Manager is J.M. Fin. & Motilal Oswal Inr. Price

Price Band yet to decide.

Other side of Tree House Educati

The average price of promoters each share is Rs. 10, book value is Rs. 51 and price b The AA rating by ICRA and CARE is considerably good not Co. got failed to pay statutory liabilities like PF, ESI, Income Tax and better that can be downgraded if performance is disturbs The performance of the company is excellent but low ratio of RONW The 95 % of its total finance is engaged in realty and capital market which can any time prove risky Valuation is impossible for the want of price band, for more detail The trades of most of the bonds are totally negligible beside they are quoted in discount
Bonds of most of the companies are least attractive in this interest hike phenomena ; Investors must refrain from this Issue
The rating agencies ICRA and CARE have together awarded AA rating to this NCD bond issue worth Rs. 750 crore which is considerably good, not better, since it can be downgraded if the financial performance of the company is disturbed. According to its balance sheet the 60 % of its total finance from its loan book worth Rs. 3300 crore is engaged in realty sector towards mortgage loan and 35 % finance is engaged in capital market making 95 % finance in most risky sectors like realty and capital market. Generally public and private sector banks sanction the loan to only those companies having good credit history but the companies who dont have good credit history opt to avail finance from the Non Banking Finance Companies (NBFC) at very high interest rate in turn these companies may prove defaulter in future since they dont have good credit history. The IIFL is going to list its NCD bonds with NSE and BSE, but it has been noticed since last many years that negligible liquidity and volume of such bonds have been recorded on both bourses making lack luster investment instrument for the investors. Nowadays some trades of bond like SBI, L & T Infra and Shriram Transport have recorded. In short bonds are least attractive for the investors. The bond issues of SBI, L & T and Shriram Transport were little bit attractive sine these companies had offered high interest rate, beside IIFL too offers higher interest rate since its issue is also somewhat attractive It is general perception that bonds are attractive only when banks offer lower interest rate and they are least attractive when banks offer higher interest rate. Investors must not forget that currently interest hike phenomena is prevailing. Recommendation:- Merely AA rating, want of liquidity, interest hike phenomena and most of the finance engaged with some risky sectors like realty and capital market are some of the negative factors for this bond issue hence investors must refrain from this issue rather to be tempted by higher interest rate

The other side of India Infoline Investors Ltd.

The average price of companys main promoter Ms. Geeta Bhatias each share is R (as on March 31, 2011) and price band is yet to be announced. The company is intending to spend Rs. 25 crore , to be raised through this IPO, to at Jhoonjhoonwala, Rajasthan but the company can utilize merely 37 % land it acq made provision of Rs. 11.20 crore to set up corporate registered office. As per auditors report The company got failed to pay statutory liabilities like PF, E duty in time. The mount of its sundry debt was worked out Rs. 1.77 crore beside most of the ou for the last six months The company has allotted 1.35 crore shares to Mauritius based Matrix Partners I different time such as it has allotted some shares during August 2008, July 2009, a 63.16 beside it has allotted some shares during May 2010 at Rs. 110.13 and allott 2011 at Rs. 150. Remark:- The financial performance of this company during last five years is net profit and income were constantly increased during these years. Of cours loss worth Rs 49 lakh and Rs. 19 lakh during FY 2007 and 2008 respective turnaround position during FY 2009 and posted net profit worth Rs. 51 l company has posted the net profit worth Rs. 9.19 crore indicating 89 % growt crore indicating 253 % growth compared to last years net profit and turnov Recommendation: The RONW of this company is constantly increasing but st of its peer companies. We are not in position to declare its P/BV or PE ratio s announced its price band. To our readers:- The readers seeking detail information regarding this IPO may visit our we

Financial Weekly

Inventure Growth IPO Basis of allotment
Applied Allot
50 100 150 200 550 600 650 800 850

8th Aug. 2011 to 14th Aug. 2011

IPO News : (Public Issues)

Sr Company Issue Open Dt. Issue Close Dt. Issue size (Rs. Cr.) Offer price (Rs.) Min. App. Rs. 1,00,00 Limit Rs. 2,00,000 Listing Limit Lead Rating Manager % Remark

Ratio Applied Allot

900 950 1000 1300 1350 1450 1550 1600 1650 1700


50 4:19 50 8:19 50 7:11 50 11:13 116 1:01 126 1:01 137 1:01 169 1:01 179 1:01

190 1:01 200 1:01 211 1:01 274 1:01 284 1:01 305 1:01 327 1:01 337 1:01 348 1:01 358 1 : 01


Tree House Education & Accessories

(Book Building)

10-8-11 12-8-11

84,32,189 Eq. Shares




BSE J.M. Fin. NSE Motilal Oswal


SRS Ltd.
(Book Building)

23-8-11 26-8-11

35,000,000 Eq. Shares





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Karvy Inv. IDBI Cap. SPA Merch.

Next Week

engaged in education sector and is planning to enter in the market on August 10 with its IPO of 8432189 shares. This IPO would be closed on August 12, 2011. The rating agency CRISIL has awarded 3/5 rating indicating better than average fundamentals to this IPO. The history of its financial performance is very short but it is somewhat attractive. Of course we could not analyze anything regarding its valuation since the company itself has not declared its offer price yet. The reports from market suggest that the company may fix its offer price around Rs. 150/175. SRS Ltd :- The company is entering into capital market on August 23, 2011 with its IPO of 3.5 crore shares. The rating agency ICRA has awarded 3/5 rating and the price band for this IPO may be worked out at Rs. 60/70.

is planning to enter in the market on August 11 with Sr Company its NCD Bond issue worth Rs. 750 crore and 1. India Infoline this issue would Investment be closed on AuServices gust 27, 2011. The bond having 2. Shriram City three years lock Finance in period offers interest of 11.85 % per annum and the bond having 5 years of lock in period offers 12.10 % interest per annum. The rating agency CARE has awarded AA rating to this bond having face value of Rs. 1000. Investors intending to apply for this issue have to apply minimum for 10 bond worth Rs. 10,000.

Bond News
Issue Open Dt. Issue Close Dt. Issue size (Rs. Cr.) Offer price (Rs.) Min. App. Effective Yield (P.A.) Rating 36 Month 40 Month 60 Month % Remark

4-8-11 12-8-11 11-8-11 27-8-11

Rs. 750 Cr. Rs. 1000

5 NCDs (Rs. 5000)

11.70 % (P.A.) 11.85 % (P.A.)

11.70 % (P.A.) --

11.90 % (P.A.) 12.10 % (P.A.)

34 %


Rs. 750 Cr. Rs. 1000

10 NCDs (Rs. 10000)

Next Week

The IPO From Public Sector Units :- The Steel Authority of

India has decided to postpone its FPO worth Rs. 8000 crore owing to instable condition of secondary market. The company was supposed to tap the market during June but could not make it and still its fate hangs in balance. The company intends to offer 5 % discount to retail investors and its employees. Hindustan Copper :- This public Sector Unit too was planning to tap the market with its FPO but nothing has been decided yet in this regard. The company was supposed to issue fresh equity along with disinvestment of governments equity but not it only intend to come up with FPO for disinvestment of 10 % governments equity. Power Grid Corporation :This Public Sector Unit is planning to tap the market till the end of this month with its bond issue worth Rs. 2500 crore. The lock in period would be ranging from 4 years to 15 years having interest rate of 9.5 % per annum. The rating agency has awarded AA rating to its proposed issue.

