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ECX3233 Information Technology &

Assignments 2007/2008
You are to bring the solutions to assignments to the respective lab class with you, on the day allocated to
your group. Have the assignment ready on the first lab day itself. You may not be able to present your
assignment on other days. Even if you are allowed to submit the assignment thereafter, you will not be
getting the full marks. You are expected to present your assignment on the allocated days, even if you do
not do the labs.
Try to answer the assignment using your own words. Marks will be decided on the originality as well as
knowledge, and plagiarism (direct copying) without relevant knowledge will not gain you any marks.

Assignment 1 (to be brought on 1 day of Lab #1)

1. The Com&IT Ltd., on their 25th Anniversary, has decided to present 100 students among you
with computers for personal use. The recipients will be chosen on the evaluation of
submissions made by individual students. Com&IT will assemble your computer according to
your requirements and specifications. You need to include information on following areas in
your application:

a) Your main professional interest (in some detail), for which you will be using the computer.
b) The processor, motherboard/chipset, memory, basic input-output devices, and other
additional peripheral devices you require to perform the tasks related to question 1. a).
[You are to choose types readily available in the market as much as possible. Quote the
approximate prices of the parts as well.]
c) The main software packages you need.

You should be able to describe the functions of the parts and software packages during the
evaluation interview.
(50 marks)

Note : Remember that you are writing a request! Write accordingly. Concentrate one field of interest.
You need a fair amount of knowledge regarding how IT can be used in that area of interest. Remember
you have to justify your specification!!

2. You are expected to study following aspects of the processor you got: processor architecture,
the instruction set architecture (ISA), the purpose of each instruction, usage of the flag
register, data flow, and special purpose registers (if any).
You are to write a programme, for that processor, selecting relevant instructions from the
given set, to multiply the first digit of your registration number by ten.
Avoid using following techniques: iterative addition of the same number, using instruction
MUL for multiplication.
Assume the first digit of your registration number is stored at 8000H. You are to store the
result obtained at the next memory location.

a) Present your algorithm in a comprehensive flow chart.

b) Write the programme using the instruction set of your processor architecture. Write
comments wherever necessary. (P.T.O.)
You should be able to explain how you designed the programme to get the advantage of the special
characteristics of the processor.
(50 marks)

You can find additional information and examples on the students’ experimental processor at web page and its links.

Those who have access to the virtual class can use the discussion forum provided to exchange ideas and
solutions there.