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Marketing mix

PIE set its marketing mix and promotion to persuade its target audience as appended below:

Project Summer School, 2006 organized by Patrika In Education offered a vast range of courses to its participants in the form of 74 short-term professional and vocational natured courses ranging from 04-18 days. It gave them a wide choice to select the courses as per their particular need. The courses were divided in three groups of different time slots mainly in the morning suiting to climatic conditions of the state and working schedule of the participants Group A, Group B, & Group C at venues at all the branches, except for Jaipur where, in view of more of courses, it was divided in four groups- Group A, Group B, Group C & Group D. The participants were advised to select courses as per the group, their corresponding time slots & date of commencing of the course.

At any given time participants could select a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 courses. The details of the courses offered are as follows:

Patrika In Education Summer School, 2011 S.NO. Course Name

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Yoga Aerobics Western dance Cultural dance Spanish guitar Synthesizer Mouth Organ Flute Music Vocal

S.NO. Course Name

10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Gardening Japanese German French Creative writing Journalism (English) Journalism (Hindi) Painting Personality development

19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33

Marketing management Finance management Sales management Jewelry design Fashion designing Interior designing Spoken English Advance English Theater Multi-cuisine cooking Self defense Clay modeling Advertising management Photography Event management

49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63

Call center communication skills Mehndi Soft toy Candle making Blue pottery Public relations Commercial art Radio jokey Basic Computer Course & Web Creation Digital Graphics & Multimedia 3 D Animation & Special Effects Elements of Film Production & Video Shooting Bonsai Hospitality Management Miniature Art

34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48

Hair and beauty care Paper machie Modeling Textile designing Handwriting improvement Calligraphy Body language Mural art Creative meditation Flower arrangement Best out of waste & gift wrapping Cartoon making Anchoring English Anchoring Hindi Front office management

64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74

Pot making Skating Flower making Embroidery Computer Hardware & Maintenance Life Saving Management Mobile Chip Repairing (Basic) Public Speaking Rifle Shooting Swimming Sketching

It was ensured that the courses selected were of high quality. A feedback system was developed to ensure the same.

Models and sizes

Every course selected had a set module to be taught to the participants of Summer School, 2006 and were good enough to cover 90 minutes duration of the class.

As part of value addition, Photostats of the class notes were provided to the participants of Summer School, 2011 as a ready reference

Fee Structure of the Courses
In view of social nature of the event PIE offered courses of Summer School, 2011 to its participants at a very nominal and unbelievably low fee structure; however no compromise were done to the quality of the courses. The participants were required to pay only 25 % of the total fee of the courses, rest 75% fees was supported by the newspaper. The fee of the courses started from Rs. 100/. An average fee of Rs. 234/- only was charged from the all the participants of Summer school, 2011.

Discount structure
To encourage the participants to participate in the maximum number in Summer School, 2011, special discounts were allowed in following categories: All the employees and their first blood relations of Rajasthan Patrika and its units: 15 % All the students, teachers and staff members of the venue schools in each city: 10 % A group of 10 or more from a particular institution in the town: 10 %

For the success of any project the selection of the right place plays a viable role. A careful selection of the venue and the distribution channels leads to a win-win situation for any organization. Thus the, appropriate number of venues were selected in each city varying from 3 venues in Jaipur, 2 venues in Jodhpur, Ajmer and Kota and one venue each in all other 4 cities.

Channels of distribution
Application cum Registration forms were made available at all Rajasthan Patrika offices, all Patrika Junctions (extended Rajasthan Patrika Offices) and select classified advertisement booking counters & prominent showrooms situated at strategic points covering all important areas of the cities selected to conduct Summer School.
For the convenience of the participants all the distribution centers were advertised in

newspaper advertisements and local cable channel. Banners were put on the Deposition Centers so that people could identify a PIE counter immediately. The application Forms for registration were also made available at the venue schools of Summer School, 2011 (main & some others) for the convenience of the students, teachers, staff and residents of nearby localities. As a management trainee we were also the part of distribution channel of summer school 2011 in Ajmer city. We have issued some registration form books and chalan books which we used at different schools colleges of the city.
We have achieved the target of more than 60 % registration of total registrations

that was the biggest achievement for me and my co-trainee Sandeep.

Strategic promotion is a must for the success of any project. Patrika in Education followed a vigorous promotion plan to market its project- Summer School, 2011 to make it a big success. Following promotional tools were adopted to achieve the desired results

Print Media Advertisements

Heavy advertising campaign was undertaken by Patrika In Education to popularize the concept of Summer School in the minds of Public. To spread the message of Summer School, 2011 among the public, the advertisements were carried in the main city editions of Rajasthan Patrika covering the main city as well in the Upcountry Editions covering nearby suburbs and adjoining smaller towns near the main city in vicinity of some 100 KM.

The types of advertisement published by PIE were of following nature:

Teaser Advertisements :

A total of 3 teaser advertisements were published in Rajasthan Patrika and its supplements to evoke a kind of curiosity in the minds of public, to keep them wondering what new was coming up from a giant media organization in the coming summer vacations for them. List Advertisements A total of 3 list advertisements were published in main Rajasthan Patrika editions. They provide the list of the courses offered, name of faculties, fee structure of the courses, commencing dates of the courses, venues of the Summer School, 2011 etc.