The NCD Issue of Shriram City Union Finance :- Buoyant by

the success of bond issue of SBI and L & T Finance many companies have prompted to tap the capital market with bond issue and Shriram City Union is one of them. The company

company is planning to enter in the market with its IPO worth Rs. 104 crore. The rating agency CRISIL has awarded 2/5 rating to this IPO. ***

J.M. Financials
Offer CMP Company Price PFC (FPO) 203 175 Career Point STD Chtd Bk. Future Ventures 10 9 Jaypee Infra PTC India 28 18 SJVNL Claris LIfe 228 149 Nitesh Estates B.S. Trans. 248 105 IL&FS Trans. Orient Green 47 13 REC (FPO) Company

Offer CMP Company Offer CMP Price 310 310 Price 104 89 102 43 26 22 Galaxy Withdrawn 54 21 258 204 Ashoka Build 324 270 203 195

Motilal Oswal

& Closes on 12th Aug. 11

o decide.

Accumulate Bosch India in correction after strong Q1 numbers Accumulate DLF as the company has focused on reducing debt Coal India will get momentum on inclusion in BSE and F&O segment DLF Ltd (Code : 532868) : Re- Danone deal will help Wockhardt reduce debt : Buy alty major DLF Ltd will start moderatBharti Airtel attractive after tariff hike ing the debt worth Rs24,000 crore on
its books from this fiscal. Two of its properties will be monetised for the purpose this quarter. The company will be taking recourse for hiving off its non-core assets for cutting the debt. DLF is in advanced stages in two deals which are likely to be done in this quarter itself. It has also built up an adequate pipeline in the form of roping in joint venture partners. The company is looking at sales of Rs3,000 crore of assets. It is likely to put Aman Resorts on the block and fetch Rs2,000 crore from it. The other assets it is planning to sell are Pune IT SEZ spread across 5.1 million sq ft and Noida IT park. Realty sector, as a whole, has been hammered the most in recent times. So, it seems that even if the market falls further, stock price of DLF, the largest realty company in the country, will not go down much from here. So, it is time to accumulate this stock for longer term perspective. growth in FY12E & FY13E. Accumulate. Coal India (Code : 533278) : Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE) Ltd would include Coal India in the Sensex effective from August 8, 2011. The opening bell ceremony to include Coal India in the BSE Sensex will be held on Monday. The stock has also been entered into F&O segment from 5th August. So, there will be momentum week for this stock next week. Coal India Limited (CIL) is working towards completion of the deal. French dairy and nutrition major is acquiring Wockhardt's nutrition business for about Rs 1,575 crore, marking its entry into the growing baby and medical nutrition market in the country. The nutrition business which owns Farex and Protinex, is understood to be worth around Rs 200 crore, growing at around 25% year-on-year. Industry experts say that company got a "great valuation" for a lesser fancied business, at almost eight times the multiple.Over the last two years, Wockhardt has been in talks with lenders to restructure its operations, clean up its balance sheet, and has also divested non-core business areas so as to focus on the main pharma business. The stock has been one of the best performer in last one year. The stock was at just Rs. 152 on 12th August i.e. almost a year ago. The stock has closed at Rs. 423 on Friday. So, investors have earned huge money in this stock. Still it is attractive at every decline. Buy. Bosch Ltd. (Code : 500530) : Auto component maker Bosch has reported better Q1 numbers. Its net profit rose by 32.99% to Rs 278.93 crore for the second quarter ended June 30.The company had a net profit of Rs 209.73 crore in the same period previous financial year. The company's net sales rose to Rs 2,024.08 crore for the second quarter ended June 30, 2011, compared to Rs 1,656.08 crore in the same period previous fiscal. The impact of sharp rise in commodity prices and inflationary pressure was compensated by aggressive cost control measures coupled with less than proportionate increase in depreciation charge and substantial increase in treasury income. For the six months ended June 30, 2011, the company posted a net profit of Rs 553.32 crore as against Rs 412.30 crore in the same period last fiscal. The stock has corrected a bit with big correction in the market. Accumulate.

ducational services providers in operated pre-schools in India. oss 23 cities in India. chools which includes designing ng education, organizing extra-curricular activities acilities, vacation camps, mother-toddler classes, ols. Tree House Educations pre-schools are mainly and Andhra Pradesh. Company has been ranked onducted by the Franchising World. The following d, Mrs. Geeta Bhatia. The object of the issue are rement of exclusivity rights to provide educational Rajasthan and Gujarat; Repayment of loan; and

ssue 84, 32,189 shares to be listed on NSE & BSE. lal Oswal Inr. Price band yet to decide.

se Education

Smart Best Buy

S. N. Zaveri
acquiring properties in potential coal bearing countries from energy security point of view. Coal India has already started off seeing the rumblings of some change internally at least in terms of corporate governance, decision making. Going forward the asset base that it is on and energy as a

Rs. 51 and price band is yet to be announced Income Tax and custom duty in time w ratio of RONW is negative factor for more detail visit our website

The IPOs from Private Sector:Intas Pharma :- The market

regulator SEBI has given its nod for its IPO worth Rs. 800 crore. The rating agency ICRA has awarded 4/5 rating to IPO of this Ahmedabad based company promoted by Chudgar Family. The rating itself suggests better than average fundamentals. The promoters of the company hold 88.77 % equity and the 70 % of its total income is incurred from domestic market. The company is planning to tap the market during month of September. Tonira Pharma : - The renowned IPCA Lab holds 32 % stake in this Gujarat based Pharma company. The IPCA Lab itself is planning to come up with its right issue. Marc Bio-Science :- The company, engaged with production of parental drugs, has got green signal from SEBI during last February for its IPO. Now the company is awaiting for the conducive atmosphere to enter in the market. IFCI Ventures holds 9 % stake in this company. SPR Contract :- This mid size

Bharti Airtel (Code : 532454)

: The telecom giant, Bharti Airtel has reported Q1 results below expectations. Bharti posted total consolidated revenues of RS 16,983cr in Q1FY12, which is 4% up QoQ and 39% up YoY. EBITDA stood at Rs 5706crcr which is up 5% over Q4FY11 and 27% over Q1FY11. Net profit for the quarter was Rs 1215cr which is down by 13% over sequential quarter and down by 28% over same period last year. Net profit margin for the quarter was 7%. with 3G rollout in 13 circles, the company is set to reap the benefits of investments made. Increase in subscriber base, incremental revenue on the back of data services, improvement in African market will drive the growth going forward. However leveraged balancesheet and higher amortization cost will dent the profitability. Recent tariff hike in selected circles show worse is over for telecom sector. With subscriber base growing at steady rate of 2%-3% per month, Bharti is expected to post healthy double digit

ias each share is Rs. 10, book value is Rs. 51

hrough this IPO, to set up Educational complex ely 37 % land it acquired till date beside it has d office. bilities like PF, ESI, Income Tax and custom

side most of the outstanding amount were due

Matrix Partners India at various price and at t 2008, July 2009, and September 2009 at Rs. s. 110.13 and allotted some share during April

Co. Name DLF Bharti Airtel Coal India Wockhardt BOSCH

CMP (`) `) 210.00 415.00 392.00 422.00 6945.10

g last five years is recorded excellent as its se years. Of course the company has made d 2008 respectively. Of course it achieved fit worth Rs. 51 lakh. During FY 2011 the cating 89 % growth on turnover of Rs. 41.15 profit and turnover. y increasing but still it is lee than the RONW P/BV or PE ratio since the company has not IPO may visit our website

sector is much more promising. The stock has continuously appreciated since its IPO. The stock has appreciated very sharp from Rs. 375 to Rs. 392 on Friday. The stock is making higher top and higher bottom. Grab this stock at every decline.

