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Oc c upy t he Sand Dol l ar
Fol l y Beac hs Newspaper
Vol . 4 I ssue 2 November 11, 2011 w FREE
ove your beach protect
the Edge, reads a decal
that adorns the kitchen
entrance of the Folly Beach Crab Shack.
Most islanders would agree. Tis is the
sentiment that intertwines the various
walks of life that occupy (pun intended)
this heady strip of a barrier island that
protects the Charleston Peninsula. Te
issue of trash dispensation and litter strikes
high levels of emotional involvement for
islanders. After the infamous beach
trashing on the Fourth of July in 2009,
there has been an obvious increase in
littering awareness, volunteer cleanups,
and overall concern.
Since Charleston County recently
expanded their all in one recycling
efort to Folly (where
glass, plastics, paper,
aluminum, and other
recyclables can now be
placed together into large
trash-can sized bins),
the recycling efort has
become more visible to
the public. Te County
provides these cans, and
in turn follows through
with collection services
every other Wednesday.
Te program also
now allows businesses
to participate, if they
are located along a
residential route. Furthermore, those
that demonstrate a need
for more frequent pickup
can now request service
every Wednesday, instead
of following the biweekly
residential schedule.
Although businesses are
entering the slower months,
the recycling efort is no
less important of an issue.
In an efort to discover
exactly who is doing what
in the arena of recycling,
Te Folly Current went
door-to-door down Center
Te results of this survey were not
surprising. A majority of Center Street
businesses, primarily restaurants and bars,
feel very strongly about recycling. Some
even opt to pay for the efort themselves
out of pocket. With Charleston Countys
new program in efect, costs have been
cut for businesses that during the colder
months may otherwise not be able to
aford any extra expenses.
at the Forefront
Jody Hawkins and his wife own
the Grill on the Edge, one of the frst
restaurants encountered upon entering
the beach.
We have the smaller blue bins inside
behind the bar and near the servers
station, which we ultimately transfer
to the County roll bins outside, said
Hawkins. Everything that is not food
basically goes in there, and we have a
separate bin for cardboard products,
which we pay for.
Hawkins says that employees embraced
the change to recycling, and emphasizes
that hes reducted his dumpster pickups
(which cost him money) from three times
to just once weekly.
Once you get everybody committed
to this, it just works. I could not be
happier with the Countys new program,
says Hawkins. As a business owner, this
works economically.
Look i ng Past t he
Bot t om of t he Bot t l e
B e a c h B u s i n e s s e s t r e n d i n g
t o wa r d r e c y c l i n g
By Blake Bunch
Occupy Folly Beach members Richard Moravec, Joel Longenecker, and Heath "Odie" Odiernn took to the streets last week to protest "a government making too much money for
doing nothing." Additional goals of the movement include the repeal of the ordinance banning
alcohol sales from 2 to 6 a.m.
Grill on the Edge owner Jody Hawkins is one of several
Folly Beach business owners taking advantage of weekly
recycling pick-ups by Charleston County.
November 11, 2011 3
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ci vi c
Council met at 6 pm for a work session
to discuss a proposed twenty percent hike
in sewer utility rates. Comptroller Charlie
McManus explained that sewer rates had
not increased since 2002, and the proposed
hike would help alleviate an expected gap
between expenses and income, based on a
study by consultants B.P. Barber.
Charlie McCarty pointed out that the
$60,000 taken annually from sewer
PILOT funds to pay of the Folly River
Park could be redirected toward the utility
expenses themselves. Council member.
D.J. Rich referred to 'bad studies' from B.P.
Barber, and said that he couldnt support
'blindly' adding a rate increase without
knowing exact numbers. He compared it
to 'throwing darts blindfolded.'
Paul Hume said that while the City doesn't
know the exact shortfall that could occur,
it does know that the boat is taking on
If the city does nothing, it faces a bigger
decision down the road, said McManus.
Mayor Tim Goodwin motioned to move
the Nov. 8 City Council meeting to Nov.
15 because of the special election on Nov.
A motion passed unanimously to schedule
the next three council meetings for Nov.
15, Nov. 29, and Dec. 13 at 7 p.m.
Michael Loggins of 29 Westside Drive,
James Island, asked for permission to hold
the annual Folly Beach 10-Mile Run on
Saturday, Nov. 12 to beneft the track
program at James Island High School. He
expects 125 people.
Te motion was approved unanimously.
Ron Hill spoke on behalf of the Folly
Beach Business Association to request that
the $4000 allotted for freworks in ATAX
funds be redistributed, allowing $3000
to go toward digital billboards along I-26
and $1000 to go to the tourist directory.
He said that the interstate ads put seeds in
people's minds about where theyll spend
spring and summer breaks, putting 'more
heads in beds out here.' Hill said that the
freworks would still occur and be fully

D.J. Rich pointed out that the money had
already been designated for freworks and
approved on the consent agenda. He felt
that the changes should have been made
by the ATAX board before it came to

"It's Folly Beach. Let's relax a little bit,"
said Eddie Ellis, motioning to amend the
ATAX request and distribution as Hill
Te motion passed, with only D.J. Rich
Tom Scruggs of 319 West Indian spoke
about the trafc study conducted in 2009
and 2010, asking that council reconsider
making 2nd Street East a thoroughfare by
turning the stop signs to face east/west.
He felt the same concept was working well
at 2nd Street West. Scruggs said that he
and Dave Stormer led a trafc study this
summer during peak season along 2nd
Street East and found that a fow-through
street was viable.

Scruggs also suggested lowering the speed
limit on Folly Beach to 25 mph, with the
exception of Ashley Avenue.

