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15th & 16th July, 2010 - Chennai 19th & 20th July, 2010 - Bengaluru Program Fee: INR 13,000 /- + Service Tax

The financial markets are a vital source of capital for banks, corporations and governments while also offering a

source of investment returns for financial institutions, overseas investors and individuals. Within the markets are products that cover the full spectrum of financial services activity - from equities and fixed interest through to foreign exchange, derivatives and commodities. While the size and sophistication of the financial markets has brought many benefits, their sheer scale and
complexity can make them difficult to grasp. This workshop will take the mystique out of the financial markets so

that you can better understand their operation and significance to the broader economy. PROGRAM FACULTY
Our Faculty is a seasoned banker and academician would conduct the workshop. He brings a rare combination

of academician and working professional. He is a visiting faculty to IIM Calcutta and has conducted over 1000 training hours and training over 500 trainees in the same topic. KEY BENEFITS

Put your role and the role of your

Develop your knowledge of finance and

organisation in the context of the broader financial services sector Appreciate how financial markets are

investment language. Define the role of the key regulatory

agencies that supervise market activity. Manage the challenges created by the

used by businesses for both capital raising and as a source of investment returns.

current credit crisis.


WHO SHOULD ATTENTD Middle level Managers IT Professional & Analysts

DAY ONE Session One: Basics of Financial Market What are Financial Markets: Role of financial markets : position of financial markets in the overall economy Participants of Financial Market: Players in the financial market & their major activities : Banks : Different types of banks Commercial Bank Investment bank Credit union Central Banks Corporates Custodian Bank Stock Exchanges Information providers Types & Classification of Markets: Money Market Debt Market Capital Market Derivative Market Common Instruments used in the markets : T Bill G Sec Bond Commercial paper Bills of exchange Dividend Warrants Basic Concepts Related to trading in the markets: Bid- ask rate Spot ,cash , tom and forward rate Long and short position Clearing house Introduction to Derivatives: Basic concepts of derivatives Different types of derivatives Classification of derivatives Session Two: Introduction to Financial Mathematics value of money : Concept of present value Concept of future value Concept of continuous compounding and its application Concept of annualised rate NPVs and IRRs understanding what they mean: Calculation of IRR Meaning of IRR Meaning of XIRR Concept of Required return How to calculate required return Cost of equity Cost of debt Weighted average cost of capital Meaning and implication of positive NPV and Negative NPV Comparison of NPV and IRR Concept of Amortised loan Calculation of interest and principal of an amortised loan Bond pricing yield to maturity and spreads: Coupon YTM Holding Period Return Concept of Price of bond Concept maturity of a bond Yield curve different types of basis rates: Understanding the yield curve Shape of the yield curve Implication from the shape of the yield curve Techniques of drawal of yield curve Bond pricing: Price and yield relationship Bond duration Bond convexity Concept of price risk of a bond Time


DAY TWO Session Three: Derivative Derivatives definition and terminology Concept of future Concept of forwards Concept of options Concept of Financial derivatives Concept of Physical derivatives Concept of OTC derivatives Concept of exchange traded derivatives Credit derivatives : Credit Default swap Total Rate of Return Swap Basket Swap Index trades Swaptions Exotic derivatives : Binary option Look back option Use of derivatives: Hedging Arbitrage Speculation

Session Four: Classification of derivatives Futures Long and short positions Forwards : Long and short positions Options : Call option Long and short call options Put option : Long and short put options Index forwards Index options Equity derivatives Equity options Interest rate derivatives : SWAPs Interest Rate Futures Interest Rate Options Forward Rate Agreement Foreign Exchange derivatives : Forwards Currency swap Foreign exchange swap Foreign exchange options

Market Size: Market size of financial derivatives Market size of different financial derivatives Rational for different financial derivatives

Session Five: Risk Management Concept of risk Different types of risk Credit Risk Market Risk Operation risk Credit risk : Expected loss : Probability of Default Exposure at default Loss given default Pricing and Expected loss Methods of credit risk management Market Risk Concept of market risk Measurement of market risk VaR Management of market risk Operation risk : Concept of operation risk Measurement of operation risk Management of operation risk Basel II : Three pillars of Basel II Capital adequacy Calculation of capital under different methods

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