Wockhardt (Code : 532300)

: Drug major Wockhardt filed an application on last Wednesday in the Bombay high court seeking approval for divestment of its nutrition business to Danone even as a clutch of investors expressed doubts over the

Financial Weekly

8th Aug. 2011 to 14th Aug. 2011

gap between Sensex 1800518037 and Nifty Stocks Recomm. Target Reached Lot Profit 5422-5433. Thus Buy ABG Ship. 388 399 400 1000 12000 there is a strong 641 592 581 500 30000 Resistance zone Sell Cummins formed within the Buy Bajaj Auto 1469 1495 1505 250 9000 indices between Sell Jindal Saw 865 823 703 250 40500 Sensex 18005Buy IDEA 94 98 99 400 20000 18068 and Nifty Sell Wel. Corp. 148 143 140 1000 8000 5422-5433. In case the Total : 119500 low made on Friday is breached then the Sensex and Nifty are likely to fall further upto next strong support zone atleast. From a broader perspective the market is correcting the Sensex rise from 13219 to 21108 and Nifty from 3918 to 6338. The correction levels in that case are 18094-17163-16233 for the Sensex and 5414-5128-4842 for the Nifty. The indices took support near the 50% level too is in oversold territory and is signalof this rally. In case the fall continues ing a Buy as %K cuts %D from below. then the 61.8% of the above mentioned Directional Indicators continue in their rise coincides with the 38.2% level of Sell mode and so does the Bollinger the entire rise from 7697 to 21108 for Band which had given a Sell signal last the Sensex and 2252 to 6338 for the week. Money Flow has fallen to 26 and Nifty. The 38.2% level falls at 15985 is in Sell mode suggesting money flowfor the Sensex and 4777 for the Nifty. ing out of the market. The other lead There is an intermediate bottom formed indicator OBV too has given a Sell sigat Sensex 15960 and Nifty 4786. This nal as it has breached its previous low. helps in forming a strong Support zone Nifty O.I. PCR has fallen to a low of at Sensex 15960-16233 and Nifty 0.82. It is clear that the Put writers have 4777-4842. lost heavily in this fall. Put positions Both Sensex and Nifty have closed have now shifted to the 5000 strike below the neckline of the weekly Bearand Call writing is seen at 5500 strike. ish Head and Shoulders (Sensex It clearly suggests that not only has 18182 and Nifty 5436), thus confirmthe range shifted lower but has exing a breakout for Bearish H & S. The panded on the lower side. Bearish H & S has given way to BearThe Trendline Resistance for the ish Descending Triangle which could Sensex is at 17843. The Trendline not get completed as the prices just Support is at 16733. closed above the breakout line. But The Trendline Resistance for the the validity for Bearish Head and ShoulNifty is at 5322. The Trendline Support ders remains intact. The target for the is at 5033. same falls at 14651-13928 for the For the week ahead, Sensex will Sensex and 4357-4143 for the Nifty. find Support at 16990-16684-16373 Majority of the oscillators are in Sell and will find Resistance at 17664mode, while some are in oversold terri18037-18415. tory. MACD and ROC are both in negaFor the week ahead, Nifty will find tive territory and both continue with their Support at 5116-5019-4929 and will Sell signals. RSI is at 28 and is in overfind Resistance at 5328-5443-5556. sold territory. The Stochastic oscillator


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Both Sensex and Nifty have formed a Big Black body candle on the weekly charts. On the daily charts, Sensex has formed a Black body Hammer on Friday. The Nifty has formed a small white body candle with a long lower shadow but it cannot be classified as a Hammer as there is an upper shadow. The Bullish Hammer formed on the Sensex can be classified as a Takuri Line formation as the lower shadow is very long. According to San-Ku method, when there are three gaps, the third gap is the result of conflict between the bulls and the bears and the Sakatas method recommends buying when this gap is formed. Thus one can expect a minor pull-back in the very short term time frame. The market is well below the short term average of 20dma (Sensex 18365 and Nifty 5526), medium term average of 50dma (Sensex 18361 and Nifty 5517) and long term average of 200dma (Sensex 18945 and Nifty 5686). As a result the short term, medium term and the long term trend remains down. Minor pull-backs cannot be ruled out because of bullish candle formation on the daily charts on Friday and some oscillators being in oversold zone. We are assuming that the low made by Sensex and Nifty on Friday does not get breached, then one can expect a minor recovery of the immediate fall from Sensex 19131 to 16990 and from Nifty 5740 to 5116. The pull-back levels are 17808-18061-18313 for the Sensex and 5354-5428-5502 for the Nifty. If one considers the fall from a slightly higher degree i.e. from 19811 to 16990 for the Sensex and 5944 to 5116 for the Nifty; then the correction levels in that case will be 18068-18401-18733 for the Sensex and 5432-5530-5628 for the Nifty. Thus 50% of the immediate fall coincides with 38.2% of the intermediate fall forming a confluence zone. This zone is further strengthened by the presence of a bearish falling

Last Weeks Recommondation

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Whereas land deals involve HUGE HUGE amount of cash. SAIL Ltd : Sales are up 29% but profits are down 20%. Shows clearly huge burden of rising costs Unichem Ltd : This writer is surprised at huge drop in profits of this co as normally in pharma biz, increased costs are passed on to customers. Co has reported Pat of just 15.61 cr as against 33.34 cr in corresponding quarer of previous year. Rs 2 FV and equity 18.05 crores. Overpriced. J K Tyres : Previous month, investors had become gung-ho as rubber prices had fallen a bit. However, Co has reported negligibel profit of 96 lacs as against 19.53 crore in corresponding quarter of previous year. Equity 30.54 crores. SELL. Tyre companies have huge demand but dont have strong bargaining/pricing power with OEMs. Temporary fall in price of 1 raw material may not necesssarily translate into siginicantly higher profits as companies do carry raw material stock of higher prices. Usha Martin Re 1 FV: One of the oldest steel companies in India and also has ore mines, power plant for captive use. Promoters at regular intervals expand production capacities but have never rewarded shareholders handsomely (except some measly dividend). Turnover keeps on rising, profits keep on falling. Pat is 25.54 crores as against 41.86 cr in corresponding quarter of previous year. SELL TIMEX Ltd Re 1 FV: This company is pigmy compared to Titan and other brands in this industry. Has failed to establish as a big brand in India although india is a huge market where all foreign companies (take example of white goods, electronic good manufacturers) have attained multi-billion dollar turnovers. However, Timex continues to struggle with very very small turnover and negligibel profits. Last year Eps was 1.07. Eps for quarter ended june 2011 is 0.07. Many investors continue promote this company as a big FMCG story but we feel that scrip is grossly overpriced. SELL. In future also, company may not be able to multiply its sales and profits. Laid-back management Sterlite Technologies : Turnover has increased to 547 cr as against 491 crores. And Pat has plunged to 5.23 crores as against 55.58 cr in corresponding quarter of previous year. Equity is huge at 78.59 crores. SELL KSB Pumps Ltd Even MNCs with strong brand and technology cant escape knife of inflation. Sales have increased from 153 cr to 188 crores but profit has fallen from 15.85 to 11.58 crores. Equity is 34.81 crores. Scrip may be held for longterm but in short term, chances of appreciate are remote Transformer & Rectifier Ltd : Even power ancillaries are facing brunt of inflation. Turnover has increased f from 83 crores to 137 crores (huge jump) but net profit has come down to 7.78 crores from 8.50 crores Few above instances (across various sectors) clearly indicate falling profit margins which may lead to downgrade of Indian equities once result season is over