D.J. Rich explained that a DOT
representative told the city it would need
to have a more professional study done,
but that a plan was in place to move the
process along.
Chief Dennis Brown updated council on
the dispatch center, explaining that it was
currently being phased in and that Folly
Beach would handle its own emergency
dispatches 24/7/365 starting on October 31.
"Tere will be glitches," he admitted.
"Please be patient with us. We're doing the
best we can. I need feedback, positive and
Charlie McCarty was nominated and
unanimously approved as the new Mayor
D.J. Rich requested a variance for a chain
link fence at the new dog park at 512 East
Erie Ave. It was approved unanimously.
Resolution No. R51-11 A Resolution by
the Folly Beach City Council authorizing
the Mayor to sign a master services
agreement with URS Corporation, the
company who acquired B.P. Barber in
April of 2011.
City Administrator Toni Connor-Rooks
explained that the City had an agreement
with B.P. Barber for a study on the new
bridge construction and updates to the
sewer system, and that the company had
been bought out by URS. Mayor Goodwin
explained that if the City decided not to
continue with URS, it would be starting
from scratch.
Connor-Rooks explained that the City
would hold URS to the estimates and
costs in the contract with B.P. Barber.
"We're on the interstate going 80, 90 miles
per hour with them," said city attorney
Ben Peeples. "I can't imagine trying to
jump on another bus. But I think we can
hold them to the numbers we've got."
"We can't aford the divorce right now,"
said Paul Hume.
Te motion passed unanimously.
Ordinance No.28-11 An Ordinance
raising sewer rates approximately
twenty percent.
Pennell Clamp said it was a big pill to
swallow, but that the city had a big chunk
of money to spend to put a pipe under the
river for the sewer system, an expense the
city didn't expect six months ago.
Paul Hume admitted that the city didn't
know how much money the utility was of,
but it knew which direction it was of in.
He said that if someone knew they needed
to replace their roof, but they weren't sure
when or how much it would cost, it would
still be smart to put a few 'extra nickels'
toward it.
Charlie McCarty said that he couldn't
support the ordinance until the city knew
exact numbers about the sewer utility's
shortfall. He said a new Public Works
Director and a utility advisory board
needed to be in place before raising rates.
Te vote on the motion was split and did not
pass. Clamp, Hume, and Goodwin voted
yes. McCarty, Ellis, and Rich voted no.
Eddie Ellis asked Mayor Goodwin to
include council in the hiring process of the
new Public Works Director.
Paul Hume commented on how much
his visiting family had enjoyed the
Follypalooza event.
Te meeting was adjourned at about
8:10 p.m.
Ci t y Counc i l Wr ap-Up
R a i s e t h e s e we R U t i l i t y R at e s ?
O c t O b e R 2 5 , 2 0 1 1
If you have a life-threatening
emergency, call 911. Only the
Charleston County dispatchers can
directly send an ambulance and dialing
911 is the fastest way to reach them.
For all other police calls, citizens can
now reach Folly dispatch directly at
588-2433. Response times have been
ranging from one to three minutes, says
Chief Dennis Brown. Call the 2433
number for minor medical problems as
well, as Folly can send trained personnel
immediately before an ambulance
can arrive. Folly now has dispatchers
available 24/7, and dialing 588-2433
is the fastest way to get fre and police
service on the beach.
t the last two City Council
meetings, much discussion
has ensued about the use
and distribution of Accommodations
Tax (ATAX) funds used to promote
tourism to Folly Beach, of which 65
percent is discretionary and subject
to council approval. Included in this
years allotment is $15,000 to display
advertisements encouraging people
to visit Folly on the scoreboards at
one season of Clemson home football
games. An additional $15,000 is spent
each season at University of South
Carolina games, drawn from the Citys
30 percent appropriation to be used
directly for promoting tourism, which
does not require council approval.
When beach renourishment funds
were threatened to be cut by the ATAX
Advisory Boards recommendations
last month, several council members
questioned the expenditure at football
games. Pennell Clamp, a Clemson
fan, doubted that the expense brings
a dollar to this place.
City Administrator Toni Connor-
Rooks and Comptroller Charlie
McManus defended the expense,
citing the growth of tourism on
the beach over the last 15 years
and the increased ATAX funds
that Folly receives because of that
growth. McManus also claimed
that the Citys tourism website,
www. Fol lyBeachSout hCarol i na.
org, receives a tremendous spike in
activity after home games.
In the period between Sep. 10 and
Oct. 25, 2011, the site received 4,406
new visitors, and 139 entrants for a
contest to win a free vacation on Folly
Beach. During that time period, the
site received the most visits, 182, on
Monday, Sep. 12, the second week of
the football season. USC, however,
played at Georgia two days prior, while
Clemson hosted Woford. Visits to the
site progressively decreased throughout
the time period, presumably because
of vacation season ending. After Oct.
11, daily site visits never exceeded 100
in a day, dropping as low as 57 on
Friday, Oct. 14.
Its difcult, or even impossible, to
determine an exact fnancial impact on
Folly Beach from advertising at football
games. Te idea recently arose on Isle
of Palms, and council decided against
it before it ever reached a vote.
It got some mentions but didnt
gain traction, says IOP council
member Michael Loftus. We didnt
think it was a good expenditure of
funds that really brought value to the
Council approved ATAX funding
on Oct. 25, fully funding both the
Clemson advertising and beach
renourishment. Making up the initial
shortfall for renourishment came
primarily by cutting Save the Light's
$25,000 request completely. (See
adjacent letter).
Connor-Rooks emphasizes that
the football game advertising is part of
an overall plan to encourage tourism
at Folly Beach one she says that
the number of visiting tourists would
indicate is working.
As a whole, our tourism numbers
have been up, while other cities in the
state are experiencing a decrease, says
Connor-Rooks. Were very proud
of that, and grateful, frankly. When
we see something that seems to be
working, there must be something
being done right.
4 November 11, 2011
Ti ger s and Coc k s Boost i ng Fol l y?
C i t y S p e n d S $ 3 0 K A d v e r t i S i n g
At F o o t b A l l g A me S
By Stratton Lawrence
To the Folly Current,
Save the Light, Inc is disappointed to learn that
the Folly Beach City Council plans to zero out the
Lighthouses request for ATAX funds to assist with the
preservation of the lighthouse, especially in light of
the fact that all other requests seem to be getting some
share of the small amount of funds remaining. It is
understandable that the majority of the funds must
go toward Folly beach re-nourishment. However, the
lighthouse is an integral part of Folly Beach tourism
and has been since the early days of Folly Beach. Te
lighthouse was actually annexed into the city limits
of Folly Beach after Save the Light acquired the
lighthouse so that the city could claim it as its own. Te
city has found a way to fund our requests in the past
and certainly should consider the long term efect the
historic tower has on tourism on Folly Beach. When
people come to the beach at Folly, they automatically
associate the beach and the Lighthouse. Te amazing
number of tourists and Folly Beach locals who venture
through the old Coast Guard station for a look and a
photo opportunity of the Lighthouse, sitting out in
the surf, is huge. Te Lighthouse is Folly Beach, even
though she is called the Morris Island Lighthouse, and
sits of the shores of Morris Island. Her connection
to the people of the beach is through Folly Beach.
Lets not let her be neglected, especially since so many
of our volunteers who have worked long and hard to
achieve our goals to date are Folly residents or lovers
of Folly Beach.
We intend to make our voices heard at the next City
Council meeting so that Council will appreciate the
importance of continuing to support this Lighthouse
and the preservation eforts at the eastern end of Folly
Al Hitchcock
Chairman, Save the Light, Inc
November 11, 2011
A Vi ew From t he edge
J ust Anot her Ni ght on Fol l y
By Brian SanderS
he midget drove up on a cherry
red mini-motorcycle. Her
dreadlocks were blond and very
long. She wore a bright pink bikini, most
of it hidden by her thick rolls of darkly
tanned Caribbean fesh. She parked her
bike, stretched forward and backwards,
side to side, and scraped something of her
left bare foot, absently ficking it behind
her. I noticed she had a matching pink
fanny-pack, the pouch section at the small
of her back.
She walked into Berts Market, removing
sunglasses she didnt need. It was a humid
summer night, but there was a slight breeze
of the Atlantic Ocean, coming from the
southeast just enough of a stirring of the
air to keep the bugs at bay and the sweat to
a minimum. Tere was a full moon, and
no doubt, something happening in front of
me that I would refect on later. Needless
to say, my interest was immediately piqued.
Wouldnt yours be?
My name is Brian and I live on Folly
Beach, otherwise known as the Edge of
America. I think we are a part of North
