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Los Altos, CA 94024-4009 Tel: 650-302-0049 E-mail:

PROFILE Achievement-oriented executive, with broad, proven experience leading technology-driven companies to the next level. Skilled at quickly taking leading-edge products from concept to market acceptance in accelerated time on a global basis. Proactive innovator with success in, product management, business management, business development, finance, operations, capital sourcing, negotiations, acquisitions, mergers and liquidations. Strong experience developing strategies to achieve business objectives. KEY AREAS OF EXPERTISE New Product Inception Entrepreneurial Intensity Product Development & Deployment Market & Strategic Planning Product Roadmap & Launch Senior Product Professional EMPLOYMENT BACKGROUND / TRANSFERABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS

Vice President, Product AdStream USA, Inc., Mountain View, CA


AdStream Inc. has developed a technology that delivers ads targeted to the viewer of online and mobile based on the relevant content within the video stream, thus giving content owners access to analytics that have historically been used to drive advertising pricing and sales in traditional media. The AdStream technology takes advantage of the growing mobile video industry by providing mobile analytics derived from traditional media like TV, as well as a means of targeting the mobile & online viewer with advertising that is highly relevant.
Accomplishments: Responsible for corporate-level strategy and roadmap with overall feature specification & implementation responsibility for company products. Managed MRD and PRD process with prioritized features and corresponding justification. Ran beta and pilot programs with early-stage products and customers. Drove product positioning, go-to-market activities, and monetization that required a full understanding of the competitive landscape. Defined internal investments for infrastructure, platform, application and service solutions including required partnerships with market and technology partners. Managed marketing communications, including public relations, marcom, and the development of integrated marketing plans including the execution of all promotional campaigns made up of direct mail, advertising, web marketing and social media. Led communications with worldwide customers to understand and collect their strategy and requirements in the advertisement landscape to create the evolution to IP based video on the web and mobile; analyzed short/medium/long-term customer needs and industry trends to develop solution roadmap. COO & Director iPOWOW USA, Inc., Mountain View, CA


A unique, digital video-based market research tool the iPOWOW! Platform, which consists of B2B iPowow Business, iPowow Live and B2C iPowow Social that can survey, collect and aggregate attitude and opinion data from large groups of individuals instantly, accurately provide mobile Analytics. The product also gives tools to monitor the success of mobile ads for your mobile campaign. You can track activity from the moment a user interacts with the system.


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Accomplishments: . Continuous prioritization across several competing objectives to make the optimal use of time and resources. Managed the funding process and received a US$4 million term sheet. Built-out Australian and USA team, of Product Management, Sales, Engineering and Professional Services and scaled the company to a worldwide headcount of 15. Defined the product roadmap including preparing patent filings and taking the company into the mobile category and defined the required analytics for both B2B and B2C. Identified new product opportunities that leveraged the existing applications for new customers. Developed product & market strategy, researched market segments, creating decision frameworks, formulated hypotheses & advocated direction.

CEO & Co-Founder Broadcaster Media, Inc., Mountain View, CA


A self-service mobile platform product that enables brands, services and products to interact directly with consumers via their mobile phones. Broadcaster Media created technology that allows Brand Owners to quickly and easily take any content and create an interactive Mobile experience, with detailed mobile analytics, including viral statistics, and monetization. Accomplishments: Prepared business plan and investor presentation to raise initial $750K in investment capital. Drove initial mobile implementations in the USA Market including three key clients, including Warner Brothers Records, Salon City Magazine, and Quincy Jones Entertainment, worth a projected revenue of $5M. Built-out USA team of Sales, Marketing and Product Management and scaled the company to a headcount of 5 in the US and 7 in Australia. Defined and implemented the overall B2C product roadmap, including product strategy and product positioning, market offering, and pricing. Implemented agile development processes & integrated the Research team into the development process Managed the product development team that built family of mobile platform products including the user requirements, analytics and user experience including customer feedback. CEO & Co-Founder inFreeDA, Inc., (Acquired by AT&T 12/2006), Mountain View, CA