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The maneuvering between the two political rivals continued for the best part of the week till they arrived at an agreement of a framework for a budget deal that will cut trillions of dollars in spending over the next decade and clear the way for an increase in governments borrowing limits. The impact of this lower expendable fund limit is showing and the first of its indications were available on gold scaling newer and higher peak, Dow Jones losing over 500 points & Nasdaq losing over 100 points in a single session. Why are Republicans and Democrats at loggerheads????? The Republicans allow passage of raised debt limits provided they are linked to deep cut in spending. They want an increase to be effective only for a year such that they can derive political mileage of this crisis at the presidential elections in 2012. Democrats however favour tax increase at one shot and simultaneous raising of the ceiling. They however oppose cuts if any for that could jeopardize the economic stimulus and welfare payments. GLOBAL IMPACT OF THIS CRISIS !!!!!!!!!!!!! governments, businesses , investors across the world will look at US debt papers with a filter. The flow of funds may be hampered as not only fresh funds will be difficult to come but an exit may be seeked from the existing debt papers to safe havens like gold, silver and liquid cash (possibly non dollars). Dollar shall slide and possibly losen its grip as the key exchange unit in world trades. China, Gulf countries, Europe and India have big exposure in US debt portfolio to lose the sleep. It would be worth noting the creditors of US. Foreign countries have a debt portfolio of $4 trillion with China leading the list at $1.2 trillion. United States public and companies hold a debt portfolio of $3.6 trillion and US Federal System a debt portfolio of $ 6.2 trillion. Us spending cuts will slow down the wheels of progress in US and this may mean lesser consumption at US, resulting in lower exports from China and other countries. It could hit the FDI inflows. WHERE DID THE MONEY GO ??????? Barrack Obama $2.4 tn fighting recession, wars in Afghan and Iraq. George Bush $ 6.1 tn wars and tax cuts.; Bill Clinton $ 1.4 tn George Bush $ 1.5 tn (non war expenditure) Ronald Reagen $ 1.9 tn Earlier $1 tnva GOD SAVE THE KING

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realty counters under selling spree. Bharti Airtel lost ground post poor Q1 numbers. BSE Sensex lost 247.37 points to end the day at 17693.18 and NSE Nifty seen erosion of 73.00 points to close at 5331.80. Rise in Food inflation at 8.04% kept check on market sentiment. Crash in global markets kept our market on a weak point. US and Eurozon trouble kept check on global market sentiment. At home front, hike in excise duty prompted selling spree on FMCG and Auto counters. IT, Realty, Metal, Power and Banking counters remained weak on continued selling pressure. Inventure Growth got listed and closed at a premium of 78% to offer price and surprised one and all. Cummins India announced surprised bonus in the ratio of 2 shares for every 5 shares held. Waterbase announced rights issue in the ratio of 1 share for every 2 shares held. Reports of worsening crisis in US and European market brought heavy sell out at D & J as well as on Nasdaq on previous eve and we have seen reparation of the same on Friday morning post weak start by Asian markets. Sensex and Nifty opened lower with a gap at and tested last 14 months new low of 16990.91 and 5116.45 respectively before recovering from these levels but to close in red. BSE Sensex lost 387.31 points to end the day at 17305.87 and NSE Nifty posted deficit of 120.55 points to close at 5211.25. IT, Banking, Realty, Metal counters turned weak and RIL too participated in the doom with new low. NMDC lead a group as gainer. Dual pricing for diesel forced offloading on the counters of M & M, Tata Motors. ABM Knowledge gained on improved numbers for Q1. Eased crude propelled PSU oil marketing company counters but dented sentiment for Cairn India. Poor Q1 show dumps

Onmobile counter. GCV Serv turned ex-split (5 for 1). Food inflation rose to 8.04% and spread fear of another rate hike. However, Crude eased to below 87$ a barrel due to global worry and turned a big positive factor for Indian economy. Rupee too eased around Rs. 44.75. Market broke estimates for the week and marked new intra day low of 16990.91 for Sensex and 5116.45 for Nifty. Thus it has already touched the mega technical lower levels for the close. However, in case of continued weakness in global markets, Sensex may see the low of 16600 and Nifty 4750, but for that it has to mark three close below last Fridays levels. Thus this week is considered to be a critical one for the market movement. Thus in the given scenario BSE Sensex may move in the range of 16750-18900 NSE Nifty

Dividend announcements During the week

Alok Ind (2.5%), BDH Ind (5%), Bhagwati Autocast (10%), Bhushan Steel (25%), Chembond Chem (21.5%), FACOR Alloys (20%), Global Offshore (5%), Grabal Alok (5%), IKF Finance (10%), Jamna Auto Ind (10%), KDDL Ltd (30%), Kale Consultants (20%), Kanpur Plastipack (10%), Liberty Phosphate (6%), Mazda Ltd (35%), Panasonic Home Appl (10%), Phoenix Mills (90%), Prime Property Develop (10%), Rapicut Carbides (25%), SUN TV Network (50%), Simplex Castings (25%), Swiss Glasscoat (20%), Symphony Ltd (100%), Veljan Denison (75%), Ferro Alloys Corp (25%), Gini Silk Mills (7.5%), MMTC Ltd (25%), Zenith Fibres (15%), Mangalore Chemi (12%), Arex Ind (9%), Jindal Drilling (10%), Joonktollee Tea (25%), Maharashtra Seamless (120%), Prima Plastics (10%), Subros Ltd (40%), Technocraft Ind (10%), United Spirits (25%), Anjani Portland (8%), Anuh Pharma (100%), Diamond Power (30%), GMM Pfaudler (35%), Glodyne Techno (70%), Jain Irrig (50%), Mukta Arts (20%), Savera Ind (12%), Shri Jagdamba Poly (10%), Uflex Ltd (75%), Vikram Thermo (15%) etc.

