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This is a dark time for Chile; on 15th march the silver lion otherwise known as Miguel Alberti was

assassinated in a marketplace at approximately four oclock. Furthermore marshal law has been imposed a military cue is now underway. He was assassinated the night before the election indeed he was the most popular candidate his assassination was because of his promise of change, which is greatly needed. Following the would be presidents death the CNI (Chilean secret police) stubbornly attempted to cover up their dirty work, by slaughtering innocent people who supposedly had information or were plotting against the government. Miguel Alberti was assassinated in Santiago it is suspected that the

military junta killed him because of his desire to reform, which was shared with his Chilean brothers. A Chilean bystander Jose Rivaldez conveys the scene of the silver lion assassination the silver lion was greeting people when a man dressed in a black trench coat pulled out a AK-47 and raked Alberti with bullets everybody knew he was dead, and everybody knew it was the CNI. It is a shame such a peaceful man who only wished for the prosperity for the Chilean people has been killed adding Alberti to the long list of CNI kills. The junta were ruthless killers whom which their desire for the torture and murder of innocent people could not be satiated. Indeed even journalists were killed A man named Don Chailey was put before a firing squad in

Santiago when he valiantly captured images of the juntas oppressive regime and how the people were treated. Unfortunately Don Chailey paid the ultimate price when black berets caught him while he was taking photos at the national stadium, which at the time was a makeshift interrogation camp although he managed to get his photos to a Chilean man who was nearby him. His sacrifice would not be in vain. The oppressed people of Chile also fought heroically for freedom one such incident involved four Chilean nationals who obtained the pictures from Don Chailey and printed them off to be sent to us. Their names were Andres, Isa, Beto and Diego. Indeed Diego a publisher witnessed his equipment being and office being ransacked but he managed to

him parts of his printing press all over town Andres, Isa and Beto then scavenged all over Santiago to find the parts of the machine while under the suspicion of the CNI who were hunting for them. This shows the strength and will of the Chileans who were denied the freedom the truly deserved. In Chile the torture and murder was at an unprecedented scale day by day prisoners were taken by the truckload to the national stadium only to be convicted guilty without a trial the Junta gave no quarter a man named Rico explains a killing of a innocent civilian A youth with long hair was walking down the street, suddenly two black berets appeared and ordered the boy to stop he panicked and fled one black beret calmly raised his rifle and shot, the bullet struck

the boys head and he flew into a oncoming taxi, the soldier seemed to be pleased congratulating himself as if I were some sort of game Killing was not enough and the CNI tortured many people so much so that their headquarters was nicknamed the house of laughter. The CNI used electric shocks, beatings and other methods to get their way. After the information of the juntas regime came out citizens now are more confident to speak out and be brave the people now feel the zeal and courage to push back the Junta and forge a real government a Chilean man says Our mighty nation will prevail one day the people will be in charge and we will have victory.