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Remember the Sabbath and Your God, & He Shall Remember You (Vol.

1 2/24/05)
Timothy, write these words concerning the Sabbath day, the seventh day of the week. Saturday is the day you shall keep holy, and holy you shall keep it. You shall do no works on this day, neither shall your children, nor any guests in your house. You may do all works for The Lord and things that are good and fruitful in His eyes. You shall be prepared for the Sabbath by evening of the day before, or 6 p.m. in your familys case, as I have commanded you. You shall keep My Sabbath from waking unto sunset, for The Lord is the light, and you now live in the light. Therefore, it must be kept holy and in the light, during the hours of the day when the light shines. You shall pray thrice that day and everyday, and worship and speak of Me the whole day, and to others speak of Me also on the Sabbath day.. Even on the Sabbath day, the Day of The Lord who comes quickly, shall you do the work called of you by The Lord. Even to do battle on this day will be well and good, for you ght for The Lord. Then shall the nal Sabbath day come, for it is the seventh day of creation, the one thousand year Day of The Son and His Kingdom, in which the entire world shall rest from their evil-doings, and live in the sanctuary of God. Indeed, many things shall be put to rest in the seventh day, even that of death and evil. So go and honor your mother and father, for keeping My commandments is well and good on the Sabbath day. Also, to take time for your own family is well and good on this day, for I also made the Sabbath for men and for their families, so they might enjoy and love one another in My presence. For those, who rest on, and in, and for Me on this day I have set aside, will I also rest with them. My company shall they keep, and The Son shall be in their midst. Therefore, go and play and give thanks to your God, for this day is for you. And by keeping it in love and thanksgiving, do you honor Me and give Me glory. For, oh, so many years have I longed for My children to return to the garden, and be happy and one with their Creator. Therefore, remember the Sabbath, and I shall remember you. Bless the Sabbath, and I shall bless you. Love one another as I love you. Think not on your works or cares, but think only of your God and Savior. Spare yourself troubles and the weight of the world for just one day, for the six to follow bring with them enough things of this world to overcome you. Let Me, and the seventh day, heal you completely from your suffering of the six days before, for even The Lord God, Creator of Heaven and earth, rested on the seventh day. So bear your cross six days, and let The Lord carry it on the seventh. Rejoice and be merry, for this is My will for you. Then, when evening comes, you may return to that which you choose, to once again take up that of the plow or sheers. But do not take up your hand in sin, and be wary of those who do sin on My day, for the Sabbath is My gift to you. Why, oh peoples, do you forsake it and toss it away as if the devil had laid it upon your doorstep?

Therefore, honor your God and take pleasure in His Sabbath... And in all things, give thanks and glory to your Creator. The Day is coming, the Day is nearly upon you, when the Rightful King shall rule... And His Kingdom shall be a Sabbath one thousand years long, even after forever and ever... So says The Lord God, it shall be done on earth as in Heaven. Amen.

The Heavens and the Earth Shall Pass Away, Recreated Anew. The Law Stands Forever, Unchanged and Unchangeable.. Neither Has God Blessed Any Other Day, The Seventh Has He Blessed...Keep It Holy. (Vol.5 3/29/06)
From God The Father - A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear Thus says The Lord your God: You shall not desecrate My Sabbaths, nor the seventh day of the week, which I have commanded you to remember! Thus says The Lord... As I had spoken it to Moses, so shall it be done... As I had spoken it before the congregation, so shall it be done... Yea, with the blowing of the great trumpet, With lightnings and thunderings, had I spoken it upon Mount Sinai... In the presence of the tribes of Israel, And before the holy angels, did I trumpet My Law. The Lord your God had written it, with His own hand... Yea, by My own nger was it engravened and given to My people...

Behold I, even I, have written it upon the hearts of the penitent, By the power of My own Spirit. For The Son of Man came to redeem you from your sins, from your transgression of that burned into the stone of the Everlasting Covenant, by which man shall live... Of which none have kept... By which they shall surely die. Lo, a New Covenant have I sent to you, in Christ Jesus, to save you from the penalty of that which you have forsaken. Has then your Christ died, whereby The Law has also died?... Not so!... Shall you crucify your Savior, again and again, putting Him to an open shame?!... NO!... You shall live because of Him, and by that which He upholds and has magnied in Himself!... Being the only One who is without sin, having kept every tittle of The Law. For it is written, as The Lord Christ had spoken it, It is easier for heaven and earth to pass away, than for one tittle of The Law to fail... For the spirit of The Law is shown in His vesture... He, being the same One who taught you The Law anew, By His example and by His every word and deed... For The Law is fullled in Christ, The Messiah... Indeed, He is the goal at which the Torah (Law) aims. He is The Lord of The Law, also being The Lord of the Sabbath. So then, if He is The Lord of the Sabbath, having obeyed every command of The Father, why do you not follow Him? You say you follow Him and honor Me... Verily, I say to you, you shall all be found liars in the Day of Reckoning. For every word spoken by God, and His Son, stands forever... Without any variableness or shadow of turning. Oh church of adulteries, how We mourn for you... You have been judged, and shall be left utterly desolate in the Day of The Lords wrath. You say you speak for Me, and have Christs authority. You have trampled upon the grave of The Resurrected One, making His sacrice of non-effect!... Woe to those who blaspheme the Spirit! Your whoredoms are piled to Heaven! Every Law you have broken!... Even to this day, do you embrace all the sins I hate! In all you do, do you crucify The Son of Salvation, again and again!... Denying His name by all your deeds, you call mighty and true... Oh unholy church of men, mother of all fornications and lies, Your destruction comes nigh!... You have become Egypt!... Let My people go!

