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Does God Answer all prayers?

If God didnt answer all your prayers what would you think of HIM. I think it is d uring trials that we decide how we feel about God. Would you still thank him? Wo uld you still say that he is on the job? My opinion is when things dont go the wa y they should doesnt that mean our prayers hadnt been answered. Oh no,It means t hat we have been blessed with an opportunity to be transformed with a constant r enewing of the mind. We get a chance to come face to face with our belief system . We begin to challenge our thinking and ask why are things going the way they a re. Why? ?? If we stop and listen to ourselves listening to our selves, We can hea r precisely what we believe. We believe what we have been taught to believe. An d with our antiquated belief system ,we base every single aspect of life itsel f on that. If you do good , you get good. You do bad you get bad because God on ly likes good people. Blah blah.Blah. Our mind dictates to us a belief system that is not in any alignment with spir itual principles. In fact we make lousy attempts to understand these principles with our logical mind when in fact our higher mind is seeking us out to project its self. The world takes that part of us away . It brings to mind Do not conform to the ways of the world be ye transformed by a constant renewing of the mind. Th rough a mind of logic, how does one interpret that. Does it mean simply dont sin? . Is that all we are taught about the ways of the world ,of which we are not to co nform to? Im jus sayin. What about the systems in place that teach us to take p art in a belief that is based on a mode of control and not freedom. Freedom to believe higher , freedom to believe beyond. Blah Blah Blah, I believe ,or ,rather I know that God resides in the heart of every single thing all day long. And get this, hes not just in just in Christians. I get to know God more not by how he answers my prayers but more so by a personal relationsh ip. To limit myself by claiming one particular religious affiliation limits the freedom to explore and learn about how the interpretation and understanding of G od through the different denominations from the many people in the world.Quite o ften I will ask my self I wonder what Gods doing today? Instead of waiting for a n answer, I set out to complete the task look for people to bless. I dont mean s top someone on the street and have a sermon . No not that I just start by saying hello to the first 10 people I come across at the beginning of my day. Then I b egin to pray attention .I sometime look for the homeless man to offer him food or a few dollars. ( I know how that feels when someone does that. It lets me k now that God was on the job and working over time . Im jus sayin) Yeah thats what God is doing today . He answers my prayers when I answer others ( he does that to you too,you know. I find my answers about God not in just my situations but i n the lives of others.I see how he works through other people. Or rather I see t he results of his work through other people. I have seen people who have had all the answers about everything be brought face to face with what they thought the y believed, when that system is challenged. I see how the logical mind and the s piritual challenge each other. I watch how the logical mind is suppressed just l ong enough to allow the spiritual mind to rise to the occasion and carry out wha t the logical mind needs to be at peace.. Then I check myself . In what ways cou ld I stay in alignment (spirit) more. A few years ago I remember telling myself I have Gods direct line. Thats what I call alignment. So if I have Gods direct line that means I must stay in alignment all the time. All it is , is me being just who I am and keeping thoughts like Pr overbs 3:5,6. Trust in the Lord..and he will direct your path. and As a man thinketh

. And check this out , that s the fun part of it. I learned how to thank God du ring the middle of sheer chaos and madness. I had to conduct an attitude of gra titude by learning how to walking by faith and not by sight . So when the s**t h it the fan I was able to keep that mindset. Act as thought it was already alrigh t. Even if it did not turn out the way I wanted it to , it was still going to be ok. My job is to get out of my way and be led by the better part of me. . How do you allow yourself to be led by a part of you that you havent gained an aware ness of? See, more questions . The unanswered questions about God that remain unanswered make the mysteries of HIS wonders and marvels so beautiful. It makes my persona l journey interesting. And its doesnt always go right. It always goes the way it is supposed to go which is fine because its always better than what I could have asked for. No Matter the outcome . Not having any answers and relinquishing an i nsatiable desire to be right all the time,make it a personal relationship, not b ound by mans laws and doctrines. I get a chance to see what God sees when I appr oach life through my eyes instead of just with them . Even in the things wher e beauty doesnt reside . But its there . Its in the form of truth. Where there is truth, there is there is the mind of God. Where God resides there is love .When all of those things are in place, the ways of the world are replaced with the w ays of he ways of the Word. 9 times out of 10 its the ways of our word that i nfluence us. We cant understand the ways of the Word with a mind of the world . But keep in mind its the worlds mind that teaches us the Word . The worlds mi nd tries to impose upon us what it wants us to know about the WORD .I challenged that. Why would I want to live in guilt and fear and condemnation and promises of hell with its fire and brimstone and punishment and fear? God already gave each of us the impetus to seek him out. As a matter of are not we all created i n his image? We dont have to part the RED sea or move a mountain to be in his ima ge . We just need to have the mind of Him.Whats God doing all day long? Healing the sick feeding the poor. If you look closer the image of God is re created through us each time we take it upon our selves to go outside of ourselves to h elp someone else. And dont seek recognition. If you are lucky and pray attentio n you know your work is recognized, it just wont be by man .Because if he gives it to you he will take it away. But if God gives it to you, its yours. He does nt take it back. So now Ill take this time to present you with a question? Are you acknowledging w hat God has given you or are you stuck on what the world has taken away? What d o you value above all else? Money ? Being right all the time and having all the answers ? Is it things that you can hold in your hands or is it the things you h old in your heart? And now for the tough question. Would you praise God if he doesnt answer your pra yers the way you want? .Welcome, Hes been Expecting you!