America, but sometimes I wonder. My
house and restaurant is located next to
the only grocery store (Berts Market)
on the island. Did I mention Folly is
also an island? I am also adjacent to the
only liquor store on the island and a mere
minute walk to the beach. My building
is two-storied, with a large deck that
overlooks the ocean, Berts Market and the
liquor store. My restaurant is downstairs.
One of my favorite things to do is to sit
on my deck and people watch; this is a far
better location than the mall. Who needs
a TV? I dont, and I dont have one. I fnd
that on Friday and Saturday nights the
watching can be hilarious, and sometimes
a little disturbing. Tonight it was both.
It was Saturday, almost midnight and I
was munching on grapes and a now-cold
baked brie. I was also working on a very
nice bottle of chilled chardonnay. Im
normally a red wine guy, but the heat and
humidity required something cold and
crisp, and besides, the chardonnay went
so well with the brie. I nearly choked on
it when the midget drove up. Wiping
my chin, I readjusted my chair so I had a
better view of Berts Market.
Other than the mini-motorcycle, there
was only one other car in the parking lot.
Now, when I say mini-motorcycle I dont
mean a toy, or a moped. It may have been
small, and low to the ground with small
but fat tires, but it had a motor the size
of a bail of hay. Tere were mean chrome
pipes coming from this motor on both
sides. A large black Ford Expedition with
silver spinners and surf boards strapped
to the top pulled up and almost ran into
it, backed up and took the parking spot
next to the mini-motorcycle. Two white
twenty-something surfers spilled from
the Ford, laughing and stumbling. Tey
were intoxicated, but not yet too far gone.
Te driver pointed at the bike and said
something I couldnt make out. Tey
laughed and did a quick circle around the
bike, and ambled to the back of the Ford.
Two beers were opened and poured into
cups. A lighter fared from within the
vehicle and a bowl was passed. I topped
of my wine and cut another slice of cheese.
Tey would be far gone soon.
Te little dreaded lady exited Berts, but
didnt go to her bike. Instead, she walked
towards me, turned right and headed
for the liquor store, tamping a pack of
cigarettes. In South Carolina it is state
law that all liquor stores must close at 7:00
pm and all day on Sundays. Ridiculous I
know, but thats the law, even if you are on
the Edge of America, Mayberry By the Sea
with a Buzz When the midget saw that
it was closed she stomped her little foot,
cursed and opened her pack of cigarettes.
She produced a lighter from her fanny
pack, ficked it open and lit a cigarette.
It was a real lighter, the type you have to
put fuel in, not a cheap disposable. She
stood there blowing blue clouds into the
night, tapping her foot and pondering.
Te sunglasses went back on.
Meanwhile, the two surfer dudes closed
the back doors of the Expedition and stood
there chugging their beers and fnishing
the bowl. Tey were both shirtless and
barefoot, one covered in tattoos, the
other with bleached blond hair. Tey
resumed their inspection of the midgets
bike, laughing and pulling on their
beers. Te bleach blond, who had been
the passenger and seemed to be perhaps
a little younger (and drunker), suddenly
straddled the bike, sat his beer down, and
grabbing the handlebars, started making
motorcycle sounds. Te guy with the tats
choked-up with laughter, spitting beer.
Oh boy, I thought, taking a sip of wine.
You dont mess with someones bike, even
if, or especially if, it is quite customized.
Te little lady had pondered enough and
started back towards her bike. She couldnt
see what was going on around the corner,
but it was a short trip, particularly since
her stride was a little quicker. I surmised
that she was still a little ticked that the
liquor store was closed.
Tings started moving in slow-time
for me, not real slow, but a pace of
surreal-like. Was it the wine? I sat my
glass down and moved to my deck rail.
I hoped I wouldnt have to, but if these
guys started giving her a hard time I was
going to go down and put a stop to it. I
have had to do as much in the past, under
diferent circumstances of course, but I
cant just stand back and let an injustice
happen. She was little and they were big,
and there were two of them. Standing up
I realized I wasnt too tipsy on the wine,
just in the moment and still a little taken
back by what I was witnessing. But, it
didnt matterthe midget, I was soon to
discover, could carry her own.
She rounded the corner, saw the bleach
blond on her bike but never broke stride
or said a word. I will never forget just
how purposeful her every move was, nor
how powerful. Truly, dynamite comes in
small packages. Te sun glasses casually
went back on top of her head, and as she
approached, the guy with the tats pointed
with mouth agape, and suddenly burst
into laughter. By the time the bleach
blond realized his friend was laughing at
something other than him and had turned
to face her, she was standing beside him.
He looked at his friend and turned back to
her. He started to laugh as well, but it was
cut short. No pun intended.
She punched him in the mouth with
her left hand, the cigarette still between
her fngers. Sparks few and he did too.
What still amazes me to no end is that as
the blond guy was knocked of of the bike
- and almost taking the bike with him -
she grabbed the closest handlebar and kept
the bike from spilling. She had twisted her
little body into the punishing blow and
sprang back like a ball of ferocious rubber
bands, her dreads bouncing around and
back like whips. Her feet had never left
the ground and she didnt stumble. She
was one cool cucumber. I felt as if I were
watching Kill Bill. And she wasnt even
close to being done.
Te guy with the tats, if he wasnt in
shock that his friend had been decked
by a thong-wearing-blond-dread-fying-
midget, then he surely was when she came
around the front of the bike, pulling from
her fanny-pack a telescoping metal baton,
snapping it open with the fick of a wrist.
His hands went up as she feinted towards
his head, but then she looped the baton
around and cracked him hard on his left
ankle. She had the baton in her right
hand, but quickly switched it to her left,
shufed her feet and cracked him on the
other ankle. He fell against the spinner
on the front wheel of the drivers side of
the Excursion, trying to grab both injured
ankles at the same time. Te blond
had gotten to one knee, his right hand
covering his bleeding and burnt mouth.
He reached toward the bike to steady
himself with his other hand, but she
quickly lunged forward and cracked him
on the outstretched hand. Te hand was
quickly withdrawn and he started falling
back. I thought I heard him yelp, but all
sound was drowned-out as she now had
the baton in both hands and was whacking
him all over. She was like a damn steam
engine, delivering eight, nine, ten, ffteen
blows faster than you can blink. She was
beating him like a dirty rug.
Te other guy had managed to get
to his feet, but was very unsteady and
hunched over. He tried one feeble step
towards her and she spun, raising the
baton like a samurai. Tats when I know
I heard a yelp, or more like a screech. It
came from the guy with the tats as he
stumbled backwards and crashed violently
into a metal garbage can against the wall
of Berts. He would have crawled inside
the garbage can if it hadnt been full, or
perhaps, if he had functional legs. He
held up both hands, his face imploring
her. She hesitated, closed the baton but
didnt return it to the fanny pack. With
the retracted baton in one hand, she
mounted her bike and started the engine.
She slow-backed the bike out into the road
with her stout little legs, stopping a few
feet from the blond who was partially in
the road, in a fetal position. A big grin
creased her face as she gently tapped him
on the head with the closed baton and
returned it to her fanny-pack. She pushed
down her sunglasses and peeled of with
a squeal. I grabbed my wine, drank deep
directly from the bottle and returned to
the deck rail.
Te doors of Berts swung open and
one of the employees stepped out onto
the sidewalk. Te banging of the trash
can had been loud. It was the usual late
night cashier, and she looked at the tats
guy against the garbage can, who was
on his side now with both hands on his
forehead, and then the other as he crawled
and scratched his way out of the road, still
holding his right hand over his injured
Hello! I yelled, holding up my bottle
of wine. Tey were beat-up by a midget!
She looked at me and smiled, dropped and
shook her head.
Yeah, right! She yelled back, and
turning to the guy at the garbage can,
who had returned to clutching his swollen
ankles, get your drunk ass home and take
blondie with you.
What Ar e You Thank f ul
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Email your words of
gratitude to
for print in the Nov. 25 issue
of the Folly Current.
November 11- November 24
Folly Current Calendar
Friday, November 11
Holiday Festival of Lights Grand Opening
Join us as we kick of the 2011 Holiday Festival
of Lights season! Te fun begins at 6:30 p.m. at
the Park Center at James Island County Park.
Activities include a tree lighting ceremony, the
announcement of the postcard and gingerbread
competition winners, and loads of fun for
the entire family! Free with your regular
Holiday Festival of Lights admission. Call
795-4386 for more information or visit www.