between 4850-5550. Acrysil (BSE Code 524091) :The company that is emerging a mega player in quartz kitchen sink under the brand name Carysil is in its 25 th year. For fiscal ended 31.3.2011 it earned net profit of Rs. 6.06 crore on a turnover of Rs. 55.45 crore against net profit of Rs. 5.91 crore on a turnover of Rs. 46.03 crore for a year ago period. It maintained a dividend of 40%. Now that it is celebrating silver jubilee, bonus in the near term is not ruled out as it has free reserves of Rs. 22.54 crore against equity capital of Rs. 2.97 crore. The scrip is worth accumulating at every declined for medium to long term rewards. Currently it hovers around Rs. 129.00 against 52 week high/low of Rs. 160/91, FV Rs.10. Nitin Fire (BSE Code 532854) :The company has scheduled bonus meet on 11th August 2011. On consolidated basis for the fiscal 2010-11 it posted net profit of Rs.53.36 crore on a turnover of Rs. 437.85 crore against net profit of Rs. 41.93 crore on a turnover of Rs. 313.87 crore. It announced a dividend of 50%. It has free reserves of Rs. 215 crore plus against an equity capital of Rs. 12.60 crore. It is worth adding in ones portfolio at every decline for medium to long term rewards. Scrip is quoting around Rs. 122.65 against 52 week high/low of Rs. 130/57, FV Rs. 2. Zodiac Clothing (BSE Code 521163) :- The company has convened board meet on 10.08.2011 to consider bonus. On consolidated basis for the fiscal 2010-11 it earned net profit of Rs.33.18 crore on a turnover of Rs. 341.80 crore against net profit of Rs. 26.19 crore on a turnover of Rs. 313.26 crore. It announced a dividend of 50%. As on 31.3.2011 it has free reserves of Rs. 200.25 crore against equity capital of Rs. 12.82 crore. It is worth considering for medium term rewards at every decline. Scrip is moving around Rs 352.25, against 52 week high/low of Rs. 440/302, FV Rs.10.

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KPIT Cummins (Rs. 176.00) (Code: 532400) :- It is one of the
multinational companies whose core business include SAP and Oracle projects beside many more IT projects. Its most of the divisions have reported 25-30 % growth. The company is going to launch new products in form of energy saving device being manufactured at joint venture set up with Bharat Forge and this new product would prove trigger point for the company. Its new energy saving device would prove most useful for auto mobile sector. The company would also avail the benefit of 7.5 % royalty since it has IPR. The management of the company is hopeful that it would achieve the top line worth Rs. 300-500 crore beside royalty of Rs. 55-60 crore during FY 2012-13.

Disclaimer :- Investment recommendations made in Smart Investment are for information purposes only and derived from source that are deemed to be reliable but their accuracy and completeness are not guaranteed. Smart Investment or the analyst / writer do not accept any liability for the use of this column for the buying or selling of securities. Readers of this column who buy or sell securities based on the information in this column are soley responsible for their actions. The author, his company or his acquaintance may / may not have positions in the scrips featured herein

Financial Weekly


8th Aug. 2011 to 14th Aug. 2011

rn High Retu

High Risk


JSW Steel (Rs. 700.00) (Code: 500228) :-The price of this

share was plummet following order of Lokayukta of Karnataka. Investors must have remembered that the name of this company was indulged in recently exposed mining scam of Karnataka. The company was compelled to shuit down its two unit following its alleged involvement in the scam. Of course the company has denied its involvement and made it clear that the company would not in any case be impacted negatively by this order. The price began to recover following this specification. Investors can take entry at his very low level for handsome return in short term.

JSW Steel : Price may move up following clarification made by company ; VIP Ind. : Accumulate this share at every dip Cummins India : Co. has announced the record date for bonus share ; Anjaneya Life: The stock would glitter in limelight Jindal Poly: Strong possibility regarding upward movement of the price along with high volume Jet Airways : Investors must make any position with stop loss ; Century Textile : Co. is going to announce quarterly result on August 12, Bajaj Auto : The prevailing recession of auto sector may create negative impact on this company Nitin Fire : This stock has strong resistance at level of Rs. 135 ; Cox & King : Make fresh position once you book your profit
tain its upward momentum and the price plunged to bottom level of Rs. 590 from where it started to recover and finally it was quoted around Rs. 613. All of sudden the company has announced the bonus share in ratio of 5:2 making investors surprised. Of course some market analysts are still consider this ratio very low but company has declared record date for this purpose so price may move up next week. tanked on last Friday indicating for upward movement.

Anjaney Life: (Rs. 390.00) (Code: 533412) :- The company is

engaged with pharmaceutical sector and the price of its share has increased 15 % during last few sessions. The stock has touched to all time high level of Rs. 413. It may be recalled that the pharmaceutical sector is reeling under heavy recession. Of course this share is most defensive at this juncture and investors can take entry at this low level.

share were quoted in red. Market operators and players are hopeful for some new positive development.

(Code: 500040) :- Smart Investors

in its last edition warned its reader to be cautious at Rs. 375 and the price has declined to Rs. 316. The company is going to announce its quarterly result on August 12 and operators are hoping for further downward trend.

Jet Airways (Rs. 436.00) (Code: 532617) :- The price may

slightly move up next week as the price of crude has declined substantially in international market. Investors are strongly advised to make any position with stop loss.

VIP Industries (Rs. 760.00) (Code: 507880) :- The stock at this

level seems very poor and still there is strong possibility for further downward trend but investors must grab and accumulate this share at every dip for some handsome return in short term.

Jindal Poly Films (Rs.230.00) (Code: 500227) :- Market has witnessed the increased volume of this share following which the price too surged up remarkably. Some market operators and players are on buying spree for the share of this company engaged with production of commodity chemicals. Of course the price was

Bajaj Auto (Rs. 1400.00) (Code: 532977) :- Currently most

of the auto share are reeling under selling pressure as the whole sector is experience heavy recession hence this share too can be impacted negatively by this phenomena. Investors must not make any fresh position at this high level.

Cummins India (Rs. 613.00) (Code: 500480) :- The price of this

share has been declining since last many sessions. The highest price was once quoted at Rs. 709 but it could not main-

Banas Finance (Rs. 201.00) (Code: 509063) :- The price of this

share has increased 100 % during last one and half month. Surprisingly the price of this share had increased 3 % last Friday when most of the

Cox & King (Rs. 224.00) (Code: 533144) :- Market envisages strong possibility of heavy selling pressure for profit booking. Investors must refrain from this share at this level.

Century Textile (Rs. 316.00)

Chart Buster (Continued from page 1)

inflation is most likely to remain under check for now onwards. This, coupled with stern criticism received by the RBI after the last interest rate hike of a w hipping 0.50 per cent, may deter the Apex bank from hiking rates any further and that would mean a peaking out of high interest rate regime which would be possibly evident from the mid-quarterly review of the credit policy by the RBI scheduled in early September. Incidently, the fears of the US economy slowing down and Eurozone nations heading towards chaotic situation, have tamed down the world crude market which was so far quite hesitant to go down from a specific range which was unaffordable to the Indian economy. Thus, a sharp and deep fall in the world crude oil market would work as blessing indisguise for the Indian economy and consequently for the Indian stock markets. Thus, the crash in the US stocks has created a buying opportunity in the Indian stock markets for long-term investors and therefore they must not miss the sawing season to reap rich harvest in certain future time. The buying should be very selecBHARAT PETRO-Wkly.02/05/08-05/08/11 B-500547 slow in process as the markets are unlikely to stage a run away TREND tiveA(100) and Price E M A(12) E M A(48) EM 05/08/11 boom in near F future and might receive even more jerks from the overseas O 665.00 814.90 708.55 economies800 Hstock markets because the problems there are too big to be or L 650.00 C 699.45 700 resolved so soon. Remember what the legendary stock picker Warren V 2298 658.00 E 649.55 Buffet has 600 E 633.86 has said that buy when everyone is a seller. It requrues said. He E 598.21 P 699.45 530.00 one to have guts and courage and also money to buy when everyone is a 500 488.50 seller now.400However, everyone does not possess these virtues and therefore everyone cannot become rich by merely going to the stock market. If 300 you have failed to sell when the markets were ruling high and not pocketed 206.00 200 08 A N 09 A J O 10 A J O 11 A J cash to be able to buy now, don't regret. The markets keep on offering ample opportunities for committing mistakes and then correcting them too.