Stop desecrating My Sabbaths, cease from your heresies, hold your tongue from your blasphemies!... And repent!... And I may yet have mercy on you. Saturday is the seventh day and the Shabbat (Sabbath), which I have ordained from the beginning! The Holy One comes quickly, and will take from you His own... He shall snatch them from your very breast... NO MORE shall My children receive nourishment from you!... NO MORE shall they sit in your deceptions! The light is taken from you!... You are left alone, estranged by your false doctrines. Your fate lies with him who is coming, who shall lead many into perdition and death. You shall bear him a son, a man who bears the number of his name, his prophet. You will not be alone when desolations come... You and your enemy, Ishmael, shall be destroyed, along with the father that bore you both, the father of lies. And so shall it be done... Even so, amen. The Mighty and Strong One shall return!... And great recompense shall fall hard upon the nations!... Behold, He shall come in all His glory!... And Judgment shall sit... Yet anyone, who calls on the name of The Lord in that Day, shall be saved.

Saturday is the Sabbath.. The Ten Commandments Stand Forever (Vol.6 10/9/06)
A Letter from Timothy, Inspired by the Spirit Friends, Sisters and Brothers in Christ, I am here to tell you Saturday is the Sabbath! not Sunday. Now before you take offense, hear my words. They are not entirely my own... Gods Spirit lls me. Indeed, you are not wrong for worshiping on Sunday. No one can ever be wrong when worshiping The Lord and gathering together for fellowship in the name of Jesus. To worship The Lord any and all days is righteousness, but the seventh day is the day God has commanded us to remember and keep holy. So then on Saturday, do no work, but rest in The Lord, and pray and be merry. Then, when Sunday comes, worship and fellowship, if you so choose, for this is also pleasing to the Lord.

I hear some of you saying, Yes, but we are no longer under the Law. You are partially right. We are under grace, freed from the Laws punishment by Jesus death and resurrection. Has the Law also passed away? As the apostle, Paul, says, God forbid. Rather, only the laws found in ordinances were nailed to the cross of Christ, as Paul has taught us. The Law of the Ten Commandments is now established in us and fullled by Jesus, who is the only One who has never transgressed, who also said, It is easier for Heaven and earth to pass away than one letter of the Law to fail (Matthew 5:18); and again, saying, Whoever breaks one of these least commandments, and shall teach others to do so, shall be called least in the Kingdom; but whoever teaches others to keep them, shall be called great in the Kingdom (Matthew 5:19)... He, also being the same One who taught us the Law anew, and how to obey it. Why teach us of that which has passed away? So then, if Jesus remembered the Sabbath and the apostles remembered the Sabbath, how is it then we have forgotten it?! The church who changed the Sabbath was wrong, but the churches who worship on Sunday are not wrong. For even the apostles wrote that they did gather together on the rst day of the week, which was the day after the day they rested and kept holy. (They were Jewish Christians. They honored and kept the Law and the Holy Days, but with a much greater understanding in the knowledge that Jesus is the fulllment of all things and their one and only best example.) Rather, we, as individuals in Christ, should keep the Sabbath as it is written. In obedience to God, in Christ, is our love made perfect. May Gods Spirit guide you and give you understanding as you read. Yours in Christ, now and in the Kingdom, Timothy

Remembering the Sabbath Day... To Keep It Holy.. (Vol.6 2/15/07)

From Timothy, With understanding received from Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear Regarding those, who seek to honor The Lord, though they be in ignorance [Timothy] If such an one, called beloved of The Lord and in whom He dwells, comes before God and dedicates any day of which The Lord did not command, yet dedicates it to The Lord in ignorance or because of false teaching... to The Lord it is dedicated. For this is acceptable and well pleasing to The Lord. And to this same one shall it be credited unto righteousness according to their heart, though they be in error according to which day shall be kept holy unto The Lord.