Folly Beach Bird Walks
Tis walk focuses on the southern shoreline
of Folly Beach. In addition to seabirds and
shorebirds, we hope to see some winter resident
songbirds such as the Ruby-crowned Kinglet
and Palm Warbler. Pre-registration is required,
however the program is free. A registered
chaperone is required for participants ages 15
and under. 8:30-10:30 a.m. Meets at: Folly
Beach County Park. Age: 12 & up. Free.
Turkey Shoot
Te Fire Departments annual Turkey Shoot
will be at the Folly River Park at 7 p.m. on Nov.
11, 12, 18, 19, 21, 22, and 23.

Saturday, November 12
JAIL BREAK 2: An Arts and Music Festival
Entropy Arts & American College of Building
Arts present JAIL BREAK 2 from noon-11pm
at the Old City Jail at 21 Magazine St. An
all encompassing arts festival established to
provide an outlet for local artists to present
their work, JAIL BREAK 2 will convert the jail
into a gallery, displaying works by local visual
artists and students from the ACBA as well as
music and dance instillations from Dancefx
Charleston and Annex Dance Company.
Musical performances include Te Hungry
Monks, Te Brillers, Weigh Station, Elise
Testone and Te Freeloaders, Shovels and Rope
and Entropy Ensemble. Te event includes
interactive festivities such as live painting,
arts and crafts, and demonstrations of various
building arts by ACBA students. Food provided
by Home Team BBQ and beverages from Ice
Box. $12 on sale now at
event/JAILBREAK2. Tickets are $15 at the
gate. VIP tickets are $50 and include premium
open bar all day, private VIP section by stage
with portajohn (Only 100 available). Children
under 12 admitted for free.
Bike Maintenance and Repair
Need a tune-up? Join us as we learn some
general maintenance techniques and tips. Get
step-by-step instructions for repairing common
problems while on the road/trail and learn the
necessary supplies and tools you should have
with you on your ride. Bring your own bike or
use one of ours for this session of bike repairs.
Pre-registration required. 10 am 12 pm.
Meets at James Island County Park. Ages 15
and up. $24.
Pilgrim Crafts
Visit the Folly library from 10 am 2 pm and
make a paper pilgrim craft for Tanksgiving.

SuNday, November 13
Family Climbing - Family Belay Lesson
A great way to spend time together climbing
and learning new skills! Children ages 4-13 will
climb while parents learn to belay. Children
ages 14 and up can learn to belay as well as
climb. A registered and paid chaperone is
required for children under 14. 1-4 pm. James
Island County Park. Ages 4 and up. $18.

moNday, November 14
Family Storytime with Miss Donna
At the Folly Library, 10:30 a.m.

tueSday, November 15
Folly Beach City Council Meeting
7 p.m. City Hall.

WedNeSday, November 16
Mayor Tim Goodwin Goes to Jail
Te Muscular Dystrophy Association hosts
their lockup at King Street Grille on James
Island. Mayor Tim Goodwin will be locked
up at 10 a.m. Te event goes all day. Donate
to Goodwins bail at

Friday, November 18
Movies at the Beach
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Mickeys Storybook
Surprises (Rated G, 96 min). Watch Mickey
and friends in adventures inspired by your
favorite fairy tales to celebrate Mickeys
birthday. Drinks and snacks provided! Folly
Beach Library, 4 pm.

Saturday, November 19
Challenge Course Open Day
Come join the fun on the High Challenge
Course. Experience the excitement of walking
across a cable suspended between utility
poles and zipping down a 200 ft. cable. Pre-
registration required. 8:30 am 12:30 pm.
James Island County Park. Ages 10 and up.
Introduction to Climbing - Climbing 101
Tis class is designed to introduce you to the
world of climbing. We will teach you gear,
basic knots, technique, and how to belay. Upon
completion, participants will be prepared to
take a belay test upon their next visit to the
Climbing Wall. Pre-registration required.
9 a.m.-12:30 p.m. James Island County Park.
Age: 14 & up
Fee: $24/$20 CCR Discount

