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Information Technology: IT Applications

The following questions have been taken from the Cambridge Checkpoints 2007
– VCE IT Applications – Potts. (Also check out the online quizzes at

Problem-Solving Methodology
Question 2
For each statement listed below, indicate if it is a solution to an
information problem or a situation in which a problem can be identified. If
your response is a situation involving a problem, state the problem.

a. The local video store decides to use a mail merge facility to create a
special advertising letter to customers.

b. An office supply company does not receive orders from potential

customers living outside the metropolitan area.

c. Customers of an on-line book store are having difficulty following

the processing of their orders when the customer information phone
number is always busy.

d. The local sports store needs to ensure that its customer details are
entered accurately into the database.

Question 3
Explain the difference between a procedure and a technique. Use an
example to demonstrate the difference.

Question 8 [VCAA 2001] = 3 Marks

Teach-Me is a tutoring business. School students are able to employ
someone to help them, either in their home or at another location. Help is
available for any student at $28 per hour. Tutors employed are sent a
weekly email with an attached file giving them their appointments with
students for the coming week.

a. Two lists of the possible input data items for the information system
associated with the business are set out below. From each list indicate
which is the least essential data item.

Name of student Name of tutor

Address of student Subject tutored
Gender of student Other employer(s)
Subject required Pay rate
Time and duration of appointment Email address
Postal address

b. What other output, apart from the email, would tutors expect to receive on
a regular basis?

Question 10 [VCAA 2004] = 11 Marks

Top Shades makes and installs sun blinds for windows and needs to provide
accurate quotes on company letterhead to clients. Currently, Top Shades sends
the supervisor to measure the windows on which the blinds will be installed.
Then the supervisor estimates the cost, adds $100 to ensure the company
makes a profit and provides the customer with a handwritten quote. Top Shades
wants a more precise solution that allows any of the staff to complete a quote.
They will all be sharing a laptop computer with an ink-jet printer connected.

a. Identify two items (other than the client’s name and contact details) of
input data that would need to be collected by the staff member to prepare
the quote.

Item 1:
Item 2:

b. List one constraint on the solution.

c. Select any two of the steps of the problem solving methodology listed
below. Explain what occurs in each step and provide an example of what
Top Shades would do in the selected steps to implement their quoting

• Design

• Develop

• Test

d. Top Shades intends to install the following folders on its laptop.





Top Shades
Using the diagram above, identify the folder into which you would store
each of the following files.

I. The solution folder

II. The individual quotes folder

e. The manager has suggested that files be named consecutively; for

example, Quote 1, Quote 2, Quote 3. Explain two difficulties staff will have
with this suggestion and recommend a more appropriate file-naming
Difficulty one:

Difficulty two:


Question 13
Distinguish between the following types of testing:

a. Benchtest

b. Benchmark test

c. Acceptance testing

Question 15
Identify two aims of the evaluation stage of the problem-solving methodology.



Question 16
For each of the following new or updated systems, indicate when an evaluation
of the changes should occur and what information would be sought.

a. A school decides to publish its weekly newsletter on the web and

discontinue the printed version.

b. A business sets up a web-based ordering system to supplement

telephone sales.