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UCSC Competitive Gaming Club Constitution

1. The name of this organization shall be: Competitive Gaming Club 2. The purpose of this organization shall be to: realize a self-sustaining community whose ideals are fostering mental acuity, self-growth, and selfawareness by means of vigorous competition in the domain of video games. We will work together with students to increase the awareness of competitive gaming culture here in UC Santa Cruz, including planning events and providing support for students with a desire to participate in competitive gaming.

3. The Authorized Representatives, officers, and members of this organization: Accept responsibility for compliance with University policies and campus regulations. Understand and agree to abide by the provisions of the anti-hazing statues in the California Education Code or Penal Code (as amended, effective January 1st, 2007). Affirm that the rules, regulations and policies of the University of California and UCSC shall supersede the rules, regulations, policies and/or bylaws of any affiliated international, national, regional or local organization. 4. In addition, the membership criteria of this organization shall be: All UCSC students interested in the purpose of this organization are eligible for membership. Membership is open to any student regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, etc. Membership is limited to currently registered UCSC students. Non-students are welcome to participate in activities, but may not be members, hold office, or vote. Non-students must complete non-student participation forms to participate in events. 5. Membership may be rescinded by: A 60% majority consensus of all members of the club. Reasons for removal shall be introduced at the previous regular meeting. The officer in question will be notified at least 24 hours in advance via their UCSC email address and shall be allowed to reply to accusations at the meeting at which the vote is taken.

6. Qualifications for Officers/Authorized Representatives: Must be a currently registered student at UCSC. Must have been documented attending at least 1 executive meeting as a guest, and 3 regular meetings . Must demonstrate familiarity with meeting/legislative procedure. Must provide short writeup - may include background on gaming, short biography of individual, or, whatever else the individual wishes to share. (This is primarily to introduce us to what the potential officer is comfortable with, and what he knows.) [Not that that is a determining factor in his vote-in. It is only intended to be useful should the individual get elected to the board.]

7. Duties and responsibilities of Officers/Authorized Representatives: Officers/Authorized Representatives shall attend regular meetings, and shall know the history and purpose of the organization.

President - Should have the livelihood of the CGC at heart. Focus on growth of the club. The president facilitates all meetings, represents the organization, and convenes the executive meeting at least once a month. Secretary - Minutes and people management. The secretary keeps minutes of all regular and executive committee meetings and notifies members of events and meetings. The secretary should also keep an updated list of members contacts. Keep record of votes and polls. Treasurer - Keeps CGC financially realistic and accountable. The treasurer collects dues, keeps a record of income and expenses, makes financial reports, expends funds at the direction of the membership, and manages associated paperwork involving club and SOAR finances. He is also responsible for keeping a document of the clubs inventory. Representative of StarCraft 2 Liasion to campus SC2 community An Officer that serves as spokesperson of the StarCraft 2 community within the club and campus. He is expected to keep the values of the community in mind when he operates within the board. Generally, the responsibility of coordinating a club-sponsored activity featuring StarCraft2 event falls to this officer.

8. Election and removal of Officers/ Authorized Representatives Officers/Authorized Representatives shall be elected by (describe method): The individual must secure the approval of 20% of the current board of Officers to apply for a vacant position or to apply for an imminent vacancy. Those officers must either make it known to the full board, or bring it up at an executive meeting. Once the president has been informed of such a desire, he will prompt the Secretary. The Secretary will announce via email to the entirety of the club that an election vote will be held at the next regular meeting. The President shall conduct the vote of all members present, and the public results of the vote will be noted by the board of officers, documented by the Secretary, as well as announced to the club via email by the Secretary. And shall serve for: Terms of either two or three quarters (up to the individual) With term periods ending on the last day of the quarter, according to UCSC academic calendar, and with term periods beginning the day following the last of the previous quarter. Officers/Authorized Representatives may be removed by (describe process):

majority vote of members present at a regular meeting of the organization. Reasons for removal shall be introduced at the previous regular meeting. The officer in question will be notified at least 24 hours in advance via their UCSC email address and shall be allowed to reply to accusations at the meeting at which the vote is taken.
9. Organization decision-making: Quorum shall be:

of all members in executive meetings.

of all members in regular meetings. Voting privileges shall be granted to: Each officer shall receive one vote in executive meetings. Each member (including officers) shall receive one vote in regular meetings. The organization shall make decision by (describe process): Simple majority vote in both executive and regular meetings. 10. Financial records procedure shall be (describe how funds are recorded, reported, managed:) Treasurer will be responsible for keeping a log of all financial proceedings. The treasurer is responsible for keeping a physical copy - preferably in a binder, as well as an electronic copy of all financial records. Financial records will be reported at executive meetings, and are to be available upon request. 11. Amendments to the Constitution shall be approved by (define process):

s majority vote at an executive meeting; or,

general consensus of the total membership at a regular's meeting

This constitution has been formally approved by the membership. (Please also sign/date page 1 in margins.)

Name of Authorized Representative (print): ____________________________________ Signature: ______________________________________ Date: ___________________

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