Explore Your Parklands - McLeod
McLeod Plantation is a gem in the crown that
is James Island. It has withstood the tests of
time and survives as one of the most signifcant
historic sites in the state. Join us as we explore
McLeods multifaceted history and discuss
future prospects for this island treasure. A
registered and paid chaperone is required for
participants ages 15 and under.
1-4 p.m. Meets at: CCPRC Headquarters. Age:
9 & up
Fee: $6/$5 CCR Discount

moNday, November 21
Folly Beach Design Review Board
7 p.m. City Hall
Family Storytime with Miss Donna
At the Folly Library, 10:30 a.m.
10 November 11, 2011
Recycling continues from cover
works economically.
When the County expanded their
pilot program to Folly last month,
Hawkins called and asked to receive six
bins at Te Grill. His eforts to schedule
a weekly pickup were fruitful, and have
now spread to other businesses on Center
Just a block down the road, Woodys is
also joining in on the efort. Like many
other island businesses, before the new
policy, the recycling efort was grassroots
and often driven by environmentally
minded employees and owners.
Businesses that recycled had to take it
upon themselves to place all glass bottles,
plastic materials, aluminum cans, and
paper into the smaller blue bins, as well
as drop them of at the recycling center
of Folly Road.
I think it is a great thing to do, stated
Woodys bartender Kelly Tillman. We
have been recycling for a long time now,
and I dont see why others arent doing
Te placement of a recycling
dumpster at Berts was a tremendous
help to the island-wide recycling efort.
Surf Bar, Te Folly Beach Brew Pub, Te
Drop In Deli, and a few other businesses
have utilized this container over the past
few months.
I work at Te Brew Pub, Te Drop
In, and Te Pour House, said local
bartender Garrick Waller. I know we
have been recycling since we opened (Te
Brew Pub) about four years ago. At the
Pour House, we actually go through our
bins and sort out what isnt needed.
Drop In Deli owner Lewis Dodson
used to haul his restaurants bottles and
cans to the Countys drop site on Signal
Point Road on James Island (they still
haul their own cardboard there). When
the County introduced their program, he
received fve bins that are now serviced
Its made it so much easier, says
Dodson, who adds that his grandmother
started a recycling program at her nursing
home, so even before County pickup, he
considered it mandatory. Now, its easier
to recycle than it is not to.
Te Crab Shack also utilizes the new
service. In the past, dedicated employees
volunteered to take recycling to Signal
Point Road, but the eforts were never
consistent. Since the County began
business pickup, theyve placed recycling
bins behind each bar and at the waiters
station, redirecting all of their bottles and
cans away from the landfll.
At the Lost Dog Caf, an employee
has long made a daily run with their milk
cartons and cardboard to the Countys
drop site on James Island. Te Wich
Doctor used the residential bins in the
past (without selling alcohol, their output
was relatively low), but says theyre
grateful for the new larger bins with
wheels. Around the corner, co-owners
of the Surf Bar, Hank Cagle and Perry
Darby, have been doing the same for over
three years, taking turns on their way
home from shifts at the restaurant.
Cagle owns and operates a tree service
based out of Mount Pleasant, of which all
the limbs he cuts are used to keep guests
warm at the freplace on their outdoor
patio. Fryer grease is picked up by a
company called Lowcountry Grease, who
clean the ventilation hoods in exchange.
Private Recycling
Fisher Recycling, which operates near
the old Naval Base in North Charleston,
also maintains two clients on Folly Beach.
Fisher is a privately owned recycling
company that collects glass and plastic
products from businesses, using a massive
pulverizing machine to grind down the
products. In turn, they use the brightly
colored glass to make custom tile and
Ritas and Taco Boy have both utilized
Fisher Recycling since their respective
Tey provide us with two pick-ups
a week during the busy season, and
typically once a week now, said Ritas
Mike Spinelli. Because of the volume,
we opt to pay for their service.
Still Doing Teir Part
Surprisingly, only a few businesses on
the island do not recycle glass, aluminum,
plastic, or paper. Some strictly recycle
their cardboard. Blu Restaurant in
Te Tides hotel informed Te Current
that they recycle only their cardboard
products, placing them in a receptacle
located in the rear of the restaurant.
Loggerheads Bar and Grille also recycles
their cardboard.
Planet Follywood plans to acquire
blue bins and participate in the County
program in the next month, says owner
D.J. Rich. Snapper Jacks and Folly Beach
Shrimp Company owner Mike Kirages
says hes been recycling cardboard for
years, but was unaware of the Countys
new program for businesses and is
immediately looking into participating.
A bartender at the Sand Dollar Social
Club said that their waste is picked up
by the local sanitation department and
sifted through for recyclables.
Folly Beach is home to arguably the
most laid-back yet highly productive beach
restaurants that surround peninsular
Charleston. Each business has their
own distinctive layout and business plan,
and everyone is neighborly, for the most
part. Te trend among Folly business
owners has moved toward recycling in
recent years, mostly because its deemed
cost efective. With the Countys new
program in place, its likely that business
recycling will soon become the norm.
n October 29, Charlestons premier pet-loving gala drew hundreds of guests
to the beautiful Crystal Ballroom at the Marriott Hotel on Lockwood as
it was host to the Pet Helpers 7th Annual Fur Ball. Tis years theme was
DiscoInFur No, and was Pet Helpers biggest fundraiser of the year.
Upon arrival guests (and their pets) were immediately welcomed onto the red carpet
and pictures were taken. Te pets costumes were a major highlight of the evening.
Moving on from the puparrazi the evening got started with beverages from the open
bar and incredible hors doeuvres. Guests were able to view and bid on the many Silent
Auction items which included get-aways, art work, dinners, personal and pet services,
jewelry, golf packages and many other exciting and unique items. From there, guests
were ushered into the beautiful ballroom that had been decorated in 70s Disco
including a large dance foor and disco ball! Guests enjoyed a delicious dinner while
being entertained by the evenings dancers before the Live Auction that was co-emceed
by Tom Crawford and Victoria Hansen of Channel 4 News.
Tere were special activities for the dogs and even included a Doggy Disco. Te
pets hung out, made new friends and enjoyed treats or enjoying a walk by the volunteer
dog walkers that so graciously gave their time. After the Silent Auction, the pets were
able to reunite with their loving owners and dance the night away.
Te outpouring of support tonight speaks to the great compassion and caring of our
community for all our homeless animals who are cared for at Pet Helpers until forever
homes are found, said Carol Linville, president and founder of Pet Helpers.
Every dollar raised from the 7th Annual Fur Ball enables Pet Helpers to continue
life-saving work. Pet Helpers is a private, non-proft 501c 3 Adoption Center and
Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic that serves communities across the Lowcountry. Teir
mission is to end the euthanasia of all adoptable cats and dogs by keeping all animals
until adopted. Visit their website at: or drop by their Folly Beach
location at 1447 Folly Road or call (843) 795 - 1110 and give a pet their furever home
they are so patiently waiting for.
By Lori DaLton
Erin Pruitt and Roger McGee.
November 11, 2011 11
Music calendar is compiled by Vince Perna, a Folly Beach real estate expert who also loves a
good live show. For inclusion, or if you want knowledgeable answers about living on Folly, you
can fnd him at 31 Center Street or at 588-3800 and
Folly Music scene
11/12 - Dustin Brown
11/13 - Eric Penrod
11/13 - Graham Whorley
11/16 - David Gillease
11/19 - Larry David Project
11/20 - Nikolai Svishev
11/20 - Southwood Duo
11/23 - Lane Gregory feat. Fiddlin
Brick House Kitchen
Tursdays Open Mic 7:30-11
11/11 Metro Gnomes
11/12 Jamage Control
11/15 Graham Whorley
11/16 Sweet T and Chuckwagon
11/18 Louie D Project
11/19 Sarah Cole and the Hawkes
11/22 Graham Whorley
11/25 Te Graham Whorley Band

Drop In Deli
Mondays the Hawkes
Wednesdays - Trivia
11/25 - Te Reckoning
12/3 - Te Fairygodmuthars

Folly Beach Brewing Company
11/11 - Rusty Hook Ramblers
11/18 - Jack Burg
11/25 - Dallas Corbett & Co.