Carborundum Uni. : The price may fuel up following announcement of stock split GMR Infra : The company has forayed in to international airport construction Hinduja Global : The company has taken over Canadian company Godrej Properties : Investors can make fresh position at every dip Chambal Fert. : most of the value would unlock following de-merger of its shipping unit Spice Jet : The price may pick up following declined price of crude oil Thomas Cook : Market expects the target price of Rs. 54 within one month I.B.Real : Investors must be most cautious as the company is heading downward Adani Power : Strong possibility of temporary correction following poor result
Carborundum Uni: (Rs. 295.00) (Code: 513375) :- The
board of directors of the company has decided of sub division of its stock, having face value, in to share having face value of Rs. 1. The price may move up following this development. company has very recently launched second project at Ahmedabad which got overwhelming response. It has been heard from the street that the company has entered into agreement with Jet Airways to develop Bandra Kurla Complex based 10309.58 Sq Ft land. The price may surge up foling low budget airlines company. The price of its share may move up next week following significant decline in crude price in international market. Investors can make shot position for 25-30 % within very short term.

GMR Infra (Rs. 29.00) (Code: 532754) :- This Banglore group is all
set to penetrate in to international front. It has been heard from the street that the company has placed its bid for Spains Madrid Bajaras and Barcelona EI port. The company has also focused on development of African and Indonesian airport.

Thomas Cook (Rs. 46.00) (500413) :- It is strong indication that

the price of this share would also head northward following increased price of Cox & King. Market operators and players are hopeful for target price of Rs. 54 within next couple of weeks.

Dalal Street

pers Whis

lowing this development.

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (BPCL) :- Bharat Petroleum was one of the very few stocks that withstood the stormy downfall in the stock markets in the last week. The share, alongwith its few business peers, stood to gain during the last week when most of the other stocks were hitting the pits. The reason for the oil marketing companies showing an uptrend in a market that was characterised by huge and widespread erosion was a possibility as indicated by the Government of selective subisidy scheme for diesel and LPG distribution which would assumably reduce the huge losses being
suffered by the oil marketing companies under the present system. The share of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. which had recently scaled to a high of Rs 814.90 corrected upto a low of Rs 530 and is on a rising mode since then. In the last week also it soared above the peaks of the previous recent highs and indicated a posssibility of a further appreciation in the offing as all the three moving averages are also going up in support. The share is suggested for buying for medium to long-term investing.

Hinduja Global (Rs. 353.00) (Code: 532859) :- This BPO Company, belongs to renowned Hinduja Group, has very recently acquired Canada based Online Support Industries (OSI), the customer relation management firm for cash consideration worth Rs. 347 crore in order to lessen the dependency of American income.

Chambal Fertilizers (Rs. 92.00) (Code: 500085) :- Market

may witness some fancy for this share as there is strong possibility of its value to be unlocked following probable demerger of its shipping business. On other hand the union government is going to announce new fertilizer policy very soon. This company would definitely avail the highest benefit from this new policy.

I.B. Real (Rs. 89.00) (Code: 532832) :- The company is currently

facing heavy crisis for its construction business. Investors must not make any fresh position following strong possibility of correction next week.

Adani Power (Rs. 90.00) (Code: 533096) :- At this level this

share seems poor prior to its result for the June quarter. It is strong possibility that the price may further plunge next week. Investors ought not make any position for time being. machine and the face value of its share is Rs. 2. The meeting of the board of directors is going to be held on August 11 to consider and approve the proposal of bonus share and announcement of the result for the June quarter. Market may witness high degree of volatility following possibility of excellent result

Godrej Properties (Rs. 710.00) (Code: 533150) :- The

Spice Jet (Rs. 29.00) (Code: 500285) :- It is considered as leadmargins too increased to 19 % from 16 %. Considering these positive factors the future of the company seems very rosy and investors can make fresh position from this bottom level.

Terrific Shots
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the street that the promoters of the company are planning for debt restructuring which is worked out at USD 1 billion. The IDBI has increased its stake to 18 % recently. It has also been heard that VIOM Ltd, the JV of Tata Tele and Shreya Group, is planning to take over this company. Investors must not forget that the price of this share is crashed 83 % indicating for upward movement.

Ramco Industries Ltd. (RIL) :- Ramco Industries had scaled to an high of Rs 83 during the recent stock market boom that came to an end after peaking out in September, 2010. The general RAMCO INDUSR-Dly .26/08/10-05/08/11 B-532369 Price E M A(12) E M A(48) E M A(100) downtrend that engulfed the markets compelled 83.00 85 80 this issue too to go down to less than half of its 75 peak price, at Rs 42 in February, 2011. The 70 followers of a crude market theory that a share 65 becomes a good buy whe available at 50 per 60 55 54.00 cent of its peak price, mopped up the stock and 50 sent i up to a recent high of Rs 54 but the general 45 42.00 42.00 market conditions still bein bearish the price of 40 38.70 35 the stock couldn't go further up and instead re- 10 O N D 11 F M A M J J A
entered a bearish trend that ultimately pushed it down as low as Rs 38.70. After having fallen to this low, the share has resumed its uptrend, though , a hesitent one as the general market conditions still being vulnerable to negative world news but the undertone in this individul scrip being still positively biased as evident from the strong action on Friday of the las week , helped it in going against the general downtrend. The share of Ramco Industries on Friday scaled above the peaks of many preceding days and closed higher than the previous day's closing as well as higher than its opening price on Fridaqy. These being bullish signs in technical jargon make the share a good buy for making medium to long-term investment.

Warren Tea (Rs. 551.00) (Code: 508494) :- The face value

of this share is Rs. 10. The price of this share had soared up 78 % during last week making investors puzzled. The 52 weeks highest price was recorded at Rs. 560 and the lowest price was recorded at Rs. 149. It has been heard from the street that the Radheshyam Sharaf, the promoters of Asian Hotels (East) had purchased 4.8 lakh shares (4.5 % share) from open market and this was the sole reason why this share was glittering amid the blood bath of Indian and global bourses. The share holding pattern of the company suggests 83.5 % equity is held by promoters and rest of 16.5 % equity is held by general public. The price may touch the mark of Rs. 600 very soon.

