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The Governor’s budget and the House Democrats’ budget includes a 40 cent/pack

cigarette tax increase in addition to record new revenues. Therefore, they do have
additional money for expenditures. The House Republicans’ budget is a “no tax” budget
with no new taxes proposed. There is $1.5 billion in new available revenue for FY07-08
including $684 million recurring and $833 million in non-recurring. Also, the House
Republican budget allows Tennessee to live within our means since it does not bust
Copeland. Also, it does not provide funding for the pork projects. Also, the House
Republican plan makes some cuts to the governor’s budget such as the $274,500
proposed new spending on Weight Watchers. Also, it has $60 million to push forward to
next year as non-recurring funds for FY 08-09.

Governor’s Plan House Democrats House Republicans

“No Tax” budget
State Employee Pay 1% COLA pay 3% COLA pay 1 % raise COLA pay
Raises raise, 2% bonus raises ($94 raise, 4% bonus
million/recurring ($105 million non-
above the recurring above the
governor’s plan) governor’s plan, this
gives state
employees an extra
$10.4 million over
the House
Democrats plan)
State Employee $26.8 million
State Employee $10 million
401(K) Continue $40/month $40 to $50 a month Continue $40/month
existing match increase existing match
Additional DAs and $13 million
Restore Highway $32.8 million (non- $32.8 million $32.8 million (non-
Fund recurring) (recurring) recurring)
Sales Tax on Food No reduction .5% reduction of 1 cent reduction of
grocery items ($40.7 food sales tax (6
million) cents to 5 cents)
($81.5 million)
Additional Higher $125.9 million (typo $125.9 million
Education Capital in their handout)
Outlay Projects
Tennessee Board of $7 million $14 million non- $7 million
Regents TN recurring (in
Technology Centers addition to the
equipment governor’s)
Community $0 $20 million non- $0
Enhancement recurring, $100,000
Grants (“Pork” per representative
projects) and $300,000 per
Education k-12 $284.3 million in $290 million above $330 million new
improvements governor’s plan to dollars above last
(awaiting his budget fund BEP 2.0 year for k-12
amendment for BEP education, funds
2.0) BEP 2.0 at 40% but
has money available
to fund it at 50% (if
we exceed
Agriculture Grants Increase by $6 $21 million (for hay Maintain current
million barns and wineries) funding of $5
Rainy Day Fund Increase by $36.6 Increase by $216 Increase by $36.6
million million by June 30, million
2008 (This must
include putting
overcollections for
FY07-08 into the
Rainy Day fund.)
Fast Track Spending $2.2 million new Increase by $10 Reduces recurring
recurring, $44.3 million by $10.9 million but
million new adds $5 million in
recurring non-recurring