1-800-411-Metro (inFreeDA) transformed todays 411 directory assistance by offering a carrier-grade, zero-cost alternative to traditional fee-based 411 calls. InFreeDAs mission was to provide a superior endto-end experience for wireless callers, while offering local and national advertisers a cost-effective branding and direct response media channel to target messages to callers. Defined as Google on the telephone- we focused on Press-Thru not click-through for mobile monetization. Accomplishments: Prepared business plan and investor presentation to raise capital, company closed $2.5 million in early stage investment. Built-out early stage management team of Finance, Operations, Product Management, Sales and Marketing and scaled the company to a headcount of 35. Built out B2B sales strategy to partner with competing and complementary B2C ad networks. Defined the product roadmap including preparing patent filings. Completed an intellectual property transaction with AT&T December 2006.


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COO & Board Advisor, Innovation Asset Group, Inc., (IAG) Portland, Oregon Built a customer-focused technology platform that helps companies gain the enterprise-wide visibility needed to understand all intangible assets and maximize IP value of every knowledge-driven component. The product is a web service based integrated solution for the management of intellectual property assets and the contractual agreements that surround them. Defined the product roadmap including preparing patent filings. Completed build-out of early stage management team, including engineering, product management and business development. (03-05) CEO and VP Product & Marketing, Bullant, Inc. (Acquired by Gravana, Ltd.) A B2B wireless platform provider that enabled users to interact with enterprise applications from a variety of devices, ranging from PCs to PDAs, mobile analytics and network appliances. Investors included: JP Morgan, First Data Corporation, and Intel Capital. Initial customers include: NTT, Motorola, Nokia. Named CEO by the board of directors to manage the wrap up operations and the transition of the Intellectual Property through a bankruptcy process. Duties also included product management, marketing programs, corporate communications and European/Asian marketing with a FY 2001 budget of $1.3 million and a headcount of 7. (01-03) Vice president, Worldwide Marketing, NetFish Technologies (Acquired by IONA Technologies) Leading provider of integrated XML-based B2B process collaboration solutions used by top Internet-enabled companies worldwide. Worked with large customers included Cisco Systems, NTT Communications, and Sun. Products delivered complete end-to-end B2B process collaboration, support all major XML protocols and EDI messaging standards, and provided seamless back-end integration to legacy applications including the integration of Oracle Applications, PeopleSoft, and SAP. FY 2001 Managed Marketing budget of $12 million and a headcount of 20. (00-01) Vice President Product Management. Connectix (Acquired by Microsoft), Built and supervised the product management team from scratch to manage new and existing business initiatives including budget oversight and grew the organization from to 7 product managers. Redefined the product roadmap to take the company into the business-to-business cross-platform space. Implemented and directed all product requirements gathering processes. (99-00) Director of Product Management Operations, Dialogic Corporation (Acquired by Intel), Directed the completion of a multi-year development contract with Texas Instruments. Implemented and trained the entire Dialogic product management organization of 40+ on the product marketing lifecycle processes. (97-99) Vice president Internet and Multimedia Division at, The company acquired Omnicom Group, Inc. that merged with Graphic Media, Inc. (GM) in June 1996, resulting in a merged company with 550 worldwide employees and $100 million in revenue. Managed the sales and marketing activities of Portland office to achieve revenue objectives of $8 million.(93-97) Vice President, Sales & Marketing, at E-Machines, Differentiated company products, doubled sales to $30 million and led to first-time profitability with focus on the 16 display market. Company sold to Radius/SuperMac (89-93). Director Product Management, at Wyse Technology System Software & Workstations. Reorganized product management; entered networking terminal business; drove category to $60 million (86-89). Director, Product Management, System Software at Digital Research. Identified new embedded CP/M market & created $10 million revenue stream (82-86). Group Product Manager, Telecommunications Products at Sykes Datatronics. Entered new telecommunications business generating higher margins and $16 million revenue (80-82). EDUCATION Executive Program - Stanford Graduate School of Business BS Degree in Business Administration Rochester Institute of Technology AS Degree in Engineering - Rochester Institute of Technology Mentor AnzaTech, and Berkeley HAAS School of business Co-Chair - SVASE Startup-U Member, World Wide Web Consortium and Electronic Business Transition Group