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Q.1) What transaction should be used to change keywords and short texts Ior SAP data

A. CMOD (Your Answer)
B. SE30
C. SE12

Q.2) What is true about append structures?

A. An append-structure can be assigned to more than one table (Your Answer)
B. A table can have only one append structure
C. An append-structure can only be assigned to one speciIic table (Missed)
D. A table can have more than one append structure (Your Answer)

Q.3) What is SAP SoItware Change Registration (SSCR) used Ior

A. To register SAP modiIications made by a developer (Your Answer)
B. To register enhancements made by a developer
C. To register Customizing made by a developer
D. To register custom developed modiIations made by a developer

Q.4) What deIinitions are recommended to be client speciIic

A. Repository
B. Application (Missed)
C. Customizing (Missed)
D. Dictionary (Your Answer)

Q.5) Which is not considered a way to tailor an R/3 system

A. ModiIication (Your Answer)
B. Enhancement
C. InterIacing (Correct Answer)
D. Personalization
E. Customizing

Q.6) What screen object is needed in a tapstrip?

A. box
B. screen
C. subscreen area (Your Answer)
D. pushbutton

Q.7) Where in a Iunction exit does the customer code get inserted?

A. In the Iunction module itselI that corresponds to the enhancement component
In the Include program that can be Iound in the Iunction module that corresponds to
the enhancement component (Your Answer)
C. In the Include oI the calling program that calls the Iunction
In the program that calls the Iunction module that corresponds to the enhancement

Q.8) Which oI the Iollowing methods require higher maintenance when new releases oI SAP
are installed

A. Enhancements to the SAP Standard
B. Append Structures
C. Customizing
D. ModiIications to the SAP Standard (Your Answer)

Q.9) IdentiIy the situation where Append Structures are not allowed

A. II the last Iield has a domain oI data type CURR
B. II the last Iield is already an Append Structure
C. II the table contains a Iield oI data type LCHR or LRAW (Your Answer)
D. II the table is a pooled or cluster table (Your Answer)

Q.10) What is characteristic oI a modiIication to SAP

A. ModiIied objects lose their connection to the standard
B. Adjustment is automatic during an upgrade
C. Changes are lost during an upgrade to a new release (Your Answer)
New versions may need to be adjusted to include the modiIications (Correct
Answer)(Your Answer)

Q.11) In the case oI a screen exit, how is global data accessed by the subscreen

Use the MOVE statement to move the screen data to the TOP include oI the
Global data is available to subscreens so no special programming is required (Your
C. The developer uses preplanned Iunction module exits (Correct Answer)

Q.12) What object is not supported by the modiIication assistant

A. User exits (Correct Answer)
B. Text elements (Your Answer)
C. Functions
D. Menus

Q.13) A customer deIined enhancement projects used Iunciton group XG99. IdentiIy the
invalid Include generated Ior the enhancement project

A. ZXG99L01 (Correct Answer)
B. ZXG99F01 (Your Answer)
C. ZXG99U01 (Your Answer)
D. ZXG99E01 (Your Answer)

Q.14) What is the term used when a change is made to a customer object in a system other
than the original system?

A. Repair (Your Answer)
B. Correction
C. Change
D. ModiIication

Q.15) What is the value oI sy-subrc when the user presses Cancel aIter a screen has been
displayed using the Call Selection-Screen statement

A. -1
B. 4 (Your Answer)
C. 8
D. 0

Q.16) What is true about programming a screen exit?

A. The screen type must be a subscreen (Correct Answer)
B. You can set your own gui-status
C. You can branch to another screen by coding SET SCREEN xxx (Your Answer)

Q.17) What type oI object are recorded in customizing change requests?

A. System Wide
B. Client independent
C. Versions
D. Client speciIic (Your Answer)

Q.18) What is true about the enhancement concept

A. They are preplanned by SAP (Your Answer)
B. Enhancement Projects use CI Includes
C. A speciIic enhancement can only be used in one customer project (Missed)
D. A speciIic enhancement may be used in more than one customer project
E. A component can be contained in more than one enhancement

Q.19) II you noticed a Iunction code in a menu that began with (plus sign), what type oI exit
would you be observing?

