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CSD Survey Desktop


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CSD Carlson Survey Desktop

Carlson Survey Desktop (CSD) is a companion product to Autodesk Land Desktop. CSD runs inside Autodesk Land Desktop and is fully integrated with its unique project environment. CSD interfaces with all popular data collectors for download/upload, edits and adjusts field data and supports advanced Field-toFinish. Adjustments include full Network Least Squares using Carlson SurvNet. Additional features include deed entry and reporting, legal descriptions from entity selection, cut sheets, area adjustments and reports, polyline tools and streamlined coordinate geometry. CSD works seamlessly with our data collection packages Carlson SurvCE and C&G Field and equally well with third-party data collectors such as SDR, TDS and SMI. It is an ideal product for Autodesk Land Desktop users looking for more efficient and in depth survey functionality.

Feature Groups:
General Tools: Data Collection Edit-Process Raw File Network Least-Squares Field To Finish Draw-Locate Points Erase Points Create Points From Entities Insert Symbols Edit Symbol Library Label Station-Offset Calculate Offsets Cut Sheet

COGO: Inverse Traverse Sideshot Occupy Point Enter-Assign Point Bearing-Bearing Intersection Bearing-Distance Intersection Distance-Distance Intersection Pick Intersection Point Resection Point On Arc Divide Between Points Divide Along Entity Interval Along Entity Deeds: Enter Deed Description Process Deed File Legal Description

Data Collectors

Field to Finish

Network Least Squares

Data Collector Description SurvCE/FastSurvey/G2 For Carlson Software data collection programs and SurvCE and SurvStar. Also works with Sokkia G2 and Thales FastSurvey CG Field TDS (Trimble) For the C&G data collector program For data collectors that use TDS software (Ranger, Recon, HP48, HP95, Husky FS-2 & FS-3, Corvallis MC-V and TOPCON FS2, FC95 and FC48). For SMI data collectors on the HP48 For Leica GIF-10 module and Leica instruments. SDR 2 through SDR 33 and other collectors that have a SDR format like the Trimble. For Nikon DTM and DR-48 total stations For the Geodimeter Geodat collector For data collectors running Surveyors Assistant software (Corvallis MC2, MC5, and Pentax SC5) Supports these Topcon models: 210/310/220/GPT2000

Landfill List Points

SMI Leica Sokkia/SDR

Edit Field Code

Nikon Geodimeter Surveyors Assistant

Key Features:

Works inside Autodesk Land Desktop Fully integrated with the Autodesk Land Desktop project environment Direct data collection transfer for Carlson SurvCE, TDS, SMI, Leica, Nikon, Topcon, Sokkia, Surveyors Assistant, Geodimeter Edit-Process Raw Data with spreadsheet editor for raw data and processing by Compass, Crandall and Transit Network Least-Squares Field To Finish for drawing points, symbols and linework Full COGO functionality Deed reporting

Area Tools: Inverse With Area Area By Lines & Arcs Area By Interior Point Area By Closed Polylines Hinged Area Sliding Side Area Area Radial From Curve
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Traverse Side Shots Raw Editor Data Collection

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CSD Carlson Survey Desktop

Point Conversion: Import Point File (C&G, Carlson, TDS, Leica, Geodimeter) Export Point File (C&G, Carlson, TDS, Leica, Geodimeter) Convert Point Objects (Carlson)

Carlson Software Products

Carlson SurvCADD 2006
Modular by design to make a complete land development solution. Works with AutoCAD and AutoCAD Map.

Polyline Tools: Join Nearest Extend By Distance Offset 3D Polyline Entities To Polylines Reverse Polyline Reduce Polyline Vertices GPS Settings Densify Polyline Vertices Draw Polyline Blips Set Polyline Origin Remove Polyline Arcs Remove Polyline Segment Remove Polyline Vertex Polyline Report Polyline Info Polyline To Raw File

Carlson Survey 2006

The ultimate land surveying CAD software! This all-in-one package gives you the tools needed to get from raw data to a finished plat.

Carlson SurvCE
Data collection for windows CE and Pocket PC. Supports all major manufacturers conventional and robotic total stations and RTK-GPS systems.

Carlson Field 2006

CAD-based data collection! Collection data directly in a DWG file. No download into CAD needed!









Carlson Roads 2006

Code Table Settings

Road design made easy. From simple subdivision streets to super elevated highway design.

Carlson SurvNET
True network least squares. Can be used in conjunction with our other survey packages or as a stand-alone application.

Carlson GIS-CE
GIS GPS data collection. Store multiple attributes for each shot quickly and easily.

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