Camlin (Rs. 72.00) (Code: 523207) :- Achieving the turnaround

position the company had posted the net profit worth Rs. 6.25 crore for the Q1 of FY 2012 against the loss of Rs. 1.20 crore for the Q4 of FY 2011. It may be recalled that the Japanese company KOKUYO has entered into agreement with the company to acquire its 50.3 % stake in three phase for the consideration of Rs. 366 crore. Post this deal a well known Japanese PE fund house New Vernon too purchased some remarkable stake from open market. As per takeover code and norms drafted by SEBI the Japanese promoters have to announce their open offer at Rs. 110. The price of the share may be fuelled up following this development.

Indian Hotels (Rs. 500850) (Code: 76.00) :- The company is

engaged in hospitality sector and the face value of its share is Rs. 1. Currently the price of the share is quoted nearly its 52 weeks lowest bottom indicating upward movement next week. The company has delivered excellent result for the June quarter as its sales has increased to Rs. 370 crore indicating 12 % growth and its net profit has increased to Rs. 20 crore indicating six time more than last years net profit of Rs. 3 crore. The EBIDTA

Nitin Fire (Rs. 532854) (Code: 122.00) :- The company is

engaged with production of industrial

8th Aug. 2011 to 14th Aug. 2011

We are investing in Corruption ?

WE ARE INVESTING IN CORRUPTION-So said Mr Han, the famed villian in Hollywood movie named Enter the Dragon Indian politicians are fully echoing those words in real life since 3-4 years, this writer had repeatedly been writing in various column about Hycians. How Kalmadis, Rajas, Yeddyurappas shamelessly bark. Some serious efforts are being made by civil society to tame cancer of corruption. However, the way politicians have tasted blood of corruption, they will go to ANY/ALL extent to smother/ crush any anti-corruption movements. This writer in no way supports British raj of India but British did not loot so much of Indian nation's wealth in their ENTIRE multi-decade rule which our present rulers loot EACH YEAR. That time, my writings were being dismissed with cynicysm that corruption is everywhere. Now, there is some dawn in Indian minds that it is too much. RBI may keep on increasing interest rates but at this level, remedy may prove worse than malady. Interest rate hikes, to a certain extent, can be one of the tools to take inflation. However, Indian inflation may remain at elevated levels unless tax-payers' money are put to proper and productive use by Govts and non-productive/non-plan expenditure are brought down by Govts.

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Dena Banks (Rs. 80.00) (Code: 532121) :- Investors must be surprised if someone recommends to invest in banking share at a time when very high interest rate are applied by all of the banks, this bank has registered very steady growth for its both financial and operational fronts hence investors can make long term position at this best low level. More emphasis on assets, high CASA deposits, 3 % level of NIM with protection, more focus on SME segment and 1 % adjusted price to book are some of the positive factors which are reflected in its June quarter result. The bank has posted the net profit of Rs. 168.09 crore on turnover of Rs. 1528.18 crore for the quarter ended on June 30, 2011. Berger Paints (Rs. 98.00) (Code: 509480) :- The company has decided to adopt the latest technology from Bolix, its subsidiary in order to increase its sales at domestic and overseas market. The company has during first quarter of 2012 launched external insulation finishing system of heavy duty range and company has already applied for its patent. The companys Russia based subsidiary is also going to achieve turnaround position very soon. The company has posted the net profit worth Rs. 41 crore indicating 11 % growth on sales worth Rs. 532 crore indicating 30 % growth for the Q1 of FY 2011-12. The management of the company is very much hopeful for annual EPS of Rs. 5 and Rs. 6.50 for FY 2012 and 2013 respectively. Investors can add this share in their portfolio from long term perspective. Praj Industries (Rs. 78.00) (Code: 522205) :- The company has very recently adopted new business model. Till date the company was engaged with manufacturing of products based n ethanol, but now it has forayed in water and waste water management. The result for Q4 of FY 2010-11 suggests the significant contribution of these new segments. The income of this company is all set increase by 25-30 % during next one and half year. Its ethanol business also contributes remarkably beside the company has bagged many orders from overseas market making its order book more robust and healthy. The stock of the company is currently quoted with 13-14 PE. It is good instrument for long term investment. (Cont.... on P 6)

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Recent results (June 2011 quarter) also indicate severe impact on India Inc's bottomline from rising cost of production (higher energy costs, higher raw material prices, higher wage bill etc) Raymond Ltd has incurred Loss of 10 crores. This is India's no

D I F F E R E NesT

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dra-headed ever-bloating corruption in India which has become like second skin of India. Having visited 2530 countries as a small businessman, I found scale of corruption in all other countries (even African countries ) standing as pigmy against Indian bigger-than-monster all pervasive corruption. I am confident that in reality, India is the most corrupt nation on this planet. Nowhere else, Govt servants are so authoritative and brazen in asking for largescale bribes for almost every job we have to get done from them. Look at our politi-

1 brand in Textiles. Investors have high hope of getting huge return from co's surplus landbut this writer is pessimistic on this front. Years ago, when co sold off its cement and steel plants, investors got nothing. Now, there are rumours in the market that co may not develop property on its land and may sell land itself. Reason is clear. Majority of deals in apartment/commercial properties these days are almost full cheque payment which means entire money will come in co's coffers.

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Gitanjali Gems: Some High net worth Investors have started to accumulate this stock Aptech: Big bull Rakesh Jhoonjhoonwala and B.S. Damani have remarkable stake GTL Ltd: The company is undertaking debt restructuring scheme Warren Tea: The promoters of Asian Hotels are on buying spree

Nitin Fire: Strong possibility of bonus, proposal may get approval in next board meeting
Camlin: Strong possibility of higher open offer from Japanese Co.
Gitanjali Gems (Rs. 300.00) (Code: 532715) :- The company, having franchise of some global brands, is leading player in Indian Gems and Jeweler market and has established folly owned subsidiary company at Italy last month beside it has invested USD 3 million in FCCB on August 4, 2011. It is believed that the recently changed crude and jewellery policy of US government would be positive factor for this company. Some HNI have started to accumulate this share for the target price of Rs. 340 following this report. Aptech (Rs. 126.00) (Code: 532475) :- The company is engaged in providing IT related training services to its clients. The price of this stock was quoted at Rs. 146 last week beside many block deals have been recorded for this share last week. It may be recalled that big bull Rakesh Jhoonjhoonwala is the single largest equity holder beside G.S Damani too holds 2.3 % and promoters hold 35 % stake in this company. The market had last week witnessed some heavy correction for this share following report that big bull Jhoonjhonnwals is booking his profit but the report was wrong hence there seems possibility of upward movement. GTL Ltd. (Rs. 64.00) (Code: 500160) :- Market had reacted very sharply as soon as news spread out that the promoters of these two companies have pledged their 99.1 shares and the price of GTL Ltd. was Rs. 74 making investors tizzy. It has been heard from(Cont.... on P 7)

With good beginning on Monday, market turned shaky post 2nd August 2011 even when US Senate sanctioned higher debt limit. Experts termed this as todays death postponement to tomorrow as there were no sign of recovery in US economy and such bold step will fur-