Folly Beach Crab Shack
Sundays Te Bill Show
Mondays Open Mic w/ Dave
Wednesdays - Jef Houts
Tursdays Folly Beach Bluegrass
Fridays Nathan Calhoun

Mondays - Jef Houts

Wednesdays Karaoke
11/11 - Pinna
11/12 - Top Jimmy
11/14 - Jah Harvest
11/15 - Ben Fagen Duo
11/17 - dead 27s
11/18 - Groove Junkies
11/19 - Treehouse
11/22 - Yellowknife
11/24 - Te Hawkes

Planet Follywood
Sundays - Reggae Sundays
11/11 - Kevin Church
11/12 - Eric Penrod
11/15 - Open Mic w/ Ross Bon
11/17 - Karaoke
11/18 - Kevin Church
11/19 - Shakin Martinis
11/22 - Open Mic w/ Ross Bon
11/25 - Dan Clamp
11/26 - Nathan Calhoun

11/11 - Mitch Wetherington
11/15 - Trick Knee Duo
11/17 - Sgt. Submarine
11/18 - Sarah Cole & Jesse Prichard

Sand Dollar
11/11 & 12 - Te Cool

Tuesdays - Jerry Cooper
Date High Tide Low Tide
Storms, hurricanes, etc., are NOT included in the predictions.
Tidal current direction changes and tide time predictions can
be very different. Tide predictions are PREDICTIONS; they
can be wrong so use common sense.
Nov 11
Nov 12
Nov 13
Nov 14
Nov 15
Nov 16
Nov 17
Nov 18
Nov 19
Nov 20
Nov 21
Nov 22
Nov 23
Nov 24
Fol l y Beach Ti de Char t
Wi l l t he Fol l y Cel l
Tow er Sur vi ve
a Hur r i c ane?
T he l e a de rs of Cha rl e s T on CounT y s 9 11
s y s T e m a re b e T T i ng y our l i f e i T wi l l . . .
By Mark riChards
would like to draw your attention to a
recent change made to the cell tower
located on Folly Beach. If you live on,
or near Folly, or even visit the island, you
know the cell tower well. You can't miss
it. It is an eyesore which stands in glaring
contrast to the modern water tower with
the iconic "FB" logo that sits beside it on
the same plot of land.
Within the last few weeks a change was
made to the tower. It was raised 50 feet
and now stands over 245 feet above the
ground. With this increase in height, the
FAA mandated that a dual light system
be placed on top. Forty times per minute
it fashes a bright white strobe during the
day. At night, it switches to a bright red
fash. Te end result is that the tower,
which was just an eyesore during the day,
now makes its presence known during the
evening hours too. And a once beautiful
night skyline, with darkness for as far as
the eye could see, has been violated with a
24 hour light show afecting the residents
of Folly Beach, Oak Island, Mariners Cay,
Peas Island, Bowen's Island and the entire
south coast of James Island.
Ofcials will tell you the reason the
tower was raised was to make room for an
antenna to help alleviate gaps in coverage
for Charleston County's digital trunked
emergency radio system. Tis is the 911
radio system used by our frst responders
including frefghters, EMS personnel and
the police.
Residents of Charleston County
familiar with the trials and tribulations
of this emergency communication system
know that it did not work as promised
as originally installed. Users of the $17
million system (Police, Firefghters and
EMS) are complaining about loss signals
and digital artifacts in certain areas of Folly
Beach, Kiawah and James Island. Similar
issues are faced East of the Cooper.
As a lifelong resident of Charleston, I am
all for safety. I believe our frst responders
deserve the best telecommunications
equipment we can aford. Teir lives
depend on it. Your life and mine may
depend on it too. So the system needs to
work properly.
Te contractor building the system has
been unable to make the system work as
it was originally designed. So now the
County is left using cheap band-aid fxes
to solve the problem. Ad hoc measures like
sticking an antenna on top of an existing
cell tower. A tower, mind you, designed
to be 195 feet tall (not 245 feet) and not
originally designed to support a piece
of essential telecommunications gear.
Particularly given its location.
Te Folly Beach cell tower is located
less than 1000 feet from the Atlantic
Ocean, 11 feet above sea level, in a 135
mph wind zone (in terms of structural
design requirements). Tis does not seem
to be a very well thought out location
for an antenna that the Police, EMS,
and Firefghters will depend on in an
emergency. And let's face it, the most
likely large scale emergency facing the
residents of Charleston County, and Folly
Beach in particular, is a hurricane.
During Hurricane Katrina, over 1000
cell towers, similar in design to the one
at Folly Beach, were toppled or knocked
out during that Gulf Coast storm. As a
reminder, Katrina was a Category 3 storm.
In 1989, Charleston faced a similar storm
with Hugo. With this in mind, does it
make any sense at all to have a critical part
of the 911 system located on a tower that
is nearly guaranteed to be rendered useless
in a storm?
If an antenna is needed to fx the 911
system, then locate it on the mainland
where the wind forces will be less. And
more importantly, build it as a class
III tower that is designed for critical
telecommunications needs. Te class II
tower on Folly Beach was not originally
designed for this use.
Charleston county ofcials and the
elected ofcials on Folly Beach that
approved the variance to height restrictions
on the island to allow for the extension
should be taken to task for such a folly.
To subject the citizens and neighbors to
twenty four hour visual pollution is bad
enough. But to place a critical component
of our emergency telecommunications
system on a barrier island, and on a tower
not designed for such use, is foolish at best
and potentially criminal.
If you would like more information on
steps being taken to address this issue, you
can visit the website
Mark W. Richards, 1187 Fort Lamar
Road, Charleston SC 29412
12 November 11, 2011
dai ly
n a fall Folly Sunday, Oct. 30, Charleston SUP Safaris and Sunset Cay
Marina hosted the First Annual Super Scary SUP Race, raising funds
for Pet Helpers, breast cancer research, and the Emerson Rose Heart