Yet if another, who has full knowledge, come and say, I also dedicate this certain day to The Lord, and it be the correct day, the seventh, according to The Fathers commandment, proclaiming his righteousness before men, casting judgment against those he perceives as less worthy because of their error... to this man shall it be credited unto shame, though he be not in error according to the commandment. Though he has kept this day by his mouth, he did not keep it in his heart, nor unto God, but to himself has he kept it... having not kept it at all. To this man, he shall be abased. And to the one who is erred, who yet remains humble with a sincere heart, they shall be exalted. And from this place shall they come into the correct knowledge in keeping the seventh day holy, according to the Word of The Lord, for they have already kept it in their heart, though they have lacked knowledge of which day should be dedicated. So then, in their sincere striving toward righteousness, and by the intent of their heart, shall their faith come to completion in the keeping of the fourth command of The Father, when they come into the true knowledge of the Sabbath Day, to keep it holy, being the seventh as it was written. It is far easier to move a man, whose heart is in the right place, to a new day, than to move a man, with a wrong heart, to a place that is right, if he feels he already abides there. Yet, remember this: All, who come into the true knowledge of the Word, must then walk in its ways and no longer in their own way, nor in mans ways. [Jesus The Christ] Walk uprightly in Me, in My footsteps, abiding in My doctrine... According to the faith and knowledge you have received. Progress toward perfection, seeking on by faith... Not according to tradition or the commandments of men. Seek and you shall surely nd, For all you need is written for your edication in the Scriptures of Truth.

The Image Toppled and Destroyed, All is Uprooted - the Sanctuary Cleansed... Behold, the Seventh Day, One Thousand Years, A Holy Convocation The Sabbath (Vol.7 8/20/07)
From Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear Regarding Timothys wifes dream of great sorrow, Where Jesus entered her house, holding a large stone, while people were profaning the Sabbath.. Thus says The Lord, Jesus Christ, Yeshua, Our Savior: Beloved, search your heart and have understanding. Trust this knowledge I have given you, for it comes from the Lord and is brought forth of the same, according to that faith and love you have and received in Me. Of your dream you have seen well... Your eyes are open. And of your understanding, it has also been opened within you. Understand this and gain wisdom, and go deeper still... I had sent My angel to you, and by the power of My Spirit I have caused you to see. As you have seen into the heart of your aunt, so also have I revealed that part of Myself that is in the Father... Even that part that many have glimpsed, yet very few do know, nor do they understand, the grief of the One True God and that pain fullled in Me, even Me, the Man of Sorrows. I had come to fulll the Fathers mercies, even to restore and heal all the nations. I am come again and yet coming in glory, yet these nations, even all these children, still turn aside after satan and heed not the call of the Father, of which I am, even to the outpouring on all esh. Sorrows ll My heart, Beloved... Grief is overowing, tears as a river mixed with blood. These, My beloved, will not turn. And so of all these nations, they are given up and shall come to naught, being consumed from off the land, burned and smashed to pieces until only dust and ashes remain. Beloved, I had come to seek and save the lost, the Stone of which the builders rejected. I am now coming again... The Stone, the Rock, sent to smash and destroy the feet of the Great Image, the image which is built up in this world of man and sin... The foundations of which I shall break, bringing about the collapse of the whole... The seeds of satan, which have grown up, are toppled and uprooted, burned and destroyed. The Stone, the Rock, cast forth from the seat of My Father, shall strike the earth. And the heavens shall be on re and rolled up as a scroll, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, and it shall be nished, it shall be done...

The Rock shall become the Mountain lling the entire earth, And all who are left, those who were hidden, shall ow to it... I shall be their God and they shall be My people, says the Lord God of hosts. And these, who do continually profane My Sabbaths, shall come to see also, for they shall be shown, for the Sabbath is the Seventh Day. And the rest I will bring is of the same, even as one day in the Lord. This, little children, is why you shall remember it, to keep it holy as I am holy. For your Father in Heaven had blessed and sanctied the seventh day, the Day of Rest. And so shall you remember it, and rest in the Lord on each seventh day, to sanctify as the Lord God has sanctied all who keep the Sabbath according to the commandment, of which I am coming quickly to fulll and manifest so you may enter into My rest. All beloved, hear Me. I have opened the door and come in... I no longer wait outside knocking. The stone, I hold in My hand, is judgment; And with it I will destroy the nations. For I had come, the Son who was completely blameless, To bear the guilt of all the Fathers children... The Just for the unjust... The Innocent for the guilty... The Son of Man for the sons of men. I am now here, having never departed... My Spirit remaining with the faithful. Yet this world, of which I made and was made through Me, has rejected Me. And so I am coming to destroy and cleanse, to save and condemn, to grant mercy and to judge... These commands I have received from My Father. For I am not alone in this, for He is with Me... He in Me, and I in Him... The Father and the Son are One. And as one it shall be accomplished and nished.

And in one day, the armies of this world who follow after him, the son of perdition, Even in one day and in one hour, total destruction shall come To the beast and his army and his throne... Even of that great city. Behold the New Day, the Seventh, one thousand years... A holy convocation... The Sabbath.

Sabbath Peace
On the Sabbath... Let no unclean thing come from your mouth; Let only praise and beauty come forth... Let My grace be your covering; Let gentleness and humility be your companion... And soon you will wear a crown of glory atop your head...

Says The Lord YahuShua.

Hear the Word of the LORD spoken to This Modern Generation:
(PDF Compilation) Redemption is NEAR!
May YahuShua YaHuWaH bless you & His Spirit be upon you.