Global worry brings Friday Fury

Secondary Market On Monday opens higher with a gap and marks positive beginning despite critical meet of US Senate over debt crisis. BSE Sensex closed at 18314.33 with a rise of 117.13 points and NSE Nifty ended the day at 5516.80 with a gain of 34.80 points. Reports of US crisis being resolved for a while gave some sigh of relief. IT counters surged while Auto, Metal and Banking counters remained hazy. Select Mid and Small Cap counters witnessed informed buying. Last Saturday, Kanpur Plasti announced bonus in the ratio of 1 share for every 2 shares held. Arvind Intl turned ex-right (6 for 5). Although US Senate approved hike in debt limit, it failed to cheer the market as we have seen our markets opening lower on Tuesday and kept sliding. BSE Sensex ended the day at 18109.89 with a loss of 204.44 points and NSE Nifty closed the day at 5456.55 with a deficit of 60.25 points. Weak sentiment in Europe and Asian markets plummeted sentiment on our markets as well. RIL hit 52 week low

and heavy sell out weakened many counters in Small and Mid cap. Metal, Banking and Auto counters remained under selling pressure. Weak opening was seen on Wednesday, as markets opened lower with a gap and that too below the sentimental barriers of 18K and

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Acrysil, Nitin Fire, Zodiac Clothing
5.45K for Sensex and Nifty respectively. BSE Sensex opened at 17970.19 and closed at 17940.55 with a deficit of 169.34 points and NSE Nifty that opened at 5402.00 and closed at 5404.80 with a loss of 51.75 points. US, Europe crisis kept tab on the global market sentiment as Swiss Bank suddenly reduced interest rates. IT, Auto, Metal and Capital Goods counters remained on selling list. However power sector select stock witnessed value buying. Dearer housing loan brought

ther worsen the situation, if not handled properly. At home front, Food inflation rose to 8.04% and spread fear of further rate hike and thus post Tuesday market started bleeding that magnified on the last day of the week. This was the second mega fall week where Sensex moved between 18440.07-16990.91 and Nifty between 5551.90-5116.45. According to technical chartists, the major worst can be considered as over for now and market may stage some recovery in ensuing week.

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Nifty F & O Range @ 5073 to 5410 point in Short Term

Dear Friends, NIFTY FO CLOSED @ 5220 AS ON 05.08.2011..!! NIFTY FO has resistance at 5277 5309 Level; above which other resistance levels are at 5330 5370 Level with highly Volatile Trend, In Downside support levels are at 5183 5137 Level; below 5130 Level, other support levels are at 5097 5073 Levels. I am positive for next week above 5609 Level but be with the trend. Let the

NIKHIL BHATT (+919979380808)
943 for the target of Rs 989 999; below Rs 943 it can fall up to RS 927 919 levels. If it crosses Rs 999 level than expect nonstop rally up to Rs 1010..!! 2. DELTA CORP (95) : Operator based Game start in this stock, Buy @ Rs 90 With SL of Rs 83 for the target of Rs 109 115 level below Rs 83 it can show further downfall up to Rs 78!!! 3. CAIRN INDIA (287) : Buy delivery of this stock near @ Rs 273 with SL of Rs 266 for the target of Rs 299 303 level. It is very good for medium term position also!!! 4. JSW STEEL (700) : This stock is looking very good to buy @ Rs 693 with SL of Rs 681 for the target of Rs 719 737 Levels below Rs 679 Stock shall witness free fall!!! 5. RELIANCE (791) : Buy @ Rs 780 levels considering minor support of Rs 773 and stop loss of Rs 766 for an upper target of Rs 808 818 levels. Below Rs 766 it can slip up to RS 751 740 levels!!! 6. SUBEX LTD (55) : Operator

based buying has been there in this stock. Buy @ Rs 51 with SL of Rs 47 for the target of Rs 63 70 levels it is very good for long term position also!!! 7. EDUCOM LTD (301) : Trading point of view BUY @ Rs 293 With SL of Rs 283 for the target of Rs 319 323 level below Rs 283 It can show further downfall up to Rs 275..!!! 8. TITAN LTD (214) : Buy delivery of this stock near @ Rs 207 with SL of

Sensex Predictions 8th Aug. to 12th Aug.

08.08.2011, Monday :- Today, Moon is in the Anuradha Nakshatra of Moon sign Scorpio. The combination of Moon and Rahu may cause delusions and illusions. Try to see clearly. During the entire week, Nifty will trade in a nano range. You are not going to earn money in both call and put this week. Therefore, Ganesha advises you to not make a position in this week. So far, Ganesha is not enjoying the day. From 9:15 to 9:45, Nifty will maintain a flat to mixed trend. At 9:45, Nifty will be soft. And then it will show a gradual upward trend, which may continue till 12:05. From 15:05 to 15:30, Nifty may show some hope. 09.08.2011, Tuesday :- Today, Moon is in Jeshtha Nakshatra of Moon sign Scorpio. The combinations of Rahu-Moon, Sun-Venus, Jupiter-Ketu are not very good in the Navmansh Horoscope. Ganesha feels that the market will try to stabilise itself today. Initially up and then some correction, and eventually back to the square one. Thus you will have a chance to take some advantage of the zero weightage. Now how you make the most of this is left by Ganesha on you. This period may remain till 10.25 From 10:25 to 12:05, Nifty is going to be quiet but positive, foresees Ganesha. From 12:05 to 13:30, the market is likely to remain week, mostly due to the globally negative notions, feels Ganesha. From 13:30 to 13:55, Nifty may take a positive jump. Ganesha advises you to consider this in relation/ comparison to the previous time slot. 10.08.2011, Wednesday :- Today, Moon is in Mool Nakshtra of Moon sign Sagittarius. Sun is in Ashlesha, Mars is in Ardra, Mercury is in Magha, and Venus is in Ashlesh Nakshatra. As far as Nakshtras are concerned, Ganesha doesnt see this as positive. Today, Nifty closing is likely to be extremely marginal or 10-15 points plus or minus. This is an astro-techno mix. Thus, you are advised to take a decision based on your discretion. Pre-open may be slow. From 9:40 to 10:00, Nifty may remain in a consolidation area. From 10:00 to 12:00, expect to see buying in fundamentally and technically good, sound stocks. This will have a positive impact on the Nifty. From 12:00 to 12:45, the breadth of Nifty may be negative. From 12:45 to 14:00, considering a correction, the number of advance stock is likely to be more.



market decide further moves. As we are saying from many days Buying is suggested in falls only...and its still a better strategy in the given Scenario...!!! Regarding long term positions, it is preferable to remain cautious now...!! If NIFTY crosses 5370 Level, again then the upper side target is quite high and it may touch 5410 Level in short term...!!! GOLDEN STOCKS FOR THE WEEK : 08.08.2011 TO 12.08.2011 1. ICICI BANK (966) : It is suggested to buy @ Rs 951 with SL of Rs

Rs 203 for the target of Rs 227 233 level. Its very good for long term position also!!! 9. VOLTAS LTD (131) : For medium term buying is suggested @ Rs 126 with SL of Rs 123 for the target of Rs 147 156 level. Below Rs 123 it can show further downfall!!! 10. LARSEN (1640) : It is suggested to SELL with SL of Rs 1677 for the target of Rs 1602 1587, below @ Rs 1587 it can slip up to Rs 1573 1560 level. Above Rs 1677 level will take the stock to Rs 1689 - 1703!!!

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