Foundation. Participants and onlookers enjoyed music afterwards from the Folly
Beach Bluegrass Society and Wadata.
Boy Paddler Boogie Doan heads down the river.
Caroline Rossi, Kristin Lewis, Beth Lovett
Russ Marshal, Boogie Doan, SUP Safaris' Jon Ory
head down to the water.
The SUP Race brought out a crowd of costumed racers, despite windy weather.
A Super Sc ar y
SUP Rac e
Jon ory
richard Brendel Sarah Kluger nancy huSSey
Blotter continued on page 14
musi c
rriving on Folly Beach, you may notice an unfamiliar site. Passing the dummy
car has become an everyday event for islanders, but now the Folly Beach Public
Safety Department, with the help of city staf, has gone with a new design for
their cruisers. Te new look entails a silver basecoat with blue lettering. Chief Dennis
Brown stated that this was a direct result of the vendor who designed the older white
cruisers going out of business. Since they had difculty fnding a new vendor to match
the classic design, they had to formulate a whole new approach for new police cars.
Staf decided that we wanted to go with this new design to make the cruisers more
visible, said Chief Brown. We are not retroftting the old cars, so this design will only
be donned on the new vehicles. I like to involve everyone on staf in the operations of
our department, as it is good for morale. Some people have responded positively to the
new design, and a few have displayed their concern as well.
Staf Note: No decision has been reached on whether or not Folly ofcers will be
required to wear cowboy hats and aviator sunglasses while on patrol in the new
Fol l y Beac h Smok ey
By Blake Bunch
U p wi t h h o p e , d o wn wi t h d o p e
By Blake Bunch
On September 29 an ofcer was
approached on Center Street by a white
male in reference to the theft of a bike.
Te victim stated that he was at Taco Boy
on his roommates bike, and that the bike
was not secured. Te bike was a black
beach cruiser with an approximate value
of $300. No Taco Boy staf moved the
bike, nor did they see anyone else move it.
It was then entered into NCIC, reported
as stolen. We have a strange feeling that
the bike will mysteriously appear in his
frst foor garage very soon.
On October 6 an ofcer was on patrol
near a parking lot of Center Street when
he observed a blue Ford Taurus with
its motor running. While approaching
the vehicle, the ofcer noticed a white
female in the drivers seat, slumped over
the steering wheel. Te ofcer further
noted that a pill bottle was observed in
the suspects hand, and contained some
red and yellow items that looked like a
small ball. Tere were also three green
pills and two white pills in a pill bottle
that contained to label or markings. After
being woken up, and exiting the vehicle,
the female advised ofcers that the item in
the pill bottle was heroin, which belonged
to her. She claimed that the miscellaneous
pills belonged to her boyfriend. She asked
to not be arrested, and that she was buying
drugs for a narcotics ofcer, who she was
to contact. Te woman was charged
with unlawful possession of a Schedule
One drug, possession of heroin with the
intent to distribute and within mile of
a school, park or playground. Te pill
bottle contained sixteen red and yellow
balloons weighing approximately 2.4
grams. Also in her possession were twenty-
fve Alprazolam, as well as several grams
Only On FOlly Pol i c e Bl ot t er
14 November 11, 2011
Sudoku solution
from page 6
ishing in October was superb and
anglers can expect November to
be just as good if not better. Cold
nights serve as a reminder to fsh that they
had better eat now or it will be a long few
months ahead. As usual, artifcial lures
become very efective for both redfsh and
trout. Take advantage of those sunny days
and go catch a mess of fsh!
Targeting the rapidly growing schools
of redfsh is a popular pursuit this time
of year. Were starting to fnd schools of
ffty or more redfsh. Darker colored
artifcials remain the most productive
patterns especially those with some sparkle.
A signifcant majority of the time we are
using futter hooks that have a weight on
the shank that makes the lures dart and
dive. Youll want to fick your rod tip to
really make that lure dance. Scared bait fsh
rarely fee in a straight line!
Its hard to think of a better way to
catch a trout than with a live shrimp rigged
on a popping cork. Ill attach a two foot
leader to the cork and a size 1 circle hook
on the other end. Cast along grass banks,
over oyster beds and at creek mouths and
watch for that cork to dive under! Its so
hard to do but when that cork drops, reel
the fsh tight and let the circle hook do the
work. Using a big hook set will sometimes
rip the bait right out of the fshs mouth.
Fly fshing has been better at low tide
than at high tide. Even when we could
fnd plenty of redfsh up in the grass, they
just didnt seem to be that interested. On
the other hand, you could watch pods
of fsh race each other to eat a fy on the
fats. Not unlike artifcials, fies in darker
colors, especially black, proved to be the
most efective. Remember when casting to
a school of redfsh, try to land your fy on
the edges so as to not spook them.
See you on the water!
Capt. Geof Bennett operates Charleston
Charter Fishing providing fy fshing and
light tackle charters. Clients choose from a
full menu of fy rods, artifcial and live bait
fshing options with charters tailored to their
desires. USCG licensed and insured, Capt.
Bennett is committed to providing a safe and
enjoyable charter to anglers of all skill levels
and ages. For more information, call Capt.
Bennett at 843-324-3332, visit his website at or email
him at captain@charlestoncharterfshing.
November Fi shi ng Repor t
By Capt. Geoff Bennett
of heroin in diferent baggies. Te total
weight of all heroin recovered equaled out
to 7.2 grams. Heroin on Folly? No way.

