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Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia. It proudly sits in the west coast central of Peninsular Malaysia and has as area of about 244 sq kms. This is a central place for all the economic and cultural activities of the country. It is ranked as one of the most economically successful cities in the world after Singapore. The city is a kaleidoscope of modernization withholding its rich heritage. Tall skyscrapers and shopping malls are around almost everywhere around the city but still old housing can be spotted in between which show its strings attached to the past. The touch of environment is not lost in the city. In fact it is the only city in the world which has dense forests within its limits. Kuala Lumpur is a highlight on the travel & tourism chart of Malaysia because of its numerous tourist attractions. The fun does not end at the arrival of night. The city never goes to sleep. It only gives a start to its nightlife The inhabitants of this city belong to different sects and communities but they live together blissfully. It is a pleasure to get to know them and their warm welcome are sure to make the tourists feel at home. Kuala Lumpur is the entrance to a world of whole new amazing experiences. OBJECTIVES: Give easy access to vital information about their chosen place of visit. To promote and attract tourists to visit Malaysia To provide knowledge to the readers about the specialties that lie in the city To interest the lovers of architecture. To help those who want to a have exciting vacation with modernization and a slight touch of history and environment.

DEMOGRAPHICS: Kuala Lumpur is a fast developing city. It experiences new and exciting developments all the time. It has managed to create two wonders in the city known

as the PETRONAS Twin Towers and Menara KL. The fast pace architectural development will surprise the tourists with a whole new face of modernization. Shopaholics will find it an ideal destination with grand shopping malls and street markets like Chinatown. Those who want to be in touch with the environment during their vacation will be happy to find the Lake Gardens and the wider grounds of Templar Park and cold highlands of Genting. At the end of the day the thrills continue at the amazing night clubs, pubs, bars, karaoke lounges, and restaurants and so on. It is a spiritual city for people aging from 18-50 who are young at heart and want to see and do exciting things at their vacation. It is an ideal location for visit in occasions ranging from holiday getaways with family and friends and recreations.