Detailed Advertisements Approx 2-3 detailed advertisements were published in the City as well upcountry editions of Rajasthan Patrika giving detailed information of the project Summer School, 2011, likecourses offered, module to be covered during the course, start & end dates of the courses, faculties to teach the participants, fee structure of the courses, list & addresses of the venues selected, time slot, duration of the course, contact numbers of PIE Personnel and Deposition Centers to get the information in case of any query

Electronic Media Advertisements

Channel 24 telecasted regular strips, news coverage and bites on Summer School 2011. It aimed to provide full information to the public on Summer School, 2011 and encourage them to register in the Summer School, 2011well before the closure of Last Date of form submission.


Participants of previous Summer School, 2010 were once again invited to attend the Summer School, 2011 by telecalling. A large number of old participants also joined Summer School, 2011.

Tele calling was also done of prime clubs existing in the town, like- Lions/Lioness Club, Rotary Club, JCs Club etc. to encourage members to join the program.

Mailers & emails were sent to the corporate offices and participants of previous Summer School participants.

Certificate of participation and Certificate to the Best

Participant of the course Each participant of Summer School, 2011 received a certificate of participation in the courses they joined in Summer School, 2011. Apart from this, a best participant was selected in each course by the faculty of the class and awarded with the Certificate of Best Participant of the course in Summer School, 2011.

Sales promotion
Generally termed as below the line promotion, Sales Promotion is commonly used to enhance the demand & sales of the products in a short-term by providing certain incentives to the customers, distribution channels. The sales promotion was carried out in following manners:
The Deposition Centers were provided with incentives on the selling of the Application

Forms number of registration done by them. It encouraged them to take an active part in the sales promotion of the project.
Price discounts were given to the employees and their first blood relations, students,

teachers and staff members of the venues in each city, a group of more than 10 people from any of the institution in the town to the tune of 10-15 % on the fee of the courses, to encourage better participation in the event.
Gifts- Gifts/ Gift Hampers in the form of cassettes, video CDs, Cold Drinks etc. were

given to the all the participants of the Summer School, 2011.

Competitions and prizes- Regular icebreakers and other competitions were held in the

classes during Summer School, 2011 to have an access on the learning abilities of the participants and were given prizes to the to encourage the participation.

Money Refunds- Participants of Summer School, 2011 were eligible to get refund up to 60% on the fee deposited, one day prior to commencement of the project on submitting a written application along with original documents of the registration (Permission Letter & Receipt of the fee deposited), in case, if they were not able to attended the classes of the summer School, 2011.

Special features of sales promotion of summer school 2011 in Ajmer were as below:

Dhamaka offer

Free movie ticket to each participant of summer school 2011. Free cap courses). and bag on each entry (minimum 2

Transport facility available. Bumper draw 3 mobile phones

Personal selling

To encourage registrations, Canopies were fixed at the venues and strategic places of town to augment the sales of Application Forms and accept the registration.

As a management trainee in Rajasthan Patrika we also have performed personal selling function by door to door registration, registrations in school college etc.

We have also placed canopies at different places of the city.

Extensive publicity was resorted to in a bid to get fabulous response to the event from public. Following measures were undertaken to publicize the event:

Presentations In Educational Institutes

PIE teams made presentations in a large number of educational institutions, like- school colleges, coaching institutes, hostels (Boys & Girls), clubs, UG/ PG colleges, B.Ed. colleges (Boys& Girls), Polytechnic colleges etc. in all the cities where Summer School, 2011 was launched. The PIE teams made presentations in morning assemblies in the schools, highlighted salient features of the project to the students, teachers and staff and fixed up brochures on the notice boards of the schools for information.

Corporate visits
PIE teams made personal visits and presentations with covering letters, brochures & leaflets to important corporate offices, Government departments, Govt. Information Centers, Public Libraries, Insurance companies, Banks (Nationalized, Private) etc, in all the cities where Summer School, 2011 was initiated. The PIE teams fixed up the brochures on their notice boards, called on the chief executives of the corporate offices and Govt. organizations, briefed them about the event and tried to sell the Application Forms in personal capacities to all those who wanted to buy it.

Leaflet Distribution
PIE teams distributed the leaflets of Summer School, 2011 printed in English & Hindi in following strategic areas of all the cities selected for conduction of Summer School, 2011: In 5 km radius of the all the prime Secondary/ Sr. Secondary schools. All UG/PG colleges (boys & girls). All the hostels of schools, colleges. Important market places. Crowded temples on certain days of week. To walkers and joggers in prime gardens of the towns in morning and evening hours.

Media Publicity

Massive media publicity by following modes was carried out by PIE to popularize the events: Pre and post news coverage of the event by Rajasthan Patrika and its supplements. Pre and post news coverage on Channel 24 of Patrika TV. 24 hours Running Strips on Channel 24 for public information. Flashing of bites of PIE personnel during telecast of news on Channel 24. Publishing various types of advertisements like- teasers, detailed advts. testimonials, etc.

Mouth publicity
Summer school got the benefit of mouth publicity by their previous year participants. Management trainees, patrika staff also played a vital role for the mouth publicity of the event.