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Was Kemel A Freemason?

Burbank Masonic Lodge: - Ataturk, Mustapha Kemal, Former President of Turkey 1923-1938 CEDAR LODGE A.F. & A.M. No. 270 GRC: OSHAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA. (Established 1872) Warranted under the Grand Lodge of Canada A.F. & A.M. In the Province of Ontario - Ataturk, Mustapha Kemal. Former President of Turkey 1923-1938. Member of an Italian Lodge, Macedonia Resorta e Veritus. Abbey Lodge Abingdon: - Mustapha Kemal Ataturk - President and 'Father' of modern Turkey. Massoneria - Freemasonry, a cura di Giovanni Bartolini: - Mustafa Kemal Pasha Ataturk, Presidente della repubblica turca, il padre della Turchia moderna Sons of Liberty Lodge #301 F. & A. M.: - Ataturk, Mustafa Kemal - Fundador de la moderna Turkia. Rensselaer-Schenectady NY Masonic District: - Ataturk, Mustapha Kemal, Former President of Turkey 1923-1938 Esoteria: - Ataturk Mustafa Kemal Pascha - padre della Turchia moderna - ATATURK, Mustapha Kemal (1881-1938) Chef des "Jeunes Turcs" et pre de la Turquie moderne dont il fut le Prsident de 1923 jusqu' sa mort. Il tait membre d'une loge italienne, Macedonia Resortae Veritas.

Amateur Radio Masons - Masonic Gathering: - Ataturk, Mustapha Kemal. Former President of Turkey 1923-1938. Member of an Italian Lodge, Macedonia Resorta e Veritus. FELLOWSHIP DAYLIGHT LODGE #746, F. & A. M.: Ataturk, Mustapha Kemal - President of Turkey - Hamburg, Deutschland - Freimaurerei, Freimaurerlogen, Freimaurer: Atatrk, Mustafa Kemal - Vater der modernen Trkei

The Centre for Research into Freemasonry, The University of Sheffield:

This is partly because the history of freemasonry is such a rich and diverse field that it is very difficult to develop a research programme that does justice to all the aspects of the subject. Just consider the extraordinary range of people who have been freemasons, from authors like Alexander Pope, Edmund Burke, Walter Scott, Robert Burns and Arthur Conan Doyle, and a varied array of statesmen including Washington, Garibaldi, Ataturk and Churchill, to musicians as diverse as Haydn, Sibelius and Duke Ellington, and actors from David Garrick to Peter Sellers.

Salonica a.k.a. ancient Thessalonica was the Jew York of the Ottoman Empire... When it fell to Greece thanks to the Doenmeh, they simply moved to Istanbul.

In December 1686, more than three hundred Jewish families converted to Islam in Salonica. Like Shabtai and other Marranos, they continued to attend Jewish services secretly and observed certain Jewish customs in their homes. ......... ...... This was the origin of the most important group, numerically and historically, of Islamic Marranos. The Turkish Muslims called these hidden Jews 'doenmehs', the renegades. ..... Over the years the