On October 5 an ofcer observed a red
moped pass his vehicle, heading north on
Highway 171. Te ofcer further noticed
that the moped was having trouble staying
in his lane in trafc, and swerved into
oncoming trafc. After the ofcer initiated
a trafc stop, the driver attempted to put
the moped up on its kickstand, with much
difculty. Te driver could not support his
own weight, and for some reason waived
his Miranda rights and submitted to a feld
sobriety test. Not surprisingly, the driver
failed all sobriety tests miserably. Te man
was then advised that he was being arrested
for driving under the infuence, and told
ofcers that he had a bag of cocaine in his
front right pocket. Ofcers found the clear
plastic bag containing a white powder,
and placed it into evidence. He was also
charged with possession of cocaine.
On October 4 an ofcer was dispatched
to 1574 East Arctic Avenue in reference to
a disturbing the peace call. As the ofcer
approached the house, several dogs were
barking incessantly. Te ofcer stated that
he stayed out of the dogs view, as not to
cause the dogs to bark. No one was home
at the residence, so the ofcer left a note
stating the disturbing the peace ordinance,
and his cell phone number requesting a
phone call. Te ofcer received a call from
the suspect the same day, who stated that
he did not know his dogs were causing a
problem. Te suspect was then advised
that if he cannot prevent his dogs from
barking, that he would receive a disturbing
the peace violation. On a later date,
October 7, another ofcer was dispatched
to the same residence issuing the suspect
a summons for disturbing the peace.
On October 3 an ofcer was parked in
a lot of Center Street when he observed a
Jeep Wrangler travelling South on Center
Street without its headlights on. Te vehicle
then turned on to East Ashley Avenue,
and the ofcer initiated a stop near East
2nd Street. Approaching the driver, the
ofcer noticed the driver smelled strongly
of alcohol and was slurring her words. Te
ofcer reported that she had pronounced
nystagmus in her eyes and was unable
to stand on one leg, or walk heel to toe.
After being placed under arrest for driving
under the infuence, a male passenger took
possession of her purse and house keys.
Te passenger was too drunk to drive,
so Jennings Towing towed the vehicle.
While searching the car, the ofcer found
a tumbler with about two ounces of a
brownish liquid labeled Jameson that
smelled of whiskey. Te driver ofered
an alcohol breath test in jail, submitting a
BAC of .21.
On October 1 two ofcers were
dispatched to East Ashley beach front in
response to a naked person. Upon their
arrival, the ofcers noticed a male suspect
in the water covering from the waist down.
Te suspect yelled at his girlfriend give
me my pants, which he put on before he
got out of the water. Te suspect further
stated that he was naked in the water, and
had taken his pants of in the water. He
added that everyone in the area knew he
was naked, as his girlfriend was showing
everyone his pants. Te man said he had
been drinking, and that they had been on
the beach for quite some time, trying to
annoy a wedding party. He was then given
a City summons for disorderly conduct.
Surely there was some shrinkage involved.
On October 10 an ofcer received
a walk-in complaint. A white female
approached the ofcer, ultimately to
report domestic violence that has been
taken place by her husband. Te woman
stated that her husband has been making
several threats towards her and that she
and her ten year old son fear for their lives.
Furthermore, the woman added that her
husband is an alcoholic, on Xanax, and
smokes marijuana daily. Not only is he
on drugs and threatening her, he refuses to
work, contribute to bills, and is constantly
making mean comments to her. Her
husband is also a convicted felon and has
spent several years in prison, in several
diferent states. She was then advised by
the ofcer to try and obtain an order of
protection and then return to the Police
Department so the ofcers could assist.
Drugs are bad, kids.
Blotter continued from page 13
November 11, 2011 15
Brought to you by Woodys Pizza and
Mary Ohl.
Do you recognize this image? It was taken somewhere on Folly Beach. If you
know what it is, let us know at and you could win a free
medium, one-topping pizza from Woodys! Congratulations to Maggie McCarty,
who correctly guessed last week's What The Folly. It was the telephone pole at 3rd
block West Cooper.

Please report all Lost or Found
pets on Folly Beach immediately.
Call 588-2433 and ask for Folly
Animal Service or a police
offcer. All resident animals
must be registered with the City
of Folly Beach annually and tags
must be attached to the pets
collar. Tag cost $3 and may be
purchased at Folly Beach Public
Safety, located at City Hall.
The Lucky Dog cLub
is sponsoreD by LosT Dog cafe
If you have a Lucky Dog please send their information and picture to:
Name: Barkely

Breed: Goldendoodle
Likes: Te B's... Ball's,
Beaches & Bill Murry.

disLikes: Being
Why i'm a Lucky dog:
I am a Lucky Dog
because I moved from
the big city of Atlanta
to live on Folly Beach!
6 November 11, 2011
Solution on page 14 Level: Hard
have recently seen a growing epidemic
in the love lives of people under the
age of 40. Te conversation and
passion are growing stale; and I have a
theory Anticipation. I see the younger
demographic on their cell phones
constantly. Heres the deal kids, if you
text your date eight times while they are
on the way to meet you somewhere, what
will you possibly have to talk to them
about once they arrive and sit across from
Te younger generation has been
spoiled by an era of instant gratifcation
and even more instant communication.
Every thought they have is known by all of
their friends within seconds of thinking it.
Yet in the land of love, there is something
to be said for a certain amount of space.
It is true Absence really does make the
heart grow fonder.
Does a kiss not taste sweeter once you
have had plenty of time to imagine it many
diferent ways? Having the opportunity
to experience that moment of seeing each
other for the frst time after any amount
of time apart, if nothing else, gives you so
many memories that you can hold onto and
relive, again and again, forever. You get to
live out through fantasy the running into
each others arms passionate movie kiss;
the slow, sweet, fnger on the lips, lets
enjoy and remember every moment of this
kiss; and then there is always the pure
and utter elation, jump into each others
arms amidst a ft of giggles and happy tears
kiss. Each of these fantasies, once lived out
within your subconscious, becomes dream
memory that can be revisited but only
if you give yourself the chance to imagine
it. Really whats better than that? Who
wants one kiss hello when you can have
three or four? Its all about having that
time away from your signifcant other.
For most people, its a rare occasion that
you dream up romantic scenarios about
the guy/ girl sitting across the couch from
you drinking a beer, lounging in ratty
pajamas, and watching Wednesday night
sitcoms. Tis is not to say that it does not
happen, because it does. When you fall
deep into the real true love I believe that
there is no amount of everyday activities
that cause that sort of passion and fantasy
to disappear, yet you work for it. And
I bet that if you ask those couples who
have years or decades under their belts,
they will tell you that having your own
interests, hobbies, and life really is vastly
No one is saying that this time apart
is easy. Its not. Just like no one takes
pictures of all of that time they spend
scaling the side of Mount Kilimanjaro,
because quite frankly that part sucks. No
one is smiling, or laughing, or enjoying
themselves at that moment; in fact they
are probably in hell. Yet once the climb
is over and they have actually made it to
the top, then its all smiles, and joy, and
look at what we have done. Tats when
everyone breaks out the camera and starts
to document their accomplishment. Te
fnish line is the fun part, but the journey
the journey is what makes it all so worth
it. Making it to the top, overcoming the
zenith; this is just the gravy. Te climb is
the part that changes you for the better;
the climb is the part that turns you into
someone who can appreciate the gravy.
If you fnd yourself in a new relationship
and you want to be sure that things stay
exciting and fresh for more than a month,
you may want to give this a try. It is
easy to want to move everything in your
schedule around to ensure optimum time
with your new honey, but in the long run
it may not be the best thing. Start small
talk at the end of your work day instead
of 15 times throughout; go out to girls/
guys night out and dont spend the whole
time texting your bedmate (they will after
all be in the bed when you get home).
If you are in a relationship that you
believe is going somewhere, just enjoy it,
and remember if this is the right person
for you you have a whole lifetime to
tell all of your funny stories, witty retorts,
childhood shenanigans, and anything else
that may pop in your head. And while you
are missing them, and it feels like you are
being torn in two, remember the climb
remember that is kind of the point. When
you do fnally get your arms around them
again for the frst time, its going to be
thousands of times better
than the alternative.
Dat i ng Fol l i es
Mi s s Me Y e t ?
By Fay a.