A. a text exit
B. a program exit
C. a menu exit (Your Answer)
D. a screen exit

Q.20) What type oI requests are used to transport repository objects

A. Workbench (Your Answer)
B. Object Browser
C. Customizing
D. Repository

Q.21) What does a customer beneIit by using SSCR

A. To log enhancements made by a development user
B. To log Customizing made by a development user
C. To log modiIications made by a development user (Your Answer)

Q.22) What is the customer name range Ior Iields in an append structure

A. Z or Y
B. Z or Y
C. ZZ or YY (Your Answer)
D. ZZ or YY

Q.23) What type oI Iunction will trigger the modiIication assistant to insert a modiIiable line

A. Replace (Your Answer)
B. Delete (Your Answer)
C. Insert (Your Answer)
D. Add
E. Change

Q.24) How would you transport the contents oI a Iield in a Iield exit back to the screen

A. Assign the Iield value to the import parameter
B. Assign the Iield value to the INPUT parameter
C. Assign the Iield value to the OUTPUT parameter (Your Answer)
D. Assign the Iield value to the changing parameter

Q.25) What keyword would you look Ior in order to determine iI a screen exit has been
provided by SAP


Q.26) What is an SD user exit technically considered

A. Customizing (Your Answer)
B. ModiIication (Correct Answer)
C. Enhancement
D. User Include

Q.27) Which oI the Iollowing type oI enhancements do not need to be assigned to an
enhancement project:

A. Keyword (Your Answer)
B. Field Exit (Missed)
C. Menu exit
D. Screen
E. Program exit

Q.28) Where in a Iunction module XAAA would global data oI an enhancement be declared

A. In the TOP include LxaaaTOP
B. In the Include with your other code changes
C. In the TOP include ZxaaaTOP (Your Answer)
D. In the TAP include LxaaaTAP

Q.29) What relationship would be established in watchpoints

A. an boolean operators
B. combination oI OR or AND conditions (Your Answer)
C. OR conditions only
D. AND conditions only

Q.30) How many modiIication logs are available in your system

A. Determined by Basis group - this is a conIigurable item
B. one Ior every release
C. maximum oI 1 (Your Answer)
D. minimum oI 1

Q.31) IdentiIy the valid statement when coding a Iield exit

A. MESSAGE I101. (Your Answer)
C. MESSAGE E101. (Correct Answer)

Q.32) What term is used when a developer makes a change to an SAP Object

A. User exit
B. ModiIication (Your Answer)
C. Custom development
D. Copy

Q.33) IdentiIy the key word that determines iI a CMOD Iunction exit has been provided

C. CALL USER-EXIT (Your Answer)

Q.34) A user has made a modiIication to a SAP subroutine. A new upgrade release is to be
applied and SAP has made modiIications to the same subroutine that the user has
modiIied. What will happen during upgrade using the modiIication assistant.

A. The modiIication assistant will prompt you Ior a change request to reapply the
B. The user modiIications are automatically inserted into the new subroutine release
C. The user modiIications must be reapplied manually
Options 'replace' and 'insert' is made available Ior you to decide on how to handle
the upgrade (Your Answer)

Q.35) In what case will an automatic upgrade take place using the modiIication assistant
assuming no name or layout conIlict exist

A. New tabstrip added to a screen
B. Menu Iunction id modiIied (Missed)
C. New Function Module is added to a Iunction group (Missed)
D. Deletion oI a collective search help (Your Answer)

Q.36) What transaction is used to make dictionary adjustments when upgrading versions oI

B. SP01
C. SPDD (Your Answer)

Q.37) How are customizing Includes created

A. Customizing transactions (Correct Answer)
B. Project Enhancement
C. In the ABAP Dictionary
D. ABAP Workbench (Your Answer)

Q.38) II you want to make a change to the standard delivered SAP system to Iit your business
needs, what is the Iirst thing you should do:

A. Log on to OSS and ask SAP to apply the change (Your Answer)
B. Change the relevant SAP repository object
C. Check conIiguration to see iI the proposed change is Ieasible (Correct Answer)
D. Create a custom object within the customer name range

Q.39) II you are using a screen exit provided by a SAP application, when typically does the
data get exported to the subscreen?

A. In a PBO module oI the main screen (Your Answer)
B. In a PAI module oI the main screen
C. In a PBO module oI the subscreen
D. In a PAI module oI the subscreen

Q.40) Match the deIinition in group 1 with the exit type in group 2.

Group 1
a) Placing your own code in the include oI a supplied Iunction module
b) DeIining your own text Ior the supplied Iunction codes
c) Creating subscreens Ior the subscreen areas
d) Adding Iunction modules Ior the data elements

Group 2
1) Field Exit
2) Screen Exit
3) Menu Exit
4) Function Exit

A. B-1, A-4, C-3, D-2
B. A-3, B-2, C-1, D-4
C. A-4, B-3, C-2, D-1 (Your Answer)

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