'doenmeh' movement became firmly established in Asia Minor. In the nineteenth century the sect was estimated to have twenty thousand members. Salonica remained its main seat until that city became Greek in 1913. Although the Jewish community remained there under Greek rule, the 'doenmehs' moved to Constantinople. What is important to know is that The Revolt of the Jews and Freemasons who disguised themselves under "Young Turks" started from Salonica and that is where dictator Mustafa Kemal Ataturk hailed from! According to Sir Gerard Lowther: "The sect of Shabtai Zevi (Doenmeh) are Crypto-Jews who externally profess Islamism. Many of the former have in the past acquired Italian Nationality and are Freemasons affiliated to Italian Lodges." ... On the 1st May, 1909, the representatives of 45 Turkish Lodges met in Constantinople and founded the Grand Orient Ottoman. Mahmoud Orphi Pasha was nominated Grand Master... The Freemason Grand Orient Ottoman Lodge has currently camouflaged itself as Naqshbandis, pseudoIslamic esoteric cults and are still very active. All leaders following Ataturk were crypto-Jews. The Orphi Pasha mentioned above was a strong opponent of Sultan Abdul Hamid. Muslims note that they have tampered with Quranic verses in their logo. It was noticed that Jews of all colors, native and foreign, were enthusiastic supporters of the new dispensation, till, as a Turk expressed it, every Hebrew became a potential spy of the occult (Balkan) Committee, and people began to remark that the movement was rather a Jewish than Turkish Revolution... Both confirm that the City of Constantinople fell to an army of between 70,000 and 80,000 occult Masonic Jews and 20,000 crypto-Muslim Jews, without a shot being fired. In Sahih Muslim, Abu Hurairah reported that the Prophet Muhammad inquired: Have you heard of a city, of which part is in the sea? Yes, they said (understanding him to mean Constantinople). He said: The Last Hour shall not occur until 70,000 of the children of Isaac shall attack it. When they will come to it they will land down, but they will not fight with arms, nor shower it with arrows. They will only say: There is no god but Allah, and Allah is the Greatest, and one of its sides will fall. They will recite it for the second time: There is no god but Allah, and Allah is The Greatest, and another side of the city will fall. Afterwards they will recite for a third time: There is no god but Allah, and Allah is the Greatest, and then it will be opened to them, and they will enter it and acquire booty. While they will be dividing the spoils, a proclaimer will come to them and say: Verily Dajjal/Anti-Christ has come out. Then they will leave everything and return."

Though Sultan Abdul Hamid displayed extraordinary administrative talent in reducing Turkey's debt, the "Young Turks" decided to have him deposed. What follows was Mustafa Kemal's rule, which reveals a deep seated animosity for Islam, the like of which has not even been seen among Saddam and his atheist Baathists. It is important to know that till the abolition of the Caliphate, Mustafa Kemal always posed as a sincere and pious Muslim. Here are some activities conducted by Mustafa Kemal right after he seized power in Turkey: 1. Stating that "We do not receive our laws from the sky" referring to Quran. 2. Changed mosque prayer mats to wooden pews, to obstruct the Muslim style of prayer. 3. Banned the traditional and immensely popular Turkish hat, banned women from wearing the veil. 4. "Philosophic training" for mosque preachers. 5. Wearing of shoes in mosque, as opposed to the tradition of taking off shoes. 6. Attempted installing musical choirs in places of worship. 7. Tried to change the original "Allahu Akbar" (God is great) to "Tanri Uludur!" (Turkish translation) during calls for prayer. 8. Was quoted as saying " Islam, this theology of an immoral Arab (referring to Prophet Mohammad), is a dead thing. Possibly it might have suited tribes of nomads in the desert. It was no good for a modern progressive State."

MUSTAFA KEMAL WAS ALSO A SECRET DESCENDANT OF THE JEWISH FALSE MESSIAH SHABTAI ZEVI Sabbati Zevi claimed 1666 (note the 666) as the millennium he came as a messiah for the Jews. He was a Kabbalah scholar. Recently, new evidence has surfaced that Mustafa Kemal was not only a non-Muslim Doenmeh, but also a secret descendant of the Jewish false prophet Shabtai Zevi! The evidence comes not from tracing his genealogy, but from a statement he himself made, "I'm a descendant of Sabbetai Zevi - not indeed a Jew any more, but an ardent admirer of this prophet of yours. My opinion is that every Jew in this country would do well to join his camp." Note that the same Doenmeh Crypto Jews still run Turkey like a province of Israel, and with extreme brutality. Turkey never needed Cyprus, but the invasion was conducted so that Israel could also use the island which is strategic for its defense. Progress made by Turkey since the Jewish takeover includes: 1. From global power to 'sick man of Europe' begging for entry into European Union. 2. From protector of the Holy Land to pimp of Israel and puppet of USA in the middle-east. 3. From making its own indigenously developed fighter planes at beginning of WW1 (first non Europeans) to making ugly ass ex Soviet Tatras. 4. And so on...

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